November 20th, 2018
looking for thread. its about taking action, the key to becoming good
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 there's a thread in this forum where the guy was saying goodbye and leaving a good advice. its very long post/thread. he was saying that the real key to becoming good with women is to get off the internet, get out and just do it. not reading posts on forum but actually doing it. he said there's no other tips one need to learn, no other courses to buy, no more post to read. just turn off the computer and get out. take action. he made a second post in the same thread asking "you are still here reading this" then more advice about the same thing.

i saved it on my USB but i dropped it in heathrow airport toilet. does anyone know the thread im talking about? plz post.
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corksil wrote:
Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking, about values, identity, ego, etc etc etc. Thinking too much perhaps. The other day I came to a revelation - most of this pickup stuff is just centered around being happy and enjoying yourself. When you're happy, you're chill. You don't care what other people think, you're just being you and having a good time, and people/girls are drawn to that. Instead of focusing on inner game, outer game, or anything in between - I'm just going to start focusing on having fun, having my own fun, and being a generally fun guy always in an upbeat, happy, and generally content mood. I think this is underrated, because while everyone is out trying to learn routines or skills or some high-tech shit about making girls want you, I'm going to speculate that most of them aren't having the time of their lives. Maybe I shouldn't speak for others, but I see this in myself.

In short, I'm going to stop reading/studying/learning game and pickup, and just focus on becoming happy all the time. I notice it doesn't matter what I do or say, if I'm not in an excellent mood (state, if you want to call it that) - I'm not getting the results I want. I think I've finally realized that the cause and effect is fucked up - be happy, you'll get what you want because everyone loves you instead of get what you want, because it will make you happy and people will like you. Becoming happy, positive, upbeat, friendly and outgoing is now my new focus. No more studying theory or pickup or game or any of that...

I'm generally a pretty stoked guy, but I know I've got room for improvement (don't we all.) I'm looking for ways to boost my overall mood, so when I get up in the morning I feel euphoric and joyful - not "another day... drink the coffee, eat the breakfast, figure out what I have to do..." The simple answer is "move closer to who you really are." or "do what you want to" or something along those lines.. I'm well aware reading stuff on the internet or studying self help books aren't going to get me to the level I want to be, and I've done that to death already. Time for a change of pace, life is about action and doing, not thinking or theorizing or studying. (Actually it's probably a mixture of both, but I'm sick of sitting and thinking, or meditating, or "trying to find stillness within myself" or any other hippy mumbo-jumbo. I want to get out, and make my life more valuble to me, by ACTING and doing the things I love.

Which leads me to a dilemma - how is the best way to spend all of my time? Answer - doing what I want to do. Through lots of thought, I've come to a realization that 'who you are' is different than the 'egotistical viewpoint' on what you do, or where you are in life, or how you act and present yourself. After studying a lot of self-actualization material and deep thought, I feel incredibly disassociated and depersonalized. I've realized that I'm not the skills I have, or how I do things, or how I think, or the things I have or can access - I am what I do. By the time I got to this realization, I also realized that I don't infact DO much, even if my default state is positive/upbeat/happy. I want to do more...

It seems I've studied this stuff for so long, I don't know who I am anymore. I know what I value, I know how I act, how others act to me, I know lots of things I didn't know before, but I feel like the only thing I don't know anymore, is who I am. And who you are is largely tied to what you do, and how you spend your time. I need stuff to get excited about that I love doing, and things to take pride and enjoyment from. I think I need more hobbies etc etc..

I feel like I've totally broken myself down to the point I forgot who I am. A little depersonalized..

cliff notes: post up some activities that you love doing - things you get euphoric from doing (or get state from.) How do you spend your day - post it up so others can read it... I'll start.

wake up, do some cardio (usually a bike ride or a run)
get home, chill for a few, do daily weight workout (currently arms and upper torso)
chill for a few, plan responsibilities for the day (what I actually HAVE TO get done during the day)
cook/eat good healthy breakfast/brunch (usually around 11:30 by now)
read some books, take care of responsibilities (usually maintaining my friend's fleet of rental cars, installing new parts, diagnosing engines etc)
wash up, chill for a few (usually around 4pm by now)
dick around on the internet, kill a few hours (I don't even know where the time goes, sometimes I go out skating or surfing)
suddenly it's dinner time (6pm or so)
decide to go out for dinner and socialize (bbq/grill/cook dinner at a friends, chill with him/her)
go out to find womenses (MORE! ALWAYS MORE!) or go home and chill for a few
wake up, rinse, repeat

Looking at that, I spend entirely too much time chilling. There should be more action in my life. We move closer to who we are at the core when we take action and move out of our comfort zones and make decisions, not when we are 'chilling.'
somewheres along the same lines as what you were mumberling about. ^^^
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This the one brah?

Credit: Mukester (I think).


My last post....
Hmmm... a lot of new guys here now. Its like an AFC support network.

Gentlemen...i am a PUA. (No longer a "DJ"). I pick women up. I have a lifestyle. I live it and now know guys worldwide who do this too. I love it!! But this board is where i started. Last year!

If your goal is to be a PUA then read on. If your goal is for a relationship or to be a seducer. Ignore this post. You'll hate it.

I was a complete AFC before i found this board.. I got word of this place last Christmas from some net search. Back then, the top poster here was SEXPDX. In fact i started out as a keyboard jockey- y'know, learning the theory and stuff. Being online when i should be out sarging. You can tell from my early posts I had no clue. Whats more, i still sucked in real life.

In fact, knowing the game (as a "DJ") picked me up and turned me round from ROCK BOTTOM. It gave me a bravado i was a better man, who now had the POTENTIAL to get laid when i chose to. Regardless of looks.

Actually, this confidence actually crept out into the real world and i started being an alpha badboy and pulling hot little chycks when i went out. I made mistakes and f@cked up loads. But i learnt (still am).

What i want you guys to realise is you can all get laid. You just need to look at this forum as a turnaround point. Something that has possibly saved you from spending your life as a tool.

The only thing stopping you NOW is your inner game. Your ability to go out and FAIL. You dont need to learn umpteen techniques (outter game) just need a basic understanding (alpha qualities), and to practice in the realworld.


Run sarges and aim to fail. Open targets wherever you see them. Get blown out by them. Repeat. Fail. Repeat. Fail.

Get over the IDEA of not being able to approach. Once you do this you automatically are better than the next guy. You will will not appear desperate or nervous. You'll develop what to say. You will then succeed.

...Then you can start running material/techniques you read on this site (patterns/openers/negs whatever). Material and techniques should be there for you to fall back on and help demonstrate your personality (if it sucks).

It should NOT be your entire game.

I want you all to realise (something i didnt) that there is a lot of cr@p on this board....and some Gold-dust. 90% of the guys here are AFC...but getting better by the day. 90% of the posts here are from keyboard jockeys. So stick to posts made by guys here with a good rep. Especially the old skool guys, the guys who post field/lay reports. Theyre out in the real worls and what they say is valuable.

Anything you learn from them should then be tried out by YOU.

If an idea/gimmick doesnt work for you -it DISCARD it! At least you tried it! Keep the stuff that works for you in you as it'll calibrate into your own unique personality...not necessarily someone elses . Practice. Then some.

This is how you build a PUA personality.

Forget the gay little polls on here to determine what the best cologne is. You can smell like a polecat and still pull. Forget post about oneitis. Forget posts on how many days you should leave to call her. If your PERSONALITY and ATTITUDE are good then this is not important as you will have already built up enough attraction for this stuff not to matter.

Forget sarging online...its gay. Forget phone sarges...they suck. Forget little girls that have broken your heart. Theyre gone. Its over. You failed there (~Congrats!).

Forget spending all your time online to learn the next trick. Theyre worthless until your inner game, your confidence and your attitude are correct.

Get this by failing.

This is how you become a PUA.

You will learn your own tricks. You'll naturally develop them in the field. IT IS YOUR PERSONALITY THAT IS THE KEY THING TO DEVELOP. If you have a great one...then youre almost there!

Get out and meet girls in real life. Hang with guys who get girls. The quickest way to learn is thru direct experience. It is possible to f@ck-close a girl on the same day you meet her. Even at the bus stop. ATTITUDE is key. Your attitude to going out and meeting girls is what actually makes you different. Different than before you found this board and when you sucked.

You sucked chiefly because your attitude sucked.

Once you get that sorted it will become internalised. And part of YOU. Then you are closer to being better. Things only become internalised if you use them in real life.

You are as good as you want to be (If you hate sarging in clubs, learn in the street. Then learn clubs). Just because you are not born as a natural doesnt mean you can't be better than one. I know guys who learnt so much in field they now wipe the floor with naturals.


Attitudes of approaching will become normal when you repeat.
Material you use will become internal and natural when you repeat.
Success will become natural when you repeat... TO FAILURE

This is my last post as i moved on. I am thankful for what i learnt here. But now i have reached the next stage. The real world. Real wingmen and a real social network. I now discuss the game in real life.

The time for change is in your hands...take the leap.

Signing off.....



Why am i bothering to bump this?

Do want girls? Do you want hot girls? You'll probably never get them.


I decided to check out this board once again out of curiosity...and nothing has changed. Its full of keyboard jockeys who'll never make solid changes to their life. They don't realise every answer is already here or already talked about. They spend their lives debating useless crap or minute details about seducing women that has already been talked about, or will not directly benefit them; overall minor constituents of their game. THAT ARE WORTHLESS TO THEM.

Why is this?
95% of you live with the false idea that the more you read the more you will accomplish.

This is simply not true.

The only way you WILL EVER be successful is through practice, practice, practice, practice. Even if you learn everything about 'seduction' online, you need to know how to deliver it.
Right now do you think you are better than the next guy in the street?

Oh really??

What if i came and PU'd your girl from right under you. How about then? What would you do right there on the spot as i was running TESTED GAME? Chances are youre mind will >BLANK<.The only way to find out is to practice.


A lot of you already have the basics.

This is enough.

Go and apply this. When your knowledge becomes congurrent from you through practice you will become SUCCESSFUL. It is a tough pill to swallow. But 90% of the guys here do hardly any practice (1 hour daily?). These are the guys asking stupid questions in the forums with 500+ posts under their names.

They don't have the guts to practice and see what happens.They want someone else to do the hardwork for them . Stuff you learn will not sit on another guy's shoulders so well. Do not expect everything you read to help YOU

Do you think you could learn to swim straight away, if i told you sound theory how to? YOU cant expect to learn without making a mistake here and there.


Don't be one of them. I was once.

How do you think all this knowledge came about anyway? It was by the 5% of guys going out and learning themselves. They are here and they know who they are. If you look at my archive you'll see 99% my posts are cr@p. I stopped the adventure online and learnt outside. Thats how i and my wings learnt.


Aside from luck there's no other way. And luck is not ever tight. Ever. Luck has shafted you already and that's why youre here. Go and practice or you'll never be a'll just get lucky and think the computer helped you. Loser.

Go and reread the top of this thread. Ignore everything else below it----just like most reply posts on this board...IT WON'T HELP YOU.

Now, do you have the guts to get better?
Express yourself honestly and let the chips fall where they may.
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 hehe. thanks One1
yes that's it.
the guy went back to bump the thread.
ahhh i love this thread he made.

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WOW. The post is fucking serious. Sheesh.....motivates the fuck out of me.
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