December 10th, 2018
HOMEMADE VIDEO -> The Ankle Breaker and How to do "The Claw" for Noobs.
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Hey people,

I had forgot but me and my wing were chilling and he has that amazing little camera so we made a video to show the RSD Claw to THE WORLD (Youtube) and other stuff. Also my special move that I call "The Ankle Breaker" (Which is pretty much just a claw where you break the girl's ankle. Its at 5:55.

Warning: The vid is VERY gay since robert plays the chick most of the time. Im the ambercrombie chode on the left.

If you guys like it I have so more that need to be uploaded so just tell me.

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I always thought the double claw was when you claw two girls at the same time. Awesome when done from behind with " Ey, wassup."

Good stuff though.
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