December 10th, 2018
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Keep in mind. This will be my first ever BC review and along with my first forum entry into the community other than small none important fluff talk in past forums.

SIDE NOTE TO SELF: The boards are used for emotional leverage not emotional crutches.

I came from a background of understanding the game. Indirect about 2 halloweens ago. I made my first approach. The coin approach from bloody hell . . . I'll explain all this history sometime later.

(G Lounge) Philadelphia, Pa . . .
Friday was off to a rough nervous clunky start. Being at work at 5:00 am in the morning is sh-t and shortly after being dropped off an hour and some change away from home. I arrived at my hotel. Checked in and unloaded my new express t shirts to make me look wicked cool for the weekend (Right.). None the less . . . I headed 15 Blocks down the street in central Philadelphia to the hotel where I would first meet Ryan for registration and to kick things off . . .

"This is bootcamp.
This is not summer camp.
This is bootcamp.

My strong paraphrased version of Ryans introduction as follows . . .

"My ego will melt like forgotton crayons. Left and fully forgotten by me . . .  In the back of that brownish, smelly and sh*tty station wagon . mmhmm ain't!"

The beginning of the night started out with basically with theses words. Ryan laid out some well presented theory to get things into play before the night was to begin.

I keep feeling inside myself. "Play it cool. Listen to what he has to say. Learn from this. Don't be nervous. Be a good student."

I was nervous . . . In the club-

That night we went out and it was time for me to make my approaches for Ryan to see where I was at in my game. I felt the need to do something to show I wasn't a complete n00b. I start . . . Blow out, after blow out, Blow out. SHaaazam. Like magic . . . I wasn't feeling all that great now, C*ck in hand I stood there and just trying to motivate myself until there wasn't one set left in the place. I met my goal. I apparently burned the venue to the ground. The smell of ash was everywhere. There wasn't a girl in there who wasn't feeling "What the f*ck was his problem" Or so it seemed in my eyes. I had a head case of the bad inner game blues. Grand start, Levi!. I remember the fighting deep inside of my core. . . Written in place as I walked about the club.  "Can I do this? Can I really get good at this? Is this legit? What the f*ck is wrong with me? You can do it, Levi! Ouch, ouch ouch ouch. f*ck. Do something, Keep going idiot. You spent money. You probably wasted money. No, do something. Approach hard and get in there. You are doing better. Ouch, ouch. Damn. Numb." This was bootcamp. This is not the end. This was a battle inside my mind. I was f*cked and perplexed. I was a head case who was fighting for freedom . . . Tightly locked up and not yet fully medicated. I was the head case for sure.

At the end of the night Ryan debrief at a local dinner. Pulling apart my game as if I was on bootcamp (go figure). I wept like a child without a sense of identity (On the inside) . . . My soul frowned (C) Tim RSD. Epic fail. ;) But, I felt a glimmer of hope and insight after the talk. Another step closer to revealing who I am in full. My inner champion, my friend. Insert warrior theme music here . . .

Ah f*ck it. This will do . . . Queue the all encompassing 80s ballet, please!

Anyways . . . "Your assignment for the night is to write three interaction reports on tonight. What time are we meeting? Good. Where? Good." - Ryan.

Friday night epic lame reports as follows . . .

I see girl and smile. Girl smiles back. I tap her and tell her I wanted to meet her. So far so good. 

I introduce myself and she returns with her name.

She is excited. I feel good. Totally reaction seeking at this point and getting validation. Wow, I am the pimp.

I tell her lets go somewhere where we could talk. The dallas cowboys and the eagles could have played in this field of distence that was between us. Awesome logistics for kino. ;) P.s The eagles won . . . Yeah, anyways!

Me and her say, "Blah blah blah."

I say, "Let's go somewhere we can talk. Follow me."

She follows. Still interested. We sit down. I do some chode touching. Nothing with 100% belief. Man, pimp status for sure!

Meanwhile ryan is sitting accross from me trying to get me to look at my cell phone to get his text advice. Good thing I left it in my coat that was of course in the clock room.

She excuses herself. I get up. Ryan tells me to, "Sit back down." Ryan presents some small pointers to help me along the way.

Ryan says, "She liked you and you did nothing about it."

I say, "Really? Yeah, you are right. I am lost."

Later on at the end of the night. I find her talking to this "dode" - Jeffy (C). So, I attempt to pull her aside one last time.

Tap tap . . . I say, "Hey, I got to show you something."

She says, "What?"

I say, "Real quick."

And she releases the convo with the "dode" - Jeffy (C). and follows me over to same seating area.

I say, "I just wanted to talk to you again."

She smiles.

We sit down, I have 90% belief. Might as well be 0% and I go in for a kiss on the lips. She pulls back.

She says, "I have to get back to my friends."

I say, "Okay cool. See you later then."

And excuses herself

End of report one.

Opened with a two set. Cheerings them both with my water. Mmmhmm. Sober.

I say, "I am Levi"

They say, "Blah and blah 2"

I say, "Blah blah blah blah"

At one point they are interested. Or at least being nice enough to respond and ask questions in return.

Then at one point in the interaction. I felt like I was loosing their interest and I started to scamble inside my head.

I felt deep inside that I needed to SAVE THE SET!!! Lame.

Anyways, I went to touch one of the girls belly for some lame reason of doom.

She says, "Don't touch me!"

I am still scrambling for words and end up leaving the set with the smell of smoke in the air.

End of report two


I say, "I am Levi" Hand out waiting for the shake..
She shakes.

She gives me her name. I naturally forget her name (Not good.)

Girl says, "I met you before."

I get all confused and start getting in my head. "How does this girl know me?" I say to myself.

I say, "I have no clue . . . Anyways. I just wanted to meet you."

She says, "I know."

This is the moment I start feeling really awkward.

Small fluff talk I and her, "Blah blah blah." Unnatural touch here and there on my part. Thanks awkward 40% student frame belief of Uck.

She starts to look around and then excuses herself.

End of report three.

At this point . . . I am not game. More than ever before.

To be contuined . . .
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Join Date: 04/06/2009 | Posts: 75

SATURDAY DAY/NIGHT 05-02-09 (Permission to pimp.)

I wake up at 9:30. I can sleep any longer. I realize that there are no real wounds on me.
Just a bit of doubt and wondering what today's lesson will be.

I grab some breakfast and head 15 blocks down to the afternoon meeting spot. The hotel that Ryan and friends are staying at.

Ryan gives another review of where I stand as far as what I need to work on.

Ryan says, "You've approached before. That part is obvious."
"And it seems that vibing is not fully your problem."
"But, Your physicality is f*cked. And you need to lead the interaction more."
"Smile more."

Ryan begins to teach. Pulling it all together. Block by block by block is set in place. . .

I was in the dark- And suddenly, It was as if the corner lights were turning on from a distance. No, better yet.
I was in the middle of the highway and didn't know it until an alerting fire truck was heading my direction. Epiphany after Epiphany.

I was the child with a spark in my eye. Making myself ready for the Christmas tree to be plugged in.

Click . . . Click . . . Boom.

I was very confused and yet happy. I was hit by a fire truck. "Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes." I was happy.

Later that day alone I went to grab a bit to eat . . .
Marching down the street. Repeating over and over again in my head.

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."
"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."
"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."

I entered into the restaurant, opened my notebook up to a set of fresh paper and began to jot down rapidly different variants of
affirmations pressing down upon the pages of yet another step towards the direction of my future success.

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes. F*ck yes it is on!!!"

Suddenly, energy pulses throughout me.

It was as if everyone was moving in my favor. They danced and moved about for my own amusement.

They fell into my reality.
"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes. F*ck yes it is on!!!"
Page after page. Destroyed by my affirmations. Drilling and fighting it into my head. Battling the old reality.

Women smiled. Women lusted.

They fell into my new reality.

I went back to my hotel and set my alarm for 9:25. Ring ring ring.

"Sh*t! I am late!" Ryan is calling. "Where are you dude?" The alarm clock of DOOM - Ryan (C). Luckily I wasn't too far from the club.
so I started to make my way there arriving a few minutes late.

We greet each other in thug love like fashion and head into the club.

And the night is a fresh crisp night. Everything starts over with a better mindset that I've been fighting for since I began this journey.

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes. F*ck yes it is on!!!"

It was as if every interaction was painted in a different light. I had new concepts to push into my interactions.
And had a broken record playing over and over again in my favor. I had a big boob'd blond headed cheerleader in my head molesting my neurons . . .

The night ended. Glory times and here are my three set reports of glory.

Welcome to one insane trip . . . I was medicated with information that brought me into a new world.
It was a reality stand off. Into the trance I enter. Fire up the music video!

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."

Saturday night epic glory three reports as follows . . .


See girl. Approach.

I put my hand out believing she is going to grab it.
I pull her in and tell her . . . "My name is Levi."

She responds, "Like the jeans?"

I say, "Yes, and maybe someday a pair will be named after you."

She laughs and tells me her name.

I pull her in close.

We chat it up a bit. "Blah blah blah."

I grab her hand and put it around my neck. Pull her in even closer.

And her unknown blur cockblock friend off to the side starts saying "No, No, No!" in a very concerned voice.

Trying to ruin our beautiful club relationship. We are set in our ways and keep talking close.

I go in for a kiss on the lips! (Bad move, now I know.)

Friend is off to the side . . . "You have a boyfriend!!! NO!"

My girl keeps on willing ignoring her friend and keeping the interaction of delight going.

"Blah blah blah."

We keep bonding as I touch and talk.

She is still ignoring her friend while her friend is trying to grab my girls hand and pull her away.

At this point I should have really helped her find a way out and away from her friend.

But, I didn't. Oh well! :(  Her friend finally makes one last effort to put an end to this diabolical interaction!!!

Her friend grabs the hand and rips our new love apart. Awh, sadness. She is looking back and waving bye bye as if she couldn't help it and her friend is ruining her happiness.

Later on I see her and now she is getting a video shot with some famous dode in the club. I have no clue who mister famous dode is. But, she seems to. she leaves his side. I pull her back in and talk a bit and then and then go in for the kiss. Epic fail.

She leaves, again. In the end.

Moving the girl more creatively away from the friends would have help this girl out. She was hooked but doomed by social pressure. (Rryan's advice.)

Thanks man!

End of day 2 report one.


I see girl . . . I say, "Yes, yes, yes, approach!" in my head . . .
I go up to her and talk a bit.

"Blah blah blah."

She is from the Ukraine. Banging body as well... (Oh yeah! Insert coolaid mans voice here!)

"She wants me." I am thinking to myself. "It is on. Yes, it is on."

I say, "Tell me about you?"

She responds and lets me know where she is from and how she likes to dance.

I high five her and pull her in and tell her I like her. We start talking more. "Blah Blah blah."

I place her hand around my neck and she starts to dance.

I am burning inside and we're getting close. I let go and think inside my head. "Yes, a show. This is for me."

And she puts on a delightful display and then I join back with her in the dance with the only thing going through my mind is . . .
"What do I want to do to her." I start grinding and it is fully on at this point. She can feel the charge.

She says, "I like the way you move." I tell her the same back.

We stop.  The music is low. Her state has dropped at this point I should have moved her . . . She excuses herself.

And I let her go. For now...

Later on that night I find her . . . Move her and started talking about traveling.

Her and I, "Blah, blah, blah" Nothing really physical at this point . . .

She came to the club alone!

She starts to move as if she wants to dance. I say "Let's dance." and pull her to the dance floor.

We start grinding. I feel I am loosing her. We stop and I see Ryan and he says, "Get back in there!"

I dance a bit more with her. Then I watch some. She is uncomfortable or at least I feel she is... My state drops.

She says, "I am done."

Game over . . . I leave to go approach other sets and she fades away.

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."

End of day 2 report two.


"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."

See hot blond. A stunning 9. She smiles and I approach.

Let me pause for a second here. Earlier, I was telling Ryan that:
"I've had makeouts with 7s and 8s... Never the 9s and 10s. It is still outside of my belief."

Ryan says, "You are engaging in what I like to call faggitry." I get an awesome speech and head on my way throughout the club.

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."

Anyways, I see the hot blond. Grab her hand and directly pull her in to me.

I tell her who I am. She tells me who she is and she goes on to talk about some lame *ss gibberish about her being hot.

And how I should go talk to other hot girls in the club instead of her.

Ignore! Keep talking and touching...

I think in my head. "Damn, this girl wants me."

I go in for the kiss . . . She pulls back . . . 1 locomotive, 2 locomotive, 3 locomotive.

I go back in... Kiss! and another kiss! Full all out makeout. 3 minutes in. My state is through the roof!

Back to talking, "Blah blah blah." Damn.

She excuses herself and goes off and starts having a state pumping dance jam session with chode friends. I feel a bit dropped in state.

Ryan ask me, "Where is she?! Get back in there."

I point. He says, "Wait! You are going to have to wait! Don't go in yet. Her state is too high right now and yours is down. Wait until she stops dancing."

I wait and the music changes to some lame *ss music apparently her hot body doesn't feel the need to sway her hips to this song.

Ryan says, "Go in now! Move her!"

I go in and say,  "Come with me to the bar!" . . . "Sko!" - Jeffy (C). I pull. She follows behind in my right hand and I can feel my grip.

I ease up and allow her to leave just in case she wants to... It slides from a hand hold to our fingers barely holding.

She lets go and my hand is empty. I remember the Tim story about his certianity... Ryan told me this story earlier and so I kept on my path.

Hand still behind my back as if she her hand was still laying in it. I see her in the mirror stopped and our realities ping she looses and heads to the bar to join me.

I immediately start talking close and start asking her about her life. She just got out of a relationship.

She moved to Philly for her ex. "Blah blah blah." She then says, "I am a beauticion."

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."
"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."
"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on. Yes."

I say to myself and say it out loud in front of her. YES! And then I go in for the makeout again. Full out makeout by the bar.
We go back to talking again and random blur chode approaches from my right. "IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE" - Jeffy (C). In the faint
background the chode is trying to make contact with me by introducing himself to me. "IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE." - Jeffy (C)

I keep talking... she is engages him and he tells her, "We are getting ready to leave, You coming?"

She responds, "Maybe a little bit later"

We go back to talking. I speak into her ear, "Oh and . . ." My lips start kissing her ear. She is turned on.

Then I go to her lips and make out again.

Again, I should be moving her move just like I should have been doing in every interaction that I've had so far. She excuses herself to find her purse.

I let her go.

Ryan says, "Stay on it! Stay on it! Don't let her out of your sight! Stay on it!"

I go and find her. She finds her purse. We talk a bit more and she then has to use the bathroom.

Heads in the wrong direction. Bouncer corrects her says, "You can't go in there the bathroom is over there."

I say to her,  "Here, follow me. I'll show you!" . . . "Sko." - Jeffy (C).

She follows and is lagging a bit behind. I turn the corner to see Ryan yet again.

He says, "Where is she?!?!?! Keep with it!!! Be on it!"

I say, "She had to use the bathroom she is coming around the corner now."

I say, "Now what do I do?" He says, "Just wait. When she comes out of the bathroom say to her, "There you are!!! and give her a bug hug." . . . "Sko!" - Jeffy (C).

I wait and wait some more. . . She comes out with the fem cockblock monster holding her! And I am ignored with one wave of the hand from the friend.

Ryan and I follow. She took her into the dungeon of chodes. The gate was closed by the bodies that formed around her and it was game over.

I say, "Now what do I do?" Ryan says, "Follow me . . . You do this." Opens another set. We leave after some small talk.

And then Ryan says, "That is what you do."

The club is closing, Ryan says, "To the street!" The journey has just begun . . .

"Yes, it is on. Yes, Yes. It is on."

End of day 2 report three.

... Bootcamp is not the end of your journey. The real journey starts after bootcamp is over.

P.S ... A.K, I can't believe you reused it. Sick. :P
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Right on. :) Thanks for the forum love, buddy. Peace, love and gaymoging!
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enjoyed going with you through that experience! well done!

and i love how you focus on the positive! "yes, it's on!" you're on the way....
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cool report dude.  loved reading about the part how everything just clicked for u that saturday and how it showed that nite
"I can't avoid being a 10, I can't avoid being good with women"
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Thanks guys! :)
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 Wow, this the most writing I've ever seen from you in one place. 

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Welcome to the club. 
(Formerly known as "YourMom")
I do what I do and you do what you can do about it. 

Jeffy, Teach me to get H.B.

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Thanks Vab . . . You pimp. :)

Glory times indeed!
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I love how your state was elevated after you made out with your 9....amazing dude.
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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Tom!, Thanks brother man.
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