November 19th, 2018
Alex Bootcamp in Tokyo
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This is my bootcamp FR from the Real Social Dynamics bootcamp in June in Tokyo. First and foremost I want to note that I DO NOT have ANY professional association with RSD. None. Zero. I don’t even have Alex’s email.


Saying that Alex is a pickup coach is like saying that Muhammed Ali was a tough guy. No doubt the statement is true, but it cannot scratch the surface of the content.

Here are some better descriptions. Alex is a visionary. He can perceive the inner workings of humans beyond anything that is written or taught anywhere else. Alex is a scholar. He has digested and organized a generation’s worth of information in only a matter of years. Alex is a life coach who will force you to confront and your demons. Alex is an outstanding person. He is an inspiration.

You cannot understand until you do a BC with him. Alex represents a new generation of RSD… truly above and beyond anything else. Alex is going to redefine (or dismantled) the world of pickup.

This is my report of a weekend 1 on 1 with Alex in Tokyo. Not all of this will be accurate—I’m piecing together what I can remember.

Alex teaches his ideology through the RSD framework, complete with terminology such as chode, chodey-chode, super chode, chode lair, and chode crystal.


“People are generally fucking annoying,” Alex says gazing out the window into the Shibuya. This, he explains, is on account of their weak or externally defined reality.

It was from Alex that I first understood attraction in a way that satisfies my questions.

His work in Bootcamp was grounded in his explanation of female attraction. “You’re enough,” he explains with a smile. “Women are attracted to your because you’re a man.” Essentially, alpha males offer females something they do not have on their own—that is a strong reality.

An Alpha Male’s reality is strong because it is internally validated. He decides his reality only by his own limits. His world reacts to him. He is impulsive, he takes initiative, and he is resourceful. He does not react, rather, when opportunities or problems present themselves, he is ever responding.

To say it another way, non-reactiveness is a key element of a strong reality. By acting rather than reacting, the world comes to be influenced by him. Thus by action, the world is forced to react to him, and since reactions are based on his actions, he gains responsibility. With responsibility, he gets power.

This clarified a lot for me that I could not understand. When I had previously been working within the Mystery Method framework, I never understood how men with low societal value and clearly no social proof (parties boys of my college for example) could get laid so frequently. It’s not about social proof. It’s the Alpha Males reality (every connected to a theoretical social proof) that matters. By the same token, a man in a real social proofed position but with a weak and shifting reality remains unattractive to women.

A woman’s reality, Alex explains, has an externally validated reality. A man tells her she’s hot. Her reality border is expanded. People give her social proof at club. Her reality is expanded. Negative feedback affects her too which sets limits on her reality. Her reality is thus malleable, and vulnerable.

She seeks a man to provide her a stronger reality. A man, in return, seeks a woman to make his kingdom. He is internally validated otherwise.

Reality is measured by four things;
1. Core Confidents (vs no confidence vs contextual confidence—the difference is in creativity and alpha mindset for ANY situation)
2. Unreactiveness. Self trust = I decide reality.
3. Offering value. As opposed to being the victim, and letting the world decide your reality. (Alex notes that it is addictive to be the victim because it allows for constant external validation.)
4. Being assertive. Taking responsibility—not being a lazy fuck, manning the fuck up. Thinking for oneself. Not being a sheep.

Alex’s theory on tests is hours long and far more complex than I can recall. Dumbed down, beating congruence tests is THE true DHV. You approach a woman alpha. Now she will test you do see if you’re alpha. She’s looking for chinks so that she can put you in a Beta category.

Alex says, “a girl is down to fuck until she finds out you’re beta. Most guys prove her innocent.” To beat a test, be non-reactive Always assume value and act accordingly.

Since beating a test the BEST DHV, you need to get tested. Step on people’s toes to do so.


I’ve essentially spent my whole life watching the “Alpha Males” and trying understand the difference between us. Alex distilled the disctinction for me.

In essence, I’ve been trying my entire life, and in trying, I have prevented myself from ever just… being. I am alpha. I am everything I need. Alex showed me that very clearly.

Before really covering the nuances, Alex built a framework for understanding alphaness by discussing some traits. An alpha must be expressive in order to establish his reality. This means being impulsive as noted above, but also means embodiment of the following traits;

1. PRESENCE means being IN THE MOMENT. Being STRONG in the present brings her into YOUR moment and into your reality. Planning in the moment.
2. POSITIVE DOMINANCE is most PU guys. Neg dom is most assholes, and it gets them laid largely by girls who had fathers in the same vein. Neg pass = super chode.

3. PRO-ACTIVE. Man of action vs reaction. Lead don’t chase.

“With these tree down,” Alex notes “you cannot go wrong. Say it back to me, ‘I cannot go wrong with these traits. My game is a 10. I can’t help it.’” It feels silly repeating these sorts of phrases back to Alex. I stopped feeling silly when I saw Alex in-field. I started feeling awestruck.


Before heading out the first night, Alex gave me three commands / focus points:

Draw State from Within.
This is an important part of having an internally validated reality. A woman’s reality goes up and down with stimulus. An alpha male’s is generated from within. This made by acting impulsively and non-manipulatively, taking risks, and taking action. As Alex says so gleefully, “It’s time to start prodding the cobra!”

The opposite side of this is wondering if the cobra is going to bite. That is, being in your head, second guessing, and generally calculating. “No samurai swords are getting pulled on you tonight mate. Express yourself.” Being in-state is thus the default of an alpha.

Be Unapologetic.
This ended up being a big theme for the weekend. I have been socially conditioned particularly hard against the idea that I am entitled to unapologeticness. Any apologeticness stifles your ability to come from the core and be true to yourself. If you’re thinking about her reaction, then you’re being apologetic—that is potentially sorry for acting in a certain way. This is stifling who you are.

Everyone loves me. Everyone is my friend.
Alex presents this to me as both a mind set at a practicality. As a friend then, you see, I must promise myself; the only time I’m getting laid is when she games me. “This is the best way to have sex with a girl,” Alex implores me to believe, “Let her game you! She wants a Return on Investment. This is why we frame-reverse.”

It was hard for me to accept that a girl would game me. It just doesn’t happen to me. Or it HADN’T happened to me, largely because I was stuck in some really backwards ideas from other methods. By the second night out, I was already getting test messages from hot girls I had gamed on the first night out. Not responses—straight up, unsolicited messages. I was shocked, and I showed Alex. Alex just said, “of course.”

I had not been giving women room to game me. I was constantly chasing them, never giving them a chance to chase. I can still remember walking up to a Slovakian model on staturday night and getting what Mystery calls “IOIs” within 2 or 3 lines of talking, just because I was giving her space to do the work.

I won’t recount every set. There were 22 that I wrote about for my personal notes. We went from 10:30 to 5:30, so roughly 7 hours in-field. I’ll write here about the most memorable and the most educational.

Alex sent me into a seated two set. No instructions. He was just watching me. I loudly introduced myself as I had before when gaming. “What’s up, I’m Crush.” Big handshake. Alex sits next to the obstacle and barely says a word. That concerned me deeply—how could he wing/distract if he wasn’t going to say anything? And how could I learn from him? Her friend showed up in a bit and Alex pulled me out to talk to me.

“You’re trying to hard.” Wait. What? I was being natural—wasn’t I? Alex just looked at my like I was slightly bonkers. “THAT loud introduction was natural? That’s how you talk to people when you’re relaxed?” Well no, I said.

But I thought, how else can I make myself attractive? This is where I didn’t get things yet. I don’t need to make myself attractive. I AM attractive.

I couldn’t understand that yet though. I was considering asking Alex wtf he was doing in the set with his silence mode, when suddenly, his girl appears. She’s standing next to us, looking at Alex. “Hello” Alex says. Suddenly, she’s nervous and trying to speak English to him. He turns back to talking to me. She tries to get his attention but he’s busy teaching. I couldn’t believe it. After 10 minutes, she ditched her friend and FOLLOWED HIM? “Of course,” Alex says.

I was starting to believe.

The next few sets were funny. I would open and Alex would literally stop me coach me immediately about my opener, and then say “try again,” with the AIM of being natural and relaxed. The girl would kinda blind in confusion, look at Alex, and then look back to me. I would literally then say “what’s up, I’m Crush” again and again until Alex was satisfied. Not once did it result in blowout.

In one set with an American girl, after a min or so, Alex walked up and said kiss her. I tried to kiss her, and she resisted I went to the neck instead (as Alex instructed—it’s actually more sensual and progresses better). When I finished, she looked up at Alex confusedly. Alex goes, “do you have any drugs?” Pauses. And then walks away. “Oh wow… is he high?” she said. I laughed about it all night.

After we got my “natural” introduction to be actually somewhat natural, Alex asked me to start isolating. This was no big deal for me, but once isolated, Alex began to show me how unnatural my game was. I started to run a palm reading thing and Alex busts into my set with “WHAT is that?!” I laughed. He was right. What was I trying to manipulate? Just be myself. I finally relaxed.

But even relaxed, Alex showed me I was being STILL manipulative. That is, I often wanted to kiss / touch / hold the girl, but I wasn’t doing it in order to make them think I was a nice guy. That is, hiding myself. At one point, Alex instructed me “try to take this girl home.” I did, she went with me to the door but wouldn’t go. Alex asked why I wasn’t escalating, and I told him it was because I didn’t wanna get blown out. Watch me, he says.

He grabs the girl (who has not exchanged one word with him) by the waist and says “do you wanna make out?” Then proceeds to attempt to kiss her, and then kiss her neck. She is slightly shocked—Hell, I’M shocked. Alex then releases her and begins talking to me. “She won’t go away now,” he says. I try to resume gaming her, but she can’t stop talking to Alex. Every question is directed to him. Even when he tries to kiss her some more, she stands by his side gaming him. I eventually give up.

“You see,” he says, “now you know nothing you do matters. It’s about what’s inside.” I thought that offer. Nothing matters… liberating! I started to feel it for the first time.

The rest of the night was a lot of fun. Alex talked to an HB9 for a couple minutes, made out with her, and took her flashy looking necklace. He was wearing the rest of the night. He told me to open her, and noted that nothing matters—as such, the fact that he made out with her is irrelevant.

At this point she was sitting at a table between two tough looking J-dudes. Alex sends me in and I blow myself out. Alex tells me I’m not being natural. I have to KNOW that she will be attracted to me. He makes me squirt lemon in my eyeball for being a chode (he does it with me). When my brain recovers from the pain, he sends me back in.

“Hey, I need to talk to you—serious question!” I grab her hand and pull her out from the table. She literally steps over the J-dude to do it. Holy crap! She’s just staring at me sweetly and I’m scared as shit. Not because I think she’ll leave, but I can’t understand why the fuck she’s talking to me. I’m not telling stories. I’m not qualifying. I’m not making jokes. I’m just … having a conversation with her.

Finally one of the guys at the table grabs her hand and begins to pull her back in. Just then, Alex grabs my hand in puts something in it. It’s her necklace! I dangle it and she comes lounging. I put it on and run to the dance floor. She comes laughing. Makeout galore and whatever else…

At this point Alex disappears with some girl who has been following him all night…. I was kinda pissed at the time. But here’s the thing… I had to see it to believe it. I believe now.

The rest of the sets were fine. When Alex returned I had many more #s and a some k-closes. My energy peeled off around 4:30 and Alex kept pushing me into set till 5:30.

We debriefed outside the club and there was STILL A GIRL FOLLOWING US. We sat and talked for 30min. She literally stood there silently for about 10 and then walked off.

“Of course,” Alex said. I told him I was trying to be alpha but I couldn’t do it yet.
“You’re trying. Your whole life you’ve tried hard and you got results. This area—you cannot try. If you try, you cannot get it.” That was too much to understand. My mind was just spinning. I went home and passed out.


Alex didn’t daygame demo any sets for me, but I know he would have had I asked him. It was more that—I wanted more coaching. I wanted him watching my every move, checking for hints of not being natural.

“But Alex, I don’t know what to say in daygame. I can’t just walk up and say ‘Hi my name is Crush.’” He nods knowingly. He explains I have to say something from my true self—that is, something from my core. Unstifled. “Say something that amuses you.” I’m being chode and I can’t think of anything, so we basically play this game where he makes up a ridiculous line and feeds it to me, and then I say it.

First set. “Do you like books?” Un, she says timidly. “I hate books! But my friends say I’m stupid.” She giggles. I get blown out shortly thereafter. Alex notes that I immediately tried to take value from her with my question. My questions were kinda personal and obviously I had no real interest in them.

Next set, same opener. This time I just start talking about books. No idea what I said but we ended up talking about family and such. She was really shy but gladly gave her # before we left.

I was afraid of getting on the train with Alex. Even while buying tickets, he was watching me. He figured out my type pretty quickly, and basically pushed me into every one he could identify. The first was a hot girl wearing pearls texting on her cellphone. Alex makes me say “hey, your clothes are nice, let’s be friends” or something to that effect.

She’s obviously waiting for her friends and texting to waste time, so how could this work? Boom, it opened. She smiled and looked up and we started talking. Her friends came but they did not blow me out! I was waiting for them to take her away, but instead they gave her space! They stood behind her while the set played out. “Of course,” Alex later said.

Train set, hottie looking at a Terminator sign. Opener was (in Japanese), "have you seen Terminator?" No, she says, as the train doors open. "Well, they wanted me more than Christian Bale but I was too busy." She pauses for a second and then bursts out laughing. She gave me her card soon thereafter.

We hit the bookstore, and I opened a couple situational sets. Alex terminated them early and gave me feedback on them. We got coffee and he laid out daygame for me.

He laid out a basic daygame checklist. “Daygame is far more consistent. Night game is full of variables. Night game is great for same night lays, daygame is for getting a girlfriend.” I told him about my Same DAY law and he raised his eyebrows. Haha.

-Open Direct, Eye Contact, smile
-Chat, then misinterp / change topics, go illogical!
*Here You WILL BE TESTED – this is an IOI and you will beat the test and DHV
-There is inevitable be a lull, this is handshake time
-Chat + emotion exchange—don’t be afraid to call her out!
-Qualify -- Why is this giirl different?
*His concept here is that girls want to fuck but NOT because YOU want to fuck
*Communicate that you know her. Character trait + comparison to other girls. Alex suggests ask “why are you like that?” Learn more.

“Don’t forget you’re a big guy. Keep a good space. Let her come to you to game you,” he noted and then send me back into field.

We went back into field and I saw two HOT girls looking at books. “What do I say?” I ask Alex, and then immediately regret it. He smiles. “Go stand directly between then and the books and go ‘oh, I’m sorry, were you looking at these? Well, never fear, I’m more interesting.” Are you kidding? No.

So I do it. And like every other set basically, it sounds ridiculous, but it opens just fine, and as soon as I relax they relax and we hang out and exchange numbers. I’m just lost in my own abilities. “Of course,” Alex says.

I’m kinda terrified at this point. Alex had told me I would be terrified of my own potential. I did not understand it until right then.

After some more time in field, Alex gives me what ends up being a philosophy lecture over lunch. The basic premise is this… the world is chode. It’s hilarious and true. People are generally like sheep. I’ve often thought this myself, but I reached the conclusion that the world is FUBAR and I should make some feeble attempt to save it.

“The other view, and the one you will take now,” explains Alex, “is that this is empowering. You can get away with anything. You’re free to do anything you want. Be yourself completely.” I felt internally empowered for the first time in years…


Before night game begins that night, Alex shows me some immensely powerful RSD staples. The basics from framing, the claw… etc. These are routines but rather a way of thinking about yourself that has very practical application to the field.

(Alex shows up in a t-shirt.)

I run a warm up set which opens fine, but Alex pulls me out. “You’re not having fun. Let’s do something fun.” Oh dear. “Put your hand down your pants and open that girl sitting there.” Uhhhh. Ok. I do it. Opens fine. We start talking and pull her and her friends into a little room. Eventually n-close and leave.

I tell Alex I don’t know what to say sometimes in set. His response is kinda like “duh.” He explains, “you’re stifling yourself. An alpha is impulsive. He does whatever he wants. Entertain yourself. Watch.” Alex proceeds to put his beer bottle into his pants so the head is sticking out like a cock. He walks up to a French girl and opens, just like that, sticking his hips out.

She’s pretending not to speak English (I wonder why), so I’m translating back and forth...
Alex: “Ask her if she speaks German.”
HBFrance: “What…? No…”
Alex: “Ok, ask her why she’s not thanking us.”
HBFrance: “Why would I be thanking you?”
Alex: “World War II baby! Tell her!”

French girl looks pissed off for a minute. She follows Alex all night.

You know, I could write about the rest of my sets. I’m at about 7 pages on this FR. Basically, the game for me was clear at this point. I knew what I had to do. Be myself. Relax. Stop trying to manipulate. And learn to enjoy it all.


We walked together and recounted the weekend. Alex gave me some more daygame lecture and then a talk about accomplishment. I got my law school grades on Sunday morning and they were nearly perfect. I cried when I read them, because I spent so many hours killing myself in the library for those.

When I told Alex he left me with perhaps the most profound words of the weekend…
“Accomplishments,” he said. “Acknowledge them, but do not identify with them. Stuff cannot make you great. You want to be great? Be great. Be a man of action. Do not let the world define your reality. If you define your reality, you could be… well, president.” Alex, do you know where Obama went to law school? Heh.

But Alex what do I say, when people tell me “you’re the next Obama.”? You say, “nah, I’m just a man.” And what do I say if they tell me I’m a piece of shit. “Nah, I’m just a man.”

I AM just a man. And what I learned this weekend is that I never need to be anything more.

Finally, Alex left me with advice. A roadmap to releasing my power as a man. A roadmap to releasing all my self hating bullshit. A roadmap to my greatness.

In case you couldn’t tell from this FR, I recommend an Alex BC to everyone.

I will hold off on being too extreme here, but I believe that this weekend will change my life. I will be taking every opportunity to learn from and with Alex that I can in the future.

Thanks Alex. You helped me do this.
Alex Alumn, Tokyo 09
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English Boy

English Boy

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this is money MONEY!!!
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Of course!

Amazing report, Alex sounds like a really fucking cool guy
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Sweet as. I'm feeling this part, really looking forward to hearing more on this from Alex:
Crush wrote:

Alex’s theory on tests is hours long and far more complex than I can recall. Dumbed down, beating congruence tests is THE true DHV. You approach a woman alpha. Now she will test you do see if you’re alpha. She’s looking for chinks so that she can put you in a Beta category.

Alex says, “a girl is down to fuck until she finds out you’re beta. Most guys prove her innocent.” To beat a test, be non-reactive Always assume value and act accordingly.

Since beating a test the BEST DHV, you need to get tested. Step on people’s toes to do so.

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one of the best write ups ive read!
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i love this report!
Europe !!! GO GO
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awesome success story!

you really put the focus on what it's about.....
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 Inspire me ~

Motivational Images
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Great writeup and I know you have taken a ton out of the bc.

Welcome to the neighborhood :)
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this stuff stresses me out. jeez
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that write up made me feel like I was there on that Tokyo BC with you very cool
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