December 12th, 2018
My first ever date, report (manning up)
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 Today has possibly been the most DRASTIC progress and growth week of my entire life when it comes down to the opposite sex.

You can check my history of posts I've made in the past week, but I don't have the want or energy to post any links.

Long story short, talked to a girl on campus, got her number, called her 3 days later, never got a callback - realized how easy it is to call girls, decided to call another girl I met in class... set up a date for the next night (movie) and she said yes.

Keep it in mind, I've never even had any experience with setting up "dates" It was out of my reality. I've decided to start changing my life today, after about a year getting acquainted with the RSD knowledge and going out (which got me two makeouts, but it was beautiful) I've finally realized I need to stop everything and just MAN UP. In reality, guys, it ALL comes down to that. 

I did it. Manned up and set it up.

Prior to the meetup, I handled everything short and to the point - short calls (FUCK TEXTING) telling her what the plans are and all that.

I was very anxious as the meetup was approaching, very nervous...but as soon as I put on my clothes and stepped out and got into the car, I was chill as I've ever been. For some reason that anxious feeling that I would usually get when I first started going out to clubs, was not there - EVEN THOUGH - THIS, was a WHOLE new ground for me. For some reason I wasn't anxious.

We meet up outside the theater, I got tickets for me and her. I hug her right away, and bear this in mind I never talked to this girl in class, I found her through facebook and she wasn't creeped out at all. Cool. Whatever, It was like a blind date. So, after I hug her I give her the ticket and say right away...

"You buy the popcorn"
Her: "Thats fair"

we go inside, and bla bla bla, I tell her you go get the popcorn I'll be back - I went in line cos it was filling up already.

She comes back, and the first 10 minutes while we were standing were awkward for me. I was sweating and nervous...but I tried to keep the conversation alive even if they were chode questions like "have you been to New york on new years..." etc etc...I said whatever came to mind, but I felt like she wasn't feeling me, "She feels what you feel" and I definitely didn't feel 'relaxed' 

My voice at times was low, she had to say "what" a few times - I know why I go low tone...I'm very uncomfortable speaking with girls around people and have them hear it (I still care what comes out of it)

We walk inside the theater finally...and sit all the way back up against the wall, dead center...

I once again try to make conversation, I am the one talking most of the time...I feel like Im going to "run out of steam" soon, I really do. It was all very "chodish" So I finally stop...and its just silence between me and her for about 10 seconds...

she reinitiates: "Didn't you want more butter on your popcorn?" 


"What kiind of drink are you gonna have?"

"Oh you dont have to get anything for me, just get one and we'll share"

"What kind?"


"You're like my brothers, they drink Sprite"

She leaves..and at this time I start thinking, thoughts like - "damn she's probably feels really uncomfortable around me" so at this time I txt my friend and say something like "This is going to be an interesting experience" ...pretty much meaning that, I'll definitely learn what a date is like since I've never been on one.

She comes back, and at this time local theater ads start playing. 

and here's something important that I've noticed...right when that happened, the theater became loud due to the ads, so it was louder than the voice...well

From that moment on, I owned it. I got outside my head and I just VOMITTED stuff out. I said whatever I wanted to say, I asked whatever I wanted to ask, I made her laugh and I pretty much BROKE THE ICE.

It was great. I started feeling very confident and very relaxed from that moment on. 

During the film there was one scene where an actor from Harry Potter films I immediately turn to her, and blurt out "Dumbledore"

she cracks up.

Film ends, I make her wait when I take a piss, we come out...and for just about 2 mins we talk, I say "When are you going to be know CLuBs?" (i say it in a fun tone)

She says like probably Friday. So I ask her whether she's been to a certain club and she says never. I tell her that I have friends there that can get me up to the booth where the DJ plays...and I say. "If you want to come out with me, we can get up there"

she complies and I, in a fun way say "Yeah?"

Her: Yeah

with a smile.

I give her a hug, this time she reaches for me too..and I say "Hopefully you've had a good time"

and she said yes, "very interesting movie" with a smile. 

I went home with newborn confidence and a realization that it's not that hard once you break the ice and get your feet wet.

Things I need to work on..

Vocal volume needs to be louder
Not rely on OUTSIDE factors to give me confidence to become unstifled (like places, environments with loud sonic systems to drawn my own voice so others dont hear) 

I am definitely a new man after tonight, with a different realization about this whole thing. I am glad I manned up, found my balls and did whatever steps I did to get to where I am now.

Thanks RSD for setting me on the right path.
 "Every facet, every department´╗┐ of your mind, is to be programmed by you; and unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you." -- Evil Nine - Cakehole 
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I'm sure you see how it feels better when you go home after taking action than it does when you go home disappointed because you pussed out.thumbs up
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dude good job. i remember my first date. i felt that nervousness, in the end it felt painful but at the same time you're relieved you made it this far. on my first date when i was 16, the girl told me to come in, then come downstairs, when i had no idea wtf she was hinting at. im like, theres a couch and a tv that doesnt do you want to do...? and left LOL
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Bobby K

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Great stuff man :)
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