January 17th, 2019
My first time out
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Hi, I'm Razvan from Romania, I've been "studying" for about 1 year but I never had the balls to actually go out and rock the shit cause I've been hanging to my excuses to hard lol ( like I'm ugly, acne face, too skiny, no money, my story and all that shit... typical chode behavior) Anyway I said: I've gotta do something right now, I have to start going out and the most important thing: I'm 21 and still a virgin LOL! So I thought it would be cool to go to an escort to see how having sex is like and then hit the club and see if I feel any different :D  

So I live about 2 hours by bus from Bucharest (the capital of romania), I go there and on the way I stop and ask people (hot girls) for directions cause I've never been to bucharest before I do this to warm up cause I'm very awkward because I didn't use to go out that much, I was a very geeky guy that stood int front of the computer all day and play chess. It's kinda hard in the beginning, I can barely ask some old people but I soon get the courage and it starts getting easy to talk to strangers.

Anyway after a few hours I arrive at the escort's apartment (she was with 2 other roommates). I notice that she wasn't that good looking in reality, I mean sure she was cute but she was kinda fat for 53 kilos (116 pounds) like it said in her profile but hey I'm a virgin it doesn't matter I'm not that selective I just wanna fuck. She sees that I'm nervous and shy and tells me to get naked and relaxed while she went in another room to change her outfit. She puts me the condom, starts sucking my dick and I was like: wtf!! this is IT? I couldn't feel anything (throught the condom). After 2 minutes or so I tell her: get on top, she gets and we start fucking but... again, wtf?? this is IT ?!

I thought sex would feel better but actually I really didn't like it and she was mechanical and didn't look at me at all, you could tell she was bored and doing her daily routine and I felt really stupid and like I was just a piece of furniture, like it was very very unnatural to do it this way. Anyway I try on a few positions and then the condom breaks fuck! she then goes in the other room and I thought she went to bring another condom.  She came back after 5 minutes and said: Razvan I'm sorry but your hour is over!  I was like: but I'm not finished yet :( and she said: yeah but you paid for the hour not for the finalization (or something like that ) (by the way my hour wasn't over, FUCK! I barely fucked her for 25-30 minutes, fucking bitch! how could she be so cruel? leave me unfinished) Anyway I take a shower, put my clothes on and then leave. I immediately felt the tears bursting on my face.

There I was not a virgin any more but it wasn't like how I imagined it at all. I felt robbed and used. like I didn't matter to anyone, like I was a nobody, to be honest I don't remember ever feeling that bad in my life. I sat on a bench and cried there for like an hour while eating bananas :D (hey I try to eat healthy) But while sitting on the bench I realized how hard it was or actually how much I sucked and that I've been hiding in my house for all these years playing computer games and chess and masturbating to internet porn. It was like the cruel reality struck me all of a sudden and I realized my actual situation. I also realized  I have to do something cause I won't give up EVER.

I knew what I wanted and now I knew that sex is not that big of a deal, the only regret that I had was that I had to wait 21 years to find out this.  I said to myself: I have to keep on going, I don't wanna quit and I stand up, I take my backpack and start walking the streets of Bucharest randomly. Right now, the streets were empty, there was no one I could talk to, I was very depressed, alone, tired and with blue balls LOL! I walked like this for say... half an hour until I found streets where there were a lot of girls on the streets:  cool, it's now or never I have to say something so I say to the first girl with a trembling voice: Hey do you know where club Planter's is? she says sorry no idea, whatever I go then to a couple (boy-girl) and ask them, they don't know either, then I go to a huge group (there were like 7-8 people including 3 hot girls) and I ask them with a confident voice  they tell me, I leave and I arrive at the club only to notice that it's closed. Whatever I head back to the station and see 3 girls (like 6, 7, 7)  and ask them: "hi, can you tell me a cool club where I can go? cause Planter's was closed " and they say: what kinda club?  and I say: well a cool club with house music that is preferably Free. And then they say they don't really know which clubs are free and they give me a magazine with pubs, clubs and bars. I say thx and leave for the subway station. There I see a fucking hot 7.5 blonde talking on the phone. I wait for her to finish and then I ask her: "hey can you help me with something?I need to choose a cool club tonite and I don't know which ones are free" and I show her the magazine, she looks for a few seconds and replies: I don't know either, but why do you need it? (or something like that)   I say: well I'm not from around here, and I can't get home cause my bus only comes tomorrow at 5 o'clock in the morning so I have to find a place to stay. She says well I think there are a lot of cool clubs in the "Regie area" cause that's where the students are. I say cool how can I get there? and she says well it's on my way so I'll show you how to get there. And there we talk for about 30-40 minutes on the way. 

She was from Political Science university in her first year.  The conversation was pretty boring and normal actually, I didnt really know what to say, there were awkward moments. I noticed a post on the wall it said something about the new Saw6 movie and I asked her: have you seen this new movie it's really cool, she says no I don't like horror movies, I like comedies.   Well anyway it didn't go with makeout and fucking her or getting the number, but at least for the first time in my life I was out, alone, relying on no one but myself, talking with a hot girl, complete stranger that was acting really nice with me COOL! I guess I could have spent my saturday night much better... hehe I could have stayed at home and masturbated 2-3 times, then played a multiplayer video game, or gone to my 27 year old chode cousin and have a LAN PARTY and play some strategy games or some cars hehe. Anyway I really felt happy that I picked up a girl and talked to her for so  long it was like "haha now I'm a good person cause she didn't reject me like that fucking escort"  

But the night wasn't over yet, it was about 11 PM and I had to stay somewhere until 5 in the morning so I had to find a cool club. I went in the area the girl pointed me and after about 30-40 minutes of walking randomly on the streets and asking people for directions to a cool club I stumble upon a place called "Princess club"  I notice there's a pretty big line, hmmm I ddn't know what to do, here I was alone, no friends, no cool clothes, no hair gel, no money, I was a stranger in a strange place and I felt really intimadated cause I've been  only twice to a club and it was in my town (Pitesti) but as soon as I enter the club I notice that it's FUCKING HUGE, I mean HUUUGE, It was like 10 times the size of the clubs from my town. I think there were like 700 people there, and I think the club was  as big as a football field with HOT girls crawling all over the place. I said fuck it's now or never so I did what  any PUA master would do... 

I circled the bar trying to find a spot and then went to the bathroom hahaaa!  I was like a little boy away from his computer where he felt safe. Anyway I came back, went to the bar, ordered a beer, and started drinkin it and turned around to see what's going on in the club. Right now, nothing! the music was low, it was like 12 PM or something. After half an hour of sitting there, 2 HOT chicks  enter the club and sit right next to me at the bar (the chode from my left offered them his seat and then left.... loser) I said to myself: step the fuck up stop acting like a child! so I turn to the hotter one( like an 8 by my standards) she had these erect HUGE boobs just sitting on her chest waiting to be titfucked. I turned to her and said: Are those real or fake? She said: Of course they're real what do youthink?  Me: I don't believe you, I have to touch them to make sure. Her: Maybe if you pay me 1000 dollars. Me: Oh no, you pay me 20 bucks, come on I'm selling myself cheap here. Her: Haha! You want ME to pay YOU?  And then I didn't know what else to say so I got back to drinkin my beer.

Wow this chit chat with Huge Boobs there kinda put me in state, I mean I was happy cause I have approached a 2 set in the club, by my own and they actually acted pretty friendly. Anyway after about 10 minutes I order another beer and then ask Huge Boobs: Hey is this club always boring like this? I mean when do they turn on the music louder? And she says well later, when the dancers come.  I said Cool I can't wait. Anyway by the time the party started and the atmosphere got more intense, I finished my second beer and was now fucking happy, don't know exactly why but I was in state ( probably because I had the realization that I was in a hot club, having fun, listening to cool loud music, hot girls everywhere and I did this without the help of anyone of my old chode friends. I created this with my own will power and actions. Some cool artists that I saw on TV, I now saw live a few feet away from me.

There were these hot chicks from TV dancing in front of me COOOOL! I go to order another beer, return and then ask a girl to my left: Hey do you like Connecter (the artist that was on stage), she says Yeah!  I say COOL!  and then eject (hey I didn't know what to say lol) Then I see that the wairtress was standing there enjoying the music, I go to her and ask: Hey do you  like COnnecter, her: yeah, Me: Would you like Ina to come (Ina is a hot singer from my country who I'm definitely gonna fuck in the near future, yep she's definitely on my fuck list)  And then she says: no, I don't like women, I like men. Me: Do you like the dancers?  her: no they're kinda skinny. And then I say cool and eject. 
Then I talk to another blonde wairtress, she's like a 6, but she's the nicest, she was doing something as the computer and told her: Hey that looks pretty complicated youshould teach me :D  and she starts to show me LOL! after 3 beers my vision was kinda blury and I dind't really understand what she said nor did I care. I just knew I was talking to a girl in a club, a thing that was so outside of my reality a few days ago.
 Anyway then I start all of a sudden to hi5 all the people, I think I hi5ed half of the club (there were like 700 people in there) some were looking weird at me, some were cool about it but it was fun for me, I even hi5ed the girl that was dancing on top, you know the hot girl in hot panties that is paid to dance. Then I returned to the bar and a group of chodes offered me drinks LOL! they started worshiping me for some reason haha ... me the dude that banged a hooker for 30 minutes only to get kicked out without being finished, the dude that was a few days ago an expert in Counter Strike and GTA  hahaa!
Hey I couldn't refuse free beer so I drank another 2 beers and got kinda wasted... but I was having fun :D I started going up to girls that danced but I don't know why but they were all running from me :( don't remember why, what did I do wrong? Well whatever, I went back to the bar, and notice this couple to my right. I see that the guy is a chode and doesn't have the courage to do anything and of course because I was an "expert"

I started to play the teacher role and said to him: Dude I know you wanna fuck her, pull the trigger and he says no no no no..  Then I go to her and tell her: He told  me he wants to fuck you and she says: haha I don't believe you, we're just friends and nothing more. Then I make signs at him pointing at her: "Fuck her, Fuck her"  he's like no no  no no no. In my mind I'm like "fuck this he doesn't have the balls for it"  hahaaa I was shitting my pants when it came to talking, kissing, or fucking a girl and I was giving him advice :D   After a few minutes I grab their heads and try to force a kiss they don't comply and I quit and start talking to this other couple on my left.

They look really bored and I say to the girl: Hey you look really bored, and the borefriend comes in and says: Hey fuck off she's my GF.  I say OK and eject.  I start talking to some other girls and then I return to the bored couple (without remembering that I've previously talked to them cause I was wasted) and the BF tells me again: hey fuck off, she's mine. Whatever I eject again, try to dance to some other girls, circle the club, slap some chick's ass and then return again to the couple (of course I thought this was still the first time I saw them LOL!) and and told her: "Hey you look bored"
and the Borefriend starts pissing off and starts grabbing my nipple hard hahahaahaa!  I get outta there and start talking to the wairtress I don't remember exactly what but I do remember that her BF came and told me: Hey do  you think you're handsome? (wtf is this supposed to mean) and I tell him: Dude, it doesn't matter! He asks the girl: do youthink it matters? She says: no :D   Anyway he gets outta there I continue to talk to her and I could see she wanted to get rid of me, she was pissed even and told me, hey I have a BF but that girl doesn't  and I immediately turn left and see this chick she was like a 7 or so I go up and tell her:

Hey I heard you don't have a BF, she's like: yeah so what?  ME: well I wanna be your BF. she's like: Actually I don't know what she said I was too tired to even care but I remember that I talked with her for about 10-20 minutes and then the bouncer came in and basically told me to fuck off... morone. I don't know why, maybe because I was so wasted that I didn't notice that I was the only one left in the club :D It was about 5:30 am and I finally left the club, feeling really happy for all the things that happened in such a short period of time and especially for not quitting after the escort fucked me.

Hope someone can help me with advice on what to do from now on, what could I have said better, or what could I have done better. Why do you think the girls were running from me? and do looks matter so much in a club? I'm pretty ugly but I won't let that stand in my way.
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I actually read that whole thing. For some reason I like reading reports like this, since so many of the guys who post here already seem like they're damn good at this stuff.
Glad you finally decided to go out. Seems like you already made some progress the first night, going from asking for directions and ejecting to actually getting into conversations with a few hot girls.
As for the rejections, it's simply because you don't have enough experience. Think of the first time you played Counterstrike. Going to a club and trying to pick up girls for the first time is like being thrown into a high-level shooter game the first time you play. Granted you probably won't get shot in the head in the club, but you will get shot down. A lot. But eventually, as you keep going out, you invevitably get better. Spend as many hours getting good with women as you'd spend getting good at a game, and you'll be just that: good with women.

Cheers man. Good luck in the future.
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