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HTL's Odyssey
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I've been meaning to write up my other field reports but have been rather busy and a bit tied up - today I spoke to one girl from 10:30pm to 1:20am ... and left with a handshake -- after you've stopped laughing could you please come over and punch me in the stomach - and then please tell me how to grow some b@lls....yeah - I'm a chode.....

I'm not pissed of cos I didn't get laid - I'm pissed off, cos I knew what I needed to do - yet didn't follow through. I should have at least made out with her....

Location/Time:World Bar, 3rd Mar

Type: New record for being in set - once again established very deep rapport - idiot leaves with a handshake - What a Chode...

Got to World Bar around 10:15.

Went for a walk around - didn't see anyone I knew. Rang Judas - he didn't pick, Matt_me49 was stuck at home due to logistics, Nobody had things to do so left early, just before I got in.

Shit - so it's me, myself and I - That's cool - I was in a positive mood anyway.

Go outside in the courtyard area and play with my phone - send Matt_me49 a long text.....

Saw a beautiful brunette also doing the same, she was leaning on a pillar... Thought I'd mirror her behaviour and use that as an opener - "hey, you waiting on friends too?"

She finishes her texting before me and moves around the pillar to talk to 2 other girls. So it's a 3 set.

By now it's 10:30.....

I finish my text and approach the 3 set, "hi I'm waiting on my friends, mind if join you guys?"

Turns out they are 3 girls who know each other but are sorta strangers. One is Austrian, one is british but she works in the backpacker place where they all live and the other girl is German and the room mate of the Austrian.

The Austrian is the closest logistically so I opened them by first speaking to her... she does the introductions.

We keep talking and the other 2 don't join in. We move to sit on a table - rest on the edge and this kinda isolates us from the other 2 girls.....

After a bit I tell he we should sit - go sit down in plain view of the girls...

They dissappear after a bit.

She goes to the toilet - I show her where it is and then wait for her outside - again playing with my phone in the meantime to keep me busy..

She comes out - we go to the dance floor - they are playing what sounds like a cuban drum beat..

The dance floor is empty... we stand and talk and she suggest going back outside - probably 11pm?

Go outside and keep talking. English is her second language so although it was a free flowing conversation it was a bit difficult to be witty, as she wouldn't understand what I say...

Conversation gets slightly flirty - I am fckin terrible at flirting.

Sticking Point - Learn to be more flirty

As we are laughing and talking we run out of things to say .. which is cool - cos then I start talking about "finding something to talk about". Keep laughing and she says - you should just say what's on your mind.... I complimented her on her face, etc.....

What I should have done was kino'ed her face as I described it - stupid me - then ended it with a C-Carress.... Yes, I'm a chode... Can someone smash me on the head

We keep talking for another hour and she says she'd like to head home soon.... I offer to walk her home... she thinks she will be fine, I keep talking, she says ok..

So leave and walk towards her hostel - 5 mins away. I suggest going to the Fish Bowl, she seems like she wants to stay out longer - have a coffee - So instead of the Fish Bowl I say lets go to Sugar Mill - Upstairs.. It's closed Monday night - so go towards Trademark again closed...

I wanted to go to a place with lounges where I could start some kind of a move - not that I have the slightest bloody idea on how to start it - well I know the theory but my brain refuses to get my muscles to take any action - cos I'm a chode

I spot Pie Time - go there have a coffee with her - keep talking for another hour -- I've been talking to this girl from 10:30am to 1:15am - I'm good at keeping a conversation going and am a good speaker... But all we are having is a polite conversation...interesting, intellectual and deep and meaningful - but not sexual....

I try an bring up the topic of what she likes in guys etc... Keep talking but it's still talking....

Next time, stop being a chode and just start talking about sex you stupid chode

Start walking her back - and I straight out ask her if she wants to come back to my place. "

She: What is this your place?"

English issues...

Me: "My house, I'll drop you back tomorrow".

"Ah, noo I will - blah blah - But you can give me your number...."

Me:"Do you have a phone?"

She: "Ah yess, I have the phone - But it is in the room and if I go to the room I will disturb all my room mates"


She: "And I don't know the number...."
Ok, she's a tourist, so....

She: "What is your number?" Tell me I will try to remember...

I tell her,

She: Ah that is a long number, I cannot remember it, I must write it down...

I normally have a pen with me.. today I didn't...

- We are walking back to her hostel -

She: "I will get some pen and paper from reception - you wait here ok? (outside)"

So I wait outside - she brings the pen and paper - I write my number down...

Then she sits next to me...

Make a move you fkin chode.... Noooooo.......

I take out my camera and say lets take a pic together...

"Ahh, nooo I dont like my picture taken....I only take pictures of scenery" --

--- Hmmm... Why was I still sitting there - you damn nice guy chode..

Why didn't you go for the make out you chode - just lean in you coward

Anyway - by this time I realised nothing was gonna happen... so we shake hands - she extended her hand first

Can't believe I didn't even kiss her on her cheek - anyway - have 3 other girls I'm working on - so will do that - and wait and see if she calls....I'm gonna forget her and my negativity now.

Thank you to whoever reads this far.

Highlights:I dunno... I wanted a ONS...I got a handshake

Conclusion: I'm still a f'kin chode - Had a pretty wonderful conversation though... yipee
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by Heretolearn on Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:07 am

OK... on second thoughts she was quite a shy girl - and probably just wanted someone to talk to??

English wasn't her first language and she said she wanted to practice speaking English...

She was pretty though - Size 4, 5"6, brunette - A HB6.5 face with a HB7.5 body..

I did talk about relationships - and having fun - but she talked about not looking for too long or you will be alone for a long time...

It was my attempt at trying to see where she stood on ONS...

Next time - I'll just ask my target - how many ONS's she's had with a naughty smile.. Is this a good idea or bad idea?

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by Heretolearn on Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:16 am

When we were sitting down, I noticed she'd keep a little distance between us... but when she told me to speak what was on my mind - our faces were almost touching...

Lean in next time you dumb chode....
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Laurence and I went out tonight...

Sarged a bit.

We opened a few sets - not that many. Went to Ivy and then Cargo..

Went beautifully - we both isolated. Different sets....

He number closed - I got my first kiss close - Swedish Babe, As blonde and blue eyed as they come... - HB7.5 ...7-10 sec makeout... made a Day2 to go skydiving tomorrow.

I gradually and continually kino escalated.

Get the number - makeout - she leaves.... and here's the funny part - I don't know what I did - but the number didn't get saved...

So I don't have her number, so no Day2 or anything for HTL with this girl....

She was so DTF it's not funny.....

I was pissed at how I screwed this up - but thanks to Laurence, who let me vent and see the positives I feel happy with the positives.

Come on laugh with me - not at me... .....
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Location/Time: Various

Type: Makeouts...

I find I'm doing ok - just OK - in most of the upscale places in the city - However in local clubs and Wollongong - where it's all social circle game and the crowd is younger and (no offence intended) less travelled/educated/international - I find it very hard to game - I get blown off quite a bit.

Discussing this with Laurence - who I really am developing a serious amount of respect for - he reckons I need to generate shit load more high energy state and work on super direct SOI's and rapid(er) escalation.

I've always struggled in the more aggressive club environment and places where social circle dynamics are king - everyone knows everyone else... What have you guys done to improve your game in these areas.

DETAILS for those who have nothing else to do but read my boring drivel:

I'm making some progress - but haven't f'closed this year.. last lay was late in December...I still have her number... but don't want her anymore....she's got a great body and a painful personality - always talking bout her problems and she always has'n shut upppp!!!

I should have f'closed last Fri but I can't believe I saved her number wrong........aahhhhhh Swedish babe - little baby blues blondey....ahhhh.....

Mon 2nd Mar:
Morning - Day 2 HBFrench - coffee, good rapport, hang out for 3 hours talking at The Rocks - hug and kiss on cheeks..
NIght - Day 2 HBGoldCoast MILF- she flakes - dinner plans
Tue 3rd Mar: World Bar - 1 set HBAustria - 3 hour conversation - leave with a handshake.. FR posted.
Wed 4th Mar: La Perouse - Day 2 HBAustria - 6 hour hanging out going bush walking...I shoulda escalated - no balls, do it at the end of the night - she agrees to come "visit" my house... gets too late in the night, wants to be dropped home - no f-close and I was a bit pissed off at her - so just drop her off and forget about her.
Thu 5th Mar: Cargo - HBSwedish - make out, numberclose and make Day2 plans - I fk up saving her number, she's lost
Fri 6th Mar: Supposed to have rescheduled the HBGoldCoastMILF Day 2 - go to city with her - She flakes again - Go sarging locally with Laurence -go into a super low state - piss off Laurence and go towards his house - turn car around - motivate myself - state's back up HIGH - go back open sets, plough, plough - Finally really understand the "Don't give a fk" philosophy... call it an epiphany if you will. A few approaches I shoulda ploughed through more... and used more SOI's.
Sat 7th Mar:Go sarging with Matt_me49 and Laurence to Bungalow8, a few approaches, all have boyfriends.. get blown off a bit - but it's cool. Open 2 HB's in the train - keep the conversation flowing for about 30 mins - get the whole compartment involved in the conversation - Laurence, Me, HB 1 & 2, few more people - just social skill practice - girls have boyfriends...was fun though
Tue 10th Mar: Finally reschedule Day 2 with HBGoldCoast - she's cool - got her pierced, etc but is a bit of a minger - looked a lot hotter in the club ... Go to Gloria Jeans for a coffee, back to my house - make out, she's a bit taken aback - cos she's a - didn't expect me to make a move - she had to run off to cook for her kids - was 7:00pm.... Asked her to come back to my place at 11am today...she said yeah... let's see if she turns up.
Wed 11th Mar:
Morning - Numberclose a girl while having lunch - HBAustria2.
Afternoon - Day 3 with HBFrench - I try to K-close she says no - she has a boyfriend in France, but she really likes to hang out with me - I back off, comfort her - hang out for another 2 hours... will text her tomorrow and keep it open - don't care if I never see her again...
Night - Sarging with Laurence at the Gong - goes ok...get blown off, but my state was pretty low ... end the night playing pool. I won playing against a stranger. Laurence gives me some great advice on being a better PUA.
Thu 12th Mar:
Morning - supposed booty call at 11am with HBGoldCoast MILF...I give her a 25% chance of turning up.
Afternoon -Then Arrange Day2 with HBAustria2, go do some daygame with Laurence - see what comes of it...
NIght- Uni party...
Fri 13th Mar - OOOhhh Fri the 13th - Bungalow/City with Laurence and the SS crew... let's see what comes of it.

Need to follow up on this lawyer I number closed at the Loft ages ago - she said she got back with her ex..
Send text message to HBFrench thanking her for today
Arrange Day 2 with HBAustria2.
Highlights: Everything - love the process

Conclusion: Any journey can be completed one foot infront of the other, one step at a time
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Location/Time: Bungalow 8, Night Mar 13th

Type: Testing the waters

The night before last at the Manning Bar Party I had the best night's sarging of my life. Got 5 number closes, 2 simple lip kisses from a 2 set and one pretty serious makeout right in the open from the prettiest girl I had rapport with that whole night - as Judas and Hank M talked to her friend just a few feet away THANKS JUDAS AND HANK you guys made it all look so natural.

Due to my previous nights results my state was high and riduculously indifferent to whatever outcome occurred.

My mind set is a mix of Law and Skater’s Practical Approach Systems and LoGun’s Natural Game Theory. Both of which I have the utmost respect for.


Saw a 3 mixed set. A guy and girl were talking to each other and the other girl was just watching. He was opening them – The guy was a natural – your typical, good natured, drunk british man - a beer in his hand and a smile on his face, born and raised in a Pub …
I went up to the other girl and asked – How’s that guy doing?
She: He’s doing really well
Me: Uh huh, he looks real cute too.
She: Yeah he’s awesome
By now he sees me staring at him and commenting – so turns to me to see what I’m doing – and says “hi”
Me: She was just telling me you’re a sex God and she wants to have a threesome with you. Can I watch?
He: Turns to the girl? Who did you tell him I was?
Me: I repeat what I said again…
Girl: Tries to join in the conversation
He: Hahaha, high five mate – give him a high five
He: We need a recorder
Me: Oh yea I can do that, I can also be the director of your film.
He: Yeah, cool
Another HB joins us and he says – oh this is the one you need to be really careful off… she’ll really mess with ya…
By now I wasn’t sure if he really knew all of them or if he was just opening them…
Law came to ask me something and I left with him as I was bored with these guys.

Saw a seated 4 set... Upon closer inspection, they weren't even HB's.

Of the 4, 2 were closer and were the people I spoke to.
Me: Hey
They: Who're you
Me: I'm just a guy, who likes going and talking to random strangers
They: Uh huh, we don't like talking to strangers - in a rude and angry manner.

Now I know that usually sets reject instantly and let you fight it out and I really didn't give a rats so decided to plough on

Me: I'm also rude, obnoxious and a complete douchebag, wanna be my friend?
They: Look at each other with a weird look - cos they really expected me to get up and run off with my tail under my legs.
They: Oh ... no .... go away...
Me: What??? Shit - there goes 3 years of theraphy..
They: Look at each other again......
Me: Oh come on, I just wanted to be social, how's your night gone so far?
They: Look, I'm not being rude or anything - but just leave ok, go on get up - move.

Me: Thinking - *ok be careful but lets see how things go*
They: We don't see you moving? Get lost
Me: WHoa... why so rude? This is a public place isn't it?
They: Listen we're gonna call security now

I was feeling more lazy than rejected and wanted to just sit there and text somebody...just for the fun of it.. almost started and they got ruder still....

They: Right, I'm gonna call security now
Me: Started to type the start of the text... and realising it's time to run as in --->RRRUNNN!!!
They: Actually start looking around for bouncers - Oh ohh!!

Got up left.

Superb comeback - Next time when you guys really blow the situation and are threatened with security- I'm gonna use this - Stand up and back off a bit - *Talk like a real intelligent guy - which is a trick I sometimes get away with* "Hey guys, thanks for your time I'm researching Social Conditioning in modern society (which is what Pick Up Artistry looks at playing with anyway) , I'm just field testing my theories about the various protocols used in social settings and how people respond to different stimuli - By now they probably are wondering WTF??? Thank you for your feedback and giving me something more to work with. Have the best night - Bye - and leave with a proper, friendly smile.

Now if your sober and can speak with confidence this should at the very least reduce the threat of you being in trouble with the bouncers. If you really, pull this off......they might be curious at this stage and ask you to sit down and explain again - highly unlikely - I've never seen women reverse their views instantly, guys will laugh it off, but women in my experience - make up their minds and then don't really change it that quickly -

The main reason for doing this for me would be to give me some closure over the rejection. For you now leave the set in a calmer state of mind - but remember sometimes, running is better It is up to you if you wish to give such rude people more of your time
Went back and looked for Law and another PUA from RSD don't know his nick...
By now they were in a two set themselves.
Went off to find Law's female friends - so for once in my life I actually was looking for "Lisa" - These were just girls we were out with - nothing more than that.
Walked around a bit, didn't find them... came back to the set, took Law's phone to call them. Found them and came back - by now Law and the RSD guy had finished with the set.
Went and danced with the girls - or rather danced near them...Saw Law's 2 set there dancing with us - got him to introduce us.
Bantered a bit for around 5 mins… asked them if they wanted to come outside. They said no, they’re dancing. Kept bantering – got bored and left them there…..
Went and sat with Law – had the stupidest conversation – We started on the drive into the city – “What do you get if you breed a lamp post with a street light? Do you think doors and windows have sex when we’re not looking?”…….. yeah crazy shit – I was in the mood for it.

Law’s female friends came and joined us, asked us to buy them drinks…. I don’t think I’ve ever, ever NOT supplicated to a girl so much – actually I think I was almost ignorant towards them… not very polite at all. But I was having so much fun talking to Law and they were being such brats, that I felt they deserved to be ignored.
They went and danced again.
Law heard a song he liked so we went in and danced to it.
Law is a good dancer – he also likes mermaids, if you want to buy him something for his birthday.
I went and sat next to the girls as they danced. Opposite me was a Fashion model from Hawaii. No seriously she was a HB10 in my book, a stunner – ask Law -- drool.
Opened her and kept talking as the girls danced with each other….bantered for 10 mins and it was almost closing time. Asked for her number – she said she didn’t have a phone – so got her email instead.
Bungalow closed, went up to the Loft. Sat down with Law and his two female friends … saw a 1 set by herself, super direct opener –
Hi, do you feel like having a conversation or would you rather be left alone.
Haha, I’m waiting for my boyfriend…
I said something polite… her boyfriend came back.
Talked to both of them for another 30 seconds and left.
It was another superb night out. Thanks guys.
Highlights: Email closing the fashion model

Conclusion: You make your own reality – it’s all good as long as you feel it’s all good –
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What do you guys do to generate State?


Get out of your head?

Location/Time: Hugos, World Bar Sun 15th Mar Night

Type: Hanging out with myself

Supposed to meet Havana for Salsa lessons - which I was late for - stupid, stupid HTL... so instead went to the X.

Went to Hugos got myself a LLB and walked around.... there were a ton of HB's around...

Opened a 3 set of Dutch girls which became a 6 set. Only really talked to one girl who was being polite to me - she was a little (as in only slightly) keen but my state was low and I wasn't projecting much energy - I could feel the situation slipping away, her friend just rudely leant in to speak to her and blocked me out - her body position was such that I was now outside the group.

Walked around to the Lounge - loads more people, some dancing, some talking I sat in a corner took my phone out and played with it for a bit - desperately trying to get out of my head - which is kinda like kicking about in quicksand - the more you try to get out, the deeper you fall in... Anyway got bored and went to Sugar Mill, downstairs was empty - Upstairs, there was only 2 girls.... The whole place had 6 people in it.

I got a pineapple juice went over and said hi.

They: Look, I'm sorry but we are in the middle of a major D&M....
Me: ....oh ok......chodish rot...

Sat down and watched a mixed set in the corner - 2 girls and a guy - the guy had them both engaged and they were having a fun time.

I should have bounced from the 2 set straight to the mixed set - the golden 3 second rule for newbies............But I didn't....... I sat there, finished my juice and left.

Went back to Hugos, got a glass of water - found a place to sit - next to a 4 set from Norway - opened with a "Hi, I'm Joe/John/Jack" I'm gonna use that name from now on until I feel it's worth telling them my real name. The girl nearest to me talked for a bit - like maybe 2-5 mins maxx... then they all get up and run off to wherever the fk they go. Sweet - more place to sit for me

See a huge mixed set on the other end of the couch - it's a long couch that extends in a semi circle - 6 guys and 1 girl. The girl is at the end - I open the closest guy and start talking. A fella at the other end joins in and comes sit next to me - Awesome friendly chaps... after talking to me for about 10 mins he says mate I gotta get back to my friends now. Nice guy - I tell all his friends that (He) their friend - is such a nice social guy and bounce - go for a walk...

See a 2 set - "Oh we are in a D&M...."
Me: Cool - talk to me - I love D&M's
They: Uhmm nooo
Me: WHy no strangers allowed...
They: Nooo...

Me........ Fuckn chicks..... why do they have to be such hard work...

Turn around and there are 2 guys sitting there.... Talk to them for a bit then move on.

See a HB10.. 2 set - sit down, talk to her for 5 mins.... Ask the who all are in the group - oh me and her (sexy friend) and those 3 guys - that's my BF...He doesn't like me talking to strangers.....
Me: But why? I'm just a friendly guy....I honestly couldn't see her point?????? What are they so scared off??????
Me: Cool, you have a good evening, I'm off...

Go outside see this HB10 sitting by herself - "Hi I'm HTL..."
She's a Pharma Sales Rep with a MBBS degree....
Talk for about 10 mins.....

I didn't escalate the vibe quick enough ... I feel the vibe drop.....By now it's too late.

She goes to "see where her friends are"..

I go to World Bar. Open a Japanese 4 set - they start talking to me for about 1 min - then see their friends and run off..

Walk around - feel more chode... Go home.

Highlights:Talking to that HB - naaaa getting out of the house

Conclusion:Dunno, need to "STAY" out of my head and analyse less
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HTL FR: I am Perfect
by Heretolearn on Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:55 pm

Yes, I'm perfect - it's others who are at fault.....

Don't believe me?

Well neither do I - so it's all good, we agree on something.

I need to learn to be more assertive and continue to work on my inner game.

Conclusion: There are NO RULES to pick up – just your ability to make the best out of every situation you find yourself in. Constantly work on improving yourself by refining your sets of principles, increase your self-awareness and gain more knowledge – most of which should come from the field and only some of which from field-tested theory.

Location/Time: World Bar, Goldfish, The Loft, Cargo, Bungalow8, The Argyle,

Type: 1 makeout, simple sarging

Tue 17th Mar World Bar, Goldfish
St Paddy’s Night
Go to the bar upstairs to get water – Ask a 2 set if they’ll buy me a drink, they say they’re broke – they get their drinks, leave.
Get my water go downstairs, meet Pirate and Law - Open a Danish 4 set with stupid hats, talk, whisper stuff in 2 girls ears, their boyfriends come in and they walk away. Walk around, open more sets… too loud and too many people to do anything…
Leave to Goldfish – see a seated 4 set – go sit down, they’re on holiday here – blah blah – Hey me and my friends are off to the city wanna come? We have two cars, more than enough place ….
Noo, I’m busy,,, I stopped listening…. Number closed the hottest girl there – It was a real number – but I could see that it was going no where – left the premises. Went back to World Bar – again, too loud… went home.

Thu 19th Mar Spectrum - Hot Damn
Didn’t open a single set – enjoyed myself playing pool though Went to the strippers thanks to some free passes from DT thanks bud

Fri 20th Mar The Ivy, The Argyle, Bungalow8, The Loft
Met up with the boys as Pirate had organized a night out. Thanks Pirate. Met up with Swifty – went upstairs with him. Hung around for a bit. Swifty for those of you who don’t know him has a superb, natural “easy going” style. Enjoyed watching him open a couple of sets.
Bounced to The Argyle with Swifty had a real fun time just hanging around with him as we waited for Flow opened an awesome mixed set and had a real fun conversation with them. Flow came in and we opened a few more sets. I think they may have been friends of his…
Went to meet Law and a few RSD guys at Bungalow started dancing – Matt there’s too – I always love it when Matt and Law are around – those guys have a real naughty vibe about them – which makes me feel mischievous too… Start dancing with this girl – J from Perth – She was a HB10 in my view…. Talk crap – You a good kisser? Huh? Bam Makeout…dance for a few minutes more – another makeout.
She goes to the bathroom – disappears… see her outside with friends… then she says she’s leaving as we bump into each other again…. Bullshit… oh well…. She was a good kisser
There was this girl that was dirty dancing with Matt before – Went and found her – she was talking to a real big guy – Matt and I walk up and start a flirty conversation I try and engage the guy – she says she’s married…
Some time later I see her and her friend – I ask her friend straight out if she wants to makeout…… I had mad state----- friend says noooo……. Walk around – nothing
…. Later that night I see the married friend number closing that guy…married huh??

Sat 21st Mar The Argyle, Bungalow8, The Loft
Reach The Argyle around 10… open an older girl at the bar, talk for a bit… move on… join the famous Chode Crystal for a bit – open a 2 set – PLOW AND PLOW AND PLOW - end up with the sexual jokes… the girls are loving it – but by now I see how much work this is and back off my intent and just enjoy the conversation until my mates wanted to leave.

Go to Bungalow… open a mixed set – turns out to be a work function – the guys there get their boss to do an interview with me…… I got his number gonna call him on Monday

Go up to the Loft open a seated 5 set with Havana turns out to be a hens party and the girls all want to be friendly – but no more. They didn’t get let in to Bungalow so were a bit pissed off… I’m interested in picking up – I’m not interested in talking to girls, I have MORE than enough female friends in my life.

On second thoughts I can see Havana’s point – but I’m a bit more “action oriented” than he is – purely cos he has a small harem of FB’s and I don’t…. ……..

I go back down to Bungalow – fool around with the guys…. Open a set or more – come back to the Loft…by now it’s pretty late – close to 3am.

See a seated 2 set – a lovely older girl and a younger one.

Open, start a conversation…… Suddenly am joined by Havana’s friend and another wing…… Great – here we go again…. 4 guys 2 girls….

I get my wing to help out and he leaves for a bit…

Soon Havana’s friend leaves too…

Then due to a ridiculously irritating set of circumstances…no details necessary nor will I give them…. The set gets fucked….. Which had me furious for a while…..both the single girls leave to their hotel room near by. The loft closes, we go home.

It’s ok – life goes on, I’ve come so close yet am so far it gets a bit under my skin sometimes.
1. HBSwede - Missed saving the number for a guaranteed lay…honestly she was lovely .. awesome make out.
2. HBUni - Walked her to her house but had no one to isolate her friends and had to drop others home… she was hot and horny and in the moment …my best public make out ever now I’ve called her twice and no response..
3. HB10 - Escalated the makeout with the HB10 but didn’t close her – even verbally – she coulda said no or yes – but I didn’t ask so will never know… I shoulda pulled her to a toilet.
4. HBMilf - Pull to my flat, nice make out, heavy petting...... a bit of LMR... I wasn't interested by this stage anyway....
5. HBBrit - The lady from last night had the look in her eyes and I could feel it – but never got a chance to get a word in due to the damn irritating set of circumstances.
6. Haven’t f-closed since December…

We look for love, no time for tears
Wasted water's all that is
And it don't make no flowers grow
Good things might come to those who wait
Not to those who wait too late
We got to go for all we know – Bill Withers

Highlights: Making out with a 10
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Mar 22 - Apr 2 - Sat at home feeling sorry for myself.......
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Due to personal issues I decided to stop sarging. As a result I stayed home from late March to 2nd April.
I was pissed at my lack of results too. No makeouts in the last week and I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN LAID THIS YEAR!!!!!
Anyway, personal issues (career related) got sorted; I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and bought myself a ticket to a singles party in Surry Hills on Friday

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3rd April
Due to an important appointment I reached the party 3 hours late.
At 11pm for a party that started at 8pm. By now there were way to many guys.
Entered the bar, got my water, opened the first set I saw. Mixed set of 3, opened them with my usual “HI, I’m HTL, how’s it going”.
Noticed they weren’t that beautiful as soon as they finished their sentences I left politely. Walking through the crowd looking at everyone, didn’t seem much. Reached the end of the first room of the bar (2 rooms, bar area and couches area).
See a beautiful blonde HB9, 5’10, size 6.
“Hey, who’re you?” – That’s my favourite opener by the way. – HEY!!!! BIG SMILE, who’re you?!?!
Blah blah
So who are you here with? 2 guys and 1 girls - she took me back to the set.
Talked to the whole set and kept them entertained for a few seconds, I could see that the guys were really nice guys and were trying their hardest to pick up these girls. So pulled one guy slightly to the side and asked him who he wanted – straight up, he laughed, I got more serious – Na, mate, it’s cool – I like you and your mate. I’m serious, which girl do you want – He said he was cool, but his mate wanted the blonde, I liked her friend better. But I couldn’t stay in set without it becoming a social conversation. So I said – ok mate go ahead, I’ll leave you will be far better two on two.
Moved away into the couches area – saw a HB9 from Mauritius (looked liked a mixed race not fair enough to be a white, but not dark enough to be Brazilian either) sitting with her typical ugly friend (short, ugly)...
Hey, how’s your night so far? Met any nice guys? Then kept talking and talking. She was opening up a little and I managed to get her more open – her friend was by herself sitting there just listening, growing more and more bored…
I keep talking to her and she seemed to open up a little bit more, but by now I was getting a little irritated that after 5-10 mins I was still having to carry the conversation. I left.
Got another glass of water and came back to the same area – saw a HB8 in a black dress sitting on the couch infront of the same Mauritius girl – I asked her if the seat next to her is taken – the guy standing infront of her says hi to me – He’s her husband?
I take the girls hand and see no ring? I take his hand next and see no ring there?
I ask him straight out, in a polite and friendly manner – mate what are you and your wife doing at a singles party with no rings? It’s pretty weird? He points to a guy sitting next to him and says we’ve come because of him - he is single and looking to meet someone.
Talk to the guy and his wife for a while and bounce back to the bar –
See a beautiful 2 set and open them, lovely tall blondes, look smart and sophisticated – Loft types they are polite but it’s a GO CALL YOUR MUM CONVERSATION – and I don’t see any IOI’s in their eyes or body language.
I liked them though (as people, instead of just pussy) – so I ask the women if they see any guys they like tell me and I’ll go bring the guys over. One the girls indicates that her friend likes a tall guy.
I keep talking to the friend – while the hotter girl is opened by idiots (morons with no game) they come and start talking to the friend. I keep making conversation with my girl – she’s not being too receptive… I take out my phone and start texting the guys – need to see who is out so I can bounce to them.
Finish with the party – move to The Loft
Search for Havana who isn’t there – he’s at the bungalow.
Find him – sarge opening set after set – it’s all going great… but apart from polite conversations nothing further happened……..
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Did I tell u bout my future vision of myself as a child?

This was in a TV program
A boy is the star of the show - family soap opera
on one episode - his mothers old friend comes to visit them
the friend is a man
he is a rich James Bond type smooth guy
he comes and hangs out at the house a bit and he is very cool compared to the boys dad
then they show how beautifully in love the boys parents are
the friend sees this
the next day the friend takes the mother out for dinner
a nice friendly conversation - thats all
a few days later
the boy is playing soccer for his school
the parents are watching
the man comes and talks to parents
then comes up to the boy (child)
plays with his hair in a playful fatherly manner - and says
Son, it was great to meet you - u should have been mine.
then gets into his nice flash car and drives away
I always saw myself as that guy
Has the money and car
but no loving relationships and no girl


HTL says:
I have always seen myself as a nice guy - but never the guy who gets the girl
I think I still don't belive I can "get the girl"
as in internally - I have that limiting belief in my core - even though the reality of my experiences dictate otherwise.
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