October 23rd, 2018
How do you learn to kiss??
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Lol I remember before I had my first kiss I was completely freaked out how it was gonna go, and freaked out that the girl was gonna know that she was the first one I ever kissed. I actually practiced at home in my mind by visualising kissing other girls and stupid shit like that....turns out the first girl that I kissed was completely drunk and didn't know how to kiss at all.......
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well get a girlfriend? thats what i did, a whole year of kissing the same person.

i kind of find that most women kiss really differently, i usually find younger girls use more tongue, but maybe thats just sods law

to be honest kissing is not nearly that big of a deal, as long as you can aim properly and move your lips with hers and for god sakes dont use too much inappropriate tongue. one girl would do that and it made me nauseous no joke.

watch tv lol, people are kissing all the time.
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