November 19th, 2018
Ryan Bootcamp - Calgary (Sept. 18 - 20)
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Ryan Bootcamp – Calgary (Sept. 18 – 20)

Day One

I entered into bootcamp nervous. This was a big step for me. I’d been going out solo for a couple of months; this would be the first real introduction to actual people in the community, putting faces to online screen names.

I show up at the hotel and sit down to wait, a little while later, I see Ryan and his super tall instructor assistant walk into the lobby. Introductions were made; my mind automatically started working on gathering as much as it could about how Ryan moved and acted. I met Adam, the instructor assistant next, I didn’t know much about him at the time, but he turned out to be a really cool guy and it was awesome to have him along on the boot camp.

There was one other student and as soon as he was found, we sat down for the Friday lecture before heading out. A lot of the concepts Ryan started out with I was fairly familiar with. I itching to actually go in-field and get some feedback. I worked on calming myself down and took some notes. Most of the theory you’ve read about in the success stories before hand; the concept of pick-up man, bootcamp is not a magic pill, this is a beginning and not an end…

The deeper we got, the more interesting the material got – I found ‘the roadmap for pulling’ really interesting and useful in its straightforward simplicity, especially when I reviewed it after day two. The three golden rules of pickup set a solid foundation and made a lot of other concepts begin to make sense. Pinging was a wicked concept about how people act and respond in their environment – another kind of eye-opening change for me.

After a quick break, we all hop in the cab and head out to the club. I didn’t tell Ryan or Adam this, but the club we were going to was actually the one where I had gotten the most blowouts ever before. I looked at phone – it was 10:15. I had never really gone out to a club before 11:00. I usually headed out then – stuck around until maybe 1:00 AM and headed back home. This time it was going to be 10:30 to 2:30, for hours at the same club, the one with my shitty experience too.

Fuck it. I was dying to learn.

We arrive and enter the club. There are a few groups wandering around, nothing too extreme, music playing. I’m eager to impress Ryan and to get feedback so I immediately open one of the tub girls amping her attraction and getting her to lean into me. We have a quick three or four minute interaction, lots of teasing and busting on her to get her laughing, I see Ryan and Adam at the bar, I tell her I’ll see her later.

I go open a few more sets. Ryan had spoken about the theory of safety sets before, sets (generally comprised of uglier girls, warm-ups etc.) that you could fall back on later on in the night if you weren’t doing too well. It also built social proof by having a shitload of people to say ‘hey’ to when you were with a girl.

I go open another set, and this is where I see Ryan and Adam in action for the first time. I open a group of maybe five girls. I starting talking to one of the girls, and out of the corner of my eye I see Adam descend upon one of the girls. I actually stopped talking at this point just to watch. Adam comes up from behind this girl, puts his arms around her in what I would call a loving bear hug around the girl’s neck.

The girl turns around and starts beaming and immediately starts talking to Adam. In my head I was thinking: ‘What the fuck? He can’t just do that! Any normal girl would scream and run away if some seven foot dude she didn’t know grabbed her from behind.

I continued to game my girl, but turned my attention to Ryan, who had pulled his girl a little bit away from the group and was staring in a disinterested fashion around the bar while the girl worked to get his attention by constantly touching him and moving around him. I didn’t know what the fuck was happening there, but I was impressed.

A little while later I ejected from the set and Ryan comes up to me:
Ryan: I knew it, I fucking knew it from the start, you are WAY to over-gamey!
Handsome: What? What do you mean?
Ryan: You go up to the girl, spit tons of game at her and spike her attraction through the roof, you can’t maintain that pace. It’s supposed to be flat…Spike! Flat… Spike!
Handsome: Yea for sure, let’s do it!

I go open another set, I hope Ryan is watching me. I open the set.
Handsome: Hey how’s it going guys?
Group: (response)
Handsome: Cool… you here for the Keith Urban after-party?
Group: (reponse)
Handsome: Yea…

Holy fuck. It was shitty. I mean really shitty. I can’t really express my physicality in the interaction but I was dead. I wanted to change. Ryan said I was too gamey, so I completely turned it off. The next day Ryan gave an impression of how I was standing in the club – hands in pockets, no movement and leaning back, and for some reason I would thrust my cock out towards the girl, I didn’t even realize I was doing that.

I don’t really want to get into too much detail her for the majority of approaches, but it was ugly. I mean really ugly. I was trying so hard not to game I came across as an awkward creep. After two months of getting positive reactions by pumping the girl’s buying temperature over and over again, here I was standing uncomfortably, my cock thrust out, talking to girls who could not wait to escape me.

Intermittently, Ryan would come over and give me advice. He’d describe quick concept, usually by demonstrating it on me, at which point I’d be confused as fuck until he explained it after. It would be followed by advice to keep my hands out of my pockets and smile more. This was tough for me. I was really having trouble trying to find what Ryan wanted me to do. Don’t be over-gamey, but move your hands in an animated way… Don’t spike the girl’s emotions, but smile way more – smiling was actually a problem for me here. I had just gotten my lip stitched, and so I was told specifically not to smile by the orthodontist. I was actually rolling around the whole weekend with a swollen, tender lip that some girls asked if I had been punched earlier that night.

So for the majority of the first night I had my false ego beaten out of me by Ryan and Adam. Ryan would give me some advice then Adam would shake me, grin and yell, pumping me up a bit to head out. The night wasn’t all bad; I collected a number, danced with a few girls and had some decent interactions. The majority of the night however, was spent getting rid of the fake personality that I had developed previously – it was like clearing away fancy bullshit to let the diamonds shine underneath.

I opened a set towards the end of the night. It went well, I was still bouncing between ‘gamey’ and ‘dead’, but it opened and hooked. I’m chatting to this girl, escalating, spinning her around and dancing a bit. Over her should I see Ryan gesturing something, whenever I look, he puts his hand behind his head and spin around 180 degrees. The girl keeps getting distracted to what I’m looking at. I’m wondering what the fuck Ryan is trying to do. Whenever I watch him, he does this little spin move to avoid being seen by the girl. The girl eventually goes to take a shot with her friends. Ryan pulls me aside:
Ryan: When she’s done that shot, grab her hand and put it on your ass
She takes the shot, I do just that, she laughs and pulls it away. I see Ryan gesturing me to go for the kiss. He advises grabbing the hair and pulling her in. I’m confused and hesitant, I haven’t tried it before. I grab her head and pull her into me to kiss her on the forehead. She moves too fast and my bruised lip slams against the side of her head.

Ow. Fuck!

She looks up at me and I kiss her on the cheek.
Handsome: You’re pretty cute.

She gives me a devilish grin and I lean in for the kiss. She turns her head and I keep gaming and go for it again. No dice. Her friends pull her away and she disappears into the night. I ask Ryan what he was trying to show me that he had to keep spinning around for. Turns out, he wanted me to spin around and turn my back. Instead I got too distracted to see what Ryan was doing and eventually blew myself out.

The night ends and we debrief. As Ryan is talking to the other student I’m chatting to Adam. The guy has a pretty interesting life – I listen to him talk about how he got to where he is at now, his traveling in Belgium to play baseball, the sick house he has in Vegas and a bit about his success with women.

Ryan gives me my debrief and although I honestly don’t remember a lot of it, I knew most of it was spot on and really rang true for me. We cab back and I jump in my car to drive home. I’m exhausted and I fall into bad without a chance to write up about my interactions or a field report. That will wait until tomorrow.

Day Two

As I’m driving towards the hotel to meet with Ryan and Adam, I’m running over last night’s events in my head. Recently I’ve started to remember mostly good experiences, and only the occasional really bad blow out. Despite the mass negative reaction I received last night I’m excited to hear what Ryan has to say about my interactions as well as my form in general.

I roll up to the couches and chat with the other bootcamp student until Ryan and Adam show up. From there we dissect last night and start talking about where we fucked up. I start to run Ryan through my first interaction that I had recorded and I’m constantly bombarded by: ‘stop!’ ‘pause!’ ‘wait!’

Each time Ryan picks out something I’m doing wrong and tells me why it’s wrong and what I should be doing instead. I end up with tons of notes pointed in at my interactions. For me, the main changes I had to make were to stop gaming and express myself naturally. It wasn’t until later in the day when that really hit home.

Ryan starts out the talk by applying game theory to each of the student’s situations. He explains that interaction should look like a reflection of yourself, that she will like you because of who you actually are. When you are in alignment with yourself, the true you shines through and that is naturally attractive because you are not covering anything up.

This student-focused period continues for a while interspersed with Ryan showing us pictures of hot girls he’s banged and Adam putting in a useful comment or story here and there.

We then move onto the meat of Day Two. He talks about duck theory – the girl will backwards rationalize that she is attracted to you if you cause certain behaviours in her. She naturally becomes attracted if you know that there is attraction between the two of you. We get theory with occasional tactics tossed in; put the girl’s hands on you, animate your body parts, talk blind… useful pieces that start to unveil what the game truly is.

We get the tour through meta-game, emotional expression and communication, flow and rhythm, value and a refresh and deeper look in pinging. Ryan shows us the ‘Gold Triangle’ the three pillars of value and game: pinging – don’t ping, be the one people are pinging off of, reactivity – don’t emotionally react, don’t force yourself to calibrate and RAS (reticular activation system) – focus it on yourself, your are the highest value thing in the room.

‘To get this in alignment, you have to view your game as a performance, and yourself a performance artist.’ Ryan says. ‘You express yourself through your art, you are I tune with your own expression, your game is an expression of self. You must think to yourself, “I am putting my soul out there.” You must make that shift and ask yourself, how much did I put myself out there?’

As Ryan is talking about this, I write my thoughts alongside my notes as they flow into my head. I write that I am going to share myself tonight. Another thought occurs to me – who am I? then – what do I have to share? I get an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I listen to Ryan talk about his values and beliefs and how he talks to girls completely with no filter from mind to mouth. How do you know yourself? I ask, it sounds like a weird and esoteric question. I get a response, but I’m mostly in my own head wondering about who I truly am.

Friday night had been a stripping down of my game. My fake personality had been torn down and discarded. Now I was struggling with who I really was, what my values were and what I stood for.

Ryan goes on to share a lot of great information; many truisms and overarching concepts that apply to the entire game. I remember him talking about being in harmony with your sexuality, being present and sharing yourself. We conclude the seminar and adjourn for a four hour break before meeting up to go out again.

I drive home in a trance. I am so in my head and body I’m barely aware of the world around me. Over dinner, a family member would ask me something and I would just respond ‘I don’t feel like thinking about that now.’ In my head are thoughts running along the lines of what do I stand for? Who am I? What am I doing in this world? After my meal I collapse on a chair in my room and sit their motionless for 40 or 50 minutes just letting the feelings, emotions and thoughts run through me. Sometimes my eyes were open, sometimes not. At points I feel confident and other times I feel despair and deep unhappiness. What the fuck was going on? I feel scared and naked, like something has been stripped from me. Uncomfortable, like I needed something to fulfill me. I tried distracting myself by watching part of a movie, but my mind just came back to the same thoughts and feelings. Fuck! I hoped this wasn’t going to continue into the night.

After a while I took a few deep breaths. It was time. I am going out. I hop in my car and drive to meet the crew at the hotel. I get out of my head, I’m feeling better. We cab down to the club and arrive around 10:30. Ryan’s fucking awesome and scored us free cover. Ahead of us, the bouncer pulls a dimebag of weed out of some dude’s pocket and gives it to the other bouncer. We enter the club and the night begins.

I don’t really remember the first few sets I opened. I do remember the first makeout of the night though. It was really amazing and genuine. I walked up to this girl and started talking.
Handsome: Hey, I’m Handsome, what’s your name?
Girl: Jill
Handsome: Nice to meet you, I actually just got into Calgary a couple of months ago and I’ve been checking out the night life. I flew in on a Tuesday and this was the only club that was open and…

I tell stories and talk to her about my interests. No game. Well, mostly no game, occasionally I tease her or push her away, but it’s for my own amusement and amps the vibe. As I write this now, I realize an important point that will help me improve in the future and that is to make my stories more emotional and less logical – something Ryan stressed in the day that I’m only remembering now.

I am physical, without serious sexual intent. This girl actually has had a crazy life, been travelling since she was 12 and has lived in like 19 different countries. Adam might know this too – he made out with her after I did.

Whoops – skipping ahead. As we’re talking I touch her more and then she says something I like. I lean in and kiss her. Just for a second or two. Then lean back and continue talking. A little bit later I take her number. I move her a bit (another thing I need to work on) and I see Ryan over her shoulder. Eager to show off a bit, I lean into her and we start making out a bit. Ryan gives me a grin, a nod and a thumbs up and heads off. We talk for a bit more, but it’s only 11:15ish I send her on her way, I don’t know what to do with her.

I open sets the majority of the night just introducing myself and then start talking. There were very, very few blowouts, only two if I can actually remember correctly. The rest of the time, it was chill and relaxed. I bounce around the club, usually having much longer interactions than I’m accustomed to. Whenever I see Adam I seem to get more psyched up, he shoots me a grin as he’s taking pictures of some girl. I pull the ugly birthday girl and lick her cleavage while he takes a picture.

I spit afterward. She wasn’t attractive. That was dumb.

I open a girl as I’m getting a glass of water at the bar. I tell her about the music playing, she tells me she’s a lawyer. I shortly find out she’s really, really fucking annoying. I show disinterest while she talks to me. I start to ‘run game’ again. The great thing about this conversation was that I had nothing vested. I didn’t give a shit if I was bonding with her or not. I just wanted to amp her attraction and makeout with her before getting rid of her. Adam comes nearby with the camera.

Makeout time. Nice Kodak moment. She leaves to dance with her friends. I go open more sets.

I have two great long interactions – actual bonding where I remember some of the cool things we talked about. I lost pace with these interactions and didn’t escalate enough, but the connection there was above and beyond anything I had ever created in the last two months of going out.

This whole time Ryan and Adam are running a competition for who can get the most makeouts. I’m occupying a girl while Adam is hoisting her friend up the side of a door frame and making out with her – my first experience winging. You can ask either of them who won the competition.

The end of the night rolls around and Ryan is stepping up his game working for the pull. I see dudes surrounding him, watching him game. I see Jill, the girl I made out with first wandering around. I try something I learned in seminar:

Handsome: Yo, ‘sko
Jill: Whattt?
Handsome ‘sko… SKO SKO SKO

I pull her towards the door. Midget cock-blocking friend appears. We banter, she ends up pushing me physically away from the girl. Instead, Jill runs to Adam who grabs her in a bear hug and transports her somewhere else. Midget friend shits her pants and starts yelling… I leave.

I see Jill again and attempt to pull her outside. At the same time, other dudes are around telling her shit too. She’s looking from person to person; I can see the overload coming before it actually arrives.

Jill: What… I? are… who?

She grabs her head and sprints away. Brain literally fried.

We move outside. Ryan and Adam are still heavily gaming. I’m confused at this point, never really tried to pull before so I get involved to. I see a girl trying to pull Ryan away from her friend. I pull her away and we start chatting. Adam is occupying her other friend and this whole scenario lasts for 15 minutes until their ride arrives. My girl and her friend bounce in, but Ryan’s girl stays. The guy in the passenger seat of the car starts yelling at the girls to get her and they eventually pull her away from Ryan.

And yet that was still not the end of the night. I stop and assume we’re going beck for a debrief, but next thing I know Ryan and Adam are on the stairs of the club gaming to girls who had stopped there to get out of the rain. I pull out my phone and start pretending to text just to watch them game. After a while they succeed in convincing the girls to go get pizza with them.

I’m shocked and impressed. This is what it means to be persistent and to never stop. I had given up, but these guys just kept going, it was shattering my reality.

Day Three

I show up to the hotel, tired, worn out but happy… oddly happy. Last night was my first real experience expressing myself without game and still having a great night. It felt good… really good. Ryan and Adam arrive and we start the closing talks.

There was great information over the day. We covered closing, pulling, day game, phone and text game, day twos, retention and lifestyle. I was also able to address my first sticking points that had arisen out of my natural game – which has given me solid things to work on in the future. The individualized attention and perspective that I got from Ryan was a lot more in depth than I thought it would be. He could really pinpoint some clear areas where I could take certain actions to really improve.

Took a shitload of notes and got some reading recommendations. It was a gentle finish to an intense weekend. We took a bootcamp picture and went our separate ways after a goodbye.

I walked back to my car feeling changed. Something had shifted during on Saturday and I was feeling different. I thought back to Tyler’s preaching about ‘deep identity level change.’ It felt like that. Something had changed. I had destroyed the false ego I had created and began my natural game on a rock solid foundation.

This was a life changing event. I shit you not. I’m still working with the different ways I am feeling as I write this. I hoped to ‘cut years off my learning curve’ but I had no idea what it would be like. I thought I would get more makeouts or maybe pull a girl off a cold approach. But what I got is for more valuable. I feel like I skipped a lot of the bullshit I would have go through before realizing I had to let the self shine through.

This weekend was about letting your natural self manifest and expressing it to the world. It went past the superficial meaning of game and into something much deeper. It’s hard to describe, but it feels good.
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 Awesome, seems like you learned a lot, and make outs are always fun haha.

Were you guys by chance at Tantra friday night?  Cause a guy who looked suspiciously like Ryan swooped away this hot blonde I was talking to into the VIP section when I went to grab my friend to wing her Summer Glau look-a-like friend lol.
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Bertovo wrote:
 Awesome, seems like you learned a lot, and make outs are always fun haha.

Were you guys by chance at Tantra friday night?  Cause a guy who looked suspiciously like Ryan swooped away this hot blonde I was talking to into the VIP section when I went to grab my friend to wing her Summer Glau look-a-like friend lol.

Haha, Summer Glau, I think I remember the girl you are talking about, lol

@ Handsome -  Helluva Fun Weekend!!   You seem to have a strong passion for this just like us, I think you will be dominating Calgary like no other very soon!  Now go fuck JILL for both of us!!
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Nice post handsome, did you used to go by Paul. B. ?
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AdamVanWildest wrote:
Haha, Summer Glau, I think I remember the girl you are talking about, lol

@ Handsome -  Helluva Fun Weekend!!   You seem to have a strong passion for this just like us, I think you will be dominating Calgary like no other very soon!  Now go fuck JILL for both of us!!

Yea man, that was definitely mindblowing - I'm still wrapping my head around some of changes.
See you later - if you're not permanently barred from Canada

@ Blotkis:
Naa man, this is my only username
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A week after this bootcamp, I pulled my first girl home for a same night lay. There is no doubt in my mind that what I learned on bootcamp is what caused this massive step forward in my game. Take a bootcamp - it really does take years off your learning curve.
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