November 17th, 2018
How the fuck do I get girls to chase ME?
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Soul Ray wrote:
As an experiment I recommend you to take not chasing paradigm to an extreme.
It means you don't cold approach, don't ask for numbers nor names, don't text, don't complement, when isolated don't initiate sex and definitely don't plow.
Instead, solely focus on bringing genuine FUN into your life as opposed to mastering isolated skillset, in this case cold approach pickup. 

Due to deep pua conditioning this shit will seem beta/weird but see if you buy a bottle of jack and pre-party at your friend's house and then hit the club with your boys and girls. While in club you do some stupid shit like dance gay, mess with chicks hair, block girls phone while shes texting, fool around with your female friends (everybody have their own version of fun). If you are the source of fun girls will find you. They will smile at you, make eye contact, touch you or whatever excuse to be next to you. At that point you just have to keep it cool.

if you try it i wanna see your feedback posted :D

Harland_Revelry wrote:

Distant Light wrote:

Harland_Revelry wrote:

Distant Light wrote:
Check out my past posts...

Being chased is who you are, can't be a tactic/technique or it'll be so volatile as you'll revert back to chasing at some point. (You will notice once it stops your fucked) All starts with knowing your the opporunity and you provide excuses/opportunities for her to do what she already wants to do.
I understand but lets say im a noob at this who isnt getting chased or isnt having much luck. Lets say I adopt a rule from now on that I will NOT chase and will have girls chase me BUT i dont actually have any female contacts. What sould I do next? I feel like this is a whole chicken before the egg argument. How can one be abundant if he actually isnt and how can they be this person when they actually arent.
Not chasing doesn't mean not meeting women, thing is your not going up already DTF as if you can't fuck other women. This isn't the last chick you'll ever meet, will like you, kiss you and/or fuck you. This is more of an internal thing, you go up to a chick knowing this is HER OPPORTUNITY, not "she's hot, I wanna fuck, ima try to get her". 

As for control, someone said it best, would you rather...
-  Have 100 girls you have to followup hard and persist to get a lay
-  Have 100 girls who are chasing you and all you have to do is say "lets go"

You don't have control when you have LMR or plowing, your literally an army wife waiting for permission. Whereas, imagine you cold approach a chick and meanwhile you got 3 girls staring wanting to meet you, a chick is texting you trying to hookup and the previous chick you approached is about to cmoe over and grab you back. Who has control? 

People think there alpha/attractive going in hard assuming there "going for what they want" IN REALITY valueable men are GIVEN IN ABUNDANCE, wanna know what happens when leonardo dicaprio is in the club? (I've personally seen this)
-  He is at owners table with a cap on trying to be low key
-  Models are brought over to the table
-  He chats within his vicinity

I know a girl who slept at his house and a few girls who made statuses about being approached by him. I know a girl who I used to hang with, getting fucked (well) by a big dj (We all know him)  With that said, I've seen sports players on the HUNT getting blownout ALL NIGHT.
Distan_Light, I've actually read many of your posts inluding watching seminars by Tom Campbell (Still iffy on purchasing the book My Big Toe but i prob will). So what your saying is I sould stop approaching hard? I understand that because it sets up the frame of your approacing so you have to set up the sex but how do I go up and revert the frame to where shes chasing? I never chase women though I do persist in getting them to hang out which I should probably stop because the results have been abysmall. I just cant seem to walk into a place and get results like you without having to approach. It seems to me that your saying the goal here is to acquire social proof THEN approach so you appear to be an object of desire? is that what it comes down to?

Ok, I pretty much get it now. I read Gravity's thread and re-read some of the responses on here and it makes sense. I think I'm going to set up a 30 day challenege and test all of this out and see how it goes.
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 get in upward spiral
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Distant Light wrote:

Clearly this guy like everyone who thinks "make women chase you" have no clue what that actually entails and somehow think there masculinity is being attacked, ha!

As for OP, you can still approach, actually got a PM about this and replied as follows...

You can still go for girl you want (alway should) its just now your intention/frame isn't about "getting her" it is more about GIVING HER AN OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOU.

You have a criteria and like a top company no matter how cool the person is, its about "does this employee make the cut and meet bare minimum requirement". So it's more like "goodluck hope you make the cut". She's only peaked you interest, you don't know her nor do you know if she makes the cut.

Traditional man sees hot girl and automatically want to fuck her. She had to do nothing but show up and your already dtf. Only men who lack abundance would take whatever. Man who can select amongst 50 girls isn't gonna just close his eyes and point.

With that said, I've mentioned it many times...
-  People think chasing you have control...WRONG, real men are given in abundance
-  Dudes need to drop their "culutral beliefs" about sexuality, until these so called "Alphas" are expressing sexuality at the level that I do then maybe I'd ponder whether the traditional dogma of masculine men are true. (By this I mean comfortably greeting women by kissing them on the lips, almost instantly playing/exploring all parts of her body, can remain completely indifferent to a woman trying to entice you with her sexuality, etc)
-  If you are "almost" exclusively but consistently fooling around with your idea types 


@ DL

I fully agree with you. Simply, too many phaggots but, seeing your old threads bumped talking about Z1 and other alphabets or looks was funny.

It sort of places perspective on where you have been and where you are now let alone, where you are going?

Share your thoughts on game and the chasing paradigm.

Simply, I don't chase. I replace.

I am in a perpetual state of replacing stunners. Sex appeal is not enough for her to earn her keep. She has to actually put in her own work and deserve to be called up.

Having a life, being about your motivational driving force, that which you are truly passionate about, and never compromising your core purpose EVER is what its all about.

Having options, still going out, having a flirt, and pulling. If you enter into a relationship, its again, going out, keeping that "eye of the tiger" despite pulling frequently is what its all about.

In a perpetual game of replacing, what does it matter to encounter flakes or lame excuses? A stunner prunes herself out of your reality by default.
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For most guys, pursuing the goal of getting girls to chase them will be an exercise in futility. This is ESPECIALLY true for guys in the pickup community.

Thinking you can get girls to magically start chasing after a 30 day challenge is patently absurd.

Focus on more realistic goals: being able to approach whoever you want, challenging yourself to escalate whenever you see a window of oppty or even before, going for the pull every night, etc. If girls eventually start to chase you, that's gravy.

I've had girls 'chasing' me since as far back as I can remember. I know very few guys who have girls chasing or even approaching them. Even the 'naturals' I've met with hundreds of lays are rarely approached by women.

Scale back and focus on the things that you can control.
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Knock them up and then don't pay child support. They will chase you everywhere. It works like a charm everytime!
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Mr. Enthanate

Mr. Enthanate


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Don corleon wrote:
 Knock them up and then don't pay child support. They will chase you everywhere. It works like a charm everytime!
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Actually be a cool guy who gives value instead of leaching value. Separate yourself from chode pack of guys who are boring and stupid. Girls will chase you if you actually have something to offer them that most other guys don't ie value.
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Wanting girls to chase you is an advanced form of neediness. 

What I suggest you ask yourself is how much fun and value you're providing to these lovely creatures? 

Focus on making other people feel good and you'll feel good.

Being on an agenda or wanting people to respond to you in a certain way is a losing proposition.

You have no control over your circle of concern. Focus on your circle of influence (cf. Stephen Covey)
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 There is a simple formula, trust me this works, I have 5 girls constantly messing me now who I havent had time to fuck yet.

1. Be a high-value guy, what does this mean? Basicly "being yourself", in other words, prioritising your own concept and opinion of yourself higher than others have of you, this creates a vibe where ure unreactive to outside stimulation and girls will sense this intantly.

2. Have fun in the enviroment, fuck around, nothings serious, fun fun fun

3. False disqualification and push pull: "What? ure a NURSE? I cant talk to you now!" *playfully push her away*, "ooh man, I dont know about montreal girls.. I dont knooow girl!", "I would probably sleep with you but then I would hate you",  "Dont look at me  like that! U look at me like a fat kid looks at a hamburger! Im not just a walking penis, IM MORE THAN THAT GIRL.

4. Profit.
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