January 16th, 2019
LR : Valentine Seduction
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I hadn't showered in 2 days.
Completely exhausted from the days prior...

I'm with 2 friends and we decide to hit up one of the local spots.
I'm dying to sit down so I get a beer and take a seat.

My friend spots a loner..
A girl alone at the bar? on valentines day? This is over before it began..
He's fully engaged in this one.
Meanwhile i'm completely calm and relaxed drinking my beer, facing away from the bar looking around to see if there's anything I like. My other friend is bouncing around getting a couple good opens but nothing solid.
I'm taking in the environment..

45 minutes pass by, gotta piss...
Out of the corner of my eye i spot 3 girls,  One of them really catches my eye. Tall, slim, nice breasts, dancing and having fun... I love the way she moves. I think I found that "one."

Back from the bathroom..

*Tap tap*
She turns around.

Me : Hi :) *With a wave*

Her: Hey...

Me: What are you drinking there?

Her : Vodka tonic.

Me: Do you know about quinin?

Her: Yeah, I know that they used to use it to treat malaria..

Me: Yeah, many many people died from quinin exposure, wasn't exactly nice, having a good time?

Her: Yeah! :) We're just dancing away...

At this point the conversation stalls just for a second as she pays for her drink, I notice that i'm being completely so I decide to make a serious move.

*tap tap*
(She doesn't respond) (I don't blame her, my introduction was pretty weak)
I grab her arm..

Me: Hey, i'm going to borrow you for a second..
Her: *Looks a little surprised* Ok..

She tells her friends she's getting borrowed as i drag her away.

I immediately put her into a dark corner.... Wow this girl is sexy, The way she's poised, staring at me with those big curious eyes, shaken up a little by my abrupt abduction, hands folded in front of her waist,... high heels and a slim fitting dress.. You're mine now... I'm going to lay it all on you..

Her : Yes? (Still a little shaken)

Me: (Friendly intentful smile) Hello...

Me: You're just the cutest thing, I had to take you for a bit.  Why don't you have a date?

Her: Well... It's mostly by choice...

Me: (I interuppt) I know why...

Her: Why?

Me: Because, you can't simply just enjoy yourself without having all of the emotional baggage involved.... You can't even go to lunch without someone or everyone making some sort of big deal about it..

Her: That's part of it... I just can't seem to find that right person either...

Me: I was in that type of situation before, That's what i hate about relationships. The excess.... The things that don't matter always seem to matter... You know what I do now??

Her: What?

Me: I like to live moment by moment, and that's how I like things to be. In every situation, If It feels good then that's all that should matter.. (I creep closer) Have you ever tried that?
*I'm basically 8 inches in front of her by this point*

Her: No... not really... You're right... blah blah blah blah blah... (I don't remember clearly)

Me: I feel bad for you girls...

(At this point, I was genuinely feeling bad for her, such a cute little thing that cant' just get HER BRAINS FUCKED OUT without all the BULLSHIT that comes along with jealous chodes, and her social circle.)

Now, I don't remember verbatim everything i said from here besides a few little snippets.

Her: Stop staring at my breasts

Me: Oh... yeah... those.... (Stare again) then go back to conversation..

I was getting so close to her that my face was next to her ear.. I went for the makeout. BOOM blatant refusal.

Me: Babe come here, i'm not going to make out with you CALM DOWN...

I grab her face and give her a nice smacker on the cheek.

Me: See... That wasn't so bad...

I am now eskimo kissing with her and pecking her on the lips... Full blown makeout ensues, I'm yanking on her hair, pulling her cheek back on her face and running my hands down her body...
I can feel that this is JUST A SHADE too much at the moment so I back off and relax myself and chat with her some more... I did this 2-3 times...

After the 3rd time she has a little FREAKOUT and starts pushing my hands away and me, it's so cute.... the way she's blocking my advances... she just doesn't know what to do and that's fine...

Me: HAHA what is this martial arts???

Her: What are you doing to me.....

Me: I'm not here to judge you... I'm just here feel good, and share that with you... I'm here to help you...

She's melting...

It's time....

We look where her friends were and they are GONE!!! YES!!
She looks a little worried because her purse was there...I take her on a little tour to look for her purse and we can't find them...

Me: Maybe they're outside... ( : D)

She seems to hesitate for a SPLIT second as she walks out of the door...

Me: Are they good friends?

her: One of them is my sister

Me: So your purse is fine...

her: Yeah...

Her: Can I call them?

me: Sure... but let's go up this way... there's um... better reception (LOL)

She walks halfway up the block and stops... I push her halfway along and she says no! you can't !

She calls her sister..... NO ANSWER. YES!

I swear.. IMMEDIATELY after i put that phone back in my pocket it NEVER stopped vibrating for about 20 minutes...

Me: Hey... let's go this way..

Her: Where do you think we're going...

me: I'm so tired.. I'm going to go home.. but my car is this way and I can give you a ride...

Her: ok.. but we're not having sex...

(I knew i was getting laid when she said that)

Magical internal homing device FTW I didnt' remember where my car was but it magically appeared again after a left and a right or two.

Now... My phone is my GPS and if i use it it brings up the potential danger of her sisters phone number showing up on the screen so I decide to try and wing it home...

Her: Did you know that my parents have this victorian house....

Me: O rly?

her: Yeah and they're out of town...

Me: Where is it.... I've never seen a house like that... i'd love to see it.....

We get into the house and she shows me her room where she grew up as a kid.. it has a balcony with a great view of the city... I love it..

Wallslam makeout... I throw her onto the bed...

She hesitates to lay down with me...

Me: Babe... let's just cuddle come here... lay down with me...

*She lays down*

Me: See... this is nice isn't it...

I thoroughly enjoy her...

We go down to the kitchen

Her: Please tell me that this didn't just happen and that this isn't my fault... (As she pours herself some vodka) I didn't even get to finish my drink at the bar... We were only talking for about 20 minutes..

Me: Babe.. look... Sometimes you girls just need to let go without anything attatched and nothing involved... You know?? I'm just here to facilitate that experience for you.... It was all my fault.. You can blame it on me.... 

her: Yeah.. but aren't you happy too?
Me: mmm... trust me i am... besides... how can i help myself (I grope her again)

her: I've never gone home with someone from a bar.. I'm a girlfriend girl... I'm very difficult..
Me: You just let society tie you down... Everyone needs to let go every now and then...

We  go to my place and bang some more.... Wake up and bang again..... This chick is really good in bed and i love watching her cum.

We end up chatting in the morning, she's a native of the city and is a law student, very well educated and worldly, grew up in a rich family and studied in los angeles for a couple years.... She knows a LOT and i'm really enjoying her company..... Super awesome chick... I get her number and drop her off...

I listen to the messages from her sister and they're hliarious and threatening.

Message 1: Hey... if you're still wtih my sister tell her that we're in front of the bar now and we're waiting... please call me back...

Message 2 : Look... as far as I know... You were the last person to see my sister and if you don't give me a call back as soon as you get this message I WILL FIND YOU...

Happy valentines day :).

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Brokenpath wrote:

"Her: ok.. but we're not having sex..."

I love how they say that everytime.

Good shit man.

Im jealous of you guys that can remember convo's for an FR......i can bearly remember a word i said ..........must be the lack presenceeezzz...i should rstb
I'M Richard James, Wench!
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I have never responded to any LR in my life, but seriously, you have got game. I've never read anything like that before.
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Jeffy Bootcamp Alumnus Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009

Life changing self-esteem article by Tyler

Excellent post about practice and consistency by Ozzie. Really hits home.

Field report thread.
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Davey Train

Davey Train

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 Logistics, the most overlooked thing and least taught about. Smart move keeping the phone in your pocket. Sometimes ill even take the battery out. Dumb girls keep on trying to restart the phone not realizing that maybe they should check the battery. Cellphone is the ultimate cockblock, but not here! good shit broski
 RSD LA INTERN CREW - Turning BOYS into MEN, and making BITCHES love our SEMEN!!

Saad bootcamp alumni May 2008
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LOL this one you learned from Derrick no? 

Davey Train wrote:
 Logistics, the most overlooked thing and least taught about. Smart move keeping the phone in your pocket. Sometimes ill even take the battery out. Dumb girls keep on trying to restart the phone not realizing that maybe they should check the battery. Cellphone is the ultimate cockblock, but not here! good shit broski
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 ^derrick is the master at it, i just find it way more convenient to take the battery out than to figure out how to unlock it
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who is this derrick. i only hear of his legend.. no where to be found.
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sssoooooo sick man.  very inspiring
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Derrick is definitely an oddity. He's a real estate broker (i think....) who's taken like 5 or 6 bootcamps and his known for having a balls out insane style. He's the one that you've gotten openers like "Im going to plant my seed in your tummy" and "I wish to fornicate you" or "I sell dead babies out of my trunk for a living, you want one?".

At the summit (I think...) he pulled a dude's 1 or 2 month pregnant wife off his arm and fucked her in the bathroom.

He once fucked a girl in the bathroom of a chinese restaurant while her boyfriend sat at the table waiting with their food...

He was one of Brad's mentors and has probably helped a number of the other instructors on different parts of their game.

He's on Mastermind Disc 16.
common wrote:
who is this derrick. i only hear of his legend.. no where to be found.
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