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Boot Camp Story - London, 12-14 February, 2010
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I'm the belgian guy that matt mentioned in the other topic. And yes... The british food is really horrible.
It was fun to be with matt and A on the bootcamp. Learned a lot and ozzie really pushed me over the cliff. This is how I experienced bc:

Before bootcamp: at some point deceided to get this area of my life handled and started doing daytime approaches in stores and on public transport. Tried nightgame but besides some standing at the bar and véééry small conversations with girls this didn't go nowhere. Stalled at some point and deceided to do this bootcamp.
BC day 1: I made the agreement for myself that I will do exactly what ozzie says for the bootcamp. Nothing else. Other members of the group seemed like to have a lot more experience than me, but I deceide that I only can learn here.
First started with public mind interpreting exercises and public speaking.
After the first set of exercises I was already a complete mess. The public talking exercices are hard because I know i'm a dumbass because I don't speak the language very well and because i'm not a natural good speaker. The roll stair exercise had given me some mixed sets that absolutely failed. example: ozzie sends me to a girl that I could not reach. I then deceided to started talking to the girl below me and she replied very shy... when I asked her where she was going this night. She replied with "I do not know, ask my boyfriend", while she looks somewhere behind me. A huge guy was standing there with red eyes, looking veeery angry. Adrenalinerush.... I just asked him the same question and try to talk a minute or more. I was a mess after that set but I was proud that I have done it. I survived it and that’s what is important. Ozzie had the bad character to send me immediately to a mixed set again. This one went fluently.

When we went to the club I was finally able to control my nerves and when I got used to the environment I started approaching girls. I kind of only remember the "good" sets now. First girl was alone. I approached her and she started testing me with "I have a boyfriend". I only returned with "offcourse you have a boyfriend, what's your name". A while later the same "but I love him". I just said "offcourse you love him". I certainly hit over the 2 minutes here, and that was the goal. She was into me, that was clear. I could have isolated her to the sofa but I didn't had the balls to do that I think now. Wish I had done it. She was totally into it, and I heard the same from A. who was watching the whole thing.

Following was a large set of girls that A. had already done. Playing with straws and hair... I isolated the girl with the most energy (against a wall, this is a mistake maybe). The converstation died out because I didn't go further (physical) I think now. Hit far over 2m with this one.

Ozzie grabbed me and pulled me to the balcony. There I saw a lucky M. who was with a girl in the sofa... Got some tips and exercices from ozzie and he send me back into the field.
Ozzie sent me then to mixed sets. First ones were very scary but after a while I started seeing the boys like dolls. They didn't exists; BUT... they take initiative and do the converstation for the girl. The girl sometimes starts talking back to me but the boy blocks the girl. Now I think I have to do like the boy does totally not exists. Maybe start with a women-subject like fashion or something.
Because I ran out of options on the upper floor ozzie sent me to the lower flour with the opener "is this the best club around?". All sets are couples there. Approached all the couples and suprisingly all the boys were friendly. Hardest set seemed like a bargirl and a huge black guy who seemed like her friend. I deceided to do this crash&burner to push my limits but the negro ejected promptly, which was a huge eye opener for me. The girl kept it very officially. Guess she is trained for these kind of situations.
Stopped at 3pm. I feel I'm in very good state (its kind like addicting) and I look forward to tomorrow.

BC day 2: daytime exercises. They seem a lot easier now after yesterday. Roll stairs did go a lot better. exercises are harder because I do not know the language that good but I feel that my social and talking skills have gone up. Encountered ozzie who sent me to wing M. who was talking to 2 irish girls. This went well.

We get a break, and after that we went to a small bar. I there start approaching a girl on a table and teases that she should guard my jacket. she said she will not, I said I trust her, etc... then she says the jacket is hers, and I deny. She says it's her size and puts the jacket on. I say it's mine also and I do the jacket on... with the girl in it... everyone lauging. She refuse to jump on my back. ;-) confidence rockets !!

Then other set, 8 girls. Start talking. Belgium stuff. Congratulate them with their country (playing). Ask them again what they are drinking. High energy girls. they start yelling out very loud and I can't follow. Hit far over 2m with them, tried some basic kino. ozzie told us not to yet, but it was a huge opportunity.

Other set, 3 girls. They ignore me, become angry, etc... This is a nice exercise for what was coming in the club later that night :(. Hit 2m, then ejected.
Then I deceide to approach a véééry hard set. One girl, 6 guys... Guys didn't harm and girl was high energy, and ... she seemed into me, right before the guys. I was playing with her about her camera, I say I'm a photographer and I like to take pictures. She plays/replys that she does not trust me, I should give her my wallet as "trade" for the camera. I say that she can ask her guyfrieds to grab me, so I cannot run away and so I can make the picture of her. Playing, warming up.

Ozzie point me a mixed set sitting on a table drinking. Girl/guy. Probably a couple. Did the "what are you drinking stuff" again. They almost become angry and they eject. I stay with a drink from one of them, which they left. :-) Hit my 2m. Girl was into it, guy not.

Then mixed set. Girl/guy. Guy immediately ejects and girl is into me. I try kino again. No making out but she allows the claw and grabbing and hugging. She is into it. I ask her what she is doing this night and she gives me a road description to "the s**** club" by ***** station or something. She even writes a note on my cellphone.

Back to the club again. The place is now crouwded with people. All large groups. Main exercise tonight is doing kino. After the "get used to the environment" exercices it became very clear that for all 3 of us it was a hard time. I get blown off set after set after set. Some were somewhat friendlier than others. I only remember the "longer" sets now.

So I remember a blonde 9-girl with a hat, absolutely stunning. I asked her about the hat. She ignored. I pressed further to hit 2m and the conversation went to being bold. So I playing asked her why she didn't take the hat off , or if she was bold and she said yes. (She wasn't, beautifull long blonde hair). By the way, after I ejected this set I saw her some other times that night and I asked her the same question. Not the good question for a girl I guess, but I couldn't come up with something better. Girlfriends comes to protect and say "fuck off". If they press to much I say good night and go away.
I like going to the girl and ask what she is drinking. Maybe not the best opener but it seemed very natural during bootcamp. I did this alot during bootcamp, and then I try to get a taste from their glass. I did this with a only girls set. She said she did not know what she was drinking. I ask the sets then if I may have a taste, I start to beg. Say I'm poor, homeless, etc.... (playing). Then she said "okay, I let you have a taste from my juice". I reply with "What !!! this fast ? I only know you for a few minutes and you already want me to taste your juuuiiiicccceeeee???? ". It just popped up in my mind :-s.... what did I say now???? Whole set looking unbelievable and then laughing. Got to have a nap of her drink and says "your juiiice tastes vééérryyy niiiicceee". Girlfriends and girl totally in it what is weird because it's clearly sexual. Do not know anymore why I ejected.

Other only girlset. She is wearing a huge necklar. Asked what it was. She replies with "got this from my father to protect me from men". Said her father is a very wise man, asked his profession. "something with wine". started talking about wine but because I have to think to much for the right english vocabular this dies out.

Then I approach two hot girls. They say they are not interested. I push and push (try to hit two minutes). They say they are lesbians. I tell them to proof it with kiss each other. They started making out with each other very heavy and with a lot of energy. I totally freezed :-s Didn't know what to do. Made a mistake here I think. They did sexthings before me so this means that they were attrackted to me, otherwise they would had kicked me or something. Probably a test. I should had come up with 'I try to turn you into hetero' or something and started kissing her, but that time i was so freesed and surprised nothing happened.

Other set, 2 girls, one guy. One girl is very attractive to me and she seems to be shy but into me. The guy does nothing at all, just dancing. We are making fun with pictures and the camera, etc... because I ran out of material to talk and play about this set dies, but I was with this group for a very long time. Girl was attrackted to me. Tried some kino stuff on the girl (claw, pulling back at the arm, standing very close, etc...), so this was the best set this night ! Should had the balls to start making out. dumbass :(

Other set... the hardest from the evening... I saw a very beautiful girl with a tigerdress. I started talking to her. Her girlfriend (fatty, 6/10) comes that the girl is not interested. Nevertheless, I want to hit 2minutes. The fatty starts pushing my face away (gently, but...). Try to hit 2m. Then her boyfriend (130kg, 2m tall, heavy) comes in... The guy starts that he is gay, and tries to make out with me whille dragging me away. I try to ignore. (adrenalinerush, but I try to push it). They tell to fuck off. He starts dancing with me veery close, and tries to drag me away from the girls. confidence goes down, down, down.... I drag the guy back and do some teases with the tigerdressgirl. I try to get rid of the guy and start talking to the girl again ("he is really gay?"). Then the fat girl start helping the guy with dragging me away from the hot chick and she suddenly starts making love to me, massaging my abdomen, legs and cock, try to pull pants off, doing lapdances, starts making out with me mouth to mouth.... All this was veeeeeeery wild and heavy and the whole residence was watching us. Confidence goes down, down and when I realise that I have a knee injury and should be more careful I deceide to eject... :-s

With this one my confidence really floored, but somewhere I was amazed that I stayd in. Later in the night, the hot chick suddenly stand before me and started appologising that her friends are sooo rude. She seemed very worrying and because my confidence was soo down I didn't do anything with it. When I look back now I think I had to surprise the guy with returning that i'm also gay and I should had a real makeout with him. I don't still understand why the fat chick started making love with me but I think my persistence was really attractive to her :-s... don't understand this one.
After this kind of all the easy sets are gone. Started doing the harder sets (with guys), and they fail one after another after another. Just "fuck off", getting kicked, angry guys, etc...
confidence down and when I encounter A. and M. i see they are doing nothing anymore at all. I deceide to try hitting sets but because I'm out of state they fail. Girls are protected by their boyfriends.
ozzie let me do the kick ass exercice, with gets my confidence higher, but not to the state before.

I approach a lot of other sets, trying to practice the claw. They kind of all fails.
I hit on a girl/girl set with a chinese girl on the danceflour. The other girl ejects and i start talking about china with the girl. suddenly someone spills a lot of wodka over her arm. It was dripping wet. She starts complaining, and so... but when I now think about it.... she didn't clean her arm. She was standing there, presenting her arm to me. it was so apparent; but I didn't see it. I should have licked the arm... That happens when confidence is down.

Then ozzie sends us to the lower floors. There girls almost really kick me. Set after set fails... hard.... Confidence is reaaaaaaally low and ozzie tells me to go down to the outer dancefloor and try to do conversations. Some converstations helps me and confidence go up, but very slow.
At 2h pm ozzie stops it. My confidence is at its lowest and I'm sad that I didn't even close reached the goals for this night. Confidence would have rocketted if I could do some sexual escalation by my own choice.

BC day 3: some exercises again. After last night, everything seems easy. Hit 10 confidence with the exercises. They even become fun. I damaged a parked audi sportwagon with the walking backwards exercise and I almost got elected mayor of london because I want to get rid of the bad english food. The roll stairs exercises seems like nobrainers now. The day time venue is somewhat harder because I did the mistake to get into (real) couples there and I made the mistake to approach a set of 15yo girls.... (to tired to see the difference). Ozzie sends me to a 2girl set and when I do the opener they start lauging. Okay... they had already been approached by M. or A. Still, the conversation went fluently after that and suddenly A. was standing next to me and do an excelent wing-job.
During the final debriefing I make for myself the plan to go out alot, and try to find wings to get motivation like I did from the other members of the bootcamp this weekend. I feel the thing I need now is a makeout to rocketeer my confidence.

After bootcamp: I'm happy that I did it. Ozzie really pushed me over the cliff. Because I started on a low point I couldn't reach the high levels like M. and A. did but it proofed for myself that I can really do it. My greatest challenge was the language that I cannot speak naturally and I guess that was the reason so many sets failed in the clubs.
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