November 21st, 2018
Getting to know Denver by getting laid
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Tonight, I went out with PUAF.

No drinking.

Disclaimer: it wasn't very awesome

I didn't get to sing karaoke either...I was down to bounce from karaoke bar, where I'd chatted up like 1 chick, who was engaged (while nineball and lots of rsd references prove that this is meaningless, i'm not caring to look for my own references to support it). i'm just looking to get warmed up, and tbh i'm a bit away from her, a bit less emotional and rather monotone and nerd in da voice

i'm not really caring...but not in the 'good way'

i eventually go outside to a 3set of her friends, and say
'you guys are a bunch of bitches'
they look around and one says 'ok'
i continue...'you leave your friend renee all alone inside, get your asses back to her'
they don't really care
i look at the hottest one with a pirate necklace and say 'your name is pirate girl'
turn to the right and stick out my hand and say 'im tom, whats your name?'
she comments on being called bitches and then wanting to meet them, and i basically justify my prior rapport breaking (you left your friend all alone...) [fuckup #1]
(her response in rsd jargon should have been "you start out all rapport breaking and then seek rapport? incongruent")
anyway, i throw out random comments, eventaully restate they should return inside, and its clearly very, very gay

i walk to get a karaoke song, choosing 'pretty fly for a white guy'
eventually go back out, try sitting with 2 of those 3 chicks i called 'bitches'
one of them is talking about a guys he wants to spend the rest of her life with but is treating her like shit...
of course i drop 'i just met you, but...i appreciate the compliment'
they glare and continue
i just stare for 2 minutes straight with no response

i go sit down and talk to an older fella
seems cool at first, then its clear he's a shitty man on the inside, and in particular actively tries to manage his impression with various lies (yeah, came out in about 5 minutes)
the greatest part is that he talks about how 'one must judge others' and i throw out my (aka the generally accepted thoughts on judgmentalness amongst this crowd here) thoughts on judging
he argues and i go 'yeah, cool'

PUAF goes to sing, then we bounce to another bar.

i only see mixed sets and a few fatties. i chat up the fatties, with little to no energy
i have no intent, which is totally reasonable. they are not very intent-worthy
but i also lack the woo

tiredness and boredom

later i head to suite 200

a meatpacking district sorta spot. i like it
rather loud danceclubby too. not very suitable for my low energy

i dont really fight it. chill out and stare are shit

of particular excitement is that i was staring at some picture
some attention chick (not bad looking) dances in my line of sight
i move aside to continue looking at this out of place painting
she gets in my way again
i again move aside

she approaches me for a second and says
"you're trying to hard..."
[and i think, HAH, no you are...] so i smile
"to remain unfazed"

i tell her "i'm sure you want to know where my focus is"
she agrees
i just look her in the eye a second and turn her around and point at this painting thats pretty out of place, and im just staring at it

we chat about 10 minutes
kinda have her qualifying herself
her friend comes and pulls her away

later on, i continue my randomness
just chat up a bouncer

towards the end of the night, i'm just glaring at some chick while she talks to her friends...i can tell she KNOWS im looking at her, she gets a bit self conscious
i wonder...hmm, creeping her out or getting her excited?

well, within a minute, she walks by me, which she wouldn't have done if she wasn't curious

unfortunately, i was too:
-either still not caring enough to even say hi
-too outcome dependent

i really think its the first.


tonight was lame, except:
- cut the booze (my good nights lately have been booze-centric)
- i was excited about having observed little small things:
e.g. having gotten approached, which is retarded to be excited about, but it was interesting seeing that chick having been TRYING to suck me into just gazing at her... (yeah, it was tactic-y)
e.g. seeing the girl go super self conscious when i stared (from the side)

ALL in ALL a lame night


1) I have permitted PUA_of_the_Future to send me in to anything with a "Step up to get your rep up" comment
2) I also recall my blowout opener that i used to use to make myself get in state: "hey...i forgot my glasses at home...i can't tell...are you my girlfriend?" --> superlame and forces to make me drop any outcome dependence oftentimes which later makes it "WORK"
3) I'm also wondering if I just have no interest to approach chicks due to my recent breakup. I went through a brief period of anger and frustration -- I might just be in a stage of no actual real interest...dunno :p
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