October 20th, 2018
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I got potential and I GOT A DiCK.

THis journal is just a figment of my imagination.

Immediate goals:
MEDITATION: 30 mins everyday

The thing about being high value is, you have to be HIGH value, all the time everyliving moment.

feedback is encouraged.
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Schoolwork is taking up all my time. When i socialize i get into state and have a hard time switching back to work mode(if anyone knows how to deal with this let me know). 

Stood outside library for smoke break and opened every girl walking by with enthusiastic energy and undertones of sarcasm, "ready for an exciting study session!" all replied with a smile "yea, lol" Interaction was too short as they were on their way into the library and away from the cold. 
WOo is there, intent was not. 

After reading JLAIXZ comment on another poster, KOOLAID's progress, I will go militant with the, NO numbers only fuck approach. I can see only good things come from this. Seeing how most of the day im in the library surrounded by hot woman. I will only give it out only if they insist, and even then i might resist, :D

Kept posture straight  for an hour but goes to shit after i stop consciously monitering it every second. (if any of u guys had poor posture/vocals/breathing let me know how u dealt)

Nyquil to sleep, tomorow is a new day. 
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Join Date: 12/16/2009 | Posts: 7 man i'm watching your progress ........ you have right goals for you about meditation ......... i meditate for 30 mins almoust every day it's great thing, to be in touch whit yourself and much more things......

Nad I put my game mostly on makeouts during day game, i take some digit if a girl is cute and interesting  and she didn't want to kiss immediatly  ...... but main thing is if you try to makeout whit girl duiring the day and she reject and if you plow little more after that, she will give you at least her number almoust for shure....

peace, enjoy
[=18]Instead to think "what should I say", think "what I want"... 

[=18]Beleve in your core self, have no doubts in yourself... 


I rule, I play, I fuck... shades 
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MEDITATION IS NUmba one, haha.


who goes out when there sick?..i do.


HOUSE PARty last nite, LORDED it. My goal comign in was to have fun and keep the momentum going. First interaction was with a 26 yr old hottie. SHit was going great; flirting, sexual misinterpertation but kino was weak and 10 mins later she was swooped away. I literally felt the shift in her body so its not a blindspot anymore. COOL NEXT. Made two girls makeout again but this time for the camera. 2 girls started the party by dancing i came in and took over both. I am fearless when it comes to dancegame. NExt time i need to transition it into makeout or FUCK. DAnced with everygirl there, built this pimp image(according to sum douchebag) but fuck that im in this to fuck and even tho i was verbalising this i never really came out ready to play. HAD to leave early cuz my douchbag cinderella friend had to b home by a certain time. Girl that i wanted, asked me if i wud b back, means i did something right. Love how i overheard a hot lil girl talkin about me sayin how i asked her for her number, this and that, haha i guess she was proud to reject me.

IMprovements: HAVE a real mission, olympic standards, not pushing enough. COnversation and vibing is getting a lot better, bringing the party no fuckin problem. BASically i was having the most fun it was inspiring, but something was off. THe hotter girls felt this and hesitated when i tried to step up. NOt centered enough-duh moar meditation, more know who i am, stronger presence. I had fun but was not focused enough.  WE refused to pay 5 dollars to get in cuz we werent tryna drink. BUt my friend offered to pay so why the fuck not. If i drink i will have the best time. BUt at this point i shouldnt cheat like this and will refrain.

in conclusion, i was focused on jsut beign able to relax and have a good time, good i can do this now with ease, but have to plug away at the hot girls tryna fuck them like the dog i am. BE MORE LIKE DOG. IM being too nice friendly entertainment but i can see the light to sexworthy, im close. GOOD i was not a chode like 50% of guys last nite but i ahve to rethink my priorities. last few months i am able to bring party and vibe and have fun which used to ba a sticking point but now i have to concentrate on the actualyl girl. OVERall good learning experience.


26 yr old blond
-limited kino, hot convo, did not escalate, did not bring intent, did not move her around, did not reinitiate or see her agian after.

3 shy girls sitting down on coach
-tried to get them to join in on fun, "was tryna get them to dance" telling them they dressed up and now they have to execute, asked them if its cuz their not drunk enough.
LAME. SHOULD HAVE Been more authoritative instead of havin to beg these lame girls who dont know what fun is. OR should have toned the woo down sit down beside them go to know them, take it slow?

GAy chick
danced with her...didnt know she was gay until i expresed my interest, damn....then i tried to get her to kiss another girl...uhh y did i even care??? im here to FUCK!

2 hot chicks outside patio
set hooked when i guessed both their ethnicities within 1 standard deviation. I was sitting on table they were sittin on chairs, no kino, no fun....stairht up conversation land.... 10 mins later they got bored and left.  
NO roleplaying no flirting no nothing...talkin to them felt like talkin to sumthing unattainable..( least i approached and tried)

first 2 mins was hot but then...
at some point i said somehting and instantly realised that i subcommunicated low value and that she realised it and it was instant death.
wtf is the point, she didnt even kno i had a dick. WHY AM I HERe..

BY 2 am we had to leave and then for the next 5 mins SEEMEd i was too  much into getin contacts adn gaming after the fact= FAIL.  NOW OR NEVER... I ahve to learn to kick myself in the balls run the train and remember to CLOSE.

I did not feeled entitled enough to fuck any of the girls i was attracted to.

TIPS: ur cute lets fuck. lets fuck. lets kiss lets fuck. lets kiss lets fuck. OK this journal is gonna serve my purposes. where as before ref points wud get lost in my head and i didnt ahve level of success i wanted. PUSH PUSH PUSH.


my vision is to be able to feel, feel everything and act on it without having thought to get in the way. I want to be able to just act on impulse and let go let fuckin go.. Last nite i felt i was able to let go in some respects and have fun, vibe, approach, open, dance. BUT its 2010 and a shift has to occur. Approaching/opening and vibing is good. NExt is to turn shit up and become more sexual and go for it. GO for it go for it.

gonna go meditate.
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My game is basically at the point where x approaches zero but never touches.


MY SUBCOMMS have been getting tighter. 

some girls i talk to get the impression that im getting laid but im realy not.

went to hooka bar last nite with my boy, his girl and his girl's girl. She was half peurto rican half italian with an ass like jupiter. She liked me instantly when we met at the mall..  Playful hittin and i never really reciprocated her touch. Spend hours at the hookah lounge and i would hit on sexual topics but because  there was minimal physicality or intent i think she was wierded out. SHe ended up not going to the party even though her attraction was through the roof.

 I never went for the contact info at any point.

I found myself was just satisfied with the fact that i was able to flirt and vibe well with the group and for such a long time. Last 10 girls i have tried to get with realy at first tursted me to be the sex worthy man they been looking for but i have been playing it safe and against my intution. I instinctively feel that i should do something but then decide against, hence surpressing my desires as a man. 

My first impressions are that of a sexworthy man and overtime my shit weans into boy status. Its ok i have learned to live with it and realise theres lots of work to do.

Went to houseparty and hollered at a lot of girls and got drunk. at one point i realised some girls were tryna avoid me because maybe i was a bit much. I tend to get too excited and that fucks with them. I like Frenchboys tactic of giving nonsensical reasons for when u know u cross the line. 

Im slowly realising a lot about my life and the roles that various memebers in my family have come to play. I am seeing thigns more clearly and love how i have proactively made progress towards the man i want to be. PRESENCE IS MY FRIEND. 

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breathing properly and body language has improved drastically. Basically by meditating more regularly and being able to breathe deeply i am able to pull myself out of a chode state in an instant. IM spending more time in the alpha frequency. Which is goood because my subcommms and vibe is becoming consiistent and i am able to go to a club and lhave a good time and dance and shit.

2 flakes in one day..FUKin eh

i made this girl my purpose for the better half of the year and didnt even kiss her. THe first time i met her we would talk mad dirty and she wud call me to masturbate or text me so she can masturbate and we spent nites together and seh wud suck my dick. After a whole summer apart and i met her agian i didnt continue where we left off and never escalated how i wanted to and never kissed her agian...almost as if i was just her friend and like we never did all that intimate shit in the past. FUKIN wierd. so neways...

this is interaction with her...she knows if were chillin alone im gona pull my dick out because lately ive been growin balls and her atttraction for me has increased as she chases me and finds excuses for us to see each other...

she wants to marry this guy her bf. but at times she tells me that this guy thinks shes his girlfriend adn at times shell tallk about thing i can do is chg the topic and bring focus on me and her instead. It annoys me tho like how last nite she texts me baby instead of him while shes sitting next to me.

Im tryna figure out if shes just using me for validation or wat.. i kno i make her wet but its like if the vibe is there shell suck my dick...but at times i fuk it up by not escalaitng or not being patient enoufgh cuz she has a bf.

first girl; i pulled an all nigther at school studyin with her. told me shes down to smoke hooka at her place tonite but that its 50/50 considering she mite b driving back home an hour away.  Lies she has a bf and is probably gona suck his dick instead.

i texted her:

Hooooka tieme. i got sik arabic cds ull forget ur in america. Is 11 good?
no response
that text makes me sound like a school girl. im really not
no response
i called her no response.
i called her, her phone is off or she pressed ignore.
i text her: fair enuf with the intent to never contact her ever again.

shes sucked my dick couple times a year ago..and we see each other at school and chill at school and sumtimes i drive her to her place...she used to pay me to take her to work or get her adderall.
basically after a year i never really physically escalated and she spent more time with her bf and tonite i got frustrated because i havent had her suck my dick in a year. wen we were making the plans earlier i picked her up and spun her during the day adn shes tellling me yes yes yes. and at nite time she ignores me. i know for a fact shes with her bf. this one i think about a lot.

girl number 2

i grinded on a girl at the club on fri nite and she wud text me sayin were r u and shit and then we met up again and she wudnt dance sayin shes tired..i said lets go les go home. THen she started acting like a freindly stranger. and i left the club shortly after dick in hand.

2 nites later i get a text from her having totally forgotten bout her.

who r u
im tryna figure out who u r lol. i have a text from this number
i kno u. ur ms double pony tail from fri nite
lol ye ..ok so tell me who u r
ur the guy by the hot dog stand?
no. r u fbi?
heck no
so where did i meet u inside noir?
ye. ur a good dancer
really? thanks...dont even remebr dancing lol
wat do u look liike?
brad pitt
aww thats too bad na jus playin
wats ur name again?
omar. do u smoke
oh case u dont remrb im kara...u talkin bout marijuana?
i was talkin bout hook. i dont think ur the type to smoke weed
oh ok ive never done hooka before
its so relaxin and taste so good. im goin 2day. u shud come
wats ur ethnicity?
wat time..i got sum stuff i gota do
around 9
hmm. i may be able o make but i dont wanna make nay promises. it depends on wat time im donewit wat i gota do
weres teh place?
cockboro st
oh thats close. well ill let u kno wen it gets closer to that that coool?
u still dint tell me ur ethnicity
cockland. u?
o ok cool
im balck n ecuadorian
sounds like exotic fruit
lol ye
r u on facebook?
ye gimme ur name ill add u
kara ***
now that i c ur face i remreb u lol
2 hours later
hey  dont think ill b able to make it to hooka bar often do u go id like to try it but i think i gota do it anohter time
let me kno nex time u go
btw u ahve a nice smile
thanks :)
ur welcome

Bullshit, theres something going on here as to why shes not trusting me, jsut dont know what??


schools done and i plan to resurect my dick into harder than ever before.

I have to find a job. start wokring out agin after 5 month absence....basically not as masculine and horny as i used to be when i used to work out.  And have to sarge. SO never again women will dare to think to flake on me or to push me aside for other cock.

le fin
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(im sick)

Just goin through the main forum threads tonight even though Id rather go out to this new club that just opened up tonight, esp since id get in free. However, ive got a runny nose and last time this happened to me i had to head home after going to a neverending kegger, a 10 bar cockboro st hike with thousands of student girlies out and about and plenty of other huge house parties.

Boy that nite i was soo pissed that i had to go home cuz i had a really bad runny nose syndrom. But i came back into presence on the ride back and was at peace with the decision i made(a strong negative thought loop which i cut off noticeably early). THis means Im maturing in my new ways. Nowadays I find my self finding it easier to get into presence and break freee of the scum that plagued my mind for years.

I came across an old post tonight, CAVEMAN 101, and just realised all the things which i had done wrong with HB plastine. SHe still loves me, I know it. She's given me  more chances than i deserve for me to be the man and take her despite her having a BF. the next day she texted me saying she did infact go home and was asleep. Even tho shes telling the truth i find it harder to believe.

The way I approach women has usually been a rough rugged flight of a plane with no map or direction, just floating around in teh skies. When the landing strips become visible by some miracle than i would land my cock into her pussy. BUt oftentimes there are clouds and mountains acting as obstacles yet not ocmpletely rendering the landing impossible.

All theorizing aside, REwarding a girl when she asks me a question. I had been doing a lot of punishing but not enough rewarding. REwarding wiht smiles too. I noticed that a hot girl would give me interest but then sometimes i would give her not as hot friend some kino just becuase i wanna KINo but then the hot girl thinks im more into the other one.

SO as much common sense this stuff might be, its stuff that sheds light on my blindspots. DOnt just kino anyone, do it as a reward to the behaviours of women u like. Ive gotten grossed out plenty of trimes with interest from the wrong women aNd now I know y.

I have definitely turned into a prick and need to reward more. simple shit like when a girl asks me a question, shows interest or gives value.

One nite i was soo obsessed wiht HB pali that even when I had numerous girls approaching, me sum saying they remmerbred me from before and i had no clu who they were, I never even escalated it with them. JUst couldnt stop thinking about HBpali cuz I was thinking she was hanign out wiht her BF and giving him intimacy. WOW i had it bad.

WEll now its summer I dont kno where the fuk she is(great), and i delted her from facebook a while back to cut this needy behaviour. Cuz when i first met her I had at elast 5 other girls id b talking to. Just the fact taht she is the type of girl id marry based on a host of criteria i have. Yea well back to abundance and improvin myself before i get the love/relationship bug to crawl up my ass.

GOd i sound like a just talking bout this haahahah but i def have learned a lot about women just from pursuing her.

anyways theres a pool party during the day tomorw then a foam party during the nigth GOD I HOPE IM feeling better I really need some ref POINTS ;)

peace and Luv
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Just popped in sum nyquil so ill passsout by the time im done writing this.

@ 12:15 tonite i snuck out my parents house (they pay my school and i stay at home and don't aprty or bang chicks; we're muslim)

GO to the only club open on a wednesday nite cuz its Fukin Raleigh. TOnight i go solo and i grab a beer cuz im stalling
HOT girl in balck dress bumps into me I grab her spin her around and dance and im way off mark. SHe leaves I start streching my legs in the middle of the dancefloor cuz im obviosuly not warmed up.
Grab another girl adn dance for a bit and she leaves to the bathroom. (I started dancing with her and after a while i realise i need to take it somewhere and make it fun and shit.)

Grab another beer, grab another girl i make it fun with her shes a bit drunk or so she claims... she goes to the bathroom too after a lil dancing I assume they're all cokeheads and there all going to do coke.
Grab a girl and accuse her of being a hippy, its fun we dance and then i dance with her friend and its al fun and games aka nothing dangerous nor sexy

I go back and grab the third girl i danced with again because at this point weve run out of fresh girls who arent occupied and who arent whales. IM sorry i ddint bring my harpoon today. Neways this girl gave me a fuckin boner and i was jsut bouts to kiss her and her friend out of nowere takes her away.

Later later after chatting up sum hot older latinas with bfs I see her agian and dance smore and she gives me my first boner of the nite. (I realise the reason my game aint nowhere near were it shud b is cuz the ack of boners i get when i actualy talkin to girls) Boners is the essence of game. It is the lifeforce. I dont like operating without it either. Even after 5 girls grinding their asses into my dick it was fukin sleeping. I think next time ill have to grab their hands nad put it on my cock, say hello to my little friend.

ANyways this girl Trish and i danced quite a bit and thinkin back i realise there was a lack of leading on my part...i wanted to take her home and the whole time she needs to find her friend I offer to asssist and bla bla bla i eventualy get bored of her and try n dance wiht other girls.

SHe was the one she was my pull...and the least i did was get her number.

My problem was that in the moment i was thinkin i didnt wanna seeem like a desperate chode tryna take her home and fuck her. THis is where fun comes to play. HAve more fun and i wouldnt rationalise it liek that. THe fact that i was hiding my intetnions was not staying true to my core. Maybe i shud have verbalised it to get over it even if it wud have fucked up the pull, cuz lets face it i never got the pull  neways.  LEsson learnt, pull the trigger get more sexual and get ass back in the gym. DOnt ahve the funds rite now so least i can do is start pushups and shit at home after my cough goes away.

ANyways had a good time for the 1 and half hours i was out ...3 of my buddies showed up randomly(that was cool)
REgret spending 7 dollars on drinks tonite. GOt a number I mite jsut call her.

GOna sneak out again tomorw nite...bigger club more girls
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ELisha Cuthbert Lookalike

ONe night I was outside my library and went up to two random girls talkina dn smoking....I told them I had a girl problem and asked them to give me their take on it.( it was about  HB PAli)

THen couple weeks ago at the club i randomly go up to a girl who was with her friend on the dancefloor and start dancing. SHe looks awefully familair and i tell her this and then a while later she says she rememrbers my name and such. THat night I had to take my boy home ealry because he has a cinderella story with his parents. So I kissed her on the cheek and left with her number.

I then texted her couple days later.

DOnt remember what i texted her (mayb an invite to a party or just a simple "hey U")
SHE didnt reply so i thought she went to the caribeans already as she told me that nite she was leaving soon
3 days later:

Hahaha delayed reaction much, i left my phone off this weekend-this omar?
Ya, but i only tell girls thats my name as a precaution
Hahaah well thats smart, i usually give out my real name and hope theyre too drunk to remember
I love how we randomly met in the night, was it destiny?
Haha i dunno what it was but it was fun anyways! You make a good dance partner
THx, but ur gonna escape to the islands and froget all this ever happend
Oh i doubt that silly, i mean iu pretty much knew your life story in 10 min, i couldnt forget that!

A week later

So what kind of shinanigans are you getting into this weekend?
Whicheva shinanigan catches my eye:)
Haha touche!
Headin over to my domincan left nuts place to burn a forest than gonago shutdown 606(club)
Well damn, my weekend is sorely boring in comparison- just make sure you take over the world after, why stop at 606? Im just workin and hangin out
I called her and shot the shit tellin her i mite call her late that nite to chill she said ok.

Hey u
Well hello! Que pasa
Do u have a screwdriver? ( i was at a gas station tryna fix my subs)
Lol nvm. I just got done work. wat u doin lets drink

Haha i have the drink but i dont have the device? Haha watchu upto?
Ye i got a biut 2. Gime ur adress im gona shower and come 4 a lil bit
Sounds good, its sadskjdhsadskd, sadly i had to check and make surebecause i get it confused with my neighbors all the timje

Snuck out the house and went over to her place around 1 am...her roomate was gone for teh weekend. I drank 6 beers i found in my car. WE smoked .3 grams in her bowl. I talked for a long time but slowely escatling conffidently..She was lookin soo hot and biggest ass i seen on a white chick. It seemed at one point as I was talkin too mcuh adn that she jsut wanted to fuck already but she sensed that i took time with my shit and escaleted the vibe to such a boling point than jsut simply went for the kissNO LMR stirahgt hardcore fukin chokina dn bonin. ( after 2-3 hours of fuckin I never came but remianed hard..this always happens iunno why. )My stamina is champion as my summer school swiming class is turning me into a sexy scultprue of hotness. Fuekd her til the sun came up. I wanted to leave cuz my parents would notice iom not there. But i asked her if she wanted me to stay and she said yes. SO we slept together for a bit.

NExt day( i was drunk at the pool i hadnt slept yet at this point)
@ pool chilln. drinkin. u jealous yet, lol. had a good time with u
Haha way to rub it in jerk! I am jealous. Thank you, i had fun last night! Slighty sore needless to say

 She texts me form time to time  this last week tryna set up sit but im so busy with schoola dn then HB pali still wants the dick too and i got a couple other girls im working on. I dont even ahve time to go to clubs anymore. NOw goona go finish two pending essays.

Peace and love bitches.

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Simple case of knowing shes down but riding it all the way to the bedroom and not fuckin it up. That instance when i send her the text I thought bout it for a milsiecond. What i wanted to convey and felt that it was ok. these days i truly stop giving a fuk bout the techinical shit and just send wateva. Whereas b4 i used to really trip over myself sumtimes over a stupid text msg.
Serpicoo wrote:
Thanks for writing up those text messages. This is gold: "Ye i got a biut 2. Gime ur adress im gona shower and come 4 a lil bit". You asked for her address in such a casual way. Rather than "Whats your address Im coming over" which is more of a big deal.
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2 GIrls in one day LAY REPORT

 Follow up on HB Elisha Cuthbert from club tantra, after 2 weeks of i finally have time to take see her again, we had been texting n callin back forth in between.

Im bored in physics class and have the sudden urge to see her, despite my sweaty stinky condition because of swim condition pushup/crunchs interval training. In addition I had swam a mile the day before!!.

Im in class. Distract me 
[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]Hahaha is it that boring? what class are you in?[/]
Physics. WAt u doin later. I got a curios urge 4 goodberrys 
[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]Ew...phsyics would me sideways! haha um i dont know my friend from another city is coming over at some point.[/]
How close r u 2 main campus.
[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]blabla it shoudl b clos[/][=rgb(255, 0, 255)]e[/]( my phone is dead so i cant retrieve the exact message at this time) 
 K ya im close il headover after class 
[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]Cool, what time r u done class[/]

Went over after class and proceeded to FUck her like the world is about to end 3hours total fuck time. I came all over her pussy. AT one point she said "[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]ur every girls dream[/]," I replied, "shut the fuck up Im not, wat bout the lesbians"(or sumthing to that effect., LOL. Mite go over today and gain sum more reference points(she asked me wat im doin today because shes freee all day (my sex skillz are levelin the fuk up FAST)

I then go to a cookout by the pool and meet up with an old friend who just came back from palestine after two months

We then went back to his place where i was Waiitng on my buddy to give him a ride because he wants to go out..he doesnt reply and although I have class the next day and im so tired I follow my heart and end up at a club in my cutup sleeves and shorts, i change on the street get into the club and immediately spot a shorty I had managed to bring to my buddys apartment one nite and didn't fuck because his brother in law in the next room is arab and married and would have shot me if i had. 

Rewind to the night I first met HB Italian/iRISH/german/bigtits/petite and fine. 


I went out to the club late one nite after sneakin out from the house and it was already 130 and clubs closed at 2..Danced with sum shorty but she just got out of a divorce from a 7 year marriage(fuck that noize). Anyways driving home I didnt accept the fact that the night is ending like this so I drive to B road which is notorious for its house parties. DEAD. But at the end of the street i notice 2 familiar Blond Hotties that i recognize and they tell me the party is inside and i go and find 12 guys playing beer pong and 2 girls sitting around bored. I chat one of them up and ask her if she smokes weed and she tells me yes an has some in her car and i pause and ask her to lets go smoke it. I have a very congruent i mean business glance and she accepts but has to approve from her firedns after sometime we joke with her friedns and finally she agrees to go.  We find out that she locked her keys in her CAr. FUCK. ITs 4 am and I really wanna fuck. Instead of caling triple A i tell her Im gonna save her like SUPERman. SO i go inside the house and her other firend and I try to use a hanger to iopen it. After half an hour we get so close but its hard to open because hse drives a fukin cobalt and their locks are different. She wants to give up but i reasuure her that no fuckin way im gonna give up wat i started. I open it and she jumps at me to hug me and proclaims "this man deserves a bowl" . Sweet. I call up my buddy at 5 am and ask him if i can fuck. He accepts and i bring her over and find out i cant fuck because of his brother in law. SO i  havent escaleted with her nor kissed her, weres stil in firednzone and she says she wants to sleep afrter we finish smokin up. She really meant she wants to fuck. I was having hard time breaking the physical barrier WTF. ANywas i let her sleep n the bed and i go on the floorbed. Even though i coudlnt fuck her i was not making out or nothin. had to be home because i had taken my dads car and snuck out and had to get it back b4 he goes to work. So i leave her at my freinds apartemtn and go to my hosue adn get into bed and jerk off to her. After i cum i start thinkin WTF r u doin shes so hot and u left her at ur friends. I grab my car and head back there and go inside the apartemtn. B4 i enter the room i grab my balls and start brething deeeply.i Ten minutes later i go inside and tell her im bored and i wanna smoke some more. i come back and she says she has to go and i say fine. I walk her out and hug her and she hugs me really titley and then  i tell her shes really cute . She giggles and lights up adn i grab her and kiss her. Then i poick her up legs around my waist and slam agiasnt the wall and choke makeout. She goes" i cant believe u took allnight to do this." Lol She continues "u have bad timing" she had to go to wokr. I replied"i have no timing shorty" :) and then i kiss her goodbye..shes ecstatic liek a little school girl and after that i texted her but got busy adn called her and she never piked up the enxt week and texted her one more time and basicaly forogt bout her.

Fast forward to tonight. I see her randomly at the club and immediately engage. HEyyyy "bla bla bla". I start dancing with her kissing and it took a lot to convince her to come home. she was really undecided and ca me with her friend sand kept on introducng me to all of them and finally i got her to come with me. I picked her up over the shoulder and left the club to my car. I call up my palestinian boy again at 2 am this time to let me fuck her. Bada bing bada boom throw her n the bed shes fuckin fiesty biting me and hitting em and all that good shit. But she wont let me take off her pants. Love the fact that she was commando the nightt i first met her and commando again. No bra even. I dont think she has a piece of lingerie in her wardrobe. SHe wont let me take her pants off in the most weakest form of LMR. Rinse wash repeat i get her too horny and wet. ANd take it off...she goes
 "i see u found my mystery box" Lol. OFcourse now stfu and take my dick. I fuck the shit out of her and she wont stop screaming. She has a fukin tite and tite body I love it. Im an asshole and dindt use a condom on both girls afte rmaking sure there on the pill. ANd this poor girl suckd my dick with girl numebr ones love all over it. LOL. Neways i wake up adnfuck her agin..this time cumming all over her face. I treid to take a picture with her camera phone. She wudnt let me. she didnt swallow it neither.  We sleep, i shower and drop ehr off home adn go to class. NOw im at the library typing this out with a sore ass dick and horneir than ever. THATS all folksssss
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