October 23rd, 2018
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HAD to put this up

LAst  nite went to upscale club. Blown away cuz it was first time in 3 years here in Raleigh I got to experience a club with world class women. Reminded me of Toronto. It took me a good minute to get used to the quality of women who I was missing out on due to me always going out to regular clubs where I never have to pay cuz of promoter friends. After spending too much on drinsk adn wasting too much time on international girls from PAris, Brazil and Spain landing myself in platonic friend zone no escalation little (niceguy level Chode) intent. I even met guys I work for at various dealerships who are young succesfull owners of these car dealerships they had nuemrous women and drinking utlimate chodes dream, fuck that. EVen tho i had no real succes I noiticed i held my own despite the number of chodes I rolled up with to the club. My subcomms wiht these hot girls was more neutral then it wold ahve been in the past. My vocal toality is on point too theese days. Doing less reaction seeking behaviours just need to step it up and transfer it over to sex worthy consistently. My chode friends left after not talking to any women, clearly they are not used to this level of women neither but didnt even put up a fight. I like a couple fo them because they are funny but in terms of manning up I was dissapointed. Anyways later after getting blown out a couple more times I headed to a free bar downtown to meet up with chode friends and I get there by closing time 230 am. guys and girls outside talking to each other and none of my chode friends had any women but a couple of them were trying with this tall older looking women seh was around 24-26. She was tall and mature than the young type of girls I usually talk to. MY chode friend ( they were all black btw) said somethign stupid and walkedoff or something so then it was jsut me and her and I acutlaly had a good converation. THe reason I posted this FR is becasue tonight about 24 hours later as i lie in bed I was thinking about this convo and givng myself credit for talking to hot tall confident and mature woman like the way I did. I did not escalate her I was just having a casual convo but I delved into deep topics such as her motivations this and she asked me about mien and this and that and I could tell she was impressd especially in direct contrast to the idiot way my immature firend tried to talk to her previously. At one point she dropped the my boyfriend line and it was out of nowhere and i logically beleived her but using my subcomms I instantly started looking elsewehere scanning for other girls and verbally letting her know I am no longer interested and she started to get my attention back and shit but thinking back I belvei she probably didnt have a bf at all and that had I actually brought out more intent and made it more playful I could have easily Fcuked her. Slowly Im able to truly wrap my head around the fact that sex with this new caliber of woman is really possible. RIght now I am able to hold their attention and talk to them as friends and now i just have to take the next step and start fucking this new criterion of hotter women.  Slowly I am learning and gaining experience. I have improved soo much in the past few months and have fucked more in the last two months then in my life. I just dont have time to post it all and just try to take as much action as possible. 

One thing I have started to do is recline my drivers seat so I have absolutely perfect body language and it helps me reinforce it throughout the day.
I am able to speak more form my core and that has help my game in strides
I am able to trust myself more than I ever have.
MY natural friends are now looking towards me for direction and leadership in certain areas esp. in regards to women.
I have still a long way to go and can do a better job of dedicating more time towards the game and girls but right now I am trying to become more focused on school and tryna graduate asap. 

Im loving my journeyteeth
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MExcican ecudarian...teh type of girl with the amount of balance.

TEchnical mistake.. GAve her my number made her spell out her name even...and forgot to grab her number.

AAAAHhhhh i can only sleep it off..

LEssons learned from the nights outt.
I love life and I love Rsd, damn meetin tyler at hotseat did turn me into a fanboy for asec... It was real cool yea I went to the one in atlanta..

Its cool... i made notes.. Lol about time i read em..

Had fun tonight regardless..

The approach was a stunner ..judeges score it a 11 out of ten.

Boner times..well not really niga was asleep adn i let her know.

Cute lil girl ....a bit reserved but brought it out of her...  I really did fall in love.

MY nigga even came up to me sugestin i back up of f her for a second.

I actually even told her that I feel like IM giving her too much attention.. Lol yea i was completely in state and thinkin out loud LOL at least i was honest.

She was cute and was a girl that seems like a lot of gettin used to this type of rare.

btw i finished novel by bukowski.. to read and always put me to sleep havin good dreams.. INfact im gona re read it it got me boners..


gnite world.

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edit..stop blazin the DANNNKKK
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Approached many.. got the hottest girl wanting to dance wiht me as I intentionally acted actually seemed to wrok..but simultaneosly i knew this was gay so i did a lap around the club lookin for other girls but came abck to her started dancing.. then from  asidebump i was gonna throw her into a spin from her hips..she took this badly and i truly did no care and walked off..

GOtta stop with this HALF intent shit...

THe thing to stop me from coming off playersih is to go hard intent into each one..To truly fall in love... THis happens when I lock eyes deep and realy get in her grill... IM like this alot but not enuf with the hotter modelesque women..

stop giving up and put more more hallf ass shit.. why am i evenhere..anyways

I find it best to look back at a failed night by weeding out the postitives...shit that i did right

Im truly at a place where lot of social proof and well connected and shit and madd comfortable anywhere i go.. differnt girls recognizing u and everybod is working for u

THe body language excercises are really working out..

THe only thing missing is my true purpse in life... I need to stop fukin around makin easy money and start going for the longer term..

LOsin mad focus at school...wasting mad money for tuition.

SEriously thinkin about movin down to miami with cuzo for the rest of the semster.. work marketing with him.

MY purpose in life is more important than geeting laid.

I tell myself its not about going out and just getting a lay.. ITS about moving up to the hottest women and getting quality success..and improving the skillset...

NEEd to calrify this part of my life and become consumed wit my intent

Tonight was ok but i need to continue wiht the momentum and start fresh adn strong every morning laziness is a game killer.

MEditate more.. TIme effiecint

ENxt move read 4 hour work week.

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