November 12th, 2018
Guide: Treating Yourself Like You Value Yourself
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 Hey guys,

Recently i was working on my habits and healthy lifestyle. Self Love.

If you haven´t read Ryan´s article  do it right now.

It´s article is about spending your day to day life better. So you can feel like: "I am the SHIT."

Some ways to do this: Healthy Lifestyle, Hygiene, Habits, Productivity, Right Action.


Healthy eating

Physical activity
Work out 3-5 times a week.

And do some exercises daily. I bought this for my daily exercising
It´s also good if you use it as a chair when your doing something on you PC.

Fresh(non toxic) Air in your home/workplace
Read this article. and buy a few of those plants for your bedroom. It will increase your productivity, make you feel better when you get up,...

Mental Health
Positivity. Assume that everyone is your friend. No Judging people.

Meditation is awesome for this.

Make your bedroom as dark as you can. Or get this

and get some ear plugs. if you have small ear canals get this.

Shower everyday. Wear only clean clothes.

Dental Hygiene

This can improve your breath, 1000 times better than floss. It´s Waterpik.

Implement /change 1 habit once a month.

some habits: Working out, healthy eating, going out, improving vocal projection, ...

how to implement habits:

Don´t waste your time playing online games. Do something proactive. Learn something new. Too much porn is waste of time. Value Your time.

Right Action
Self discipline. This is important. Get things done even if you dont feel like it. Stick to your habits. Failure is better than choding out.

Really awesome. Spend your money on good quality food, travel, hobbies.

Don´t waste your money on expensive car, very expensive watch, TV,... fuck social conditioning

Spend your money on experiences. Not on material things.

You Live Only Once.

Are you ready for a new lifestyle?

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Holy fuck, Waterpik!!  I haven't used one of those in years.  My parents used to have one and I used it when I lived there.  Awesome.  Does it really work as a floss replacement though?  If it does I'm all over that shit.  After getting one of these badboys I am an official convert to hygenic power tools.

I gotta disagree with your vegan diet and giant balls though.  Eat mostly protein and veggies (how to:, and lift HEAVY.  Read Starting Strength and get the DVD so you don't hurt yourself.  For me, the best part of working out is exerting myself 100% and I just don't get that feeling doing a little happy dance.  Lifting heavy breaks your muscles down and your body's process of repairing it burns a LOT more calories than any excercise itself can, so it's like a free metabolism boost... and it increases testosterone.  Finally, when I lift in the morning, I feel like the hardest part of my day is over and nothing else really seems like an obstacle.  It's like that quote from Fight Club... after lifting, everything else gets the volume turned down.

Edit:  After re-reading, it seems like rolling around on your balls is an accessory to another workout, which is probably something like what I mentioned above.  I guess that's cool :P
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 hamburgar, i use Waterpik + thing in my article about dental hygiene. Floss isn´t that effective.
I don´t think that Oral-B is a good brush. buy instead of that this:

null    + a normal SOFT toothbrush (Curaprox)null

If you don´want to buy Waterpik here is an alternative (also very effective):

If your skinny and need to get some muscles then eat a lot of meat. A lot of people say that eating vegan diet made them more energetic.

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