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Koolaid Bootcamp with Jeffy + Greg, Marc, Adam
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So one good thing about taking a bootcamp is you realize this "pickup stuff" is actually real. If you go out for months and get close to no results, then it's understandable to have doubt. I had like a 90% certainty that it was real before due to seeing my friends success but now I'm closer to 99%.

So where's the proof?
In field videos:
-super long ass video of Jeffy defusing 10 million shit tests from this girl. From the club all the way to the taxi
-another really long video of Alex who finally makes out with a girl after 20 minutes. From the club to the taxi again

There were more videos too but we didn't end up watching them all.

In these two interactions you can really tell these aren't girls who landed on their dick. Many opportunities to lose them, the pulls weren't smooth and easy at all.

-there were pictures of girls shown to me by interns where in the picture it's self-evident that they're hooking up with the girls
-demos in real life right in front of me, seeing an intern meet a girl, make-out etc
-seeing an intern grab a girl's hand on the dancefloor, pick her up, spin her around and then grind with her and be very physical without her freaking out

The remaining question is whether it will become real for me. Will I get results? After taking this bootcamp I can see that it will happen.

Bootcamp pros
-more sets than usual where I don't run out of things to say
-around 5-6 sets where I was very physical, more than I've ever been in my whole life
-learned I need to get in touch with my emotions ie. Jeffy hates Black Eyed Peas but when the song comes on he's the biggest fan "Tonight's gonna be a GAY night LOL"
-haha whenever I hear "don't think feel" I think about this scene
-changed my somewhat 50% belief that I can change my life into a 90% belief
-more harsh blowouts than I've ever seen LOL, helping me thicken my skin
-Girls telling me to leave 5 times in a row
-Girls getting visibly angry and upset
-Girls finding me later and cussing me out
-Girls saying wtf is with that camera and you have no game. Good lord, I think nothing can get worse than the camera set
-Jeffy says you want a result ie. getting fucked or getting blown out and boy did I get results
-two acceptable outcomes to a set. Girl gets fucked or leaves. I need to work on this more and be more persistent.
-I'd walk through a venue and all the girls I'd already opened except the ones with an obvious boyfriend. The venue was very crowded too lol.

Bootcamp cons (or maybe not even cons?)
-I was actually out of state a lot, feeling like shit, not confident at all. Although that stuff is my responsibility I didn't feel like I had one of those glorious success story nights. First two nights I went home feeling pretty shitty. Jeffy did say that this isn't some happy summer camp stuff and he was right it was a jihad haha
-again it's my responsibility but I feel like I didn't push my sets hard enough. Although I did have a lot of harsh blow-outs, another thing that happened often was I'd just stall out or eject when I wasn't getting a positive reaction. I thought an instructor or intern would intervene and tell me to do something but they didn't do it too much. It was pretty easy for me to stay in a bad set that I knew wasn't going anywhere, but every initial good set I was pretty worried about not screwing it up.


I was really disappointed that I didn't get laid, get a make-out, or have a girl super attracted to me and never letting me go. However, my expectations were too high for the program. Stuff like that happens to me once in a blue moon, so unfortunately it didn't happen this time. I'm setting my bar for success lower now. It's more like be physical and don't run out of things to say. I have trouble being physical and keeping up the convo at the same time.

Bootcamp is definitely not a magic pill at all. It's only three days so they can't transform the shit out of you. If you're already a pretty cool guy, you've gotten laid before, have a decent social circle, go out and engage in physical activity hobbies etc etc then yeah maybe you just need a little push in the right direction and things will be spectacular.

Right now I'm not like that at all. I've gotten laid once in my entire life. I had only one girlfriend for one week. I have absolutely no social-circle since I left Canada a year ago. I do lift weights but I don't play any team sports. I go out but it's mostly to sarge, not hanging out with friends. I was playing World of Warcraft extremely hardcore for a whole year and I quit a few months ago (it was a lot of fun though, I don't regret getting that urge to play out of my system).

Haha so Jeffy likes to ask a student their hobbies and when they go derrrr then he knows he's in for a rough weekend. So yeah I answer that question with derrrr and that needs to change. I'm going to play soccer regularly with coworkers on wednesdays to start and will seek other activities to occupy my free time.

Bootcamp is definitely not a magic pill. It's more like you get an intense personal training session from Arnold Schwarzenegger. If your life situation is like mine or worse, then I don't recommend spending every last penny on this and expecting some really HUGE change in three days. It's more about steering you in the right direction, giving you super detailed feedback and giving you hope and motivation.

Anyway I do recommend taking the bootcamp, especially with Jeffy who has a HUGE amount of dedication to students. Jeffy is extremely good about following up on his students and their long-term success.

I was a bit worried because other people have said an RSD bootcamp with Jeffy is just a big state pump and then you're left in the dark with no long-term plan. This isn't the case at all, in fact it's the opposite lol. I had close to zero state pumping and Jeffy told us to ask him any question any time no matter how stupid and he'll always make time for it. He told me which venue he usually goes out to and said he'd run shit with me whenever. He wrote EXTREMELY detailed notes and e-mailed them to me. The most detailed feedback I've ever seen. This is no joke, he missed nothing. These notes are literally 5 printed pages long..

This is all because he really wants to see students succeeding and goes above and beyond what's offered in the bootcamp description.

Jeffy is fucking funny, good enough to be a professional comedian. Right now I whenever I think about being an entertainer, or trying to weasel my way into the party or something I remember Jeffy imitating that shit and it's hilarious. Derr derr derr derr derr LOL.

Most important general points were:

What are the four most important things to do:
-core confidence
-bringing value

Criteria for success in a night is
1. approach
2. show interest (i.e. put self in sexual state and express both verbally and physically)
3. express from core (self-amuse)

Numbers game:
-Jeffy confirms it really is a numbers game, and learning the skillset improves the numbers in your favour, but there are no PUA gods of course. Everyone gets blown out, and they're supposed to get blown out.

-33% of girls will tell you to fuck off
-33% will giggle and be amused, but no
-33% of girls will be like hell yeah

I'm pretty sure Jeffy has the ability to never get blown out 90% of the time because he can just talk and people will love him. Once they're talking back it's over. This would look all very nice and pretty. However, what will blow him out and anyone else is the escalation. You escalate hard to filter out the 33% who will be amused and enjoy the social interaction, but who don't want to fuck. It's an efficiency thing. Remember if you don't escalate and fuck the girl, then it's a blowout too.

Jeffy overescalates and then corrects on purpose, so later on there's no LMR or a tight-rope walk where any little mistake later on will lose the girl. Haha he creates the impression that once a girl is alone with him she's getting fucked, very good frame. He showed a very good demo of this on video and narrated it. It's really surprising though how normal and low-key he is with a girl. He doesn't do a huge barrage of humour.

Anyway my FR for the bootcamp is super long. I wanted to remember it all. It could've been even longer but I was lazy.
Jeffy Bootcamp Alumnus Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009

Life changing self-esteem article by Tyler

Excellent post about practice and consistency by Ozzie. Really hits home.

Field report thread.
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I actually met Jeffy two years ago. I was more of an RSD fan boy and had worse self-esteem and emotional maturity than now. Anyway, I was impressed before so I was excited for this.

I dressed up as Itachi from Naruto for halloween. It's this anime. In retrospect I might've been too hasty in taking a Halloween bootcamp. I think the costume might've complicated things a bit. The venues were mostly full of non-asians and no one had any idea who the fuck I was lol. Also some of the reactions might've been better or worse than usual with the costume and it could miscalibrate me a bit. But anyway Jeffy told me my game really sucks and it can't get any worse hahaha. It's probably better to take a bootcamp where you're dressed like you normally go out, but oh well. Eventually I was so inside my head during the night that I forgot I was even wearing a costume.

So I arrive at the meeting place for the bootcamp. I see some dude standing outside and start talking to him for a bit. We're both pretty vague on what we're doing here. Haha later I figure out he's the other student.

So I'm waiting outside the hotel and I see Jeffy. This guy isn't an alpha god or anything, he's still a normal guy, but he walks around like a hero or a champ it's pretty jokes. When he's walking around you just look at him and feel like this dude is the boss, he has a lot of presence.

Anyway I hear them yelling my name so I go join them. I see them and realize I'm the only guy wearing a costume. I ask Jeffy if I'm supposed to be wearing a costume and he's like yes. However, everyone else has very non-obvious costumes and they look more like regular clothes. Jeffy is singing some Miley Cyrus in falsetto in a non-chalant way it's hilarious lol.

Jeffy is a priest and he has a real priest shirt, but it's not super obvious. Greg an intern is a vampire but it's not super obvious. The other two interns Matt and Adam have no costume and neither does the other student. The other student is from Israel so everyone calls him Israeli lol.

Sigh.... so yeah I'm the only one in a costume. Jeffy gives a really concise yet detailed information package. He asks us about our backgrounds. He tells us that this isn't some happy summer camp it's going to be a jihad into elminating the inner chode. Jeffy says there's no judgement here, it's just a student and teacher role now, no one is a superior person etc etc. He said you might hate us during the program and Greg nods at this. At the time I thought no way, but yeah I did end up hating them during parts of the program hahaha. It's all good now though.

LOL so Jeffy and Greg sometimes give HARSH criticism during the program. When you try to do something and especially when it's your own idea and then someone gives you harsh criticism and yells at you after, well I get pretty mad and inside my head hahaha. I was thinking why the fuck are they yelling at me at the time, but now I realize why. It's because I can really remember the harsh criticism well now. If they hadn't been as emphatic I might've forgotten what they said. Next time I go out when I'm about to do something wrong I'll either remember being yelled at for doing it, or some funny ass shit Jeffy did to imitate the wrong behaviour. LOL Greg imitated me during some daygame sets on Sunday and it was hilarious and educational.

Jeffy shows us his iphone signals which are pretty jokes. White means physically escalate, red means make-out, and green means pull. He kept having us guessing what the colors meant and I kept guessing one of them meant stopping. Jeffy gives me a look and says wtf there's no stop dude. Hahahaha. Sadly I only got shown this signal once throughout the whole program. The rest of the sets just weren't going well enough.

Then he leads us into the hotel bar. He walks in like a spartan or something, very commanding body language and stuff. Anyway, so the first thing that surprises me is Jeffy just walks through the bar like a normal dude checking things out. I expected him to open a set of 20 people and tell them some crazy jokes and have them all love him lol. Anyway, he says the venue kind of sucks and doesn't really have us opening many sets. He sends me into a female two-set Matt has already opened.

I open the girl and she's not talking back too much. Come to think of it I think randomly this is one of the few sets I was able to turn around where the girl wasn't receptive. I'm very verbal and say self-amusing stuff and she warms up. Talking about how she's a power ranger etc. I think the problem here was that I was working too hard and being entertaining. I wasn't being the cooler guy. I was also sorta running out of things to say, like barely hanging on. Jeffy signals me to physically escalate with his iphone. I claw her with my arm around her shoulders in some lame ass way and I touch her hair a bit. I have no idea what to do next.

Eventually we have to leave. I tell the girl I like her and I wanna take her on a date next week. I think it was incongruent though because I didn't really like her that much, I just wanted to see if I could get the number to see how much she liked me (which is a very weak attitude, looking to see how much girls like you). I got a number and then we left.

Er so on the way to the next venue Jeffy tells me he's gonna rip into me. Uh oh! He says stuff like stop the faggotry, don't entertain, don't game too hard, I'm sick of reading your posts on the forum, that set really sucked, don't do kino because you're supposed to, touch a women the way your body wants to and hmmm I forget the rest. I lose confidence/state here, go inside my head etc etc. I really need to learn how to bring myself back up and control my own emotions.

So we go somewhere and it's not too crowded yet. I'm like one of the only people in a costume. We wait around a bit and Jeffy points me to a set and I go in. At this point I totally forget I'm wearing a costume, very inside my head. I use a direct opener, I forget what it was and then I stall out. I start running out of things to say and begin to intermittently say something every 30-60 seconds. I gave her a hug, but it was a crappy tentative hug. At first when I opened they were all enthusiastic and her friend tells me to make-out with her. I do try to and the girl backs away. However, now they're telling me to leave politely.

Unfortunately, the rule is make them leave... and they're a seated set. I didn't stick to this rule religiously all the time this weekend because after they tell you to leave 4 times and you're out of things to say there's probably a better way to spend your time. However, it is good to withstand the social pressure.

Matt enters the set and later so does Jeffy. He pulls me back away from the girl a bit because I'm standing too close to her giving too much pressure. Them entering the set is not enough to save it though. I'm not too sure how Matt was doing with his girl but he's talking and Jeffy leans in and talks to the two fat girls. Matt and Jeffy aren't running out of things to say and I think the girls hate them even more than me now lol because I'm just standing there doing nothing.

My girl tells Jeffy to stop leaning on the table but he just ignores it. Eventually my original target gets visibly upset and the whole group gets up and leaves the table lol. Damn, I thought I'd done harsh blowouts before but that I've never done. I usually just leave like a little after they ask me the first or second time. I felt pretty bad for my original target since she seemed upset but oh well.

I derrr a bit and people point me to some sets and I open them. I was being pretty dumb. Once I get blown out I know I'm supposed to just quickly open another set but I end up scanning the room looking for a hot girl or a good set.

I forget what happened but I remember these two asian girls. Neither were too attractive and they looked pretty thuggish.

I go in weak and they tell me to leave. I stay around and keep talking and they act annoyed. I run out of things to say and so I have something to say only every minute or two. These guys beside them tell me it's not worth it etc but I stay. The girls walk away from me but they're still close enough for me to keep talking. I probably should've left at this point but I stayed in trying to ellicit a response.

Finally one girl gets pretty annoyed and starts responding to me. She says she's a badass and she has a gun. I start saying some try-hard stuff about how I have a gun too. I say when I go out I take-out all the bullets and just bluff with an empty gun. I think I was trying to elaborately point out that she was bluffing but of course no one understood LOL. It seems pretty obvious to me she was just lying about the gun (I hope). Anyway I didn't get shot and they just walk away further from me. The guys who are around there, not sure if I knew them, tell me that's not how I'm supposed to act etc etc lol. Haha I have social awareness though and I sure as hell saw how the girls were reacting but I just stayed in.

Ugh, this is really dumb but it sets the tone for like half the sets of the night. I have a lot more persistence in immediately shitty sets and no persistence in good sets. I'm supposed to be banging girls, not butting heads with people. At least I get to practice with that social pressure.

Anyway, a lot of sets I just stayed in and acted like a dick. There was a three set of tall white girls next who ignore the other student and he leaves. I get in their space and talk a bit, but promptly run out of things to say again. They tell me they're lesbians and I should leave about four times. It's pretty bad, weaseling my way into the party instead of of bringing the party, but I don't know how to bring the party. I tell the most antagonistic one to go buy me a drink. She's actually dumbfounded and asks me to repeat myself. She's like YOU want ME to go buy YOU a drink. Who are you? I think maybe this stuff can be turned around if I had done this earlier, but yeah, I run out of things to say again and they eventually leave. It's the dancefloor though, so it's not as bad as making 6 girls seated at a table leave.

Why didn't I have this persistence during sets that went well? I think it's because once I ran out of things to say I knew the set was hopeless. Once I realized I wasn't getting with any of these girls I could just stay there and be a big douchebag lol until they left, free from outcome. I think sometimes it's dumb to butt heads that much and a bad use of time. Better to go somewhere else and maybe even just talk to guys to gain social momentum. Once a set tells you to leave three times and if you've already run out of things I think I'd just leave.

However when a set is going well I'm thinking shit how do I not screw this up. What do I do next. How do I keep getting these positive responses. As a result I'm just really less persistent and the moment her friend comes in or she withdraws attention I shut down and give up. Man fuck that, I'm not doing that anymore (realizing this now as I write up this bootcamp story).

Anyway, I'm sent into more sets and open them. I remember one set with a short girl dressed as a pilgrim was going well. I open the group with "thank fucking god some people were are dressed in costumes" and then I start talking to the girl. She's receptive and I follow Brad's one minute rule and make up some excuse to hug her setting that physical tone. I don't physically escalate enough though. I keep talking too much though and eventually she has to get a drink with her friends and I just eject. I should've tried to take lead here and go with her to get a drink or maybe it was ok to let the set breathe a bit and come back later. I didn't come back soon enough though I did reopen her on the dancefloor and tried to get her to dance with me maybe an hour later but she just ran away.

Did a whole bunch of sets. Did some bathroom sets that went ok but then they had to use the bathroom. Where's my persistence? I should reopen the sets that do well after they come out of the bathroom.

Greg starts personally coaching me and tells me to be physical and express myself from my core. He's very harsh and adamant and this gets me inside my head a lot. However, I can still approach when I feel like shit so I do it.

All my claws are really weak. Greg says fuck the claw just grab them and molest them. LOL I'm like wtf alright. So I start opening girls in a super creepy way. I open with a hug, sometimes from the back where they can't even see me. One arm is around their waist and one arm around shoulder level. I do this a few times and get pretty bad reactions. Greg says to keep going so I keep going.

So I finally do it near the dancefloor by accident and the girl is cool with it which is very surprising. She was also in a circle of like 8 friends and none of them cock-blocked me which was also surprising. I think on the dancefloor it's more normal maybe because guys open them on the dancefloor by grinding so this is like grinding on steriods.

So yeah after grabbing this girl without talking I'm grinding her from the back on the dancefloor. I grind her from the front too, my dick is pretty hard now and I grind her with it and she doesn't leave. Pretty amazing stuff. I went for the make-out once but she moves away. I try to get her to leave her friends and I say come with me, but she doesn't like that and rejoins her friends. Overescalation yes!

So yeah pretty much out of my comfort zone here. Around 10 girls I just opened by grabbing them and wrapping my arms around them. I think in retrospect I should try coming from the front or the side so they can see me. However, when I did it from the back it still worked. So yeah this crazy technique worked three times and the girls liked it, but I got into the "shit what do I do next thing" and ran out of things to say.

Haha Jeffy saw me grab girls by the waist later on Saturday and hated it. He said not to do it and it was creepy. I think he doesn't believe in being super physical right off the bat. I think it's creepy too, but it seemed to work three times so I was a little confused. What I think I will try now is tone it down and just open with the normal claw, it's probably good enough. This other stuff could get me slapped or kicked-out of the club probably.

There was one tall blond girl who liked it, but her friend was walking to the dancefloor. After I released her I should've just followed her but I hesitated. I eventually followed them but I really had a blank mind and nothing to say, so I eventually self-ejected.

Haha damn I'm still really surprised to this day that you can just grab a girl and she'll be ok with it sometimes. Thanks Greg for this lesson! Even though driving me pretty hard got me inside my head etc I was very physical about three times by opening like that. Two times the girls weren't even on the dancefloor and it still worked. Haha now I can do Brad's one minute rule, or open with a normal claw really easily since I did that crazy shit already. I think this grabbing from behind shit might've worked ok because I was wearing a costume. If I just do it on a normal day perhaps it's different?

Hmm so yeah. I open some more sets. I got to grind with one more girl but I think I got trapped in dance partner mode. I should've stopped her and tried to lead her somewhere. I also couldn't talk during this set, too inside my head.

Hmm so eventually I had opened every set in the venue. I totally forgot I was wearing a costume. The costume might've distorted things positively or negatively, not too sure. 80% of these fuckers in the venue had no costume sigh....

Greg was really motivated though to help me. We hit the street and did some street sets. He wanted me to have an interaction where I wouldn't run out of things to say while being very physical. Unfortunately, we combed the streets like madmen opening a few sets but I never had an interaction where I could be physical without running out of things to say.

I didn't get that good interaction that night but I did have one set where I had that on Saturday. It was pretty good actually, but I overescalated the set and the girl ran away.

Alright it's time for the horrible camera set. It wasn't long but it sure as hell was painful. I open this girl in a group of girls, I forget my opener. She points at the RSD crew and goes those are your friends. It isn't a question, it's a statement of disgust. I go yeah. She says why are you guys video-taping. Holy shit! I say ummmm we're on vacation in a tentative way. Then she goes why are you filming from the hip? Haha I go derrr derr derrrr derrr derr and shut up immediately, pretty speechless. She gives me a venomous look and says your "game" sucks anyway. Good lord that camera needs to be hidden better. I should've just said we hide the camera because the club would kick us out or something. Greg comes into the set now LOL wtf Greg has no fear or something or he doesn't realize we've been caught and starts talking to another girl. The rest of the group leave and he talks with his girl for a few minutes before she leaves too.

Greg was super motivated, really wanting to go the extra mile to get the most I could out of the program. It was very cool.

LOL one street set had a bunch of gangster looking people and two girls. Greg says go claw her and I'm thinking holy shit but I still do it. She immediately doesn't like it and this big dude says "let it go". I figure it's best to eject so we do so. Later we end up walking in the same direction as them and the girl's boyfriend gives me a body-check while walking by me. It's not too strong though and I just ignore it. The big guy who told me to stop earlier apologizes, but we tell him it's cool.

Anyway we go eat at a diner and debrief. Jeffy and Greg give me pretty detailed feedback.
Jeffy feedback
-more suave, chill, cool, less smiley
-flirty and direct
-group befriending
-facial expressions more dynamic
-wooden body language, stand like a champ
-be present
-don't be gamey or play a character
-trust the IOIs, not a permission slip but an escalate alarm
-hyper focus, tension, bubble of love, is he gonna kiss me etc
-bring the party, don't weasel in
-watch girl, know when to back off a bit but not too much

Greg feedback
-self-amuse, talk about stuff interested in, whatever comes to mind
-express from the core
-just molest a girl, grab her and talk (surprised at how often it's ok, gotta do it with 100% intent, can't be tentative)
-breaking rapport, but don't yell and scare them lol

Haha one thing was fucking funny. My costume came in a wig and I take it off. Everyone is surprised because they thought the wig was my real hair LMAO. Jeffy says I should grow my hair, but his friend Stifler hates it. Stifler saw me and was like "damn, that asian kid needs help" hahaha.

One thing I gotta remember is to cut the time in between sets. I do too much choding around after I get blown out looking for my next set. I should just immediately talk to whomever is around me and while doing so and gaining social momentum, find my next girl.

We take the BART home and I do maybe two BART sets. Adam and Greg tell me the groups of people were just being polite to me. My body language was too wooden and verbally I was just being try-hard etc.

So yeah even though I got physical tonight finally, at the time I didn't really appreciate it. I wanted an f-close, a make-out, or at least a girl who seems very attracted to me and hanging onto me in the club. I felt pretty depressed that none of these things happened and went home pretty sad and tired.
Jeffy Bootcamp Alumnus Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009

Life changing self-esteem article by Tyler

Excellent post about practice and consistency by Ozzie. Really hits home.

Field report thread.
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Get in my costume and head to the meeting place. Everyone "sort of" has a costume now, but again it's not as obvious as mine. Oh well, can't help it now.

Jeffy gives a very detailed debrief for me and the other student and answers our questions. I forgot what he talked about now, but it's ok because he wrote EXTREMELY detailed notes and e-mailed them to me. The most detailed feedback I've ever seen. This is no joke, he missed nothing. These notes are literally 5 printed pages long.

He also gives us a physical escalation stack which is pretty useful.

We head to the venue. I chat with Greg, he's a very impressive guy. He lost a shitload of weight, he stepped up and learnt this PUA stuff on his own, he was doing all these bmx bike stunts and stuff at a very high-level.

We enter the venue and it's not too crowded yet. Jeffy says to build social momentum.

So this time I try to do self-amusing stuff and get outside of my head. Greg hammered the express from the core idea into me so in order to do this I try to do stuff I find amusing and talk about stuff I find interesting.

I do a bunch of dramatic openers that are more congruent with my costume. I open girls with exaggerated karate moves and stances (my costume is technically a ninja costume). I open girls and mixed sets by doing a kame-hame-ha lol. Nothing really hits it off.

Jeffy and the interns are on the dancefloor and I do some exaggerated dance moves. I suck at dancing and usually just stand around on the dancefloor but I figure shitty dancing is better than nothing. I try to get in state and it sort of works, I feel enthusiastic.

There's a girl I open on the dancefloor with the claw if I remember correctly. I grind with her a bit but she leaves after a few minutes. I think her boyfriend is around because when I opened her later in the night some dude clapped me on the shoulder sorta hard lol.

I do a few more sets. I think nothing lasts for more than 3 minutes. I do a karate stance in front of two girls as an opener but they ignore me and give me a weird look. Jeffy says it was too weak.

I remember I somehow got pretty physical with another girl. I tried to give her a noogie like a schoolyard bully but it was too much and she ran away.

I see a short girl walking by with two swords on her back. This is probably my best set of the night. I pull out one sword and have a mock sword-fight with her. She tries to grab her sword back but I don't let her. Finally she grabs it back and I claw her in and she's pretty receptive.

I'm pretty close to her and I talk to her for a few minutes. Finally I'm physial without running out of things to say. This is like maybe the only time the entire weekend lol. I try to make-out and I get the cheek.

The funny thing is my costume comes with a ring. The ring comes in a small red heart shaped box, it looks really cute. Throughout the night whenever a set was going well I told girls I loved them and gave them this heart shaped box. They usually love it and then they open the box and then there's nothing inside LOL. Haha I'm not sure if that's overdoing push-pull but it was definitely hilarious.

So I did that ring-box routine and she was pretty amused. I then picked her up and carried her across the whole dancefloor to one of the couches. I think this time that was too much to do. I had her on my lap on the couch and I started getting worried, thinking about what to do next. I think I went for the make-out one or two times but then she said she had to find her friends and ran away lol

So yeah, Jeffy said let the set breathe. Escalate, but then pull back, and then escalate again etc. Gotta work on taht.

So I went around upstairs opening sets like a predator. I think next time I'm out I'm gonna just do some warm-up sets because after a blow-out when things were going well you feel kind of shitty. I should be social and talk to guys and girls I'm not attracted to, instead of walking circles through the venue looking for girls I haven't opened yet. Then when I see that girl that I want to approach boom go in.

Anyway I open a lot of sets and get back-turned or run out of things to say a lot. Jeffy and the interns send me into sets and give me openers but nothing goes too well.

There's one set that I open with two mimes. I ask them if they're mimes and they say yes. I go you fail, you just talked. The set is going well and eventually I think about what to do next and start stalling out and I just run out of things to say. Jeffy comes in and saves the set, and myself and the two girls just watch him and listen to him talk for a pretty long time lol. He even sings the whole Soldier boy song LOL. The more attractive one is smiling at Jeffy and likes his verbal shit. However, eventually they just leave and Jeffy tells me I can't just shutup and watch him lol because we'll get blown out.

I get sent into a few more sets and mostly get an instant bad reaction, overdoing shit, trying too hard, acting weird. Jeffy gets mad and says can you just act normal. I go uhhhh I think so. He goes you think so? Ok go be normal. I ask him if logical convo is ok and he says yes.

LOL so I open a set and I be normal and logical. They aren't loving me or hating me, just chatting. I'm not physical again doh. Jeffy comes in and wings but eventually the set leaves. Jeffy is annoyed and calls the fat girl a warpig LOL.

I follow Jeffy around. It's really fun to just follow him around because it feels like you're being lead by a hero due to his body language and physical stature haha. He really walks around like a champion and that's something I need to do too. He has me open a few more sets and gives me a funny opener. "Hey guys I'm so happy. I was conceived to this song". I use it on a few sets and sometimes they laugh but often they give me a weird look. I think I don't fully own this opener.

Finally, I think the only other good set of the night. I see this very attractive girl dressed like a strawberry, but it's not super obvious. I open her by asking if she's a strawberry and she's so happy. She says finally someone knows what my costume is and gives me a hug. LOL score girl initiates the one-minute rule. I'm talking to her for awhile, I think 5-10 min.

Her friend eventually pulls her away. The friend was talking to the other student and maybe she got tired of him wasn't too sure.

Jeffy tells me to reopen and tell them that the other student is from Israel it's a cultural thing. LOOOOL ok so I go do that. Strawberry's friend is intially standoffish but what Jeffy told me to say hooks pretty well. The girl doesn't believe he's from Israel and I keep trying to convince her. I think I stayed on this thread too long though and I kept trying to get her to go back to Israeli and check his ID LOL.

Er so anyway Matt comes in and occupies her for me. Excellent I re-engage strawberry. Eventually I tell her I love her and give her the empty ring-box LOL. LOL the girls are always so excited to see this box. I think I overdid it though because I did that right after I said some other push-pull thing and I think I went too far and irritated or overgamed her.

I start getting worried and thinking about what to do or say next uh oh. I start to stall out. I forget what happens next now. I think her friend pulls her away again, but somehow she leaves.

Jeffy asks what happened and I tell him. He thinks about whether I should go find her and then decides I should game other girls first.

I see her later in the night talking to another guy. I come in and put my arm around her and he leaves. She looks sort of amused/annoyed that I blew him out lol. I talk a bit without physical escalation. Eventually her friends are going to the bathroom in a group and she leaves with them. Sigh.... the instant blowouts don't bother me, but the sets that were going well and then go bad hurt. Especially the ones with girls where I don't escalate enough. I still feel bad about this set as I write this lol.

So yeah I open a bunch of sets with his "I was conceived to this song opener". None of them go too well. I open a few sets with the claw and the girls are all weirded out. I think I lost state when strawberry stopped giving me good reactions. I think I also forgot the be normal stuff here.

LOL I try to open a set by trying to drink a girls drink. She really hates it and her friends give me venomous looks. Jeffy gets mad and goes wtf are you doing you aren't Alex . That shit is too advanced. LOOOOL.

I claw another girl in and go direct. She isn't resisting that much but it's a mixed set and her boyfriend is right beside her. I notice she's holding his pinky discreetly and eject because I feel like a villain lol. Here I am hitting on his girl and she's tolerating me but holding his hand to let him know it's all good. Sigh... why don't these girls just say my boyfriend is right there.

One set was pretty funny. Two girls I open with "I was conceived to this song" and they tell me I already used it on them. I go derrr oooops and they point at another girl and tell me to open her. I go open the other girl like their little and the other girl doesn't like me either and walks off.

Anyway, Matt reopens these two girls and one of them is loving him. He starts making out and the girl is all over him. It really goes to show that these girls weren't unobtainable at all or anything.

Jeffy has me open another girl in this hallway. I go direct and give her a hug respecting the one-minute rule. My verbal is fine and I don't run out of things to say. I think Jeffy hears me talking and says the verbal was fine here. I'm not physical enough though and totally forget about Jeffy's physical escalation stack. Anyway, her boyfriend comes up the stairs and she leaves with him.

Jeffy asks what happened and I say her boyfriend just came upstairs and he goes damn and looks annoyed. At this point I wander around upstairs and downstairs opening more sets. I think now almost every set with a female who isn't obviously with a boyfriend has been opened.

There's another set where this girl is dancing on top of some elevated platform. I go up and start doing some dance moves and she starts imitating me. I start to get a bit physical and give a direct compliment but she says sorry my boyfriend is coming back in a minute. I just ejected right there and 10 seconds later I see the boyfriend come back and their body language appears to be couple body language.

I think nothign else too eventful happened at this venue. I was out of state and feeling like shit. Adam helped me pump my state a bit by jumping up and down and doing crazy shit, but I couldn't fully do it without being stifled. While doing the state-pumping stuff I saw people turn to watch and felt weird. It did give me a bit of state though, but then I'd approach and if it didn't go well I'd feel down again.

So I do another approach and it turns out the guy right beside her is the boyfriend. Their friends tell me to leave, but they don't tell me the dude is her boyfriend wtf. It's a four set though and there are two couples both who have matching costumes. Eventually I feel annoyed and ask the other couple if the dude is her boyfriend and they say yes. I eject.

All the sets are finished here and we bounce to another venue. It's close to the end of the night though and not many sets left. I opened a bunch of sets here and I think only three hooked.

The first set that hooked was a girl in a bee costume with another girl. I opened with "yo where's my honey" and they both laughed and said ohhh that's a good one lol. Verbally I was fine here and didn't run out of things to say but I wasn't being physical. Greg comes in but he's in between me and the bee girl who's the target. I think I should've just repositioned but I ended up talking to the other girl who I wasn't as attracted to. Eventually you can only talk for so long and they left. I should've tried to lead them around the venue.

Another set was a two-set of taiwanese girls. The other student opens them and one of the interns tells me to go wing. The other student ejects though but I go in anyway and start talking. One of the girls leaves and sits down and I'm left with the other girl. Not running out of things to say here, but not being physical again doh. Eventually I ask her who's she with and she says oh my boyfriend is over there and the guy stands up and calls her over and she leaves.

Final set here was this girl working here in a nurse outfit. I opened with Jeffy's "Excuse me, Excuse me, You appear to be lovely". LOL that opener works very well for me. She likes it and we talk. I think I remember giving her a hug but again I'm not physical enough. She has to leave to do something so I leave as well and open more sets.

All those sets ignore me or blow me out so I come back to this set. Her friend is there who's hotter and I start talking to the friend. I do physical escalation on the friend and give a direct compliment. This might've been dumb though because the original girl either got annoyed or didn't like me hitting on her friend because her friend has a husband. She goes isn't your husband over there you should go find him and the girl goes oh ok and tells me it was nice to meet me then walks off.

Er I felt weird about gaming the original girl so I just ejected. I should've stayed and tried though, nothing to lose. We leave the venue.

They send me into another two-set of girls waiting outside. The blond is quite hot and I didn't even realize it. I tried foodcourt but I failed this was pretty funny. It's pretty interesting how when you open there's a spark of interest in the girls eyes but when you start to mess up it quickly dies.

Me: Yo I'm gonna take you to the foodcourt
Her: What??
Me: You know westfield?
Her: I hate the foodcourt
Me: derrrrrr
I hesitate and lose the set lol. Once you get that backturn because you run out of things to say it seems pretty much over.

Come to think she was a very attractive white girl who's taller than me. Thankfully, I never felt bad or anything about being asian for my whole life since I grew up with 90% asian people. So I don't really care that my chances with a white girl might be worse or something. I used to care a lot more about height, but I don't really care that much anymore. I asked Jeffy about height and he just says irrelevant. Jeffy actually isn't that tall either, 5'7 or 5'8. So I don't have any problems approaching these tall white girls. Haha after the approach is another matter, but I'm working on that.

Everyone parts ways but I'm walking in the same direction with two interns and the other student. The interns give me solid advice and stuff. Matt tells me that I should just be talking to girls the way I'm talking to him now. Greg tells me some motivational stuff. We eat at a convenience store and then we go home.

We did a few street sets along the way, maybe like 3? Nothing really hooked though. Greg and Matt say I'm better now at vibing with a mixed set socially, which is good.
Jeffy Bootcamp Alumnus Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009

Life changing self-esteem article by Tyler

Excellent post about practice and consistency by Ozzie. Really hits home.

Field report thread.
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So I'm the type of person who can be pretty stupid and irresponsible and that's indictated by how often I'm late. I go two hours late to my own fucking bootcamp, pathetic LOL. I slept through my alarm sigh... I couldn't sleep last night at all. That's like 100-200 bucks down the drain.

Haha so I arrive late and Jeffy asks me how do I arrive two hours late to program. I say I slept through my alarm. Jeffy goes oh well can't do anything about it and we go into the mall with Greg and do a big debrief.

I forget everything we talked about but Jeffy and Greg told me some pretty cool stuff. I remember talking about how I was really disappointed about the first two nights and they said I had my standards for success too high. I asked a bunch of questions and one of them was should I still fuck ugly girls? Jeffy and Greg say don't bother, but then Jeffy recounts that he's slayed some UGs in his time. I ask if it'll make me worse and Jeffy laughs and says dude your game sucks it won't get any worse. Hahaha I guess the UGs need some loving then. My new criteria now isn't even 5 and up, it's can I get my dick hard to this girl. I will not aim low on purpose but at the end of the night a girl who can make me hard is better than nothing lol.

So yeah my new criteria for success short term is to be physical and dont run out of things to say. Get in touch with my emotions and outside my head. Be a Jedi and don't think, feel the force! Don't think about what you're gonna say next (this is so important for me). Today I was talking to this girl I met from HotOrNot over the phone and I made sure I didn't think about what to say next. And tada I didn't run out of things to say. I said I'd take her on a date and scheduled a day2 with her. It's pretty crazy this is the first time I haven't run out of things to say on the phone with a girl in a LONG LONG LONG time. I can't even remember the last girl actually, this might be the first time I was never close to running out of things to say over the phone.

So we do a few street sets. My first set hooks! There's this tall white girl and I go direct. I walk up without thinking about my opener and I tell her some chode shit like how her eyes match her shirt really well lol. I think because the opener doesn't matter and I actually meant it, it hooked decent. I talk to her a bit, but I think my body language kinda sucked in this set. I gave her a hug but I wasn't physical enough after this. It is daytime, but then Jeffy told me that there's no huge difference. Anyway, eventually I ask her what she's doing today and she mentions the BF is coming back. I figure there's no point in staying, but I should've stayed and endured that social pressure a bit. The BF starts walking over so I just eject and he gives me a dirty look lol.

Jeffy says what happened and I say BF came. Haha he looks annoyed and onto the next sets. I think I do like 5 more street sets and nothing really hooks. Jeffy says sometimes daygame is just a crapshoot because people are trying to get something done and they can't talk forever.

I believe no other street sets hook so we go into the mall. I think Greg has me open some hired guns with the foodcourt routine. Haha I open the hired gun and they really don't like being called a Ho. They start telling me to leave and I stay for a min or two to embrace social pressure and then leave.

Jeffy + interns ask why I left and then I said the hired guns were asking me to leave and I didn't wanna get us kicked out. Jeffy + interns say fuck that who cares. I laugh and mention Social Terrorism and Jeffy looks a little alarmed and says that was just a joke lol. Haha if I open a set and it's going shitty immediately and especially when I'm not too attracted to the girl I can just stay forever and not give a fuck. I need to bring that persistence into interactions that go well.

We do some more mall sets. I think nothing else hooks too well for the rest of the day for me. The instructors tell me to be more low key, wait until I have the girl's attention before delivering my opener etc.

They send me into a few sets with the foodcourt routine. They sets hook for a minute but then my foodcourt delivery is horrible. I'm like uhhh do you wanna go to the foodcourt? The girls take me seriously and say no I gotta go and then leave lol.

We walk around and look at some clothes. Jeffy gives me some fashion advice and tells me interesting stuff about RSD. He also gives me like many different analogies about pick-up versus basket-ball, skateboarding, and just lots of trained skills. Jeffy is actually pretty smart, even though he doesn't look like a typical smart person and he just seems like a douchebag on the forums lol. I could tell after I read Nineball and after meeting him in real life and hearing him break everything down.

I need to develop the skill to approach all the time and as soon as I see the girl. I'm fine when an instructor points a set to me I can always open, but when I see a girl I like I often hesitate if I'm not in approach mode and doing something else.

This tall blond who's really hot and a brunette walk by. I wanted to approach but I hesitate and don't. Matt steps up and approaches and follows them up the escalator. He gets her number and says he's gonna fuck her later on in the week. I envy him.

So I think there's no more approaches for the program. We eat and chat a bit and then it's time to go. We all head off in different directions and Jeffy tells us that we can ask him questions online anytime no matter how stupid and he'll answer. He's very dedicated to students and tells us he's an old man and he lives vicariously through us lol.

So yeah I'm left with the other student and I think what the hell I'm already here why not open some more sets. I think I open like 5 more sets with girls I'm attracted to and two hook. This is good, practicing going along with my urge to open a girl rather than waiting for someone to tell me.

First hook is this white girl. It's in a grocery store. I approach with a blank mind and start talking. My opener is about the food we're looking at. I don't come close to running out of things to say, it's pretty awesome. She asks me if I go to SF state because I look familiar and I go yes I'm so happy you recognized me and give her a hug (note: I don't go to SF state). I keep pretending I go to SF state for fun and I decide it's time to escalate. I tell her I'm going to eat some food with my friend in the foodcourt (but not the foodcourt routine lol) and tell her she should join us. She says she has to go to see a movie with her friend. Haha I'm not sure if I should've invited myself to their movie, but it's definitely something I should try next time.

So I just tell her I like her and I'm gonna take her on a date next week. She giggles and says ok, and she gives me her number. However, she says her phone is broken uh oh! She says she'll probably get a new phone with the same number later in the week or something and call her then. Right here I got tripped up a bit and just said oh ok, I should've been more persistent and asked for the e-mail.

After I left her I felt pretty validated that I had an interaction that went well. Unfortunately, this made me afraid to see her again throughout the grocery store in fear that I'd make a mistake or something if I talked to her again. In retrospect this is just a self-defeating mentality I need to avoid. So yeah I tried to leave the grocery store in some weird way so I wouldn't have to talk to her again LOL.

I decide not to be worried about showing too much interest so I added her on facebook the next day and she accepted the friend request. I send her the Ryan message "I heart you X. I don't care what they say I think you're rad". No reply so far, but oh well I took action. I'll do my best to not look for validation in a girl's reaction, but it does hurt to not get messaged back lol. I think the default Ryan text message is a little incongruent with myself because I think he's more playful than I am, I should come up with my own default message.

There was another three set of asian girls. I open them with this is "Gerard Butler" and I point to the other student lol. They're slightly amused but no great reaction. I talk and it's a bit awkward and I sort of run out of things to say, but never totally, like barely hanging on. The target asks me questions though and helps keep the convo alive. The conversation never really flows, more of an information exchange. I ask permission to sit down with them and the target agrees, I probably should've just sat down. Apparently they're from LA and they have to catch their flight so they leave. The target tells me thanks for talking to us LOL. I think they were just being polite, but oh well that's how it goes sometimes. I didn't do any physical escalation on the target because it seemed weird in front of her friends. I need to take more risks and try that, then calibrate for the situation.

So yeah that's how my bootcamp ended, on a sort of neutral note. I don't really have a bootcamp high or anything because I didn't get any tangible short-term results with girls but I feel pretty different now.

I feel a lot more confident and less in the dark. There's no more open a set, talk a lot, ask for a #, and hope she falls on my dick.

Now I will open, show interest, be physical to the point of blowing myself out, attempt to lead, and go for the SNL. I need to have the girl wishing she could SNL and if logistics aren't in her favour then there's the day2. Haha Jeffy told me that when I first met him two years ago, but I forgot and never internalized it. No more aiming to get a phone number bullshit.

"Going for the makeout, number close and isolation/venue change in EVERY INTERACTION, NO EXCEPTIONS. This habit must become completely ingrained so it is automatic. "

Seeing video footage, pictures, in-field demos all solidified to me that this stuff was real. I had already seen my friends become successful but I always wondered if I was cut from a different and shittier cloth.

I don't have that belief anymore. I believe I will become successful. I might be wrong, but I will choose to believe the more productive thing on faith and because I'm pointed in the right direction now with a very fucking detailed roadmap. Five pages of notes of things I need to work on, very excellent post-bootcamp notes from Jeffy.

I tell the other student, his nickname is Israeli LOL, and ponder about how long it'll take for me to have some success. He tells me fuck that, you can have success tomorrow. Don't believe you'll eventually have success and wait for it, just go for it now. I like how he thinks.

I also want to change the way I approach. I want to be vibing socially, not even necessarily with girls I'm attracted to, and then I'll feel an urge to approach and then I follow it when I see the girl. No more tieeeeeem to do approaches guyz, in a very logical manner and ping-poing through every set in the club. That stuff is good for developing your courage to approach, but I'm past that. I know I can approach when I feel like shit and I'm logical and inside my head. Now I need to follow the three millisecond rule and approach as soon as I see a girl I'm attracted to.

When I approach now in my mind there's a definitely possibility that I'm gonna fuck this girl tonight, or on day2 if logistics don't work out. It takes more courage to believe this because you feel like a piece of shit when you're wrong. However, no more tentative and skeptical beliefs to avoid the emotional pain. Time to bring it on and just experience a full range of emotions in my life as well.

Haha I always wondered how musicians, athletes, and in general stupid guys prone to emotional outburts can get girls. Now I realize they embrace their emotions, while I sorta just sit back and analyze the shit out of everything. Time to experience the emotional side of life! LOL even after all his experience Jeffy was telling us about how some girl made him cry in the bathroom before he fucked her. That's someone in touch with their emotions!

Initially on the first day and second day I was just really depressed over my lack of results and almost wondered if there was any hope for me. Sunday was better, and as each day passes my initial assessment of the bootcamp continues to rise. All the shit Jeffy said to me keeps resurfacing in my thoughts, some of it is fucking funny and some of it is shit I'm really happy that I learned. Even though some stuff sounds obvious and I've even heard it before in RSD products, I never really took it seriously until after the BC. I think I could've gone around for 10 years doing the wrong thing lol.

Anyway the eternal skeptic could say this is all some rationalization due to me spending a lot of money on the BC. Now, it was a lot of money but relatively to me it actually wasn't THAT much money. So it's not a large enough sum of money to me to induce that sort of ratonalization. I really did learn a lot in those three days. Even before I have any actual results I feel like my life has changed.

Now there's still that 0.001% chance that all the instructors are academy award winning actors and it's all an elaborate scam, but we will see. All the girls in the videos were prostitutes and all the girls in the pictures were fake. All the girls I saw demos on were paid actors etc etc. We also never landed on the moon.

Even if it's all a numbers game and you can't improve your chances at all, well I now have some delusional self-confidence which should help. Even aside from all this pickup stuff I learned I really need to get outside of my head, embrace my emotions etc, and especially don't think of what to say next. Don't think, use your emotions, feel the force flowing through you. This time let go of your conscious self and act on instinct.
Jeffy Bootcamp Alumnus Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009

Life changing self-esteem article by Tyler

Excellent post about practice and consistency by Ozzie. Really hits home.

Field report thread.
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pretty honest up to where I saw.
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Dude, you're fucking crazy.  Your bootcamp was AMAZING.  WTF.

Think about it.  Would you be able to be as persistent in those sets that you were in without Jeffy pressuring you?  COME ON.

Being out of state and still staying in set while they tell you to leave repeately?  Dude, this is why I sign up for bootcamp.  To bring on the fucking pain.

On top of that, you get to see first hand for an ENTIRE WEEKEND what one of the best players in the world does.  His mannerisms, style, verbal tonality etc.  All shit you can't get from reading on a forum.

And on top of that, Jeffy gave you so much advice catered to you.  Dude, what more can you ask from a teacher?

In any case, I fucking loved this report.  This was probably one of the funniest BC reports I've ever read. lol

Just go out there and work on what you've been taught.  You'll get there man, I have faith in you.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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awesum report broski

lmao "what the fuck, your are not Alex " Thats funny as hell
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Chaos A.D. wrote:

Koolaid wrote:

I was really disappointed that I didn't get laid, get A make-out, or have a girl super attracted to me and never letting me go.

Jeffy saw me grab girls by the waist later on Saturday and hated it. He said not to do it and it was creepy. I think he doesn't believe in being super physical right off the bat. I think it's creepy too, but it seemed to work three times so I was a little confused.

It's not your fault man, Jeffy sucks. Visible results my ass. For what I read Greg did a better job than Jeffy. Next time take it with Ozzy.

lol, how about you stop being a KJ...
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Koolaid wrote:
I asked Jeffy about height and he just says irrelevant.

Hahahaha, this always funny.
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Koolaid wrote:
However, she says her phone is broken uh oh! She says she'll probably get a new phone with the same number later in the week or something and call her then. Right here I got tripped up a bit and just said oh ok, I should've been more persistent and asked for the e-mail.

After I left her I felt pretty validated that I had an interaction that went well. Unfortunately, this made me afraid to see her again throughout the grocery store in fear that I'd make a mistake or something if I talked to her again. In retrospect this is just a self-defeating mentality I need to avoid. So yeah I tried to leave the grocery store in some weird way so I wouldn't have to talk to her again LOL.

I decide not to be worried about showing too much interest so I added her on facebook the next day and she accepted the friend request.

So if you didn't have her e-mail how did you find her on Facebook?
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Thanks for looking at this novel lol.

YES, camera set was humiliating hahaha.

I have so much advice catered to me. I took my own detailed notes + Jeffy's notes its crazy.

I found her on facebook using her full-name which she put into my phone.

"It's not your fault man, Jeffy sucks. Visible results my ass. For what I read Greg did a better job than Jeffy. Next time take it with Ozzy."
Haha Chaos, Jeffy was great. But anyway you go take a bootcamp with anyone, I'm sure it'll be good for you. Jeffy is kind of like a drill sergeant so maybe it wouldn't work well with your personality.

Haha no I think that's Craig in that picture. Greg is this tall asian dude.

Ya nnew that's exactly it. I gotta get in touch with my emotions, connect on an emotional level. Even if I go logically this is a person, time to enjoy talking to them it'll have the wrong result.
Jeffy Bootcamp Alumnus Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009

Life changing self-esteem article by Tyler

Excellent post about practice and consistency by Ozzie. Really hits home.

Field report thread.
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