July 15th, 2018
Awesome LR and epiphany
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Hey everyone!
I have recently done a bootcamp in Amsterdam with Brad and got a big epiphany because, at the end a night of sarging with the pro's I went of on my own and met a cute norwegan girl sitting nearby a busy club.
It was kind of late but she was just chilling there with her 'guy' friend who was 'really' stoned because this is Amsterdam:P Well I just started talking about a load of random stuff, sat down next to her and just kept talking did some natural kino and stuff. So at some point I said that I really needed to go because its like 5.30 in the morning and I need to get up tomorrow..
so she kept asking what I was doing in Amsterdam and what 'workshop as I told her' I was following and at some point she said: your 1 of those pick up guys aint you?!! I've read The Game;)! So I actually honestly answered: yeah Im just done with my bootcamp for the day! and what a day it was! I approached loads of girls and at some point there was this hot girl dancing on stage and my instructor said: your gona approach that one. So I just start walking up up onto the stage and bla blabalblabla..... and I energeticly tell the entire story. I even talked about my motivation for doing the bootcamp and everything, and then at some point which was like... just after talking 30-45 minutes I brought up that Im going back to my hostel, so she without saying just agreed with me to go back to my hotel room and at the mid point of the walk in which I tried to be as annimated as I could, I just thought: Can I actually do this?!! Just when that doubt came into my mind I asked where her hostel was locaded and she abrubtly said: ow wait its that way to the right Yeah I need to go the because of blabla... 'some random reason which I forgot'. So we hugged and she gave me her phone number and that was all I thought.
The next day on sunday we did some daygame and I finished the bootcamp but I was realllly hungry and just wanted to get a bite to eat before I head home, so I call her number to check if shes in the city and we arranged to going out for some food because she was like 2 minutes away. We went to the Mac and just laughed at the stoned tourists having an eating frenzy and just random stuff... We went outside sat on a bench just talking and at some point kissing. So I brought up the topic of 'what happend yesterday' and said: WELL my instructor said that when I took you to my hotelroom I should have just taken your hand and lead you over there! Shes like: He did did he now?! So at that point I actually took her hand and we started walking to her hotel room;P It seems that you can actually say annything as long as you lead the way!

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Fuck dude!!!  I'm moving this to the success stories!!!  :)

Nice work.  :)
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Yeah, Silky-!   You Rock!!!  shades

I gotta lead more...
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What was the old saying now, I can hear it in the back of my head somewhere? Girls don't care if you are a player, they only care if you can go the distance? Deja vu... nice
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