October 18th, 2018
International man of Mystery...Hyxtery
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For right now, I'd say the first exercise seems pretty solid. I think I'll revise the second one again but I just wanted to write down what I got so far anyway so I don't forget. I'll write some more detailed rules and I'll make it more conducive to PU next chance I get. It's looking good :)
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Value Time!!!


I love this video, and for some odd reason this song popped in my's got hot zombie/vampire girls in it. They kind of remind me a little of the kind of girls that we could possibly have met at the last venue that me,  Adonis, LPrince and Northern went to haha. 

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Some Deep Stuff...

So it's been quite a while since I've wrote FRs. Most of the reason is I've been getting my act together and working on stuff outside PU, at the same time; I'm not completely detached from my lifestyle with improving in this area and I'm reaping the benefits of applying myself in the Ironman/Marathon Challenge.

Today was a pretty good day...
There's a girl that I've been seeing now for quite sometime, I like her; she's cute and sensitive, lighthearted; and actually makes my heart open up. Just my type, A lover personality :). I've decided to see her a couple times throughout the week and solidify this as a relationship of sorts until I figure a lot of this stuff out and see what I want.

SO the day started with me waking up at her place and going back home to rest for a bit, only to head out in the night time to 230 5th. At the place I met up with LPrince and Travolta and a lot of other friends whom I hadn't seen in a while, I was in a good mood especially since I hadn't seen some people in a long time and I chose not to go to plunge in a long time so I was diggin' the variety.

There I see this; practically my first interaction of the night. This GOREGEOUS girl who I HAD TO TALK TO, she was so cute, so attractive and I was all around having fun introducing her to people and my friends. I was pretty much ahving a good day plus, I was going on autopilot, everything was going my way until a problem in disguise came my way and pretty much turned out the interaction for quite some time.


This fucking guy, I don't like him. The overall feeling of that part of the interaction was bullshit. I'm bascially meeting people and introducing my girl to some friends and this one dude who I THOUGHT WAS COOL actually started going for her.




Apparently I've learned my lesson, don't address people when you're in set, especially ppl who are not rooting for you to get laid and are solid friends. I usually can be friends with most ppl and am value giving, but this dude was fucking taking advantage of the fact that I was actually addressing him as a person.

Another thing that I just thought of right now, is there probably could have been a miscommunication, since I don't know him very well. He might have thought that I was handing my girl to him; but if that isn't the case, fuck him just to be on the safe side LOL.

I'll put him in my maybe pile for douchebags as I do not know for sure what happened and will leave the situation with the benefit of a doubt.

I think I Err on the side of accomodating becuase I know that I can be too harsh at times and can base things on split decisions which might not necessarily tell the whole story. One thing I do know for sure is, when I'm not cool with someone, I make it clear that I don't like them and my boundaries are closed to them.

All this talk about being too accomodating however, has shown me specific instances where I am seeking some sort of acceptance or approval from people in general that I might not to address if it's  obstructing me living through my core.

The Old Chode Comes Out

I would say the entire fact that at that moment I felt like I was being betrayed and tooled at the same time was pretty shitty but the last straw was the fact that I got legitimately upset, even angry at my girl for falling for his artificial personality function bullshit. She looked at me and was like "wow you look really upset," to which I said to her "you know he says this same shit to everybody right?," with the most reactive, angry, upset face.

I think that part of the reason why I got so upset is because I have such a negative association to that kind of underhanded behavior and personality functions, because they reminded me of myself back when I was doing them.

oddly enough, I was esaclating on this girl the entire night to which she was replying with "you're too aggresive," giving me "pointers" on my game. it was funny, I was escalating, joking around with her, giving value, non-reactive when she aws talking ot her friends and all and going into rapport with her, but she was not letting me kiss her.
After seeing me get so reactive, I really didn't think any much of it, all I was thinking about was the fact that I actually felt a connection with her and we kissed after all that,,,when I was at my most reactive state.

I decided to leave the area so I could make some sense of the situation and I saw her again, I kissed her a couple times again before she left but I don't think it was anything solid, probably because she saw me so upset.

It's funny, I haven't been upset or affected by things a lot in field, I'm prettty chill; but this was one of the rare times I actually found myself acting this way...I will introspect on this for the future.

MPD Street Sets
After 230 5th we all go to MPD and do street sets, nothing is truly going anywhere for me but I'm getting more and more comfortable and realizing that I should be going for the girls I TRULY want, no bullshitting around. I get into an adventure of sorts and meet up with a girl I haven't seen in a while.

I just want to say off the bat...I don't really want to write LRs as they are not really my goals as of right now.
Am I getting laid? Yes, So far I have gotten laid from 3 different girls in the past month, but as of right now, getting laid is not my goal. Right now it's having interactions with GORGEOUS women (not just good looking and ok women) and buidling my NGAF muscle. NO MORE PRACTICE GIRLS... ONLY HOTTIES THAT SPEAK TO MY CORE.

Do I sleep with good looking women? yes I do, but I need to sleep with gorgeous women.

I'm thinking that one of the reasons why I was reverting to a chode state was because I really liked the girl that I was talking to inside and out, she looked just like my type; but perhaps I was too attached to the success, and not understanding her as a person or focusing on the connecion.

Whatever was going on, I know I will get to the bottom of it later, however for now, I will focus on the goals that I see fit.
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The Legend of JT

The Legend of JT

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Hyxtery wrote:

MPD Street Sets
After 230 5th we all go to MPD and do street sets, nothing is truly going anywhere for me but I'm getting more and more comfortable and realizing that I should be going for the girls I TRULY want, no bullshitting around.

Yea, I noticed this at 235th...who is this guy hooking hotties?!  Good job sir!
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                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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I stopped writing FRs for a while because I usually try to get all my thoughts down until I have figured out some significant patterns out and can at least quantify something or achieve some new goals. These past couple days I kinda took a little break from PU in the practical sense and focused more on implementing some sort of relationship balance. I'm coming out of this month with more questions than answers. I lost the one girl that I was kinda seeing and it didn't really matter too much to me. I mean I liked her but there were things that I wasn't super into and it kinda felt like it was over. I definitely think it's a weak point that I will need to work on further. This month and the next one is gonna be something else for me b/c I'm gonna be dealing with a lot of changes.

SO today I go out with a friend of mines (very cool normal guy, semi-community but totally calibrated even more so than most PUAs b/c he's a badass and a new yorker, which I totally believe is true because his street smarts are amazing) to MPD and we head to the P-Lunge and there nothing there, my friend opens these 4 girls and I join in, it's going ok but they leave, didn't plow or anything, just talked about how it went. 

Everything is dead and we head out of the elevator and there's girls leaving the elevator to go to greenhouse and me and my friend decide to go with them and we take a shot of going with them, no go. The doorman is being a dick and we can't get in if we don't buy a table; that's NOT gonna happen, cool. So we're walking back and I see three girls walking towards greenhouse and I start talking to them while walking, it wasn't happening again nothing. We walk to the village and then LES and we see nothing, everything is totally dead and it's a monday, we chill for a bit and we head home.

In between all this we talked to some of my friend's female friends and we did OK, it's kinda refreshing to not hang out with a creepy community guy and all in all it was OK. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome because it's gonna be way more planned.

Things I could have done better were definitely staying in with those first girls because a couple of them were hot and totally isolating this one cutie cuz it was so easy to get her laughing at whatever I was saying, it was good. The one warrior girl  (motherhen) was like "let's leave" and all the other girls followed suit which was totally preventable if I could've won her over.

There's a lot of conflicting advice that's in my head these days and I keep hearing a lot of good advice, however there's a lot more questions than answers right about now.

I'm finding that I'm not truly believing that I deserve the hottest girls, and it shows in my demeanor; not cool. I'm gonna work on this until it becomes a reality.

"PUA" Rules
There's no such thing as rules, only guidelines and I should take more advantage of this, from now on I'm going to go more on belief. General rules of thumb are great but I'm finding myself being limited in my growth, here's a way I'm limiting myself;
I only approach lone wolves these days b/c they're more conducive to an SNL

I need to hold myself to a higher standard if I'm gonna be doing this shit. I'm gonna have to start doing the things that make me nervous; "HOT" girls, mixed sets, large groups, train/subway game.

I also have to set higher goals:
Approaching groups and getting them to like me so much that they isolate the girl for me; everybody should be rooting for me to fuck the girl, winning over the entire group (Mixed Set or no Mixed Set), really asking myself "Why Am I so Deserving of the Hottest Girls?"

Since last FR I have gone out but significantly less. I've actually started getting back into daygame and I'm able to get into the hang of things much faster now, I just gotta keep at it and I'll be reaching my goals soon. Perhaps another power month is in order :).

What I do know now is I'm getting more help than ever from all over the place, so it's all the more reason to kick my own ass into gear because It's quite rare to be surrounded by so many awesome people that are so willing to help.

Gotta strike while the iron is hot :)
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Yes I've been going out again. I'm finding it much better to post FRs after a couple days than everyday seeing that sometimes we end up staying out till 9am or that one time when we stayed out till 2:30 in the afternoon with Adonis and Summa doing approaches after night game (I only had two hours of sleep prior to that and by 8am we all started going crazy). Aside from waking up early instead of 7pm for a couple days straight from fucking up my sleeping patterns big time, I've got a new set of goals that I've been working towards. My goals for now consist of having more interactions from openining to close (really tightening everything up in Attraction/Comfort-Rapport/Seduction), having higher quality interactions with higher quality girls (those core/blueprint girls) and better relationship management so I can have them stick around on my terms. Ideally I want to screen harder and open just as much (1:1 ratio) that way I can maximize my results and learn more. Okay, enough nerd talk, here's how it's been going with me these past couple days:

After doing the creepster thing for about a month or so; Pythag told me the entire point of the exercise is to learn where the line is so now I'm pulling back and learning to escalate in a more calibrated way. Doing this was taking some time because now it's becoming sort of a habit that comes off as too intense or even "needy", I'm still working on it so there's still some kinks that I've gotta get out of my system. Going all the way on the other end I've decided to chill out more however there were times where I was being too chill, approaching a total of like 2/3 sets a night. Ultimately I've decided to open more and maintain a chill attitude. I'm also going to take Summa's advice on actually telling myself "Okay relax, relax, chill out..." either in my head or out loud if I need to. I'm trying my hand at "normal game" now which is bascially me being very laid back and talking to them almost as if I'm about to leave at times. I'm a little conflicted in my head because I'm so used to pushing and plowing and staying in that extra 20% that I don't know if remaining chill is the right or wrong thing. These last few days I've felt like a chicken running around with his head cut off.. the entire feeling I'm having is that of "I'm a little confused as to what I'm doing here but whatever, I'll just keep working on whatever it is that I need to work on and maybe experiment a little here and there and hopefully something will compe up that will show me the way"

I'm working on my life outside of PU as well (as I always have) so I'm feeling a lot better these days knowing I'm going places so that's helping my cause as well. It gives me time to really reflect on things adn think big picture, usually that time off kinda helps me think of things from a different perspective which ultimately helps me out with PU as well.

One of the things that I've noticed is; the overall feeling of going out feels like I've started all over again like the title says, It's almost as if I've made one huge circle except this time It's a little different from before. Now I have more help, I'm still finding myself getting nervous but now I have a btter grip on it and I'm able to approach the core hotties whereas when I first went out I probably went for just any regular girl. It's like I've graduated however, now I need to hold myself to a higher standard if I wanna make some serious progress.

[u]Sticking Points and What I'm Currently Doing About It

I was finding myself still being nervous around hot girls; this was different because now these girls that I will approach but they're like my "core/blueprint" girls or just have an extremely attractive quality that I find awesome. I've been working on cultvating a stronger belief foundation that I desreve the hottest girls and being aware of my nervous subcoms. Talking to Summa about this I realized It's imperative for me to really get back into the state of having fun, but also a strong state of abundance and self acceptance which I usually bring out with girls I KNOW I can get, for some ridiculously arbirtrary reason my brain might cause itself to think that these girls are "unattainable" and that's how the interaction plays out. This will get better as soon as I keep aproaching these girls until I totally earn my identity of being a guy who talks to the girls that he REALLY likes ALL THE TIME and the subcoms and everything will soon take care of itself.

I'm finding my nervousness to be a huge factor these days; this is probably a good indicator as to what situations I need to get myself into to be comforatble enough to grow, those are the ones that I fear and ultimately those are the ones that will allow me to grow into a new comfort zone of where I succeed. I'm remember one instance where I'm going home, taking the train with Adonis and there was this girl that I was probly checking out like throughout the entire train ride (and it was a pretty long train ride LOL), my logic was telling me that I was "trying to find out if she was cute or not" whereas I should've stuck to my  "It's up to me to find out" rule. Adonis left and I was still on the train with this girl and afterwards I approached her and I was so nervous that I probly blew myself out.

I'm actually pretty good at keeping the interaction normal but If I was in my chill/abundance state, I probably would've been able to stay in, get the number and made something of it; another thing I could've done would have been to probably approach her the first time I looked at her ANYWAY to save myself the trouble.

From what I've heard, I might even miss these initial feelings of nervousness as they will get smaller and smaller after I keep getting more and more centered and pushing my comfort zones regularly, I'll probably look back at these interactions and will think of the days where I'll try to relive the magic all over again but It will just become something that is a part of my lifestyle.
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I Know What I Have To Do Now

I just have to do it.

After wandering around aimlessly like a lost little child I'm getting a better understanding of where I wanna go and what's gonna take me there. Believe you me the journey was FUN as hell, but now it's time to get to work, I've got an aim now; the filler episodes in my life have ended and now I've got a new objective. Lately I've been getting into working out more and taking care of my health (which is a BIG plus) and now I'm focusing on handling my money better as well. The past couple days I got sick and as a result I decided to chode it up, reading books (nine ball, 4 hr work week, blink, rich dad poor dad). Getting back out after "choding" is actually not that hard for me as it once was and I'm getting back into the hang of things quickly. I've been meeting up with some new friends and learning from old ones as well. Going out with Summa I've noticed something different about the way he does things, he's very accrued to the social subtleties and the nuances and goes about opening sets in nightgame WAY more calibrated; I call it NORMAL GAME :). 

From what I've noticed, the best guys that I've ever met in the six years of knowing the community (there's about 4 guys that I can think of) use their own version of normal game to maximize their results. I've actually been pretty good at normal game myself and with Pythag's exercises I thought to myself "hey, why not? I've figured out where the line is so coming back to normal game will work even better in my favor this time around". Here's the thing now, I'm pulling back but the creepster habits still find their way out, what I need to do now is shift the gears and lead the interaction forward SMOOTHLY. I don't want my interaction to start up and then speed up abruptly and then stop and start back up slowly, that makes for a very unpleasant ride lol.

Another thing I've noticed is that these habits although awesome to learn via the exercise, are giving me too much pull. Thinking about it, the previous lays I've gotten have had serious undertones of pull pull pull pull pull and almost nothing more, from walks in the park to hardcore LMR battles in the stair case going on for hours and for a couple days LOL (I don't regret it though, those always make for the best stories smile ). I now see the missing element, sexual tension, I haven't been building enough of it or I haven't been building it up properly. That's fine because now that I can focus my attention to it now however, I'll be able to bring it back up in my interactions and provide the ride that is missing in my interactions with a steady and smooth "shifting  of the gears" and the ability to man up, escalate and move the interaction forward, now they'll be moving forward with more power and more finesse. I'll be able to create the interactions on a more aesthetic plane with ups and downs and climaxes and turning points and resolve, awesome.

I have no idea how this is gonna turn out but taking into account having this knowledge backing me up under the subtext of normal game will prove to be very successful once I'll have it gotten down.

I've been meaning to write my FRs down more regularly for a while now but I've also found it helpful to write after a couple weeks as it helps me to quantify my interactions and see patterns better, whatever works.

As far as interactions, I've got some good stories to tell :) LOL, I've made good friends with my new partner in crime Alphapunk, and Summa and I end up going to LES where we wreacked havock, but just a little more than usual. I end up getting a quick makeout in Pianos from a girl and I pull her to the bathroom area and kinda talk to her for a little bit. She gets kinda logical and decides to eject and then I see her off to her BF, cool and all as it may be it is not however, solid game and lacks the steady yet controlled up and  down and push and pull of sexual tension that would make for a more solid interaction. I like to do it for fun, when I'm in my what the fuck ever mood, besides hey, it's fun once in a while :) but I can stave off makeouts for a bit to uncover the hidden powers of normal game.

My sticking points as of right now are what's gonna help me "graduate" to a new level should I get them handled and incorporate them into my normal game:

varied venues:
going into trendy bars  and locations, more exclusive areas, hip bars, artsy bars are my favorite but I have to be able to adapt and be relatable to everyone; that is powerful.

varied locations for day and street:
aside from union, upper east, midtown, downtown, village, fidi (financial district); applying the same discipline of relatability and variety to newer adventures

going out solo:
whether it is for a week or two, I need to get back in touch with my sense of self trust and self reliance, accompanied with the exercises above I'll be seeing major results.

Another thing to point out is to not out on regular approaches as I'm going about my daily life, that means train approaches on my way to work, school or home. This is imperative for graduating as I can't only approach because I'm in "good company", this isn't something you "shut off" rather it's something that "shines through" expressing your highest unabashed truth. 

I'm in way too deep, just like school, I've taken the classes and I've did my time. I've gotta graduate, it's too late to turn around, the only thing I can do now is follow through smile.
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Recap Recap

ok so going out since last post I must say that I've definitely been improving. Normal game is in full effect and it actually has been working pretty well. I'm beginning to do stuff on my own more as well and it has been producing good results.

Train Game
A couple days ago my second interaction with a girl I get her number and we meet up for what would've been a date but she got logical and it didn't happen :/

Varied Locations
Me and Summa went to times square and I get a cutie's facebook :), and number; she has to leave however I am talking on FB right now. The interaction went really well and I definitely had set a good impression; this was the first interaction of the day.

Kissed the cutest girl in the bar after getting her number in LES, got three numbers that day from cute girls and the interactions seemed good.

I haven't really gone out solo but I have split up from the gorup at times to do my own thing, I kinda consider coming back home or meeting up solo time anyway but my beliefs are definitely becoming more and more fine tuned; I'm finding "opening" to be not really opening but just talking to people. There's a really cool affirmation that a wise person told me; "I always say whatever is on my mind". That alone let's me open with whatever (be it direct or situational etc.) I also helps me feel more so unstifled and gets me more in touch with my belief processes and how to realize when I'm dialing my personality down or not.

Today Me Alphapunk and Northern went to a bar in LES and we did some shit over there, Alphapunk wa sdoing pretty well and me and Northern decided to ditch the place and do our own thing. I like his style, funny as hell :) we chat up some girls in one place but they're like ehhh on a scale of 1 to 10 and we go to another bar. Northern opens these two girls and then I go in, it's going somewhere but I'm not super into it so w/e :/. Nice interaction with an Asian girl by the bar with her college friends. I actually wanna talk to her possilby hot, possibly indian friend but I decide to shoot the shit with her unti her friend is done talking with some guy. All the while this is happening this chode guy who's their friend is now looking at me staring at me LOL. I go full on ignore and keep talking to the girl as if he doesn't exist man I love this  LOL I actually can't stop myself from smiling cuz he's such a chode and the Asian girl is laughing too. I finally address him "hey man what's up" he gives me an angry face, I suppose he wanted to kill me but he looks more like a baby who's gotten his bottle taken away LOL I go to her and ask her "SO Is this your friend from like 2nd grade? :)", she says she's known him for a long time and I keep talking to her from then on. I kinda want to talk to her Indian friend but she's talking to another guy right next to me so even though this interaction IS fun, it's not getting me anywhere so I eject.

I would say my overall intent was pretty low today and it was fucking cold!, kind of a slow day for me and I was kinda logical and in my head; an "off day" however I met up with Alphapunk and we got to LES at like 12am, that's pretty late for me since I'm usually out from like 5pm til nightgame. That's usually why I'm so money come nighttime.

It's getting cold and when I go to union, practically no one was out omg, I'm gonna have to figure out a game plan for the winter. From what I hear, nightgame will actually be pretty good; it might even get better; I'm gonna need to break out the coat and we'll see how winter in Union Square wil be like.

What's The Future Looking Like

From the results I've JUST  gotten in about 4 days, I'm actually getting pretty good interactions earlier and earlier. In my first interaction of the day I can do pretty well and I'm getting better at daygame. In nightgame I'm kissing the cutest girl in the bar and that's awesome. This year is gonna be amazing, it seems like I've gotten over a lot of nervous subcoms and belief issues, my new goals consist of pulling the hottest girl in the bar now and making all my initial interactions SOLID. I'm also trying my hand at good follow up phone, txt and Facebook stuff (I don't really car e about myspace...for now) to solidify day2s. 

A problem I'm running into now is not caring. I really don't care about the last couple interactions I've had, the only one I really liked was the girl from Times Square. At the end of the day, that was the best interaction so far. The other previous numbers I had gotten had went OK but nothing too awesome by my standards; I believe I need to shift gears better and get in touch with my sexual desires for these girls; I'm not gonna waste my time with interactions that I believe aren't going anywhere and I'm only gonna stay in when I'm talking to a girls that give me a boner smile.

Another thing that I'm working on is the concept of seeding. My facebook chat with the cutie from Times Square has a lot of me seeding the meet up. She actually tells me that she's coming back in December but I'm impatient so I seed the meetup for earlier by telling her haloween is awesome in NYC and I also seed by asking her if she can drive and hinting at the fact that she should drive up here.
I'm also gonna implement seeding into "seeding the pull". The concept of seeding is very novel to me but I've heard only good things about it and it's power, I think this is going to be very helpful for me especially in terms of leading interactions to where I want them to go. 

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 I've quicky skimmed through it. I will read it all later, with a nice cup of tea my pipe and my glasses ;)


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