January 17th, 2019
10 tips on becoming a sexworthy guy
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Well shit, this was supposed to be a quick response to the "Escalate her escalation" thread where someone asked "What kind of steps did you take to learn this mindset?" but as always I ended up typing up a jillion pages. But if you're a guy who's trying to figure out how to cross into that "oozing sex" vibe, this is some stuff that helped me. I used to give off a super friend zone asexual vibe, but now girls just assume when they meet me that I've been laid a bunch:

1) Accept that girls are sexual beings and love to fuck. Every girl. Some girls have a lower sex drive than others, but girls love to be turned on and teased and thrive on sexual tension. I have a friend who is a great guy but believes all his female friends are angels and when I tell him "no seriously, trust me I can tell from talking with that chick for 5 minutes, she is a dirty dirty girl," he tells me that I'm misinterpeting things and that she's just flirty blah blah blah. But I've been around, I know what the signs look like, and I don't have rose-colored "no she'd never do something like that" glasses on because those girls aren't my close friends.

Thing is some guys with the whole madonna/whore complex look at this like a bad thing. Like that girls that love sex are sluts and have a bunch of STDs and stuff. That's why like 90% of chicks have to hide this side of them, and why SO many women will never actually get to live out their fantasies in the bedroom...they're so afraid of being judged. It's even worse in an actual relationship, where if she lets the guy know she wants to be spanked or tied up or wear a giant clown wig, she might weird him out and he runs away and she loses a guy she wanted a future with. Imagine being a chick stressing about this stuff.

Now imagine you're that chick and you run into a guy who is totally open about sex, can talk about it, can tell that you have all these secret desires and totally accepts you for them and encourages them, and doesn't judge you in any way for having them. That is a pretty fucking big relief and a big part of why, when a chick can tell that you're sexworthy, things escalate VERY fast.

Being sexworthy isn't about chicks wanting to fuck you, it's about chicks sensing you're worth opening up this socially repressed sexual side of themselves to.

2) Learn to swear. You don't have to DO it, but you have to have the capacity to. My friends still joke that in college if they said "man check out that chick, she's fucking hot" I'd respond "err, yes, I agree, she is QUITE an attractive lady." Like, I was so conditioned not to look at women as sexual beings that I couldn't even say a girl was hot or sexy, the words coming out of my mouth embarrassed me. This is not a good vibe, haha

When I started working on my sexworthy side, while waiting alone at the bus stop to head out to the bars I would say random swears and "naughty" words, tourettes style haha Just pacing back and forth waiting for the bus going "pussy, shit, fuck, ass, cock" Sounds crazy, but I had to get used to speaking the language. How can you be sexworthy if you're so fucking polite that you can't even congruently whisper into a chick's ear the terrible ways you're going to tease her clit later?

3) - This thread was lost in the dust, probably because it doesn't have pictures of Jeffy photoshopped onto cereal boxes or anyone asking who's teh most cool3st instructor who gets laid teh most evar, but it's a fucking good little exercise. Read it, and read my reply in that thread for how to turn things sexual very fast conversationally. I do this right off the bat.  Russell Brand does it, Robbie Williams does it, the naturals I know do it. For a chick if she talks about sex, she starts thinking about it and can't help but get horny.

A lot of people think talking about sex in public is impolite. It's only impolite if you don't do it in a smooth fun way. Watch Hank Moody in Californication for lots of great examples, he's always dropping sexual overtones into everything, but in a fun way.

Being comfortable making gay innuendo is important too. It shows girls that you're not judgemental sexually if you can joke around about stuff like that. Look at any Judd Apatow movie, they're littered with the guys making gay jokes and innuendo with eachother. If you take sex so seriously that you can't even joke about stuff like this and get all offended if someone implies you're gay, you're demonstrating to girls that you do judge SOME stuff sexually, which spirals into "and so he might judge me if I tell him I like making out with girls, he might judge me if I tell him I like to be spanked" etc. etc.

With me, any sexual conversation goes. Anyone can talk to me about sex, and they know I'm not going to judge whatever it is we talk about. Maybe it's not my taste, but I won't judge them as gross or weird for having some kink I don't. This comfort is why my conversations with girls go sexual super fast.

Often after a set a friend will ask me "She looks familiar, where's she from?" "Dunno." "Oh, well what does she do for a living?" "Dunno." "...what was her NAME?" "Dunno." "wtf were you guys talking about??" "What kind of handcuffs she has in her toy drawer. :)"

4) The vast majority of girls love to be dominated. Submissive girls like to be dominated because of the obvious reasons, but dominant girls love to be dominated because they so rarely meet a guy who CAN dominate them. A lot of guys think this all means just in the bedroom, but it means leading from the very start. If I want to go to the dance floor with a girl, I don't ask "So do you want to dance?", I just go "C'mon." and pull them. If we're walking through a crowd, I'll go first to clear a path for us and pull them behind me through the gap I make. The girl from the other night mentioned wanting to sit on this barrel thing I was leaning against, so without hesitating I reached down and wrapped my arms around her thighs and hoisted her up onto it, legs spread around me and leaned forward with my hands resting on the barrel behind her to stare her down with our faces an inch away from eachother for a second before giving her a quick makeout and backing off. She went "wow that was aggressive.......I like it!" She was a pretty dominant chick too.

This is just standard alpha leading stuff, there's nothing super sexual about it, but the point of it is that you're showing that you're a guy who will take care of them, not use them. A sexworthy guy is a guy that most chicks he sleeps with have nothing bad to say about him, each girl looks at it like an experience she's glad she had. Girls don't end up with buyer's remorse because the whole seduction was a fun adventure. Sure, they can't tame the guy, but they'll keep coming back because he makes them feel good. They can trust that he'll lead the situation to sex.

5) Recognize when to escalate. Like I said earlier in the Escalation thread: "If she looks at you, she wants you to talk to her. If she talks to you, she wants you to make her laugh. If she laughs, she wants you to touch her. If she touches you, she wants you to kiss her. If she kisses you, she wants you to fuck her."

I can't even count the number of guys I've watched miss what are SUPER blatant opportunities to me. The girl will be leaning against him, touching his thigh, and he'll be thinking "I wonder if she likes me" and then tries to get her phone number. Like...jeezus. Poor girl, you're giving her blue vag haha This comes down to being out a lot and paying attention. I know lingo blows, but the oldschool IOI stuff is solid. It's not that you have to wait for specific IOIs, like "oh she asked my name but she didn't fix her hair yet so I better not kiss her", it's just like, be aware that they DO exist, and that if you DO get them, that is a VERY obvious sign she's subconsciously trying to give you to escalate the interaction.

A sexworthy guy doesn't just magically have girls asking him to fuck her. A sexworthy guy picks up on really subtle clues the girl is trying to drop and escalates on them. The thing is she's always dropping these clues, but the nice dude offering to take her to dinner and a movie can't read them, and the sleazy rich guy offering to buy her drinks can't read them, and her whipped beta husband can't read them. The sexworthy guy sees these things and escalates on them, so the girl doesn't have to feel like a because she can still say "it just happened" or blame the guy for it happening because she didn't have to basically throw herself at the dude.

In Manwhore's thread (go read it) he says:  "They saw no sexual “yes” from the girl, simply saw me escalate on her without “verbal consent” (lol), and assumed it was some form of force. No, the girl was in full compliance, but in the society we live in.. girls most of the time simply cannot give consent. Or they’re deemed sluts."

I totally agree with this.  Her just not running away is basically an "escalate on me!" signal.  If she wasn't interested, she wouldn't be there.  Escalate fast as you can, and watch the vibe, if it gets weird, back up a bit and escalate again later.  It's a lot faster than most people think.

The chick from the other night just gave me simple signs. She opened me, which means she wants to have sex (these are the easiest, if she opens you and you're into her there's no reason you shouldn't end up fucking her). Her opener was about me not dancing, which means she wants to dance with me. If she wants to dance with me it means she wants to touch me. According to the list up above what does it mean if she touches me? It means she wants me to kiss her, so a couple minutes into dancing I kissed her, no getting the cheek or anything because she was giving me these blatantly obvious signals so she's just relieved I can read them and have the balls to escalate. She kissed me back which means she wants to fuck, so after a while of making out on the dance floor I let my hands get closer to rubbing her vag over her pants. If we had any kind of privacy we'd've fucked right then. The dance floor was pretty empty at that point so we couldn't even really go for the hands down eachother's pants or that would've been my next move, haha

The point of this is that I'm reading these cues she's giving off and escalating on them, not sitting there wondering if they're REALLY there or if I'm imagining it or talking myself out of them existing ("but she couldn't be into me I'm not as good looking as that dude over there blah blah blah"). I'm accepting that she is a sexual being and that she is giving out these signals, and I'm receiving them.

In the movie Roger Dodger, the main guy explains to the kid "Sex is EVERYWHERE. It is all around us. It's not some distant destination, it's not Everest, it's right here. You have to attune yourself to it. I walk around in a state of total receptivity, I'm like a fucking lightning rod."

Most guys will talk themselves out of escalating because they can't believe that the signs are there and that they're there so frequently, everywhere around them at all times. Like, when you go to the grocery store, and the checkout clerk chick holds eye contact for just a little too long, she wants to fuck. When you're on the phone with a telemarketer chick and you make a comment that cracks her up and she forgets what she's saying for a second, she wants to fuck. When your friend introduces a girl to you and that girl laughs and touches your arm at something you say, she wants to fuck. It's not whether the fuck actually happens or not and they may not even realize it themselves, it's just that at that specific point in time, that particular girl had a flash of emotions that made her feel good which is what leads to fucking.

That's why my friend who thinks his female friends are angels doesn't get what's going on. He's blocking out all these signals the girls are giving guys around them because he can't accept that yes, his female friends that he's known for so long through thick and thin blah blah blah, are, deep down, just as horny and love sex just as much as that slutty chick up on the podium in the miniskirt at the bar.

6) Cross boundaries, but don't stay there. Get in her face, but then back off. Kiss her, but then pull away from the kiss. Make some sexual innuendo, but then talk about normal shit. Talk about sexual fetishes, but then talk about the weather. Stroke her thigh, but then pull your hand away to take a drink. You're showing that you're a guy who's not afraid to cross these boundaries, BUT that you're not such a horndog that you have to stay on that side of the boundary. Most normal guys will get a girl talking about sex but basically be thinking "omg she's telling me she has a bunch of lingerie!! I never get to talk about this stuff with a girl I'd better ask a dozen questions about it and try to talk about this for as long as possible because who knows when it'll happen again for me!!!!" That ain't sexworthy, is it?

Sexworthy guy has had that conversation with a dozen girls and will have that conversation with a dozen more girls, he doesn't have to dwell on it, he can be chill and back off the boundary because he's confident enough to know he'll be back across that boundary in the future. Same with touching, or kissing, a sexworthy guy can back off or pull away because he knows he'll be back there. It's why we're taught in the community to break the kiss off first...if you don't, it looks like you're so starving for a makeout and it's so rare to you that you have to get as much as you can when you can. Needy.

Same with "celebrating". One thing I can't stand about winging with normal friends or random guys is that as soon as the girl turns around or goes to the bathroom for a second or whatever, the guy will hold up his fist to give me "the rock" like "yea!! way to go!!" Like, shit, you just signalled to everyone in the room, including her if she noticed or her friends nearby, that it's such a rare event for you to do well with a chick that you have to celebrate it. Does Gene Simmons high five his buddies when a chick throws herself at him? No, fuck, it happens all the time to him, it's not a significant event. If by not celebrating like a dork, you're demonstrating that girls are always attracted around you, then logically the girl assumes you must be sexworthy.

7) Dancing. God. I hate this one, haha I suck at dancing so much. I'm a white guy, I know to stick to shuffling side to side slightly, that's my zone. But I'm talking specifically about dancing with a chick. I used to just do some really basic spin the girl around stuff, and it was okay, the girl had fun getting to twirl, but I'd end it holding them back in the tango position or whatever like some old movie. And then maybe get to escalate to grinding a bit.

This was fun, but too fucking slow haha The most annoying shit ever was having to dance for like 2 hours with a group of girls till my legs hurt like hell the next day, blah! So now I do things a lot more efficient.

Once you get a chick to the dance floor with you (whether you brought her there or you're just dancing with a group and the girl beside you digs you), for the first move, take, say, your right hand and hold it out palm up, and close and open your fingers on that hand a couple of times. This means "gimme your hand, woman." She'll know. If she doesn't, look at her like she's socially inept and go "Gimme!" and close and open your fingers a few more times. When you have her hand, move your arm to the left across your body, and upward over her head, which tells her "spin this way!" She'll spin, while your arm is up above her...

But here's where you dominate and turn things sexual. Instead of letting the spin finish and dancing some more, you give a pretty solid yank on her hand straight toward your right arm's shoulder, yanking it up to behind your neck and let go of her hand. This tells her "Put your hand up here!" As soon as you let go of her hand, lower your arm and reach behind her back. You've lifted her arm up out of the way so you can just drop yours down after you let go, and she'll be off balance from the sudden dominant pull you gave, so you need to reach around to put your hand on her lower back to balance her and pull her in even closer. Put your knee between her legs and oh look, you're grinding sexually off the first move, and you led into it in a super fun playful but very dominant way.

I even like to SAY sarcastically "oh, god, now we're all grinding and shit, we're so dirty, everyone's looking at us like "omg get a room" :)" and then, like I said in the crossing boundaries second, I step back and from the small of her back trace my hand up her side to her shoulder and then all the way down her arm as we back away from eachother, and now we're back to hand-holding and dancing away from eachother where I do my white guy shuffle for a minute before I do another move.

A lot of things are demonstrated in this one move. It shows that I'll cross boundaries but don't have to stay there, it turns her on because she gets tossed around a little bit, it shows her what to expect in the bedroom later (she knows I'll toss her around and dominate, I'm not going to be some in bed with hands shaking trying to take off her bra), it shows that I'm capable of escalating in a fun smooth way, it shows that I'm totally aware of what's going on between us, and dropping the "omg get a room" sets an "us VS them" mentality like we're "together" and gets her subconscious thinking about stuff like us hooking up in a room together so it's not unexpected later on when we actually do just that.

Plus because it's basically the first move, it's getting right up in her face that if she hangs out with me, we're going to fuck. It's not "surprise I have a penis!" later in the bedroom.

Variations on it include doing the same spin but instead of letting her spin all the way around, when she gets halfway through the spin so she's facing away from you, quickly pull your hand holding hers straight down and hug her across the belly. The way arms bend, yours will have a clear path to this spot and hers will end up on top of yours. Now you're in a very romantic cuddly pose together, but also grinding. This goes back to the stuff up above about showing her you'll protect're dropping little boyfriendy comfort vibes here. Usually girls will just kind of curl up for a sec against you in this pose.

The fun part about the above two moves is both of them can be done completely one-handed.  You're manhandling her with one arm but can be holding a beer with the other one haha  If you learn to do this smoothly it looks pretty cool, like you're just effortlessly tossing this girl around getting her horny, not even paying attention to her because, as a sexworthy guy, this is just what you do with girls.

A variation on that facing away one is to put both your hands out and do the exact same move except because you were holding both hands, your left hand keeps holding onto hers so she ends up with her arms crossed over her body and you in super close behind her, with both your arms wrapped around her body to her hands and your face over her shoulder where you can whisper into her ear, nibble her neck, talk about the weather, etc. This is again very boyfriendy comfortable (and the point of all this is to build comfort super fast so that she doesn't get LMR when you fuck because she feels like she's known you forever), and dominant because you led to it and she had no idea you were going to do this move, but also there's a little element of bondage in it because her arms are wrapped around her body and trapped so she can't just pull them away.

There's a bunch more of these moves, these are just the early ones. After these you move up to pinning her against walls and columns on the dance floor, various poses for makeouts, putting her hand on your crotch, letting her dance for you, hands down eachothers pants, etc. etc. This really doesn't take more than a few songs to escalate with. Often I'll start with the more tame ones like I described above, and then we'll go grab a drink or I'll walk off and run into her later, where we've got a little more tension and then I'll start busting out the bigger moves.

If the vibe is there, when I want to head back to the dance floor with her, I'll just squat down quick, wrap my arms around her thighs, and hoist her up over my shoulder and walk through the club to the dance floor like that. I stole this from those Athene pikcup videos on youtube, he did it to a couple different chicks and it's an awesome move as long as you don't like, crack her head on something, I wouldn't do this in a packed club haha It's super dominant, causes a huge scene, you can spank them with the other hand when they're over your shoulder, and I like to loudly say "oh god, everyone can see up your skirt, hope you're wearing underwear :)" while she lets out a string of "omg omg omg omg omg"s while I walk through the crowd and set her down on the dance floor, at which point she'll probably punch my arm and go "you're such a jerk", but with the biggest smile and a wet spot down below haha

All these moves cause a scene, so they're also good for social proof and if the chick has a bit of an exhibitionist side she'll really love it. Some of the moves take up a lot of space too, it's not uncommon for people to end up clearing a big open space for me and the chick I'm dancing with haha And that space will have people looking at us whispering "god they're so tacky" to their friends but secretly wishing their BFs would manhandle them like that.

The funny part about this dancing section is I'm the least dancing guy ever, so any of you guys who're like "but I don't have rhythm" and stuff, this shit is for you. Seriously, I wish I could dance, and if you're one of those dudes that took a hiphop breakdancing course and bust it out at the bar I am fucking envious of your skills, no lie. My dancing is just designed specifically to get the chick horny as fast as possible so I can get the fuck OFF the dance floor haha

8) No shame and no apologies. When you act like this, people will give you flak and girls will accuse you of trying to get with them. Well, ya, you are, of course, she's beautiful. Tell her that. Absolutely no apologies for your desires as a man. This is basically just frame control but girls or friends will accuse you of sleeping with lots of girls, whether it's in a negative way like calling you a manwhore, or in a positive way like "omg we can't, I've heard about you, you hook up with girls all the time!!" where it's a weak little shit-test. Be like Hank Moody in Californication, no apologies for your sexual nature. This is important because it shows you're confident, but it's also important because it reassures the girl that you won't judge her letting out her sexual nature because you're so accepting of it and don't view being sexual as "wrong" like other people in society do.

9) Persistance. Because you're sexual right from the start, as a person, a lot of what you do (kino, kiss attempts, dancing, etc.) will end up being in front of her friends. Because of this, her ASD will kick in and you'll get the cheek when you go for the kiss, you'll get giggles and omgs and "we can't do this" and "my friend said you're trouble" and she'll play coy and all that fun stuff. This frustrates a guy who's needy and horny and needs sex because he's like "fuck!! just play along will ya!! I haven't been laid in a year!!"

For a sexworthy guy, this is just girls being girls and is totally irrellevant, and, honestly, fun. It's the "dance of seduction", you know? It's the game, she plays coy, you persist, she goes "omg we can't!", you persist, she puts up weaker and weaker "defenses", you persist, and finally you break her down and all that pent up sexual tension explodes in a sexy kiss. It's a fucking blast, you should be having fun with that, not be frustrated by it. Half the time, the girls resist because the guys they're with don't know how to build the sexual tension so they're creating it themselves in their heads. The more sexual tension YOU create, the less they have to create, so they don't HAVE to play as hard-to-get. And if you're sexworthy, these games they play don't frustrate you because you know you'll get laid eventually by someone, if not you can chill and play the game and have fun with the tension.

I had one FB who would dance around parking lots and stuff "running away" from me.  I would act like I don't care and then suddenly make a bee-line for her dead on staring her down.  She'd giggle and panic and we'd play this little game repeatedly while we chatted about just casual shit until I finally caught her and pinned her up against a wall or picked her up over my shoulder.  It was a blast and we both loved the sexual tension it would ramp up.  The sex later on was awesome because the tension was so high from this.  She trusted that she could play coy and I would persist.  Keep in mind I'm not being persistant from a needy place, it's from a place of "I am going to fuck your brains out sooner or later, so you might as well stop running.  :)" confidence.

10) Bunch of youtube videos of Robbie Williams and Russell Brand: - Robbie doing crazy eye-contact with an interviewer chick. The sexual tension is through the roof on this. Not just for the interviewer girl but listen to the girls in the background shrieking. They're all creaming themselves over it. Also note how he escalates but then suddenly pulls away and then acts all casual like "c'mon, what's your next question?" while she's just sitting there flustered as shit. - Starting at 1:39. Chick's interviewing him, he's just blabbing, but then he drops the looking for a wife comment. Whoever edited this video is awesome, as soon as the interviewer chick drops "I'm more interested in you looking for a wife", look at the look on Robbie's face. His brain went "ding ding ding" and he goes into picking up mode, you can see him trying to think of stuff to say because suddenly he knows she'll fuck him so suddenly he's investing in the conversation. The point is he picks up on these signals that most guys, especially in the moment, would miss or gloss over or talk themselves out of thinking are there. This girl's friend would probably say "no she wouldn't do that, she was just being nice" but it's like, no, she wants to fuck him. - 2:20, when he says to do jump and the chick does it. "Didn't look like a jump, looked like something else." Crossed the boundary with innuendo, but then went back across the line not dwelling on it. It's not that this comment will make the chick fuck him or anything, it's that him doing stuff like this, so naturally, so often, so unapologetically, and so congruently, is what lets girls know "this is a guy who's not ashamed of sex". - Starting at 1:29, watch the nod he gives her to encourage her to come up on stage, and how she makes moves on him (butt-grab and slightly tugging his neck signalling she wants a kiss) and he reads those and escalates on them. - (part 1) This is a long interview, but it's a great example of why Robbie gives off a sexual vibe. The host is super flamingly gay but Robbie isn't intimidated or weirded out or anything in any way, and jokes around with him just like he would with a chick, even flirting and stuff (look at the reactions of everyone at 2:40). "Well that just means he's a big homo!!" No, it's because he's so comfortable with sexuality in general and so secure with his own sexuality that he can joke around and have fun, and the girls love that because it tells them he won't judge them. 4:10, his mind goes right into the gutter with the wording of that, so does the chick in the black hair behind him, which he picks up on...then he backs off from crossing the boundary until 6:00 where he gets her all giggly over saying the word "sex", and then he backs off again back to the interview. 7:20, he unapologetically starts hitting on her. Goes super sexual right off the bat, then pulls back to make small talk. - (part 2) Second half, 2:44, "Can we go back to the swimming lady?" Again, no shame, he will hit on her right in front of everyone, and in a fun smooth way.  Rest of the video is boring haha - Russell Brand. God, I don't even know where to start, haha There are some dancing monkey-esque parts in this, and you don't have to be as crazy high energy as Russell is, but pay attention to his verbals. The innuendo and stuff is just ridiculous and again, unapologetic. Really, search for anything with Russell Brand. The guy is awesome. He takes conversations dirty as often as possible, and in a fun way. - Starting at 2:45. Ya, the guy looks ridiculous, but he oozes sex. By 4:00, she can barely think.


Hope this helps!  It was a huge turning point in my game when I transitioned into this way of thinking.  It just completely changes interactions.  I can't even comprehend being put in a chick's platonic friend zone now, it just like, couldn't happen haha

- ninjasdf
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Now this is a great post!!!
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Shit dude I'm glad I asked about this...what a fucking response!  This is like everything I felt I was in the dark about.  I'm gonna have to read this and all the auxillery shit you posted over and over again.  I can't wait to get back to school next week and start applying this shit!
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awesome post

 i want you to have my babies ninjasdf
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 Great post.


keep the good work up ninja
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dancefloor is where it's at!
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i loved this post. 5 starts.

one of my best friends(hb9) has a new thing where she loves making out with me. she used to grab my ass, now shes into making out. does this mean she wants to fuck? shes a really flirty girl...
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This is excactly what I needed - I was thinking how to become more sexual in my interactions.

Great post, thanks a lot!!
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Amazing post man. I knew most of this already but it actually made me realize it!!
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mate, this is one of the best posts on the forum along with your esclate her escalation post 
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