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Tyler Bootcamp Oct. 15th - 17th 2009
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Day 1 - Thursday

Location - West Hollywood - Coco de Ville - Saddle Ranch

I arrive at the Roosevelt Hotel late. LA traffic is something I am not use to and will take me the remainder of my trip to figure out. I step through the doors and rush into the lobby.

I see a bald headed young man sitting by himself. Seems to be in his early 20's so I approach thinking he might be another student.

Turns out it's Davey Train, one of Tyler's assistants. I make my introduction and take a seat.

He tells me Tyler is running late as well but will arrive in about ten minutes. I sit and chit chat with Dave and he informs me that I'm the only student tonight. Awesome.

As we're talking and sharing stories, sure enough Tyler walks in shortly.

He's much skinnier these days, cut his hair too. If I'd had seen him in the streets, I probably wouldn't have recognized him.

He shakes my hand, as I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, is this really happening? Am I about to spend a weekend with the Tyler Durden?"

I don't have much time to indulge in my fanboy-ism as he quickly informs us that we need to get moving and proceed to walk towards the pool area.

The Mental Cloud Has Been Lifted

We all take a seat in a secluded area, where we can chat quietly to ourselves and not be intruded upon frequently by the waitresses.

He sits and tells me to sit directly across from him and I do so. We then begin.

He asks me a few questions to get a general gist of where I'm coming from.

"How many women have you been with?"

"How long have you known about the community?"

"How long have you known about RSD?"

Fairly basic stuff. However, I had come for a very specific inner game issue, which I proceeded to divulge upon him.

As I sat there talking about my progression through the game, I began to understand why people say they feel incredibly validated when they talk to him.

Tyler sat very patiently and listened to what I had to say, without making me feel like I was being rushed or judged. It's like simply by his eye contact and positive demeanor, he makes you feel like you're being listened to. Like someone who really cares about your problem.

When I was finished explaining myself, Tyler tells me this, "Hey man no worries, I know exactly what's going on. I've seen this sorta thing many times and even including myself, I've gone through the same types of issues. Let me explain what's happening."

For the next 30 minutes, he proceeded to tell me about shifting paradigms, from reaction based confidence to integrity based confidence. How paradigm shifts can be an incredibly confusing time and how pickup tends to be low on your totem pole. How you get a sense that instead of picking up girls, you should be focusing on other stuff in your life and how you actually will try to sabotage yourself in set because you don't live up to your values.

He also explained to me how humans have a natural progression of paradigms through their life, from co-dependence, independence to inter-dependence/synergistic. If anyone reading this was at the Summit, this was probably covered in more detail.

One of the things that really nailed it home for me was something Tyler asked me after this, "Dude, in terms of your integrity, what would you rate yourself out of 10?"

I answer, "Umm... a 7 out of 10 I suppose."

"Ok you think you're a 7 out of 10, but compared to all these people around here..." He makes a circle gesture with his finger," You're a 100 out of 10."

He continues, "Look you have these guys who have value through people reacting to them, such as bartenders or celebrities, that bang chicks constantly. Meanwhile these are dudes that do drugs, get chicks pregnant, are fucked up and simply don't give a shit about values."

"You have to realize at the end of the day, integrity is all well and good, but these chicks want to fuck. They want a hard dick to penetrate them."

I sat there somewhat speechless. In about 30 minutes, he had pretty much erradicated every last bit of the mental cloud that's been polluting my head. He had confirmed what I had suspected all along, but I only had pieces of a giant puzzle in my head, incomplete. He basically filled in every last piece of that mental jigsaw puzzle.

What Tyler made me realize was shifting to integrity based confidence is a bit like a double edged sword. It has the potential to be an incredible source of grounding confidence but is much harder to achieve. As such, if you feel like you aren't living up to your integrity, it can really hurt how you feel about yourself.

Tyler tells me then, "Hey man, take a walk around, go to the bathroom to clear your head, then we're gonna head out."

And so the night begins.

"Stop Snapping Your Fingers Like a and Do Something."

We head out in search of our first venue. Thursday's in LA tend to be a bit sketchy in terms of decent venues to attend, however, as we're walking through the streets, Tyler jumps into the outer game portion for the night.

He explains to me that the theme for the first day, and pretty much his entire bootcamp, is centered around 5 basic principles. These principles are:

1. Show Intent (Kool-aid Man Frame, Awkwardness Frame, Learning to Spike a Volleyball)
2. Freedom of Outcome
3. Momentum
4. Raising Awareness
5. Decreasing Reaction Time

I won't go into them in detail except for the last 2 because they are probably the most important.

Raising awareness is essentially looking around the club for all the sets that you could find to approach. Decreasing Reaction Time is once you see the first set, you go, with little if no hesitation.

This will be something that Tyler will have me do over and over again throughout the program.

The first venue that we will enter is Coco de Ville. It's a bit late and we're having a bit of trouble getting in. Tyler is texting his promoter friend to help get us in.

As we're standing outside waiting, it begins to dawn on me, "Wow, Tyler is waiting outside the club. Like... a normal guy. WHAT?!? Tyler??? A NORMAL DUDE??? NAAAAAAAHHHH No way!!!"

The mysticism begins to dissolve.

We eventually get inside and it is actually pretty popping. Tyler brings me to the bar area and we begin.

He spins me around and asks me, "Where's your awareness?" I see my first set, I go in.

Truthfully I have no idea what my first set was or for that matter, most of my sets the entire weekend. I only remember specific memorable ones.

I'm pretty sure it was probably shit and I'm also pretty sure Tyler was barking orders into my ear as I'm engaging the girls.

At some point in the night, I enter a big set of girls and I'm hitting on the asian one. It's going really well and she likes me. However at some point, I start getting into my head and I dunno what to do. So I pull back and just begin dancing in place, snapping my fingers.

Tyler comes up to me and says over my shoulder, "WTF you doing??? Get up on that girl and tell her you love her!"

I hesitate.

Tyler then angrily repeats himself, "Stop snapping your fingers like a and DO SOMETHING!"

*Disclaimer* Tyler does not hate gays. He simply said it to shock my brain into action.

I move into the girl again but by this time, I'm super in my head. I have no idea what to do and the girls all see this. One of her friends pulls her away to the bathroom. I'm done... or so I thought, but not on Tyler's watch.

"Engage her other friends NOW!"

I begin talking to her other friends still around. I'm making somewhat nervous chit chat and conversation is incredibly logical and boring. I'm afraid to escalate.

"Get up on that girl and tell her you love her." I hear over my shoulder.

My heart sinks.

By this time, the girl is starting to feel creeped out, mostly because I FEEL so damn creepy. As I move in closer and grab her shoulder, she moves away from me. I try to open my mouth, but words won't come out.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Tyler comes and pulls me out.

"Where's your awareness?" I open my next set.

This goes on for most of the night. Some sets opened well, some not so much. A 2-set of blondes told me to fuck off, but Tyler has me open them 3 more times. Some girls got really creeped out on my opener, which was actually kinda funny. Most I opened just fine but then Tyler would push me to SOI (statement of intent) hard and it would usually result in blowing out the set.

Eventually as the night went on, after many a set, I began to reach state.

I was beginning to loosen up, my sets were opening better, I was having more fun.

Tyler wants me to tell this girl I love her and get in her face? Sure!

"I love you! I want to marry you!"

Random chick 1, "I'm already married!"

Random chick 2, "I'm already engaged!"

Random chick 3, "I have a boyfriend!"

Hahaha, silly girls.

At some point I end up isolated with a girl near the wall. We're talking, having a bit of fun and Tyler says in my ear, "Pick her up and spin her."

I think to myself, "Really? You can get away with that?"

Tyler tells me again, "Pick her up and SPIN HER!"

Okaaaaay, here goes. Swirrrrrrrrrrl.

"AHHHH, teeeee heeee heee heeee!!! OMG, you are so CRAZY!" She says through fits of laughter.

Wow. That move is like crack.

She eventually goes back to her friend and I continue on, opening more sets.

Tyler actually demoed quite a bit on the first night which isn't usually the case. Dave helped out quite a bit too and pushed me into a few sets himself.

Eventually we leave Coco and head to Saddle Ranch.

The place is starting to thin out because it's moving towards 2 AM. I'm use to NYC clubs closing at 4AM so this was quite early for me.

In Saddle Ranch there's really only one workable set and Tyler has me go in. We engage the group for a while and Tyler pulls me outside to open the seated sets outdoors.

My state is beginning to crash as I'm getting really tired from the jetlag and I literally opened my last set there with, "Hi, I have no idea why I'm talking to you, I'm completely tired and jetlagged." Luckily Tyler comes in and takes over the set while I sit back and watch.

We then head to debrief.

Playing to Win

At debrief, Tyler explained to me many things that will forever change the way I view this game.

He said that the reason he pushed me to blow out the set is because the best guys in this game are getting blown out over and over again. They are pushing for the close until the chick either rejects him or he fucks her.

"I'm teaching you game to get laid. I'm not teaching you game to get a good reaction so you can go home and masturbate. If you are not getting blown out, you are not doing shit."

The second big epiphany that Tyler instilled in me was following the 5 basic principles that he outlined earlier in the night.

He told me that if even HE, as good as his game is now, did not follow those principles, HE WILL SUCK. PERIOD. No one is above the process.

This also leads into the next point which is, just how incredibly normal a person Tyler is. He's just Owen Cook. A man from Ottawa, Canada, no different a human being than you or I.

Watching him throughout the night and how he games, it just looks incredibly normal. Of course, when you examine the subcommunication underneath it all, you see just how powerful it is when you understand what's going on.

On top of that, Tyler actually acts like quite the friggin' fool with girls. Why? Because he does not GIVE A SHIT what they think about him. Zero. Zilch. He's just having fun and self amusing.

Tyler's been through quite a lot which in the end, has cultivated quite a thick skin.

He's had a New York Times bestseller written about him, totally shitting on him. He's had people on forums and throughout the world, hating on him. He's even had fanboys photochopping his face onto stomachs (which by the way Tyler actually likes the photochops).

The man even has quite the tigress for a girlfriend. He has to deal with shit tests in his sleep, quite literally.

The last thing that Tyler told me in the night was, that I did well. He told me Coco de Ville is one of those celebrity hotspots and the people there tend to be a bit clicky. If I were a newb, he wouldn't have taken me there or pushed me as hard as he did on the first night.

I did what was told of me (for the most part) and to not worry about being out of state or messing up. He's seen much, much worse.

After debrief, Dave and Tyler drop me off at the Roosevelt and I hop in my car and head back home.

I'm exhausted and I crash on my bed, glad the night is over but excited for the next 2 days.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Day 2 - Friday

Location - West Hollywood - Skybar - Berries

I arrive late again and run inside. Tyler, Dave and another assistant is here tonight. Turns out it's Jack Hammer.

JH takes me to go get stamped at the bar in the hotel. This place is gonna be our backup tonight in case we can't get into our original destination.

As we're waiting for the car to pull around, I get to know JH a bit.

Turns out he's taken a bootcamp around a year ago, and as I would later learn from Tyler, has actually gotten quite good since then.

The car pulls around and we hop in. We head on over to Skybar.

Let's Get Physical

As we roll into Skybar, I look around and I'm quite surprised at the venue. It's a bit small but absolutely gorgeous. We take a seat somewhere.

We order our dinner and jump right into the second nights material. Tonight is all about getting physical.

Physicality Tyler explains to me is not only attractive and establishes a physical relationship from the getgo, it's also a way to pump her state and buying temperature.

He says that the community use to pump a girls state through routines and stories, whereas now, it's almost like your pumping her state through playful molestation.

He then goes on to demonstrate how he likes to escalate kino and the reasoning behind it.

The second half of the seminar portion was Tyler explaining to me about state.

He explained that AA many times isn't really anxiety but it's just that you aren't in a social fun mood yet. You lack social momentum.

He asks me, "If I asked you, do you want to be happy, what would you say?"

"Sure, I guess so." I respond.

"Would you really or would you rather be exactly where you are?"

Tyler then proceeded to explain that people don't want to change the emotional state they're in because they're content, they just want to be exactly the way they are at that moment.

Tyler continues, "Now if I was to ask you, can you imagine yourself approaching every set in this bar, what would you say? You'd probably think that's ridiculous right? But that's exactly what we're gonna do."

We then proceeded to go into an excercise where we would laugh uncontrollably for 30 seconds while thrashing around.

Afterwards, everyone feels different, in a much happier state. Tyler then asks me, "Now would you rather be in your current state or the state you had before?"

"I'd rather be in the state I'm in now."

Tyler asks me, "Now if I was to ask you again, can you imagine yourself approaching every single set in this club, your response might still be no, but it doesn't sound as crazy as before does it?"

"No." I replied.

"You see at the beginning of the night, it seems almost impossible that you will talk to all these people but at the end of the night when I ask this question, you suddenly feel like, yes of course I can talk to all these people, why wouldn't I?"

At this point we wrap up the seminar portion of this night and Tyler answers some questions that I have. We then get up and head off into the venue.

"That's My Girlfriend"

We start off the night slow just making friendly chit chat. I'm feeling much better today and my conversations are flowing much better.

Early on in the night a hot asian girl comes in. Tyler has me go in and open her. I start talking to her and she runs over to some chode and tells me it's her boyfriend. I introduce myself to him, thinking she's totally bullshitting. She's a gorgeous fucking girl with this introverted chode.

So Tyler has me go back in as they're walking away and so I do, while clawing her. Turns out it is her boyfriend and he's pissed. He pushes me away and tells me to get off of her.

Oh well. Tyler explains to me not to worry about it so we move on and look for the next set.

I was opening much more tonight and sets were going much better. I was also following Tyler's directions much better.

At one point I was told to go into this set of 2 gorgeous blondes both easily 8's. I felt a twist of anxiety in my chest but I went anyways.

It opened fine enough but I began to get into my head and stalling. However, at this point instead of just standing there like a chode, I just verbalized what was on my mind and made it fun.

"You know, whenever I run out of things to say, I like to stand here and see just how creepy I can be." I then proceeded to get up in one of their faces while making bizarre expressions.

They both started cracking up uncontrollably.

Tyler jumps in to wing me at the same time telling me in my ear to pick her up and spin her. I do so.

She squeals in delight.

As I put her down, her friend begins to pull her away. Both are teetertottering on whether they want to stay or go. My girl is getting incredibly turned on but I hesitate to make a move and she eventually goes.

Tyler tells me we almost had them, it was very close.

At this point, I'm feeling awesome and I think the best interaction I had in the night happened shortly after.

It was with this Indian looking chick who was from Sweden. WOW. How perfect is that.

I go into the 2-set with another random dude engaging the friend and begin talking to her. It opens very well.

At this point for some reason or another, I begin to pace my words more, begin to slow down and be more expressive with my flow. It must have worked because she was SUPER into our conversation. It felt like she was hanging on my every word.

We ended up having a lot in common, I dunno if that was her trying to live up to my values or if it was coincidence. Me thinks it was the former.

Tyler tells me in ear, "Bite her neck."

WTF??? Really??? Okay... here goes.

I feel weird just doing it out of the blue so I ask her, "Do you like being bitten?"


"Yeah, being bitten. I know a lot of girls that like that. Here..." I proceed to move away her hair.

"Noooooo, hee hee hee!" She squeals as I go for her neck like the raging vampire that I am.

After a little while the random chode pulls her friend to go dance and my girl wants to dance with me too. Ehh, ok sure wutevz.

We get to the dancefloor and we're grinding up on each other.

I can tell by the way she's dressed, she's a bit conservative and shy. I want to kiss her but she keeps pulling away. I decide to pull her to the other side of the bar.

Eventually I get her to give me a quick peck on the lips and that was it. I didn't want to push it because she seemed shy but I should've just picked her up, pumped her state and went for it again.

At some point the chode blows himself out and my girl goes back to her friend. I leave them both to go open more sets.

Nothing really all too memorable in that venue except maybe the last chick I opened.

It did not open at all but Tyler still tells me to handshake spin her. I grab her hand and try to move her but she will not budge.

"What are you doing?"

"Just checking out your bag." I say, not really sure how to respond.

Tyler jumps in at this point and begins to run his mouth off. The chick however just isn't having any of it. Some dude comes along and takes her away.

Outside near the entrance. Tyler and both assistants are opening girls as they leave... and so is TONS of dudes.

With the lights on and the late hour madness, I'm getting REALLY into my head. It's literally a pirahna-fest of guys hitting up girls left and right. Utter insanity.

Lucky for me Tyler wasn't making me open, since he was too busy enjoying himself. However, his assistants weren't having any of that. They begin to push me into set.

I honestly don't remember what I opened if any at all. I was like a deer in the headlights.

I eventually wing a girl near the parking lot. She was from Italy and didn't speak English well at all. It was really difficult to communicate. However her Italian was sexy as hell.

After this, it was off to debrief.

AA Is Not Anxiety It's Laziness

At debrief, Tyler has me do a couple more sets in the restaurant. They all go surprisingly well. I even got the number of a black girl who simply offered it up to me.

I don't remember too much about this debrief mostly because we kept it a bit short. There was a set that merged with us to eat that JH opened as they came and Tyler didn't want to be spouting game theory in front of them.

However, it essentially boiled down to Tyler reinterating what he said earlier in the night.

He asks me again, "Can you imagine yourself opening all those sets right now? Of course right?"

He was right. I felt like I could do it with little or no problem.

He goes on to explain that he doesn't even view AA as anxiety but more like approach laziness. It's simply a lack in momentum. You just have to take action and build it.

Another thing that he really nailed it home was making me realize just how much he's an average guy. He says that it took him 8 years to get to where he is now, where as some dudes will come on and get as good as him in 2 years.

He also said to me that I'm a good looking guy, who's tall and confident. This will probably come to me easy and fairly quickly.

This threw me for a loop and surprised me. I told Tyler that I wasn't always like this and that I grew up as a needy chode. It was only through going out and doing pickup did I begin the process of deep identity level change. It was really cool for Tyler to confirm to me that my efforts haven't been in vain.

After debrief, I was driven to the hotel and dropped off. I head home, awaiting what's to be the last day and probably the most profound night I will have for a long time to come.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Day 3 - Saturday Location - West Hollywood - H.Wood I arrive at the hotel an hour early today. Go figure. Today Tyler brings along Roxanna. It was really cool to get to meet her. She's definitely a really cool chick. Very confident and outgoing, as well as physically attractive. It was very cool to see the dynamic of their relationship. I've never witness a relationship like theirs before, especially one that looked this awesome after 5 years. Most relationships tend to have a slight tainting of neediness underneath it but not theirs. It just somehow felt better and more real. In any case, we have a dinner reservation at H.Wood, however, we're a bit early so Tyler takes me to the mall that's close by. We all just chit chat about whatever and I get to know Roxanna a bit. She can definitely hold a conversation. So eventually, we get inside and we sit at our table. Tyler wants to know if I have any questions. My main concern was about heading back home, whether or not I will still step up if Tyler wasn't there to boss me around. He explains this in more detail and gives me some rules and guidelines to follow when I get back. I also ask him about graduating from the community, what will happen when I stop trying to work on "game" and focus on other priorites and goals in my life. He explains to me that you'll retain your confidence and centerness, however, your verbal skills and witticism might dim. This was totally fine with me. As long as I can walk through life with ease and offer value simply through being, then I'm ok with that. We order our dinner and Tyler goes into the final seminar portion... vibing and tonality. Buzzed Off of Your Own Awesomeness Tyler explains to me 4 key principles of vibing and the purpose of what vibing is. Vibing is much different from a logical conversation where the purpose of a logical conversation is informational. Vibing is more emotional and fun. This lesson was definitely very profound for me because I had never understood the purpose of an illogical conversation till now or for that matter, how to go about it. Tyler explained it very clearly and why it works so well. He explained to me that when vibing is done well, it's almost like your buzzed off of your own awesomeness. We then did some exercises to get myself into that illogical headspace of thinking. The next lesson that Tyler went into was tonality. I think by this point most people have heard this being talked about a million times so I'll go into it quickly here. Realize this however, if there was a magic pill in pickup, this would probably be it. There are essentially 3 modalities of tonality: trying for rapport (TR), neutral rapport (NR), breaking rapport (BR). Now what I hadn't understand to this point was what BR really was. I thought it was like mean, like you were being a dick or something but it's not. It's actually positive dominance. Tyler then demonstrates the 3 modalities and has me do them as well. After we finish up, the club is starting to get really good, so Tyler has me walk around to clear my head or use the bathroom. Once I'm back, it's time to begin. He Just Made You His Bitch Tyler has me begin opening up girls on the first floor bar area. They all pretty much open but I'm blowing myself out. I'm actually really nervous in this venue, there's tons of hotties and it's a bit of an upscale place. We even had a celebrity sitting 10 feet away from us during dinner. Tyler eventually brings me upstairs once a lot of the sets below were finished. Keep in mind, tonight Tyler is going all out. I'm not to be out of set for longer than 30 seconds, and he's going light on demos tonight because he went demo heavy during the beginning. Most of my time in that venue was a blur. I was opening girls left and right, sometimes multiple times. It would just not let up. I opened a lone chick who's on her phone texting her friend trying to find her. I open her and spin hug her, over and over again. We end up really dizzy and stand there holding each other for support. Pretty funny. It's going really well but at some point I begin to stall out and she's losing attraction fast. She begins to run off. Tyler has me give chase, so I do. Tyler tells me to stay on her until she says no. If she doesn't say no, you keep going. I do so but I'm getting really into my head. Some muscular chode then takes her and "rescues" her from me. He says, "She's my good friend. We haven't seen each other in a while." I dunno what to do and just let go of her. Tyler sees this and says to me pissed, "Congrats, he just made you his bitch." Once I let go, the chick just ditches the guy in a flash. Tyler has me go after her again. Fuck ok. So I give chase and this time she relents and I sit her down on the sofa. Little did I know, the people that paid for that table were gonna get pissed and tell us to move. This totally kills it and she runs off again. Tyler has me chase AGAIN. At this point I'm feeling like the ultimate creepster. Eventually I lose her in the crowd to my relief. Tyler has me open another set. My next set that I remember opening was this little short cute brunette. Ridiculously adorable and it was ON. She was an 8.25 in my book easily. I was escalating this one the way Tyler taught me, as well as clawing her, calling her my princess. She tells me she just broke up with her bf that day. She's happy about it. I hug her. I cup her face and tell her, "Have you ever looked deeply into someone's eyes and it's almost like you've entered a trance?" "Yes." As I say this we are both staring into each other eyes with our foreheads touching. I think I'm falling in love. "Close your eyes." She shakes her head. "Close your eyes." I repeat. She does. I try to kiss her but she pulls back a little. I keep going and kiss her on the side of her lips. She smiles. I get the number. Turns out she lives a town over from where I'm staying. Holy shit. She eventually leaves to go rejoin her friends. Tyler rejoins me and tells me I did an awesome job. She was super hot. He wanted to steal her from me... lol. It was about this time that I hit the indifference threshold and hit state. I simply did not care anymore. I had zero hesitation going into set. In fact, Tyler didn't even need to tell me to, I just went. The next set I remember was a 2-set. I hear them hollering so I roll in and holler back. They tell me they're lesbians. I tell them me too. They're like, "Noooo, where's your vagina?" Then the hot blonde one grabs my cock. She then goes, "Oh wow, your actually pretty big." "Hey girl... it's sensitive down there, you gotta be careful." I then just continue to mess around with them while clawing them both. We get interupted by the friend bringing them drinks and I lose the set. About this time, Tyler wants us to leave the club and start doing street sets. On the way out, I open a 3-set near the door. This was my opener: "Durrrrrrr, hurrrrrrr, uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh..." While making a retarded face. 2 of the girls are cracking up while the mother hen is squawking at me, "No no no! That's not how you do it! You have to buy us drinks!" I completely ignore her and start bouncing my body against one of the girls. I then proceed to scratch my head in confusion and eject since Tyler is waiting for me. This is where the night takes a complete turn. Fear and Loathing in West Hollywood We begin doing street sets at 1AM. We roll up to different clubs and catch girls coming out, walking down the street or in restaurants. It was BRUTAL. I was getting more and more out of state, as we went on but he kept pushing me and pushing me and it just would not end. Think about it this way. Being in total shit state, completely inside your head but having to approach: 1. A smoking hottie, maybe a prostitute, surrounded by 6 big dudes. She took one look at me and says, "Bye." A dude behind me goes, "Is there a problem here?" I say, "No just saying hi..." As I slink away. This has gotta be the scariest approach I've ever done. 2. Another girl standing outside with her social clique. Tyler tells me I'm probably gonna get blown out, but a little blow out is good for the soul and tells me to go in. I do so and hit on the girl. A guy comes by and I introduce myself to him. He then proceeds to push me and tell me to step back. Tyler tells me not to be intimidated by these guys. 3. Stopping multiple walking sets on the sidewalk or crossing the street by leaping and putting my hands up. 4. More mixed sets than I've probably ever done in my whole pickup endevour. 5. Girls standing in doorways of shops, sitting in restaurants, an entire parking lot of people outside of a club waiting to leave. Probably the most difficult of all, is feeling like you've already hesitated and choded yourself out, yet still having to go back in and SOI hard. It literally feels like pain. At some point in the night Tyler explains to me that he did this on purpose. He didn't want me to be running around the club in state, he purposely dragged me in the street to put me out of state. There was a couple of reasons for this. One, he wanted to put me in a logical headspace so that I would be able to learn and understand game. If I was in my fun social headspace, I probably would've forgotten everything he told me. (He taught me some of the most valuable lessons while we walked those streets) Second, he wanted me to be able to still take action while out of state, which is something I wanted him to help me with to begin with. And third, Tyler explained to me that probably the number one most important thing to develop in this game is thick skin. It is more important that having great game. Even if you had shit game, as long as you have thick skin, you will still pull. At some point, maybe 2 hour later, Tyler decides that I've had enough and we hit up Mel's Diner. He tells me he's not gonna leave me in this shit state so he puts me in a couple sets at the diner. I just make chit chat and mess around. Back out on the street Tyler explains a few things that really brought me down the rabbit hole. This is something that rewired the way I view a sexworthy man. I think many guys in the community, myself included, have a skewed view of what this game is about. I know me personally, I'm a good person and I tend to believe in the purity of things. As such, I had a somewhat naive and innocent view of how this game happens. If you really want to fuck hot women, then you really need to present something that she can't get with other guys. You really need to step into the archetype of the man she craves to be railed by every night. She wants to be dominated, she wants to feel cheap, used and dirty like the she is. She also needs the sweet side too but look at it this way. What kinda guy fits that archetype? Assholes? Jocks? Rockstars? We need to become rockstars. Going up to smoking hotties and being just all nice and sweet is not gonna cut it. She doesn't want a girlfriend, she wants a hard dick inside her while she gets her hair pulled and ass spanked. Debrief was somewhat short because some of Tyler's buddies were out and we ran into them. I got to chat with a guy who's a natural. Really cool dude and pulls a lot. After this Tyler and I chat for a bit longer and after I thank him, we part ways. Final Thoughts If anyone reading this is thinking about taking a bootcamp with RSD, I would suggest you not hesitate and sign up right away. This is the best decision you will ever make in your life. The first day alone was worth my 2 grand. I know many guys will think to themselves, "Well ok, I read bootcamp reports and I know the lessons that are being taught. I'm just gonna go out by myself and apply them." Well to those guys what I say is this. You're fucking crazy. You really think you could do all that shit while out of state? Being pushed over and over again to do something while all your emotions are fighting you to run away? If you can well, you wouldn't be needing a bootcamp. If you can't, then SIGN UP NOW. You will be pushed like you've never been before and you will forever remember it as one of the best moments of your life. One where you took action, fought through pain and fear, and triumphed. Thanks: To Davey Train and Jack Hammer, thanks guys, you were a big help and I learned a lot from you two. You are both awesome guys, I look forward to meeting you guys again some day. To Roxanna, it was great to meet you as well. I wish you and Vincent the best. To Tyler, thank you again dude. I want to almost cry when I write this but you've done so much for me and changed my life is such a profound way, I can't ever thank you enough. And finally, to God, for aligning the stars so I had the most perfect weather in LA while escaping the snow in the East and while somehow lucky enough to have a solo bootcamp at 3 awesome venues. Maybe after all my kindness and good deeds, I'm finally cashing in my karma... hahaha. Peace out yo. Andy
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Davey Train

Davey Train

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 Haha great report buddy, wish i was there the 3rd day to hang with you. I love hwood. Hopefully ill see you back in ny one of these days! Keep up with the FRs so we can see your progress. take care buddy
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Great report man!... Totally excited for you!.
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L Prince

L Prince

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Awesome stuff, it reminded me what Tyler told me.
glad you had a kick-ass bootcamp.
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Awesome report man! in a couple months i have my bootcamp woo! With dis fella ^^^^^ haha :D
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sweet report man! really enjoyed it
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 Andy, awesome stuff! Every time I read a post-bootcamp success story, I get closer and closer to actually signing up for one. 
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Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

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whose Jack Stripper  sad
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Davey Train wrote:
Haha great report buddy, wish i was there the 3rd day to hang with you. I love hwood. Hopefully ill see you back in ny one of these days! Keep up with the FRs so we can see your progress. take care buddy

Thanks Dave.  It was a pleasure to get to know you and wing with you.  I will definitely be keeping up the FR's.
Alexander~ wrote:
i can tell from the tone of your writing that this must have been extremely overwhelming. Makes it that much more of a potent bootcamp.


Yeah man.  It definitely felt that way but I'm glad I was put through it.  I might someday fly to Australia to take a bootcamp with you as well.  I'm a big fan of your blog.
Bones wrote:
Awesome report man! in a couple months i have my bootcamp woo! With dis fella ^^^^^ haha :D

Yeah man thanks.  Alex is awesome, I'm sure your bootcamp will be amazing.
Mr Smooth wrote:
ah ha, this is you. i met you at Skybar (my favorite bar in LA)

LOL!  I knew you looked familiar man!  Great to see you again.  Hope things have been good since your BC.
improvingame wrote:
nice report

learned a lot from it

Cool bro.  Glad it could help. =)
Amel_Morries_I_am wrote:
sweet report man! really enjoyed it

Awesome man.  I appreciate it.
Crowster wrote:
Andy, awesome stuff! Every time I read a post-bootcamp success story, I get closer and closer to actually signing up for one.

Believe me, it will be the best decision you ever make in your entire life.  There's a money back guarantee if you don't get what you want out of it but you will and much more.
Jack Hammer wrote:
whose Jack Stripper sad

Hahaha... my bad dude.  For some reason I got it into my head it was Stripper.  Typo has been corrected. =)
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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