October 16th, 2018
Have You Evolved Past Your Initial Girlfriend or Social Circle?
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just wanted to gauge how other guys who have been in this community (especially following RSD)

since implementing the self help aspects as well as the pick up material
i have grown into a fully functioning
high value MAN
but things have changed a bit since yesterday

i woke up today with a message from a girl who broke my heart
a little over ten years ago

we talked of old times when we were in each others good graces.
she found me on my space, we chatted ALL ABOUT OLD TIMES

she couldnt even speak to me after a few minutes after catching up
she said i seemed like a totally different person

we met up for coffee and i had realized how far i have gone from my past self.

she could not stop about how much i have changed
both mentally, and physically
then it hit me when i was riving home

i have severely outgrown my friends and even my girlfriend of  7yrs.

who as of yesterday
is now my ex

you may remember my article on love or the game?

i was torn between leaving my gf or chasing the thrill of meeting (and nailing)
new women.
when i wrote that post i was trying to avoid the fact that i had outgrown my GF
and needed to take action

this morning  i looked around and couldnt believe my eyes.
i woke up, and im staring at 27 (june)
all of my best friends and so-so friends, coworkers
are married and miserable.
my ex-GF is still the damaged, insecure self destructive girl i met when i was 20
and the reason she was attracted to me (explosive, crude,  violent and insecure as well)
have now faded away.
i have lost all physical attraction because of the draining of mental stimulation from her part.
she no longer controls my emotions with her shit tests and jealousy outbursts
so being a control junky, she blew our relationship up.

she now has some chode orbiting around
(who coincidently happens to behave the way i did when i was 20)

i cannot even talk to my own friends because i refuse to listen to endless victim identity
and hear about how their spouses are terrible.

they seem unhappy and miserable

then it hit me, they are not my friends since high school
they were my friends IN HIGH SCHOOL.

has anybody here in the nation hit this realization of their peers
because this in my opinion
is some reality busting occurences.

i am left to feel like a man sitting in between fork in the road

nation, show me some love and let me know how things worked out for you guys

keeping it greazy

but on some sensitive stuff tonight
"Women get what they want BEFORE sex, Men get what they want AFTER sex"
"thats all you really need to know, "

My dad's answer when i asked about why women seem so hard to figure out.

contact me if you want to hit the clubs.
Located in Chicago,

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i think im getting to that point.
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I'm not the same person I was before.

Most of my friends liked the old me. The old me liked those friends. I kept a couple of buddies who have positive outlook on life, and I see that number decreasing as I am constantly evolving and they stagnate. My new friends are cool.

I believe that we are the average of our five closest friends. It is essential for me to be surrounded with people who will not be obstacles on my path.
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There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction. - John F. Kennedy
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i don't really know how it will work out in the future with my old friends. i still have love for most of them. regarding the guy who used to be my best friend for ten years now, i'll tell him that i don't wanna hang out with him anymore soon. he just puts me down in subtle ways (that he might not be aware of, i told him many times though), tries to impose his negative worldview on me all the time. i can deal with it, but overall the relationship has almost no value anymore for me. it's painful, but necessary.

i'm at a stage where i will end ANY relationship with people who are too negative (even in my own family), who put me down in any way. i don't want to be around that. i only live once and i'm not willing to put up with petty bullshit anymore. i'm aiming for higher standards.
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Just don't judge, don't compare.
Learn to see the best in people.
I still love all my old friends but never give a fuck what they think of me anymore.
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all great stuff guys.... really

it is just weird last night
my wing who last summer was down to hit the clubs EVERY NIGHT
decided to not even go.
he has a serious gf now, (which i pointed out to him last june)
well over the winter he still would go out and chug some cold ones at the bars w me
but now that summer has come and it is all warm
he refuses to club hop.
he would rather be with his girl or if she goes with her friends to a club without him
he doesnt want to do anything.

we are still great friends but i see the attachment starting and KNOW how this could get ugly
just found it odd because when i had a GF i always made time for friends, time for GF , time for school

but oh well.
i have you guys
on the same path

"Women get what they want BEFORE sex, Men get what they want AFTER sex"
"thats all you really need to know, "

My dad's answer when i asked about why women seem so hard to figure out.

contact me if you want to hit the clubs.
Located in Chicago,

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Cool post I mostly outgrown all my old social circle apart from the dudes I thought were dicks turned out to just be independants
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