January 18th, 2019
Brad Bootcamp in Amsterdam august 18-20, Getting Physical
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Hi, I’m a 22 year old guy living in the Netherlands. Never had a girlfriend, kissed or had sex. I fell in love with someone years ago, but didn’t had the guts to share my feelings. I want to change my life by stop procrastinating and start taking action.

I’ve known this pickup community for four years now. It all started with David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating. In his videos he had a guest speaker, Tyler Durden of a company called Real Social Dynamics. Earlier this year I registered for the RSD newsletter. In March 2009 I saw an email that RSD was coming to Amsterdam for a free 4 hour seminar. I immediately forwarded the mail to my brother and a friend. We decided to go. At April 12th we took the seminar. We had to go out and approach at least 3 people. Everyone was somewhat scared, but when everyone returned you could really see the difference. I got four approaches. It was really fun.

Two month’s after the seminar in June a saw another email: There was a Bootcamp coming to Amsterdam on august 21-23. I registered, later I found out that the 500 dollars was only a deposit for 2000. (hahah). cry
I wanted my money back, because it wasn’t in my reality to go from 500 to 2000 dollars. On June 29 I had two weeks off. What was I going to do for two weeks? So I decided to approach women myself. I bought a notebook, so I could write down all my approaches. It was so hard in the beginning, but I stuck with it. After 10-20 approaches I finally had reference experience.

I looked at my bank account. Look at all that money, WTF am I going to do with it? I want more reference experience, so I decided to take a bootcamp in august. Still I wanted to think about it for a week. A week later I paid the deposit. There was only one problem. The bootcamp on august 21-23 turned to Vienna, Australia. So I called Stuart from RSD. We decided to do the Bootcamp on august 18-20. I already got that week off, so sure.

I didn’t want to come to the bootcamp as a complete noob, so I kept approaching. My goal was to get 100 approaches before bootcamp. On august 17, one day before bootcamp, I finished the hundred approaches. (Hurray)  Most approaches were asking questions and at the end I wanted to go physical. On the last day I did attempt for a kiss, but she backed away. That was my sticking point. How do you get physical with someone you don’t even know? Yes I did have hugs, but no kisses. All my approaches were written down. I bought another small notebook for notes and the summary of the bootcamp. So prepare yourself for lots of reading.

Day 1: Tuesday august 18. Getting Social

I got up at 11 am. Almost all stuff was packed. I took a shower, prepared myself for the evening and headed out towards Amsterdam. At 16:00 I was at the hostel and checked myself in. The hotel where I would meet Brad was only 5 minutes away from my hostel. My Australian roommates were very friendly and we talked for an hour.

It’s 19:30 and I met up with Brad at the hotel. The weather was nice, so we went to the café across the hotel. Apparently I was the only one taking the bootcamp, sweet! teeth

- The number one rule I needed to follow was: Do whatever the fuck the instructor tells you to do. If you don’t, he'll make you do worse things.
- Eliminate Approach scanning through warm-ups. Get comfortable with talking to strangers
- Be able to cold approach a stranger
- Whenever you feel internally to go physical, go for it
- Work on your conversational skills
- Vomit
- Get action Based, not result based
- You are enough, a 10, high value
- If it goes well, keep pushing
- Always take personal responsibility to push yourself
- Eye contact, body language, voice tonality.

We practiced some vomiting techniques, that was fun. I forgot to bring my inner chode letter. So I wrote another one, tore it apart and flush it down the toilet. I read it one last time before I did it. Bye Chode. We kept talking till 23:00 and then we finally headed out. I asked Brad to count my approaches. First we went to a karaoke bar called “The bulldog”. Brad told me to walk a minute or two through the café to get comfortable. 2 set at a table, approached, didn’t remember what I said, but we had fun. Brad shook my hand for the first approach.

You see those four girls, I want you to approach the blond one next to the brunette. I walked up to the blond, she’s Australian. They looked at the stage where everyone can sing a song. I asked her if she sang already. She: Yeah I just did. Hey, lets go sing, she said. I: Uh really? She: Yeah it’ll be fun. So we got on stage. The two girls and I introduced ourselves. The song was Rehab by Amy Winehouse. The host told me to just dance and not sing. So the song began and the girls started singing. I did what I was told to do and started dancing. Sometimes the girl put the microphone on me and I sang along. After four minutes the song ended and the girls started giving me high fives. The host said to the girl: So you don’t even know him and you go on stage with him. Uh yeah. Host: That has never happened before. Haha, I got such a rush when walking out of the building.

We went to a bar, something guitar. Approached another two-set, one black haired and one fat blond. They were both Dutch. I talked to the black haired and Brad occupied the fat blond. Take one for the team Brad, thanks. So I kept talking very close to the girl. We were so close and looking at each other. Then I remembered on some RSD article, how do you know when to go for the kiss? You don’t, so I tried to kiss here. She went back with her head. Even though I didn’t get the kiss, Brad still gave me props for the kiss attempt.

Approached a blond girl in the same bar and danced with her, but later a friend came and was closed out of the set. Approached some sets outside, then we went to another bar called Weeber, approached some there. Outside of the bar I had to approach a two-set walking away, they were pretty far so I had to walk fast. I yelled, they pretended like they didn’t hear me. So I pulled them on the shoulder towards me and asked them why they’re leaving so early. She had a microphone as a necklace, so I used that to get closer to her by playing with it and holding it up her mouth. We talked a bit, then Brad came and joined. I got to talk to the blond and Brad to the black haired girl. Blondie and I got a little physical. Brad did excellent with the other girl by getting her number. After standing there talking for 45 minutes we left. The day ended at 3:00
Approaches: 16

Debrief Day 1.
- I was good at cold approaches and kept the conversation going.
- My physical game was good, it looked natural
- Verbal game was good
- Don’t lean in, I lean to much
- Sometimes I get distracted

Day 2: Wednesday august 19, Getting Physical

After the day ended I went back to the hostel and wrote everything I could remember in my notebook. After writing everything down it was 4:50 and went to sleep. I got up at 10 AM and was half awake/half asleep through 12, because my Australian roommates were leaving. At 13:20 I left the hostel and searched for a supermarket. Couldn’t find one so I asked a girl. Apparently it was very far. She took me there, got food and drinks fast, asked the girl in the line if I could go first. Walking back to the hotel while eating. It was 13:50 and I saw Brad walking. We went to the same café as yesterday.

We talked from 14:00 till 17:00 and I wrote a lot about physical game and day game. Here are some of the important things:
- Being direct is more powerful
- Use statements, not questions
- Get comfortable getting physical with everyone
- When you feel to escalate, go for it
- You are enough
- Breaking Rapport with the opener
- Assume attraction
- Passing Shit tests

Day Game

So at 17:00 we went day gaming. Approached a girl with an ice cream. How good is that ice cream on a scale of 1 to 500? She doesn't speak Dutch, so I said it in English. She pointed to the Shoarma Shop behind her, that is the place where you can get your ice cream. We walked again. Approached a 3 set sitting on the ground. For some reason the hot girl kept her mouth shut and the obstacles were the ones doing the talking. So I called out on the girl and talked a bit with her. Tried to number close to party tonight, but they needed to get up early to leave for Berlin.

At the kalverstraat there was a blonde girl walking very fast and Brad told me to go after her. I walked towards her. Brad: Hurry. I ran / jogged after her. Finally caught up to her, complimented her dress and asked where I can buy it for a friend. Shouldn’t ask questions I don’t even want to know. Next there was another blond who luckily walked slow. I approach her and said that I wanted to meet fun people to go out with and asked her if she’d be interested. The girl worked a lot and wanted to catch up on her sleep. I got thanked for the offer.

After five approaches we walked back. Suddenly we see a lot of girls in orange and green shirts walking towards us. I asked what was going on. Apparently it’s an intro week for school. We saw two girls sitting on the bench and I approached them. Suddenly I get a text message from Brad. I had to sit down. The girl asked: What did your friend send you and why is he pretending like he doesn’t know you. Brad knew we were looking and he walked away. She didn’t mind. After a bit of talking I gave them both a hug.

At the leidseplein Brad told me to walk up to a girl using statements. I’ve finally did it. I walked to her and said that I thought she looked nice and asked if she wanted to go out with me tonight. She was going out tonight, smile but with her boyfriend. sad
Brad showed me some physical moves I could use. It’s 19:00. We had dinner at the Shoarma Shop from earlier, than a little break till 22:30 for the night game.
Day game = 8 approaches

Night Game

I met up with Brad at the hotel at 22:30. Brad told me to be social till 12 am and then it was time to get physical. We walked to the rembrandtplein. Did a set. The café was empty inside, but outside there was a two-set sitting at a table. I approached them. The girls told me they were Danish lesbians and married. They had sex with a Danish hooker at the red light district. Both of them were proud of having real boobs. I tried to examine them, but they wouldn’t let me. Brad came and they were totally into him. The blonde was very pretty, but was acting like a bitch, at least to me. She wouldn't want do a threesome with me sad . They have an open relationship, if she wants to fuck someone else, then she needs to ask her wife for permission. A hot bisexual couple and in an open relationship, what more do you want. tounge The girls said when Brad came that they went to a hooker. Brad responded with: Yeah I love to go fishing in my home town. The girls didn’t understand anything. I did and laughed hard. No we mean hookers, like prostitutes. Hahah. We left after 45 minutes. The girls wanted us to come to some gay bar, having tequila body shots off of them. Maybe we would go. Brad and the blonde exchanged numbers.

We went to a place called Club Smokey. In there Brad went to the toilet. I waited, but saw a two-set so I wanted to practice. My eyes can’t see very far. So I approached the 2 set. They were pretty ugly. Her voice was pretty off too. It became clear to me that they were transvestites. what chu talking about Can’t remember what I said, but I ejected pretty quickly. When I told Brad outside, he laughed hard. teeth

I did another set or 2. Hey it’s 12 am, August 20. It’s my birthday, I turned 22. At the Leidseplein I heard girls singing a birthday song, so I went there. The song just ended. HEY, who’s the birthday girl, I am. Oh congratulations it’s my birthday also. They congratulate me and the birthday girl and I give each other 3 kisses on the cheeks. kiss

Brad said: You see that girl on the bench next to her two friends? I want you to ask her to marry you. After I approached her I said: I don’t know how to do this, but here goes. I stand on one knee and asked her to marry me. She was hesitant, but after being persistent she said yes. Fuck Yeah! I’m getting married. We didn’t even set up the date yet. Anyway, Brad came and we talked a bit. Then we went off.

Brad wanted me to do dance floor sets. He said my voice was to low. We just went in. The music was loud. Loud music and low voice doesn’t mix. I had to do the unstifling exercise by yelling out loud. While there were people around me I put my hands in the air and yelled WOOoooooo.thumbs down The first time is always stifled, then did it again. WOOOOOOO! thumbs up Better, now approach that girl. I can’t remember them all, but I had to say a lot that they looked good. My voice was much better by breaking rapport and I dominated the room.

We walked outside. There was a girl standing with her friends, I had to tell her that she looked “cute”. During the conversation she said that I telegraph to much interest and I’ve fucked it up. She keeps trying to send me to someone else. Then she blew her fucking smoke in my face. Yuk, that was gross. For some reason I kept vomiting and had lots of physical contact. Her friend said that it’s her 19th birthday. No way, it’s my birthday also. Friend says: Celebration kiss. She didn’t want to, I kept trying. They wanted to go back inside with us, we didn’t want to. So the girl came back and kissed me. kiss I responded with: No tongue? tounge Oh well, finally physical success and I didn’t even know her name. At least I forgot.

That Danish blonde lesbian girl kept calling Brad. He didn’t answer. We went to another club. I’ve approached a lot of sets there by using simple openers like: “You look sad” or “Hey, I like you”. Opened a two-set in the club. Another birthday girl, turned 18, she didn’t believe it was also my birthday so I showed some ID. We danced a bit, got a little physical. Her friend blew smoke in my face. Do girls think it’s cool to do that? Because it’s not. There was a girl I talked to, got a little physical. It didn’t work out, she walked away, so I went for her hotter friend. While I was talking to her sitting down, suddenly a guy grabbed her and started dancing with her. I got AMOGed. omg Brad said that these girls were pub girls and that guy was the pub tourist guide.

Downstairs I tried to dance with a blonde girl and got AMOGed again by some Mexican guy. We went outside and we see a lot of people walking. It was the English pub people. Pretending like we belonged in the crowd, we walked with them. During the walk, I approached some of the girls. I couldn’t find Brad anymore, so I stood still and waited. I saw Brad. A two set stood in the back and I approached. We walked on.

There were these two blonde girls that I had to approach. One was really drunk and moved a lot. They said they were a lesbian couple. I said: Lesbians? I LOVE LESBIANS. teeth A guy walked by and called me a liar. Haha. Anyway I hugged them both at the same time for being lesbians and kept my hand on the lower back having a lesbian on each hand. They started kissing, tongue each other. I saw them getting it on very close. Like come on, if a guy saw lesbian tongue action up close, wouldn’t you want to join them? So I did. Holding them we had a three-way make-out. tounge Nice, if Paris Hilton saw that, she would say: That’s Hot! Brad joined us. He occupied one on them, so I could be with the other girl which I got physical with, couldn’t kiss her, because she kept turning her head. She had a box with a kite in it. Like why? There was no wind so it didn’t go up. We left.

Brad sent me to tell a girl that I loved her. I approached the four-set and asked where the good places were. Kept hearing a place called Paradiso, but it costs 12,50 to get in. Then I told the girl that I loved her. She said: But you don’t even know my name. We introduced ourselves , talked a bit. Eventually they had to leave. It was the end of the night. I seem to attract sigarette smokes, birthday girls and lesbians. smile The day ended around 3:20.
Night Game: 26+ approaches

Total Approaches: 16 + 8 + 26+ = 50+ approaches through the bootcamp. Nice. thumbs up

Debrief Day 2.
- Assume it’s on, assume attraction
- Hooking was great
- I got better at getting physical. (fuck yeah, mission accomplished)
- Still lean to much
- Push my voice tonality more.
- Break Rapport more.
- Work on being that sex worthy guy.

Day 3: Thursday august 20, Creating a Gameplan

I got back to the hostel and wrote everything down again till 4:50. I had to check out of my hostel at 10:30 and had to meet with Brad at 12, so I went straight to bed. In the morning I got up later than 10:30. Luckily the maid didn’t came to clean up. (That’s what she said) I checked out at 11:35 and walked towards the hotel. I haven’t eaten yet, so I went to find an ATM machine. On the way I saw Brad. We sat down at the Shoarma shop again.

Today we talked about how everything went and creating a gameplan for the future. It started at 12:00 and ended at 16:00. Man I wrote a lot. Things I should work on:
- Be direct
- Get more experience
- Embrace the process
- Make goals action based
- Keep a balanced life
- Lean back, I should always think of the song Lean Back by Fat Joe, when I lean to much. shades
- Be unapologetic
- Breaking Rapport
- Vomiting
- Lower the bar
- Set the tone right away
- Be a sex worthy guy
- Do a 30 day challenge
- Voice Tonality
- Misinterpretation

Haha, Brad turned down the Danish Girls for a threesome and his assistant Matt freaked out. He was to tired. The Danish blonde was smoking hot. She send a textmessage to Brad that she was drunk and naked at home. I would love to fill in Brad’s spot tounge At 16:00 it was finally done. The bootcamp is over. I gave Brad a big man hug and I would post the success story online. I had so much fun the last couple of days. Damn boy, Brad, you changed my life. thumbs up I want to thank you for all your help. There is such a big difference in reading about the bootcamp and actually taking one. Taking a bootcamp was the most expensive, but the BEST investment I’ve taken.

What I’ve learned is to cut the bullshit. Don’t ask her about things what you don’t even want to know just to keep her talking. Tell her what’s really on your mind. Just be direct, that works a lot better and is time efficient.
I’ll be back with my 30 day challenge. Hope you guys had fun reading it, because I certainly had fun experiencing it. teeth

Here is the 30 day challenge thread 
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good write up! :)
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nice sounds you had a mindblowing experience ... amsterdam is great game-wise
did they teach you did "I am not wearing any underwear" opener?
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I did have a mindblowing experience. The things i couldn't do before. Now it's so easy. You will always have the Boot Camp to look back to as a reference. It is a great way to start things. I really recommend it to anyone, but the question is: Is this what you really want and is it the worth the money you have to pay? It was for me. I don't know anyone who wants to do it.
Brad didn't make me use any underwear opener. Just normal conversations, statements: You look sad, hi, my name is.  to get the conversation going.
It doesn't matter what you say. Underwear openers would be great for self amusement.

I did think of a fun job description you could use. Like Tyler said he's a male stripper, You can say you're an underwear model or something else. I haven't tried it, but the self amusement will be great haha tounge
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Great write-up, thanks!
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Thats a good TR man, really enjoyed it. Can you post your progress since?
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Glad you liked it. You can find my progress report at the end of my report: Here is the 30 day challenge thread.
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