January 17th, 2019
Wake up call – Take action: length in the game means dogs balls
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Hello. My name is feet. I'm an old to this stuff. I began reading this 'seduction' stuff way back in 2003. At the time I was 18 and a nerdy virgin with low self esteem and had never kissed a girl.

Now, 6 years later, two boot camps, some modest glory, a couple longish LTRs and a few intermittent extended dry periods, I have improved quite a bit and am probably slightly better with chicks than the average guy...

BUT, I STILL HAVE NO WHERE NEAR ABUNDANCE YET. For example, when my ex and I broke up this year, it took me ~14 weeks (3.5 months) to get laid again. I had a few leads but couldn't close the deal. I was having fun for the first 7 or 8 weeks but, frustrated, I began to doubt myself and fell back into the depths of chode hell.

I'm writing this so you young guys out there who are new to this, and maybe some guys out there like me who've been learning this stuff for more than 2+ years but not 'made it' yet.....WAKE THE FUCK UP and realise the amount of time in the game means absolute dog balls :) You can't expect this stuff to fix itself in the future. THE ONLY TIME IS NOW...

Lesson: If you're only going to coast through this shit, not put your heart and soul into it consistently, you're not going to have what you want, regardless of how long you coast through. 'One day i'll be good' = you'll never be good. TIME MEANS NOTHING. Look at alex~, or they went from chode to superstar in a matter of months. This proves it's not time but dedication.

Over the years i've gone through waves of heavy dedication for a few months to near-nothing chodiness for another few months.

ALL, not some, not a few, BUT ALL of my successes occurred when I was pushing myself hardcore (my 3 cardinal rules):
1. Pushing myself to go out AS MUCH AS I COULD, no matter if I had to go out alone or not
2. NOT ONLY going out, but sounds so simple but it really does change the game (this was especially true if I went out with friends and just didnt approach, chode crystal style)
3. Ignoring fear of rejection and escalating, WHENEVER I felt like it: this means kissing, taking her home, sexing, phone calls, organising day 2s, EVERYTHING

Whenever any of the above 3 things fell off, not only did I lose all any leads with girls I'd made, any success, but I also became self-pitying...and the feeling would snowball. Don't you hate that feeling?

So...thinking that time is going to solve your gaming problems is wishful thinking, as it is about everything else in life. It's all about dedication. You may know this logically, but at the back of your head subconsciously you deny it. Join me, and break the fuck out of this.

This lesson goes wider than just pick up. It goes into every area of your life that you want to improve. Often the thing that you least want to do (irrationally fear) is the thing you most need to do.

For example, I love music, and I make beats and shit everyday, but I've neglected writing lyrics and putting vocals over my tracks because im unpractised and shit at it, and subconsciously didn't want to work on it because I was worried it would sound shit. But that's my dream, to be a full blown artist. Subconsciously I had begun to ignore it, procrastinate that part of my work. I'm fixing it now, but looking back, WTF?!?

This is a wake up call. A friendly but hopefully adrenaline provoking one: YOU NEED TO GO OUT TO GET THIS DOWN. All your problems, all your 'battles' and regrets stem from not going out enough and obeying the above 3 rules.

I'm so fucking determined to get this part of my life fixed ...and have fun doing it. I'm going to lay out with you guys what i'm planning, and hopefully if you're in the same boat as me you'll join me:

1. going out AT LEAST 3 x a week, at night, and opening at least 5 sets, following the above 3 cardinal rules

2. listening to tolle in your free time, AND some other type of self help EACH DAY. Be it reading alex~ 28 points, anthony robbins or brian tracey (ANYTHING that'll get you MOVING)

3. planning to a small trip somewhere. I'm going to sydney tomorrow and going to push outside my comfort zone, approach, have fun, follow the above 3 rules

4. doing 1 real daytime approach a day (a real approach, i.e. she knows i've got a dick by going for her # or closing in some other way)

5. doing another bootcamp. re-birth.

6. planning a BIG trip sometime next year, a pu pilgrimage of sorts, to follow in the footsteps of our self-actualization forefathers like tyler and the other instructors who travel the world and learn :)
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 Very fucking true.

If you got out 5 times a week, pushing yourself every single fucking night, it's impossible to not get good.

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as ryan has said "Go BIG or Go HOME" its true

one thing i did to stop myself choding around alot was set a reminder to vibrate on my phone every 15 minutes saying "GO BIG OR GO HOME, NO MORE FAGGITORY"

that was the night i actualy started opening :) think i opened like 20 people, some were just a HEY!!!! but others were a conversation so its all good its getting the ball rolling  :)

inspiring post, ive been in the game for about 1 year and only just started approaching, whilst brad was in it for like 8 months and became an instructor... go figure lol
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1. go out thurs, fri, sat, sun
2. sleep more
3. work harder
4. spend more TIME with work
5. eat more
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but remember: peaks and valleys.
sounds super, and i hope you make it, BUT DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED ON THE LOW POINTS, WHICH WILL ACCURE!
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