January 16th, 2019
The real reason why some guys cant get laid and others get laid by rockstars
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Awesome post JFM.  That drew together everything you've been talking about for a while really nicely.. cheers.
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VERY Interesting stuff, kinda scary at the same time

theres no doubt that low self esteem was created at a young young age based on how you unconscoiusly viewed your parents at that age and up until 18 you derive bits of their reality
and take it on for yours

in my case low self esteem, no sense of entitlement to women out of fear of rejection i guess

this problem was created by being in the presence of others who had lse, so i would think that to fix it get a high self esteem high entitled friend and chill around them for 5 years if thats enough to counter
balance the 18 year of LSE conditioning then your good

or self-acceptance but thats hard,

im stuck on this shit
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Jesus Christ cannot resurrect a thread like this.
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