December 10th, 2018
FR: The Rule of Thumb - A puzzling case (Frustration Report)
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FR: The Rule of Thumb - A puzzling case (Frustration Report)

My thumb is broken and I am home alone.
1 hour and a half ago I was with an attractive female I talked to during a concert, whom the singer itself tried to pick up. Here is a breakdown of what happened.

I went to a concert tonight. The singer is a friend of mine. The place was packed, there were many girls, and the venue was big. I was happy.
I go past the crowd smoking cigarettes at the front, and I open the first set I see when I go in. I had to throw away something so I ask to the 3 girls: “Hey, where is the garbage can?”. We chat a bit, and it goes nowhere, I eject and try to find my friends. (BTW yes, I use openers that lame).

They are nowhere to be found, and I refrain myself from approaching a blonde girl in front of the bar. Then I think “you should go!!”. Then another “I” thinks “mate, it’s too late, you’ll blow it”. Then another “I” thinks “you don’t care, blow it!!”.
Then the concert begins, soon enough, because I was getting a headache.

I go to the front row, and I notice a girl taking pictures (Concert Girl). She’s got beautiful tits, cool hair, a good ass, and she seems very cute from where I am. She turns me on completely. My dick is delighted and already very happy. It says to me “I want to party daddy”.

The concert was crazy, everybody is dancing. Behind me is the blonde girl I didn’t approach, she isn’t cute. The singer notices me and social proofs me in front of the crowd, he mentions my name on stage and hi5 me during a song. Nice.

The concert ends finally. I approach 2 young girls who were at my left, then a 5 set of girls, 4 of which were ugly and one attractive. I make them sing, they start making instrument noises, it was fun. I didn’t focus on the cute one though, my attempts at becoming physical weren’t effective and eventually she left. Ok, I keep my eyes on the ball, where is Concert Girl?

I notice the singer talking to her, and she seems into it. I approach and talk to the singer in English, while ignoring the girl. 2 minutes after that she is contributing to the conversation. The conversation is lighthearted. The singer told me we had the same humor, so I make her tell me lame jokes, and god they were lame. But it was fun. I tell her the story of the small lizard I found last year, among other uninteresting stories (“Oh so I found that small lizard, and god it was so small! hahaha!” - BTW yes, I use stories that lame). I couldn’t get much physical though because we were both leaning against the stage side to side.
As we are speaking, girls I approached earlier come to see me, then a rather cute girl I don’t know approaches me. But my motto now is “don’t make the mistakes you already made before”. Among those mistakes were “not sticking to the girl and ending with nothing at the end” and “not leading, reacting instead of acting”. So I focus on Concert Girl and think “Time to lead”.

“Hey, it’s hot out there, come with me I’m having a drink, let’s go”. I said that as if I was sure she would comply, but I wasn’t sure at all. Eventually she complies… Cool. We go to the other part of the venue and I think it’s all good.

We are queuing at the bar, I tell nonsense like how I can hypnotize waitresses from a distance, I get my drink and try to steer the interaction in the right direction.
My conversation is fun/shallow, button pushing like. I tell her she’s bad, yadda yadda, but I feel I can’t get a grasp on her. I am having a weird feeling. I get physical, and I am puzzled: she complies then takes her distance back. She’s ok with my arm around her waist, or my claw, then she goes away a bit. Not much at all, but just enough. I think “Make out, now!”, but I hesitate because of her physical reaction (she lets herself be touched, but doesn’t open physically). I think her reaction is weird. She laughs a lot, but the nonsense I say is not even funny. I am retreating in my head. Then the singer comes in. I think I am losing her.

But I don’t want to make the same mistakes again. Persistence time. So I keep on talking to her when the singer comes, and she doesn’t notice he is there until I finally acknowledge his presence. Then I ask her what her plans are, she’s got none, so I tell her we’re having an adventure, we must go. She answers “Ok, but first I must say my friends good bye”.
I go back to the singer and the people I knew, and I wait for a few minutes. My dick whines “I want to party daddy”.

Then I hear someone saying “bye”. It’s her. She’s going away! Without me! And I pretended I didn’t hear, and she doesn’t even say properly goodbye!
What’s the matter with her?

But I don’t want to make the same mistakes, so I stick to her and try to run the interaction as far as I can. I go back to her when she’s outside, tease her, hug her, ask where she is going, and say “let’s go, we’re going to the Zoo Club”. Suddenly, she seems really ok with it and off we go, together.
I am changing venue. Nice. Dick is happy, it’s going to party.

As we are walking we have much fun together.
I try to hold her hand, but she doesn’t comply. I am thinking again “what the fuck is wrong with her?”.
When we arrive, the place is rather dead, but we are dancing nonetheless.
Suddenly I am realizing “something is really wrong here, it doesn’t work”. Whenever I try to get more physical, she doesn’t comply much. The chemistry is not there probably, I can’t get physical the way I usually do. I decide to let her alone for a bit. Freeze out time.

Then I stumble upon a friend of mine I haven’t seen for years. As we are discussing, I can see her by herself getting seemingly bored. After a while I come back to her, and tell her the whole story about that guy. He traveled a lot in such and such country.  “Oh, so I can ask him questions?” She instantly stands up, she goes up to him, and asks him questions about how to go there, what are the tips, etc, because she is planning to go there in December. WTF, she is freezing me out?

I go to see them and try to talk to the girl he was with, but she is not talkative at all. She even says after 5 minutes “I am not talkative at all”. Word.

My friend is cool and interesting and authentic and assertive.
I am the cockpit in fire of a crashing airplane.

Holding my state was very hard at that moment. But I don’t want to make the same mistakes again, so I hold it. I tell her I am going, she says she is going too. My dick screams “I want to party daddy!”.

There we go.

I am thinking “on our way to her bus, I get physical, make out, and extract to my place”.
She tries to find her night bus, so we are bouncing from bus stop to bus stop. I am following her.
My brains and my dick are beffudled. I hear “daddy?”.
I try to get physical again, she accepts it but she doesn’t get involved in it. She is a very cool girl, she’s got a very cool personality, but she doesn’t react as I think she would.

Then I just give up.
No # number.
No make out.
No extraction.
No sex.

I am a homeless dick’s endless desperation.

She gets in her bus. I didn’t pull the trigger. Nor the girl. Fuck.

As soon as I am alone, I am already furious against myself.
This should have been so easy, where was I wrong? What the fuck is wrong with me? Can I get lower than that? Can I fucking get even lower than that?

I was so focused looking for my mistakes that I didn’t notice the signpost on my right.

I bumped on it with my right arm.




I could get even lower than that.

I just broke my thumb. It got folded the wrong way.
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