December 12th, 2018
Abracada-BRADADE: Igniting Nimbus in cold Zurich (20-22 of March)
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Abracada-BRADADE: Igniting Nimbus in cold Zurich (20-22 of March)


Not necessary.

My Story:

Totally irrelevant.

=> It’s actually funny how some of my goals for the BC revolved around the idea of getting rid of old complexes and limiting beliefs. Before BC, I felt like I had to come to grips with the past and fix old issues and things... but now it’s like I just don’t care about this stuff anymore. I moved past it like it’s just not important. Doing this bootcamp made me find a head space where I have better stuff to think about. Done.

Day 1

So I had been excited about this bootcamp since the beginning of February when I signed up. I had really been looking forward to this experience and was all happy giggly about it.

But now I was in Zurich. Bootcamp was about to begin in 30 minutes. And I felt like shit. I felt like I didn’t want to learn anything more about pickup, I didn’t feel like approaching people and socializing, I basically didn’t want to do this anymore and wished I was somewhere else.

This was actually the best way to start my bootcamp. I didn’t feel like doing anything but I would do it anyways and no matter what. I was already outside of my comfort zone. This weekend would certainly be huge.

So basically I feel like I’m going to war walking all the way to the Marriott Hotel, like I am about to bungee jump or some shit. I am actually extremely anxious to take planes and the stress I felt before starting BC was kind of the same. It’s really funny how big of a deal I made it; like going to a war and telling yourself you may not come back alive again and just knowing that you will be exposed to intense pressure probably never to be the same person again when you’ll walk back home.

=> LOL , I just love going back and remembering this! This is EPIC!

And now I’m waiting in the lobby for Brad to enter my life. How many times have I tried to picture what this moment would be like; the way he would look, the way he would be dressed like, me yelling “Hey! It’s me!”, the way he would shake my hand, the way he would fucking change my life...

He was slightly late, and a voice inside of my mind was already saying to me “See man? I told you this was a scam! You’ve read the Game, you’ve been warned about this all along the way!” The level of stress I was feeling was almost killing me. This weekend would be all or nothing.

And then he appeared.

He wasn’t alone. There was an intern with him as well. His name was Matt and while I didn’t know it at the time, he would have a major influence on my life during this weekend.

=> I will describe both these extremely solid individuals later.

Well, I was the only student! We quickly got down to business. Brad shared what this weekend would be all about, made sure I understood what I was getting into and he also made sure to understand what I was all about. I openly shared my story with the guys.

I will not discuss the theory they gave me here, since it’s only up to Brad to decide if he wants to share this with everyone (most of which are already openly discussed on the forum), but I will definitely elaborate on my own epiphanies during the weekend and the new understanding I got from the key concepts.

Just a little note here: you may think you know it all, since you’ve probably tried to accumulate as much knowledge as you could, so the theoretical aspect you gain on the bootcamp may not be new to you; however, what’s different during a bootcamp is that while before you may have read a lot of stuff, not only do you hear it again on bootcamp but you also talk about it and internalize it. Really think about this, I had read about the free association exercise before, but during the first evening Brad really made me apply it and it is literally changing my life. I’m using this everywhere I go. I will devote an article to this later but I just want you guys to realize that if you would just take very few concepts and apply them in everything you do instead of having this huge arsenal and list of trick, it will probably lift a big weight off your chest and make you more comfortable and natural in everything you do. For me, I feel like not knowing what to talk about will never be an excuse in my life ever again.

Brad gave me a moment for myself to write my letter to my inner chode. I let it all out. I remember writing like a maniac, like it was automatic writing. No one could ever read this! I wrote it all down with such a rage and with so much passion, the words almost weren’t important but I particularly remember the way I felt. ALL OUT. Flushed it down the toilets and done. I felt so good after this.

=> This step is actually really important and would prove so especially after the bootcamp when my old self would try to creep back up but I would instantly remember my glorious farewell to my inner chode on that magical night and fall right back on track.


Epiphany number 1

I had always been looking for the next piece, or the next tactic. This is a complete waste of time since there are new tactics and tricks coming out every day. Less is more. It is only when you start using what you have and stopping to look for the missing piece that will fully internalize the mindset that you are enough.

This is what will take you to the next level, since you will have no more excuses not to be in-field and take action. At this point of my life, I don’t feel like reading theory anymore; I rather feel like going out and getting reference experiences which makes all the difference in the world and is really the opposite of what I had been doing before BC.

=> It’s funny because before, I would read stuff like I wrote in this last paragraph on the forum and think: “Sure man. But I’ll be smarter than that and still get some more pieces so that I can any competition and be the best out there.” Guys, if you think like I used to do, you are totally fooling yourselves. You’re only in competition with yourself in this life. If you doubt this, take a bootcamp. This knowledge is worth the 2’000$ alone.


We get into more theory and I am starting to relax. Brad’s vibe reminded of something I hadn’t felt since my early childhood. He gave off this presence like my childhood friend’s cool older brothers. It’s like they are just so cool and at ease with the world, they are in a completely different mindset than you, and you’re just looking forward to gain as much maturity and to grow at that level yourself. Nothing in his demeanour was forced and he seemed completely agenda less. More on him later...

So off we are into the night.

The fact that we didn’t talk about outer game in any shape or form at that point made me completely comfortable and ready to hit the field with nothing in mind.

And now we’re at a bar. I go once back and forth just to feel the vibe and the energy of the room, check where the girls are and I tell Brad I’m ready to go.

Socializing time, friendly, warmup.

I go into a set of guys. They are puzzled at first. I quickly introduce myself or whatever the fuck I did and just continue talking about any random shit. Soon enough they start to get physical with me (in a friendly manner, don’t go down there guys ;-) and we’re really hitting it off, they start asking me lots of questions and since I am listening to them without thinking about anything at all and just expressing myself, the conversation fly’s pretty easily. People are just totally cool.
Quickly moving to a four set of girls, I’m already getting physical there. They are surrounding me and I’m just playing around. I basically go back and forth so that each girl can receive some value. Nice. Since I didn’t really pick a target and was just being social, I guess I wanted to move to other groups in order that approach as many people as possible. I decide to go direct on a cutie at the bar. She was ordering drinks for her boyfriend who right next to her. So what? He was just being a spectator anyway so I felt okay about making him see a real life pickup. I’m starting to get physical with the girl who’s not into me at first: I get more and more sexual.
The atmosphere becomes really playful and she’s laughing and shit. I’m having a blast. Decide to move on and approach some granny. She looks freaked out at first but I just keep my state and suddenly she’s throwing her arms at me and stuff! Man, each time she tries to talk to me she comes near my ear but also very close to my mouth. I feel a rush of panic, lol! That would be like kissing a guy. Shit, she just loves me but I swear I’m not doing anything at all: natural game at its best. Her huge boyfriend (or husband, or even drug dealer) comes to greet me and he’s really happy to meet me. Well, so am I! I can’t really remember what they said but they were kind of inviting me over to their place for a drug party or shit. I just love the way Brad sometimes pulled me out of set during the middle of my sentence when I was talking to people. I just went out of set like it was no big deal; without ever feeling the need to end a conversation properly, etc... like I could just come back later and end my sentence if that’s what I wanted to. Just epic.

Next, I go into a seated set of older girls talking at the bar. I just fluffed a little and one ended up giving me her card with some cool club recommendations that she wrote on (it’s not like I opened with that or anything, but rather it was a result of our overall conversation). Brad texted me during that set to lock-in or steal one of the girl’s chair. This was a totally funny situation because I couldn’t really steal her chair since the bar was almost filled with people everywhere and there wasn’t enough space to move either of the girls, so I decided to try to lean in between them with my back against the bar. Impossible! I really tried to but they were blocking all the space with their legs and there was absolutely no room for me to go there. So what did I decide to do to try to lock in anyways? I just leaned with my elbows on the bar. I can’t really describe the position I was in but if you had seen this you’d have had to contain yourself from rolling to the floor with laughter. I certainly thought it was hilarious and carried on with the conversation. Cool set.

At that point, Brad isn’t sure where to send me (it was kind of a cockfarm and there was no real point to talk to more guys since I have always been totally comfortable with this). So since I saw this huge group of guys (like 8) with a only one girl, all seated at the back of the bar, I suggested to Brad doing some crazy shit and just go sit myself like with them like I belonged to the group and eventually work my way to the girl. He seemed to like the idea. I went for it no questions asked and proceeded to befriend the group. Some were extremely friendly, some were feeling threatened; none of that mattered tough. I tried to scan for a place to sit; there was none! So I sat on a guy’s lap for some seconds, just to buy enough time to try to engage the girl. It was a rather difficult situation and maybe I didn’t make the most out of it. Brad took me out of set since I think he clearly saw there was no point in spending more energy on that one; energy that could be spent on something more glorious.

And there they were.

There was a two set of girls on the very small dancefloor. Brad ordered me to go for the tall one. I went in there directly talking about any random nonsense (which I will expend on later). She too was talking so closely to my mouth that I felt she was almost trying to repeatedly go for the makeout. She was older tough and I thought she was bad looking, but when Brad saw this he immediately went to the other girl in order to occupy her. Urghh, I guess I’ll just stay there and go for some kind of close! But since Brad was talking louder, he got both of the girl’s attention and I went for the other one who was a totally gorgeous blond and blue eyed cutie. She was my perfect HB8.9. What’s more? She didn’t speak one word of English! Duh. I would have to get physical on that one. I took her in my arms, pretending to talk with my hands, spinned her around, kissed her hand, took her close to me and started to grind her. She was absolutely loving it. Attraction was through the roof. She was laughing really hard and totally enjoying herself just as I was enjoying myself. But then, the other one called her and they had to go. I grabbed the blond girl’s hand and went for a quick k-close before she was out the door. Yes, she was having it! And then they were gone. I didn’t care at all, I was just happy with myself.

That was it for the first venue.



1) While Brad definitely liked what I was doing, he said I was sometimes falling into entertainer mode and should rather drop this brushfire thing and be more intense like the searing hot coals. Instead of starting high energy (I did things like the tap tap of glory on some girl’s head, or even open by yelling “Hey!” trying to get their direct attention, etc.) be more intense, feel your words, just being solid while remaining totally calm and comfortable. Matt made me internalize this the best by saying to me:

Be more like: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa

Rahter then: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (entertainer mode)

Basically, I learned that when you start really high, I would always feel in the past like I was constantly grasping for strings during my interactions. The reason was that if you start really high and set the rhythm in that way, to act congruently would mean like you would have to sustain it. Being intense was all about escalating and leaving more space for the interaction to grow organically. I feel like this was one of the biggest if not the biggest lesson I took out of this bootcamp. It would have never occurred to me before.

2) Talking situational was really easy and basically this is what most of my conversations naturally consisted off at first. Once I realized this, I suggested to Brad that I drop talking about situational stuff and avoid it as much as I could just to force myself to work on my creativity and get more reference points with the free association exercise. This actually helped me tremendously because at first I would just fluff, and then I would naturally lead the conversation to topics I was really interested in and passionate about. This conveyed all the right things since I was lowering the standards of things to say by talking about random things while simultaneously giving them some things to grasp at and elicit commonalities naturally, totally letting my positivity and coolness shine through that alone. So when I started to talk about stuff I really enjoyed, the progressive state transferring got even more intense. Feeling that was glorious.

3) I initially thought I was doing well because I was speaking in English (my first language is neither English nor German) so the people could tell I was just a social stranger and were cool talking to me. Totally not true! While this may have been the case, I also know that I can sound like a retard most of the time when I speak in English and that I am not as quick witted as if I was speaking in my first language. Basically, I could make up reasons and excuses for everything that comes into my life but it’s not until you hit the field that you get enough reference experience to confirm that what it all comes down to is something deeper. When I’ll be out in my hometown again speaking the same language as other people, they may think I’m just a cool fluent speaking guy coming to a trip over here anyway. That shit won’t make a difference anymore, I swear to god.

4) Brad asked me many times what the fuck I had been opening with or been talking about. I almost always told him the same thing: “I have no idea!!! Whatever came to mind.” This was really a great thing and is the best best proof of my use of the free association exercise and just pure natural vibing. Nothing in my head; golden.

=> I really took these lessons to heart and Brad could totally tell that I instantly started to work on the feedback received and acting upon it.


The evening was about to become more and more intense.

Second venue:

Okay, right off the bat, this was a more chilled out, classy and quiet lounge.

I only did three sets but each one of them lasted long and went well.

First set: 3 Italian MILF’s seated by the bar, getting them all laughing and being physical rather easily. I turn one of them in order to face me more since they were seated in a closed triangle. They told me they were all married, I suggested they should adopt me and stuff like that. It was good fun and I ejected. Brad asked why I ejected. To be totally honest I could have ploughed for two hours and stayed there actually trying to offer more value than I could already take, but they seemed to have been just out together to talk to each other and I didn’t want to mess up their evening. Totally respect that. I just didn’t see the point to stay in that set.

Second set: Two girls in their thirties (I’m in my early twenties by the way) seated at a table. The idea here was to seat myself with them. Too easy. I asked Brad if he would rather have me directly take the seat or just naturally sit during my ploughing. He suggested going for the second option. So I just went for it. It was pretty smooth and all natural. One of them wasn’t speaking English at all, but somehow I got her involved as well. Brad said afterwards that they were really attracted to me, and that I should realize that I have most of the attraction stuff handled almost automatically. I tried to push it and started turning really playful; the interaction went really well but I really felt like approaching more and more people and getting new reference points so I walked over to Brad. He would eventually suggest going back to them all together but they left right after I walked from their table.

Since Brad had made me feel really easy about the notion of attraction, I started to assume it totally. And I went for the 3rd set and probably my best of the evening. Two cute young blond girls, really stylish. I went in with total effortless intensity, and just introduced myself. It felt like I had come home. They started gaming me. One had a boyfriend and I was telling her how cute I thought her friend was. She was saying stuff like: “She doesn’t have a boyfriend, just go! Go!” Totally cheerleader type! Dear god. I’m starting to get physical with my target and it’s slowly but surely escalating. At one point she decides to test me and just walks away. I take this opportunity to steal her chair, drink her coke and hit on her friend who has a boyfriend. Glorious. She comes back in a hurry. I hug her for the silliest reasons. It’s just totally on. The interaction is long and easy. It’s almost half past midnight and she has to wake up to work at six this morning. I tell her to come with us but don’t force it too much since I don’t want to settle for her and sacrifice the evening before going to the club. I would say it would have been possible to hook up with her and we were even discussing the extraction with Matt and Brad but I was more focused on learning than fucking. The deal was like almost sealed. I went for a quick k-close before leaving. I didn’t have to chase since she was totally cool with it. I went out of the set while Brad was dancing some tango (if you take a BC with Brad, make sure to ask him to teach you some tango moves, lol ;-) with the other girl. As I was discussing with Matt, Brad came back to us and just as we were about to leave he asked me if I had number closed her. I told him no but that I think I could easily have gotten it. We agreed that I go for the number close just to get me more reference points. I went back to the set, fluffed quickly and got a solid number. She texted me during the whole weekend, telling me how worthwhile the evening had been (she referred to me as “Awesome guy”, ....) and we agreed to eventually meet (aka hookup) again if I came back to Zurich.

Let’s move on.



1) Pick a fucking target. Pick the target I find the hottest and stick to her even if the friend seems more into me. Go for the glory. I instantly linked this with the mindset I have about people playing to avoid defeat rather than playing to win and only to win. It was there that I made this life changing decision. I have decided to live to win.


Club time:

Okay. Now, I knew I would have to step it up. Being Friday, the venue wasn’t completely full. But there were quiet some hotties there. I got a feel for the venue in general and checked the VIP area as well. This is a must since you need to get an idea of where to isolate, etc.

Off we go and Brad sends me into a two set on the dance floor. He told me to go for the better looking of the two: a gorgeous tall blond who was the hottest girl in the venue. First set man! No waste of time! I figured out the rest would be easy afterwards.... lol

She was so tall (and I’m more than average in height), I took her hands and led her to a podium on which I stood in order to talk in her ear. That was brilliant. So we’re really hitting it off but she’s kinda shy and I keep amping it up with sexual things. We dance a little and she’s laughing and stuff, it’s just totally playful and cool. I try to hug her but she tells me she has a boyfriend. I tell her he could make himself useful by making us breakfast. So everytime she leans in to talk to me, I grab her more and more and she’s quickly overwhelmed. She keeps bringing up her boyfriend and while I’m totally unreactive to it I get to ask her if he’s actually here tonight. She tells me no and that he’s the bouncer of another club close to the one we’re at. I didn’t get it at first and thought he was this venue’s bouncer! Shit, it’s not time to get kicked out yet! Well once I realized he wasn’t, I tried to push things even further. Tried to go for makeout but she’s just like: “nononononono!” Okay, so I take her hand then hug her, and she’s basically saying “nonono” all the time while laughing hysterically. Her friend is intrigued and amused by the scene and totally lets us play, wondering what’s going to happen next. I kiss her hands, grind on her, but she’s brushing off all my attempts by laughing uncontrollably and saying she can’t do that (you know the kind of girl who tells you to leave her the fuck alone but who's actually excitedly running towards you at the same time => attraction). While she leans in an attempt to hammer this into my head, I quickly kiss her on the cheek. I can see her friend gasp and can tell it could be on with her, but she’s not the target.

I moved on for some more adventures. We went downstairs to the VIP area and there was this girl seated at the bar (facing it). Brad tells me to go, and I have absolutely no clue what to talk about here but I go anyway and ramble about the first thing that comes in my head.

I quickly introduced myself and the first thought that came in my head was ice cream. Well, free association exercise obliges! I asked if she thought they made ice creams here (may I remind you guys again that I was at a fucking club at that point?) and it all went from here. What do you think happened? She told me we were at a fucking club and that they probably didn’t make ice cream here! The point is that it definitely got the conversation going.


Epiphany number 2

You can go in with the weakest shit (and this would be even more apparent on Day Two) and still totally make it happen. Just plough until something hits, simultaneously transferring your state to her.


I sat next to her and noticed the waiter putting a drink on the bar in front of me. I was like: “Cool man! That’s for me.” She instantly took it away and placed it next to her. A guy arrived and this is actually how I met her husband. Hahahahahaha.

The guy liked me and we ended up having a nice conversation. I tried to spice it up with her by whispering some crude things in her ear but she wasn’t really receptive. Since the guy was really trying to befriend me I talked to him a little more and wandered off for more glory.

We went back upstairs with Brad while I noticed Matt in the corner of my eye making out with a hot blond girl. By the way, this guy kicks ass.

As we came upstairs I quickly got blown out twice basically from girls just not paying attention to me and continuing to walk away while I was yelling at them. What does it mean to get blown out anyway? I tried to incorporate the intensity and went in with more intent as the night progressed. Brad said I was implementing this really well and said he saw real progress during the night. I didn’t care at all about the rejections and quickly moved on before I could even think of what had happened. There were some girls all silent on the couch so I just went over and jumped on the couch. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have jumped like that on the couch because it showed more boldness over confidence. I should have just walked over and calmly sat down. These girls were really sad! They were just all silent and didn’t talk. I tried to get the most out of the situation but it really wasn’t flying. I did a mixed four set (2 guys and 2 girls) that were just hanging out in front of the bathroom, I initially thought about approaching the girls but one was on the phone and the other one was hanging on her arm with their backs to me so I talked to the guys. I can’t remember exactly how it went but for some reasons I asked them if they were coming here again tomorrow. At that point, one the girls asked me in a bitchy tonality why I was asking this. I came very close to her ear and said: “Because I want to fuck you.” I leaned back and casually resumed my conversation with the guys. Shit, she was actually shocked. One of the guys I was talking to was her boyfriend. She stood there paralyzed and I was certainly not going to apologize for it. Anyway, I moved on for more honey.

I go open a two set on the dance floor. Cute French African girl and Asian one. I settle for the one who was French (she was really beautiful) and start speaking in French half the time since I try to keep both engaged at first. I talked about shit like it’s cool that she speaks English as well and I encourage her to speak some more since she wasn’t really fluent and tell her to say a few sentences, so she tells me shit like she thinks I was cute, etc. I totally misinterpret it further on purpose and exclaimed: Wow thanks a lot buddy! You know I like you too I guess.” Hahahaha, she was trying to take it back. What the hell. I started grinding with her and stuff, which was cool because I was getting very physical. I tried to go for the k-close but she told me she had a boyfriend, judging from the guys I saw her with, I didn’t really want to press too far and chase too much (honestly, although she was a beauty I went in there more for the sake of getting more and more reference points than anything else).

I go back to Brad and we start to talk. He tells me to go back in for some kind of close. I’m like “Sure”. I look back to her and this macho Italian guy is clawing her and there is also another muscled guy next to her. Shit! I look at Brad indecisively. He sees what I see but he’s like: “Just tell her she has a bunch of admirers here.” No questions asked, I totally go for it. I acknowledge the guy who’s clawing her for a second then ignoring him completely and go straight for my target. The guy is blown out! I grind with her again, get a little bit more physical but she was over it. I decide to go for the number close since I want those damn reference points more than anything in the world. She doesn’t want to give it to me. I press further. I go for it time and time again. One of the guys starts taking her in his arms and I’m still trying to put my cell phone in her hand so that she can type the number. She kind of gets carried away and I’m sticking at it. She’s all sorry but she just wouldn’t do it. No problem. I quickly put my cello in my pocket and move on.

I did one last set with a couple of girls who were actually seated on couches. I wasn’t sure about that one since the girls seemed to be in an animated conversation. I went for it anyway. As I sat down one of the girl’s was actually crying!!! LOL

So to make her happy, I decided to make her my target.

It was actually pretty much on, she was hugging me and I made her laugh, etc... Some dude tried to cockblock, I engaged him quickly and went straight back to my target. One girl was between me and my target, there wasn’t much space to move but in retrospect I should have exchanged my seat with her. Fucking retrospect! I told her to come home with me and shit like that, but she couldn’t because of a flight she had to take that same morning (this was actually true and was the reason why she cried)! I fluffed and stuff but it was stalling. My main issue at that point was how to go back to normal talk after being really crass and sexual. The answer would come to me the day after. But for now, time had come do the debrief and I was really more excited about this than fucking that cute sad teenage girl with makeup running all over her face (yuk!).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Debrief happened downstairs at the VIP area.

Brad was happy with me, and we talked more advanced shit. I was pretty confident and thought I had done well for tonight. He basically told me that 95% of what I was doing was right and that I just needed to do little tweaks and everything would be good. My tonality, BL, voice projection and subcommunications were actually good. I told Matt “Dude, this is easy!?”; and he was like “What the hell makes you think that stuff should be difficult?”. That guy left me speechless. That was a key lesson as well. I have to avoid falling into entertainer mode at all costs and basically just drop stuff. There is no new piece I need to full integrate. When Brad goes into a set; he’s talking. When I go into a set; I am talking as well. So where is the difference? The only difference is that one guy get’s laid while the other goes home alone. Time to step the fuck up and make it happen.

When I go for the makeout once and don’t get it, Brad has already tried 10 makeout attempts without any success yet. When I walk away and move on, he is still in there going for 10 more attempts until he finally get’s it; and he fucking does. This is what separates the losers from the winners. One guy is playing to win more than the other. Time to close. Time to seal the deal. I need to watch Ozzie’s section on Transformations at least 60 times (just like Brad did) in order to get more in touch with this mentality. Brad didn’t get there by chance and neither will I.

The time had come to step the fuck up.

Overall: I was kinda disappointed going back to my hotel. I thought that the BC wasn’t hard and I didn’t feel way out of my comfort zone. Brad didn’t really demonstrate that night either. I thought it was just a good night in general, not unlike the ones I have back in my hometown and that I wasn’t really pushed hard enough. I felt like the evening hadn’t made that much of a difference in my life. I laughed at myself when I remembered being so serious about starting BC and feeling like I went to war! I fucking laughed out loud. How stupid! How ridiculous! How stupid had I been for all these years thinking I had to prepare to talk to girls or learn some stuff before giving myself permission to just do it! How humiliating! How ridiculous I felt about feeling the need to be in state to have a good night! Fuck all that shit! Couldn’t I just be a normal guy and talk to people without having any thoughts about it? Of course! And I could do fucking well. Having openers? Having stuff to talk about? Having routines? I mean, why the fuck had I been denying the fact that I had a brain! You see a girl; just fucking go talk to her! What the hell was my fucking problem?! Thinking I had to work to get attraction was denying I already had it and that it would come through naturally! How utterly ridiculous! What was I thinking?!? No need to sing or to pretend to have fun. I don’t need to do anything anymore. Here is my new step by step system:

1) Go somewhere where there are girls
2) Open your eyes (yeah this is my opener) and look for the hottest girl
3) Walk to her and move your mouth

No need to pray. No need for excuses. No need for state. JUST GO! Talk! Nothing bad will happen! What could be difficult? How could this possibly be hard? Stop try doing something. Stop supplicating. You don’t need anything. I realize that most people here, which includes the person I used to be, tend to want to improve so much and transform themselves in such a different and magnificent way that they utterly forget that they already have most of this shit dialed and the path to consistency revolves just around making little tweaks and small adjustments to what they are already doing before they become totally free.

Well, I would have a complete reversal next evening...

During Day 2, I would go ruther than ever before; sarging sisters in front of their parents, having Brad demolish my reality by demonstrating "The Blueprint" in action (which will be chronicled here in details), suffering hardcore into the night, going all the way down and then up to finding a place of Transformation at the end of the tunnel...

Stay tuned.

Just a little note:

I had absolute no approach anxiety during the whole evening. I will discuss how an interaction can’t actually go wrong during my second day. Basically, I just couldn’t afford having approach anxiety during bootcamp. Sure I got blown at the club, but it didn’t affect me in the slightest possible way. I now think that if you fear rejection, it is a sign that you aren’t going out as much as you should. Everyone gets blown out. But thinking about how much it hurts is a luxury people who go out and make it happen can’t really afford themselves to have. They just have better stuff to think about, meaning they are already busy making out with the next girl. This is the identity level change I was seeking. Everything is clear now. I tried to do everything Brad told me to do, I always went for it no questions asked (except when I told him I had already approached, or to get more clarifications on which set he wanted me to approach). When you pay around 3’000$ for the whole weekend, you bet your life that I am more anxious about not approaching the hottest girls rather than being afraid to approach!
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Great writeup man.

I feel your Glory:)

Rock on....
The inner chode is strong... So am I.
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Nathan BC April 2009
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Haha!  Love it...

Looking forward to day2 and the makeout of glory.  :)
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English Boy

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Leo- wrote:
Epiphany number 1

I had always been looking for the next piece, or the next tactic. This is a complete waste of time since there are new tactics and tricks coming out every day. Less is more. It is only when you start using what you have and stopping to look for the missing piece that will fully internalize the mindset that you are enough.

This is what will take you to the next level, since you will have no more excuses not to be in-field and take action. At this point of my life, I don’t feel like reading theory anymore; I rather feel like going out and getting reference experiences which makes all the difference in the world and is really the opposite of what I had been doing before BC.

=> It’s funny because before, I would read stuff like I wrote in this last paragraph on the forum and think: “Sure man. But I’ll be smarter than that and still get some more pieces so that I can any competition and be the best out there.” Guys, if you think like I used to do, you are totally fooling yourselves. You’re only in competition with yourself in this life. If you doubt this, take a bootcamp. This knowledge is worth the 2’000$ alone.


We get into more theory and I am starting to relax. Brad’s vibe reminded of something I hadn’t felt since my early childhood. He gave off this presence like my childhood friend’s cool older brothers. It’s like they are just so cool and at ease with the world, they are in a completely different mindset than you, and you’re just looking forward to gain as much maturity and to grow at that level yourself. Nothing in his demeanour was forced and he seemed completely agenda less. More on him later...


1) While Brad definitely liked what I was doing, he said I was sometimes falling into entertainer mode and should rather drop this brushfire thing and be more intense like the searing hot coals. Instead of starting high energy (I did things like the tap tap of glory on some girl’s head, or even open by yelling “Hey!” trying to get their direct attention, etc.) be more intense, feel your words, just being solid while remaining totally calm and comfortable. Matt made me internalize this the best by saying to me:

Be more like: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa

Rahter then: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (entertainer mode)

Basically, I learned that when you start really high, I would always feel in the past like I was constantly grasping for strings during my interactions. The reason was that if you start really high and set the rhythm in that way, to act congruently would mean like you would have to sustain it. Being intense was all about escalating and leaving more space for the interaction to grow organically. I feel like this was one of the biggest if not the biggest lesson I took out of this bootcamp. It would have never occurred to me before.

this bit is wicked.
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wow, sick report dude.
Forever mirin
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Two brilliant points you wrote:

I told Matt “Dude, this is easy!?”; and he was like “What the hell makes you think that stuff should be difficult?”.


Basically, I just couldn’t afford having approach anxiety during bootcamp. Sure I got blown at the club, but it didn’t affect me in the slightest possible way. I now think that if you fear rejection, it is a sign that you aren’t going out as much as you should. Everyone gets blown out. But thinking about how much it hurts is a luxury people who go out and make it happen can’t really afford themselves to have. They just have better stuff to think about, meaning they are already busy making out with the next girl.

these comments hit me like a tonne of bricks
"I can't avoid being a 10, I can't avoid being good with women"
Alexander Bootcamp Alumni, Sydney, 8-10 May 2009
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Day 2

I woke up early.

Didn’t sleep well, although it wasn’t due to some mind blowing epiphanies of the day before but rather because of the lack of it. I was anxious about this day. It would have to push me further than I’d ever been, or else. Fully aware that it would be up to me whether this BC would be a success or not, I resolved to put myself on the line like never before; I swore to put my core being out there and fully let go of everything that wasn’t meant to help me grow.

As I made my commitment, I noticed to sun shining at my window and slowly rose out of bed to start my day.

And it was while contemplating the beauty of this country outside my window that I dropped every expectation of Seduction Saturday. I would just take things as they would come to me and fully trust myself to get the most out of it. An overwhelming sense of acceptance took over my body.

Moving on, I went to look for a quick meal at a restaurant nearby. Since I didn’t know where to start looking I just decided to ask people and just start the day by socializing with everyone.
Cute girl in sight. What a gift.

And from there on, I knew my life would never be the same.

It just blew my mind to notice little subtle things I wasn’t doing anymore in every aspects of my life, just as it still blows my mind thinking about it.
Before, I would look at the girl from afar, avoid looking at her as she came closer so that she would sense the spontaneity of my approach. Then I would wait for her to almost pass me by before shouting a little ‘high-energy-attention-getter-and-unknowingly-to-me-at-the-time-ultra-reactive’ hey!
From there, I would try to fool her into thinking that I am talking to her just because I am talking to her; but in reality, even though I have managed to fool girls before, I’ve sadly never fooled myself even once.

But today, everything changed.

I started already addressing her as she was even ten feet away from me, in a newly found effortless and surprisingly automatically engaging voice.
It was intense. She really helped me out and I could see she was attracted. I naturally talked and fluffed and unconsciously touched her arm while thanking her for the instructions she gave me. She hurriedly tried to say goodbye and wishing me a good day before I could turn to follow my path.
I just happened to notice that she had reacted much more to me than I had to her. Not that I was seeking it, but I just noticed.

I am slowly finding my marks in this new earth.
As I entered the kebab to order my food, the old lady serving there seemed totally into me as well. I was just so chilled and positive, we just had a blast during the time I ordered my food! Totally awesome. Win/win. We just had fun together.

Every little nuance and subtle difference in my behavior and thought patterns seemed to attest the fact that a seed had been planted yesterday.

And then it was time to walk back to my hotel and prepare for the seminar part of the day. On the way back, I noticed people looking at me and especially girls checking me out.
No, this wasn’t all in my head. I was seeing a real difference in how people reacted to me. People felt my newfound easiness about the world.
I wasn’t bothered anymore about people liking me or trying to make them attracted to me.
I started to think I was finally over this shit.
I probably wouldn’t have to do that anymore and not think about it again.
My god, it would have been a long way...

And seminar was about to begin.

We started with some feedback about the evening before:

- Cut the entertainer
- Work on intensity
- Get more physical
- Go for the close
- Be comfortable with the silences, let the convo breath
- Let them invest in you

Shit. And I thought I had done well ! lol
I had, but Brad told me he considered me an advanced student.

So we went through a lot of stuff. I loved the seminar because Brad gave me all that was needed to be successful in this Game; nothing less, nothing more. I had read about all this stuff before but he was expending on some topics depending on which ones I needed a better understanding. I especially loved the feeling it gave me as to how I now had all the theory I needed. I wanted to go out now more than ever. The days studying and reading about this stuff and arm chair theorizing were over. This was the next level I had been seeking for a long time. I have since become so lazy about reading and been especially proactive about just going out instead. This feeling is at the core of my deep indentity level change and I am working full time at cultivating it.

I will always remember the way Brad explained me this stuff, seated in this day lit lobby in his yellow and wrinkled shirt. He looked just like a regular dude.
I could even imagine how boring he could be.
His calm and effortless demeanor was intriguing too.
As Matt had said, we were just two ordinary guys, except that one was getting laid while the other wasn’t as often.

So this was an RSD instructor? So was this guy really this awesome dude I had read about on the forum? He wasn’t that animated or emotional, but his chillness was infectious.
I liked him instantly, he was a beautiful guy. Yet his hair was unkempt, his facial hairs were messy, he clearly didn’t seem to be the cleanest guy around but although he basically resembled a tall handsome troll, his self was shining through at all times to reach my inner depth. There was never a single moment where I didn’t listen intently to him, I didn’t want to miss anything this guy had to say. His positivity and humanity was coming through in every possible way.

I wanted to learn from him more than from anyone else in the world. He was more than just my instructor. He was my teacher.

So what did he have that I didn’t? Did he know more theory? I doubt it since he taught me almost everything he knew. Was he better looking than me? Well, at least I had shaved in the morning. Was he maybe just cooler than me? Well, I was already supposed to be the coolest motherfucker in this world. So what was it? Why did he constantly got laid and I didn’t?

It was about time for me to open my eyes: he was more experienced.

That was it!

He just had far more experience. And I would have to get this for myself.
I had found my new path.

=> Getting more reference experiences

- If you had known that most people are friendly and totally appreciative for being approached, would you still feel as hesitant to approach?
- If you had known that attraction is almost completely taken care of by a direct approach in itself, would you still be worried about how to get it?
- If you had known that girls also have their stories and stuff they want to share about themselves and get to know you better, would you still be worried about what to talk about?
- If you had known that you couldn’t get in fights with guys, would you still be worried about going for what you want?

Nothing will shut down your own inner negative dialogue before actually experiencing the truth in field. And then, and only then, not only will you be able to shut your inner dialogue down but you will have experiences backing you up as the ultimate proof that it works. Your reality is stronger; you have seen it, heard it, felt it and touched it.
You go by first hand experience.

Regarding Matt~, that motherfucker is probably the most unreactive guy in the world. People who know him and read this will laugh knowingly. It’s like a nuclear bomb could explode next to Matt and he wouldn’t even notice or blink.

His voice was unusually quiet and I sensed the kind of strong entitlement he had in himself coming from years of stepping out of his comfort zone and all the work he put in to transform from chode to champ. Despite the fact that he certainly hadn’t arrived to level he strives to be at, in my eyes, this dude was already a real champ. I strongly recommend the RSD guys to keep an eye on him. It really was a privilege to have him as an addition to Brad for my bootcamp; his wisdom truly added much value to this whole experience.

It was time to wrap it up. I was exhausted.

We started going through the goals for the evening. Brad told me this would be difficult. He didn’t have to worry about this tough; I would make it hardcore.
The goals were:
- Getting fucking physical, massively and on a whole new level
- Isolating, taking girls to the dancefloor and moving them around
- Intent, bringing it out more and more as the evening progressed.

I was starting to become nervous again.
I knew I couldn’t do what I had been doing anymore. It would be a night fully outside of my comfort zone. I hated to have goals in mind, and needing to focus on these outcomes. What worried me even more is the thought that I had to go through all my notes of the seminar and learn them by heart before going out so as to make a much bigger difference tonight.
Brad had told me to forget it all but I obviously felt it was the perfect opportunity for trying this stuff out and have him check on how I did.

So I went through my notes once, without really feeling it and then decided to rest a bit in my room. I would not lose trace of my goals under any circumstances. As I turned on my little TV, Tom Cruise was already smiling at me.

It was a nice coincidence to stumble on the movie Top Gun during my bootcamp break. I was reminded how this dude was supposedly thought to have been the epitome of charisma at a certain point in the PU community.

Does this make any sense now?
How could this even matter?
How could this ever possibly have mattered?

I couldn’t care less about being the epitome of charisma right now, I had better stuff to do: I was getting ready to step up for Seduction Saturday.

What’s more? I was sad, sick, exhausted and especially petrified.
This was the appropriate setting for ever lasting transformation.
I would do it no matter what.
This was the true test, more than ever.
My identity would go to the next level.
Luck would have nothing to do with it.

As I go out, on my way to the meeting spot, I see young people everywhere. I am surrounded by echoes of laughter and enthusiasm. This city is alive. I am so deeply touched that a feeling of intense happiness shines through my massive level of anxiety. I see so many hot girls, a rush of abundance comes over my whole being. This blissful feeling is not once I am accustomed to where I live. I have to fully take advantage of it!

So I went in the cold waiting for Brad and Matt to arrive. I am freezing and more nervous with every second that goes by.

And then they arrive.

As I am used to think when I see them, my mind shouts at me: “There they are! You will have to do it man! This is really happening! No choding out tonight!”

Knowing that in a few hours from there my life may be completely different when I will go back to my hotel can either be a scary feeling or a totally joyfull one.
Well…. Personally, I was scared as hell.

We enter the venue and quickly feel the vibe. It was coolest place imaginable. People everywhere, awesome place. Brad goes in for a demo on a two set.
He goes straight to one of them (the hottest one, don’t worry) and basically… just talks.

The girl is into him, the other one is left alone to play with her cell phone. I almost go to her rescue but I’m busy trying to see what Brad does and if he does something different than I do. By saying that the girl is into him, I mean she seems to be willing to talk to him and seems happy about being approached by him, but he’s just talking to her. Nothing that I couldn’t do. Enough watching, time for me to get it on. He’s just more experienced. If I look at him all night, that will never change! Understood.

As I am talking to Matt and am about to go for my first set of the night, Brad comes back to me and sends me to a two set of beautiful MILF’s seated by the bar.

I am so in my head and nervous.
And I’m going in with absolutely nothing in my head.
There is no time to think, plan, or even doubt myself.
Just go in no matter what. Just go.

I introduce myself right off the bat with my newfound chill intensity. It’s still socializing time anyway. I am already ploughing before the 2nd girl has even had time to reach for my extended hand. And what the hell am I talking about? I could have forgotten about it, like always, because it is so irrelevant anyways. Except that this time, I remember very well what I said; because it was the weakest shit ever.

I just couldn’t help remembering what I had said; because it totally sucked and was shamelessly retarded. I could never forget what I had talked about; because as lame as it was they were both totally into it. I could never forget what I had talked about; because they were attracted to me no matter what I said.

So for all the guys who need an awesome routine, here it is, first thing that came to my head: “This place is very dimly lit, I suppose there are places where there are more lights in Zurich.”

Enter epiphany

I’m in. I ramble on with my “super fly deluxe totally improvised stack of multiple routines” and am already whispering some naughty things in my classy target’s ear. Things got very playful. I am totally calm, letting things breath and naturally evolve.
Everything feels natural at this point. Escalation is automatic.
They were Bulgarians, and I was physical.

Brad comes in winging. I couldn’t help asking my target if she thought that Brad looked like Brad Pitt? She said no. I told her he was my older brother from America. She said she thought I was definitely cuter since I was younger and fresher.

In your face, buddy!

At that point, she’s still Bulgarian but I’m even more physical. I ask here to show me some dance moves. She shit tests me by constantly asking me to dance for her. I won’t flinch since I already have a mommy. Eventually we start dancing together in the middle of this crowded bar.
She starts telling me how cool I am, that I have an amazing confidence in myself, etc… boring stuff. I tell her I’m just being social here. She’s really impressed by the fact that I have approached her and stuck in there to talk with two random strangers. Little did she know I was on a bootcamp, but that’s none of her business…

There was something to be internalized forever here!
Brad had told me how attraction was pretty taken cared off just by the approach alone (being direct, positivity + taking right action). And now my target was basically telling me the same thing!
To the wise man, one word is enough. To the fool, thousands of words will never do.

Another piece of the puzzle had clicked with the bigger picture inside of me. Think about this guys, really think about it! How many people do you know who are just willing to walk up to strangers and start talking with them about random stuff? Not only is this rare as gold but most people are actually terrified of doing it. This is what being high value is all about. I had not only come to understand this, I was now living it to the fullest.

Shit, I’m already kissing the girl on the cheeks and moving closer and closer to her mouth. I hesitate to go for the makeout. Fully aware that he who hesitates masturbates, I prepare myself to go for it (despite the fact that she was married). Brad comes in again and before I can go for the kiss, we agree to move on to other sets in order to get me as much reference points as possible, so I decide to go for the number close. The timing is really bad and almost forced. I don’t manage to get it. She couldn’t see the point since she was staying at the bar and we were staying in the venue as well anyway. Funny but I didn’t bother telling her I was on a BC, and that what was logical to her was completely illogical to me and the other way around. We agreed with Brad to come back to them later and as we occasionally passed by them, I injected a comment every now and then and they were just totally loving it, otherwise they would just look at us expectantly in wonder of what would happen next.
We had made it in their RAS!

=> Now back to the USSR.

I tell Brad how glad I am this set went well because I was feeling really anxious when we arrived. What the hell was I thinking when I told him that? I would very soon discover a new paradigm that would shatter my old thinking patters about social interactions and especially about my notions of good & bad interactions in general.

I’m thrown at a set of younger girls standing by the bar just ordering their drinks. One is cute, one is ugly. My target is easily defined. They don’t speak English, and yet this fact doesn’t prevent us from communicating with each other. I go sexual on my target while the fatty watches, probably with her panties getting wet. She keeps telling me that she has a boyfriend and stuff. I’d say the interaction started badly but they are soon laughing and feeling real good about the whole situation. My positivity shines through all that I am doing. I end on an impressively good note and while I didn’t get the close (I went for the number). I had to get moving. Next is a two set leaning against a pole. There is also a fatty and a hot blonde girl. They are intently focused on each other and it actually looks like a heated argument. But it’s too late by now.
=> I’m already in that set!

I shamelessly interrupt their lives to talk about random shit as usual. One of my personal goals for the evening was to be completely unapologetic and it certainly came to light during that set.
The fatty seems mad at me and the other blonde is completely cold and remote, she seems half dead. This shit wouldn’t normally matter, but she doesn’t even speak English. Full zombie times!

Plowing through, I get signs that I got past the initial resistance. Fatty was smiling and kinoing me. Nothing came out of my brief attempts to bring cutie back to life. Fatty keeps warning me that they are discussing something here. I plough through for the sake of my reference points, which were far more important that any form of approval. She seems to like me and I prefer leaving it to that.
We quickly move on with Brad but a new epiphany is already there. No interaction can go wrong. How can it if you are positive? No matter how bad it could start, if I stayed true, things could never possibly go wrong.

I had reached a new level. I was confident that I could do no more wrong, and my days fearing to wreck things were put into a whole new perspective.
How could it just possibly go wrong? What does it mean for an interraction to go 'wrong'? I suddenly couldn't find the answer to that question anymore. 

If you are a normal guy, you should accept things the way they are. What is is and what isn’t just isn’t. It’s only the 'pickup guy' who labels interactions as going wrong every time something happens out of his loop or little scheme. This is bad total outcome dependence. It sets up an automatic context of win/lose. Time to break out of this jail.

Brad spots a very hot blonde girl with a halo over her head and wings on her back.
Nice, this is for me.

She is surrounded by her female friends. Of course Brad Pitt tells me to go but I’m already on my way. Like Moses parting the red sea, I go to her in a straight line separating her shield of protection (aka her hot friends) in two camps of puzzled but envious spectators. I go straight to her ear to tell her how cute she is but that the fact that she smoked was ruining everything. Her friends, totally entranced, start taking pictures of us. She is just gorgeous. We are getting physical with each other and she’s getting especially kino + on me (which means she not only touches me but rubs my body, etc.). I hug her multiple times randomly. Things are flying and I’m almost kissing her by now. It’s definitely more than on. And then I figure it’s time to ask her why the heck she’s dressed like that. It was a hen’s party.

So who’s getting married? Well it was her of course!
So you might think this is when everything got ruined? Absolutely not.

I was the happiest person in the world to see my girl getting married. She was 24 and already had a two year old child. Massive, massive respect. I was overjoyed to talk to such a passionate and caring human being. She was celebrating her marriage, and I was celebrating my bootcamp. But more than everything else, we were celebrating life together. It was one of the most value offering moments in my life. We loved each other. I had made her evening and she had made mine. This is actually the moment when the whole ‘value offering’ principle clicked inside of me. I wished her all the best and told her how lucky her future husband must be. It was amazing to just experience the purest positivity, authenticity and value that came out of this magical moment. I will never forget the way this felt.

Matt is already getting it on with a two set nearby, he pulls me in to start an interaction with the more beautiful girl out of the two.
Having Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio in the same bar was certainly every Zurich girl’s secret fantasy. What the heck could possibly go wrong in there? We owned this place.

She was a beautiful brown haired and elegant English lady. With my chilling intensity, newfound ease with the silences and sexually pepered talk, she was soon dazzled. Honestly, I felt like she liked me from the get go. I did pretty much the same things I did before but more solidly and with more confidence, intensity and easiness.
=> Reference points in action

I was super physical and it was flying. But she was married. My state wouldn’t drop and I totally went for it anyways. She was reinitiating the convo like mad, asking me tons of questions. At one point, she turned to her friend and there, no shit, from their facial expressions, the look in their eyes and the way they were at me during their intimate talk, I knew my target was considering cheating on her husband with me and they were deciding whether she should go for it or not. Word.

We had been in that set for a long time so I naturally started talking to Brad and how I wanted more experience, so we agree to do another set and then go back in that one for the close.
I spot a four set, two young girls and what seems to be their parents! I know Brad is sending me in and I’m glad he does. Boom! I chat up the girls right in front of their parents, totally natural and flawlessly shameless. The hottest one doesn’t speak English at all. They are sisters, and both have boyfriends. They crack up nonetheless at what I say to them and we have a real good time. Nothing can wrong anyway. But can this lead to a close? I decide to find out. I go fully sexual on the slightly less hoter sister and blatantly tell her she should ask her parents if it’s okay if we have a little sex session in the bathroom. I almost manage to tell it like that, she definitely knows what I am talking about and looks shocked and awed at the same time. She tells her sister! Was about time. Her parents interrupt our interaction to ask me who I am and where I come from. I hit them in the face with a ray of positivity. They are fully into me, like insanely, for some reason. The mom is kinoing me like mad. They throw me at their daughters saying it’s okay for me to hit on them since I’m such a cool guy. Huh… yeah! Thanks mom and dad!

I resume my vibing with the sisters. The hot one tries to ask me about myself. More than often, they look at each other making bunny ears with their hands shouting “PLAYBOY”! I misinterpret this on purpose and imagine they are inviting me on Easter holidays with them (lol, how the hell do I possibly come up with stuff like that?!? ;-).
Suddenly their parents reveal me that they aren’t really their actual parents and that they were here to protect them and that none was supposed to be in on their secret but since I’m “such a cool guy”… The mom is really into me and I could have picked her up but she wasn’t that hot type we all fantasize about. I tell her how cool I think they are to go out and suggest they follow us to the club so that we can all dance and this time they will pretend to be my parents! I tell the mom this would be even more plausible given the fact that we almost have the same eye color, and she’s all over me even more after saying that.

Brad comes by to say we have to leave for the club. I try to number close one of the sisters, but she doesn’t give it. Too bad!
I always had the timing wrong for my ‘closes’ though, which almost never happens in my hometown but Brad reminded me that this was a side effect of being on BC and that things were purposely forced to get me more experience than usual. It is clear that I was just going for the number to see what would happen, since getting it would be of absolute no use to me whatsoever because I lived way too far from this city.
I went to the brunette set with the married girl and they were at the bar by now. I was going directly for the phone close. Timing was well off and she rejected all my attempts. She kept pointing to the fact that she had a husband and that we would never see each other again anyway, which was pretty much the truth as far as I was concerned. I left on a happy note, fully offering value until my departure.
It made complete sense in my mind that for the girl to agree to see me again was like agreeing to cheat on her husband.
That is the price to pay when you are the sexworthy guy: you either get blown out or end up blowing your load on her face at the end of the night; there is no in between.

It’s almost midnight. I’m really happy about myself. Both Brad and Matt told me I had done 100% well. They were really impressed with my game in that venue, and told me that I had nothing more to learn or improve for these types of venues and that my skills there were at the top. All I needed now was for me to just continue doing what I was doing, since I was doing everything right, until I become more solid and centered enough to pull like a madman.
Excellent. I knew it was true and saw it happen with my own eyes.
I was transforming in front of the whole city.

On the wait for the train, I felt bad tough. I was telling Brad about how I felt really at ease and confident now but knowing that we were heading for a club and that I had to start do things differently completely fucked with my mind (like switching from ‘social game’ to ‘club game’, and such ridicules labels). Despite learning all these cool things, I suddenly felt like I had to start from scratch again. Total mindfuck. In retrospect I know how to handle such things nowadays and the problem of course totally stems from the ‘being’ instead of the ‘doing’ frame, but this is what I felt at that particular moment.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. My body was struck by a feeling of panic.
Shit. Brad told me to remember my goals for the evening and to fucking step it up and get a hell lot more physical. Too bad, I was terrified by now.
=> But like always, I would strive to do it no matter what. This was a personal boundary.

As we go on the tram, there is a pack of 10 girls at the end of the tram laughing and screaming. Brad looks at me like “Are you going in, buddy?” Shit. Tram game! Haha, I’m already in that set. No time to worry, no time for fear, I’m going straight in.
It all went fine, we are having casual fun together. One girl is taping the entire thing with her camera. Things are fun, playful and just social. We all get something out of it but we already have to leave for the new venue. That was one ballsy thing to do.

Into the club:

It is packed. Hot girls, huge big guys, everywhere. This is the exact environment that I would have tried to avoid at all costs in my early days. They were already having massive fun and jumping all over the place; I was retreating back in my head. Intimidating was the word. I realize in retrospect how I didn’t go inside the venue with the right mindset and it almost instantly made me walk in with a value scanning type of attitude.

People were there to have fun and that’s what they were having.
I was there on BC, I wasn’t there to have fun but to ‘isolate’, get ‘physical’ and stuff…
At least that’s how I was seeing it. Big, big mistake.
The biggest paradox is that you should and MUST have fun while doing all these things, but being on a training that cost me $2’000 somehow made this a little bit more serious than usual.
I should have focused on having fun in the first place and isolating and getting more physical would have been a natural consequence of it, not the other way around.
It was the roughest night of my life.

The night became a blur because of all the stimulation going on. I got blown out a ton. I was feeling like I was again running out of things to say and didn’t seem to how to move things further.

Brad demoed by going to a two set straight on the dance floor. They loved him. I stood there like an idiot, starting to get mad at myself. I felt like I was ruining everything and that I just couldn’t have fun. Brad told me to scream as loud as could and then showed me the way by doing it himself. That felt better.

I took much initiative and went in set before he could send me into them. As I saw a cute girl walking aimlessly around the bar area, I went straight to her and led her to the dance floor with absolute decisiveness. I was grinding with her like mad and it seemed to be totally on. I go for the makeout and she flips out and runs away!
Wtf? Slightly puzzled but amused I turn around to a two set and start grinding with a hot blonde. We grind hard, I lead her and things get sexual, I don’t want to go for the makeout too soon but I can’t see how to escalate it further and certainly don’t want to go back talking about random stuff.
That’s exactly when four AMOG’s, the typical cocky guys with the weird gelled haircuts, started hovering by me.

They were full of energy, grinning devilishly at me. The leader started grabbing my nipple and did a little turning motion (I don’t know how you call that in America). They were all laughing and shit. But I continued grinding and dancing without reacting to them in the slightest possible way.
As they were expectantly looking at me, I saw their souls getting totally deflated and the light in their eyes extinguish.

They were definitely puzzled and weirded out. I had blown them out by my unreactivity. No need to do anything. Epic moment.
Even the girls were creeped out by these now deflated chode weirdos. These guys could not grasp what was happening to them. They avoided me like a plague afterwards.

So I continue practicing with the stuff Brad taught me and playing around with it. I’m losing my 100% confidence tough as the blowouts somehow seem to indicate that I am doing something wrong. The girls seem cold and unresponsive, while in fact they were, as Brad told me, just screening for the chode. I do a couple of moving claws which go well. I must have been in the middle of a conversation when I saw Brad open a girl who was about to leave.


So Brad and his girl are just talking. The kino is light, and they both inject a couple of words here and there. Suddenly Brad grabs her by the hips and switches position with her so that he is the one leaning against the wall. For a little moment he seems so relaxed and chilled out; it is the perfect picture of a hot girl gaming a cool guy. As he nonchalantly lets her invest more and more (mind you all this happened in the space of less than a minute), he seems just cool and totally non outcome attached.

Now that this is obvious, forward motion kicks in!

On a random impulsion, Brad takes his girl, lifts her up in the air, turns her around, and makes her slowly slide down the wall with both of their bodies tightly locked. You should have seen the look on that girl’s face. It was like she was saying ‘Finally there’s a real man here! Take me!’ Brad had spiked her BT so hard that she had the shocked and awed expression on her face of a woman who was falling in love, in a heartbeat, for a mysterious stranger who had just swept her off her feet. Brad repeatedly went for the makeout during the slide down. She wouldn’t have it and gave some resistance. He was just smiling and continued to go for it like 8 times in a row!!! She was giggling, trying to resist and control herself. Brad only managed to peck her slightly on the lips, but she had to go away since her friends were basically dragging her out.

Now you’re telling yourself “dude, with all that you just described, I at least expected him to get a makeout out of all this!!! What’s so glorious about it?!?”
But just wait for what’s coming next.

I go up to Brad and tell him that was an awesome moment. We can’t talk for than 20 seconds since out of the corner of my eyes I see the girl (who just go out of the club) come back RUNNING to him! She literally jumps in his arms, yells that she decided to stay here with him, and tongues him down in the most passionate and sexual way! Dude, talk about demo times! What I got here was more like full porno times! :D

I watched Brad in awe during that magical moment. I think some guy once said value was like a magnet…
My eyes widened in wonder. I wasn’t seeing it at all like this pickup demo “oh yeah he opened with this, then did this, etc..” ; I was just touched by the beautiful moment he was offering her and seeing both these strangers enjoy and celebrate life together beyond socially conditioned realms. This is the skill we all really strive to cultivate; having found a treasure inside of ourselves, we content ourselves to enrich other people’s lives just by coming in contact with them. At the top of my state, I feel like Bill Gates would feel in a monetary way: he just has so much cash that he could distribute it to people around him for the rest of his days and still die a rich man. When in sate, I feel that I am so cool that I automatically pass it away to people around me, because I have this coolness in infinite quantity and so I naturally feel like throwing it at people around me otherwise I would just choke on it if I were to keep it all to myself.

Brad is the incarnation of the high value type of person. Nothing in his demeanor seemed forced. I felt his strong charisma coming from what he wasn’t doing rather than what he was doing. So you think your typical RSD instructor has to yell, dominate you, cut you off, show that he’s the one in charge, etc.?

Not at all.

Brad listened to me with full attention, was totally likable and talked to me on the same level as I was. He freely let me interrupt him to ask questions and stuff; this only increased my respect for him and made me more willing than ever before to learn from someone. I really felt fortunate to have had him as my teacher. That guy gave the definition of ‘alpha male’ a complete new meaning to me.


Afterwards we go downstairs to talk a little in the VIP area. Matt is already working a two set. He introduces me to them and as I am talking to my new target, I see Brad and Matt placing a chair and place it in position expectantly waiting for me to sit on it. I execute the move with full grace and I‘m completely in. The vibe is awesome and the girl is already telling me that I am cool and stuff. I know it’s on.
She tells me she had an English exam the next day and I tell her how she should come back to my place for an extra exam lesson. She doesn’t seem to refute the idea and starts laughing out loud. I give her a massage and I make her promise to show me some dirty moves on the dancefloor. So I lead her upstairs by taking her hand, like always. We start to grind real hard. I tell her she’s sexy and that we should stop otherwise I’ll have to kiss her. We continue dancing but nothing comes out of it since apparently missed the ‘window’ and got to attached to the outcome of making out.

Brad and I go upstairs where he encourages me to push the envelope further. He sees a hot blonde girl upstairs near the dancefloor. I go straight in. All my attempts to bring her to life are vain, I miserably fail to elicit any kind of response and eject. I feel like the biggest chode in the place.

We go to the bar and since Brad is busy talking with a girl who engages him, Matt sends me in a mixed set leaning by the wall. They are both older and it really seems like a bad idea but I go on anyway. I whisper in the girl’s ear how cute she is and start fluffing. She looks puzzled, but not as much as the big guy in front of her whom I have been ignoring the whole time.
They guy wants to know who the hell I am. I am starting to acknowledge him talking situational stuff to diffuse him. He’s pissed and asks “But what’s your point here?!” I plough and soon enough befriend him. We high five and shit and the guy tells me how he flew from Italy to meet this girl here tonight and how they really like each other. I think it’s really cool and now that the social pressure has dissipated, proceed to eject properly. I have since then taken a stand to go for the most ‘difficult’ situations ever just to deal with the social pressure.
I will look death right in the eyes and say “I like turtles!”
=> The day I stop evolving will be the day I die.

We then go down stairs for debrief time. I feel drained, exhausted, sick, ashamed and really down in general. Brad asks me why the fuck I think that way since this is a really difficult venue to work in and that I managed to pull off some awesome stunts. I did isolate, I grinded hard with some girls, I was really physical and always went for it no questions asked.

He was the very definition of a positive guy, truly living what he preached. What his attitude taught me was probably the most valuable thing I would bring back home with me.


This night had been the true test. Basically, he told me that he was really happy with me and that I just needed to push the envelope even further and things would unfold progressively.
I just had to go for those reference experiences and everything would be fine. He pretty much told me to keep shipping away at it and work on everything we had discussed previously.

I still felt negative at the time. We had gone over time and Brad told me I was now free to stay or go back to my hotel for some sleep. As we were doing debriefing, the two set with the blonde girl I had grinded with sat next to us. They seemed exhausted and they certainly were looking for something more than rest.
I suggested Brad to try to threesome them and I saw him try to work out the logistics. They were very difficult to read and generally confusing. It wouldn’t happen tonight for him either.
I come back to life for one final battle and order the blonde to come dance with me before I split. After some arguing between the two girls and me standing there expectantly, they both follow me upstairs. I take the brunette by the hand and position them near the dancefloor since it was too packed to fully get there. Since I understood some German, I had heard the brunette urging the blonde to promise her not to do anything stupid either with me or with someone else…
As I start dancing a little, they almost instantly say they are actually looking for a friend. I’m like “WTF?” The blonde waves at me dismissively and off they are, leaving me standing there like the ultimate chode.

Ouch. One more painful sting. I run back downstairs to tell Brad and Matt goodbye and abruptly leave the club.

My god. This was tough. I was exhausted and emotionally drained. This evening had been a rollercoaster but eventually… this night had opened my eyes.

I would never be the same again.
As I recorded the run of the events at my hotel, I felt a sense of euphoria.
That massive pain I had felt, that feeling of shame and disgust was what it took to make me stronger than ever. It was my pain period. And I was over it.
I was alive.

I had done well.
I was positive. I was happier than ever.
I was extremely proud of myself.

The boy I was before bootcamp had evolved. I was seeing things differently now. I was metamorphosing. This was really happening. Transformation.
All this negative shit wasn’t necessary anymore. My goal had been achieved.
I knew it was all real and I was ready for more.
I could take more now than I have ever thought I could be capable to take before.
I watched myself surface as a powerful man out of the darkest place there ever was.
Time to live my life to the fullest.

I didn’t change during the evening. I changed as I recovered from it during my sleep and especially when I woke up the morning after.
I felt like I had just come out of this obscure cave I had lived all my life in and emerged more powerful than ever.

I was on the path to become whom I was always meant to be.
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 Awesome Writeup L, report back and let us know how the journey rolls out...

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Solid report.
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Haha.. now I feel very validated ;)

cool write up, expect big things out of you :)
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Day 3

It wasn’t like the world had suddenly changed.

As I looked in the mirror, the man pretty much looked the same. There was no visible sign of transformation yet.
But internally, it felt as if a volcano had errupted.

At that point, I was the only one to know. The world would soon be my witness.

What really happened was that the night before had ignited change.
That’s what it had been all about.

RSD had lifted me up to a place where I could see the green light and I could now tell myself: ‘sko’!

=> It was time to go for the life I wanted and now felt I diserved.

I woke up more centered and mentally stronger than ever. It wasn’t due to some earth shattering epiphanies or success with chicks with fake boobs and plastered make up; it was purely and simply because I just had been through more bullshit.

I had fucked up enough to be certain it didn’t matter anymore.

They same sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.
I say I will always win.

I wasn’t afraid anymore.

Seminar started

I took notes but it almost flew over my head.
What the heck had I been doing since I joined the community? Why had I wasted all this time and energy into compiling knowledge and planning for the perfect approach?
The perfect approach is an illusion.

Being in field was the answer to all my questions and sticking points.

I had to find a way to make this work for myself.

I had to find my own path.

I was on a mission to figure this out for myself.

Now was the time.

We didn’t do any exercises or day game practice, which was actually disappointing but Brad said he knew I would do good in such settings judging from my abilities in more chilled out and low energy environments. So we discussed concepts and stuff, but I just couldn’t wait to be out in the world, fully unleashed.

All this talking made my head spin for all I wanted now was action. This was probably the greatest side effect of BC.

After a nice wrap up and some hugs came the toughest moment of BC: the exit.

I was on my own again.

But it came over me as a great liberation.

It was up to me now.

Did this BC change me? Yes, and in the most unexpected ways.
And now I was back into the wild.

Brad, Matt, RSD; words cannot express my gratitude. I will never forget that crazy and transformational weekend. Thank you so much guys; you rocked my world.

My momentum had just built and built.

The biggest goal was to keep this state and not fall back into old chode habits or negative thought patterns.

That would be my true battle.

A long way home awaited.

As I boarded on the train and crashed in my seat, a girl took a seat in front of me.

She was cute.

I stopped thinking. It was all action by now.

I had already opened her before my mind could come up with million reasons not to.
What a revolution. It was automatic.

Not even that big of a deal, maybe just an afterthought.

But it was too late now…

She was already into me.

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