November 17th, 2018
Wanna steal some exp. from the tall guys out here.
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Luckely Im tall yeah!
I love tall girls ''Hey you are fucking tall!'' uuh what did I just said, cool.
''Problem'' is I like to... talk not-so-tall girls aswell.

OKAY OKAY you got me I admit, I prefer short girls i love them ;)

If I talk with a smaller person I don't wanna lean in too much.
Too much effort :o
I mean leaning in sometmes in the heat of a conversation is totally okay for me.

The solution I use at the moment:
I usually lead them to 'higher grounds' like the podium/dancefloor* while staying at the 'normal' floor myself 
Problem is ofcourse that I'm in 'trouble' when there is no leveldifferentiated floor near...
So I call, scream, cry for your FIELDTESTED experience/help/ideas.
If you are not-so-tall yourself: I love you but please dont react on this grown-up topic ;p

* you know just those little 20-30cm higher podiums. I dont wanna place them on a pedestal ;o

Have fun you are ready
I made out with a random grandma the day after losing my virginity.. didn´t know any theory whatsoever back then but I pulled it off. A solid HB65!
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yeah thats why basketball players dont get laid
I'M Richard James, Wench!
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Hahaha great answer guy.
I think you are making being tall an issue when you can perfectly take it to your advantage (im tall too).
1. Being tall gets you attention, girls love attention, guess what you are hotter than short guys just by being tall, if you belive it helps.
2. Being tall makes you more dominant in the eyes of others.
3. Being tall helps you reach high stuff, just kidding.

Use it your advantage, accept yourself as you are,  be proud of being tall.
When I talk to short girls I tell them this for example: I love that you are so short, its like im talking to a smurf princess! (with a big smile on the face).
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tell her to speak up if she's literally too far down from you to hear.

it's only a big deal if you make it one.

fun comes first, everything else will fall into place.

i'm tall too, I don't have issues w/it. kinda cool going to the fair or walking in a crowd and literally being a head height higher than anyone else there and looking over the crowd..
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Gives you all the better excuse to lean in when you talk to them. Leaning in when you talk to them, makes it all the easier to brush your hand along their hips. My voice generally carries a ton in a quiet room, but get me in a bar, and I can't talk for shit.. I'm about 5'10", so height isn't an issue. I have a few good pics of me always leaning in while talking to a girl, and it always brings the girl closer, and works well.
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