April 20th, 2018
Read this if you wanna get laid...seriously.
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De Reet Sap Rammer aka De Reet Thalys met 1986 kpu

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 I've been in this from 2007...that's almost 3 years. Gseus has also been here for a long time. MANY dudes have been here for a long time. 
And although I obviously needed the stuff I've done so far...Nobody is above the process. THat's not what Im saying.

SO yeah, this post is meant for dudes that have been in here for a while. That know what state is, that have read all the innergame stuff, that have applied all the innergame stuf, but still aren't getting laid as much as they probably could, and should. 

Nobody's above the process, and this too, is part of the process; to let go of the fucking process and just go out and go have sex. tonight. hardcore. balls to the wall. always. 

The reason there's such a weird "newbievibe" on this board for the past year or so, is because everyone keeps writing shit directed AT newbies. Meaning they'll NEVER grow beyond the shit put on these boards...because when people write the articles it's all meant for dudes that don't know shit. 
Fuck that. We need stuff written for somewhat "advanced" dudes too...and if it doesn't resonate with you; then come back to it later. 

theuprising wrote:

Gseus wrote:
What is the difference between a fucked up virgin approaching a girl, saying "hi ure cute" and a pimp approaching a girl, saying "hi ure cute"?
The virgin can look at the bodylanguage of the pimp, his vocal tonality, his eyes and all that stuff and try to copy it, but he will fail. He will hesitate, he will flinch, and this will cause the girl to mercilessly blow him out. He did the action, he did it as best he could, but he failed.

Of course, with repetition, action, he might fix that. But not because he learned "the moves", but because he internally changed. Which can happen through hundreds of blowouts. Or under other circumstances. And of course, without action at all, nothing will happen.

But the difference in the end is the place from which he comes from when approaching the girl.
Yeah this its not all about action, its also about the beliefs of yourself, I listened to the first day of Blueprint and applied it and the response I was getting socially went through the roof. I finally understood why I was being viewed as low value (no one would hear me when I talked, their ras would zoom me out), its because I had low self esteem. That combined with a post in this forum helped me (the post was about that value flows through a person most freely when you are saying what you think rather than thinking buffering what you are saying)
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I 100% agree with this.

Not because it's 100% right, I dont think it is - but it's the best mentality you can adopt, relative to anything state-based.  Good post dude.
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OK, I get where you are coming from.   A newb needs both action and a new mindset to motivate to the action.  Dudes who have been here awhile already know the damn mindset, we don't need to keep working on the damn mindset - we need to man up and DO.  It's a good post.  A little less conversation and a lot more action.

The only people for me are the mad ones,
the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk,
mad to be saved, desirous of everything
at the same time, the ones who never yawn
or say a commonplace thing, but
burn, burn, burn,
like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding
like spiders ac r o s s the stars.

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It's about believing in your dominance escalating, pushing forward and never backing down, ploughing and going strong, feeling that sense of entitlement. Bottom line - Never back down, never hesitate. Its like sleeping or getting an erection, the minute you start thinking " i need to do this" you fuck up. instead of thinking, just let it flow
In order to be succesful in life you need two things : Ignorance and Confidence

Mark Twain
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 Nice post
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good post.
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Yeah, like I was out tonight but couldn't take action. I could feel in a moment that now is the time to act, do it, but I wouldn't. I feel that I have this switch in my head that I just need to turn and the action starts.
Spot me bruh
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What you've written has come right on time for me. Thanks man.
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 Thank you Brother!! 
Couldn`t agree with you more!! :)

Rules to live by...

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