January 18th, 2019
TOOBAD - *Parental Advisory* - Awesome adventures ahead - A Journal
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I've just recently started actively gaming again.

After a HUGE-ASS 10 month break, I had had enough of the mediocrity and mild depression I was feeling for myself after hitting a low point in my life.

I have been going out regularly all this time, yet not taking action, drinking like a fish, and basically choding around with the good ol' social circle.

I hadn't been laid for about 7 months until about 2 weeks ago, which is shocking because when I was actively gaming I was getting decent success.

I finally gathered back up the motivation a week ago to get back into it full on, and I know I'm back now for good.

My last lay was a girl from one of my many social circles - known her for about 3 to 4 years. Not anything special, but the night just ended up logistically sound and I knew she wanted me to fuck her, so I did.

It's funny because I was sober and because I went to the club by myself, I had no one to look after and at the end of the night gave the two girls a lift home and sealed the deal with one of them.
The other one wanted me to lay her too - but they weren't really into a 3some, so I had to choose.

I've managed to find a young and influenceble wingman in a friend at work, C. He's been in a rough spot himself lately and so I told him about the game and that I was getting back into it. He was pretty eager to join me on the journey and so after a few days at work talking about game, he was ready to come out and push the limits with me.
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Wednesday night -

After fighting with my car to get us out of the town, and then deciding it wasn't reliable enough, I took my Dad's ute instead. We get there at about 9:45pm.

I toldmy wing, C, the plan - The warm up set - then try and open as many sets as you can possibly stand. We could chill every now and then but our goals were to game.

He's scared shitless - hell I would be too if I had been him - it took me so much effort to do my first coldy so I congratulate him. He has a drinking problem and can't believe I game sober and wants to drink something on the way to loosen him up. I feel like a prick throwing him in the deep end so we stop and he gets some drinks for the drive.

Get into the first venue which is one part bar one part night-club and it's pretty quiet. I see two girls on the dance floor and approach the hottest one. She immediately kisses me on the cheek as I'm all up in her space. I couldn't hold my state and after about 30 seconds of trying to plow with just bullshit questions I just leave to find my mate.

He is outside having a smoke - and he's opened a half of a 4 set by asking for a lighter. They weren't all that so we both just vibe with them and I try some new shit I read on the forums from Kygunator like "just checking your fabric density". They accuse me of having a feel and I say that was a bonus. Not very witty just yet and I know I'm rusty as fuck. There is some attraction but then they tell us about their boyfriends going into story - my mate gets negative and the vibe gets lost.

He opens a few sets which I was impressed with because he just grabbed his balls and did what I told him to do. I wing him every now and then and have some good interactions.

A girl drops a glass and her friend is walking past, so I tell her It's alright I'm not hurt or anything playfully. She is pretty cute and she is stunned like a deer in headlights by me. I'm just doing whatever I feel with her - telling her we're going into the cleaners room to get the dustpan and 'do some other things'. I move her body around freely. She has a sulk about something random and I ask if she wants a tissue - then quickly telling her I don't have one but will lick her tears - which I then proceed to lick her face. She is shocked but loving it too. Her friend comes in and says she has a boyfriend and pulls her away - I tried a little to pull her back but let her go.

Feeling decent we chode around a bit - there are plenty of opportunity to open but the chode in me finds excuses and we bounce around various areas of the bar.

My friend goes to another section for a smoke and sits himself down at a table with a 4 set - using his lighter opener. I'm sitting next to a cute girl and just start talking shit. She is pretty wasted and I'm trying to work on just doing whatever the fuck I feel like. My energy levels are rising and I end up using good breaking rapport tonality on her and tell her to show me what's in her bag - she does and it's a bottle filled with alcohol - yeah she's real classy.

I proceed to do what I feel - taking her bracelet off and telling her I'm going to shove it up my ass because I'm bored. The group finds me amusing and are also shocked, yet it's not really hooking.
My mate is using lines I have told him about but he's not fully confident that they will work so they don't.

We leave and go inside. 

I open a minger by taking her Harry Potter looking prescription glasses and wear them - she just stands there in a daze while I amuse myself until I decide to give them back and let her be on her way.
I see a cutie with a friend and tell C to take the friend on the dancefloor. I get lots and lots of resistance but keep plowing with the kino and the bullshit. She is about 30% into it haha and I just keep plowing - I use more crazy ass lines from Kygunator like her legs are so hot I almost prematurely ejactulated and that her eyes are like looking into the fucking sunset. They don't really go over too well and I'm staying in there anyway. She tells me that the last guy who danced with her got bashed and I just laugh. It made me feel shit so I just leave with my Wing in toe.

I realise I was a bit of a prick and also was against her in some way - I'm trying to correct those traits now i've noticed them.

I'm still not opening when there is plenty of opportunity and I realise the chode is living off my body like a parasite.

We go back outside and in the corner is a nice 2 set by themselves trying to take a self picture. I just grab their camera unapologetically and my mate jumps right in there and gets in the picture as I take it - good work haha.

I sit down and just vibe and say crazy ass shit. Their buying temp is going through the roof and I just start biting one on the arm and the neck and throwing her all about. My mate is in spectator mode - which I now realise he would be because he's never seen this before - and I just take care of both the girls. I demand she gets her phone out and show me one of her dirty text messages - It's lame ass so I tell her to write 'I am a dirty little sheep, baaaaa' which she proceeds to do and sends.

I pick her up and put her on my left knee, and pick the other up and put her on my right knee - the one I like is giggling uncontrollably and when I look her in the eyes I consider going for a makeout but don't. I say more crazy shit unapologetically pumping their BT.

I don't know what happens, could have been because I didn't step up and just make out, but they decide they need to go bathroom and we follow like chodes - I am behind the one I like and just start fake fucking her in the ass as we are walking inside, she is out of control, loving it.

Their friends, two girls and an alpha looking guy are like right inside so I start to try and befriend them by starting on the closest girl. She said she spilt her drink all over her back, and I ask what it was, didn't hear her reply but tell her I'll lick it off for her, she looks at me like I'm a fucking retard and I lose my state. I just leave them because I'm chode and we bounce around some more.

Again chode it - missing opportunities to open sets.

We leave the venue to head to another, which has a heavy focus on dancefloor. It's 11 and we want to get some sets in there before we leave for home at 12:30.

Get in - Chode about - Open a few sets here and there - not really pushing myself like I know I should. Blow outs here and there with nothing sticking.

Outside for a smoke - 4 set - 2 lesbians, 1 fatty blonde and one decent brunette. My mate is leading asking for a lighter and trying to use some lines with the fatty blonde to get a makeout which she shit tests him and he does alright in passing but no makeout. The lesbians are pretty chill and I make general convo. They leave after about 5 minutes and I start gaming the brunette sitting down. I feel my value to be higher and just do whatever I like. I sit on her lap and probably could of made out with her but just didn't. She is attracted to me but I'm not all that bothered. I get off her lap because my leg starts to cramp and I tell her to massage it which she does - I wanted to get her to massage my crutch but thought about it too much and fumbled my lines.

We ditch them and my mate opens two nice girls by the fence. I come in 15 seconds later and tell the hottest one which he isn't talking to her legs are so sexy I almost came in my pants. She likes it a bit but the friend just goes psycho and all up in my face. I felt like knocking her out and tell her to chill the fuck out but she is psycho and so just keeps up in my face. I leave and my mate actually knows the psycho one so has a quick chat then follows.

We go up to the dancefloor and I try to open a few sets - they are all shithouse and my state is dropping. We go back down near the smoking section and I see a girl from work with her friends. It's one of the friends birthday and she is looking nice so I just pick her up and spin her in a bit of an unco messy way and then fall down onto her seat with her in my lap.

I'm all into her space biting her neck, nibbling her ears and telling her it's her present. One of her friends is just in shock and asks the girl I know who I am. She tells her I work with her and then she is sweet saying how she wished it was her birthday haha.

I lose the birthday girl for some reason and start losing state again. I go out with my mate so he can smoke and he see's girls he knows, one he's banged before. I am just vibing not trying to game too much and am starting to want to go home.

Back inside and the girls haven't moved and birthday girl is back. I grab her and tell her I'm buying her a birthday drink. We walk to the bar and I'm hugging her. I tell her to give me her number so I can give her a real present later on. She does and then I say here's the first part of the present with a nice 1 minute makeout.

I stop it and get to the bar - one of her guy friends tries to talk to her, I thought he was just an AMOG so I just step in between them and put my arms around her ignoring him and he fucks off. I order her and I a drink but they won't serve her because she is too drunk - I didn't even notice until I look at her and agree with them. She is pretty messy so we get back to the friends and I just chill. My wing starts trying to game her and blocks me out. I realise he has probably had a few drinks too many by now, even though he tried to take it easy.

Nothing much else happens except my wing starts to get a bit agro because he's drunk and I decide we're going home as it's about 1am now anyway.

All in all a good first night back out gaming from a 10 month break.

Things I noticed about myself and the night -

I didn't push myself as much as I could have. Could have opened more sets - I did pretty well with kino - I think I've got a good grip on my kino when I initate it from the very start of the interaction. And I need to not lose state when getting shit tested. I couldn't actively control my state when it was happening, time will fix that I guess. Should have just gone for the two makeouts I choded out on - need to just step up. Towards the end I just couldn't do any more approaches - my state was fucked and my thinking was negative and broken. I think I just gotta keep pushing myself into sets when this happens - easier said than done of course.
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Saturday Night

My wing C and I meet up and head down to our Wednesday venue again at about 9:30pm.

We arrive and the place is dead quiet. I'm looking for a warm up set and see 2 girls sitting outside. I open by asking them if the nightclub opens on a Friday as I was genuinely curious and it opens well. General conversation for about a minute and I tell them I'm getting a drink and will be back. I get a beer with my wing and tell him we are going to sit with the girls. They weren't extremely attractive but thought it would be good to warm up with any set as they were pretty scarce in this venue. There is a blonde and a brunette, the blonde is the better looking of the two and she is quite attracted to me. I'm pretty chilled and vibe quite well with them. One of them tells me that there are two girls behind me checking my shit out. I turn to see two girls from a group of some sports club or something with jersies and names on their backs. One says Easy Em and I say hell yeah and jump over to her. This gets a good laugh and I come back to the table. I'm not really attracted to them so we finish our beer and plan on finding another venue. I get up and a decent girl who is part of the group walks past with Hurley written on her jersey. I say Hurley, that's some skate brand or something, to which she says back rudely that it's her last name. I spank her ass hard and say whatever going back inside. She liked it.

We meet some mutual friends and chill with them for a beer whilst talking some game. I say fuck this talking lets find some sets. Me and the wing get up and go inside to look for something. I see two cuties sitting right up the back by themselves and we approach. I go up and just sit down saying hi and saying to the blonde that she's the bad one and the brunette's the good one. It doesn't really go anywhere. They are both hot and I'm chode and can't seem to come up with anything so I start asking chode questions.

We eject and head back to the boys. The large group of girls wearing jersies is sitting right in the middle of the bar and I hesitate opening them. One of the boys claims that they are all lesbians so I go straight up at that point and ask them all non chalantly "are you guys all lesbians?" One fat one says some of us are and some of us aren't. I ask well which one's aren't. She points at one up on the stage getting her groove on with a shirt saying Princess and I chuckle and say well no shit, cos she's pretty fine. I think to go over to her but don't and stay with the group. An ugly girl comes up to me and just starts rubbing me a bit and puts her arm around me. I say surely your straight but she replies she's a lesbian and I'm like cool. I notice one girl with a crutch waving it in the air so I go over and just proceed to rub it up and down exclaiming you have a really nice crutch - it's firm and tight. They all laugh. I don't bother too much with these girls and we decide to hit up another venue.
We get to this venue in about 5 minutes and it's starting to pump. I say we need to start approaching straight away again so I just go direct on a 2 set to the most attractive one saying I thought you looked cute and wanted to meet you. I could feel her lean away from me because I was leaning in so corrected that. She objects to my line saying I don't know her trying to blow me off. I say I want to get to know her and grab her hand for a swirl dance. It doesn't go anywhere and I eject.

I go to the bar and get to the front. I feel a bit of a push and look behind to see two girls, one about 30 and the other about 25, both quite nice. I say hey don't push in playfully and then tell them they have to buy me a drink for that. They both start playfully saying that it is I who has to buy them the drinks. I use Jeffy's classic line "I tell ya what - make out with me and if it's any good I'll buy you a drink" to the blonde. Her BT is up a decent amount and she yells nooo. I just go in for the makeout anyway and it lasts about 5 seconds before she pulls away. I say it was pretty shit and turn back to the bar. She starts saying that I owe her a drink now but I casually tell her it was shit and she's not getting one. I turn back around and say what about you? to the brunette and just go in a makeout with her. It lasts a little longer and is a little better than the blondes but she too pulls away. I tell her it's shit also and turn back to the bar. They are all giggly and pumped telling me I have to buy them drinks etc and I say if it's better this time I'll think about it and go back into the brunette getting a 1 seconds lip touch before her pulling away. I push her hair away from her ear and have a nibble but she pulls away. They are all giggles and I order my beer and find my wing.

He can't believe it and I'm feeling excited cause it was funny as.

Walking behind a 2 set i acidentally touch a nice blondes ass - I say oops sorry I just touched your ass - but dam who could blame me - then I just slap it. She just giggles and smiles at me. I get her name. I follow her to her friend and try to talk to them, she asks me what her name is and I totally forget , she busts on me being a player and I don't really know what to say. I hang around them and try and chat but I'm just taking value and can't really get the vibe going with them - probably nerves and also still rusty.

My mate uses his smoking as his opener sitting down with two girls. One is pretty interested in him but her friend is not really feeling me and lets me know she has a boyfriend. My friends girl goes and buys him a drink because he lies to her and says it's his birthday and he just turned 18. He is only 18 though. She asks him what he wants and he says something with the most alcohol in it. She goes and gets it for him and he just stays with me and my girl which I told him later was a mistake but I for some reason didn't tell him at the time doh.

The friend comes back eventually and I'm fucking bored as with my girl as she is being a pain in the ass with me. I try playing Marry Fuck Kill but she doesn't want to play and tells me to play it instead and then tries to get my friend to play it after me.

The friend dislikes me too and I just get up and leave.

I open a blonde and go direct to which she clearly enjoyed but is telling me that's not what I should have said to her or some other bullshit. I try and be playful with her but eventually she tells me she's having a girls night and goes back to her friends who are close by.

I find my friend again and tell him to go in direct on a blonde on the DF and I will wing him with the friend in a sec. He goes in and she literally jumps back in shock haha. I am just watching and laughing. I go in and tell him to just keep going. The friend is asian so I call her my asian princess. She says I don't even know where she is from and I say Thailand to which she isn't and she then just ignores me. We both eject as it's going nowhere.

I am feeling shit and can't approach. We chode around on the dancefloor and I'm feeling worse. I tell my mate we just gotta push through it and take action but I still can't do shit.
A fucking ugly little girl with glasses comes up to my friend and says to him - Your standards are way too high, you should dance with me. To which he does for all of 30 seconds because he said he didn't want to be rude haha.

We get off the dance floor and I open a 2 set by telling them about the scenario with my friend. They aren't impressed and the hottest one tells me she is drunk and trying to get picked up. I felt her bitchiness and just go PFFFFFFFT at her giving her bitchiness back - something I need to stop doing because it's my ego protecting me.

We leave and hit up a closer venue to home.

We get in and I get a stamp to which I tell the girls at the desk to put it on my ass - I lift up my shirt but can't get my jeans down because of my belt so it goes on my lower back. My wing tells me they love it and I just walk inside the venue.
I chode about for a bit and we get a beer. We are drinking our beers and I tell myself after the beer I will approach the girl I feel the most turned on by. I see her on the podium with her friends so I go up and tell her she's sexy as fuck and I wanted to meet her. She is happy but her friend is fat and trying to cock block. I pull her in and smell her neck and dance a little with her. Her friend is pulling her away so I tell her to chill and that I have a hot friend for her. This satisfies her for about 30 seconds. I grab the hottie and just pick her up and start doing an Ozzie fuck yelling Go tiger haha. Her dress must have come up - as they always do and her friend pulls her back down. I eject.

I'm choding about again and see a guy I know. Say Hi, he's a huge chode but built like a brick shit house. I say to him watch i'll pick up this girl - a nice one in front of us. I do the Ozzie thing again and yell go tiger a few times. Her dress also come up so I put her down and pull it back for her grabbing her ass in the meantime. I tell her I'm fucking bored of her and start to walk away. She grabs me to come back to her and I do trying to go for a makeout. I get a bit of my tounge in her mouth but she pulls away. She is all right but I eject.

Choding again. I see a 2 set and tell my mate I'm going up direct. I go up and say to the not so good looking one that I thought her friend was cute so I'm going to say hi to her. Then proceed to tell the one I liked just that. She instanly starts moving her hips in an awesome fashion against my dick and it's starting to go hard. I exclaim finally a girl who can dance and she likes it. She makes out with me. My mate is trying to talk to the friend but it's not going anywhere - I stay for 5 minutes before getting her number and telling her I need to find my friend. I look around for him and find him with a 2 set. He has used the makeout for a drink line and is making out with the better looking of the two girls. The friend is ugly as fuck and I say a polite Hi to them and leave to find my girl again.

I proceed to dance and makeout with this girl for the rest of the evening as it's about 2pm and I don't want to approach any more sets. We are having a good time together dancing and I love the way she can move her hips against my dick. Often times it's like we're actually fucking whilst dancing which I'm highly amused and aroused by at the same time. Logistics are shit house as I have my dad's ute and can only get one other person in. She is with 2 friends. They never cockblock me once - probabaly because they had each other. They leave us alone for the majority of the time. My friend has gotten a little too drunk and has started some trouble so I have to get him out of there. Logistics weren't going anywhere so I'm not phased. I say goodnight to her and get a nice kiss.

All in all a decent night with mixed results. I was thinking the number was solid from my last set but don't really know as I've msgd a few times just using stuff like I heart you xx with good replies but then yesterday wrote something like - in the shitty weather the only good thing to do is watch movies and cuddle xx but got no reply. Also tried to call tonight at 9pm but no answer. Will try again tomorrow night a bit earlier - think I called too late but couldn't have helped it.
Stay tuned for next Wednesdays adventures!
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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I've booked a bootcamp with Alexander~ at the end of January in Sydney - cannot wait!

I just recieved the material in the mail today and had a quick skim through the Tactical Manual.

I realised I don't do much of the things it says in there as far as structure. I think this is both a good and bad thing.

I've been using Tim's method as the basis for my game, yet I am starting the think it would be best if I get back to basics and follow the outline of Foundations and the Tactical Manual.

Does anyone have any advice from reading my reports?

I'm going to try and follow the structure in Foundations, but I don't want to go backwards.

I have a feeling bootcamp won't really be following this structure either as it's based on Natural game these days. I'm going to just get my game up as good as possible before bootcamp that way I can't lose!

Followed up the number from Wednesday night with a giving value text every day - I heart you x - Let's get married xx - I don't care what anyone says, I think your rad ;) - but no reply so last text was You're shit - haha

Probably should have called it and practiced phone game, which is what I'll be doing from now on.

Tried calling Saturday nights number last night and got no answer - Tried just now but it was off with no message bank. Going to try again in 15 minutes.

Looking forward to tomorrow night - Going to look at Foundations structure and follow it instead of what I've been doing because I think I'm running Flash Game and nothing solid - back to basics!
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Wednesday night!

Car shit itself again so wing and I take my Dad's ute. Arrive at 10pm.

My goals for the evening were to chill more and stop running flash game. I felt as if I was pumping a lot of the girls BT and getting quick makeouts and full kino but also feel as this is freaking them out too. I skim the Tactical Manual before I leave and have a rough outline of solid game to work off and apply.

Warm up is a 2 set, one 6 and one 7. I open casually and introduce. I start with attract stuff and tell a funny story or two which I now realise were the comedic type and not interesting. This resulted in as soon as I stop talking they get bored. So something to work on. I plowed a bit and then told them I was going to find my friend and get a beer.

I find my wing, grab a beer then head for the outside smoking area. I see the two girls again and we sit. I am doing pretty well just trying to vibe and trying to stay in Attract. My wing is almost silent as he hasn't done a warm up and this is his first set. I get him talking and we all chat for a bit. I am leading the convo but I realise I was also entertaining and not interesting.

After a bit we leave these girls and my mate goes to the bar to get a drink. I go to the toilet. I have to stop drinking water as it makes me piss so much and I'm using it as an excuse to not open. I come out and can't find my friend. I see the 2 set from earlier and just say if they've seen him which they haven't.

I tell myself it's time to open. I find a 3 set outside and just use a casual Hi and say I'm looking for my friend he's sexy. It opens up nicely and we're just joking about with each other. I'm still entertaining a fair bit but they are interested in me nonetheless. After about 4 minutes the hottest one asks me straight out for my number and I give it to her. Her friend has a camera and immediatley tells us two to take photos. We get a few good ones and one with the other friend then I say I'll send her my email so she can put it as her FB profile pic lol. They want to go dance so I tell them I'll find them later. I show her our hometown handshake and bust her a little bit.

I find my wing and he's playing pokies which I immediately show my dissatisfaction with and tell him to pull out his money. He does and we go and find the first set again because he is feeling shit and hasn't opened yet. We find them where we left them and I lead them back outside for a smoke. More joking etc but again I'm entertaining too much. I know this because when I stop talking they get bored.
We leave them and find two mates from work. One is just chill the other wants to game. But they haven't done any approaches so I bust on them and try and push them a bit. I open a two set and take the less attractive one as she is closet to me. The hotter friend is just sitting there looking bored as fuck and the two guys are not doing anything. I eye code them and they just look at me - fuck!. I start giving attention to the hotter one to try and get her engaged but she is not having it and my girl wants to go to the bar. It's not going anywhere so we leave - yes the guys follow me.

We head to another section and I see four hotties all in black dresses by themselves - they challenge me to open it so I do. I open one at a time - and try to use some Roleplaying as the first girl's name is the same as my sisters. It goes ok. One of them comes in and I start gaming her. It is going ok too. One of them is just looking at me so I open her but it doesn't really go anywhere. I don't talk to the last one and I just eject.

We are choding about and one of the guys tells me to use his opener - Do you think naked twister should be an olympic sport? I like it but tell him to use it - he chodes so I open it with the next group that walks past - 3 set, 2 girls and a guy. The girls love it and the guy who seems quite gay tries and tools me - to which I just tool him back and the girls love it. He is occupying the less attractive one and I'm talking to the one I like. It's going ok but I can't seem to give value like I know I should be - this is a huge realisation for me - Game is all about giving value - something I need to work on until it's mastered.

Wing has opened a few sets here and there which I'm proud of cos he's a beginner and has balls. He opens two hotties outside while all us boys chode about and take value - I come in after a minute with the Are you trying to steal by boyfriend - It goes ok - but they start to blow us off and I can't control the frame strongly enough.

We head to the next venue as it's time and I chode about not approaching the first set I see because I felt intimidated - lots of hotties out. Need to man up!

Open a couple of sets but get blown out - nothing worth mentioning.

Find Girl and friends who number closed me and do some grinding and take some photos - probably could of made out with her but chose not to - trying to run solid game vs flash.
Apparently at this time one of the boys has begun making out with some chick - he stops and my wing says why have you stopped - to which he pushed him outta the way and started making out with her instead. He comes over to me and tells me he's found a girl he wants me to make out with and lead me to her - which I then proceed to make out with her also haha.

I go back to girls - dance a bit - but have the feeling I need to be opening new sets and not dance choding around. I go for a piss and chode more. I see makeout ganga and she tells me that out of all my friends I was the best kisser - then she grabs me and starts making out with me again haha - I left shortly after as I didn't really want to bang her so didn't follow through.

Didn't really open any more sets - so my state eventually plummeted - just wanted to go home. The one guy that didn't make out with the ganga told me he was going to - because she had made an assumption of me being the best kisser out of the group when she hadn't even kissed him. He said this to her and she was ready for a makeout - I watched as he said it and could see he needed a gentle push to make it happen - so I pushed him into her where the makeout finally commenced haha. We probably could have gang banged her but I wasn't down for that at the time haha.
We left a bit after as I had had enough and just wanted to leave.

I didn't have the best night. I needed to really push myself a lot more. I found myself looking for my wing or the boys when I came out of a set instead of jumping into another one. I was also letting the hotties intimidate me and not going up and approaching regardless. Need to work on this shit!
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Friday Night -

My wing and I hit up a new venue bout 30 minutes from home - I've heard good things and feel adventurous.

Before I head out I read the 'I don't guy' or Chode article by Tyler to have a few things to keep in mind - I don't really want to get too deep in theory anymore, only after a night out to see if I can figure out where I went wrong - not to 'learn' because that doesn't work - the only thing that you learn from is the field. I will take my spoons - Field is King - Field is King - Field is King.

So my goals for the evening is to open as much as I can - work on the points I've read in the Tactical manual and have solid game. I have a picture of what solid game looks like in my head. It's like this guy who rolls up and is just super fucking awesome - he is totally not like the other guys and the girls just want to be around him. He gives so much value and is super chill.

We arrive and it's looking good. I open a 2 set straight off the bat - They give me 'the look'. I remember what Jeffy says about the look and realise it's OK. I tell one of them to uncross her arms because she has to have a good time and just kind of intro myself a little. I eject pretty early on but at least I've opened my first set straight off the bat.

We go to the bar and grab a light beer each. I think this is a key for my wing because he drinks very heavily and can't keep his shit together once he's drunk. I tell him it's what we need to do and he agrees.

We walk around checking out the venue and chode around. My mate has a smoke and I tell myself I need to approach.

We go inside and walk around some more. I find my warm up set in almost the exact same location as previously and start chatting with them again. I lead them to a seated area and the four of us sit. My wing hasn't warmed up and isn't saying much so I start to include him into the convo. He starts being social and the vibe is generally good. Turns out the girls are sisters. The oldest one - 19 - is quite attracted to me. We chat about a mixture of topics - and I add in some good attract stuff mainly just joking around - using call back humour etc and I feel I'm vibing well. I try very hard to focus on giving value - something I know is key to game. The younger sister is a bit shy but somewhat intrigued by me. We chat for around 10 minutes and by that time we have finished our drinks. I give my phone to the oldest and tell her to put her number in. She tells me she has a boyfriend - which was true because she brought it up in conversation earlier but I just ignored. I persist lightly but firmly but no go. I give the younger sister my number and take her's - It's probably not solid but I need to follow it up anyway - One of the points of the I don't guy was I don't take the number because I don't think the interaction went well enough - so I followed the plan - gotta take my spoons!

Waiting in Line at the bar I joke around with some girls - asking them if I can push in - they actually let me haha - I'm waiting and this guy tries to push past me. He looks at me and tells me to move - I ask him what he's doing and he says his friend is at the front - I say are you sure man? I don't want you to be pushing in. He says no that guy's my friend - I say what's his name - he says Aaron - Say call him man - he realises I'm tooling him hard and hesistates - I say it again - just call him I want to see if that's really his name. He calls him totally not wanting to do it and his mate looks back and by this time has 4 drinks - I say no worries buddy and tell him he better help his friend with the drinks haha. He is pissed but can't do shit because I tooled him so well.

A hot blonde has been watching the whole time and I turn to her and say - I hate it when people try to push in - It happened before and I almost got into a fight so now I gotta do shit like that. She is loving me and I ask her if I can push in. We're playfully fighting each other and I push in front of her - she's loving it and I'm coming across just like the guy I've been picturing. We playfully test each other and it's going awesome. A little bit of genuine rapport mixed in and I tell her to get us our drinks. She is super receptive and we all joke around. It was super smooth and we all leave the bar together. I should have isolated but didn't. Chode. I should have at least number closed. Chode. I let her go and we chode.

My mate is not opening and I proceed to open a couple of sets here and there - I'm still not opening the hotties either - just the 6-7's. It's good in a way because I'm getting my game dialled by doing so - need to just be approaching better looking women also.

I tell him to give me a 20 and I tell him he can have it back once he opens.

I see a 2 set and open it with naked twister - it blows open and we are just shooting the shit. I feel super chilled and am trying to focus on my Body Language. It is pretty tight and I feel pretty centered - awesome. One of the girls is totally into me and tells me to get my phone out so I can add her to Facebook - I look at my phone and my wings friend is trying to get a hold of us to meet us at the venue so I hand him the phone to take care of that. I vibe more and shoot the shit and it's going well with one of the girls. The other girl isn't as attracted and I work on her a bit more. She is half half towards me but I'm so centered it doesn't matter. My friend comes back and I exchange numbers with the one who's into me. It's a solid interaction but I could have tried to isolate her and build rapport.

We head outside to meet wings mates. I'm feeling great and just chat with the security and a shuttle bus driver as they are just standing around - working on giving value and it's good. There was a mad fight outside earlier I am told and coppers are all over the place haha - I'm just centered and chill. Wings friends rock up - they are both very different to me. One is emo looking and the other is bad ass looking - I shoot the shit with them but they can't get the vibe going.

We grab drinks and chode about a bit.

I open a single set and it's going well - I am feeling great and she is picking up on my state - A guy friend of hers comes along and hands her an empty glass - which she unconsciously takes - I look at her and she realises and puts it on the table. The guy is shaking his head at her and giving his dissaproval. She hugs him and turn back to me. I chode out here but can see that I had a lot of power over her and the group she was with - like I was a threat but in a good way hehe. Back to the chode crystal.

I keep flashing the 20 at my wing to remind him. He is a fair bit out of state at times during the night - this is because I'm going easy on him and not pushing him - mainly because I'm still choding about far too much for my own liking. He opens a 3 set with a lame question and stays in there for about 15 seconds. I give him his money as I wanted to try and build positive feedback for him. I go in and open them and use naked twister. It opens well - I use cold read on who I think is what type of girl in the group. It's going ok but I start to take value and probably could have used a wing too. I eject.

We decide to head back to our local nightclub because this bar will stop serving at 1:30 - We get back to our town by 1 and go to the same venue as last Friday night.

We both see people that we know and say Hi - We lose each other often which is good. I still don't open sets. This is a nightclub and my game is very hit and miss here . I chode out alot. I think I opened like once to which was a insta-blowout. My state had dropped - which I find it has everytime at this time of night. I just need to keep approaching!!!

My wing has found some girls he knows and tells me he's going to bang one of them. It turns into a 2 set and I wing the chubby friend for him.

She is into me and we all chat in a quieter area for a bit then dance for the last half hour of the night.

We drive the chubby friend home - who I wasn't really keen to fuck but would of if she came with us haha. As soon as she gets out of the car my wing is talking to his girl about them fucking. He is doing well and she is down to fuck and a fair bit drunk so doesn't give a fuck what she is saying. He tells her we are going to have a threesome and she says maybe.

We get back to my house and jump on my bed. I put on some music and we all chode about a bit. He starts making out with her and I come in about 5 minutes after.

We are both fingering her and making out with her etc. She starts pulling me and sucking him off. I see this as opportunity to fuck her but I'm not hard because I was a little nervous - not hella nervous but this was my first time having a 3some so I guess it's a little to be expected haha. So he starts fucking her and I get blown for a nice amount of time. I then am going to bang her but my mate fucks her state by telling her the time and that she needs to get up at 7. I think he may have done this on purpose so I couldn't fuck her because she falls asleep and I just try to keep things moving - trying to tell him to just keep going. He doesn't understand what I mean as I'm not talking just making guesters.

I don't really know what happened to my mate - I was a little pissed only at the fact that he fucked her state up - he actually did this alot throughout the foreplay and she was getting pissed off - Like he kept cracking jokes and goofing around instead of just escalating and getting into it. But he was the leader so I couldn't do all that much but to just ignore and keep escalating on her.

They both fall asleep and I go on my laptop for about half an hour. They both only live down the road and she has to be home so he takes her home. I'm not too fussed but would have liked to have fucked her. Gotta kick his ass and tell him what I think he fucked up and try to find out if he did it on purpose or not.

All in all a decent night - It was a mad experience having an almost 3some - something I was scared about at first doing it with another guy - but now I realise it's cool and can be awesome.

My interactions were solid and I've corrected some of the mistakes I was making in my sets. Lots to work on though! Extraction/Isolation - Venue changing - Plowing - Opening the hottest girls - Mixed sets. Lots of stuff haha!
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Numbers follow up -

Girl from last Friday night - We've texted back and forth - I tried to ring her once and no answer - she texted me asking what I was up to - I thought it was pretty solid so told her to come with me Ice Skating that evening - but she replied she already had plans. She counter offered that I meet her at the local nightclub I originally met her at for the next night (Friday) but I wanted to go out and pick up so I told her I was going to the city and that we will catch up soon.

I rang her yesterday and just chatted with her for about 4 minutes - Trying to give value. I think it's solid so I just asked her if she was free for tonight (Sunday) and she was keen to meet up.
I msgd her at 6pm and told her I'd pick her up in half hour and to text me her address - I told her in the first phone convo we'd get food and then go to the Drive-In's to watch a movie. She replied she couldn't make it but wanted to do it tomorrow so I replied cool and for the same time to which she replied cool. So will wait and see.

I'm going to try and bang her at the drive ins as I have a pretty decent success rate with drive ins and day2s. I just take a blanket and say lets snuggle in the back - It either ends in foreplay or sex and if I don't lay them there I just try and get them back to my house that night or on the day3.

Haven't followed up any other numbers - Chode. Fucking keep procrastinaiting it. I am going to make a day and time that I follow up my numbers - I want to call them about 7 and on an early weekday. So I'll do it on Tuesday because of day2 on Monday - If no day2 I'll do it Monday.
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Nice man, good old drive in movies.
keep up the good work.

- Bootcamp with Alex~
- RSD World Summit 2.0

Australia. Represent.

The Legend of Achilles~

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Thanks brother! You too - I'll be keeping up with your adventures for sure!
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Hey Moey good to hear from you mate! I'll be seeing a lot more of you boys from now on - going to be hitting up the city every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from now on!

Wednesday Night -11/11/09

I had been sick as a dog for the whole of last week, and although I thought about going out my body wouldn't have any of it. So that was the write-off week of shit - now onto to new week of nimbus!
Head to Gong - Haven't seen wing for a week and a half - on the way there we catch up and go over our goals for the night etc.

Overall I approached a fair few sets. I was pretty chilled and less gamey than usual. I've been reading bootcamp reports and posts by guys I think are similar to me and can see that their instructors tell them things like not to game and just be etc. The whole I am enough thing. I'm really focusing on being authentic and awesome - but because of that other parts were slipping. I'm slowly getting there - like when I was just myself it was going well - then when I tried to be funny - which I really can be - it didn't work! I love being funny - but it wasn't having the same affect as being 'enough'. Strange - but it's something I'll be experimenting with. I guess it's about intergrating.

I'm a pretty good conversationalist. I am finding I'm really starting to like bars VS clubs because I can vibe. But also in saying that - I need Intent! I was definitely using intent lines - like a solid 8 I hooked for my warm up. It was on - but it just fizzled out.

I think I played it safe last night without realising it at the time.

I need to open the turbos. Saw plenty and didn't step up!

I need to open huge sets. Just need to step up!

I need to open mixed sets. See above!

I was pretty decent at plowing. Girls would try to blow me off and I would just self amuse. I'm learning more about not being reactive and not taking value. These things will come in time I'm sure.

I know when I'm being reactive because I'll really want to tell the girl off - like tell her how fucking rude she is etc - vs not even registering that she doesn't like me and continuing - I'm getting better at this - just every now and then I slip and let things get to me. It's so fun when you truly don't give a fuck - you're free to do whatever you want - I'm just starting to see this!

Some chick was trying to tell me to fuck off - I didn't take her seriously and just kept plowing -remaining totally unreactive - strength of reality shit. It was a good learning experience because my friend started talking to her and got SUPER PISSED at her LOL - that made the whole group leave. So I know I'm on the right track.

My wing has a lot to learn I've realised - There's a whole lotta inner game work to be done - time will help as long as he continues to come out. But I need to stop looking after him - he needs to stop drinking so much so I can stop babysitting him - I help him by pushing him but I don't know where the line is - like if I let him go he can get out of control. We really need to make a solid line between us and stick to it. Which hasn't been happening. He goes backwards on his words and it shits me. I hope he can get his shit under control because he needs this.

I need to figure out dancefloor game without dancing - I love dancing - but if I want to get hotties I feel it's counter productive. I felt intimidated by the Dance floor - it feels so hit and miss for me at the moment - and it feels like I really have no control. If I'm dancing with girls and they are into me I can grind etc. But it feels like the attraction gets lost after a while which sucks! I have no idea about it at the moment haha.

Didn't find myself escalting enough at all last night - I was working on the super chilled angle and slow escalation - so I really gotta find the balance - I know how to get blown out from going in too hard. I need to do more things like double clawing etc. Step up more.

Got 2 numbers - need to follow them up and get phone game dialled.

I want to go out 5 nights a week. Monday to Friday. I live an hour from the city but I want to get this shit mastered so I need to go out more. I'll be getting in touch with the boys in the city and heading out with them - It will be good to meet some cool RSD guys who are better than me!
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As of this week I'm going out 5 nights - My roster at work is fucked up but this will not deter the passion.

Monday 16/11/09

So I head out to the city to meet up with Moey and quantum - I have told myself that I have already succeeded by GOING OUT as I have never gone out on a Monday night to pick-up - ever. I know you gotta acknowledge any success to help keep your momentum so I clearly did that.

I had a rough outline for the evening as to what I wanted to accomplish -

Warm up set within 3 minutes of getting inside the venue - I should change this to warm up set in THE LINE - as we waited one and a half hours in Scubar's line! Stupid shit!



Give Value.



I Am Enough.

Expression not Impression.


I wanted to make it really simple - like a checklist. The simplier it is the easier it seems for me.

Well I have to admit - I didn't follow much of this plan! I did open a warm up when we finally got to a venue - plowed for a bit - but I don't think they really understood English so I thought fuck it. There was not many sets in the venue and we had 3 girls in toe from the line at Scubar.

*A girl in line opened quantum and I and we all started vibing and having a good time - she had 2 friends with her and one was cute. I just casually chatted with them - not feeling it at the time. Moey arrives and we bounce from the line from hell!

I start chatting one girl in mini isolation and throughout the next hour she was attracted. I choded and didn't capitalise! I was chill - which was good - but should have isolated and clawed/madeout. No intent! Number closed but she was from Brissy - told her she had to take me out when I come up etc.

Met up with Buffalo and had a quick cool chat - loving your motivation you 18 year old gun ;)

Had my 12am curfew and left.

Was proud that I went out!

Tonight it's World Bar times - first time at this venue - excited/nervous! Gotta stick to the checklist of glory!
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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