November 12th, 2018
Time to get ripped!
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Ey guys, if anyone got a cutting program, please link me to it. I can't do Starting Strenght while cutting as I will just stall immidiately due to me being on  a calorie deficit.

Primordial Beast wrote:
 Hey man i just tried that H.I.T training or interval training. 

Fucking awesome I could not believe it much more efficiant cardio. 

I have been burning 300 kcals every day running at a steady pace but this is wayyyyyyyy better. 

Yep, interval training is awesome.
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For the guy who said strength was his most important priority  -
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Update time.

I'm at 74-75 kg's right now, steadily losing weight. Hopefully I will be able to see my abs before juli.

Here is me at around 78 kg's, pics taken 25.03.10:

And here is me today:

Keto diet is deffinately working.

Currently I am eating 1800-2000 kcal a day while doing this:


Bench 3x5
Deadlifts 1x5
BB rows 3x8
Pull ups 2x8
Dips 2x8
Leg raises 3x8


BB curls 3x8
Skullcrushers 3x8
Overhead press 3x5




Squats 3x5
Calf raises 3x8
Deadlift 1x5


Bench 2x5
Overhead press 2x5
BB rows 2x8
Incline DB bench 2x8
Ab crunch machine 3x8

And it's working pretty well, I'm adding a little weight to the bar every workout so my strenght is going up while my bodyweight is going down.But lately it has gotten really hard to add weight to the bar. Deadlifts are getting really heavy, and my bench press just won't go over 60 kg. I will try taking off 10 kg's off the bar and work my way up. Hopefully that will do the trick. My squat is really lagging behind deadlifts:

Deadlift: 130 kg
Squat: 70 kg
Bench: 60 kg

Lol, this was me less than 6 months ago:

I love this shit...
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moobs are gone 
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Lulz. I thought I'd update this.

I've been doing Starting Strength since late August, and I've gained 24 pounds since then.  I've completely shifted focus from getting lean to getting stronger.

Current PRs are:

Squat: 220lbs
Deadlift: 308lbs
Bench: 154lbs
Press: 110lbs

All done for 5 reps.

Bodyweight is at 187lbs.

I'll probably start reducing bodyfat around February. It's getting a little high...


Legs have grown quite a bit from squatting 3 times a week:

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