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Top Threads of RSDN: Goldmine of Glory
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State Projection: the leaf becomes the hurricane. (FoodBuddha~)

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Being REAL... - be real? be real real (Red Leader - Suggested by caveman86)

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Human After All (10Pin)
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faithful? (advice) - 10Pin

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Featured RSD Instructor Articles (Always New)
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Whoaaa sticky this, just rushed through it and its all gold.
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I can't avoid rating a thread that has my name in the title with 5 stars.
Some principles that have been getting me some success: - When I'm out: it's me-time. I focus on expressing myself and doing what's fun for me, I don't care about girls. Self-absorbedness. - 'It's all good, it's going to be fine, I am enough'. No worries or concerns. Let the dynamics work for me. - Nobody is going to pull girls home for me. Self-image will stop you, take action regardless. - Focus on finding a girl DTF vs. trying to game/arouse/whatever girl after girl.
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Just realized one of mine is in there as well, very cool heheh.

Some more:
The descent into madness -- is it worth it?  - Tyler

SSP: Sexual State Projection - Foodbuddha~

Also there was one a long time ago, something about a leaf and a hurricane. Been trying to find it, if anybody has a clue, feel free to enlighten me.
To everyone:
I bet Dug and Ivan don't mind if you contribute a few more cool topics. Lets make this topic the king off money posts, especially the oldies.
This is a great place to refer newbies too, its one way to solve the excessive newbie questions...
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bump bump great list in a greater format
Explore human potential:
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Remco~ wrote:
Just realized one of mine is in there as well, very cool heheh.

Some more:
The descent into madness -- is it worth it?  - Tyler

SSP: Sexual State Projection - Foodbuddha~


Cheers fellas shades
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Great job ! 
Rent this space

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 good shit, man
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Cool stuff. Let's keep da shit going on.

Someone STICKY this !
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Thanks dude,

STICKY IT, less chode questions if they've red this stuff.
You only live once, so make it ||FUCKING:AWSOME|| !
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Finally, an equivalent to "Mastermind" (mASF) here at RSD... it's hard to sift through just one "GENERAL" forum. There really should be a forum that is read-only for only "advanced" users (those with __ + posts and account ____ months old)
Good info, i've read all of manwhore's and some of the above so far
I'm horny for life. And woman.
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