January 20th, 2019
Presence according to Lee
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Pretty applicable stuff.

I <3 Lee
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Bruce lee has some pretty money stuff in his philosophy books.  A big talking point of his seems to be that the ego will hinder a fighter, like when he has a structered fight sequence.  If it doesn't work, the dude's like "well wtf do I do" and his certainty is shaken.  Which creates a distraction and messes with his focus, and then the other dude has more opportunities to go to town on his ass because he just can't compete.  It's that way with fighting, it's also that way with EVERYTHING ELSE.

I was actually thinking about that shit while I was shoveling some snow today, and managed to be totally out of my head an in the now.  *shrug*, may as well.  I also had another random thought... people who label themselves are no different than clueless mystics.  If you just start saying arbitary things about the laws of science without testing them at all, and then try to build a ROCKET based on those laws you just kinda bullshitted, are you honestly going to expect that fucker to take off?  The laws of science don't work because some scientist said them, they work because they are DESCRIPTIONS of reality.  Getting rid of all that mental bullshit and instead observing yourself mindfully and focusing on the now will get you that much closer to finding the reality of your self esteem.  It's no different than science.  On the outer level, you can have all the habits you wanna develop, but they have little to nothing to do with that self esteem... but they can be expressions of it when you know you've already got it.  You do it because you want to, not to 'find yourself' out there.
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