January 17th, 2019
Fucking Crashed and Burned my City - This is my Epic story. What to do now?
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=====Beforewords: Excuse my language mistakes. I wrote this as fast as i could. And i have still not edited it fully, but i will as shortly as possible. I just live actively and don't have time for PCs :)=====

...I crashed and burned my city...


Okay. It's gonna be a big post. I'm about to write about my favourite person: Me.
You know - the story of my life. I gotta say - it's pretty intresting. And unique. I can't wait to get some feedback, especially from the instructors :)

My Story:

I shall begin with a few words on my past->
I was a fat kid. Strong, but chubby. (Had a food alergy - could ate only carbohydrates). I've had some really nice and "strong" friends. There were a lot of kids. But me and two of my friends were the top leaders - everywhere. We battled for dominance and success. We used to fight a lot. About my mindset then? - I always wanted to be the best. To have all the attention and wins. I was the prime player among the games... among the decisions... Just wanted it, and i was jealous if couldn't achieve it completely. But in the most cases - i was on top.

That's what i really like about myself from the young years. My passion and Leadership. Of course from the age of... 6 or 8 - i had a crush on a girl. She was 2 yrs older. Whenever my friends were making fun of me i was denying with passion and "bad-language". Cute, isn't it? By the time then i still believed in the common sense of Love. Yet i haven't had any experience with it...

Years went by. I had a PC. I did a lot of sports, but a lot of Gaming too. I ended with some great male friends. The girls? They were missin'. I went to high school (15yrs old in my country). Honestly - i didn't had a lot of interest in the small girls. Too many shits were goin' around. So most of my time i spent on training. That is going to be a big part of my future, but later on that.

Most of my classmates were (and still are) chody. I wasn't exactly the same situation. No girls - yea. But me and a few mates - we were Owning the "discipline". You see... we were crazy dudes. We were going to the psychiadrist often... the teachers were stunned. Because i attend the best school in my town.

Intresting is to say about my english teacher in 8th grade. She was hot. And perverted. So was i >:)
It was damn fun. I was screwin' around with the perverted types of jokes. In front of the whole class. Pretty needy, but who the fuck cares? I ended in the psychiadrist's office for a dozen of things Plus "sexual harrasment". Ye, i'm still proud of that ;) It was a celebration of freedomness and prostotiq... - the two things WE liked. That was the best we knew to have party by then. The thing i like is that we were bold and stupid enough to actually do The Best within' our power, to have fun. Now that's why i'm proud :)

So it was fierce. One of my classmates was a very... naturally attractive guy. Very crazy as well. He has a sister and is going on a lot of dates with girls. He is the type of guy to have expensive parfums, clothes and stuff.
Also - He's kind of... "feminine". But in the cool way. He has exp with girls. He is a sweatheart, but is still into the hold of the Social Matrix. And i mean - a deep shit.
The girls in my class were partialy attracted to him, and at the same time saying "you are a fucking idiot, grow up". Nah - he was just cavemaning in a prime and needy fun way. Awesome.

8th grade passed. 9th grade came. I was still searching for my soul mate or whatever. But then - in the winter of 9th grade my brother came to me with a question.
He said "Mitko, how are ya with women?" And so he enlightened me about the... Pick-up. And then i read the book of Badboy lifestyle. That was the only theory i had plus his DVD - Carpe Diem.

And i started going out... to try and approach. I rember my first contact - my brother asked a girl someting indirect. She respodend well and i liked it. I was stunned at that first set. Stayed like a bodyguard... But at the end of the day - when i was walking alone... he had given me a mission. To open and do a set. And i did it. I asked the girls about where to find parfumes and stuff. I was runing something of a routine. It ended well, they were laughing. No close - i was so pumped to have this success, that i forgot i could ask for number. I was going out veery rarely - only a few times when my bro was here. Day game only. About 5-10 sets at most for week... I wasn't developing a lot.

Now a key role in my life played the tv-series: How i met your mother. Long live Barney Stinson!
So we ended more excited about this stuff. And we had some success... I remember after a month or so - of an really inactive going out - i had my first number. She flaked, but - i was happy. She was 23 btw.

Okay. Before we step into the real story - a few words on me. I'm 6'2''. I look bigger for my age. I'm currently 16 yrs old (made em this year). The girls think i am around 19-23. And i lie to them that i am a student.
A lot quality friends (above 20-25yrs old) tell me i have a very mature vision and mindset. I was always a waaay ahead of those around me. That's my special - quick learner. I just focus and try hard. Like with training.
So this is my picture now (from a few days before):

We have a lot of stories when co-students of my brother tell him "who's that big dude with him?" And he's like "That's my brother." And they're like "Wasn't your brother smaller?" "He is..." "No way dude - that guy's older than you." "No he's 93." - "93!? WTF!?"
Well... this comes haaaandy >:)

So the 2009 spring came. And the REAL story begins. I refer this period as the period that i started Really living and growing a lot. My rebirth, that is.
Beforewords: It was EPIC.... No - It was LEGENDARY! Fuckin' Awesome! I just hope i would be able to tell at least 50% of the pure awesomeness we did.

A friend of mine came to Town. He was 33yrs old with a lot of experience and skills. He had attended one of your seminars. He started giving me some tips and advices.
The key here was - my activity. We started going regularly and opening a lot of sets. Damn, that changed a hell of a lot! The begining... i didn't want to be aproach machine. But he convinced me to try it. And so we did a two days of Massive Openers - 50 to 100 aproaches on each day. With the same t-shirt.
But i was so euforic about it, i got addicted. You see, i would go at the morning... even if 20 girls blow me off, i'd be in an epic "State" for the evening. And i was out the mornings, afternoons and nights.
You see, on the disco - there aren't almost any ppl. Despite the fact my city has beach, all of the ppl were going to the Sl. Brqg disco's.

My town is pretty different from some of the others around. I will give details later but in rough - 200 000ppl. They think you're alien of you meet em on the street, escpecially if you do it Directly.

I've had a friend from Sofia arrive here.
So he got laid at Sofia. He was here for a few days... And the girls TOTALY fucked him off. I doubt he even made a good set here. He started screaming "WTF is with this city? I want in Ravdaaaaa (a kurort), I'm going in Ravdaaa." and also "The Bourgas's girls are like fuckin' princeses with golden mines. They lost a lot. I can make a girl cum 6 different ways!". And so on the third day he was at Ravda :)
Second example - a friend of mine... a real brutal natural with awesome mindset came here. For about 5-6 days he was brutally shut down by the local girls. The cold approaches responded pretty coldly :)

It's not like he wouldn't calibrate for month or two and start doing the shit... It's something else i want to illiustrate.
Everywhere in the world i believe girls are same. Just different locations - different ways to get to Know em. Burgas is harsh on Day game with girls, not dating em.

So... every guy that came here - got the big wood. You've got to be brutal approacher here. So i am happy - bigger the challange, bigger the gains.
Damn the girls that were not from here - fucking easy to get to know. It was like a piece of cake. And my brother is confirming that in Varna.
I've recently contacted with a natural friend of mine with success - he seconds my opininon that Bourgas girls are too "pravejni".
Now don't get me wrong - my mindset is the same "Nice girls that DO open". I just know that if i go to Sofia - i'd own it easily :)

Okay. So - what we did was reckless. But i didn't gave a fuck. And i still don't. You see... the girls actually started to repeat. A lot. They got to know me. Then i switched openers and for a while... it was okay. Generally in 3 months - most of the girls (and boyfriends) here know me well. You don't believe me? I've got some crazy stories to tell :)

At first it was really fierce. I mean the 50-70 street sets per day were some serious shit for my "comfort zone breakout". We were euforic. It was epic. Thanks to my man - Dimitar (the 33yr old dude) i came so far. He gave me a really great basic mindset:
He said "now you might not feel or believe it... but i'm telling you - we are investing. In the future these massive approaches will repeay many times. Just have faith in growing, cuz we will."
I've became very optimistic person in the last year. Hence i've watched "The Secret" i've totally implementet it in my life.

I knew i was doing a few awesome things at the same time.
First - i was going for a walk. You see, like one of my friend-coaches said "the most important type of training for the young athletes is just Moving, and training consistantly. It doesn't really matter what - it matters to be active." So i was actually getting fresh air, Tons of walking and sunlight.
Second - i was improving my social interactions... You see - for me it wasn't only to lose my virginity. It was about making myself really new even More awesome and skillfull person.
Of course thirdly - i wanted to fuck something.
And finaly - it is a Damn FUN! I mean - the party we were makin'? It was the best. BEST! So i really was going out because i Wanted to be. I loved it. And still do. After half of a month i actually started to get a lot of numbers. Lol. I had like 10-12 girls to call for about a week. More girls than time. In fact - most of them flaked, others went to different cities...

But still shortly after i made a big advance. I went out with a 22yr old hot girl. I totally smoked her on the date. She was like giving me all those compliments and i was like "Yea, i know... Yea i think i'm awesome too ;)". Then we went to the bridge (which is romantic) and on the path there i was thinking "this is it dude... when u reach the place it's time for the kiss".
I hadn't kissed a girl before. But for my surprise i actually did it pretty boldly and pretty good. She gave me a few advices on not swallowing her at once... And i was proud that i took the action so bravely. I wanted to bring her somewhere the same night but i didn't had any terrain.

Guys - that's still an issue for me. I'm not very fond of my parents. At all. Despite everything - it's not like "my parents are awful". No, i know they love me and want the best. They're just different. Have different vision on the world. And it comes down to the fact that i don't like what they have become - so i don't really listen or learn from them. Which is ok, i still love em. I just happen to be a little more self-reliant from younger age :)

The girl - got too scared to fuck there. I almost had her... On the next day she went back to her city.

Okay - i had others. I got on a date with a nice 12th grade basketball girl. She was pretty energetic but i still owned her. I kissed her at the end of the date, but on the next day she had gotten back to her city.

Okay - i had others... I went to a disco. It was actually my second time Ever in a club. We were in Sl.brqg's Lazur. You see, the first time was months ago when we were just getting started.
The second time - i went with tons of experience, AND i had just watched Ozzie's talk on Transformations about the End Game. I easily remembered it and visualised that i'd fuck a girl there.
And actually - i did :)
We went there and waited for the club to fill with chicks (cuz we got earlier). We started searching and invading. After and hour of aproaching and stuff i found a two-set that actually Opened. All the others before that didn't. Let me note that this disco is with really loud music and almost no way to talk. So all my aproaches were on the dance floor. The little problem was that i really didn't liked the music there - it was House remixes of popular songs... 
But nevermind - i got the one with the boobies and started dancing. I tried to pull her somewhere else, but she tought i was asking to fuck her already. So i just touched her a lot. (btw - she was thinking i was 23yrs old like her). Tried to kiss her 2 times but she dodged. After i finally started touching her boobs and ass, we kissed. While i was doing all that, another guy was trying to amog me and dance with us. Yeah right... he just got owned. I was holding her and not letting go from touching. Also i amoged him naturally (Without even thinking about what i did before i did it) He was way older, but i was way cooler ;)
And so we got a little chat on the bar, after a few more dances... it took me and hour and a half of dancing and making out to take her outside. Then we fucked on the beach. But damn - it was cold! It was fucking cold, and i made the mistake to take off my pants. We were freezing. Both of us. The sex wasn't really great... but the point was - ye, i got laid. At the age of 16 i nailed a 23 yr old chick from the club for an hour. Piece of cake :)

Clubs are cool. It's not like it's much easier... Well it is in some degree - in the club ppl go to party so it's easier to implement some things. But it's a waaay more fun. If i only had club or bar with chicks in my town...
I was back at 6 o clock in the morning. Was feeling like Supermen. The next days i continued to go to dates.

Here's the intresting part. I actually got really crazy, and started risking more. Started doing more and more crazy shit. I just screwed some good-going sets in order to try new stuff.. to See how far i can actually push on the street after 10min with the girl. I actually started doing "The Claw" (my favourite movement) right from saying names with the girl on the street. "I'm Mitko" and then BOOM - the claw. I was to take her a few steps away, so i actually lead her pretty fast, pretty dominant. And i let go totally of the conversations... i had number closes for like 1min after opener. Amazing i tought! - "Damn... the street is just one big Disco, exept the music isn't here." So i really got numbers. Most of them flaked... Or Their boyfriends called me.

Lol - now a few words on That. You all say, we shouldn't care as much for the boyfriends. Well i've had a couple of times really angry boyfriend calls. And recently - while i was with my brother and my other friend (three of us going out to meet wimen) - a dude in tatooes with this big Pitbull came to "warn us". Pretty bold... if he had no dog. Damn these dogs are Bad. He was bearly holding him not to eat us. So if he didn't had it with himself - we'd probably end up beating him. Cuz all three of us have some martial arts training. Escpeacially Stoqn (the boy on the right side of the picture) with 5yrs of Ving-Chun.
But i'm glad - damn, who has stories to tell like me? I've lived and had some real Action, baby!

=======The crazy shit========
Let me explain why i "crashed and burned my city":
After one and a half months i always arrived at situations like: "I want to know you." - "You already have." - "Rly?" - "Ya - 3 times." - "Ok... i don't remember ya. Anyways - I'm Mitko." And that happened... A lot. I mean - really a lot of times. Like much more than my sets.
Or: "Hello." - "Again? It is the 7th time already". - "Ohh, so you're counting them :D "
Or: "Hi, i just tought yo--" - "No we wont get to know each other..."
Or: While i was walking down i couldn't see a set fast enough to approach. Once they're exactly behind me one of them starts "And this idiout has tried to get to know us 3 times!!" I'm like laughing...
Or: I'm greeting a shop saleswomen and she's like laughing. After that she askes: "Hey, why do you say these things to every other girl in the city?" And i'm like: "Yea... i really like the sun. Too bad it's not out today. But i'd love to go to the beach and..." :D. Apperantly the girls actually got it right - i was doing this mechanicly and massively and saying all those things to every girl. They can't get it tough - i'd bang them all. But i know that wimen like to be percieved as a special. And now that they know i say it to all of them - they shut me of because: A) They don't feel special (which is partly true) B) They don't beleive in my words (which is not true). Well... Fucke 'em :)
Or: "I want to know you." - "But i'm married with a children" - "No biggie... I'm shirokoskroen."
Or: "I'm Mitko" - "Ok, but i'm married" - "I ain't jealous, don't worrry"
Or: "I'm Mitko" "I have a boyfriend" - "I have socks too. Anyway..."
Or: "I want to meet you." - "Well i don't want to" - "Super, I'm Mitko :) " Actually - i have pulled some of these. So i continue to do it. Except when the girl is like totally not cool and not smily person - then i don't really want to know her. I know there's a way to bang her - but only for ONS - ourside the disco - Nah.
Or: Walking with a girl on a date. Other girls actually walk by laughing and saying "Hello, i wanted to meet you ha-ha-ha (using the exact lines)" And i'm like to my girl: "Yea... Satisfied Clients ;) "
Or: "Hi. I like ya and want to know you" - "Huh... i can be your mother." - "Or maybe something else ;) " - This one i don't do it anymore. I've dropped the perverted side. But it's fun to mention :)
Or: One night me and my buddy were walking down the street. We have done a lot of approaches and sets today. It's late. A two-set comes at us laughing and saying "Excuse us, can we get to know you?" Exactly i switch on and am like "Hm... Is it worth it?" And they're like really naredeni and ran away. Obvously they were trying to byzikat s nas. Heh. Owned them. My friend said he was about to say the same. Additionally - they made two mistakes for one sentace for opening! Hence the second month started i dropped the "Excuse" and "May i". No - i'm a ravisher.
Or: Once i've had a bus situation.The first time a young girl came up while i was on my way back to home after training. I started talking and touching her, and at some point the konduktorka started "Hey, leave the poor girl alone, you maniac!" - Me: "Don't worry i ain't serrial killer ;) " - "I haven't said that... Hey girl come here (Dragging her)" And she sat on the outside seat next to her (blocking the way). I was like "Do these busses have serial numbers" - "How can a bus not have bla-bla-bla" - "Okay, so i would know in which one i won't travel much".
Next day i was going back to home. I got on the bus and leaned back. I caught an eye contact of a girl on my right and smiled. She smiled back and made an "kosa-ioi". Which in my language says "Go Ride her, Man!". Just as i went there and said "Hi" i got an immediate "Leave the girl alone!!" from my favourite konduktorka. She was on my right and started talking to the passengers how everytime i do this and want to almost the girls. I was like pretty in a party mode so when she started "Hey, where the hell did you came from" i answered with something i've just read from badboy: "My mother says i'm from heaven :) "
Actually she wasnt the active konduktorka, so the prime one came. They both started yelling at me to move away from the seat. I was like "Yeah, make me..." The girl was laughing. Then they treatened me that they'd tell the driver to stop if i don't come up. I was going to come down from the bus on the upcoming station anyway, but my favourite kondkutorka had to mention that she'd call the Cops. And i'm like "Yeah... and you'll tell them that "this boy wanted to meet a nice girl - arrest him" :D " I've asked a few policemans about this and the conclusion - she can't do a shit to me. Soon we'll might her bus with my friend to have a little party... ;)
Or: That one time a came into our city. Just after 2 hours in the center we had found and met her. She was pretty emotional. We owned her. We fucking around about her small town. As a matter of fact, she was in the same school class as a boy from that little town, that is a crazy natural/pua. (he has read very little and has a killing mindset). He's pretty much a badboy himself, so she was like "I hate Pesho!" :D
So she recognised "his stuff" into what we were doing (day game). She was pretty motivated and wanted to be a wing. When i brought her with me, she ended like jumping and laughing around me. She was in an euphoria. Cool. We tought: A) Stoqn would bang her. After that i was hoping for a three-some (cuz she was hot and tall). And B) We would use her as a female wing. Unfortunately she had to leave town in an hour. My friend had a training so he couldn't fuck her. Besides - she was a virgin (17yrs old). I didn't believe it the first time, but my friend had confirmed it from a personal "deep talk" with her one-on-one.
Or: Me and my bro - we look alike. On the picture i'm just before taking my haircut, and he's just right after. But very often, after he was off-town (to Varna or to Sailing) - when he comes back the first day we have this situation. He approaches. She's like "You tried to meet me yesterday at the University". Hehe... he wasn't here yesterday ;)
Or: We're walking. A girl comes between us heading for our direction (but very fast) My bro's like: "Hello". The girl was passing between us. She was like. "Hello" to my brother and then "Hello, Mitko" to me.
Or: That one time i got to know a wife. She was sending her husband in Sofia with a bus. I saw him on the window. She waved at him. Then while touching her i waved and smiled at him too >:)
Or: My friends had gotten an information that i was having something to do with girls. One of my friends was like "Yeah, right..." Then at the same time, a hb9 (with huge boobs, awesome body, and angel face) passed by, smiled and hailed me. Then the dudes were like "Oh...Okay... o.O"
Or: The first day i had a really nice natural set. The next day - i saw an awesome chick. I made an awesome set. When i said "Let's get out sometime" She was like "Ok." And me "Give me your number" - "You already have it." - "What?" - "We met yesterday at the park" - "Huh?" - "Bla-bla-bla" - "Oh yeaaa - it's you."
Or: We laughing. She: "Are you drunk?" Me - "No, but i get that question quite often ;)"
Or: She laughs: "Are you on drugs?" - "No" - "Are you high?" - "No" - "Then you are crazy" - "Hellyeah!" - "Ha-ha-ha". Then me joking - "But most of the girls got scared away after they hear this 8-| "
Or: On the street wishpering: "OMG That's HIM"
Or: A classmate of mine just met me. He told me that i was legendary (not that i don't know it). But he said something about his friends talking that i got to fight with a girl's father and stuff. Now that hasn't happened (yet). So - the town has started making stories for me. Lol. I'm getting more and more legendary :)
Or: That one time a girl with witheld number called me. She was like. "Tell me my name... say you remember me. How can you forget me after that night we were together." At the begining i was trying to remember. But she slipped. She said: "After you promesed me that we'd be together and bla-bla-bla. Are you drunk again?" Now - I'm unique. First - I Never say to a girl such stuff. I ain't gay or lying. Second of all - i don't drink any alchohol (i don't like it + sports). I was like "Yeah right... Nice try. So what was your name really?" - She starts: "Oh i won't tell you. I won't tell you becau--" And i shut the phone down. Piece of cake - you can't bullshit me :)
Or: "Hey what have you been doing with my girl!?" And i'm like "Is she the one that has a problem, or is it just you?" He's like "the girl is scared" And i'm like "Really? Hm.." - "She doesn't even remember you" - "U sure? That would be impossible" - "Are you the one that was hugging her on the street? The one she missed her bus for?" - "Yea, so?" and bla-bla-bla. In the end she really got scared. Got her number for 30seconds with a brutal version of "The Claw" ;)
Or: "Hey you bastard, who are you?" Me: "Wats'up dude :D" "I'm gonna find you. Hey, you listening? I will make you ...... for 5min" I've got a few more of these.
Or: A lot more :)

I once got out on a date with a 9.5 babe. She brought her sister, but nevermind that - we ended up making out in the sea garden. Unfortunately i couldn't fuck her the same night, and she was gone the next day. She's to arrive here in a few weeks.

Recently - i've kiss closed a girl from the street. She also left town... but she'd be back in a couple of days.

And so i've had around 10 1st dates with girls from the street. Around 4 of them went to another city after the first date. I could fuck the german girl if i had a place. That was my responsibility, i'm not using it as an excuse. Also - i would have fucked the basket girl. And maybe - if i was better - could do the 9.5 hottie (i can still get a chance). I fucked the one from the disco. And if i was better - maybe i'd fuck another two girls that i'd make out, but couldn't have second date. With them i made the not-cool-thing, to talk about my street meetings. They were attracted, but like my friend said - the connection was breaking. Cool thing is - life is about improvement, so i already know about That :)

My Soul:

Now. About the spirtual part. I belive. That's my strongest weapon. I've got many principles and beliefs.
I'm fucking crazy. Since 7th grade, teachers and classmates were asking me if i'm High, or Drunk, or on Drugs. Nope - just me being too loud and energetic.
Also i've always valuated the party. You know - the brutal Euphoric time when you and your friends are laughing 'till death. I love it. The great moments? The high positive entusiastic brutaly awesome energy? Part of me.

But most important is that i Know - Whatever I beleive in - is real.
I have a little NLP training. Mostly the basic stuff about the free-mindset. If we are to truly believe it - anything is possible.
And so i believe that... having success with women comes down to - Principles/Mindset and Experience. Now, if you have the right Manish, Cavemaning, Strong principles and vision about the world - the girls would want to be with you. With just the enough amount of experience to feel comfortable around them - you are their desire.
So it comes down to one thing for me - going out there and doing everything for myself. I'm ready to blow and screw those wonderful girls if that is what it means to follow my principles. Because ME is above them. I want to really implement them in my core. But don't get me wrong - when i'm out there, my mind is to "Close, get on a date, make out and fuck". I know i will succeed.
But for example - i've had a really strong number closes... when that was my only close these days. What i did? I tought i can get a little furter. I risked - i tried to kiss her. She dodged and was like "Oooh, you're such a Hyen :D" (and laughing). Well - she doesn't answers my phone now. But i'm proud that i took action. That i risked. Fuck her - i found new ones.
I believe - if every guy out there can maintain this - being so bold and stupid enough at times to not care - you would progress faster :)

And i consider myself pretty close to Tim. Dude - i love ya. You're my favourite coach. Cuz my natural... "style" or something has always been a high energy, positive, high-self-esteem and cocky & funny at times. That is, exactly what i like and want the most. And I don't do it because i "have to be C&F"... I just love it. It's a Damn FUN. I love this word. If i could say one of my strongest points in life is to constantly enjoy it.
I'm positive and gradive. I'm big fan of The Secret, and i've made it part of my life.

The Phoenix - This is my favourite mythical animal. The Phoenix - the symbol of my soul. My ultimate believe, whom i've told really only a few ppl. This is about my resolve. It all comes down to the Symbol of the animal - the Flaming Rebirth. I see it like this (Beforewords - it's not like i'm "battle-angry". It's just about Insticts and Manning):

"If you choose to step in the ring, you will fight an enemy. You might win. That's good. Then you beat the next one. That's also good.
But The next time you might not succseed. That's even better. Because now you know that you can become even stronger. You see - being perfect is the worst. Getting better - that's my desire.
If you're still alive... Dare He lets you live - You Always have a second chance. Now should be happy because he showed you where you can become stronger. Then all you have to do is train your ass off. The next time you see him - you'll crush his skull on the ground. That's my instict. And i'll go for even bigger challange afterwards. And i will do this again and again... Because my Instict is to Always Continue. Just like the phoenix - after he dies, he is born from the ashes even more powerful. And so i will.

Also - this bird has a second important meaneance to me. The Phoenix is the Fire bird. He represents my desired nature - the one i believe in and follow. I'm An Aerias - my favourite sign. I believe in these things as much as the good things about my own - I want me being passionate, flaming, emotional, brave, strong, active, persistant and etc."
Having those two is my foundation to everything. If i decide i Want to do it - I follow like a rock. It's part of my principles, and this is one of the reasons i love myself. Damn i Love myself :)
This is why i've already known that there's only good experience in this world. As long as you stay positive to read it this way - it is. So Action is the core. As long as i Act - As long as i do and use all my energy every day - that's getting me stronger.

My goals:
Some day i want to become a personal Strength & Conditioning Coach. I want to help people achieve their dreams and desires.
You see. From the fat boy with some success, but still not real "chances" i'm becoming an athletic star and womanizer. I have successes. Some real ones - for example i've banged that ONS chick and kissed a few hotties while being 16yrs old. Or that i kiss-closed a hot student from the street. That is for 3 months.
Or that i can deadlift 150kg from the floor and squat 5 times with 120kg.

I like people with fate and passion. I want to be the one that makes them get to their dreams. Because i know it's possible - it's just trought the right kind of.

"I see guys with "potential" and "genetics" every day - screwing their posibilities with lack of desire or resolve. On the other hand - there are ppl without those genetics with the strong desire, and heart of fire. Give me one of these - and i will make him a star. I will make him crush your lazy gifted guy. I will fuckin' fight to bring this kid to his dreams, because i respect his resolve. And if he's already gifted? Cool - we'll make him even stronger." - That's the type of coach i want to be. And i will read, train and hit hard untill i achieve it. Cuz i believe for example - You can't just be a fatty ball and call yourself a dietician. Self example. I will reach it. It's my goal, it's my destiny. I will fight for it.
Okay. About the thing with women? Firstly i'd like to create about 3-4 girls that i fuck in my city. Second of all - i want to progress. Always. I want to achieve a level where i Can. I believe - in order to find the best for you, you gotta have tried a lot. Because only after you've tried something, you really have a choice. So - one day... after so many years of interactions and skills, i will see my girl. I will use all my powers, all the experience i've learned. Even if she's inside a barrier of 10 Yakudza guys, i will fucking use everything i've got and pull her off. I will get her for me. And we'll be happy as long as we can.
Untill then? Damn i'm sick of those... Fake "love" shit around me. Hey - i'm 16yrs old. I don't know what that word means for me. And fuck society's opinion. I will have fun, have sex, have interactions and such for as much as i like it. I'm not a "hardcore ONS fan". It's just that i mean what i think&say.

So i'd say it like this. First and more important - i want my life to be an Adventure. Tim - we're just vibing with you on the same frequency. I love creativity. I love new shit. I love to have fun and getting better.
I want to be social. To approach everything i desire, with unique and fun ways. I want to have extremly good emotions and tons of girls and sex.
I want to reach the Vasto Lorde level. That comes from an Anime that i like - here's the reffering video

Now - How do I do it:
Let me give details about what i do. At first we were talking a lot. Now we talk a lot less. Now everything comes down to: Seeing a nice girl and approaching her. Usually with only "Hi - I'm mitko" or "Hi - i think you're really nice and i want to know you. I'm mitko" Or if i want to ask something first...a shop or opinion. Then what comes down to is me going for myself. I start talking about what i like, what is going on with me. My favourite stuff that is. Today i saw an awesome shirt (that i bought) but after i had seen her, i met a girl. I started describing how awesome it was, and how i love it. Boom - emotions.
Now to me... the key is having my strong reallity. Pretty fastly i usually use the "claw". Lately i'm trying to not rush so brutally, because i don't want to scare them. But kino is essential.
Then i say "Hey, let's see some other time" and i get a number. I call usually the next day for the next day (date).
Now. I make girls emotional, by me being emotional as well. I enjoy it. I'm really energetic, and when i intigrate... when i really Live in my Stories - the best emotions happen. Here's what i'm concerned - while you're in Natural/Breaking raport mode... Are you emotional yourself? I mean - i don't really watch or remeber my tonality. But i know that i'm sucked into my own stories... visualizing outside my head. It's wonderful. After a few - the girl starts to ask me questions and sharing for herself. Sometimes after i had just started talking the first minute, she does it.
In the end - i try to share some deeper toughts of mine - it's really powerful during day game.

On dates - i make em come at a certian place. Then we go to a coffe (i don't tell her where we're going - i'm leading her). I usually "The Claw"-her right from the start of the date. Or i might spin her around to give a grade on how she looks. Girls love it btw. So i always use coffies with . I lay comfortably, but closely next to the girl. I'm like a little leaning back, but at the same time - hugging her. I usually move my hand trough all her back, hands, arms, neck. And i talk about me. And they go in. And after 20-30min, i catch a high moment (usually a laugh) and i french kiss her. We french kiss a little in the coffe, then we go to the park. If she didn't gave me to kiss her here - no worries. I will move her to 2-3 places (the park, the bridge) and after she follow like a puppie - she's mine. So i like to make the girls sit in me on a bench and french kiss. I don't touch on ass and boobs or too much on the legs on first date - an very successful friend of mine had told me, there's a chance to spooke em. Have done it.

So basicly - i don't have strategies. I never used or read any routines. I started with the goal of "playing" as a natural.

Now - Where am i:

I've already noted that my town is small. Now i don't have many female friends. I don't hang out with kids at my age. I was doing street and day game the whole summer. I'm in school. Now i'm 10th grade. I have options here. But the night clubs - single two-set at most. Usually it's all dudes, and almost no girls. That's not an excuse... it's just that the town is fucking small. If i make a movement and succseed at making out with someone else's chick - i'd be found out easily. Plus - we have just a few clubs and they're all with Loud music. And the music is Chalga - that plus House is the only one i Don't listen to.

Okay - the mindset in my town is a bit different. The ppl here always get girls and meetings from . This is the common way in Bulgaria, and escpecially in Bourgas. Some girls get scared if you want to meet them at the street. I've explained about the differences between Bourgas and for example - Varna or Sofia or Plovdiv.

Really - I'm not good with money. I've had like 4 t-shirts this summer (for going out - for training and at home i've got others). And they're not really too expensive. And i barely have money to pay my own caffe bills. Right now the phone bill is a questionable. And if i can get about 20-30$ for a shirt - i'm fucking happy! In Bulgaria - the lifestyle isn't that good. So what i'm trying to say is this - if i just had enough money to pay my bills, and have a few clothes... that'd be awesome :)
This is why i can't go to clubs very often. I can't go to another city as well. This is why i'm writing here.

I actually didn't had a summer job. But you know what? Money are easily found. Skills is what i really value. The whole summer - i might not have made enough money for Varna's Discos... But now i have the skills to do something if i'm there. If i was to work - i'd have money, and i'd still be unable to use them. I don't really a lot - just as much as i can maintain my life.
Damn if i had some... I'd be flying to meet you guys.

My whole theory - Badboy Lifestyle's book (at 80%); Badboy's DVD - Carpe Diem; RSD - Transformations: Tim; Ozzie; A little of Jeff; Hoobie.
That's almost all. Except a few ideas from my brother (who has read a lot more).
Haven't really used routines, and don't want to.

Why do i wrote all this:

Your opnion - is not what i "need" to hear. I have confidence on my own.
I would love to get some feedback and ANY possible Advice.

Plus the question for Tim that i had in my "day game" stuff about creating emotions. Cuz i don't really like the left-corner questions or whatever.

My wish is this: Me Continuing to meet, approach, and evolve with women. A lot of experience, a lot of sex, a lot of adventure, and self-developement.
I've listed all i can think of.

And - with all my good intentions - Let me get this strait. Executive coaches: If i'm to find a way to continue in the same or even better tempo with my experiences - By the time i reach you age right now... I'd be fucking Owning your asses. :)
...So - I crashed and burned my city > even i still don't know how much :)
Your move, RSD Dudes.

All the best, Mitko a.k.a Mitizaro
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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 WOW man it really was a big post :D I like your ambition. I'd like to know more people like you. I believe that you will succeed. Keep an eye on the rationalizations. Burgas is as harsh on day game with girls as Plovdiv, Varna and Sofia. Your friends that come to Burgas have problem with the girls in general.  Many guys in Plovdiv are certain that the girls are easier by the sea. If you ask them they will tell you that they always get laid there - every night with different girl => bullshit. The girls are just girls. You are authentic - they open, you are not - they are bitchy. Make a trip around BG and you will see. Hope to see you this summer. I wish you the best.
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 I skimmed through it. Cool
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