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Thick and Viscous Part 2
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I used to have another FR thread, but it got no responses, and I gave up on it. I started this new thread because I wanted a fresh start. If you want to read my prior posts check out my blog.

Recently I've felt and observed in others my age a sort of listlessness that, I believe, is a result of realizing real life is about to start. With our graduation looming ahead and college soon after, it is easy to tell the difference between young persons who have a destination in mind, and persons such as myself who do not. In my self especially, I've felt some trepidation with thoughts the future and a general dissatisfaction with its direction.

I now realize the state I am/was in, and with knowledge comes action! I will be the one who changes my destiny, and to do that, I must have clear goals in mind. That said, I don't have any goals.


The most important thing that I feel I need to work toward is a better Me. I am unsatisfied with the current me, so there really is just one goal:


That's kind of a large heading, so I broke it down into smaller more achievable goals

1. Improve my willpower: I have very little willpower. Whether I commit to waking up early, working out daily, not jacking off, whatever, I fail. This is something I will need to have under control before I go to college. How will I do this? Simple. I will make commitments that I will not allow myself to break. I am the only problem here, so I will be the only solution. Here are what I will commit myself to:

a. I will wake up at 6:00 each morning except for Wednesdays (when I don't work out in the morning) and weekends.
b. I will work out four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), and if circumstances prevent me from getting a full workout, I will make it up later.
c. I will do my school work by the due date from here on out.

2. Improve my interpersonal skills: This does include the P.U.A. side of RSD. However, I will also work on just being a cooler guy in general. I will become the guy I want to hang out with. Right now I really don't feel comfortable going out with the sole intent of cold approaching, and I don't really want to do it. It would just be another commitment that I can't handle right now, but I will pick it up in the summer when I have the freedom. However, if I do see a chick I want to bang, nothing will stand in the way. Here are my goals:

a. I will pursue any girl that is attractive. Fuck social consequences. I'm 17, that's a prime age to fuck around and embarrass myself.
b. I will go out of my comfort zone frequently. If an opportunity arises, I will take it.
c. I will arrange more social events. I will be leading the fun, not following it. I won't always have to be that guy, however, I will always know how to just chill and go with things.

3. Plan for the future: College. I will be ready.

a. I will apply for scholarships
b. I will improve my study skills, which are abysmal, by fully applying myself to my current classes, even if I don't really have to.
c. I will go to freshman orientation and all that bullshit whether or not I think it will help me.

Anyway, back to the action.

Some shit has gone down since the last post. I fingered a girl, I got fucked in the ass by the police on two separate occasions, and I've discovered I've got pretty solid opening game.

Lets start with the most exciting of those events:

Crazy and Molasses almost fuck

I'm at home, bored. It's like 10 on a Saturday, i have nothing to do. Crazy texts me:

Crazy: Whats up blahblahblah
Molasses: Whats up? I'll tell you whats up. Come over.
Crazy: lol okay

Sweet. She comes over, I meet her at the door and give her a massive hug, picking her up. She giggles, we fluff talk. Move to the couch, watch some shit movie on tv

Basically this chick makes it to easy to escalate. We're having a tickle battle, and I just lean over and kiss her. BAM immediate makeout. Blah blah blah, lmr, blah blah blah, I finger her. I try to get her to give me head, she refuses. I change the subject. I come back to it, she refuses. FUCK. What's funny is at one point she's grinding on my lap, giving me a lapdance, and I say, "haha, this is exactly the position we would be in if we were fucking" she says, "do you have a condom?" OH SHIT, this chick just offered to fuck, but doesn't want to blow me. She says, "maybe later", and so eventually we go on our merry ways. afterward I realized what I should have done was just whip it out, put her hand on it, and say, "Go!", but hey, you live you learn.

Ditz and Molasses flirt during class.

This pretty HB7 (Hey man, if it gives me a boner its fair game), who's very ditzy, is always flirting with this alpha guy in my 3rd period class. Eventually I'm like "Fuck it, I'm going in." I don't remember exactly what happened, but basically now she's texting me while I'm at work telling me to accept her facebook friend request and shit like that. I must have done something pretty badass.

I just pulled up our text convo, ignoring the boring intro, here it goes:

Ditz: I didn't save your number...... sorry.... lol
Ditz: I'm saving it now... Where's my cookie? [reference to earlier discussion]
Molasses: Oh, so first you forget my number, then you want a cookie! No way young lady
Ditz: I'm sorry.. Please don't be mad. I'll have to get [teacher] on ya lol.
Molasses: Haha, not gonna happen, I'm her "little angel" remember? i'll sic her on you!
Ditz: No your not... Don't kid yourself... i am now! Face it
two days later out of the blue
Ditz: I can't believe we weren't friends on facebook... Accep my friend request asap!

Basically we've got the flirtatious tone, the kino, all I need is severe escalation. If all else fails, I'm gonna pull her aside in the hallway some day and go for the makeout.

Molasses uses technology

There is this FINE freshmen HB9, lets call her Ophelia who friended me on Facebook. What's weird is I don't know her at all. So, I decide to chat her on Facebook, because at my school they separate the freshmen from the rest of the school so I would never get to see her.

Hey facebook friend!

howdy there

howdy-doody, i was just thinking about salad
if there's lettuce involved, I hate it

why do you hate lettuce?
its so nice and crispy.
...when its cold.

Yeah, but it's flavorless
im more of a baby spinach dude

im kinda the more
fruits person, myself.
but baby spinach is delish.

Oh, you're a fruity person?
don't worry, you live in decatur, its normal

imma sign off this shit.



i actually had an important query

alrightttt arightt alrriightt

how do I know you?

we've met a few times
through ellie. [another fine ass freshman]


Oh rly, I don't remember any of these "meetings"


I think you're just stalking me

thats ok to.

well, I do have my fair share of stalkers
I must admit

as do i.

it's kind of flattering

i guess so..

but really
I'm going to have to meet you to affirm your existence

alright alright

You will be at [place near the school] at 7:45 tomorrow
And we will exchange pleasant greetings

i cant tomorrow.
another time, then..

perhaps, but how will we arrange this meeting?

eye durnt knooww.
but i gotta bounce.
like, zippy fast


hurihguihgiuhu vh

zip off then


So, I think that went down really well. I kind of froze up when I was typing the second response and I had just watched the Jeffy show, so that's why I pulled the salad thing out of my ass. It probably wouldn't have worked in person, but online its harder to measure congruence. I guess the big question was did she really have to go or was she blowing me off? Who knows, but i think she really had to, and I think the fact that I led the interaction will definitely count for me in the future when i actually meet her. What I should have done is instead of that lame, "perhaps, but how will we arrange this meeting?" is said GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER. I think that would have worked better.

Anywho, thanks for making it through this beast of a post. I'll update regularly, please leave comments.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

Thick and Viscous Part Two, read it!
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Join Date: 10/29/2009 | Posts: 72

Last night at 10:24 p.m., I get a random text from an unknown number asking who I am. I respond with "who is this?". Response: "[familiar name], who is this??". Me: "well, [familiar name], I am molasses. How do I know you?". Eventually I realize she's this HB8 freshman whom I've met like once. She wears funky glasses so lets call her that. When I realize she's a she and a fine she at that, I fucking get on point. Here are the relevant texts:

Molasses: haha, that was a strange little convo we just had.
Glasses: Yeah, sorry about that.
Molasses: Haha, no worries. it's 11 on a Monday night and i'm sitting in my room blazed as fuck [true by the way], I'm not really up to anyhin important.
G: I love smoking weed! What kind were you smoking?
M: Wow, I wasn't really expecting such a pothead response! How long have you been smoking little one?
G: Lol about a year... maybe longer, I dunno. I smoke like everyday. Where do you get off calling me little one? Lol
M: Well little one, you are like 4 grades below me. I'm oder and more experienced, you're still young and naive :P
G: Yeah, yeah. Fuck you too :)
M: Haha you wish [kinda weak but what the fuck, i don't care]
G: Mmm, nope, I'm good actually. I have three dates this week, I got my fill.
M: O shit! Little one thinks she's a little playa! Notice it takes three guys to take my place, just sayin ;-) [I'm just going balls-to-the-wall cocky on this one.]
G: Lol I don't think I'm a playa, I just know I'm attractive. You're funny.
M: You speak the truth. You definitely gotta live it up if you can. I guess we have a natural advantage in that area since we're both beautiful people
G: Yep. I have a feeling that you're mocking me, but, yeah. It does pay to be lovely. It also pays to smoke pot and also be older than most freshman.
M: Haha, I like it when a girl isn't afraid to admit she's sexy
It's better than false modesty
G: Hahaha yea a lot of people do
M: Oh, but not too much ego, now it's just turning me off ;-)
G: I agree with that, I hate BLAH BLAH blaH
Lol I'm not trying to turn you on.
M: lol keep telling yourself that
G: Uhhh... ego much? Lol.
M: Pshh, look who's talking, mrs. "I know I'm attractive"

I'm gonna skip over a lot of bullshit, she shit tests me twice but i just change the subject, first to alice in wonderland, then to something school related.

Molasses: Haha true true. It's annoying cause there'r some fine freshmen ho's who i never meet!
Glasses: Hos? Im no ho! Fuck you!
Molasses: Naw, as a certified pimp I know, youze a ho! ;-) You can be my ho, though, if you so choose...
G: Naw I'm good bein ma own ho.
M: Haha! At least you admit it, don't worry, you'll join the dark side eventually. My pimp hand is strong
G: Mine is too, and it's damn good at pimpin myself.
M: Oh damn! i'm saving this number :P
G: Lol

I really am a fan of the pimp-to-his-ho frame. If you do it jokingly, it introduces sexual tension, is funny, and more often than not in my experience the girl will even go along with it. This girl didn't, but it didn't really matter. I think I played it well. It's getting late at this point, so i go to bed, but I send her this first.

Molasses: Look, I gotta go to bed. I know you want to join me, but i'm not that kind of guy. You can dream about me, but nothing too explicit mkay?

I thought that was a stroke of genius, but she takes a hell of a long time responding, then she comes back with this:

Glasses: Yeah alright. Don't jerk your meat too hard thinking about me, and you also might wanna muffle your moans cuz that might be an awkward situation to have to explain to your mom. Although, if you show her a pic of me, she'll probably come in her pants too. Goodnight!. [goddam this chick is crazy, but i love it!]
Molasses: Oh shit! Maybe I'll see your sexy ass in school tomorrow, Ima holla atcha.
G: Won't be at school, I'm skippin. Sweet dreams!

The next day we flirted some more over the text, but when I told her we were chillin she said she had other shit to do. I believe her because I saw her later that night at theater rehearsal. I'm pretty sure Glasses wants the cock, she'll get it soon enough.

Then in third period, that girl who I mentioned earlier is on my dick the whole period! From the beginnin, Ditz is walking up behind me and rubbing her hands all over my chest and shit. Throughout the period I'm just maintaining my level of pure pimpness. Its so on, we're joking around, often being explicitly sexual. Again I break out the pimp-and-ho frame. We form an us vs them mentality in which Ditz's my bottom and I'm her pimp, and the guys in the class are the johns we're making money off of. This really nice but chodey guy pretends to buy her, and i'm all like, "yeah, just give me liek 10 buck and you can take her in the bathroom" and shit like that. She is loving it. Throughout the period, I'm just blatantly slapping her ass, and being overtly sexual. She's wearing a "teachers pet" shirt, and toward the end of the period she's hugging me and she says seductively, "you want to be the teacher? I can be your pet". HOT DAMN. I stare at her tits, where the words are written, and she's like haha, you just want to touch them don't you. I say, "if i wanted to touch them I would" and so I just reach over and grab her tit. I don't know when I grew some balls, but apparently they grew fast and large.

At the end of the period, when everyone else has left the classroom, I go in for the makeout. We kiss once. I have actually never felt like more of a pimp. And it wasn't because I was getting far with her, I was going the distance because I felt like such a pimp. What's fucked up is later that night, this girl from the soccer team I had a thing with once walks up to me and says, "so, I hear you have a date to the prom." At first I have no idea what she's talking about, I haven't thought about prom at all. Then, as she keeps talking she mentions, "that kiss in third period." I don't know how she knows, but for some reason I just lose my shit. I deflect the question, my state crashes, and it really fucks up my tuesday night. What I should have done was just say, "live your own fucking life busybody" and forgot about it, but I definitely failed that shit test. At least i'm not trying to fuck this soccer girl.

So, post game analysis. I definitely set myself up to hook up with glasses in the future. I need to seclude ditz soon though, or else the tension will dissipate, If I didn't see her every day it would be better. What's annoying about being in high school is I don't have a reliable location to close. I don't know when or where I'll have the chance, its really all luck. I could really use some suggestions on this front.

Also, if you're reading this, i highly suggest you drop a comment. I personally will comment on three different people threads tonight before I get off RSDN, so let me feel the love.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

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So I JUST ended the following facebook convo with this girl who is actually the sexiest in the senior class.

the soccer team RAPED tonight.
i drove by and saw the score board and yelled goooooo decaaturr!!!
so WHAT i was supporting
haha thanks a lot, I bet helped a little
you didn't tell me about this game eeefer
my bad, I should have let you know
you can always come to the friday game
que hora?
shit idk. I think its away though. I wish I remembered who we play
its okay cause i have to babysit anyways
man, why do you always have to goddamn babysit :P
cause its the only way i make the $
i have always wondered where you get your stacks from
i get mine from slanging them bricks
it does not seem like a fitting occupation
but now i understand why they call you corweezy
haha, shit, you've been to the traphouse, I thought you knew
speaking of the traphouse, we're gonna hang out tomorrow
oh okay
whats tomorrow, trapmastaa
i don't really have any plans, but something baddass no doubt
aight aight
i don't think i'm babysitting
let me check
I'm loving this weather, so we're gonna do something outside

I just ate some jalapeno grits, OH MY GOD they were fye as hell. I ate too much though, and now my tummy hurts :(
mmmmmm jalepeno grriiittss
sooo fye
i love grits of most any kind
shrimp and grits definitely being the best

OH HELL YES. the shrimp and grits at taqueria del sol? Fuck dude, mouthgasm instantly
WHAT taq has shrimp y grits?? where have i been all my life??

haha I dont know, you're slipping
are they always on the menu or just the especials

its especial
damn well that means it only comes about....some part of the some time

lol what?

that sentence was gibberish

it only comes every so often
i was gonna try to pretend like i could calculate the rotation of specials but i failed

haha, nice try though

WE fluff talk for a bit, then I exit:


nope not at all :P

alright you cutie patootie, Im gonna go to bed before I pass out
okay i'm going to stay up even though i'm tired and know i should go to bed
enjoy the slumber

oh i will


I should have added more sexual tension and teased her more. Really it was kind of dry, but we set up a chill-time tomorrow, so success. What I'm gonna emphasize tomorrow is the sexy part of the equation. When I post a field report then Its either gonna be glorious or tragic, cause either way i'm fucking going for it.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

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I was just reading my field report from yesterday. I was so gung-ho about the meetup with Cutie, but when I woke up today, I immediately wasn't feeling it. I pretty much pussied out with her. I don't really know what happened, but I sure as hell didn't end up hanging out with her. It's no reason to be sure, but my mood was very negative today. I don't think I blew it with her, but I wouldn't bet on it.

I did have an interesting thought today however. I was just thinking about my perception of myself. Right now, I can look back at decisions I made and beliefs I held a year ago, even a semester ago, and think, "wow, I was immature. I really didn't see the big picture, etc, etc" I can also remember having those exact same thoughts last year as well. I am also 90% certain I'll also look back a year from now at the current day and think the same thing. This is a reassuring idea to me. It tells me that even though I have some limitations now that seem insurmountable, I am still evolving as a person. As I feed myself the pertinent reference experiences and maintain a positive direction in my life, stuff will probably work out. This doesn't mean I shouldn't try to figure things out, it just means I shouldn't lose hope if success seems out of reach.

This also reinforces the mindframe of always learning and always appreciating different points of view. How can I discount a belief or even a person's value if I don't know myself what I will think on the subject a year from now? Instead, I can just maintain a positive outlook of, "What can I learn from this person/experience?"
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

Thick and Viscous Part Two, read it!
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hey man you may not be getting many comments kuz it looks to me like you're executing beautifully, and when you're not, you know what you did wrong.  That's fucking awesome especially since you're only in high school.  At the same time it's a shame you dont get more comments kuz your stuff is fun to read and well put together. 

God DAMN your text game is tight.  I could learn a lot from you and def use the help in that department. 

Im prob gonna borrow the pimp & ho frame too haha. making her your bottom is pure gold LMFAO.

Yea about the soccer girl shit test one thing it reminded me of is that any attention you get from a girl is good.  even if she's coming with negative energy it's an opportunity to turn it around.   I know you weren't trying to get with soccer girl but you could have.  She was prob shit testing you about the kiss and trying to get you to ask her to prom simultaneously.  I recently told a FB that I slept with someone else kuz she had asked me to inform her if I did.  She even said it would probably ruin the relationship between us at the time, but when I told her she said she didn't really care and everything was gravy.  If anything she's upped her interest in keeping me happy.  In my experience it's not a bad thing to be somewhat known as a ladies man.  It's the whole pre-selection DHV.

Great stuff.

How'd you get the name Molasses?
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Thanks for the love Juggaknot!

It's always nice to get a response.

I dunno if my text game is really all that good, but I do have one tip. Be doing something else while you're texting her, and try to type the first thing that comes to your mind when you see her message. Then send and go back to what you were doing. This forces you to not go into your head, and your texts look spontaneous, as they should be.

It's always nice to get my game complimented, but really i'm but a rank beginner. I really need to work on being able to cold approach girls, but its hard to do in high school. Funnily enough in the last few weeks it seems like I didn't need to approach at all. First Glasses calls me last week, then today i get added on facebook by this HB8.5 I didn't recognize. Obviously I accept, and she immediately pops up on the chat. I engage her, unfortunately i didn't save the chat convo, but i'll try to approximate it.

-I ask her who she is and how she knows me. I'm polite, but i'm not giving away my power. there's no apology, this is information I need.
-I figure out who she is (we met a year ago, for like 20 min).
-We chit-chat, i go cocky and she goes logical, she is responding though. I kind of have to prompt her, but she is interested.
-Me and my friend are separately chatting about prom. I tell him "Fuck it, im gonna ask this chick right now" I send her this message:
"haha, speaking of my sexual attractiveness, you're going to the [my school] prom with me aight?"
Her: "haha, yeah"
Me: "you think i'm joking?"
Her: "are you?"
Me: "naw, its in a few weeks, you don't have to dress up but you can"
Her: "haha sure"
Me: " I'ma gonna need your number as well"
Her: "lol okay: [number]"

FUCK YEAH. regardless of whether i'm taking this chick to prom, im gonna fucking push this interaction. A fine girl who's unnatached to anyone I know? Sounds like a great excuse to go ham.

Things I should improve:
I let the conversation lag too long after that above piece. I kind of removed the sexual tension a little bit. The more I think about it, the more it seems like I fucked up, so im not gonna think about it.

I really would like suggestions on how to handle this from here. Should I call her tomorrow? Should i text her?

I think i'm going to just call her sometime soon and get some more solid interaction than online messaging.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

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personally, id wait a lil while... specially if u think u overdid it a bit last time
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Yeah, i didn't call her yesterday, i'm thinking im gonna call her today. Im gonna do it manwhore style so I won't push for a meetup on this first call. Hopefully if all goes well I will just make her a little more comfortable with me, and introduce a little sexual tension. i gotta go, thanks for the advice jugga.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

Thick and Viscous Part Two, read it!
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nothing way exciting has happened recently. I've spent a lot of time trying to set it up so that I can go on spring break with the rest of my friends. Unfortunately legal troubles and general misbehavior on the part of myself have made doing that somewhat more difficult. Over the past week or so, I've been ramping up the sexual tension with Glasses, over text message and in person when we see each other in school. I pretty much have to isolate and close soon or else i'm gonna miss my window. I'm getting shit tested by Ditz every fucking day. I fucked it up with her by hooking up with her one day, and then when I didn't get 'its on' signals the next day, I just kinda dropped it like a little bitch. The good news is it reinforced the lesson of LEADING: the girl, 99% of the time, wont fucking do it. You HAVE TO lead the interaction.

With the girl who I invited to prom, lets call her Prom (i know, real inspired), I basically think I need to stop talking to her online or via text, and just drop her until I get an opportunity to call and meet up. I rely a little too much on electronic means of communication. I have okay text/chat game, but i can't fuck a girl over the web.

Today I was biking home from school. I'm crossing through a parking lot in the middle of town, and I see this beautiful hispanic girl who goes to my school. I do know her, so naturally stop and say hello. I give her a drive-by hug on my bike, she thinks its funny. I stop and say, "Yo what's up, where are you going?"
"I'm meeting my mom"
"Really, well I guess we'll have to hang out later then, give me your number"
"Haha, okay"

BAM! That quick. We talk about spring break, she's going to europe with a group of student and this english teacher from our school. I keep biking home.

I text her so she can have my number:

Molasses: Have fun in europe, but don't let [lesbian english teacher] seduce you
Girl: Molasses
M: Yah
G: Haha alright. just making sure. i will definitely have a good time & not let [teacher] seduce me w/ her charms

Im busy so I don't reply. Like I said before, I'm trying to shy away from text/chat game for a while.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

Thick and Viscous Part Two, read it!
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Silicone Pimp

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The cool thing about you, Molasses is that you seem to be very socially intelligent.  As a result you seem to have a fair amount of girls you already know from school, so you have a lot of opportunities for warm approaches.  That's awesome, at the same time though, don't neglect the women you don't know.  Make sure you work on your cold approaches too, there is glory to be had with women you just randomly meet, and this will also feed/reinforce your abundance mentality, which will help you with all girls.   Keep up the good shit, haha, you are destined for greatness.
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                                                          -Ice Cube

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Thanks a lot pimp. Being socially intelligent may actually be a deterrent against taking action for me. I'd prefer to just not give a shit about my social circle. Whatever. It's up to me in the first place.

If anyone in the ATL wants to chill in the next week, just hit me up. I've got the week off and EVERYONE I know is leaving the state.
Power over others is weakness disguised as strength

Thick and Viscous Part Two, read it!
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