January 17th, 2019
Best of Sam the Gladiator thread - On health & fitness
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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I was looking for resources on health & fitness lately, and I decided to read the whole gigantic thread "Got questions about fitness? Ask SamtheGladiator anything"  - I think it is a very inspirational thread, it gave me the desire to experiment new ways of running my everyday life.
I wrote down notes, which are samples from the thread that interested me. They are more about health, physical exercises in general & alimentation than on workout. Here they are, for all those who are focusing on those areas of their life, or who are willing to do so soon. Thx to Sam for the value he brought in his thread.

******************SAM THE GLADIATOR'S ADVICES ON HEALTH & FITNESS by Paris Boum Boum********************

-IN MY OPINION eating healthy should be based on these basic principles:
1. Get a good source of protein with meals (raw milk, organic eggs, organic meats such as beef, lamb, poultry, or a good whey protein too)
2. Get good sources of fats (olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, fish oil, nuts such as almonds)
3. Get good sources of carbs (veggies and fruits. i personally don't eat much bread at all. It puts on fat. Avoid sugars from juices and candy etc.)

-For examples of the exercise to get started with go to youtube and search for examples. Watch a few of them for each exercise and go test it out!

-I had the SAME problem. DROP THE GRAINS. Drop the oatmeal, drop the breads, drop the cereals, drop the sugars from any source other than fruit. Replace the grains with healthy fats such as almonds, olive oil, egg YOLKS, coconut oil, fish oil.  If you DO this (I mean stick to it 100%) you WILL have shredded the bear belly in a few months (assuming you don't have TONS of weight to drop). I have NO doubts.

-So here's WHY it works. The body is nothing but a SURVIVAL machine. It just wants to keep living. Getting results is all about shocking your body and sending a 'signal' to it that says "gain muscle OR die." How do you send that signal? By putting MORE DEMANDS on the body than it is use to. This can be achieved by GOING HEAVY, by taking less time for rest (HIIT), by doing more reps than normal, etc. Don't get married to any one routine. Keep in mind that its all about shocking the body and sending that signal to it that dictates it to gain muscle and get rid of fat.

-I would rest at least 48 hours between training your arms. Even if you're not sore, you are still tearing muscle fibers that need to be rebuilt if you are GOING TO FAILURE. Failure means you literally could not do another rep if YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. Keep that in mind.

-When you eat the RIGHT foods your hunger goes down dramatically. For example: your breakfast creates hunger. Watch this video: (link page 4 middle)

-EXACTLY!!! Its about finding what clicks for YOUR BODY. But here's the thing, what 'clicks' now, won't in a few months from now if you continue to do the same things. IT'S ALL ABOUT SHOCKING THE BODY. Remember, your body is a survival machine, you must send the CORRECT SIGNALS to get it to gain muscle and lose fat. As soon as your body starts to adjust to the signals your sending it, its time to SWITCH IT UP.

-When I work with a noob, I NEVER EVER EVER do low reps and high weight. That will just lead to a quick injury. Higher reps and lower weight, and hitting failure that way, is sufficient to SHOCK their body and make it grow. However, as time goes on, and as the body adjusts, its time to switch it up. Going HEAVY is one of the options to switch it up.

-You GOT to change your mindframe bro....YOU EAT FOR PERFORMANCE NOT FOR TASTE OR LOVE. When this changes, you'll have no problem giving up bread. Get your joy from other sources....not from food. If you REALLY want to get completely leaned out, fit, healthy, and vital, you'll make it happen. What do you value more? Stuffing your face with a shit your body DOES NOT NEED, or being who you're meant to be, being your best self, being A MAN who can live a disciplined life.
Pain of discipline, or pain of regret....its your choice.

-Just like EVERYTHING else in this world, there is quality and there is crap. You can get a crappy TV or you can get a sweet HD plasma. Same with rice, same with breads, etc. The reason I cut out grains is because getting QUALITY wheat products is basically impossible in this day in age. Our wheat has been cross bread for taste and has therefore lost most nutritional value. Plus our bodies just didn't evolve to eat the form of wheat available. Same goes for rice. There is rice, and there is RICE. Processed white rice is crap. Whole grain rice is probably a good thing (especially if its prepared correctly)

-That's a pretty intense routine! (= “My routine is I run to the gym 3-4x a week which takes 20 min, then I spend 10-20 min on the crosswalker. So that is  30-40 min cardio. Then I do my actual workout, about 30-40 min. Then I run back home, 20 min”).  There's a 30 minute 'window' period after weight training where your muscles are basically open to amino acids. I would say a whey protein shake would be perfect for you and would likely amplify your results. If I were you, I would DEFINITELY do a shake before you ran home.

-3. I would replace the peanut butter with almond butter. I would cut out the oats and replace with organic the minimum cut it to 1/2 cup
4. Egg yolks are great for you man. No need to do the egg white thing. Cut out the unnecessary grain carbs, and eat the yolks.
5. Only do whey around workout time. Pick up some organic fresh meat/poultry and cook some up...only takes 15 minutes.
6. I like the salad. Make sure its NOT iceberg lettuce and try to get romaine and/or spinach leafs. Also, the BEST salad dressing (even tasting) is a simple mix of olive oil and vinegar. Try that for your dressing.

-Get organic free range eggs. Not all eggs come from shitty manufacture conditions. Also, I would try getting quite a bit of good fats from coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter, flax seed oil.
If I were a vegetarian I would try to get protein from these sources:
1. Organic eggs
2. Raw milk
3. Cottage cheese
4. Whey

-Sorry man...there is no 'best' way. No magic pill. Its all about SHOCKING. Remember that. I've been doing a lot of plyometric stuff. Box jumps, and other explosive movements. Crazy thing is my abs have been getting ROCKED. When doing abs go into it with the mindset of SHOCKING. What does this mean? It means do a variety of things that HURT. Put together a string of exercises and by the end you should be at failure. Can't do anymore! That's when you know you've shocked your abs.
Also a side note, if you want your abs to show its more about lowering your bf% then anything. Keep that in mind.

-(raw milk): Its milk straight from the cow....just like nature intended. You can only get it from farmers or stores that are run by farmers. I thought I was 'lactose intolerant' when in fact raw milk doesn't bother me at all.

-Buy raw milk if you can. Get WHOLE milk if not. Fat free is bull shit. You NEED fat.

-Potatoes are a good thing. They come from the earth and are natural. The grains we eat now days are NOT the same as existed a few hundred years ago.

-Dude I know how you feel! I jacked my left shoulder during the summer and it took literally 5 months for it to feel normal again. Let it rest. It will get worse and worse if you don't. I made the mistake of trying to 'tough it out' and keep lifting chest and shoulders anyway. You're going to need to STOP barbell bench and dips for sure until the pain goes away. I talked to a physical therapist that I see in the gym about mine and he had me doing should raises with little to no weight. Sounds like a rotator cuff issue. So here's what you can try. Put your fingers in the 'okay' position (thumb and index forming a circle). Rotate the circle down so your pinkies are facing up. Then do front raises like that. Do the same things with your arms extended out at different degrees.
Take the time while it is healing to focus on squats and deadlifts. Keep shocking your body that way and you won't lose much at all on your shoulders.

-Personally, I usually work 1 muscle group per workout. However, if you're not getting results, switch it up. Don't get married to any routine. Remember, its about shocking the body.

-(“Yes, one muscle group per workout. But do you also do them once a week or more often than that?”) Once a week generally. That's only effective if you're training HARD. I mean real hard. Most people don't train hard, yet they still do this split, and then wonder why they're not getting results.

**From another poster** -(“I think weightlifting is much more effective, but if you don't have access to weights, check out a book called "The Naked Warrior" by "Pavel Tsatsouline". He devised a workout based on two exercises -- the one-armed pushup and the one-legged squat. And this isn't the cheat, sideways one-arm pushup -- it's a legit, chest flat to the floor pushup with one arm.
(not me in the videos, and the one-armed pushup guy's form isn't perfect)”)

This is my DAILY eating that I've been doing for about a month now: Getting amazing results, gaining strength while losing fat. (M-F I eat the same basic things):

Wake up at 7

Breakfast (7:30 am):
4 raw eggs (organic free range)
6-8 oz. raw milk (organic grass eating cows)
1 grapefruit (organic)
1 tbsp of cod liver oil or fish oil

Lunch (around noon)
1/2 lb of beef or lamb or chicken or buffalo (organic grass fed meat) cooked in organic butter or coconut oil
1 pear (organic)
1 apple (organic)

Snack (around 3)
1/2 cup of almonds

Pre-workout (around 6)
8 oz raw milk
1 scoop of unflavored 100% whey (no additives)
1 tbsp of cocnut oil (organic cold pressed)
2 tbsp raw honey (organic)

Kick my ass at the gym 6-7/7:30 (yesterday I got a personal best on squats! 390, 4 times, going below parallel)

Post-workout (7 or 7:30)
8 oz raw milk
1 scoop of unflavored 100% whey (no additives)
2 tbsp raw honey (organic)

Dinner (8:30 or so)
Handful of spinach
Olive oil (cold pressed organic)
1/2 lb of beef or lamb or chicken or buffalo (organic grass fed meat) cooked in organic butter or coconut oil (I cook 1 lb of meat, eat half, and save half for my lunch the next day)
1 tbsp of cod liver oil or fish oil
Organic sauerkraut or some organic, PLAIN, no additives, yogurt for digestion

Go out/hang out

Pre-bed (midnight or so)
Cottage cheese or raw milk

I've never felt better/more energy before in my life. It may seem like I'm not eating a whole lot, but I'm still gaining about 1/2-1 lb a week. I feel like a beast in the gym. My endurance has gone through the roof. My strength is going up, and I'm getting more ripped then I ever thought would be possible.

-Here are my 4 favorite sources for diet information:

-Sam, this is my 9th day off the grains. My daily eating looks something like this:
    7am - banana and apple
    7.15am - 3 whole eggs hard boiled and 30ml UDO choice oil blends
    11am - chicken breast and apple
    2pm - cup of mixed nuts
    5pm - honey, olive oil shot, whey protein with water
    5.30 - 7 train
    7 - as pre workout
    8pm - salmon with bacon/turkey/beef/chicken/tuna and brocolli/carrot other veg (ocassionally been having yams)
    before bed - some cottage cheese and casseein protein powder

    So far feeling great with a lot of energy. Felt like shit a few times the first few days but read this was normal.
    1. I read it was probably OK to eat oats provided they were treated correctly before hand (soaked overnight) - any thoughts? I used to find oats a really convinient way of boosting calorie intake so would idealy reintroduce them, without the negative side effects.
    2. Any alternatives to the eggs? I know results come from eating for performance and not taste but fuck I hate shoving those things down my throat first thing on a morning. Usually I heave when im eating them which cant be a good thing.
    3. Any thoughts on healthy home made MRP/bars that can be made as a snack while out and about/after club etc?
    Cheers Sam

First of all I'm going to get to everyones questions SOON. So stay tuned.
Awesome plan man! What results have you noticed? When I started doing this I lost the mid day 'cloudy mind,' my results from the gym went off the hook, my energy level sustained throughout the day. My stomach fat almost immediately began to fade away. I wasn't hungry. No energy level 'ups' and 'downs'. etc. It was incredible. Same experience?
1. I'm up in the air on oats. I'm to the point where processed sugars and wheat products should be eliminated for ALL people. However, with oats, rice, other grains such as barley, I'm not sure. I think it may just totally depend on the individual. Give oats a try (assuming they are cooked or prepared correctly), but pay CLOSE attention to what they are doing to you. Digestion? Energy? Crashes? Clear minded?
2. Get organic, and mix them up raw with some milk. Seriously isn't bad tasting. Way better than choking down boiled ones. PLUS, they will be digested more easily and effectively.
3. No thoughts man. Make sure the ingredients come from nature. That's my only suggestion.

-Eat clean, lift hard. Let the chips fall where they may. What other option is there? Your look is going to depend on the width of your frame. I have a wider frame, so people often think I'm a wrestler. I definitely don't have the Brad Pitt frame. That's fine by me. Genetics are genetics. Be happy with who you are, what you were given, and do what you can with the resources you have.

-Here's how it works: your heart rate is the determinate of what's going on with your metabolism. Your body is constantly burning a combination of fat stores and glycogen stores (carbs) for energy. A resting heart rate will yield a combination of energy of around 20-80. 20 percent of energy is coming from fat stores, 80 percent of energy being used is coming from glycogen stores. What happens when your heart rate is between 65-80 percent of your maximum heart rate (max is calculated 220-age, my max would be around 195 because I'm 25 years old, keep in mind this is not absolute and just an estimate) is the ratio flips. So suddenly, more calories are being used up from fat stores.
Okay, so there are 2 different goals one could have from cardio workouts:
1. to burn fat
2. to train their cardiorespitory system
1. To burn fat, you want your heart rate between 65-80 percent of your heart rate. This will 'flip the ratio' on where you body is drawing its calories from.
2. To train cardiorespitory effeciency, you want to 'push the limits'
SO, for my cardio I usually keep an eye on my heart rate while I'm lifting weights. I try to keep my heart rate up by keeping my workouts dynamic, strenious, etc.
Hope this helps.

-Awesome man! Seriously. How's your temptation level? I'm to the point where temptation for candy and shit is subsiding. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS VITALITY FEELS. Seriously.
I had the same story as you. I was always 'health conscious' but was totally misled on what is actually healthy for the human body. Typical nutrition just DOESN'T GET RESULTS. I've got results from this new way of looking at nutrition. That's all I care about. How I feel AND how I look has dramatically improved. Talk about a win win.

-Yeah man, eat your eggs raw. MIx them with milk. Tastes good. See a few posts up for a article about the benefits of raw eggs.

-I realized there's a MASSIVE gap between fitness and health. People can be VERY fit and not healthy AT ALL. NO energy, no vitality, no 'spunk,' always tired, terrible digestion, etc (that was me by the way).

-2. Drink ALOT of it. I drink 1 gallon a day. Check out this little article:

-My favorite ab exercise is good ol' fashion declined sit ups. Also try Yoga out. Its basically an hour of abdominal work along with balancing and stretching. Your six pack is already there, getting your six pack to SHOW is what you need. This is fat loss.

-There's truth in eating every few hours (ESPECIALLY for ectomorphs). It's about keeping your body anabolic (muscle building state) rather than catabolic (muscle eating state). Keeping adequate protein and calories allows your body to stay more anabolic.

-Being lean is MORE about diet then cardio. Although cardio is a good thing. Its about your heart rate. Keep it between 65-80% of your max (220 -age is your max). Do this for 30 minutes up to 1 hour at a time. THEN EAT. Doing cardio for hours upon hours with no nutrition will put your body into a catabolic state (muscle eating/ canabolizing).

-There are different claims on this. Some studies show that your body has a limited amount of protein that it can absorb, others supposedly debunk this. Your dieting around workout time is actually IDEAL from MY perspective. There's a 'protein window' after working-out for about 30 minutes so you want to get a good protein in you in that time period. Then another 'protein window' opens around 2 hours later when you want to get another good source of protein in you. Following this will OPTIMIZE your workouts.

-“1. I try to do all these excercises "explosive" ; I push/pull hard, like a short burst. But I do release the weight slowly and controlled(are these two counterproductive to each other?)”
That's exactly what you should be doing. Control the weight very slowly on the down movement and then EXPLODE on the up movement. It will be important to get the right amount of weight that will resist your explosive contraction effectively. You could even go fairly heavy with your weight and lower your reps. But mix it up.

“2. Is lifting weights right after boxing usefull/effective?”
Don't do it without first eating. Your body will likely go into a catabolic state from an hour or whatever of boxing and then straight to weight lifting. Refuel with some good nutrition and then hit the weights (you never want to lift on an empty stomach anyways)

“3. What is your take on beans? Like kidney beans and such?”
I personally don't eat them. I'm not opposed to them however. Try them out. How's your digestion? Do they give or take energy from you? How do they make you feel overall? Test it out for your body.

“4. If i cut carbs and grains from my diet, I get a foggy mind. What do I have to eat to replace these? Im a student so I need a clear head.”
You're not necessarily CUTTING carbs, you're replacing and limiting the crappy ones. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I promise you'll actually get smarter from it. Serious.

“5. What are good ways to season your food? I read that much salt doesnt do me much good..”
Get sea salt. Processed salt is crap. Sea salt is good for you. I basically use salt and pepper and basalmic vinegar occasionally to season my foods.

-1. If your goal is to simply lose fat and 'tone up' full body strength training workouts are fine. Go hardcore in your workouts though. No rest, alternate between bodyparts so you're giving the muscles a rest but keeping yourself moving at all times. Keep your heart rate between 65-80 percent of your max during strength training AND on cardio days. Follow this for a few months in addition to diet and you'll see massive results. Promise.
2. See my previous post (like 10 up or so) on cardio. Its about your heart rate.

3. Good protein: (try to get organic on all of this) beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, whey, milk, tuna, salmon, various other fish
Good carbs: fruits and vegetables
Good fats: organic butter, fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil, animal fats from meats, egg yolks, whole milk

4. . Since you're trying to lose fat, I would cut out all grains (including oatmeal, rice, breads ESPECIALLY, pasta, etc.) even though previously I've posted that oatmeal may be okay for the hardgainer ectomorph.

-“eat like an animal, everything fresh and natural, nothing processed
    meats nuts berries and veggies in large quantities coupled with intense work outs makes u chef boyardee BEEFY
    a baggie of raw mixed nuts(no salted BS or sugar coated BS) and a bottle of water is a way better snack than a bag of cheetos and a soda.”

^^ this

-I went to the grocery store tonight: here's what I got.
Organic lamb steak
Organic chicken breast
Organic apples
Organic pears
Organic strawberries
Organic blueberries
Almond butter
Organic Cream
Organic Milk
Organic free range eggs
Ground flax seeds
My meals will be basically composed of these

-I see this all the time: women who are eating low calorie diets and on the treadmill reading and keeping their heart rate at a steady rate for months and months at a time....seeing no results. Using the 'calories in calories out' formula.
Fitness teachers and cycling instructors who do the SAME things day in and day out who are overweight (same steady state cardio everyday).
There's something else to the game besides the ol' 'calories in calories out' equation. We all ready know this nutritionally. 2000 calories of pizza or 2000 calories of organic raw foods: which will promote more leanness? It's obvious. How about this as a hypothetical: 2000 calories of pizza that is 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fats VS. 2000 calories of organic fruits, vegies, and meats that make up 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fats?
I can tell you from YEARS of experimentation that food is WAAAY more than just calories coming from protein, fat, and carbs. In fact, I've been reading some stuff that is suggesting that food is literally packages of information that interacts with our genes. It's the science of Nutrigenomics. Look it up.   (It makes finally makes sense why I could never shed that belly fat before when I believed that all that mattered was calories and the source of protein)
I believe exercise does the SAME THING, this is from my OWN experience. Steady state cardio doesn't do anything for me. Didn't change my physique at all. HIIT type training does. I believe that when you're pushing yourself to the LIMIT, you're literally sending signals to your bodies intelligence that says "must get rid of fat, while keeping muscle." I call this "SHOCKING."  I may take some flack for this statement, but I've found it to be the case from experience. (as well as observation....anticdotal I know)
EDIT: oh and doing HIIT doesn't mean your turn into a super athlete. It means you're taking heart rate for a roller coaster ride and maxing out your bodies exertion at times. ANYONE can do this, despite what the 'study' says. (I really get tired of intellectual critics who sit back and do a bunch of studies that COULD NEVER isolate all the variables and causes to effects that are OBSERVED...NOT experienced, and then act like it's authority. Do studies have their place? Obviously, but I would suggest taking them with a grain of salt.)

-Why are you vegetarian? Ethical reasons? If you're vegetarian for health reasons, you might want to reconsider. HEALTHY meat (grass fed organic) is healthy and basically a health must for most people.

-Personally, I wouldn't go 'low fat.' Sounds like you need more calories. Eat PLENTY of fat from GOOD sources. Olive oil, fish oil, butter, coconut oil, cream, fish oil, animal fats.

-I think its important to understand this. Your brain, if left un-directed, will QUICKLY associate pain to what it takes to get fit. The bottom line is you must be lifting weight to the point of physical pain to gain results.

-I eat, and promote, a basically paleolithic diet. The only difference is I believe in dairy....raw dairy actually.

-1. Change your habits. Nothing more to say then that. A habit is formed after a month or so. You GOTTA use will power until it happens. You actually don't want to drink too much liquid around meal times. Even water. It dilutes your stomach acid and its harder for your body to digest properly.
2. Actually you'll want to do the same things. BUILD MUSLCE. Girls can't get 'big' because they lack the required testosterone. A girl who lifts HARD, going til failure, will just tone, tighten, and firm. Make sure she understands this. If a girl is all bulked up, she is on something. Muscle = metabolism, metabolism burns fat.
3. Give yourself REALISTIC goals. My goals have evolved from 5 to 6 days a week. Set yourself up for success. If you can only handle 3 or 4 days a week of discipline, START WITH THAT. Results and success will GIVE you motivation. When you get results you simply won't have trouble 'motivating' yourself....generally speaking. After you form the new HABIT of living a disciplined lifestyle 4 days a week you'll evolve your goals to 5 and so on. Eventually, your old desire and self will have disappeared.
4. Fitness is so damn simple dude. Most people WAAAAY overcomplicate it. Here's what it is: SHOCK your body which sends a signal to CHANGE (build muscle), if you're a guy your body will begin to bulk if you're a girl you'll 'tone tighten and firm,' with every bit of muscle you put on your bodies metabolism will increase which will start to burn away the fat you have stored up. Its as simple as that. Its about SHOCKING THE BODY. There's no super special magic exercise, there's no magic amount of reps (although its a good idea to keep it under twenty). Its about going to failure and continuously changing things up to 'confuse' the shock them. If someone tells you or acts like its more or less than that, they're full of it. Plain and simple.
5. Just don't buy it. Its about forming NEW HABITS. Initially, it takes will power. After a month or so, it become the NEW YOU.
6. This is the tricky thing. You need the theory of fitness (listed above) as a guide. SPECIFICS is all about experience. Most people have no clue what it feels like to actually shock their body and hit it HARD in the gym. That's why most people don't get results. The people who get results are people who are constantly pushing their body to the limits. Its the ability to take the path of MOST RESISTANCE day in and day out that gets you a fit, healthy body. I'll try to give you some specifics though:
a. Lower bf% is about building that metabolism by building muscle. Also giving your body the correct nutrition (what I advocate is found throughout the thread). Building muscle is shocking the body anaerobically (a good rule of thumb is hitting failure with weight training below 20 reps)
b. Functionally strength can be gained through the complex muscle movements: dead lift, power clean, bench press, etc.
c. Cardio vascular fitness will come from shocking your lungs and heart. Interval training is OPTIMAL for this. An example could be, sprinting straight-a-ways and walking, jogging corners on a track. The sprints shock your lungs and heart and send a signal that says "get more efficient or you're gonna die."
7. Whatever shocks the body works. Whatever you do going to failure shocks the body. Free weights usually incorporate more muscles so they therefore shock the body a little more.
8. Depends on your goals. If you're serious about gaining muscle its a must to have the right equipment. Its also good to have somewhere to go, meeting people, etc. to keep you consistent and accountable.
9. 2 things cause soreness: lactic acid, and muscle tearing. Initially, your body is going to be VERY sore, this is because you tore your muscles and your muscles got a bunch of lactic acid put into them. Fight through this first period. After a month or so, lactic acid will go down (body becomes more efficient) and your soreness will actually feel good rather than being straight up pain. Know that it will take a MINIMUM of 48 hours for your body to repair the damaged muscle (most bodybuilders say 1 week is best).
Hope this helps man. Keep in mind shocking your body is taking the path of MOST RESISTANCE. In life, most people (arguably all of us) take the path of least resistance. Fitness is about doing the opposite. Keep this in the back of your mind the entire time you lift weights and do interval training for your cardio. If doing the reps fast is easier, slow them down, if the amount of weight is easy increase it, etc. That's the PRINCIPLE that will get you results if you incorporate it.

-(good way to get more testosterone naturally?) Fat. Eat it. Flax seeds, coconut oil, nuts, nut butters, organic butter, whole milk, olive oil, fish oil, even animal fats. Lower your carbs (assuming you're eating a typical civilized diet filled with shit grains and processed sugars) and replace with good fats. I'm not even joking you'll start to get random boners like you're in Junior High school all over again. Fun stuff.

-Here's the premise behind Mercola's message (I happen to find it to be true): eat what comes from nature, eat what our bodies evolved to thrive on. I good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: if I lived a few thousand years ago, would have been available to eat? People a thousand years ago weren't dying from diabetes, people weren't overweight and obese, degenerative diseases simply weren't killing them, environmental factors were. Now that humans have environmental factors under control (for the most part), replicating the nutrition and food intake from primitive peoples is what will bring health, wellness, and vitality. That's Mercola's message as a whole, and I agree after trying it out and experiencing results.

-Stick to this for making/planning your meals:
Get a good source of protein, fat, and carbs.
So, here's my breakfast from this morning for example:
Protein: 4 eggs
Fat: 4 eggs, some almond butter, fish oil, flax seeds
Carbs: Strawberries, apple, pear, 2 plums
Felt great. Wasn't hungry for 5 hours or so. GAVE me energy, rather then leaving me groggy

-When making meals just follow ask "is there a good source of protein, fat, and carbs in this meal? is it a healthy proportion and combination of them?"

*******************************THE END****************************
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Charles David

Charles David

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Much appreciated Paris.
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bad ass, dude. i've been increasing my protein lately by about 30-50g a day, and eating smaller meals, more times a day. cut out  80% of my grains(this was the main part of my diet), and ate cottage cheese/peanut butter before bed. gained about 5lbs of muscle so far and feel fucking bad ass.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Yep, I've cut out the grains too, almost completely, as an experiment, and it's very fun. I used to take loads of bread on mornings, pastas and pizzas during the days.
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i did this last year. similar to the anabolic diet, low in carbs and removed the grain. it definitely is good for fat loss, but its hard to gain weight. i was eating a ton of clean foods at around 3500 calories a day and the scale would not budge. at all. i could not tell if it made me stronger (lifts went up still) but i think a good doseage of carbs would have made me much strnger.

if you want to gain weight, grains(starches) are a very easy way to do so.
I am going out almost every night and want to have fun, push comfort zones, and learn as much as possible. 

PM me if you are down to wing in the LA/Hollywood area or anywhere else that is good IF you are positive, normal (aka not one of those weird creepy PUA dudes) and are like-minded.

Or check out
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1 bowl of oatmeal is enough grains to help gain imho. although i never wanted to get huge(i'm gaining about 1/2-1lb week depending on diff circumstances). one thing that i've been doing is eating barely cooked red meat. I get a steak, cook it for a few minutes, and flip it over, repeat. eat it extremely rare. this seems to be helping, and it tastes really fucking good too. also adding 3-4 servings of eggwhites into your diet can work wonders
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E Nomini

E Nomini


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thanks for the post, i added supplements into my diet this year and put on 22 lbs. started out at 147 and now im 169  (6 foot 2 skinny kid).
i use optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey
animal pak vitamins
dymatize mega gainer

ive heard alot of good things about NOexplode and animal flex, if im ever not poor im gonna check those out. 
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Guys... Seriously.... I think that someone, if not all of you, needs to revisit the food pyramid!  Cut out carbs???  Do you actually know what this does to the body?  I mean metaphysically?  You all say you want to get fit to better your life, and health.  Then what is with the cheap tricks and short cuts?  I totally agree with the workout information, especially lifting to failure (this is a must or your wasting your time!).  But this diet info seems like it came out of some sort of five minute infomercial.  Raw eggs?? Barely cooked red meat?? why? whatt does not cooking it do?  I personally like my beef rare, and depending on the quality, uncooked.  However I am not aware of any health benefit to eating it this way.  Eat food how you like it.  Organic products are a yes and no spot for me.  If you have so much money that throwing $2 away with every item you buy (at the grocery store) is a viable option, then go ahead.  However, they seem to be one of the biggest advertising hype jobs of current, well, along with intioxidants, low carb diets, and six minute abs.  Whatch what you eat.  Try to reduce the chemicals ( a good argument for organic foods), bad fats, cholestoral, and repetition.  The best thing you can do is variety and moderation.  If you are getting your fruits, vegies, grains, and meats then you will be able to do what ever you want.  Be it gain muscle or loose fat.  Now to loosing fat.  It is not making your body want to loose fat.  It is leaving it no other option.  Fat stores are a purely an energy storage device.  Calories are a measurement of energy, about 2,500 to 3,500 per pound of fat (depends on who you ask).  This now becomes an energy flow problem.  Are you taking in more energy (calories) then you expend in a day?  If yes then you will gain weight.  If no then you will loose it.  Yes it is that simple.  Now you can reduce your number of calories that you intake, or just up what you expend.  Shocking your body has nothing to do with fat reduction.  It only burns as many calories as it does, shocked or not.  So that is all of the fat that it can burn.  However if your hear rate is too high (such that you are building lactic acid) you will run the risk of just breaking down simple sugars, and some muscle for the energy rather than your fat stores (google heart rate for burning fat).  If you want to be healthy, eat healthy, work out healthy, reduce your stress, and be happy.  You don't need all of these tricks and promises.  There is always a negative that comes along with it.  (affects of search atkins diet for proof).
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Paris Boum Boum

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Thx for the feedback, and the advices.

I only take that thread as a source of inspiration. It's not gospel truth. But you can't deny it gives interesting perspectives on health, alimentation and fitness. I am not following what was written by Sam literally, but I get new ideas from it and it motivated me to experiment new stuff.
For the carbs, I am not eating pastas, pizzas, or bread for a month. This is an experimentation, and I'll see what I can get from it. Still, with such a diet you still get carbs from fruits and vegetables. 
For the having your eggs raw, I don't think there are any benefits to it, but it helps me to save time.
For the "training to failure" thing, there is that guy ( ) who advocates NOT to train to failure, so I don't know what to think about it. I am experimenting it and see what I can get from it.

Now that I think about it, it seems to me that there is a lot in common between your perspective and what Sam is saying. "If you want to be healthy, eat healthy, work out healthy, reduce your stress, and be happy" is exactly what I got from his thread.  
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Yeah it's a good thread, and doing something is much better than doing nothing.  He certainly seems to know what he is talking about.  The low carb/no grain thing is an interesting diet.  You will (if you do it right) loose a lot of weight.  However this is cuased by the lack of glucose (from the lack of grains) and some other stuff.  This lack forces your body into a diabetic shock.  This causes you to loose weight fast (see atkins diet) but it is really unhealthy, and has mixed results once you break the diet.  This is becuase it shuts down your metabolism.  It is hard and takes some time to get it going again, but if you are aware of this when you stop the diet you should be able to keep from gaining to much weight back.  Good luck.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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TableDance, thank you again for your answer.

This is the reason why I kept a happy day in my diet, ie a day when I can eat carbs and other stuff. I've read that it can be necessary in any diet for the precise reason your are developing here (I think it was on Tim Ferris' blog). 

A few questions for you:
-have you ever tried any low carb diet? What were the results?
-How can your metabolism be shut down if you eat more often throughout the day?
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