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Tyler LA Bootcamp Dec. 3-5, 2009
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I don't usually post here on RSDN, but I told Tyler I'd post my success story up here + keep track of my 30 day challenge on RSDN as well.

I see most people post their BC success stories awhile after their BC, but since I already have mine written (journaling really helps to break down what you learned on any given night out etc), I'm going to break the tradition a bit and post it on the day my program ended

DISCLAIMER ALERT: I have a tendency to be analytical, theoretical, brainy, etc. etc. and occassionally articulate myself using sophisticated language.  It helps me process what happens.  If you don't enjoy reading long reports with breakdowns, this may not be for you... but thanks anyway for reading

RSD Bootcamp with Tyler: Night 1 - Reality Check

My brain is still recovering a bit right now and it's a bit foggy, but I'm going to jot down what I can remember and learned while it's still fresh. I had arrived on bootcamp so fresh, so focused, and so calm. In general, my life has been pretty much like that except when I go out to push myself. I arrived at the Standard in downtown LA, met the 2 other bootcamp students and eventually Tyler and Roxanna showed up. Introductions were made going around, we sat down and broke down into the seminar portion of the bootcamp. My previous BC instructor Todd ended up showing up with an RSD intern Nick.

Being that I've been such an information junkie especially when it comes to pickup materials, pretty much everything Tyler went over was a rehash of what I already "knew". Of course, my form of knowledge really only takes the shape of theoretical/mostly logical level stuff. Everything he went over though was very important, and good to hear again.

So it's almost 11, we're about to go up to the Standard's rooftop bar. At this point I'm still feeling great and confident as always, even moreso because I was on bootcamp. I was thinking--man I'm going to breeze through this shit, I'm going to crush it. To be honest, I was even trying to keep reins on my ego having delusions of grandeur of being just one of the top students ever, to distinguish myself etc etc--

Boy was I wrong.

So we play the notice your environment 360 spin and approach game, and then it goes OK for me at first. I luckily see a girl or two that were cute and not too bad, and my ego was in full blast mode at this point. I went over and opened a 2 set, a brunette and a creole girl. Opens up, I start talking about random logistical stuff and how I'm from NYC, etc. Other bootcamp student comes in and wings me, we talk to our respective girls. Mine I can tell is into me right away, because when i was just running my mouth talking about all this trivial stuff, yet she was relaying to her friend all the little details about everything I was saying. She was hanging on my words, it was decently on, start touching back and forth, she suggests we get a drink. Usually I would've jumped at this chance, but since we were on bootcamp, I was like no. Sober. I kind of stall out there, not knowing what to do, and since the theme of the night was to approach like crazy, I bowed out there and told her I'd see her around.

I return to Tyler, we play the game again and this time it's pretty slim pickings. I don't want to do it but I do it anyway... but I guess in a very chode way. Tyler rips me apart, tells me I need to go in hard, with intent, and get into their face straight up. My ego reeled in shock, and I quickly try to gather myself. We play again, I play it really safe AGAIN, even though the girl I'm talking to is a ridiculously cute sweetheart. I knew it, Tyler knew it; I had even said one of my main goals for BC was to stop playing such safe game. So he comes in, starts talking to the girl, and then basically tells her that he has to take me away, and then did an embarrassing yet true impression of me, talking in falsetto saying, "look at me, I'm your typical asian stereotype bitch. There's a girl in front of me that I like, and I'm too scared to do anything but chat her up from a distance, let me keep my distance wah wah" etc. (By the way, Tyler is in no way shape or form racist against asians, it was definitely to shake me up and prove a point to me). I watched as the girl laughed, nodded in agreement, and have her wish me luck in finding a girl. My ego felt that one to the core, I knew he was right--I even said myself that I wanted to stop playing safe game. I was wasting my time there playing safe game and chatting to some girl without being overtly sexual or escalating. Goodbye egoic state + general good feeling/confidence, welcome to the crucible.

From there, things only got worse. Without my egoic state, whenever I would have to talk to ugly girls, It literally felt like I was killing myself or something. There were no words to describe it. I didn't want to talk to "ugly girls", but in reality it was more I didn't want to talk to girls who I didn't even have anything to gain from if it went well while risking rejection--it seemed like a no-win game. I couldn't understand why Tyler was being so hard on me, his closest form of positive reinforcement was "yeah that one was a little better", and "at least you're not getting worse". This really destroyed me (actually it destroyed what I thought was me, but really just my ego), as the other BC students were going in and Tyler would be using them as examples for how my behavior should be. He had a right to be mad, I was trying to listen to what he was saying and approach, but all my approaches contained this play-it-safe-don't-get-rejected element to it. I needed to be going in hard, fast, without hesitation, and up in their grill right from the very beginning.

I kept opening sets, but not all of the ones he pointed out right away; and it just got worse. Tyler wanted me to chase a girl past the long line for the girls' bathroom, and into the women's bathroom to open her. My mind was just screaming obscene shit to me like "you can't fucking do that, other people will hate you or think you're weird/creepy/etc" I didn't end up doing it and Tyler just kinda just shrugged and I felt like i truly disappointed him or he gave up on me (at least temporarily). This just generated this intense fury, this anger that was so deeply rooted in my inability to take my life into my hands despite all the work I've done in all other areas of my life to build my mental fortitude to be able to do this. After this I started going in harder in sets, I started not caring as much, but most importantly: I started building momentum and stopped procrastinating. I still stalled out so many sets, but for the most part it started getting much better.

I could feel myself getting more physical and dominant, but I was just so out of state, acting more out of a jaded mindset and being told what to do than anything else. It was a very humbling but unique experience thinking back now though, because it was the first time really in my life that I was continually pushing and pushing through resistance without being able to pick up any state from it. Usually after the first set that goes well, I would usually give myself props and my ego would start going into a feeding frenzy. A solid interaction or two later and I would think I was on top of my game. On bootcamp however, Tyler made sure I never once barged into a set and then gave myself props for it afterwards. I think he gave positive reinforcement just barely enough so that I wouldn't just give up because I was time after time after time unable to live up to the high standards he had for me. I'm still not sure if he was doing this because he saw that my ego needed to be destroyed or because he really believed I was just doing that bad. I guess it doesn't really matter either way.

As the night grew on, we bounced from a venue to another one; I think I reached a different kind of indifference threshold for once after quite some time. I used to think the the indifference threshold was when you had enough momentum that you were able to just go up and talk to a woman without too much effort. I reached a point where I was so jaded and had so much apathy that I was just completely numb to everything. I no longer flinched when double clawing my way into mixed sets, I was even starting to flinch less right after when I expected Tyler to rip me up. I don't even think he really did later on, but kind of like Pavlov's dog, I just came to expect it.

At one point between venues, he told me to go open a set, I responded by saying I had already opened them. He went off saying that it doesn't really matter if I did already or not, that I'm just being social. He continued by saying that it seems like I am extremely disconnected from reality--that I don't think anyone wants to talk to me or be my friend when in reality people are more than happy to meet me, and that it was more of a self-fulfilling prophecy the way I was going about it. And he was right--most of the time I don't enjoy meeting new people, I've been conditioned for so long to be selective, to be aloof, and all this other bullshit. That's why when he was telling me to smile more, have more fun, etc., I was almost incredulous. I was going through the most brutal beating and pushing through more resistance than I ever have in my life. I was taking every single "you need to push harder, get in their face, make them run away" etc. as a personal you're fucking garbage, step it up type of deal. As idiotic as it sounds, maybe because this is the one really big sticking point I have in my life, this was the most pain I was ever going through-- That's because in all of those situations, regardless of the odds, my whole self united against whoever was opposed. As long as my whole being stands united, I've developed my ability to keep my head and my cool in any situation, even if they're close to life or death ones. I've put myself in those situations, I know I can handle them. My survival instinct has tempered and strengthened through all the bullshit that I've had in my life.

The destruction of ego is more akin to suicide though and that's why I had to push so hard in an area of life that is honestly so trivial in the big picture. We were outside talking about inner game stuff, and he mentioned the dichotomy of the body, emotions, mind, and consciousness. I had told him that pretty much every fiber of my being resists me and the voices in my head scream in outrage whenever I am forced to do something I don't want to do. In that sense, he said that because of my upbringing, genetics, or whatever it may be, my mind/body held my consciousness in thrall. So in that respect, I pushed through way more pain and resistance than the other students who were on BC would ever have to in a night. That's because they were more natural right off the bat. So this weekend was going to be about really desensitizing myself and trying to sever that strong link my body and mind have over my consciousness when out in the field.

There was one thing I noticed near the end of the night that may be useful going forward, when Tyler told me to take off my shirt and run towards a group of people screaming that I was free, I was not the most happy camper--but I had a spark internally: I was kind of like, this is some intense and incredibly painful ordeal no doubt... but what if instead of framing it like "I'm this social violator who is an idiot and deserves to be scorned and kicked down", I framed it as, "Let me try out this behavior of being a stupid idiot infringing on people with my indecency" Surprisingly, I had way less resistance to doing that with that second frame than most of my sets that night. The key to that being that I am not identifying with my behavior as a judgement of who I am or letting them dictate my value as a person. I'm just trying something out as a social experiment, it isn't indicative of who I really am.

We finished debriefing outside the last venue and ended the night. My biggest lessons in the night were that it was totally possible for me to take action in spite of feeling like I was dying from the internal resistance, and that the hardest quickest way to inspire attraction in a woman was going in hard as hell, getting in their face, elliciting a shit test of some sort, and then showing that you are congruent with the man who goes up and takes what he wants unapologetically. As Alex says, this is the TRUE DHV. In addition to that all the other instructors told me that I needed to stop being so hard on myself--that even when I did really well I would refuse to accept it as good enough. And they're right, I'm not going to be able to inspire anything out of anyone when feeling down and miserable about myself. So going forward I will refuse to let myself slip into that dark, dark hole where I feel completely disconnected from everyone. Instead of feeling like the core of my being and worth of a person was on the line based on my performance, im going to see it for what it really is-- just tweaking my social experiments with different variables until I get a good mixture.
What a man can do, he MUST do; or it is impossible for him to be happy
-Abraham Maslow

Ecstasy's Dec 3-5 2009 LA Tyler BC Success Story:

Ecstasy's Ecstatically Elaborate FR Thread
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RSD Bootcamp with Tyler: Night 2 - Escalation, Ego, and Eckhart

Night two of bootcamp started out with us going over RSD intern Nick's place, and watching the hidden video footage of Tyler, Jeffy, Alex, etc. It was extremely educational, as Tyler was actively commenting and pausing the video when something worth noticing was playing. It was also great to see all the different styles of each instructor. I'm a huge proponent of learning by emulation, and just watching some of the most money people in set does wonders for seeing what different shapes and forms an elite level of mastery takes; regardless of their clashing personalities. Bounced over to Marbella around 10:15, not too much seminar on the second day. Today is all about the six escalation step stack that don't trigger autopilot responses from women. I had made a deal/pact with myself that no matter what happened tonight, my number one goal/priority was to have FUN and not make it personal and therefore serious.

I pumped my own state up unknowingly by just repeating this mantra before BC, all the way through the video watching, and into the short seminar once we got into the club. I felt like a caged animal by the end, I just wanted to go in and pounce on some people. It was no longer some sort of scary thing to have to go in hard, fast, and strong--I was framing everything as something that's just natural, and I was able to see the fun element in all of these. I could tell right off that Tyler + Nick were nervous that I was going to be the same "why so serious" chode from the night before. I assured them that I was not, but I guess some of my candor, fire, and conviction didn't come through.

So finally it came time for go-time, and I leaped into the club with all the essence of my pent-up rage, intent, and fury pouring out at once. I beelined straight into some random girl near the entrance of the club and got straight up in her face unapologetic from the very beginning. She's startled as fuck, I put her in freeze frame, and she struggled to try to communicate with me. Too late, bye. I storm through the club ablaze again, find some default asians in the back and rattle off some sporadic shit to them--this one also struggled to open, but my fury level was just so high i would not be denied. When the girls saw I wasn't going to fucking out with the quickness, they opened up. Don't even know what I did/said, but I just kept bouncing back and forth for a good amount of time, bringing fire and brimstone fury down on any decent looking sets within striking distance of me. This was probably one of the first times in my life I was bouncing from set to set without anyone egging me on or telling me to approach. After a decent amount though, maybe ~15 within 20 minutes, and none of the cute girl sets going anywhere fast, I started to get much more tentative.

I was still playing it a bit more safe, I wasn't going for the hot ass girls surrounded by guys or anything, although I think in the beginning I would have if either of the instructors had told me to. After just this brief time though, I felt myself start to waver in my conviction/fury level. It really messed with me, because I was starting to slow down momentum-wise and I was trying to have fun the whole night. Luckily, Nick was there to help me get back on track and to cut off my negativity right there. With a friendly reminder, I realized the negativity right away and put it right in the mental black hole I have for anything that doesn't serve me. With some egging, my state went back up, then wavered down, then back up, and then down again. Each time it dropped, it was almost like a permanent drop of a few notches--meaning each time I got back into state and then fell out of state, the time between these cycles would go down more drastically in favor of being out of state. I had a few pretty solid sets, and it really occurred to me that many of my better sets were actually due to the set not opening that well initially and then plowing past that (except for my ideal one). I lost one that I had really going because some random dude who tried to kick it to her friend creeped her out and her friend dragged both of them away. I had gotten through a little more than half of the escalation stack/ladder with her and she was already giving me the doggie dinner bowl look.

Kept bouncing back and forth between multiple sets at this point, but in my head I wasn't even doing all that well in them. Nick was watching and told me to number close some asian girl I had talked to with her friends; I didn't even think the interaction was going well at all. I was constantly having to lead the interaction, I wasn't even that attracted nor did I have the fire to get the girl. She was playing aloof as well, like she was too good for me or something, I listened anyway and got her number quickly and pain-free, then Nick tells me to go back in and kiss her if not at the very least spin hug her because she was SO into me. I'm a bit shocked because maybe because of my dulled calibration senses that've been burnt out from the weekend, I did not really see anything that indicated she was anymore more than mildly attracted to me. I was thinking to myself when she actually came back and reopened me to tell me she was going with her friends but she wanted to talk more to me or something. So I said fuck it and went in after her again even though the interaction was just over and it seemed weird to do it. Walked into the middle of the dancing group, beelined for her, grabbed her hand, spun her around, then remembered to myself that the spin hug wasn't just spinning her around--then picked her up and spun her around a bit while she probably let out the most emotion she let loose with me the whole night. The beginnings of the lesson really started to sink in: go in hard and escalate hard = more attractive than anything else you could ever say or do.

My state at this point was getting more and more ragged and jagged, although I did not acknowledge and stubbornly tried to keep plowing and denying the fact that it was happening. I really was not staying more than 10 minutes in state after doing a long set, and so I winged one of the other BC students for a set by a standing table. The set left, and while we were talking, the perfect storm of the night for me came by.

I say perfect storm because this doesn't typically happen very often, but this moment was probably the most indicative of the level I want to eventually get to consistently. This absolutely hot and stunning tall blonde walks up with a drink by the table I'm at and put it down while she was distracted with something else, she doesn't look like she's with anyone, I was still in state from the last set, my core is wrenched towards her because she's so hot, and basically in the end something just clicked because even though I had been hesitating on most really hot girl sets throughout the night, I did not even for a second flinch with this one.

I was on autopilot, some force just took over for once. I put down my water, bellowed at her some nonsensical jibberish about she just MUST simply come and join my party. She was as cool as a cucumber, and rolled up to me like a cute little thing smiling sweetly. Shackles shattered, my inner masculine self just breathed in her voluptuous curves. I didn't make it any secret at all what I was admiring. I grabbed her instantly, and went hard as fuck on her without actually having to think about doing so. In fact, this was probably my only genuine set I went hard as fuck on from the get-go without thinking about it. I guess she felt my genuine lovestruckedness because she was loving it. By comparison, it seemed like every other set of the night was an egoic affair because I was doing it more because I was on bootcamp, or to gain state, or because an instructor was pushing me into it, because I thought that's what I should be doing, etc. This one, I couldn't even control myself--and this is just straight up not something that has EVER happened before. I noticed very distinctively that for once I was truly dick-lead. My dick wanted her so bad. Everything just flowed from the beginning, I was all up on her junk from the get-go. Her hand never left mine from the very first introductory handshake-turned spin. Within 30 seconds, I was tracing out her many tattoos all over her body with my fingers (she had 33), we were double hand clasping, foreheads touching within 1 minute, and within another minute i was lifting up her top telling her how I was going to count every single tattoo all over her body--including all the ones I couldn't see at the moment because of these stupid things called her clothes. She was loving it, said she would love to show me all of herself later when we weren't in a public place. She put her head down on my chest/shoulder (which was a bit odd, since with her heels she was also 6'0), while telling me about where she was from, what her name was, etc. All this time, it's just escalating more and more when some dude comes by and tries to get her attention.

It's some well dressed dude, but instead of my usual bullshit where I get nervous and self-conscious about what some chode tools were saying/thinking about me talking to their girl/girl they're trying to fuck on the DL, a different part of myself came up. This side was not going to let some fucking chode try to get her away from me. I let her say her hellos and such to him, seems the dude is someone she knows. When he looks at me, I introduce myself to him. He either pretends not to hear me or genuinely doesn't hear me, and so I obnoxiously yell my introduction at him so loud that he gets startled. As soon this happens, my hand shoots to my girl's arm and I snatch her back to me hard--like physically moving this girl to me, not guiding her but jerking her over. I put my hands on her hips, lock eyes with her hard, remind her with my eyes who's going to be fucking her tonight, and then finally casually glance over at the dude and compliment him on how fucking sexy his friend was. He stammers a bit and thanks me, then offers to get me some discount bottle service at the club if I want. I dismiss him, he starts going off about how my girl has to leave with him, how their huge group of friends are going to a different club. I never let go of her hand, she looks back at me pleadingly/confused and I give her this look that's like "It's me and you tonight, you know it". She goes and talks to her friend, they argue back and forth about how he's not going to leave her behind, etc. I just chill back and let them work it out. Eventually he leaves, saying they're leaving very soon, and i pull her back into me. She has her head in my chest again. She's really sad. She has to leave. I try to smash past that and be like no fuck that, it's me and you tonight. She gets even more frustrated and confused, and tells me to give her my phone so she can give me her number. I refuse at first saying that we both know if she leaves, then so goes any chance of us ever making some magic together. She gets this desperate yet helpless look on her face (probably because she knew it was true), and then begged me to give her my phone because she didn't want us to end like this. I finally conceded and did when I felt it was a lost cause, and it really kind of became a self-fulfilling prophecy. As soon as she gave me her number and called herself, she had this sigh of relief and I don't know why, it just occurred/seemed to me that really was the last time I would ever see/talk to this girl again. (as an update to this post, I followed up with both numbers but despite my pretty clever phone game, none of them were down to meet up in the 3 hours i had before I went on BC and then straight home)

This one really hurt getting away from me. Nick kept pushing me into sets, but I straight up lost all my remaining fire in that last one. None of the girls I ended up talking to were anywhere near as hot, and nowhere as receptive. (Although thinking back now, it's probably because I was so unashamedly escalating so hard, fast, and most importantly genuinely on her that she was so attracted) I went through the motions, but I couldn't get my mind off that one that got away. Eventually we leave the venue and go back to Hotel Roosevelt. It's only 1 something, but I'm already exhausted and a bit bummed out. It felt like my head was going to explode if I had to do any more sets.

Do some sets at the Roosevelt half-assed--get half-assed results as a result. Other BC students are still on fire and tearing it up, Tyler tells me not to compare myself to them because they are like the best students a BC instructor could hope for etc., Of course I hadn't even though about it, but after he said that, I was now kind of bothered that he thought me that inferior. He had continued to go on about how I should watch them, and see how well they're doing etc., then made a comment about how I got much better, but that there was really nowhere to go but up from last night. I felt at the time that that statement was the nail in the coffin. The negativity found its way back into my demeanor and it was a bit brutal for a bit. I resented the fact at first that it seemed like he was talking about them eyes glazing over proud while dismissing me as inferior goods. Eventually Nick got me to talk to Tyler instead of just trying to accept this on my own (thanks Nick!), and Tyler said one thing after deeply listening to my frustration.

"I understand your concerns, but why are you overanalyzing a state crash so much?"

That really snapped me back to reality, and I felt like an idiot... but this is pretty indicative of my overall persona in general. As soon as I lose grasp of the more outgoing and more impulsive side of myself, I automatically slip back into the state I'm most used to being in--which is an analytical and problem solving one. It really hit home for me though because I was trying to backwards rationalize and blame the nail that made the crash official on him. He went on to explain that if we are accessing a side of ourselves that we don't frequently access, it's almost impossible to just forcefully make yourself stay in that state. As soon as your willpower is used up, you're going to slowly revert back to your original state. This is not to say that you cannot build permanent change, but this is much slower. But just like anything, the more frequently you access that part of you, the more permanent and easier it becomes to stay in it.

We did debrief back at Nick's place and watched the rest of the Instructor videos. Tyler actually found a copy of Eckhart Tolle's a New Earth and told me in particular to pay attention to a section he was gonna read. I've personally read the book maybe 4-5 times, but I had forgotten about that part, and it made so much sense in the context of pickup. I've spent the last 2 years really practicing my presence and living in the moment, and I would say that I have true acceptance of almost everything in my life down to an autopilot. The thing is, acceptance is actually the lowest frequency modality in awakened doing. He had mentioned that I in particular was stuck almost predominantly in the Acceptance modality. Sometimes I would slip into enjoyment, which is the next step up, but almost never into enthusiasm, and never in enjoyment for that long. Just as a brief synopsis of the three modalities, here is an excerpt from A New Earth:

Whatever you cannot enjoy doing, you can at least accept that this is
what you have to do. Acceptance means: For now, this is what this situation,
this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly. We already spoke at
length about the importance of inner acceptance of what happens, and
acceptance of what you have to do is just another aspect of it. For example,
you probably won't be able to enjoy changing the flat tire on your car at night
in the middle of nowhere and in pouring rain, let alone be enthusiastic about
it, but you can bring acceptance to it.

The peace that comes with surrendered action turns to a sense of
aliveness when you actually enjoy what you are doing. Enjoyment is the
second modality of awakened doing. On the new earth, enjoyment will
replace wanting as the motivating power behind people's actions. Wanting
arises from the ego's delusion that you are a separate fragment that is
disconnected from the power that lies behind all creation. Through
enjoyment, you link into that universal creative power itself....
Then what is the relationship between something that you do and the
state of joy? You will enjoy any activity in which you are fully present, any
activity that is not just a means to an end. It isn't the action you perform that
you really enjoy, but the deep sense of aliveness that flows into it. That
aliveness is one with who you are. This means that when you enjoy doing
something, you are really experiencing the joy of Being in its dynamic

Then there is another way of creative manifestation that may come to
those who remain true to their inner purpose of awakening. Suddenly one
day they know what their outer purpose is. They have a great vision, a goal,
and from then on they work toward implementing that goal. Their goal or
vision is usually connected in some way to something that on a smaller scale
they are doing and enjoy doing already. This is where the third modality of
awakened doing arises: enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm mans there is deep enjoyment in what you do plus the
added element of a goal or a vision that you work toward. When you add a
goal to the enjoyment of what you do, the energyfield
or vibrational frequency changes. A certain degree of what we might call structural tension
is now added to enjoyment, and so it turns into enthusiasm. At the height of
creative activity fueled by enthusiasm, there will be enormous intensity and
energy behind what you do. You will feel like an arrow hat is moving toward
the target – and enjoying the journey.
The word enthusiasm comes from ancient Greek – en and
theos meaning God. And the related word enthousiazein means “to be
possessed by a god.” With enthusiasm you will find that you don't have to do
it all by yourself. In fact, there is nothing of significance that you can do by
yourself. Sustained enthusiasm brings into existence a wave of creative
energy, and all you have to do then is “ride the wave.”

This really hit me hard--I was so used to seeing pickup and game more as a vehicle for personal transformation through intense grueling pain than something to be truly enjoyed at all times. Of course yeah I know there's the glorious nights, but I figured most nights it was meant to be a vicious test of your willpower and psyche, and that this crucible would act as a conduit to transform you into the sex-worthy man. Tyler even mentioned that I was making it unduly hard on myself with the levels of pain and acceptance I had to upkeep if i was to continue going on like this; operating from a place of acceptance rather than the other two modalities. He said that in that regard, he's glad that for the most part I've been pretty accepting of pushing through the pain and accepting it as part of the process, but that this is pretty much the upper echelon of what I can really squeeze out of this pickup thing if I continue operating strictly out of acceptance. You can pull out of acceptance once in awhile, but even for me I'm constantly slipping in and out of acceptance when I'm in the venue.

I realized that I have many other activities in my life that lie in the other 2 modalities, and what bullshit it is to be operating success with women primarily in acceptance. Things like playing basketball, reconnecting and catching up with friends, etc. These I'm always operating out of enjoyment in. I don't have to "accept" that i have to meet up with friends, indeed if I was doing that bullshit I would be wasting my time and missing the whole point of connecting with them. I've been trying to enjoy pickup, but I've been going out with some whack ass egoic agendas, so it's no wonder that I haven't been able to enjoy the process.

This whole time I've been very accepting of any the worst blowouts or anything external--where that kind of shit doesn't even show up on my radar. The only thing that would affect my mood was solely if I pushed myself as hard as I could. And of course with varying willpower and energy reserves after work etc, of course my results would be varying daily. The catch-22 that I've been caught in is that operating out of this acceptance modality, it's no wonder that the only 2 outcomes I experience are extreme resistance to getting myself blown out, or pushing through it and then feeling not much different as a person after set after set after month after year. It's no more stupid than driving out to the middle of nowhere 3 nights a week to purposely stab a hole in your tire--and then subsequently have to change it. After a year or two of this, you've gained about all the insights you possibly can have out of accepting the fact that your tire is now flat and that you have to change it. Plus you have this secret resentment towards yourself in why you are pursuing something that feels like a no-win situation, yet other people say is the "only way" to get good with women. The only reason I haven't given up is because I threw my hat over the fence figuratively when I started this journey. I HAVE nothing else. What am I gonna do, go back to social circle game? Wait for female friends to turn single and then jump in with the other cesspool of guys trying to all pounce on her at the same time? It's utterly disgusting.

We talked a lot more about this subject and Tyler stayed till almost 4:30 even though program technically ends at 2:30; a true professional. He mentioned possibilities to me, that I could try to work on being more zany and spontaneous as opposed to the logical bullshit i was currently doing. It's really just a matter of bringing that side out of myself, I've gone through so many different phases in my life that I know I still have access to any of them should I choose to. The most important lesson I learned in the night was epitomized by the one set where I was driven by something much greater than an acceptance modality--where I was possessed by something greater than myself to take action. Hopefully this can be a useful blueprint for myself going forward to where I want to consistently be.
What a man can do, he MUST do; or it is impossible for him to be happy
-Abraham Maslow

Ecstasy's Dec 3-5 2009 LA Tyler BC Success Story:

Ecstasy's Ecstatically Elaborate FR Thread
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RSD Bootcamp with Tyler Day 3 – She Likes Me For Me

The third and final day of bootcamp is finally here.

After I really sat down, thought it through, and then reflected on the prior night’s debrief about modalities and then writing Day 2’s recap, my mind was clear leading up to the night’s events. It all clicked and I was almost laughing to myself at the elusiveness of the answer I’ve been looking for. It’s been a long journey, and it’s a journey that’s taken me high and low through the canyons of more 3-letter self-help acronyms than you could shake a stick at. NLP, EFT, TFT, Tolle, meditation, Zen, Religion, Philosophy, Peak Performance, The Work, Sedona Method, Silva, Inner Game, Reframing, Hypnosis, Binaurial Beats, Brainwave Entrainments; I can keep on going but chances are if it’s related to self-help/personal development then I’ve seen it/practiced it, all in an attempt to make some sense out of this dreaded feeling over 2 years of going out nonstop 2-3 times a weekend like clockwork that all despite all my efforts I was making minimal progress and that there was a critical mindset that I was missing.

The ironic part is I studied and immersed myself in all those and countless other readings in order to gleam some kind of insight into why I was essentially driving with the emergency brake on. Not to fanboy love Tyler (ok ok maybe a little bit…), but that kind of on-the-point reference to the true cause of why my e-brake was on I cannot imagine many others would have been able to point out. You cannot imagine the frustration in the beginning when I told others about my issues and being told generic advice like “push yourself harder”, or “just keep doing it”, “You just don’t want it enough”, “you just don’t care about this enough”, or clichés like those. You don’t (stubbornly if not ineffectively) stick to something for multiple years without seeing results if you “don’t care about it” enough.

Anyway I digress, bootcamp started up with the theme of the night being free association and logical vs. vibe based communication. Despite my own premonitions that I have cultivated a very capable vibe + dynamic content generator in my head, the results of the exercises proved I still have a ways to go. We bounced over to H-Wood for the night. Not much seminar tonight, it’s pretty much just go time. No strings attached, no holding back. This is super bowl times.

I actually told Tyler + Nick that I wanted more freedom tonight in choosing my own sets, because I needed to cultivate the independent ability to choose my own sets when I got home. Unlike yesterday night, there was no pumping my own state up because I didn’t want a premature state crash. Right before sending us off, Tyler asked us to baseline measure how we felt and how ridiculous and awkward it felt that we were going to talk to essentially the entirety of one of the top LA clubs. Yesterday I was too pumped up to acknowledge any awkwardness. Today, despite my awesome new outlook and enthusiasm going in, my body, my body was straight up NOT comfortable with the idea of talking to women yet. In fact, I started off completely forgetting how I was opening last night. I was going in with absolutely no intent and on top of this, I wasn’t doing the most basic and simple principle of establishing some sort of physical connection right off the bat like shaking her hand. On top of this, I wasn’t going in and asserting that I was going to talk to them regardless of whether or not they wanted to reciprocate. I had completely forgotten the principles from day 1 due to my bad old habits of playing “safe” game. After maybe 5-6 sets, I realized the basics that I was forgetting. Consciousness is a wonderful thing. Conscious of the foundational blocks now, Tyler encourages me to become conscious of the girls around me.

Hottie blond and friend drift by.

I intercept them and block off their way, introducing myself and leaving my hand dangling there in mid-air in front of their face. Blondie tries to ignore me and walk to my left, and this is where I would have maxed out the night before while operating purely out of acceptance, but with my paradigm shift, I just smirk and move parallel to intercept her again. She has this aghast look of “how dare you be so confident”, I pretend nothing happened and repeat the same exact thing, introducing myself deadpan with my hand obnoxiously in her face waiting for her to reciprocate like she didn’t try to get away the first time. The pressure is mounting; she knows I can do this all night. Then like magic, her demeanor flips 180—she lights up brightly and is suddenly all about seeing who I am. Her friend takes her cue and equally excited in meeting me. It’s her friend’s birthday, I give them birthday hugs, Tyler comes in and wings the blond girl while I was hugging her friend. Oh well, her polish friend’s ok, not too bad but I definitely preferred the blonde. Oh well, she starts talking about something irrelevant and I just ignore, letting my thoughts lean in a more naughty direction. I’m openly leering her over, cut her off mid-sentence by taking her hand and spinning her around, checking out her “goods”. I apologized that I wasn’t paying attention to her irrelevant dribble because I had to examine her goods to see if she was acceptable. She asks me if she passed my inspection and I respond by picking her up and spinning her around for awhile while she squealed in delight. She starts gushing about how she’s had such a rough day/week at work and how she needed someone to make her happy. We fluff talk a bit, I tell her I’m going to give her a birthday present—and that it can’t be a shot since I have to drive straight to LAX after the night was over. She’s excited and I tell her to close her eyes so I can give it to her. She does and I kiss her. She’s a bit shocked and laughs nervously afterwards about how she doesn’t even know my name. Woops, I guess I didn’t give her my name since I wasn’t trying to be logical right out the gate. She wants to visit me in NYC when she goes, she gives me her number and her and her friend have to leave to find the rest of their birthday party, so they bounce. Tyler turns to me with an incredulous look tells me that one of the highest marks a student can get is when the student opens a set and he goes in and wings him—yet both women are more attracted to the student than to him, and that happened this time. Awesome!

The rest of the night was a mixed blur of more of the same. I only remembered the first set where I first aligned with my masculine core because that’s where the night truly began for me. Some more memorable sets of the night off the top of my head in that venue: stopping a cute asian girl with an outfit with black horizontal lines by accusing her of being the hamburglar that traumatized me in my childhood. And then proceeding to amuse myself by not letting her leave with stupid permutations of screaming WAIT for no apparent reason and then talking about some non-sequitor, When that got old to me, I would start going off about how I love her, how she’s my true love, how it’s fate, or that I simply must marry her (with Tyler reminding me of these gems over my shoulder) I think she tried to leave more than 15 times without succeeding. Also watching with detached amusement as this hottie blonde Swedish girl with not-so-good English goes from happily talking to me to getting a look of horror when I casually mention how I’m going to put my babies all up in her.

The more time went on, the more I turned into a searing coal as opposed to a more flamboyant brush fire. When I was rolling up on girls, I wasn’t intercepting them in some kind of tactical maneuver anymore, Girls that would try to keep walking as I grabbed them when they walked past ended up jumping startled a few seconds later when I used my loudest commanding voice for them to stop. And stop they did. I would lock eye contact with them and force them to come back across the club to where I was standing. For non-moving sets, I was going up again with intense eye contact, my hand out, and almost a hint of a smirk, daring her to try to ignore me.

Not one of them did from that point on.

Hottie Hawaiian girl that catalyzed this whole thing from the night before finally texts me back saying she’s sorry her phone was out of battery and asking where I was so we could meet up. I’m leaving in an hour at this point and Nick gives me a great idea to keep in contact with her on facebook, just to see how things pan out. Sure it might not have the best chance of happening, but I mean in the end these are all leads and as an entrepreneur I feel obligated to give every strong lead that has bad logistics the best shot I can give. This was a great lesson for any future girls I meet back home who are visiting new York and have bad logistics.

Last set of the night I ended up winging another BC student. At this point I’m still so in the indifference threshold zone but my fury and aggressiveness had faded a bit after hopping around venues. Probably the most straight up chill set I’ve ever done. I had absolutely no desire to impress her or anything, like the hardest screening frame I’ve ever had in an interaction although I wasn’t even that interested in her. She would be asking me interview questions--and I would just stare at her deadpan every time she did, blinking at her a few times before finally giving an answer. After maybe 2 of these I found it amusing she looked some chode who was trying to rack her head and brain to try to think of something interesting to say to me so I wouldn’t leave. I casually mention that she can be my LA girlfriend for the rest of my stay here—which was about an hour. She’s excited. Tyler’s lecture about how in almost every interaction someone is screening and someone is qualifying was humorously playing in my mind as this girl nervously tries to segway into how she’s going to be in NYC at the end of December and how we really should meet up. I blink at her a few times before nodding my agreement and mention how I will show her a good time. Then AFTER that I’ll show her around the city. She agrees and then nervously asks what my number is, then quickly flip-flops by saying she could give me her number, or whatever I wanted; whatever was easier for me. It was quite amusing to see a girl so in her head for a change as opposed to me being the one.

Bootcamp officially comes to an end after debriefing in detail after with specific plans that encompass 30 day challenges and many other things. Tyler concludes by saying he was surprised that he had me labeled all wrong since he’s been doing bootcamps for so long that he can usually peg what archetype of person a student was very quickly. He mentioned that going forth, my greatest strength was going to be my work ethic and most importantly my ability to push through pain. He said that he has almost never seen any other student push through as much pain as I had to on this program. Furthermore, he said that just based on these 2 things, it’s not a matter of if I will succeed but merely when. Some things he wanted me to keep in mind were keeping a mindfulness to be extremely physical and up in a girl's face and relating as a MAN to a woman instead of letting myself slip into relating friend to friend logically.

I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Not in the religious sense, but that life gives you exactly what you need when you need it. Having this dark spot and blemish prior to taking this program over the course of 2 years, I was really tested in my belief of that concept, but now that I can look back in hindsight, it really did work out for the best. My work ethic, ability to deal with pain, pressure, and everything before I was motivated to solve this success with women problem led me down a road that has shaped my non-pickup related life. My greatest weaknesses in life prior to searching for answers--have now turned into my greatest strengths.

You may be wondering why I chose to title my post as such; but I felt like the most indicative moment of my whole weekend and the essence of what I learned, what natural game is, and everything bundled into one was when I was driving to the venue on the last night, this old school song came on and I just kind of laughed to myself at the timing of the song and my own realizations that I had picked up. The song was an oldie (relatively) by Blessid Union of Souls called Hey Leonardo. Here is an abridged version of the lyrics to the chorus.

She likes me for me
Not because I look like Tyson Beckford
With the charm of Robert Redford
Oozing out my ears
But what she sees
Are my faults and indecisions
My insecure conditions

I couldn’t have put it any better myself; you do not inspire attraction from women because of some dancing monkey methods or sneaky ninja tactics. She will like you for YOU simply because AS A MAN you inspire attraction in her. Realizing your masculine core and communicating to her that she is indeed dealing with a man does not give you a better chance of her liking you because it’s logical or because she prefers it…

It makes it inevitable.
What a man can do, he MUST do; or it is impossible for him to be happy
-Abraham Maslow

Ecstasy's Dec 3-5 2009 LA Tyler BC Success Story:

Ecstasy's Ecstatically Elaborate FR Thread
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This is why I go on bootcamp.  To experience pain to this degree.  It's just like Ciaran once said, you put yourself through the fire and burn away all the garbage and nonsense that's accumulated through the years.  Whatever bit of integrity you have comes out the other side.

Whatever happens in life certainly does have it's reasons.  Every experience molds you and shapes you and in this case, tears you down to find the real you.  Only time can tell if what's happened here will permanantly make you into the man you were meant to be.

We're gonna go at this hard.  Jihad on the inner chode.  I know your sick of not having this handled, I sure as hell am.

It's time to go motherfucking gansta on this shit.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Finally good to see actual hard 'core' progress with you.  But this is only the gunshot that makes you aware that your journey to being that core masculine dude has begun.  All that bullshit you went through in the past was just to get you ready for this journey. Shit is going to be intense, but FUN. Now that you actually experienced that identity change and tapping into that core masculinity, we'll be seeing less of that shit, and more pussy.

I really liked how Tyler did not go easy on you and told you straight up that you were being a typical chode ass asian dude lol.  Hopefully, you set up your 30day challenge to keep pushing yourself out of that comfort zone back here in NY so you can tear shit up.  Like I told Haze, if I see you out I will slap you with my excessive amount of rings lol!
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Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

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Wow! Dude…Such an amazing and detailed breakdown; I can’t believe you remembered everything in such detail. I almost forgot how many sets you actually did before I read you’re post.

Well, you did do an amazing job. I can relate with coming from the frame of wanting to be the best BC student ever... That’s why when I took mine; I pretty much sucked the sausage.

I appreciate you taking the BC because I think a lot of you’re analytical nature of going about doing things I can relate too. Also, I’m glad you ended up talking to Tyler the second night when you were frustrated. Tyler taking the time and busting out the “Ecky” really helped to hammer things down for all of us I think.

You have a lot of great stuff to work with now, so I expect great things from you. You’re an incredibly smart and intelligent guy so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be kicking ass.

I’ll keep an eye on you’re progress through you’re 30day challenge.. Good luck!

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Really cool to get to know you man -- sincere thanks for posting such a detailed breakdown like this!!

HOT SEAT 2 RED HOT OFFICIAL LAUNCH IS JANUARY 25 @ 12PM EST -- check out the kickass new page at

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 Enjoyed reading entire report, kinda got to me. Just plowed trough my tough period and kinda happy that it's over and this post motivated me to get to another one and be even harder on myself. Thanks for motivation! Gonna check up on your 30 days... Take care mate.

Dairy of a crazed halucinogenic abuser and his road to complete sexual freedom... See you on the other side of your mind...
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My memory is definitely not that good hah, it's more like going home from BC or any other night out and spending my due time chronicling everything that happened with a combination of memory, phone numbers, and other things to jog my memory.  I've found over time it helps in almost any endeavor to connect experiences and theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences.  It was really just a matter of copy and pasting.

By the way Tyler, just like the success of your BC's with previous students ultimately sent me to LA, I'm returning the favor and sending you more business next thurday :P

I'm glad you got something out of it EmotionFlow13, I write these things selfishly for my own benefit, but I'm glad they're done something better
What a man can do, he MUST do; or it is impossible for him to be happy
-Abraham Maslow

Ecstasy's Dec 3-5 2009 LA Tyler BC Success Story:

Ecstasy's Ecstatically Elaborate FR Thread
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Nice report.

You've been taught the hard way that if you keep going in the same wrong direction, you're not getting closer to your destination. Especially if this destination is your starting point (ie who you are on a core level).
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good job man, you should write a novel some day, the way you describe everything in such a detail made me feel your pain, your exitment, everithinh, it's amazing.

Keep going, the way you do anything you do everything
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