December 11th, 2018
Heart Broken Sad as FUCK
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Tyler wrote:
LOL hilarious, you are wildly needy.

Go fuck 10 other girls and she will come back to you crawling on hands and knees, like all the girls who did the same thing to me back in the day when I was needy.

If she REALLY liked you, she'd still see you.  Don't let yourself off the hook, she thinks you're a fun guy to fool around with but not valuable enough to be her boyfriend.

The fact you WANT to TRAP a girl into a relationship so quickly means she's the best you can get, and she knows it.

You should be fucking tons of girls and let HER beg and plead to be with YOU.

It takes years and years to unwire the horrible social conditioning that ruins men into this type of behaviour.  Reality check after harsh reality check will eventually get your head on straight.

You'll probably need to have your "heart broken" many other times to finally see reality for what it is.

Nobody is above the process we lay out!  You're not a special snowflake.

All dudes are dumb fucks and tards who just dont get it, I am not exception. I just accept the fact that even though i know the reality it will probably take a couple of broken hearts for me to really accept the reality... I know even though i am making an effort to break out of my mentality its going to be a very hard journey coz i am plain stupid.
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You know, now even if I'm heart broken...SAD AS FUCK, I never text the girl...not happening. No matter how much I want to I won't do it.
FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT...and ususally when the girls come clicks in your head...she's not the movie you are.
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 3 days bro?

I'm surprised no one posted this video
Check it out, it will make you feel a lot better!

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PaintByNumbers wrote:
Get your act together dude.

I've told numerous friends of mine this and I'll tell you the same thing. 

Just because she was ACTING like she likes you doesn't me she DOES like you.  There's a difference.  Haven't you ever just had fun with a girl that you were sexually attracted too that you didn't want to date?  Girls do this all the time.  They flirt, make out, etc. with a bunch of dudes.  Don't fall into this one-itis.  Once she realized she had you if she wanted you (when you told her you wanted to date her) everything changed. 
FUCK MAN !!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK....  well shit... that probably was what happned to me too but it dint work because i didnt get to fk her and she started showing her true colors of trying to manipulate me into doing her bidding. I was no ones bitch. I wasnt going to run around her little pinky... I just went along with the play and did what ever the fk i wanted to just giving the impression i was all into her ( it just made her more mad/angry/itritated at me ) but by that time it was too late for me to realise i should have given this chick the _!_ finger long long back and not fallen for her tricks..
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Once you meet and fuck another girl you wont even remember her
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Prodigy7 wrote:
 Hey guys, im heart broken. FUCK i dont know what to do. Long story short, i met this girl 3days ago at a house party and we hit it off and started kissing and stuff until her friend whos a COMPLETE dragon saw us and got PISSED! So then the next day this girl that I like comes to visit me but doesn't tell her friend. She comes over and we makeout for over an hour and were both really into each other having SO much fun. It wasn't even just about the makeout, we were just having an AMAZING time with each other messing around and trying to do things like steal the gum from each other's mouths or me picking her up and kissing her. At that point i realized i really liked this girl and wanted to date her, so i told her that and she said it would be a problem cause her friends hate me. She also told me that after tonight she was going to cut off all contact with me but she said it like jokingly and we were having SO much fun so i didnt think anything of it. But after sure enough when my friend walked her back she deleted my number and hasnt talked to me since :(. I KNOW this girl likes me just her friends dont cause they think im some sorta player/perv so im certain the reason why she wants to cut off contact with me is so she doesnt get any closer to me. 

Since then ive gone FULL chode. I sent her 3 texts. 1) "Esther i Really like you. Your an amazing girl to be around and your a lot of fun. I cant stop thinkin about you" 2.) "Man i MISS YOU :(" 3.) "Esther i dont want to see any other girls but you and im sad that your not replyin :(" 

I know i knowww i got the one itis thing but i cant help it. I dont know how ANYONE can just lose a girl they reallyyy like and not care at all. On a side note this happens to me a lot. There was a french girl i was seeing and when she moved back to Quebec i was REALLY sad to see her go. And also i recently went to India over the summer and was seeing a girl while i was there and the same thing happened to me, again i was reallyyy sad to see her go. There are soo many more instances where this has happened to me yet i cant become immune to it, everytime i lose a girl i really care about i get sad. Im not talking about random bar makeouts here or anything like that though.

Obviously you made some mistakes and that's a good thing.  First off, if you REALLY liked the girl you should've had a conversation with her about letting her friends set her values for her if that's what she was doing as SOON as she mentioned she was going to break off contact with you (jokingly or not).  You should have called her out on it, and it's a tricky conversation you have to feel out in the moment but she may have been subconsciously testing you to see if you really did like her enough to call her out.  Apparently you didn't do that, and so it was probably over at that point - the desperate texts were just the nail in the coffin.
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