October 24th, 2016
The Definitive Guide to Stripper Game
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I've dated a lot of stripper - but the funny thing is I haven't ever met them in a strip club. I've met them all in the gym. I always thought going to a strip club was largely a waste of time - I go every once in awhile but only because a buddy drags me out and I have nothing better to do. After reading these post from Thanh  - I'm rethinking my position. this is gold. I digress...

Part I: 5 Reasons Why You Want to Learn How to Pick up a Stripper to Improve Your Game

Picking up exotic dancers (“strippers”) at strip clubs are the hardest girls you will ever pick up. These gorgeous girls are there to work and make money. They are not there to meet a guy. These hired guns are aware that every guy in the strip club wants them.

It is one skill set to take a beautiful woman home from a bar or club, but totally another skill set to pick up a stripper while she is working. You need tighter game and your margin for error with strippers is almost zero. It’s required to have really good cold approach game before you even want to try to pick up an exotic dancer at a strip club. Stripper game takes cold approach skills times ten.

If you can pick up an exotic dancer at a strip club, you can pick up girls anywhere. Learning how to pick up a stripper is a valuable skill set and will complement your game in many areas. Here are 5 reasons why you want to learn stripper game in order to improve your cold approach game.

1. Get comfortable around beautiful women.
A lot of guys have no problem approaching average or good looking girls, but when that 9 or 10 comes along they freeze. It’s because they aren’t comfortable being around exceptionally beautiful women. If you are around beautiful women all the time you will desensitize yourself from their beauty. You will learn that hot girls are no different from normal girls. You will stop putting them on a pedestal and you will never think again that “she is out of your league.” Sometimes it takes dating a couple really hot girls to discover this. If you haven’t yet, your best option is to surround yourself with really beautiful women all the time and through osmosis pick up the subtle cues.

The thing is, exceptionally beautiful women are hard to find. Getting access to these turbo girls is the hardest part. You need to be around a lot of beautiful women to learn how they think and act. Fortunately, strip clubs are open 7 days/week and filled with the hottest girls with a wide variety of girls your city has to offer.

When you’re in a strip club, it looks like you have the power. You sit down and wait for a hot girl to approach you. You get what you see. That smoking hot girl that is half naked will sit on your lap, touch you and have a conversation with you. When she leaves, the next hot half naked girl will approach you. If you go plenty of times to strip clubs then eventually you will get used having hot girls around you. Plus, once you have good game and start dating a couple of them you will learn that these girls are just like any other girl.

Just because they are exotic dancers doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. She is just another pretty girl. Subsequently, every hot girl now you approach will sense through your subcommunications that you have been around hot girls like her. That automatically makes you look confident and she will automatically assume positive traits about you (preselection).

2. Test of your conversational and frame control skills.
Stripper game focuses a lot on verbal communication. Your body language and subcommunications are still very important, but your conversation becomes more important in stripper game than normal cold approach game. You are seated with her on your lap or she is seated next to you. As soon you start talking the clock starts ticking. You need to be able to steer the conversation to your advantage and escalate verbally along the way. You need to disengage her mind that she is in the strip club to make money by having a good and interesting conversation. Time and money are your biggest enemies in a strip club.

Exotic dancers have no tolerance for bullshit. If they can sense you’re not going to fork over the money, they’re gone. So they will test your frame and break it as soon as they can. They don’t want to waste time so they will test you a lot. If you flinch or fail the test (you get no chance to recover from failure with strippers) you lose and she is off to the next guy. That’s why your margin for error with exotic dancers is so small because their tolerance level is so low. It’s your job to maintain control of the conversation and don’t let her hijack your frame and conversation. Remember, these girls are gamers. They game you for money and you are gaming a gamer. It’s the clash of titans and the one with the stronger frame wins. You better be the one with the stronger frame. Practicing frame control techniques is great in strip clubs because these girls will constantly test you for it. “You might be $60 an hour interesting, but are you $200 an hour interesting?”

3. Makes your attraction game diverse and fluid.
Getting girls attracted to you is not very hard. Anyone who has done over a couple hundred approaches can even tell you this. Attraction can be generated in seconds, but with strippers this is a lot harder  For the sake of this article, we will focus on three types of attraction: state based, intrigue based, and warm and fuzzy attraction. Most guys can get away with either being really good at just one of these types of attraction. Some guys are naturally good at being funny and silly (state based), others can be very interesting and mysterious (intrigue based), while some guys can also show, besides their masculine traits, their softer side (warm and fuzzy).

In order to successfully pick up a stripper, you need to be able to do all of them multiple times throughout the pickup. In cold approach you might get away with just being with building one type of attraction, but that doesn’t work with strippers. You need to be able to pump up her emotions (state based), get her logical mind engaged (intrigue based), and make her feel connected to you on a deeper level (warm and fuzzy) all mixed with each other and fluidly transition between them. When you can make an exotic dancer attracted to you, that’s a good barometer of how strong your attraction game is. You are able to use all three types of attraction to make any girl feel attracted to you. Before you might have gotten away by just utilizing one type of attraction, but after you learn stripper game you can use all three types of attraction building techniques to make virtually any girl attracted to you.

4. Really good qualification.
You came to the strip club to see some tits and ass. These girls are aware of that as soon you step in the strip club. They know already that you like them for their beauty. Every guy does. To successfully pick up a stripper you need to show her that you don’t like her just for her beauty, but also for personality and other non-physical characteristics. This is very difficult because you’re going into their territory where men generally are going after the women for just their beauty and body. At the same time that’s their power but you have to flip the script where you are the sexual selector. You do this by running VERY GOOD qualification and giving her compliments that make her feel validated. Remember, qualification is key for building good rapport and comfort with her. Without qualification, she won’t feel validated by you nor invested in you. Qualification for exotic dancers is not much different, but it needs to be tighter.

Strippers get compliments on their beauty all the time but never for non-physical characteristics, like their personality, sense of humor, ambitions, beliefs, and so on. It’s not good enough to show her that you like her for non-physical things. It’s necessary, but not sufficient. You really need to hit her hard on different personality characteristics in order for an exotic dancer feel validated by you and to make her invest in you. By getting her invested in you she will backwards rationalize that she’s attracted to you (cognitive dissonance) and you open the door for building comfort with her. If you can do this with strippers, you can do it to any girl and it will be even more powerful.

5. Solid comfort game.
Building an emotional connection is essential for exotic dancers and the majority part of stripper game is going to be comfort game. This is different from night game where you don’t always have to have a strong emotional connection and the majority is attraction game. For picking up strippers you need regular comfort game but it has be tight, flow, and make her feel so connected that she almost is crying because of the rollercoaster of emotions she is feeling. It’s regular comfort game on steroids.

Even though these girls are among the hottest girls in your city, you have to remember they are just like any girl. They have insecurities, are sick of being judged, misunderstood, and guys just wanting them for their body. Plus other annoyances every hot girl has. If you can show her that you understand her by running wide and deep rapport then she will feel strongly connected to you and validated. That emotional connection has to be really strong because strippers are among the flakiest people you will ever meet. You thought that hot club girl was flaky? Multiply that times ten with strippers.

One thing you need to keep in mind with stripper game is this: SILENCE IS DEATH. That goes back to having good conversational skills. If you let the conversation die for just a little bit, she will get back to her routine trying to get money from you. You’ll need to be able to talk, talk, talk, and talk. If you can’t run your mouth for long periods of time, you will not be able to pick up a stripper. That doesn’t mean you can just rant. You have to talk to her that is emotionally appealing and that makes her feel connected to you unlike any guy she has ever met.

In a cold approach setting you can wander off, reopen later, do hard takeaways and all that. With strippers, not so much. As soon you two are talking, you’ll have to get to work by continually running your mouth. That doesn’t mean that she can’t say anything back or that it’s a monologue, but the main idea is that the conversation can NEVER die. You need to build this particular skill set. This immensely helps your game for on dates. In a stripper pick up you constantly need to be talking but on a date you can slow it down while running the same comfort game to make her feel connected and validated by you. Ever since I acquired this comfort game, I’ve been able to sleep with a majority of girls on the first date.

Part 2: Where You Sit is Important to Pick Up Strippers as Strip Clubs

Have you ever been to a strip before where almost none of the strippers would come over and talk to you? Or some exotic dancers wouldn’t even notice you were there?

To pick up strippers and exotic dancers you need to sit at the right spot in the strip club. It is really important where you sit down in a strip club. It can make or break your night. Either you will get a lot of approaches from strippers or you will get zero approaches.

If you are not getting many approaches then you are probably sitting in the wrong spot. Stripper game is somewhat of a numbers game and you will not get every stripper. Luckily, you don’t have to. All you need is one that night. To make the most out of your night you want to get as many approaches as possible to see which strippers are open for some adventure. One of the key points to playing stripper game is by getting as many approaches as possible. Generally, in a strip club you sit down and wait for girls to approach you. So how do you get more approaches?

There are some tips and tricks for getting more approaches from strippers. It’s all about where you sit in a strip club. Location is key. Just like it is for restaurants and street performers. You want to be where there is a lot of traffic.

Sit at high traffic spots
Sit near high traffic areas. This is the most important rule of all of them. If you had to follow one of the guidelines in this post, then this one triumphs. If you can combine the other guidelines too (see below), that would be perfect, but that’s not always possible. High traffic areas are king.

This may seem obvious but a lot of guys still make this mistake. If you are a street performer where would you rather perform: at a busy shopping area or in a desert? At a busy shopping area of course because there are more people. You apply the same principle for getting more approaches from strippers. Sit where there are a lot of strippers walking around.

High traffic spots include, in no particular order, near the girls bathrooms, near where strippers change their clothes, and near the bar. Exotic dancers will always be walking around those areas and you are immediately in their vision.

From my experience, the location near the stage entrance is not great. Even though a lot of girls walk around there, most of the time girls just go there to go on stage.

Pervert’s Row
A good rule is to never sit down at the tipping rail. It’s the location at the stage where you sit down, see the exotic dancer dancing from up-close and you tip her money. Strippers call it “pervert row” and they usually don’t date the guys who sit there. So do not sit there. Here’s a map of where pervert row is.

There is an unwritten rule by strippers that they can’t steal the customers from other girls. So strippers will not approach you when you are sitting at pervert’s row and when there is a girl dancing on stage. Exotic dancers will approach you at the tipping rail when there is no girl dancing on stage, but even then it’s still rare that they do approach guys at the tipping rail.

You also don’t want to sit all the way in the back of the strip club. If girls need to walk far to get to you, they might not bother. Especially when there are a lot of other guys between the stage and where you are seated. If it is a dead night at the strip club (not many customers), then you can get away with sitting far away and is actually ideal.

Also, try to sit somewhere where it is dark. You want to be out of the view of the DJ (stripper might be dating or sleeping with him) and security staff (so it doesn’t feel like there is a big brother watching) when they are walking around. Stay out of their view as much as you can. That way you’ll have an environment which gives off an intimate feeling (which is great for comfort building and pacing the interaction), but more importantly it’s easier to get the phone number of the stripper

Make it easy for strippers to approach you

Make sure you are sitting at a location where strippers can approach you from behind. Believe it or not, a lot of these exotic dancers have a bit of anxiety approaching guys. So to make it easy for themselves, they like to approach guys from behind. That is why you want to sit somewhere where there are no objects blocking your back so strippers can approach you from behind. So avoid sitting against a wall and having chairs blocking your back. It’s good if you are seated where you back is on a path where a lot of exotic dancers are walking.

Don’t have too many chairs around you either. All you need is one for the exotic dancer to sit next to you. If you have a bunch of chairs in front of you, you just make it harder for girls to approach you. It really makes a big difference. Do not make strippers go through a gauntlet and maze of chairs.

As soon as you sit down, make sure you have other one or two chairs around you. Make it easy for strippers to sit next to you so you can game them. Try to avoid having them sit on your lap because it shows too much interest right away and you are playing their game. You can disqualify yourself by saying you want them to sit next to you and it is easier to take control of interaction right then.

Advanced guys can get away with having strippers sit on their lap and gaming them, but for beginners it is not recommended

I am going to a strip club for the first time. How do I find the best spots to sit down?
Whenever I go to a strip club for the first time I know that I will have to observe the venue first before I know where the hot spots are.

Here is a simple checklist to ask yourself to find out where you want to sit:

•1. Where is the changing room?
•2. Where is the stripper’s bathroom?
•3. Where is the bar?
•4. Is this a dead night or good night?
•5. Where are the speakers?
All these questions affect where I am going to sit down. The first three are more logistical to figure out where the high traffic areas are. The fourth determines if I can sit somewhere secluded or not. On dead nights I want to sit somewhere dark and far away from the stage, but on busy nights I would sit where all strippers can see me and walk past me. The last one is more for convenience. If it’s loud and busy, I would just have to work with the loud music. However, if it’s dead but loud, I’ll do my best to find a spot that is the most quiet.

This is my general strategy when I enter a strip club I’ve never been before to find out where to best seats are. As soon as I walk in, I go to the bar and order a drink. This buys me time so I can go through that checklist and see where I want to sit down. As soon as the bartender is making my drink, I ask where the bathroom is and then go there. This buys me extra time and when I get back to the bar, I have usually walked around the venue to get a feel for the sound levels (you want to sit where it’s not too loud). By the time I get my drink I know where I want to sit down. Basically, in the beginning you want to buy yourself some time to scan the venue.

Strippers are very observant. As soon you step in the strip club, they watch your every move like a hawk. So when you try to look for a spot, try to make it seem natural by doing the steps I explained above. Do not walk in, stand there for a few minutes and looking for a place to sit down. That just looks weird and you give off the wrong impression. that you are uncomfortable

Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is where you sit down. It can make the difference between getting zero and ten approaches.

Part 3: Stripper Game Routine - Fractured Sexual Identity

I call the routine “fractured sexual identity” and it is a deep cold read that makes the stripper feel more connected to you on a sexual level. The cold read is originally from Sinn but I’ve expanded on it to make it a full routine and it gives you a couple minutes of conversation. It also gives you a lot of threads that you can tangent off from and depending where you are in interaction with the stripper, you can choose whether you want to show either more stripper preselection, go very sexual, or talk about other related topics to build an emotional connection.

Here is a common transcript when I run this routine on strippers and exotic dancers.

You: You know what, from just talking to you I can sense something about you that most people probably don’t see. I bet a lot of people think you’re a really confident person because you’re hot and funny, but in reality you’re not. I can tell that you have this fractured sexual identity.
Her: What? / What does that mean? (common response)
You: You are not sure what kind of guy you like. On one hand, you want a guy who is very caring, nurturing, and sensuous to you. But on the other hand, you just want be fucked like a dirty slut.
Her: That is so true! / (or they laugh)
You: Most guys you meet are either one of them. They are either super nice to you and are push-overs, or they are complete assholes to you. In reality you want someone who has both qualities and is kind of in the middle. He can be nice and sweet to you but you also want someone who doesn’t take your shit and can tell you to shut up once a while.

By running this routine you come off as someone who is very intuitive and you create some attraction and comfort. There are a lot of threads open that you can go into and what is so great about this routine is that you can calibrate where you are in the interaction with the stripper. Here are the most common responses and threads.

She is not believing you. I’ve had this once and it was the first time me field testing this stripper routine. Your delivery must be off when she is not believing you. You have this say with a straight face and talk with a tone like a scientist talks about the weather. Whenever she laughs at some of the remarks, do not respond to that with laughter. It’s really important not to react or smile to that because then the cold read loses its power.

She gets hooked deeper. The most common response is something in along lines of “Wow how did you know that?!” If she says that, I usually know that it’s not really “on” yet but she is getting more attracted. Plus, you know she is hooked even more and she wants to know more about what you can tell her. They will usually ask you what else you can tell about them. Don’t fall for this trap. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to ease that deep cold read with a tease (it’s like a built-in push-pull). My usually response to tell that is “I normally charge for that [wink]” and then transition into another conversational thread. At this early stage I know I still have work ahead of me and I usually transition where I show more stripper preselection, e.g. I talk about how most stripper boyfriends can’t handle their lifestyle or how nowadays guys are emasculated.

She tells you how she likes to have sex. This is a green light. This is a common response when you run this routine very late in the interaction. From my experience, I get this type of response after at least talking to her for half an hour, but more so after like 45 or 60 minutes in. Now you can go very sexual and escalate on the touching to sexual. I usually inquire how the girls likes to have sex and I share my preferences. The touching escalates to more sexual peppered with some takeaways. You want to be careful that you don’t go to sexual, leave that for in the seduction location, e.g. the bedroom.

SIDENOTE: Going very sexual with strippers is not recommended early on in the interaction. That’s the stripper’s power and you don’t want to play that game yet. However, later on when she is really attracted to you and she doesn’t see you as customer but as someone she would date, that’s when you can introduce sexual framing.

It’s fine to just run the transcript from above and then transition into a complete another conversational thread. I like to use the routine to setup the threads that I can later explore deeper with her. In a way you’re setting yourself for multiple threading which is an advanced technique for building rapport.

Part 4: 6 Signs Strippers are Really Interested in You
Whenever you try to pick up strippers at strip clubs you will always face the same problem: You are initially not talking to the real person, but the stripper persona.

Unlike girls in bars and clubs, strippers are very aware of body language and what kind of interest they show in a guy. Your first mission is to distinguish the fake signs of interest from the real ones. Then, you try to shutdown the stripper persona and get to the real person as soon as possible.

1. She stops asking for dances.
This is the first biggest real sign of attraction you will see. Once you and her have been talking for awhile, you still might not know if she is really attracted to you. However, when she is not asking for dances anymore and/or engaging in the conversation, she has decided to sit with you over making money. At this point it should feel weird for her to ask you for a dance because she is realizing that you are not an ordinary customer but a guy she might be romantically interested in. If you get this far, you’re doing a good job but it’s just a start.

It becomes more evident whenever she gets called on stage to dance and afterwards comes back sitting with you without asking for a tip or dance. That is a HUGE sign that she is attracted to you. If you get this, you’re in!

2. She reveals her real name.
It’s no secret that all exotic dancers work under a different name at the strip club. In other words, when you first get their name it’s their “stripper name” not their real name. It’s for security reasons that all the girls work under a stage name, so stalkers cannot look them up. Whenever a stripper tells you her real name, what that really means is that she feels comfortable around you. Not necessarily attracted, but she feels safe enough to open up to you and be her real self.

This is almost my default way-point to find out if the stripper I’m talking to is a little bit comfortable around me. I know that when she tells me her real name that I have almost completely have shut off her stripper programming and I am slowly talking to the real person.

3. She tells you insider information.
Whenever I feel it is really “on” when I’m picking up a stripper, I always end up on the same conversational topic: we start talking about the other girls in the strip club and the management. This is a recurring thread I’ve noticed. So when the stripper you are picking up starts sharing insider info on the other girls that’s a good thing! For example, she might share that some girls do drugs in the dressing room, others have done extras in VIP rooms, and so on. Or on a similar note she might tell you how the management works in the strip club and what special rules they have. Either way, if she tells you anything like the above the pickup is going forward and in the right direction.

4. Dead air is not a deal breaker anymore.
When it comes to picking up strippers you need to be able to run your mouth for long periods of time. In the beginning of the conversation you have very little room for mistakes and dead air is lethal. Any dead silence is just enough time to get the stripper back to her stripper persona and try to squeeze money out of you. However, later on whenever you have a lull in the conversation and she reinitiates the conversation, that’s a good sign. Dead air is not lethal anymore and you can assume that she has some feeling of attraction towards you.

5. She hints at seeing you outside the venue.
To get a strong timebridge and a solid phone number from strippers you need to build a really strong emotional connection. Strippers are the flakiest girls in the world and to avoid flaking you must have super good comfort game to build a strong emotional connection. Plus, you have to seed throughout the interaction that you want to see her again. So from time to time you slip in the conversation that you and her should meet up again and you do this throughout the interaction. Some people call this technique “seeding”; you lay down little hints (”seeds”) when you’re talking to her about meeting up later so it gets imprinted in her mind that she should see you again. When she does the seeding, in other words she mentions about meeting up with you, that means it is on like donkey kong. Calibrate this but generally at that point you want to grab her number, stay a few more minutes and then leave.

6. The digits.
Generally the objective in a stripper pickup is to get the phone number and get her out on a date. If you have done everything well and saw most of the other signs of attraction (see previous points) then you’re almost sure you can get the phone number. Strippers only give out their phone numbers when they are really attracted to a guy. When you do get her phone number give yourself a shoulder pat. You’ve successfully picked up a stripper. Now you need to close the deal, but that’s worth another post.

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for you guys who read part 1 and 2. I just finished parts 3 and 4. enjoy
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Check out my first film: Chasing Cane:

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Good post, thanks for sharing
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Yeah i went to a stripper club for the first time two weeks ago. I wasnt going to get a dance, but then i saw this woman who looked like this pornstar i use to masturbate over....and then i got one. But never again. Nice post.  
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 getting a stripper's number, in my experience, is both easy and pointless - they usually have more than one phone.
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solid stuff. thank you.
Get shit done. Win. Smile.

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Solid stuff.
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