January 18th, 2019
HTL's Odyssey
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Greeting fellow Artists,

Once upon a time, somewhere under a rainbow lived HTL. He was young, popular, handsome, spectacularly well spoken and had well above the average level of intellience. As a result HTL always had women around him who liked him and who he had massive crushes on.

However and there always is a "BUT" in these stories despite all his other rockstar qualities poor HTL didn't have a clue on how to close. He could open anything under the Sun, but closing? Uhmm.....

After realising that he was using barely an iota of his potential HTL decided that enough is enough.

It's time the girls in the world realised what they were missing out on.

Let's chronicle his odyssey ............

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Well... might as well make it public. Some are more important than others - but all are important. Any help will be seriously appreciated.

1. Go study law

1.MAJOR PERSONAL GOAL - Learn to dance, club style, latin, etc - It really is a source of shame to me that I can't dance to save myself- Time - as soon as I find a job I'm joining classes.
2. My first competitve kick boxing fight - June or afterwards, haven't trained in years.
3. Meet you guys and/or go out at least once a week
4. One hour a day to read up on PUA material
5. One hour every other day reading - general
6. Touch my toes - I have the flexibility of a stone - End of year
7. Move from Campbeltown to a bit closer to the city/Action areas - When I get stable in my new job
8. Gym 5 days a week ideally, 3 days minimum, just need to maintain it, I'm doing ok so far.
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Location/Time: World Bar, 3.2.09
Type:Losing my Sarging Virginity - First Sarge Night

Short version:
Met heaps of you guys - What an awesome bunch, thanks Dr. Love for setting up this forum. Pirate, Swifty and Matt_me49 for all the advice, HUGE thanks to Nobody for all the Inner Game advice.

Met LOADS of sets. Opened quite a few.

Highlights: Talking to this Canadian chick on holiday. One number close - another girl.

Strengths: Very, very low AA, seem to get at least 2 mins with each and every set that I opened. 30 mins with the longest.
Weaknesses: Keeping a conversation flowing, trying to keep the tone fun and preventing it from becoming an interview type question session. How to build tension and escalate. Mindblanks.

Unedited Brain dump long version - this is unedited so apologies if I tread on any toes, just telling it like I saw it, no offense intended, Got home at 5 am, slept by 5:30 got woken up by 8... so.. :

Got to the cross about 8:50 found World Bar and entered. 1st thing that struck me was how friendly the bouncers and staff/door were.

Found Pirate and introduced myself and we joined Swifty. Talked between us for about 30 mins as the place filled up. Sitting across from us was a 3 set. Talked to Pirate and Swifty of possible opening ideas, my newbieness showed I guess... by the time the girls moved on.

Woofy, Dr Love, Matt_me49 and Chameleon turned up.

Pirate went off somewhere and Swifty and I were by ourselves, saw a 2 set and decided to just go say hi - I stood up and made a couple of steps and they were joined by their boyfriends, so kept walking and sat with the other guys.

Swifty joined us in a bit and it was just the two of us alone - in a few mins a 4 set approached us and sat down. Started off a conversation, kept it light cocky funny, good fun - they kept buying us shots, typical girly pineapply stuff, but hey I was there to practice... 3 shots, probably 30-45 mins - conversation going great. Swifty took off and Chameleon joined in. The set of 4 grew to a set of 6, woofy and I think matt_me49 joined in too and then left in a bit.

Now both Chameleon and I were talking to the same the rest of the set was getting bit isolated - they were a bit nervous and were hanging out by themselves... shoulda looked after the whole set - will remember next time.

They left to go inside. I sat there with Chameleon - told him that when we are out we should decide to pick a girl each and not just randomly switch our attention between girls. Protocol should be if one guy is building rapport with one girl and seems to be making progress, leave that girl to him - or you start competing with your wing mate - and we both loose....

Walked around, saying hi to the various Sargers I recognized. Explored the place, starting to get full. Saw a girl waiting near the stairs, just said hi and maintained fluff talk - she was a bit older and I didn't care... so let the conversation finish and left.

Saw a 2 set leaning against a wall. "Hi are you girls enjoying yourself?" Can't remember something to that effect" - 1 HB5 and I fat ugly bitch.. this was practice so I was approaching for the sake of it... She replied "Why won't we be enjoying ourselves... I realised I had asked a question that made them seem "negative".. Tried to talk around it but they were bitchy about it - who cares next.

Kept walkig, reached outside, bumped into matt_me49, saw a 2 set - hi girls, can't think of anything to say, just wanted to see what you're like... With the music and their level of sobriety, they barely heard anything - matt_me49 joined in, fluffed talked for a bit and they left...

Went back in and found the 1st group from the evening. There's 2 left from the original 4 set. "Hi, I've lost my friends" In a "give me symphathy" tone... join in and start talking - break in to another 2 set thats joined them - at this stage it's a 4 set.

Conversation going well, introduce myself to the rest of the group, keep the tempo up.. number close the girl from the start of the evening. She moves to the other side of the room to talk to a few other guys who drove in - in a Porsche...allegedly. I continue talking with the others. One of the girls is a Canadian on Holiday, talk to her about herself - getting very strong IOI's - Intense eye contact, flirty looks, heaps of hair playing, I start initiating light kino, it's going well.

Chamaleon finds us and joins in, he starts talking to the first friend, which is awesome cos I really like this Canadian chick, tall blonde HB7+ the talks going really well - Now all this talking is giving me a F*ckin REALLY!!!! dry throat. NOTE TO SELF: Carry chewing gum and make sure you always have a drink with you.

So the talks going good, but my throats killing me... so excuse myself and go get some water for the group. By the time I return Chamaleon is entertaining them both.. I rejoin and resume coversation with the girl I was keen on, Chamaleon talking to the other..

.. then the friend leaves and Chamaleon and I are both talking to the same girl again - mate no offence yea - but refer back to earlier note about no point us having to compete

See matt49 again and go chat with him cos no point continuing this point the girls start to leave...I talk to the Canadian - wassup? Off so soon? - she says her friend wants to go - try to talk to her friend who is pretty determined... damn that Canadian chick was the best girl I liked, no worries plenty more where that came from...

Go outside meet Nobody, introduce myself - chat for a bit. Approach girls as they are entering.. Walk around a bit more...Come back outside, see Nobody and resume our talk - He pulls a girl out of a 3 set. The other two move away a bit to a corner. I talk to the single girl with him introducing our names to each other and he's trying to guess where she's from... take this as a cue and go talk to the 2 set - hey where's your friend from?? Fluff/bull shit... keep talking for about 15 mins.. then they say - lets go in - Nobody says hold on and spins this ridiculous cool story about strawberries and keeps us hooked for 45 mins!!! Then we all go in for drinks... but they head outside. I gesture to Nobody and we move outside.

By this time it was around 2 am.. so we decide to call it a night.

Thanks to those who read the long version guys - I'm HERE TO LEARN -all feedback, good and bad welcome.
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Location/Time: Castle Hill RSL, Fri 6th Feb

Type: Approaches

Firstly THANK YOU to Chill69 for organising the night. Thanks for all the advice Dr Q, Sider, Daytrader and Zero.

It was a rather AFC night for me but totally worth it. Some days I am "ON" other nights my batteries are dead - today was such a night.


We started the night sitting around for about half an hour, then went for a walk around. On the 1st Floor bar/dance area I saw a pretty Indian girl. I noticed her, she noticed me, we (sargers) continued our tour.

After a few mins we returned down to meet a few new Sargers who'd arrived. I noticed the Indian HB sitting with her friend. I went over and said hi asked if I could sit next to them, they moved over on the couch and I spent about 5 mins talking to them. The girls seemed young and nervous. In the end she said her boyfriend lived in XXXXX, at which point I didn't feel like pushing through the shit test, I do not believe she had a boyfriend. I fluff talked for another minute or two and left.

Future Improvement - If a girl says she has a boyfriend, take a genuine interest in him and ask an open question about him - "Tell me a bit about your boyfriend"...

Caught up with DrQ who turned out to be an extraordinary wing and opened about 3 x sets of 2 waiting for drinks at the top floor bar. We opened but could not escalate past a minute or two worth of conversation.

Future Improvement - No idea, I think we did ok given our skill levels, either the girls just didn't dig us or I dunno - Dr Q Any thoughts?

Moved back to the dancefloor, started dancing, saw a set of 5 dancing next to us, I approached and said "Hey guys, it makes no sense a group of girls dancing separately and a group of guys dancing separately. They laughed but kept to themselves. Then two of them purposely bumped into Dr Q...

Future Improvement - Learn to dance you chump a dancefloor ain't the place to "talk"

Caught up with Dr Q and we came up with this idea of taking a napkin and pencil and going out and asking hot chicks "How many fake numbers had they given out that night?" We did about 30 approaches in the next hour, due to the nature of what we were doing it was tough to escalate. We came across 2 girls who started to shit test us very heavily questioning our motives, the bouncer who didn't like the look of us from the start came over to see what was happening, we made him part of our survey and had a great laugh. The girls who were shit testing us then asked us to follow them and took us down to meet their group of friends, we would break away to talk to other girls and they would then find us again, in the end they were just up to trouble. As we progressed we got smoother and spent about 7-10 mins on our last set of two - they were bored ugly girls though.

Yes, we didn't get to "close" in any way and probably came accross as a couple of chumps - Our purpose was to just have fun. AND I CAN SAY WE SUCCEDED. IT WAS A BLAST and helped give our bored minds something to do.

Future Improvement - Bumped into Sider who told us to incorporate our approach into a story - instead of simply conducting the survey - go up to a set, break ice, say - this friend of mine once spent an hour talking to a chick...she gave him a wrong number.. does this happen often? ....Make it a conversation. Now I agree the topic we chose did not DHV - But I like Siders approach - use a story as an opener

By this time it was rather late and I at least was feeling rather low energy. Met up with the remaining sargers and left.

Highlights: Figuring stuff out on the drive home - I understand that when approaching a girl one should just tell the girl what he feels about her on the moment - this is very easy to say in principle but rather hard for me it seems in practice

Conclusion: Realising the absolute importance of Inner Game

I look forward to working on myself and getting rid of my AFC'ness. Next Sarging day - tomorrow at the X.

Thanks for reading this far guys, I sincerely appreciate all feedback as a chance to learn more.

Kind regards
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Location/Time: The Eastern, Wed 11th Feb

Thanks to Matt_me49 for the awesome support

Type: More approaches

Reached the Eastern by 8:30, bouncers were firm - no girls, no entry. Downstairs only. Rang Matt_Me39 who kindly came out and joined me. We walked down the street and saw a 4 set approaching us. Swiss-Germans they said they were. Lovely girls, got me in to the club. Matt I think got held up somewhere.

I see Woofy at the bar, go up say hello. He introduces me to a mixed set he is with. Banter a bit with a blonde girl there.

Turn to my other side and see a two set. Can't remember what I said but I opened them, was really cute cos we were sitting in a row so the girl next to me would pass the messages on to her friend and her friend would pass them back to me. The girls were trying to shit test me hard - they both gave me 7 names each. But I was feeling humourous and kept the conversation rolling. After about 7-10 mins I invited Matt over who sat on the far end and kept the other girl company. In the meantime I had the most random conversation with the girl who I was with... she said she's an Astronaut, I said I was a deep sea explorer.....we made jokes about the people around... etc. We just laugh really loudly for no reason.. Fun stuff...But the girl Matt was with was a bit dry. He went to get a glass of water and I joined him, on returning the girls had gone.

Next time I get this comfortable with a girl I gotta escalate much faster and try for a k-close or n-close.

Approached another 2 set, they were waiting for friends and there was zero spark. After about 10 mins of pretty much boring conversation I left them.

Went for a walk around with Matt_Me49 and Woofy - tried to dance, I say "tried" cos I can only "try to dance" - Matt and Woofy - "Can dance"... You guys are friggin "A".

As soon as I find a job I gotta take some dance classes.

Then went for another walk. Approached another 2 set. Bored the crap out of me but it was practice. Matt joined in and livened things up a bit.

Saw these two really hot blondes at the bar, both were about 6 feet plus - with heels ofcourse, slim, light blonde, pretty bling, I'd say HB9's. Woofy opened them with something... then turned around back to me. After a bit I went and opened them, can't remember what I said...Then I ended up calling them dumb - was trying to neg them, but I mucked up, it sounded more rude, rather than a neg.. Still kept with the conversation and it went ok... After a bit they were taking pics of themselves and asked me to take a few of them. There was no sexual rapport here - just plain comfort.

Went upstairs with the boys. They saw a 2 set and approached them. I walked around a bit and went to find them -seeing Matt and Woofy with another 2 set I didn't have the heart to intrude and be the 3rd wheel.. Saw a mixed set of 1 guy and 5 girls. The guy was dancing funny, cos he was drunk. I went and said hi to the girls, they thought I was trying to protect them from the guy - hahaha - Started a conversation with the group and it went pretty cool for about 15 mins at least. I was speaking to the prettiest in the group too and she seemed friendly enough.

Next time, n-close before leaving.

In the mean time Matt and Woofy and their two set moved elsewhere.

I finished with my mix set which by now had grown to 5 girls and 4 guys.

Tried to find the guys but couldn't see a single one. I'd had enough for the night, so left.

Highlights: The absolutely random conversation with the first chick. I found her pretty cute too.

Conclusion:I enjoyed myself a lot on this day because I concentrated on staying "outside my head". I was completely NOT outcome dependant and things went well. Next time - always go for a close of some kind, even if just for the practice.
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Location/Time:The Argyle, Fri 13th Feb

Thanks Judas, Nobody and Havana for the openers, Thank you Chill69 for winging with me

Type: Building rapport and comfort

Supposed to meet the guys at Starbucks but I was running really late. Rang Judas, got told he was heading off to the Argyle so went straight there, reached around 9.

Saw the gang (Judas, Tempest, Chill69, Nobody, WingWoman, Swifty, Chill69's Friend, Flow, No So Sly, Dragon and another Asian guy, sorry mate can't remember your nick )outside and went straight in and started a conversation. Dragon was there - and was wondering who the hell was this random guy - who just barges in and starts talking to us - hahahah.

The group thinned a bit - Saw this two set behind me - Kept talking to Judas who gave me this awesome opener topic- "You're (meaning I am) having a date tomorrow and you want some advice on things to do." By the time I turned around the girl was alone, her friend went to the bathroom. I started a conversation with the opener and kept it going really well. For nearly 10+ mins, until her friend joined us. There seemed to be a lot of attraction there, lots of hair tossing etc, thing was she was waiting for a "guy" who was supposed to come in and take her out for Valentines day.. In the end I had to break away from the group ....

Next time - Number close you wuss - she seemed keen, she wasn't dating the other guy - nothing wrong in politely saying, "Look it was real fun talking to you, I'd like to do this again sometime and just give her your phone to put her number into..." I normally just start typing 04 and give the phone to her...Next time huh

Saw a 3 set of hot older women, standing aside, went and opened them with the same opener - got shot straight down, no mate we got no ideas, you're alright... they were not locals - so did the - hey where are you from? One of the girls was from NZ, same as me... so bantered for about 3-5 mins and it started raining so they left, they were gonna go anyway..

Walked around bumped into Pirate, bantered a bit with him, walked around and saw Swifty - saw a 2 set opened them, with a simple "Hi"... kept the conversation rolling - they were there with friends. Fun conversation. Got joined by a guy friend of there's...polite guy - started talking to him and just being social in general... turned around and Pirate had gone - should have introduced him, where were my manners...... Sorry Pirate.

Next time - number close, 1 of the two set was kinda ok and I liked her attitude, should have asked for her number, don't ask, don't get - simple

Saw a mixed 3 set, 2 girls and a guy - started a conversation, Nobody gave me an opener about tatooed girls being skanks.. invited Nobody to come in and keep the others interested... went great. But the guy was the boy friend of the girl I spent many mins chatting up - D'OH!!! They left after a bit...

Next time, make sure you sort out the group dynamics you idiot

Came back to the group, got a call from Havana. Caught up from him and introduced myself - he gave me an awesome opener about a turtle - saw a 2 set next to me - opened them with that, and things went really well. In a bit Havana joined us too and the conversation kept going fairly smoothly for a bit, bloody rain, they went inside asked us to join them, but we weren't keen.

Went upstairs, saw a 3 set, awkward seating arrangement. Havana opened, I joined in, Havana left to get another drink or something. I saw the girl had an iPhone, asked her if they were worth the hype - she said yeah it's the best thing I've bought... dunno what I said something stupid.. another neg of some sort... oh yeah I said "So you're a matierialistic girl" I was thinking of a compliment like she was posh.. but it came out wrong, or my delivery wasn't whatever - she went totally cold after that.. Her two friends were the same.

Next time - either sort your negs out or don't use em at all -

Went searching for the guys, bumped into the two girls who I used the turtle opener with and started another conversation... Finished with them, kept searching for the guys. Found em.

I wanted to n-close with the two girls, but by the time I went back they were both with guys and in deep conversations. I still approached and said bye to them.

Hung out a bit, think I may have opened another set or two.. or not.

Went back to wait for the guys. Saw the 3 set of hot older blondes - went there to say bye to them too. Dragon came in and whispered - Go for some close, no matter what ... Thanks mate - I never thought with that frame of mind before. I asked one of them for her number.... she said "No' I said why? You married? I didn't remember to look for a ring.. but said bye politely, had a little laugh and left... it was cool.

And then left to get some food with Chill69, Chill69's friend and Havana. Havana then went to a latin club, Chill69, his friend and I went to The Establishment. After a bit Chill's friend left and Chill69 and I went for a walk around the place, sat down talked for a bit, realised we were starting to get "in our heads" a bit - Saw a 4 set - I opened with "hi, thought we'd come and be social." Chill followed with - "Hey did you guys see the fight outside" - Yeah there was a fight - but not as dramatic as the one Chill described . At this stage we started to get badly AMOGed by this Asian guy sitting across the table, he kept throwing tablets at us...yeah honestly. I think the best way to defuse an AMOG is befriend him - so started a conversation and left Chill to the girls. The AMOGs were pretty cool chaps just having a laugh. The girls were pretty cold anyway - so we moved on. Went for another walk... in the whole bloody place there were ONLY two single girls.

Walked by till the end of the bar - talked about approaching, then said shit - we are breaking the 3 sec rule. Approached them and started a conversation - The girl I approached was friendly, her friend was very tired but had to me at least a lot of sex appeal.. Bantered for about 10 mins or less and they left.

Went to a quiet corner in the pokie machine area to call Havana, texted him instead. Saw the girl at the counter - no harm - "Hey where's a nice place to go?" - She and a waitress - "Ivy".... How's your night been? Blah blah banter... civil 3-5 min conversation. I leave.

Chill69 and I head off the Ivy. Walk around. Suddenly we get approached by this crazy but hold older lady, she's drunk and talking crap. We leave and go for a walk upstairs, I see a single girl, go talk to her... she really wanted a ciggarette... tried to get one from the girl next to me - but she only had one... Finish with her and get back to the original girl, but she had to run, think she wanted a ciggy bad .. or she blew me off... who cares.

Went for another walk.... The place had many hot chicks. I think the Ivy is a bit above my league - NO IT's NOT - I just need more practice

Approached a 3 set - they were cold and blew me off immediately... "Hi do you mind if I sit here and be social?" YESSS!!! Turned her face around and spoke to her two friends... They were speaking in a foreign language - so maybe they missunderstood "social"........ who cares....

Left after that. Shit it's 5:30am...... better end this.

Highlights: Had a good social time

Conclusion: YOU MISS 100% of all the shots you don't take - always go for a close of some sort, THANKS DRAGON, I'LL REMEMBER THAT FOR NEXT TIME
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Location/Time: Campbeltown
Type: Approaches

I'll keep this short -

Caught up with Laurence and hit MacArthur Square.

Email closed a shop girl who claimed to have forgotten her number...

Approached another girl who had a boyfriend (not with her) but she had a boyfriend..

Went into a stationery shop.. saw a cute girl looking at cards...

Hi, it's my sisters b'day can you help me choose a card... banter, banter - 3-5 mins...

Didn't have enough guts/presence/game to escalate so came back and joined Laurence.

Next time - Build more rapport so you can find out how to bump into her again, escalate to a mini date or number close.

Conclusion: Get out and practice more
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Guys I want to be open and use these field reports as my public (well among you guys only) journal. Please give me any feedback you want - good or bad - I'm here to learn and not very sensitive - so be direct.

Yes this is long - really long. You have been warned. Consider it an excess of newbie energy…

Location/Time: Sat 14th Feb night. Various Locations around Darling Harbour

Type:2 Number Closes, Deep Rapport

Conclusion: This was by far -BY FAR the best night of Sarging, thanks for all the motivation, support and pure energy Havana, Black_Jack, Chameleon, Laurence, Matt_me49 and Dynamo.

Met with Chameleon and Black_Jack at Starbucks. Sat and bantered for a bit.

Chameleon put a gun to my head and forced me (yes he did, that's my story and I'm sticking to it) to order the beautiful, chocolate and hazlenut cake. With whipped cream, sweetened whipped cream that is.

So go up to this cute little Asian doll behind the counter and order it.
Me: Hey how come you're working on Valentines..
She: Haha, what about you
Me: I'm out with my friends
She: Who them? Points to Black_Jack and Chameleon
Me: Yeah, so what time you finish?
She: 11pm
Me: Wow, that's late, what's your name
She: Why?
Me: So if I decide to come back and say hi later I know what to call you
She: Hahaha - didn't tell me her name
Me: Saw she was getting nervous and the manager who looked as though he was related (brother/boyfriend/etc) was by this point looking at me with eyes that looked like --->
She: Brought the cake and gave me 3 forks
Me: Heyy I only need one, this is MY!! cake
She: Hahahaaha, stop being selfish share it with your friends come on...
Me: Started to feel a bit scared of the manager and didn't want to escalate/continue.

I left with the cake, both of us laughing

Next time: Dunno - maybe visit again on a Sat night if she's there again - start up a conversation and build rapport???

Went and sat with the guys and we ate the cake having a great laugh about some random conversation we were having.

Saw a 2 set in the corner...go walk up to them and sit down at their table -
Me: Hi, I saw you two beautiful girls by yourselves on Valentines and I wanted to come and be social.
They: Be social?!?! - HUGE PANIC - one of them grips her bag and acts as though she wants to stand up...start talking to each other in a foreign tongue.
Me: I shifted to the absolute edge of my seat to create as much space as possible - smiled as warmly as my nervous self allowed - Ah - hahah no I meant just come say hi - being social you know - "hi " and I wave - (English was obviously not their first language)
They: Oh social - hi hi - hahaha - nervous laughter
Me: So you guys obviously aren't from Oz, where you from?
They: Germany
Me: Banter, banter... how's it going, what's the fun things you been doing....
They: Banter, banter in reply -
3-5 mins pass
Me: Listen we're going to this place called Bungalow8, you should come
They: Where is it? Pretending to be interested
Me: Give them directions.... I sensed that they were still nervous and I was getting bored.
Me: Ok, I gotta go join my friends, you girls think about it I'll come say bye later.

Went back finished my cake..

Before leaving - Go back ask them if they wanna come and say bye, They - Ya, ya maybe a little later... I leave and forget about them...

Go to Bungalow8. Sit down have a drink with the guys, talk crap.

Dynamo joins us - he had just number closed a pretty brunette. He told us the story and later introduces us to her.

Havana joins us, he Chameleon and I stand talking, Dynamo is with his girl and Black_Jack went off to open a 2 set.

See a 3 set with a cute Sri Lankan girl in it and 2 Malaysian girls - been wanting to open them for ages, finally decide to just go in.

Me: Hi, I just wanted to come in and be social
Malaysian Girl 1: Starts giggling
Malaysian Girl 2: Hi
Sri Lankan: Hi
Me:So what's the story here? 3 pretty girls on their own on Valentines?
SL: Oh I'm just with my mates hanging out
Me: Bantered a bit - found out she's got a boyfriend - So where is your boyfriend?
SL: Oh hahahaha, some crap I can't remember.
M G 1: Keeps giggling -
Me: I start talking to her - hey whats so funny? Banter, banter...
Me: Start talking in more detail with the SL girl, find out where she's from a little bit about her, etc...
SL: After a bit, so why you decided to come and talk to me?
Me: Well, I think you're cute, you're the only Indian looking girl here and I wanted to come and meet you - I WASN'T THAT SMOOTH, I USED 3 SENTENCES BUT THAT'S THE ESSENCE OF WHAT I SAID.
She: Smiled and nodded
Me: Bantered for another minute with her and left.

Next time: Don't try and "pick up" just go out there to meet girls and enjoy yourself - at the end if you feel like it say "Ok I'd like to see you again, how do I contact you?" If she brings up the boyfriend again - say - Why? You're not allowed to make new friends? Come introduce me to your boyfriend and his mates too it will be cool to make new friends, you know you can never have too many mates -

Go back, bump into Havana. See a 2 set of hot blondes outside having a smoke. Walk up, Havana opens, I get a mind blank so just listen in to him speaking.
Then turn to the other blonde and try speaking to her.
Now I'm not sure if Havana did this on purpose or it just happened but as we spoke we ended up on either side of them with them in between - So as soon as I started speaking to the 2nd blonde she had to turn and talk to me - so we had in essence isolated them by making them face in opposite directions.
Me: Banter, banter - she's a political journalist. --- Now I know as much about politics as I know about life on Pluto, so I try and nod at irregular intervals and try and look like I know what she's on about with a few comments. It doesn't help that I can't hear jack all due to the loud music, I cracked my skull in a motorcycle crash and have bad hearing in my right ear - she's standing to my right.

Turns out she wants us to buy them drinks, ….
I let the conversation fizzle and Havana finishes with his girl and we let them walk back to the bar. He agrees too, no point buying em drinks.
Talk to Havana, hang out for a bit. Go for a walk around – can’t see any sets. Find where the girls blondes from before are sitting – go back to Havana and say lets rejoin them. Dynamo joins in By the time we get back there’s another guy there talking to them.
A 3 set next to us take pics of each other. Dynamo offers to take their pic.
Havana opens the set and sits with them. I get a call from Laurence, he enters the place and we walk around talking and having fun. He has a cool "hi energy" vibe about him and I feel great cos of it.
Laurence goes to the bar to get drinks. I see a smoking hot blonde – 6”1, size 8….I quickly swallow any drool before it comes out and go say hi. She’s in a 3 set seated at a table.
Valentines day opener…Bored smiles from the two girls with her and her...
We were in the middle of bungalow 8 – as in right in the middle of the place at the tables in front of the bar area – I can’t be arsed shouting at her friends who made no effort to come in closer.
So I focus solely on her and start talking.
She said her friends were engaged and she was on a man diet.
Me: Oh yeah? So what part of a man are you allowed to eat?
She: Starts laughing,
Me: Notice the accent, sexy Irish lass, where you’re from – what you doing here? Blahblah…On holiday
Me: Every time I think about Ireland I picture the medieval times
She: Nooo that’s not Ireland
Me: And fairies and pixies and goblins and leprechauns and….
She: Hahaha
Me: OK tell me about a fantasy you have?
She: No, You tell me about a fantasy you have.
Me: OK, we’re both alone lost in the forest together
She: Yeah, we don’t have clothes and only have banana leaves to wear.
Me: Yeah and only some bananas to eat and as we stumble along we come to a magic rabbit…
She: Hahaha why is it a magical rabbit who points us to an enchanted tree…..
Kept up the banter and it was going great guns but her friends were bloody bored and starting to look absolutely jealous…
I excused myself and asked Laurence for help to occupy them. Chameleon joined in too and tried to keep the conversation flowing with the other girl.
I returned to my girl and kept talking it was awesome…. The conversation just flowed, due to the noise so I had to place my ear by her lips and she had to do the same. So our faces were touching the entire time – I wanted to kiss her – but didn’t know what to do ---
She radiated a lovely, delicate scent and her breath was fragrant with lipstick and champagne…… which she kept sipping and getting more giggly….
Number closed her – she’s a tourist – so gave me her overseas number…. Damn… I’ll try it tomorrow and see if she got roaming charges or something…
By now all I wanna do is kiss her..
Her friends indicate that they are leaving. Grrrr….
She goes to the toilet –
As she’s leaving this 3 set walk by dancing a bit to the music – I lock eyes with the last girl, she smiles back so I start a conversation – British on holiday, blah blah….Valentines blah.. oh just having fun being single…
She seems really keen but I’m not that into her and am “in my head with how to kiss close the blonde when she returns from the toilet”. Leave the group and turn around – notice Dynamo there. Introduce him to the girl and leave them to it. – If you’re reading this mate – how’d it go?
By now the blonde babe returns – I go hey – how daring are you?
She – Ohhh not very daring at all, nooo
Me – Haha, kiss me good bye… (DUMB NOOB)
She – Haha maybe later….
Next time – Just keep escalating kino, maintain eye contact, go for the C Caress/ Hair playing, and just fucking lean in you damn wussy noob…. She’s a tourist anyway…… Or find out where she’s going later so you can meet her again… or set up a date then and there…. RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE?
Go for another walk around, can’t see any sets bump into Laurence and decide to go to Cargo. Text the guys to join us there.
See a seated two set – approach – start talking – they’re waiting for their boyfriends…. Keep talking to them anyway for social skill practice. In a few mins their boyfriends come and join in – I shake hands and introduce myself to them. They shake hands with me with puzzled looks on their faces… I leave …
Laurence opens a one set who is also waiting for her boyfriend.
No sign of the other guys – we go try some dance floor game – all the chicks are scared and in their groups and there are too many guys.
Go to SlipInn – see a seated 2 set in yellow raincoats – what’s with the raincoats? Oh Good Vibrations….blah blah – I talk about going to the big day out….One of them continues the conversation the other starts giggling…
A guy joins us – I say hi to him and start talking to him too… he then leaves, I can’t carry the conversation any more and the girls aren’t helping… so leave.
Go for a walk around and leave back to Bungalow8 –
Stop by The Loft see a 4 set, sit down and start a conversation – Valentines opener… Blah, blah…
Nothing special a HB5.. but she seems intelligent. Turns out she is. Laurence joins in and starts talking ..
Talk about all sorts of stuff. Ask her for her number, she says yes – but don’t do anything about it. Later on about 15 + mins later I go to the toilet give my phone to her and leave. Come back from the toilet and she’s put her number in. I take her phone and call it with mine and type my name in to her phone too. Stayed in set for ages and ages... Later she goes to dance with her friends, they dance, I try to get her to dance with me, but she says no it’s a ladies night…
Matt_me49 joins us – we talk for a bit and leave to Bungalow8. See a cute 1 set puffing a ciggy. Laurence says go direct –
Hi, I saw you sitting here and I just wanted to come and meet you.
We start talking usual crap… Her friend joins us – I talk to both of them, Laurence comes over - joins in. After a bit Matt joins in. My throat was getting really dry by now – so go to get some water.
See a seated 3 set Valentines opener – keep bantering… throats too dry – need water… eject get water.
Come back, find guys – decide to leave…
Go to the Cross – open a girl at Kings Cross Hotel, she works there… usual general banter…. Leave in a bit.
Walk around Kings Cross area – it’s pretty late.
Can’t believe I’m still typing this shit……. Fck its 2:45am!!!!!!

Well I opened a 2 set – got blown off – we guys called it a night……
Highlights: My time with that blonde Irish HB9 was awesome, even though I couldn't escalate.

Conclusion: This was by far -BY FAR the best night of Sarging, thanks for all the motivation, support and pure energy Havana, Black_Jack, Chameleon, Laurence, Matt_me49 and Dynamo.
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Join Date: 02/20/2009 | Posts: 57

Date: 17th Feb
Location/Time:World Bar, The Gaff
Type:AFC time
Thanks for the support Matt_Me49

Opened a 3 set at the inside lounge in World Bar. My usual opener - "Hi, I wanted to come meet you girls"...Matt_me came in - then went off to get drinks.

Tried to talk to all 3 - went well, needed Matt back as I wanted to build deeper rapport with the girl I was targetting. The bar was crowded and it took him a while to come back. By the time they left to get their free champagne.

Talked with Matt for a bit, then spent the next half hour walking around like a typical AFC, just couldn;t seem to find a decent set...

Saw my 3 set seated upstairs - in a bloody loud place... approached again but it was way to loud to have a conversation. I could barely hear anything.

Went downstairs opened a 4 set taking pics, they went in for drinks/blew me off whatever...

Feeling my energy levels drowning...

Call Matt and head off, one of Matt's friends a HB joins us, says she's going to the Gaff too to meet friends.

Reach the Gaff, stand around a bit, open a 4 set... last 3 mins, going nowhere.

Matt's friend comes back, stand around with them - see guys approaching and hooking up all around me - I feel a bit inferior there... it's LOUD, can't hear.... girls getting approached all around me... crazy stuff....Stand around like a Chode and dance a little with Matt and his friend. Normally I would never have stuck around, but was in rather AFC mode. Sorry Matt.


Highlights:Pretty shit night, but yeah, you get these

Conclusion: It's ok to have bad nights...
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Location/Time:Thu 19th Feb, The Ivy
Type: Simple Approaches

Opened several sets with Laurence.

Sticking points - Learning to isolate a girl from the group. I can't keep the whole set entertained and the mother figure of the group comes in and they leave.

What have you all done to isolate?

Highlights: Fairly balanced night.

Conclusion: Uhmm... game was average, not too good, not too bad.
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Join Date: 02/20/2009 | Posts: 57

Location/Time:Fri 20th Night, The Argyle, The Establishment, The Loft, Bungalow8, Cargo

Type: Number Close, D2 arranged, Deep rapport, Time spent in set record

Left a little late - got to The Argyle a little after 9pm. Went with SkaterBoy and Laurence.

Entered, went for a walk around, found the guys said hi to a few of them. Caught up with Havana my wing and went for another walk around. Reached the smaller bar upstairs saw a 5 set. - Havana wanted to talk to a girl part of a seated 2 set. One of the 5 set was seated... said I wanted to sit down, she moved a bit and I sat next to her then tried to move a bit so Havana could sit next to me as then he would be sitting next to the girl he wanted.

Not enough room - so the girl I was next to had to get up - this was my opener anyway - create a bit of awkwardness - over apologise - laugh about it - and start the conversation.

Well it worked - kinda isolated her to the far corner of the bar - still in direct eyesight of her friends and only about 5-7 meters away. Started a general conversation - talked about fun stuff to do together. Said we should go bush walking next Sat. By this time her friend approaches us and says - what have you guys been talking about? You've been together ages..I number close, call her and put my number in her phone and eject. Go find Havana who informs me of the time - I must have approached her around 9:30 give or take - I left her around 10:45... cool

Points of Improvement: It went well, don't know what else I could have done...I've sent a text saying "hey enjoyed talking with you yesterday. hope you girls got home soon" a few mins ago...I'll wait for a reply or call her on Wed to have a general chat and re-confirm Sat.

On hindsight - my text coulda been more "playful"

The Argyle was too crowded and too noisy - so bounced to The Establishment. Went to get a Red Bull and a beer for Havana. He went and opened a seated 3 set. Got the drinks and joined him the interest levels were low in the set. Went for a walk - opened a 2 set, Havana's target was interested - opened them with the line - hey what's that line outside? - The line to Tank Bar -- My girl was not really showing any IOI's... bounced after about 5 mins... Havana opened a pair of Phillipino sisters - stayed in set for about 15-20 mins... General fluff talk- Havana went and danced with one girl. Took them both to another area, was sick of them - by now - Havana went to get water, went and joined him ... by the time we returned we couldn't find them... we didn't look hard either.

Opened a standing 2 set, turned out to be sisters, Indians from the US on holiday... stayed in set for about 10 mins. They then said they were off to Hugo's.

Came back and sat with Havana at the table. He went to the toilet - There was a Japanese two set there - one had gone to get a drink - opened her with "Hi" She was very cold, typical conservative Asian... asked her where she's from - I guessed Japan - based on her facial structure... I have mostly Asian friends so used that experience. I guessed correct and she opened up as a result of that.... Havana returned, I ejected to go call Laurence.

Returned - he had opened an Asian two set. I introduce myself and start talking to one girl. Guess her occupation as a Lawyer - 1st guess, get it right. She gets warmer. - I explain why I guessed it - her manner of speaking, demeanour, body language, confidence, etc - she's even more warm now. Keep talking. Liked her - She said she had to leave - go for the number close - She says look no, I just got out of LTR need some time - I said that's cool and defused any awkwardness. Kept talking for a few more minutes and they bailed.

Points of Improvement: Be "slower" and "calmer" with your movements. Stop looking around so much. When you recieve eye contact from a girl - go act on it. Sure she may not be interested and just looking at you - but there's only one way to find out.

Havana and I opened a couple of more sets, nothing stuck... bailed to The Loft.

Got a drink - saw a 2 set in a D&M convo - sat in front of them on the couch and pretended to have our own D&M chat - actually it was an awesome chat on how to get into state, etc.
Waited for them to finish their chat – decided on using an opinion opener. What is the best dance type to learn? Havana said he wanted to open – I moved to go kneel on the other side of the couch to speak to the other girl… Opened with the dance opinion opener – great conversation, moved to anotherlocation…as she wanted a cigarette – she was married. Seemed like an AW – in a while her friend and Havana moved to join us too… My girl goes to the ladies room – takes AGES to return, wouldn’t be surprised if she played with herself – she seemed a bit frisky…Then as soon as she comes back, says they need to leave… Hugs me bye – she initiated, go for the number close – she says oh you can just see me around – she told me where she works though…so it’s cool – she in recruitment – I’ll see if I can ask for her help to find a job. ..
Points of Improvement: The next time be more playful and fun, sexual even, be more daring.
It was pretty much closing time – met up with Laurence and Skaterboy – went home.
I think Laurence and SkaterBoy hooked up later – with each other – the homos. 

Highlights: Good progressive evening, nearly 1.5 hours in the one set – potential D2 there -
Conclusion: Approach more women, keep working on becoming more playful – let your personality out a bit more
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