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threesome. The new level. **PICS AND VIDS**
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Self-Actualization is a never ending process.

Since this thread started I am putting a concious commitment in making every day count. Not 3 times a week, not when im in state, every day. 24/7. This is something I am, not something I do. 

This is what I am focusing on, every single day:

Stretch, first thing I do in the morning and last in the night: The aim here is increase my ROM, the reason why Is that I've always been completley shit in this area and that cant possibly be happy, If I continue this was I might not be able to tie my shoes when Im 50. So I commit to doing this every single day, and it is quite possible that I start some kind of martial art in the future ( most likley Krav Maga), and I want to be able to throw high leeg kicks.

Follow every day. This Is what I call project Iron, Im commited to complete an Ironman thiatlon. The main reason why Is beacause I find sport to be an exellent catalyst into let flow my a man of action natural charachteristict IWILL complete the thrialthlon in 2 year's time MAX. And then focus more on bodybuilding.

HIT. Once a week.  I do this because I want to increase my muscule grow. If I do just cardio I will be a skinny motherfucker in a year time. And I want to look healthy, not hungry.

100 Pushups challange. Very tied to the last one. Im completing this challange because it gives me strengh to do better HIT sessions. After I complete it succesfully I will be learning other kind of pushups.

Nutrition. Completley tied to the sports goals.On top of my head: Eat less and less grain. Lots of proteins. Drink natural milk. Eat coconut. Eat egg yolks. Avoid fired stuff. Embrace fruit. As a rule avoid industrial stuff and go more towards natural food. Raw Diet. 

Flair. Every single day, 1 hour. I want to beome a flair bartender In the near future, I find this job self amusing and a expression of myself where I can aswell demostrate my knowledge in Illusionism. Practice for the sake of practice.

Use sun cream. I just happen to hate skin cancer or looking 80 by the time im 50. Every time Im going to be under the sun, put sunscreen before. Aswell after sun hydratation creams are being used

Study german, every day. Max 1 hour min 30 minutes. Im commited to learning languages during my 20's. Aswell, a goal is to be living in Berlin next february. Gotta do interviews in german, genau. Ii speak already 5 and the goal is to speak 10 when I hit 30, I guess Im quite goood in this area.

Do my vocal exercices. Im my own hero so it's time to start sounding like it
-Ding dong when im in shower.
Talk through, not to.
Talk from my groin all the time. NR to BR.

Teeth health: brush teeth, floss every day. Consume massive teeth whitening chewing gums. 1 week a month apply extra teeth whitening technology.

Avoid TV/ Internet as much as possible. Avoid social condittioning. Avoid wasting my glorious time. That's a chodes luxury. 

Ideals that I want to strive towards. (I will re-edit this posting my very core values in this part also, when I figure them out)

Go to work to learn. Im playing it safe at work to just "get away with it" and dont be caught by my bosses fucking it up. Fuck that shit. Im there to learn and willing to fuck it up if it is necesary. That's how you imroove.

Full responsability. At this point of my life, I understand this concept in a way that means that whatever is going on on my is because of me. NOT external sources. Is this map acurate? I dont really care. As a man there is nothing I cant get for my own. So I dont only take responsability for my life but aswell for my own STATE. i deserve anything I want cause I work the hard to get it

Be social and see the best in others. Avoid demonization. I want to create a reality where everybody is friendly, fun and interesting. I want to network, have contacts everywhere. And I want to be myself in every interaction. TR will just be erradicated from my vocal projection.

Constant posivity challange. Anything that happens to me. It is fucking awesome. And if it's not, it helps me realize how awesome It can be in the future. Live life awesome. Im not a big fan of being depressed, had enough of that.

Improove the relationship with my family. Always sucked. Mom just dosent deserve that. Im very disconected from my other relatives.

ABC. I recently joined the mobile phone community. Im going for daytime numbercloses, Im going for dates. I will be out aswell in the night to a lesser degree. But if im out im out with an ultimate idea in mind: FORWARD MOTION. Always Be Closing Motherfuckers. This of course is meant to be very fun at the same time.

Aswell, I will be posting good stuff like lastest infield technology, thoughts on game and life, book reviews, Insightfull stories, and of course FR's and LR's.

This is meant to define myself, and not being defined by externall stimuli. For evaporize the chode, and  let shine the man of integrity.

By the time I close this journal, my game and lifestyle will be where I want it to be. Happiest alive.
Who I am meant to be.

real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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Im out. Alone. No Alcohol.

Tried to unstifle dancing. Didnt work.

Dint try to unstifle anymore. Accepted my state. Whole night this analisis paralisis messing with me. As if one rejection more would matter at this point.

Pretended to be a chode most of the night.

Walked up to like 3 diferent girls.

The best was to these group of models. It was on like donkey kong baby. Sometimes I forget that my game is a 10. Hand on chest and she was triangular gazing me within 2 minutes of interaction. Friend dragged away. Bitch.

They are staying the whole week. Tomorrow I will shoot the shit with her a bit more . It's ok if I get rejected. The group has 25 models. HOT models.

Girls are girls: friendly and nice. Secretly they want to be bent over but dont say it too loud.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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 AIghthy, back to FR's. Get ready for some quality stuff. This will not be a 30 day challange, but it will be PRETTY FUCKING CLOSE to it. So expect my stuff often.
Tonight I wanted to focus on not drinking and sticking to one set.

I wanteed to roll out with my friends, but couldnt find them so i went solo. Total alcohol from the night was 1 small heineken, wich was free, and scabbing some mojito sips and sanbucca shots from my girl. But it's allright, didnt even get tipsy and I didnt pay, so all the objectives were reached 

I've had a very chilled day so when I go up Im feeling pretty good and 5 min in I strike up a conversation with these two seated girls.

Not very smooth at first, but within 30 seconds I recover.

So yes, I stayed with this girls all night.

I cant remember what the hell I approached with. Probably some compliment. We transitioned quick to vibing,

Im trying out some new stuff that is THE SHIT for vibing, not just with girls, but with people in general. Instant vibe with everyone, everytime, full natural deluxe. Let me try it out some more and I'll tell you exactly what I do, It's all about the "presence". And is something that's been posted here on RSDn.

But thing is we were in the club and falling into all this "DEEP" talk.  So when i realized I just cut it out and ramped up the kino and switched to sexual mode.

Did this like half an hour in, maybe a bit late, I think I should do it the other way around, like get sexual first, and if that doesnt work then switch to vibing.

I didnt make out or anything like that, I dived in for the kiss but she was not cool with it and Im not there to kiss, im there to pull. In fact I randomly cupped a boob, just to see if I could get away with it, and she didnt do nor say anything about it, just a laugh,I was in charge.

I kind of felt into the frame off her rejecting me for kisses, that was lame.
I should teased her more sexually, aswell I should have talked more about more sexual stuff, I got her into it for a min or two but then I forgot.

I made sure she knew what I was there for, SOI's Baby ;).
But I think cause off the deep chodeversation before she was not buying very much into it that night, bf frame of doom.

So yeah, Im with this wishy washy pair of girls when the club closes. We go out and some randomnes (like a drunk dude, and some cool chode) break up the vibe completly.

The guy was doing quite good, chatting up both girls. Wanted to hook up with mine, but he wouldnt mind doing the other one.
I technically was loosing in game terms. In fact I think I did, and the dude might have even maken out with one of the girls cause he staid there when I left.
Thing is, I dont give it much importance, he was cooler than me at the point and I already told my girl all she needed to know, I was holding her physicall space and the chode her attention. She could choose, anyway It is true that I was very chode and passive, but I was mad tired aswell.

So girls went home in a cab. I should have gone into the taxi with them telling her "Im comming". Dindt pull the trigger there.
My spidey sense tell me It would probably not work, the sexual vibe i was orchestrating was completly destroyed by the chode and a drunk bastard. But I've seen way more crazy stuff than that work.You never ever know, that's why you always gotta try, pull the trigger.

Be a man.

Got her number but she's leaving in two days, dont think I'll make it for a date, anyway Im probably seeing her tomorrow at the same club, I'll feel her vibe, mix it up sexually and go hang out with my boys then contact her when the night finishes :).

When she left I went to this other club, went up to two or three different girls.
Just introducing myself or saying that I like them.
After laughter they ask me where i am from. Chick game at it finest.

I should have stayed there tough. Kind of rest on my laurels for having an initial good impression there.

Cool chilled night, no blowouts or any drama. It is the first in quite a lot of time. No wait, I think is my first night without a single blowout. lol.

Im integrating this into my game. Will be playing longer time with girlies. Before it was like "Make out with me within a minute or get the fuck away" Now I'll just fully trust that I can sleep with any girl if you give me enough time. Aswell im holding the sexworthy mindset: making out means shit and usually just leaves the interaction without sexual tension. Forward motion, Sexual Tension and 10 game wich is a given, baby.

PS: lol, at one point:

"I think you are playing the game"
"Wich game?"
"I dont know, some wich is in a black book or something"

*Ignored, did not fit in my reality.

Solved. Never came up again. Dont really know where that came from, not that I care cause I'd would be even enthusiastich about telling that Im onto self improvement, ok maybe not so open about me making a FR of her hehe.
But cause I use no routines, no wait I did the gf plotline, but that's about that. Maybe she thought I was doing deliberated negs or something when I told her what I genuenly did not like or was funny.

Donnu. *srug*

Tomorrow more.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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 YESS. What a day. Where do we begin.

I went chilled deluxe to the beach, flaired a bit and swom 400 meters as fast as possible. 

I can see the ego at all times. And that keeps sending me back to the holy chill lovley little happy fullfiling moment smile 

Ego is form, namely: thought, rationalizations, personas, and bad or good externally influencing emotions (anyway, good egoic emotions that bad).

I can specially spot it at work, were Im playing the lowest role ever. A runner. My voice goes up in the lamest TR mode ever and very high pitched "lead me please" lol.  

The good stuff I pull out of it is that almost all my bosses keep talking in loud breaking rapport. way I got 8 hours a day free voice modeling choaching. *Who's the boss now?. *(NR LOUDER THAN BOSSES VOICE)

Today I was serving this very high profile person (cant give names away dudes, but if you really want to know just pm me)  And the guy sitting next to him for some reason waves his hand and it hit the tray where the wine was, I (him) spilt absolutley all wine on him, fortunatly he took it good, but lol. 
I could have gotten in some trouble if I would have let my ego emerge and blame on the guy. I letted him give me a bit of shit (wich is perfectly understandable) and when he saw that I did not reacted, he didnt care anymore.

Finish work half past two, there is no real party after 3, my buddies are wating for me at the clubs so I have to cycle fast as fuck.

On my way there, while skipping a roundabout downhill....I fucking fall and hit the paviment hard, very superman hollywood  like style BTW.  Im surprised how I dindt hur myslef almost anything, I was going really fast, I guess that Im harder than cement, bitch. Some blood on my elbows, knees and left hip. But that's it, no major pain. Just some scars. FUCK YES.

This did affect my state, In a GOOD FUCKING POLARIZING WAY. Fury is there, the moment is there. I fuckin run to the club area, and this drunk cunts (my friends) were walking back to the hotel, so I just pull them to this late night club. Nobody inside, chicks must be on the streets. Check.

Out of it, get a kebab, and I spot the girl I was taliking to yesterday. Reinitiate but they are leaving in no time, they gotta catch a flight in a few hours. HOWEVER I did recover from yesterday and attempted the taxi pull.

 I was bullshiting that "I got amazing lugage packing skills" and that I could be really helpfull. I made however, the biggest mistake, I choded out in the deciding moment, when the not attractive was in, me at the door, and the hot waiting for me to finish talking.

I asked "can I come?".

Answer was and will always be NO.
Cant make it her fault. You have to walk the distance, not her.

The second after I asked It I know I had lost them. it was what fucked it all,
I just should had to continue moving my  golden mouth and get inside, ok, the other girl might have freaked out, but I had the frame guys, I HADD THE FRAAAAIME ahaha, no seriously I was all woo, no reason to freak out, but even if so.....WHAT?, risking getting kicked out of a taxi for getting laid (possibly by 2 woman at the same time)... What a bad decision.

Meh, lesson learned. Well, well, not I can really say: taxi pull attempt compleated.

And got a big lesson out of it. Never ask for a pull. In fact, in field, never ask for anything

Oh and between this I had time to walk up to this other two girls, and It was a pretty polarizing interaction, my target was fucking hating  me and showing me the back of her neck while looking other way while I shooted the shit.  And the other one was loving me and giving me all the eyes. Reactions deluxe.
Sudently, hot pissed friend leaded her friend to somewere chode. Im sure shades

After that I chilled with my drunk buddies and I decided that I already had enough for the night cause this last club is fucking lame and the pain of the cycle crash is kicking in. 

BTW it is very cool to find drunk friends while sober, they were fucking cool as SHIT hahaha. If they got that flow and some basic mindset they would mack girls like fucking Jonnhy Bravo. I love Jonnhy Bravo. Alcohol is state for these guys.

A day in the life.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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 I get to the clubs.

Chode out the first big group of hot girls I see. Rationalize that I'll get a better oportunity later.

"Not now" are the worst two words ever.

Get to the club and I am in a very logical state. Get a beer and try to feel the music...chooooode.
If you are not acting, you are reacting.

I spent a total of two hours in there, 118 minutes choding out (I was making some creepo EC tough) and I approached two girls the lamest way ever.
It is not approach anexiety. It is Chode anexiety, CA. 

Tonight I'll put my pride in my number of approaches. I cant let these chode things happen so long down the rabbit hole. 
I know how it's supposed to look like, I've done it. I know who I am.  Let go.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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Out again. Alone again. No alcohol again. This is how I roll these days.
Choded out for good 20 minutes, then I said, WTF?

I clawed the hottest girl in my area.
Good vibrations, but she was resistant on my escalation, she said she was to old for me. Maybe she was right. But what a body. Next.

Blonde dancing like she's jumping on a dick infront of me, in blabla, escalate...resistance...some male frienda around...I dont bother.

I dont know what's wrong...for some reason Im in this chode headspace...not really clicking.
Finally I found my friends and we got wacked. With booze on, I went up to some more ladies, probably scaring the fuck out of them.

Total cold 6 or 7? Well, better than yesterday. I love me.

Last days I've been trying to play this stupid game, not for myself, but for my ego.
Eyefucking chicks and getting just standing there making my self image bigger in my head where I constantly thought my game is a 10 with thought loops like
I can fuck anygirl ydadablablablaim a pimpblablalba,

When truth is I probably looked like the weirdest creepo, a guy alone in the dancefloor, without dancing and  staring girls blatantly. Not just acting on my impusles but standing there and waiting for them to land on my dick or something. Ridiculous.

If you are not acting, you are reacting, brothers. In fact, fuck it. That's huge, that's my new signature.

I forgot to self amuse. I forgot why I play this game:  For myself.
For my own enjoyment and purpose, not for having people telling me lame chode shit like:

heyyy you are the mannn are a pimp...
can I be your friend?
you rule!

What the fuck?, Im alredy making an concious effort to not give a DAMN about what other people think, so Im ABSOLUTLEY not doing this for others people recognition.
I am social for my own enjoyment and for splashing others with my flow of self generated good feelings that exude from my natural self. That's the pure me, natural. And I happen to have a dick so I tend to gravitate towards hot chiks

Where are you from, who are you, you are cute, I like cucumbers, My name is matt damon and I'd like to fornicate you...verbals on one level are important cause you have to power to say emotionally spiiking things

BUT wont mean shit if you are spitting this shit with low value subcommunications (tonality, projection, beleif in your apporach..etc).
I believe that when you get in state is like getting you subcommunications on steroids, you speak louder, chest out, feel good, trust yourself, just every single  little subbcom takes care of itself, evolution at work.     

That's the reason why cool guys get laid with no game, sure, they might be doing all the wrong things from a technical game perspective, but check their subcoms.
That's the reason why selfamusement is key:  not only you draw state from within and loose outcome dependency.
But you get in state. Instant subcoms fix. Boom. You are high value. 

Nimbus, it's like cheating 

real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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 Bad night. Who cares.

I reacted BIGTIME. Wich means I didnt act.
Putted up my "confident 10 game player" persona once again. Rested on my laurels.

I realized tough, that I need no Instructor to be elite in this. I already have the VETERAN field status. I've been going out CONSISTENTLY for more than 4 years. With an average of 4 night a week I would say. I can read the dynamics like a pro.

It's just a of matter being who I am meant to be, stop getting in my own way. My spidey sense is already there.


Do less aproaches, but calibrate them more.
Dont go in like: fuck eveything..., MY GAME IS A 10. Laser eyes, boner....RSD BABY!!!! Trust you core, but dont deny your spidey sense.

Good night.

Went up to all the approachable hot cuties I saw, dindt react half as much as last nights.
Of course, as usual:0 alcohol, solo, completly, comfortable.
All under 1 minute rejections. No problem, Completely at ease with rejections.
Sound comming out of someones mouth, who the fuck cares

Bad from a technical game perspective, but I didnt react, I took right action, so good for me, I said I am the game, bitch.

I created what I call "Positive" Momentum.


Negative momentum is stuff like unhelpfull (99,8%)  thoughts, emotions and action loops. That move you away from your vision. Most of them are on autopilot. They are the wrong habits. The reactive mental maps, emotions, mindsets, and vices. Become aware of them:

Stuff like wasting time on internet, RSD, Youtube, TV, unhealthy food, alcohol excess,  Facebook, and what not. Thinking or feeling ANYTHING NEGATIVE about yourself,  thinking about *one* special girl, Inactivity, Laziness, Procrastination.

Look for any of these chode shit in yourself, become aware of it and discard it.
Switch all that shit for taking action towards your vision. The first post of this saga I what I consider forward momentum, infield,, it means leading the night towards where you want it. Take some fucking action, I said

Make sure you are building up positive momentum at ALL times, always moving towards it and take any right action for the sake of it. All the time 24/7. The goal is to build up some massive possitive momentum. Where you dont have to THINK anymore about all this actions, they have become habits, or even more. Hobby's. It's called enjoying the journey.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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Yesterday I went out with a friendo and we got drunk, this free bar thing and peer pressure is way stronger than me, "let's just do 1 drink"....yeah right.

Pretty fucking badass night.

If it werent cause I got drunk as santa claus the 26th. I was dressed like jesus christ, flip flops, hippie long sleeve wide jumper and some 3/4 pants.

In a nutshell I went up to eveything I saw approachable, made out with some random BARLEY fuckable chick, and grinded with other a bit hotter, shoot the shit with some fucking HOT turbo (and his boyfriend) and just expressed around like  the motherfucking sheakspeare himfelf.

Different people asked me twice if I was a PR. First time I got that I think.

Im pretty sure the chick I grinded with would have beeen DTF if I wouldnt have been drunk ----->

Her "opener" was grabbing my shirt by the chest. She isolated me out of the dancefloor "There's too many people here"...
Fliip the script? naaa, This is caused by being in the moment like a fucking zen master, ejoying your drunk bliss and just being social proofed by the whole club cause you talk to everybody.

I fucked up cause as soon as we got out of the dancefloor I went shark on her mouth and she got scared.
Should have shooted the shit for a bit, like tell her at least ONE word before going for the make out, DUH!
Oh, and just create more tension (there was a lot of it from the first sec BTW). Then, fucking pull to fucking.

"Would you kiss me please, Just 1." was the "kiss close" from the girl I made out with. Awwww I kind of felt for that one hehe. She had a boyfriend somewere and I could not orchestrate the pull. Just wanted to feel validated a lil bit, spreadin the love babe.

Other random tried to number close me with her boyfriend watching. Had no phone. The guy loved me haha.

Drunk Sexworthyness babe. I have to cut down the alcohol and make it Pure Sexy Sex Sexworthyness

BTW It wasnt that "BIG" of a night guys, just me drunk talking to people and blatantly hitting on girls. Me, honest, drunk.
This is the kind of stuff that happens when you are being you and you have putted the time in this.

As a negative note I might have choded out in the really difficult groups like 1on1s, big mixed groups, and with the really fucking hot babes of the place. (Barmaids, Bouncers GFs...etc.)
If I'd played that league I'd probably been thrown out of the club In a heart beat. I was to drunk to calibrate to that stuff.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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I applaud you for writing out all your goals, they all sound good but are you sure you have the focus to complete all those goals at the same time? I would suggest you split them up and attack them a couple at a time. I honestly dont see you do triathelon trianing and then spending an hour and a half on german. Although i have to envy your enthusiasm and good job going out
Taking over Boston...hit me up if you're in town.
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Yes I know that it's a lot of things and I dont expect to do all of them every day, however they are my guidelines for any given day, the more I can do the better. With half an hour a day of german it is ok for me, and that can be as easy as watching a simpsons episode in german. And im training for the ironman doing the exercices described in Crossfit endurance, so It barley takes me 20 minutes of training every day, Is all about rasing your heart beat until you can no more.

Yesterday out again,

I went out, very chilled. Approached new hot chicks but choded out on others that I've hitted other nights.

Did not push it after first minute of convos, barley self amused. Did not shoot the shit nor walked the fucking distance.

I guess fucking bad night, but Im just as chilled and feeling as good as before going out. That is all the succes I needed.
Im searching for state 24/7, not to score a thresome one night and feel validated for 2 days, just to feel shit again after.
Tonight I could see the light of glory for an instant - - -> Open up clawing, spike emotions...but then I lost it.

There is no such a thing as "AA", It's all in your head. You can get anexiety to spiders, before a fight or when the police is chasing you. But for go up and talk to girls? Hello? Thankyou for limiting beleifs, seduction community.

This post is real gold:®/blog/how-become-efficient-approach-machine

You can achieve world class apporaching headspace in NO TIME. The only thing you got to do is trust your core, and not think.

That's what every single top dude in RSD and in the world does it. Trust your own faculties.
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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I just got the book "Mastery". Im a third of the book in, good, potent shit, but god it's tiny. Next one in the list is either Air Jordan's one or Radical Honesty...wich one do you recommend?

In this LR story Im acting out of the standard moral conduct. I just want to make clear that It is not always this way and this was a clear exception of the rule.


Im out with some guy I just met trough a friend.
He has chode game and a fucking high pitched voice.
A great, good hearted dude, Im teaching him english, he ask me how to say stuff like "I've been thinking of you" and other chode shit, I thought about helping him, but I just know it's not worth the effort, he is to deeply rooted in his own conditioning. Good luck for him.

For some reason im in a fucking good mood this night, might be cause it's fucking loaded with chicks, or that Im not solo, and this time im not getting drunk with my mates neither. Oficially out to chase ass with a friend. Fuck YES.

First solid thing I get is this girl on the dancefloor, Tall , very cute face, somewhat chubby but no problemo.
So I claw her from behind, while she was dancing. I was about to say something but I realized I didnt need to. She never turned and continued dancing...I just paced her rythm.
Boom dirty dance, tease, lasert eyes, short make out. She's leaving, whatever.
I let her go...but first I laser eye her and I tell her:
"Hey!...(pause, sexual tension)...see you later""

It is literally loaded with chicks tonight.

I got in the zone again, I saw the light, it was about time. It wasnt the holy "nimbus" but I could finally get into this headspace of going up to one girl to another feeling better each time.

Countless "blowouts" the whole night. We should erradicate that term "blowout" WTF. Just because you dont hook a chick you just cant call it a "blowout".
That's to strong and it's not AT ALL what's happening when you are in the headspace of having fun, you are giving value. 
Thus nobody can ever "blow you off". Fact.
What the fuck? You go up, offer value, If they dont want it it's their problem maybe you will  find SOMEBODY else who wants to feel fucking awesome.

By the way, I can FEEL when Im being sexworthy. And It's not about the reactions I get. Sometimes they get my vibe and it's instant attraction, others they are just non believers. I can feel it inside of me, when Im genuenly having fun and not giving a damn about the interaction, when happiness and value pours out of my self cause im radiating it like a fusion of eckhart tolle and chuck norris. It really is a very palpable thing.

Well, so almost night over and I have  met two different girls who I might get it on with the upccoming days.

First is PR girl, hot as summer in kenya. I just fucking rocked that interaction, sexworthyness to the can, I honestly believe that she is probably thinking of me right now while she is playing with herself (or somebody else, never know)

Second Is german tourist. With this girl it's on like donkey kong. She knows I like her and I know she likes me. But she's got a guy hookup, no worries he is leaving today. She's staying 3 more nights or so. Tomorrow I see how's she's doing.

So night it's almost over and I spot the very first girl of the night, she's walking alone, lost her friends....It's on.....

Insta claw, ask for her chewing gum, I get it with a kiss. She didnt want to make out more, ask her what's going on...

...She's got a husband partying around somewere.

Now, Im not phased by this, cause I dont got magic powers or cant "put woman under my spell" so my work as a young horny male is to pursue the fuck until I get a non plowable NO.

So yes, walk her to her hotel, she's going to wait for her friends outside. We sit and chill there. Dont think it was going to happen at this point. So yeah, just sit there and talk about stuff, I try to move her to the beach, no go. Talk, laugh. Try go. Vibe talk chil, escalating a little bit btw, talking softer, laser eyes, switching gears, getting myself horny).
At one point the conversation goes silent and she dives in on me like an amazona, boom make out.
This was the old 2 steps forward 1 back I guess, but I never though about that atm.

After this she just lets me lead. No wait, the defining moment was when I started rubbing her up of her skirt. Sko...Ok...Boom.
We go towards my place. While we are walking she mentions she's got a BABY. Yikes.
Still, I continue walking as if she told me that her car was red.

Yeah, you guessed it. Brought her home, sex. 3 times. I fucking suck at bed lol.

The real kinky part is that I did it without condom....and at the third time I finished inside.

I just could not stop it, we came at the same time...Im "kind of" worried.
Dont have a clue how this, what are the chances of her getting pregnant? I didnt tell her I came inside...I gues after the third time I could not bust out much sperm...I hope.

Actually I know I should feel gulity or worried...but for some reason I cant feel a damn thing...

Like in my book we just had fun a random party night.  
I left her way happier that what I finded her...stuff like cuddling and hugging all whey way back when I walked her to her hotel...Plus she kept telling me that her husband Is probably fucking some girl somewhere so their relationship is probably not going anywhere anyway. That encouraged me even more to just have fun with her.

Lust and chaos times.

I walked her back home and had a chilled, genuine conversation on the way back. She wants to see me tomorrow again...
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