April 23rd, 2018
Sticking point:Mid-Game
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I hit the same wall every set. At first I was ecstatic that I could make out with a girl I just met, now I'm busting my ass trying to move past it

I approach the set
I've said that I think they're cute so they know what's going on
We all fluff tlk about where we're from, school, basic info exchanging
I'm clawing the girl I'm into, heavily flirting
I isolate
We makeout

I've been at this point for 2 or 3 weeks and things always fall flat at this point. We're dancing and making out, the vibe is great. Then the girl's state starts to drop. Reality sets in and it dawns on her that she ditched her friends to get with a guy she just met. Things don't go sour, but they kind of stale out. We go out seperate ways.

The way I see it, I'm having a tough time mixing rapport, escalation, attraction. It feel like I'm learning to juggle or something. If I escalate too hard the girl loses trust and feels slutty. If I go too much into rapport her state drops. If I pump her state too hard I come off as reactive.

I've never seen a guy with great game in real life ever (I'm a broke college student, can't afford a bc), so I'm
wondering how you guys go about this mid-game section. The point right
after you've solidified the vibe and hooked up a bit. How do you go
about building that connection so the girl feels like she knows you while still escalating things?
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This was a sticking point for me as well. What it came down to was my 'rhythm', and how that played into logistics .. Tim's 'rhythm 10 until 2' section in the Flawless Natural really cleared this up for me.

Basically I was looking at the pick up as a very linear process. I thought I would have to go from approach to pull all in a row, without leaving the girl's side.... Obviously this was a problem when I approached and hooked a girl I liked, only to realize it was 11 o clock and we had another 2 or 3 hours to go before she would be cool with leaving the club and her friends... girls get all dressed up and want to dance/enjoy the energy of the venue, beyond just getting quality dick that night...

The nights that I had my successes were usually ones that I coincidentally approached girls at around 1 or 2, and the 1 hour of time was condusive to my linear process... But obviously this limited my ability to act on my intentions and talk to girls as soon as I got into the venue... it didn't click until later that I was letting things die out by assuming I had to stick with the girl (some part of me assumed I would lose her if I didn't, but that's not how it works at all)..

So, the solution............. it'll start to self correct as you see what works and what doesn't.. but here are some very disorganized tips (aside from my advicve to watch the flawless natural)..

- after the hook, you don't have to stay with the girl... she won't lose interest just because you're off somewhere else having fun... she'll still be into you... don't worry about 'losing' her..
- go and check up on her every now and then... go talk to your friends, do your thing, etc for 10 minutes, and then go have fun with her for 2 minutes.. or hang out with her for 10 minutes, go see your friends for 2 minutes.. mix it up.. every time you see her should be an adventure..
- create the bubble of love. make sure you two 'know it's on' with one another.. once that point is reached, you're free! It gets easier and easier to reach that hook (the IT'S ON hook, aka sex is on the menu hook) over time...

You want to get to the point where you could disappear for 3 hours, come back, and still go home together... that's the power of the true 'bubble of love'.. like there is no doubt in your mind that if you ignored her the whole night, left venues, and came back at closing.. you two would still be fucking...

I see the girl I spoke to for 10 minutes getting hit on, gamed, and approached by 426924692496 guys.... I don't worry because I just KNOW that we're going home together. She knows it too. It's a very interesting feeling... it's not a hope, it's as true as 2 + 2 = 4... logically, there are other cool guys offering value, keeping her attention, even kinoing and all that junk... but fuck, we are going home together... somehow... maybe an hour later I'll speak to her for 30 seconds.. it's just the way we look at each other, we don't concern ourselves with the guys she's talking to or the girls I'm talking to... lol, I can't put it into words...

It's hard to describe, Tim does a good job lol. That and I'm tired as fuck....... I'll potentially re-reply in a more orderly fashion tomorrow.

Good luck!
"How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'."

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What's up man! 

Great question, I remember quite well being at that same stage (and some nights, I still am)... and, from experience. Alot of what Souteneur is saying is spot on.

1) The "rhythm" is a big thing I agree with my man Souteneur about. You do NOT have to run the pickup in one sitting, and then pull her out... at least not this far in your game. Even IF you promote enough value/vibe... I would definitely even SUGGEST leaving, and he said, "Having a good time with your friends". Or just flat out OPEN OTHER SETS IN FRONT OF HER.

2) That's the 2nd thing... CONCENTRATE ON BUILDING A DIVERSE ARRAY OF WAYS TO DEMONSTRATE HIGHER VALUE. And understand how far you are along the value spectrum as you are gaming. Now, it is true that things like tonality, eye contact, "heavy flirting", and what not build value... but don't forget the ALMIGHTY jealousy plotline (probably all in all the most potent weapon to attract a woman/build value),.. so I would suggest in addition to everything else, after getting a make-out or some good attraction out of a set... number-close her, go open another set next her, and then come back around... or just forget about her all together. It's really whatever.

3) I would also suggest: Stop trying to game from a position of the goal of k-closing... but rather from the game of F-closing, if that makes sense. It sounds like you are gaming her in one sitting with the intention of either 1) Laying her that night or 2) Nothing at all... I would suggest getting to a high level of attraction... NUMBER closing her, then attempting AFTER that for maybe a kiss or pulling off a jealousy plotline. SNL-game is an impressive feat and something worth striving for... but so is scoring 3 goals every time you step on the soccer field. Somedays it will happen... but it's much better/smarter to play the game to WIN for the team... i.e. JUST GET THEIR NUMBER, ROLL OFF and THEN come back around and make out... Promote even MORE value so she's really genuinely curious about "WHO IS THIS GUY?!" Not something dumb/emotional like, "He was a pretty good kisser"

Hope this helps and good luck with your gaming!!!

Keep us informed... PEACE AND LOVE!
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pulling, your next level, is all about persistence and running longer sets. i strongly suggest stop making out and start having fun with her to bridge these long gaps.
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