January 18th, 2019
Important mindset from the FIELD
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NOTE: You need basic social skills for this. After your surpass that 'beginner stage' this shit will work. Period.

IMPORTANT MINDSET: I only approach girls when i'm in the moment. IN THE MOMENT YOU SAY? What do you mean CALAVERA? Well boys, first things first--i'm there to have fun and socialize with people, FOR ME. NOBODY ELSE! But... the important question is now WHEN DO YOU HAVE FUN? When you are IN THE MOMENT. Tyler says in BP most important thing is to 'HAVE FUN,' this is it gentlemen. That MEANS you don't FORCE approaches--"walking through the world with ease," comes to mind. WHY? BEcause it's not fucking FUN anymore. Let's just say you wait too long (you hesitated,) or you've gotten stuck in your head--WHATEVER. You just say NEXT (ABUNDANCE,) and wait until lets just you sit down and a girl is passing by you randomly and you claw her in--it just hapepns TOTALLY IN THE MOMENT; it all comes THROUGH you. REMEMBER the 3 second rule from back in the day? THAT WAS IT! IT was about being in the moment totally. FOR ME: I find I just have much more consistency--I may approach less girls but man those will go well. MINDYOU, sometimes you can force yourself and words will come out (force your brain to give you the higher imprint,) there are EXCEPTIONS but I find this wil help a lot of intermediate guys. They just ARISE, totally in the moment. THIS IS IDENTITY LEVEL CHANGE GENTLEMEN, you don't think "oh shit I spent too long," you think MEH someone else will pop up soon and I know I can go up and talk to her. The problem is guys try to fucking FORCE it, when they are in their head--nah man. That's not even FUN, having fun is being in the moment.. and if you're forcing it it is purely value taking and EGO just to be a "PUA," you're out to socialize motherfuckers.
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