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Stockholm 30 Day Celebration: Enter into the Pentagon
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I remember as a kid I used to think June July and August were magical months of summer, full of freedom and adventures. Well its time to bring back the magic in a 30 day celebration sort of style!

Two boys enter the pentagon………two warriors exit……each pulling a super hotty under his left arm, and a giant serpent head from Valhalla under his right!


Its time to step it up to the next level, for all of June we are going to hit up some sort of interaction with women, pushing it to a close. Since we both have work and have school going on it, might be hard to be out every night, but we sure as hell are going to try! Without further introduction here is the great passage of manhood that is a 30 day strait challenge.
Pick up is like a hammer.    Tips for Life and fucking Chicks (poorly written) -Zebra
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June 1, 2008, The armies gather

I have to run, I’m late as always.
Kilo already called me asking where I was. As I look around my vision is saturated with green and blue from the trees swaying in the summer sky. Not a cloud in site. Generally feeling good, keep smiling and try to move my body a bit to get my physiology going.

We get to TGI Fridays, and I order us two beers. Kilo tries to decline saying we shouldn’t drink tonight. I ignore him and call the waitress over by her name. She’s a bit surprise someone actually called her Sara! Flashing a smile she takes our orders.

“its opening night for the season dude, we have to commemorate it with a beer!”

We chat and I tell him what I been up to, he does the same. Two girls walk out looking for a place to sit. I wave and try to get their attention, but get totally ignored as the walk by us. I check my inner space to see how it affects me. Im a bit uncomfortable but can manage to keep my focus predominantly on the goodness of this day.

We bounce to another place called Berns. Get our Sprites and go sit down with the only two people at the place. One of them is pretty fine, the other one is a hot girl wanabe sort of thing. We chat and it turns out the hotty girl is some sort of Absolute Vodka promoter, and she tells us about all her cool stories out drinking. Then she looks at us and sais:

“You guys don’t go out much do you….?”

Me and Kilo give each other the look. We tell her a bit about our 30 day challenge, but all in all I don’t feel like trying to get into a pissing contest knowing it will lead nowhere. Spot two of my classmates. 2 pretty girls, and I leave the table to go give them a hug and a quick chat. I return to our “set” and soon those two girls leave. I make sure to get their names before they go because they work at a pretty hot nightclub across the street and it might be good to know them.


We move ourselves to sit with my classmates. We talk about everything. All of a sudden I see THE girl, the one that’s for me.

Tall brunet, sophisticated look on her face.

MmmmHmmm yess!

She is at the bar and I hesitate. She walks by and I ask my friends what they think. I proceed to tell them about how that’s the girl for me, and how she is the kind of girl that really gets me going. They make some jokes about me going over to try to talk to her.

Hahah silly mortals.

She is sitting with a group of people. Mixed set, hard mixed, 4 guys and 5 girls. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. While there I figure I have nothing to lose by going there and telling her how I feel, and chatting for a few seconds, then leaving. Better to work the proactive muscle then to let it wither. I get back up and its only the guys left. My girl is no where in site. I walk over to the bar and order a drink, still cant see her. Look across the room and she is at the other bar.

I walk over water in hand.

“Hey there, I had to come over and tell you; you look dangerously cute tonight. I wanted to meet you.”

I can tell shes a bit nervous, so am I. Her friends start screaming
“OMG Katherin you should totally meet this guy, you guys should go over to that table and get to know each other!”
Katherin doesn’t say anything, so I figure its lead or die on my feet.

“Im goanna borrow Katherin for like 2 minutes, is that cool?” and I start leading her away.

The conversation that follows is a bit strained in that I’m feeling a bit unease. I figure the only thing I can do is plow, so I keep talking, make sure to talk slow and firm pausing every now and then. Again her nervousness shines through. No kino, table separates us.

Eventually her friends come over. My friends tell me they have to leave, so we sitt down where my old group was sitting. She sits to far away for me to have a natural conversation, so I start talking to some of her friends. This stereotypical Italian guy rolls up and starts to spit Italiano game on her friends, buying them drinks, telling them how awesome he is in Italy etc. They talk shit about him in Swedish, but this guy is mad persistent. Hats off to that.

We all get enough, and me and Kilo bounce them to another club. We get in, get separated. I eventually find them sitting somewhere, and I get my girls number, knowing how easy people get lost and leave.

I walk out to find Kilo. Guy looks like hes never been in a club before in his life. Walking around like a zomby, dull look on his face. If anything the guys really centered and self aware. He knows he needs a bit of time to relax into the scene. No resistance.

I see my girl standing at the edge of the dance floor watching her friends dance. I walk over, grab her by the hand and lead her out.

She grabs my hand but then loosens her grip. Back in the day I would have let go of her hand, but now I just keep holding it. Lead or die on your feet.

I walk her outside, and I’m a bit more pumped now, so I start qualifying her, telling her how meeting her was cool, and she really turned out to be a nice person. I ask her if she was nervous when I first approached and she sais yes. I hit up the kino, trying to make up for lost times, tell her I want to kiss her but im not the club make out guy. Her friends come over and I hug her goodbye telling her we might talk later.

They leave.

BTW her friends were really friendly. They kept pushing us togther, saying I should cook for her and that we should meet up. I was a bit taken aback, but rather that then the cock block act.

Thanks friends.

We leave ourselves a few minutes later.

The night was a social start to the 30 day challenge, but not so much pushing and being out of comfort zone.

Hopefully that will change as the days progress. There is a raging inferno inside me and it needs to get out!
Pick up is like a hammer.    Tips for Life and fucking Chicks (poorly written) -Zebra
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All posts regarding the celebration will be posted here, the journal is on hold for now.

Before we start, I’ve been taking things slow regarding pickup lately. It was a good little time out. I’m going to focus on enjoying the process as much as I can, not struggle so much, no faking it but still push my limits and comfort zone.

The goals for this month are not clear yet, I don’t want to rush it, they must be simple but good and not too many.

Monday 1 June
First day of the 30day celebration.

Social times, winging times. Didn’t push any limits and focused on relaxing. Always good to see Zebra in action.

- It’s begun!
- Being two guys will be so much easier.
- I was relaxed.

- Spent to much money.
- Didn’t get lovestruck = didn’t approach.

I will do my best to get as much infield footage as possibale.
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The summer of love!
Just be yourself guys, whatever you do just be normal and polite!
Wait - forget that, have fun!
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June 2, 2009

God dam!

If you want to fuck, go out on a Tuesday. Dont have time to hit u the super detailed report but il breif it.

Kilo and me walk around town looking for a place to chill before we hit our designated club. Meet two chicks on the street. My chick is down to fuck. I out and insted of bringing them home i bring them to a bar close to home where i can easly pull after some more chatting.

Some guys call our girls and they decide to take their dicks instead of ours. I understand completely, but am still a bit pissed about it. We leave them. Gotto love watching a girls face when you leave. I think my willingness to walk away is never fully convayed cause each chick i get enough of and drop gets this super suprised look on her face. Like she cant belive what just happened.

Hit up Berns again. Meet 36 year old chick. She wants to get boned and then get cherished in the night. Make out comes, but I just don’t feel down with hitting this girl. Shes been trying to persuade me not to fuck her with telling me she has a 17 year old daughter. I tell her 3 times im 22. On the 4th time I just lie and tell her im 27 cause she just wants to feel better about wanting to screw some young guy.

We leave and I go home.

Realize I don’t feel comfortable pulling with my sister being my roommate right now. Re-arranged my apartment so that I have a room all to myself when I do get the girls back.

Looked like everyone was looking for a fuck last night!
Pick up is like a hammer.    Tips for Life and fucking Chicks (poorly written) -Zebra
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Whooohoooo, there is LOVE in the stands on this one !!! haha, go go go !!
I am the truth, my true essence, my true masculine self ; I am the love, the happiness, the warm hunger and lustful passion of a rich and giving life ; I am the liberator of will, the light bringer, the adventurer and fulfiller of dreams ; I am the brave challenger who faces fear to stand and fight, to reap the glory of victory and the heroism and growth of valiant defeat, never at a loss ; I celebrate in the joy, the sweetness and the divine presence of every living moment in my life. - The Champion That I Am *** 
Get in the FIELD guys

Nathan BC Alum
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Tuesday 2 June

Meet up with Zebra down south. Update him on the latest events in my life.
On the way to the first place zebra stops two girls and asks for a good place to party. We all go to a bar close by, it’s completely empty, we get a table and start chatting.
First it’s a four way conversation, very light, joking around, getting to know each other, first minute chat. Then we turn our focus on each girl making it two conversations. [Here we should have physically moved more to each side also.]
I’m keeping it fun and light with my girl, talking about random stuff in my life, she tells me a lot about herself too. I’m enjoying myself. Not trying to “game” at all, or very little at least. [There is no touching. This is the most important thing, without it no close].
In my periphery sight I see how zebra is upping the sexual vibe with his girl. After a couple more minutes she’s ready to fuck.
The girls don’t know each other that well and it’s a very clear difference. My interaction is just silly banter, zebra’s sexual. My girl will block this, this must be handled some how. [Instead of being proactive, I play the defensive role, trying to navigate this instead of thinking about my own close. Attack is best defense. If she’s into me, she won’t bother with her friend.]
We bounce with the girls to a new bar close to zebras place. On the way there my girl talks on the phone and tells her friend they will meet some other guys = not go with us. It’s a massive state drop and when we get to the new bar, we say our goodbyes to them.

Second place. No girls apart from two really hot blonds talking to a guy. I’ve left my balls at home tonight and don’t approach.

Third place. More people here, go up to the bar. Two girls next to me, hesitate, hesitate… argh DIWA
Kilo: “Hi guys, what’s up?”
Tell them we’re celebrating the start of June with a 30day have an awesome time thing. Quick name exchange, handshakes. They go to the toilets, for real.
We’ve moved to a standaround table when they come back. A glimpse of Kilo comes out and I grab one girl (the cute one) but she get dragged away.
Find two other girls, not so hot . Zebra opens I join. Banter away. Two conversations right away. Same thing here, no touching at all. Has a real fun conversation with her though. She tells me she’ll move to south Africa and study eh wine knowledge. You can compete in it as a sport, I tell her she’s one of the biggest nerds I’ve met. Laughs away. Interaction lasts like 30 minutes, then we say our goodbyes.

Head on home, zebra tells me to approach a lonely blond in the street.
Go up indirect, asking something about the busses. What she’s been p to tonight etc. Her friends come and we all take the same bus.

- Good to be out and building a little consistency again.
- Relaxed and kept the interactions real.

- Approached too little.
- Zebra told me, Kilo isn’t out tonight. That is a very good statement. Kilo, my pu-persona was not out, it was my old self. I’ve not read as much about this and haven’t spent time on the forum lately that makes me loose a little edge but it’s a slowly steady process upwards. Keeping it natural.  
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June 4, 2009

 I have decide that its not longer a matter of the chicks not being down with me thast the issue, its that I chose not to close. I feel like in the past few days I every chick I been talking to has been like a open goal. All I have to do is take the shot, and its score times all around. For some reason, I decide that another night out without hitting the lay is better, and I don’t go for it.

Jokes aside, it has to be some sort of unconscious glitch. Girl is practically in bed with me before we even get to my place, but I blow it at the finish line.

Me:We should go inside, maybe its not as loud in there”
Her: I need to finish my cigaret, come back in a lil bit and we’ll go.
Me(In my head): Man I thought this was going well to, ah well, maybe shel come find me later and decied to agrre to go home with me and let me take her.

The rest of the night I just sorta hang around.

As im leaving I walk back up to her to say bye. I always belive if you have some sort of a connection with a person you should let them know.

Her: ummm you left me her pretty long.
Me: blah blah blah irrelevant
Her: um ok bye

Chick was in the same exact spot as when I left her. She hadn’t moved an inch.

One of the reasons I decided that it was over was because we got into some really heavy shit about love and feelings etc. I been putting myself out there pretty hard core when I chat with girls and I found that its fucking awesome. But if you let that shit drift into topics that are not relevant it can fuck you like it did me here. We went from talking about angry sex, to how I have absolutely no emotional soul. This brain fucked me. Funny thing was I think she was attracted to the thought of being screwed by a guy that would never love her the way she wanted to be loved.
Anyway I decided now that we talked about this she’s probably not down.

All I can say is I cant wait until I decide that its time to screw chicks every night.
Pick up is like a hammer.    Tips for Life and fucking Chicks (poorly written) -Zebra
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Wednesday 3 June

Get to first place before Zebra, it’s packed and the music is booming. A group of people are celebrating someones birthday outside and sings as I enter. Wish them a happy bday, hope you have a great night.
Two cuties walk close, I weak claw one. Ask her where she’s going later, I have to meet her. Blown out.
We talk with two girls outside about our 30day celebration and some other random stuff, they recommend a club, we leave them, have to get our club before we need to pay entrance.

We just make it to the club so we don’t need to pay any entrance. Once inside zebra immediately spots a girl he’s gamed before. He gets going with her right away, after a short hello to her and the friends I leave to hang in my jacket [should’ve started flirting with the blond hot friend, or at least engaged all friends better and more].

I go solo and scan the place for some good sets [this is bad, just open the hot girl, wherever she is, you can only win. If you don’t open her, she will not do anything with you, if you open you have the possibility for punany].

I drift around, getting more relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. Open three girls, not the hottest ones. Talk some random bullshit, light funny vibe. Talk with one of them at a time, like they talked about at the workshop, but not doing it good. I don’t focus in on one girl soon enough, I basically engage all three separately. After some minutes of this zebra joins. Some more interaction , this is not going anywhere = no touching, meh. Eject.

Bump in to a pua-guy (old school, not like me, but still awesome) I recognize from before. We team up, but I loose him in the crowd immediately. A big crowd of like six people has two really hot blonds in it. Open the blonds, the friend turns back to the group. My girl gives me the look, I plow on and can see the “shield” cracking in front of my eyes. We shake hands and she’s holding on to mine extra long squeezing my hand, deep eye contact at the same time. Talk about her birthday comeing up soon and random stuff. Start talking about star signs.
Kilo: “So as a Twin, you’re wild and adventures right, curious on new things.”
Girl: “Yeah but as a twin you more blah blah blah.”
Kilo: “I’m a Capricorn. I don’t believe in these stuff but I read about the Capricorn in a magazine ones it said: As a Capricorn you’re extremely funny and good looking. I’m like yeah that’s correct.”
Girl: “HAHAHAHA yeah that is totally ture (I want to suck your cock now).”

Girl gets dragged away by a friend later. Can’t find her again.

Find pua-guy again, he opens the last girl of a three girl train. I claw the second one in. First one disappears. We stand close and are touching right away. Time flies and we banter away [I’m not moving from her around]. I qualify on stupid shit. Go for the make out, get cheek, again cheek, again lips short makeout. Go for the number, don’t get it. We go and find her friends and I leave her with them.

Some more random choding around and finally we leave for burgers.

- Consistency.

- More touching.
- Approach with a clear purpose.
- Bring Kilo back, stop pretending to be a chode. 
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Thursday 4 June

Meet with ma bros zebra and scale down town. First place, the boys open two chick outside I go in scan for something to do. Buy a sprite and chill back. [I don’t approach the seated stuff in here, feels like I would only suck value, not bringing anything.]

We bounce to new place, it’s almost empty. We meet two awesome mates there D and T. We talk shit, I do a recon mission with T trying to find something fun. Our mission fails.

Go back to scale and zeb. They are talking to three girls, perfect. [I never go in if there isn’t a girl for me.]
Tap tap, what’s up. Hooked and done, we’ve split up one girl each.

Played it really friendly. Again barely no touching, She was cute and really friendly. I was thinking about actually meeting this girl again. Then I remember that my phone was broken, told her this and she was like but I can take your number. [She hasn’t called]
Left them after a while. Interaction lasted maybe 30minutes.

Danceed a lot, enjoying the music fully. Talked more shit with the boys.

As I’m leaving, I get my jacket and a nice girl stands next to me and fiddle with some cash talking to the coat check dude.
Kilo: “What’s happening.”
Girl: “I don’t have any pockets and am tired or carrying this cash around.”
Kilo: *Nod at her breasts* “Put it in there.”
Girl: *Adjusting her breasts* “No I don’t have any bra on.”
Coat check dude comes back with my jacket.

Some more was said. I say that I’m leaving now, we hug and she kisses me on the cheek and strokes my hair.

I’m comfortable with being out again now, relaxed. Now it’s time to start pushing some limits, close some ass and bring Kilo back.
Slowly but steady progress. Im not having my regular ups and downs.

Stay tuned. 
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 June 5, 2009

Meet a girl that I been texting back and forth with for about a week at a bar outside my apartment. She’s there with 3 friends; we all have a drink and banter a bit. I suggest we have a pre drink at my place, and lead them back. I mix something together keeping my drink pretty week. We chat for a bit and we decide its time to go. The two friends walk out the door and my girl grabs me for a bit of making out. I proceed to do a full wall slam make out, with lifting her up against it.

Carry her to the couch and, she calls her friends that are waiting down stairs and tells them we’ll b down in a minute.

10 minute frantic sex ensues.

Finish up and we walk out. The girls go to the club, I separate and head over to the local Law school at Stockholm University. Macke small talk with people at the ATM. Meet a pretty dark haired girl and we start walking up to the party. Turns out the place is full and they aren’t going to let me in. The girl leads me through the woods to behind the party and she shows me a open window.

I proceed to ninja that shit. Enter into the party.

Once inside I spend about a hour looking for my friends. I make small talk here and there.

Its all good

Eventually I give up looking for my friends and decide to party on my own. Hit some girls up with the chat, but either I don’t find them attractive, or it just doesn’t stick. As im deciding to go home I see the dark haired girl that helped me get in. Grab her for a hug and whisper something to her. She responds very enthusiastically. I grab her by the hand and pull her away from the dance floor.

We sit and talk at the bar, just vibing about stuff. Drunken bartender spills things drinks on both of us 3 times. Gives me a reason to isolate her even more, and I take her to a sofa.

Thanks drunken bartender man!

More talk, pull in for a short make out just to let her know what’s going down. And back to talking. Some guys sit down and she goes (as I perceive it) a bit cold. In retrospect I think she just didn’t want to be cuddling up in front of other people. We leave to get our coats.

As im walking to the coat check I see the drunken bartender throwing a drink in someone’s face. What a character.

We talk a bit with our jackets on. She drops a question about my living arrangements. Shes working logistics…..

I suggest we bounce to a club near my place. Then I realize im just beating around the bush. I correct myself.

Me: You know what, how about instead of going to the club we skip it and just go back to my place and cuddle?

She agrees and I lead her home. Keep talking to her about random stuff during the train ride back. In retrospect I should have gone to her place as she only lived one underground station away, while I lived several.

We get home, have a quickie. Fall Asleep, wake up, get refreshed and have some marathon sex. She gets off on pretending I’m a complete stranger. I get off on making whale noises while we screw.

Everyone’s happy
Pick up is like a hammer.    Tips for Life and fucking Chicks (poorly written) -Zebra
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