November 21st, 2018
Second night out - "Field is KING" - YOU GODDAMN RIGHT JEFFY!
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 For those interested in my VERY first night out at going out for "pickup" click here

Now let me start this out with a simple and PERSONAL "rationalization" of something.

Why are you depressed?

Because you're sitting on your ASS AT HOME.

Where do I begin? Honestly? I have no clue, I really don't. There's not a single word in the english, or ANY language on THIS PLANET that can describe my experience of LAST NIGHT. What I'm about to tell you, you may argue how it goes AGAINST the norms of "pick-up" but even if it was CORRECT judgment (which I don't agree in the first place) on anyone's part who thinks so, I have to say my experience was quite possibly one of the most liberating moment of my entire 22 years of life on this planet.

How do I begin, once more I'm puzzled and cannot even find ways of how to put this into words. Maybe a short write-up about myself will help.

As already established. 22 years old. As far back as I can remember, which was 5th grade I felt AA. And later on in life with more social conditioning the problem became deeply rooted. Now this is not going to be a story about how I "got rid of AA" because really, the venue I was at...AA just fucking GOES AWAY AUTOMATICALLY. Most of my life, I'm scared shitless of everything I do that pushes me outside of my comfort level. It does NOT MATTER what the task at HAND IS. I get anxiety, I get nervousness, my hands start shaking, my heart starts beating fast. All that shit. I live my life like a ZOMBIE. I rarely go out to social places. RARELY. Yet when I'm comfortable around people I really am I socialable guy. Cut to the chase. Fast forward to October 2008, when I finally recognize, AT 22 YEARS OLD. That something is SERIOUSLY wrong with ME and start looking for ANSWERS. I discover RSD. Over the course of these last months up to here I watch Foundations, Transformations, Tyler's AMAZINGLY DEEP "The Blueperint", Flawless Natural, and the Jeffy Show. My mind, IMMEDIATELY starts opening up to these new things, I start seeing the WHOLE WORLD, my EVERYDAY LIFE in completely NEW LIGHT. I start practicing, I've gone out with a few chodey friends to just hookah bars with just two girls there, and I start practicing on them. I see results, but I'm not happy. I really am not HAPPY. I feel something is truly missing even though I am A HUNDRED times BETTER than my old self. We go out regularly, I get sick of it and stop going to that place and I start looking for like-minded people - RSD GUYS - that's how I make a thread on here looking for guys in the AREA. I find Swagger (Alex) and Arie, along with a few others.

Our first night out is two weeks ago, which I've linked at the TOP of the THREAD. I thought it was a failure, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was the FIRST STEP towards my very, VERY PROMISING NEW LIFE.

let us begin this story I'm about to share of the most AMAZING NIGHT I've ever HAD in my ENTIRE LIFE being in a social place, EVER.

You're probably wondering about now - "what could this place BE?


Now, this is where in the beginning I mention how some people who might READ THIS might think that this goes "AGAINST the norms of pick-up" AT LEAST, in my MIND I think people might think that way...whereas I, really don't AGREE one BIT.

So, why A RAVE? and HOW exactly does this APPLY to "pick-up" or SOCIAL DYNAMICS in GENERAL?

Well, let me first enlighten you WHY.... FIRST OF ALL - Electronic MUSIC - IS PART OF ME. I have been into it AS FAR BACK as I can remember. I have listened to tons and tons of artists, I have tons upon TONS of music, from trance to house, breaks, d&b, ambient, IDM, you NAME IT. Anybody who knows me, will point people MY WAY when it comes to this GENRE.

Last night, My boy killedthechode and I went to see Carl Cox play at FUR in DC. It was his "Back in the USA" tour that's tearing clubs apart across the Northern America right now. A 3 1/2 HOUR SET of pure HOUSE/TECH-HOUSE. 

You're probably thinking, why am I spending so much time describing this IN-DEPTH?

I will answer this. Because THIS MUSIC IS WHAT I TRULY, TRULY LOVE in MY LIFE. Ask yourself, what do you LOVE on such a deep level, that nobody can TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU, or CHANGE THAT ABOUT YOU, EVER.

This is EXTREMELY Important.
At least in HOW I SEE things about RSD, which ultimately leads to PICK-UP.

When you KNOW what you LOVE, you can SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. People WILL WANT A PIECE OF IT. I felt it, and I saw it with my OWN EYES last night.


My friend and I arrive at FUR pumped @ something past 10pm. We go to the WILLCALL line to pick-up the tickets. The guy looks for killedthechode's name, finds it. Then he looks for my name. He sees it. "IGOR" 

"You're Russian?" (in Russian)

Me: (surprised) Yeah man! you too? Where are you from?
him: 'Ukraine'
me: 'where from?'
him: 'Kiev!'
me: 'Odessa!' 

by this time, I'm feeling even better because of how the night is starting out!

him; 'I'll talk to you more later if I'll still see you'

BAM. Contact made! Next time I see this guy, I have someone on the inside who can get us in for free or at least half the price! (social circle)

We're inside. The club is only filling up, we scope out the area. Cozy. VIP couches, second floor bar w/ windows down to the stage/dancefloor. Dark, lights flashing. A DJ is warming up the crowd to the main event. It's about 10:30. We go get a shot of vodka (8 bucks, RIP OFF) but I don't care, I didn't come in there to DRINK. One shot was enough to get the blood flowing too. We go up to the main stage dancefloor, the crowd is minimal. We stand in the back...I fear to use the phrase "Choding out" Because I PROMISE YOU, our STATE, our overall feeling was VERY GOOD. We just stood in the back with our backs up against this other stage across the DJ Deck...and just chilled for a few minutes. I tell my friend, let's go up to the second floor. 

There's a little pathway with railings where you can just stand and observe the bottom of the club, you get a good look at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. We spent most of our time up there, which was from around 11pm to 1:30am.

You might think to yourself "WHY?"

Perfectly reasonable explanation. Saving energy for the MAIN EVENT. Carl Cox.

All this time, mine and my friend's states were NORMAL. They neither went DOWN or UP. If anything, I got so much energy filled up in me that I felt anxious for it to go OUT of ME. The "LOVE" was building up inside me. I told my friend, put your hand on my heart, then on the pulse. It was BEATING FAST. I felt it just trying to BREAK OUT like I feel that 'energy' one gets when he sees a HOT GIRL that he wants to go up and meet, but his MIND does not LET HIM. That's the closest thing that comes to the feeling I got. Only it was a GOOD feeling, a good anxious feeling.

I told my buddy; "The moment Cox takes over, we're going in there, in the middle of the fuckin thing and I promise you we're going wild!"

he concurred with a smile that stretched all the way up to his ears. I'm tellin' you, the GUY was feelin' that shit TOO.

We didn't come in with the MINDSET of "picking up GIRLS" Our priority was MUSIC, our priority was HAVING FUN

It's 1:30am.

I look around the club, my eyes wander, they lock on the DJ Deck. I see a BIG bald black guy with glasses taking over.

SNAP! I look at my friend IMMEDIATELY and yell!


NO TIME TO THINK. I didn't come here to STAND AROUND.

We go down the stairs, the moment I'm down the stairs, I start dancing as I'm progressing towards the dancefloor. IT'S PACKED!

Making my way through, no excuses. Pushing myself through the PEOPLE! Total TARGET LOCKDOWN: THE DANCEFLOOR.

I got a shirt, then a short sleeved shirt buttoned up on top of that, and a lumberjack type of jacket on top of ALL THAT. The place is packed, the heat from the crowd can be felt through the air. LITERALLY.

I push through to the center, closer to the deck, but enough to be able to see Cox.

Carl Cox gets on the mic and says something akin to "Tired of the last two hours (really, the guy was spinning a very UNINSPIRED house music, with a beat that just seemed like it went for hours) you guys ready for THIS!?"

Crowd ERUPTS. Screaming, clapping, lights, commotion.

And the beat goes BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Me & everyone on the dancefloor: JUMP JUMP JUMP!

Glowsticks everywhere, I see a guy to my right with two glowsticks. I lean over to him "Dude where did you get the glowsticks!?"

Him: "Up at the front, 3 bucks each!"
Me: "Can I borrow one!?"

He gives it to me. My jacket is on, I'm jumping, glowstick in my right hand...I'm sweating. I turn to the guy, we start spinning that shit together NOW! (NO THINKING TWICE WHAT I'm DOING!)

Jump, jump, boom, boom, sweat, sweat!

We turn away from the deck, people behind us, GIRLS!

HOT GIRL sees US. ROLLS UP! Starts dancing close to us, Eye contact. Dances with that guy, comes over to ME. We spin glowsticks around her on top of her, WHEREVER!

I take off my jacket..glowstick in right hand, jacket in left hand...spinning that shit up in the air. I start sweating even more. It's only been around 10-15 minutes. More people join our little group. MORE GIRLS! I mean, the girls just GO UP to us first, I'm behind the girl, fuckin' probably the most closest thing to sexual shit I've experienced in a long ass time. 

I'm tired of holding the jacket in my hand and the shirt I'm wearing. I lean over to my friend and say "Let's go hide this shit somewhere" 

Him: "Where?"
Me: "I don't know, we'll find something~!!"

We walk up to the bathroom, behind the whole dancefloor, and there's an exit out, but it's blocked by this movable type of wall.. I drop my shit in the dark corner, the jacket and the shirt. All I'm left with is my regular t-shirt. RED. CCCP. Hammer & Sickle logo up front. I STAND THE FUCK OUT from the REST!

Shit taken care of, by this time I'm just sweating hardcore already, my hair is as wet as they get when I run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes.

It's only been 15-20 minutes of a 3 1/2 hour SET!

We go back to the group of NEW FRIENDS we've made in such a short period of time.

BOOM. In there. Ready to go, Nothing is in my way, no jackets or shirts to carry in the hand to worry about!

Glowstick in my hand. Spin, jump, scream.

Random guy comes in, sees my high energy. Looks at me, show with his finger up to the Dj Deck. Screams "Cox! Cox! Cox!"

I follow immediately. Now we're both screaming "Cox! Cox! Cox" as we JUMP to the beat that's EARTH-SHATTERING, and Deafening!

What has happened? I'm IN THE MOMENT. I don't care about anything in my life right at this moment. I don't care about my problems in life, I don't care about school, I don't care about work, I don't care about RSD, I don't care about pick-up. I CARE ABOUT THE MOMENT. I care about THE MUSIC. I care about jumping, and dancing on that floor with all the people of all backgrounds, from wherever they came from and all formed into ONE BIG UNITY. If that is how life is supposed to feel. I want it every second of my life I have left. Totally carefree. No thoughts, no worries. Just music, just dancing.

I just am insane. I am so HIGH-ENERGY on the dancefloor that one guy taps me on the shoulder and says....

"I want some of what you're on right NOW!"
me: "Nothing. Zero. No alcohol, no drugs, nothing"
he smiles...he thought I might have been on something. I lean close to him again and say..."Just life" I point at my heart and my lungs and start jumping and getting crazy. More people come in towards me, people looking at me having EXTREME FUN. An old guy who was at least 50 was there. I grab his hand, he is reserved, his hand is stiff. I take other hand, I scream "LOOSEN UP!" I start moving his hands for a few seconds in different directions. 

The tune slows starts picking up...I'm facing all these people who are looking at me, I'm dancing to the rhythm of the music, if it's slow. I'm slow. If it's fast, I'm fast. The tune picks up...I pick up the pace with my upper body, still on the floor. Tune breaks down. I grab someone's shoulder to hold on to and JUMP UP AND DOWN harder than I've jumped in my LIFE.

As I write this now, and think back at these moments...I start thinking about how I almost know what happened. It's these YEARS upon YEARS of being completely reserved, keeping years and years of this SHIT inside of ME. Literally YEARS...and this was THE BREAKING POINT where I let it all out. I LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. I was totally carefree. Not a SINGLE thought ran through my mind that stopped me from doing what I was doing. I let myself GO. I liberated myself, AND IN THE PROCESS. I PULLED PEOPLE IN. I stopped giving a GODDAMN FUCK about what anyone thought about me, the way I would my ENTIRE teenage and now ADULT life.

I feel there is no need to describe in vicious DETAIL the whole event, and I'll just mention the highlights.

I felt so carefree that I would move around the whole dancefloor. I did not stick to THE GROUP that was created in the process of this INSANITY that I brought upon the dancefloor. My brain was the last thing that was FUNCTIONING. And bear in MIND. I was NOT UNDER ANY INFLUENCE. I was not high, I was not drunk. I was just myself, letting go. In the process of moving around I just rolled up to random people and danced, and the response was so receptive, people are LIKE-MINDED there. Maybe that's what made everything easier, maybe not...I DIDN'T CARE ONE BIT. I was LIVING THE MOMENT.

I would not think twice about rolling up to girls on the dancefloor, GRABBING THEM BY HANDS, Spinning them around, Pulling them IN, and DANCING WITH THEM.

I, along with our group would somehow end up at the end of the dancefloor by the wall...I look at these people, and I almost feel SORRY for them. Certain guys are just standing there, not only guys, even SOME girls, with grim looks in their face...just not enjoying it. And I saw myself in a lot of those people's faces...on my CHODE days, or in my OLD-SELF BEFORE NOW. And I see this one woman standing there...and I progress towards her dancing, smiling...and she sees me, and she smiles...her hands are locked on her chest...I take them out...she's receptive. But all the time just nods her head "No no no" but smiling, I try to pull her into our group, she walks up a bit...but doesn't go all the way. And I didn't want to push it, so I let her go. 

This was how HIGH my STATE WAS. I absolutely. Did NOT. Give a FUCK. What ANYONE THOUGHT about ME.

The girls in our group, who would drift away and dance somewhere else. I would roll up to them, grab them by the hands, do the same thing and then JUST MOVE ON, dropping them just like THAT, with a snap a finger. Those same girls would in a matter of seconds go after me, follow me, and start dancing with me. One leaned in close to me and said "YOU ARE SO FUN!" 

I look at her, smile, dance with her, lean in, take my index finger and put it on my right cheek.


I turn my other cheek, put the index finger on that.


I look straight, put my finger on my lips.

HESITATION from the girl.

KISS (later I found out, no makeout because she was engaged, and her guy was feet away from us)

I immediately after the kiss, turn away and just JUMP. Like I was injected with ENERGY.

This insanity goes on for hours. It's about past 3am...I dance in my group, the guys with glowsticks dance, girls with us, HOT GIRLS, I mean girls I would have never dreamed of to be dancing with us. I take my glowstick, I tie a wire to it, and spin it in the air so fast, I spin it around the people, on the floor, guys join in to do other spins. It's just 


Then some other girl I danced with says to me "YOU'RE HOT!"

I don't even REMEMBER what I said back, I didn't even go for a makeout (that's'll see why) I was SO IN THE MOMENT of just enjoying myself, that concentrating on these things like "Oh, gotta go for a makeout", "Oh gotta DO THIS! Gotta do THAT!" didn't even CROSS my MIND.


It's pushing close to being 4. it's about 3:30am...

I dance in our group, but I drift away towards the Dj Deck... I dance, dance...I see some guys there I saw before hours earlier, I start dancing. I drift to my right. SEE HOT GIRL. LOCKDOWN. Grab her HANDS, Dance, spin her around, Pull her IN....

...I feel someones hand on my shoulder behind me, almost pulling me away?

...I turn around....a girl, a woman? MILF? YEP. MILF. HOT ONE. Most likely, Hispanic. Definitely about 35...

long hair, Justin Timberlake type of hat on top. Short skirt, etc etc...looks good.

She pulls me in. There's a guy, also hispanic, grinding behind her. I look at him. I don't know what the fuck is going on, but neither do I care...I go WITH IT. Hands on her hips..Later when she has turned away from me, and her ass is against my crotch..I lean close to the guy and ask "Who is this???" He tells me something, but I can't hear, MUSIC. LOUD. BOOM BOOM BOOM! I scream "Ahh, I don't CARE!" and proceed to dance and smile...I'm sweating, my hair are wet...Carl Cox is finishing up with this very fuckin sweet set of last few tracks that are just perfect...dark, moody, rhythmic, fuckin PERFECT. TONE-SETTING.

After a few minutes I just go for it, I sensually move my hands around her waist, ass area, I touch her tits, she has some sort of a top, like glittery type of material where it's hard material, you can't really feel the softness of her tits, but her ass is perfect..because the dress is extremely thin material. She goes in between him and me, turning to him, then turning to me. I touch her all over. She touches my waist, my body. Guy goes away, I keep dancing with her. The shit like "I should DROP HER" doesn't even cross my mind. I'm SO IN THE MOMENT. I feel fucking GREAT.

She's grinding against me, I'm grinding against HER with my crotch...when she turns to me, I try to go for a makeout. BLOCK, or maybe she just didn't notice it. I think she was under an influence, definitely. Plus she's like one head smaller than me, so I have to kind of lean down towards her face. I dance some more, and go for ANOTHER makeout. BLOCk. Dance some more.

I plow again. Third time. BOOMBA MuthaFuckin CLAT! Eating my face. Frencher, wetness, tongue, slurp, bla bla, Ahhhhh. GLORY. FINALLY. 22 fucking YEARS of SUFFERRING Has GONE AWAY.

Makeout stops. Grind, dance, she's pulling my hair, I let loose my neck, I close my eyes, I FEEL IT. She FEELS IT. I look around. People just fuckin stare. Guys with drinks in hands, even GIRLS. Guys acknolwedging me. Guys smiling at me.

One guy taps me on the shoulder, smiles at me, gives me a THUMBS UP. I extend my hand and I fuckin slap his. People's minds are boggled. 22 year old kid making out with a MILF. Fuck man. Not to mention my first MAKEOUT EVER. 

Throughout the next 20 or so minutes of dancing with her. I've grabbed her ass, squeezed her tits, pressed her up against my chest, made out like 10 more times, I've touched her body, sensually, tickling her with my soft hands. She would get low on the ground as I would stand and look at the other guy who was dancing with her too..I would look at him and smile. I locked eyes with her, she smiled at me, I smiled at her. She rubbed my chest, abs, with her hands, UNDERNEATH the shirt. 
By this time, I am just on CLOUD NINE.

I have never felt more alive in my life than I felt in those 3 1/2 hours

The needs to go to the bathroom, and so her and the guy leave...and by the time I almost get SICK OF IT. Can you fucking believe that shit? It's like, you strive all your LIFE for this ONE MOMENT and then after a few minutes you get TIRED OF IT. WOW...Unbe-fuckin-lievable. So I was happy to just let go.

The clock was about to hit 4. I find my friend and we go up towards this area close to the steps, it's like almost a MINI stage where you can get up on it and dance. I got up on it...and I look to the Dj Deck, and realize Carl Cox with his crew is there spinning some GREAT SHIT. I just start dancing that way. I'm on TOP. I see everyone below me. 

I lean down over to my friend and say these words: "DUDE, I've HIT NIMBUS!"
I tell him to get the fuck up on with me and start dancing, and he does and people see us, and I look around, hot girls looking at us. I'm carefree. I am so carefree. Just to give you an idea...this thought of just getting up on a STAGE like that and fucking dance for ALL PEOPLE TO SEE would SCARE ME TO DEATH. But since I've hit NIMBUS. None of whatever little, and totally UN-LIFE THREATENING Mentally RETARDED thought I've ever had, MATTERED AT ALL.

It's 4am, the lights come up, and people scream "ONE MORE" after a minute, Cox, brings up on one more and the set is over. The girls who were with us leave and one of them sees me and runs up to me, and I hug her...(she's the engaged girl who told me I'm FUN)

We leave the place and since the that fucking night my state has not gone down ONE BIT.

Driving home actually, today, from my friend's house I started thinking..."I so wish this feeling would never go away" and the moment I would be getting into my head I just thought about those hours there and the UNBELIEVABLE NEW POSSIBILITIES and THE VERY NEW LIFE that has OPENED FOR ME. 

I almost THANK myself, for RECOGNIZING my problem so early on in LIFE and making a DECISION OF RIGHT-ACTION to FIX this shit while it's NOT TOO LATE. Can you IMAGINE yourself hitting MID-LIFE or even older ONLY DISCOVERING what YOU and NOONE ELSE can do for yourself? How you can make yourself feel totally CAREFREE of people's thoughts of you, and just enjoy yourself? I said this to my friend this morning, this exact thing. And we both concurred on the fact how IMPORTANT it is to FIX this early on in life. While you're still young, while you've got that blood pumping through your veins, without any clogs that may endager your every second of your time here on earth. 


Why is this thread titled "FIELD IS KING" ? Because JEFFY is MOTHERFUCKIN' RIGHT. Stop sitting on your ass, stop making excuses not to go. FIND, DEEP INSIDE of yourself, what you LOVE and let that shit flow, it will pull people in. Why was this night easy for me? Because I knew DEEP INSIDE what I LOVED. I LOVED this music, I loved this electronic music life and I went in there, and found like-minded people. This is not a thread to turn you all into RAVERS of some kind. This is me sharing a piece of what I LOVE and how it helped me achieve most of what REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS teaches us, what all those guys, Tyler, Tim, Jeffy, and everyone else tries to get through everyone's heads. And it's the fact that YOU GOTTA KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT BEFORE YOU CAN HAVE THIS SUCCESS.

I've broken more boundaries that were within myself in a few hours than I have broken in my entire 22 years of existance. I cannot even begin to FATHOM  this fact how I never went out to the exact place I so much read about, hear about, see videos of, TALK ABOUT (hypocritical isn't it?) until last night. Wow. It just shatters my reality how STUPID my MIND was. How I was BLOCKING MYSELF from going IN THERE and fucking letting go. Letting the chips fall where they may, LIBERATING MYSELF. Getting THE FUCK OUT of my head.

Point is, if you are one of those people who are sitting at home, who are "keyboard jockeys" who read THEORY but don't practice it. It's YOUR FAULT and noone elses. I am NOT going to SUGARCOAT jackshit for you in order to make you FEEL GOOD, because that's not going to help you ONE BIT. 

My message to you is Get off your ASS, and hit the fucking club. Find what you truly love deep inside and share this love. In my case. I love the music, I was fully immersed in it. I PULLED PEOPLE IN. An enormous amount of people smiled at me, complimented me, where in DISBELIEF OF MY ENERGY. I did what I loved, and I didn't think twice about it. I fucking let go of my ego, and nothing in this world mattered.

You know, the moment we left the club, you know what I said to my friend?

"I can't believe how EASY THIS IS..."
 "Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you; and unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you." -- Evil Nine - Cakehole 
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Nimbus doesn't come, nimbus is aways there.

Great story, very free.

Pulling a girl out of one of those, with the state you were in, would of been easy.
Don't be too outcome dependent, but have a goal. ;)

Well done mate,

~from Australia

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Great night man.........TRULY AWESOME GLORIOUS TIME.......girl after girl AFTER GIRL is what we pulled and you had a makeout and so did I. Just let ourself loose and STOPPED GIVING A FUCK FOR THAT TIME...........I had a moment or two where I THOUGHT about pulling or not pulling but I instantly realized that this was WRONG.......I let that thought GO........after that 7-10 chicks were pulled in and nothing but ass rubbing and neck kissing and everything between. ALL I DID WAS GRAB A GIRLS WRIST....PULL HER TOWARDS ME....AND GRAB HER WAIST AND DANCE ON FULL SEXUAL MODE.............all of you dudes out there NOT doing this SHOULD DO IT.....nothing but success.

Do the end you will find out what works....but you should be able to put it all on the line otherwise you keep wondering
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 it would have been a piece of cake to pull a girl, the fact of the matter is - I went in there that night with a different mindset. Another thing is I was there with a friend, a pull would not have been possible when you rely on a ride. And to be perfectly honest, It's like I really didn't even care.
 "Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you; and unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you." -- Evil Nine - Cakehole 
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Hey dude. Great story. So sorry I couldn't make it back from florida in time. Your nimbus night seems similar to my fucking last week in panama city beach. pure glory learning more there than i've learned in the LAST TWO YEARS!!!! Major grinding, makeout, etc seemed like something normal to me there.

This weekend we gotta go out because I am also still in a nimbus state from last friday.. we will create pure mayhem in the clubs!!!
Van Damme wrote:
DMVswagger fuckin cut across a median and crazy traffic to intercept some girls almost in their hotel rooms at like 3am, pulled som mission impossible shit that convinced the guys they were with we knew them, and we ended up almost fucking them if her friend was into it a little about going for broke wing up with this guy lol
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dude the NIMBUS I'm on is still present. You remember how Tyler mentions this good feeling he got from an epiphany in the Blureprint? THAT'S IT RIGHT HERE.

Like nothing seems to get in the fucking way. Confidence just glows inside me.
 "Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you; and unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you." -- Evil Nine - Cakehole 
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dude i know, i've stopped being afraid of approaching even in the daytime.

what are you guys doing wed night? cause I'm meeting a newbie in georgetown with my wing. you guys should come out. he sounds like he knows his shit, despite being a newbie, cause he's pulled a couple of times from the bars in gtown.
Van Damme wrote:
DMVswagger fuckin cut across a median and crazy traffic to intercept some girls almost in their hotel rooms at like 3am, pulled som mission impossible shit that convinced the guys they were with we knew them, and we ended up almost fucking them if her friend was into it a little about going for broke wing up with this guy lol
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Damn dude, that was awesome.
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Raw nimbus is like a sledgehammer. The next step is harnessing it with finesse. 
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Great shit man...I can feel ur excitement, energy and carefree atittude in that post. Rock on
Girls and Awkward blog:
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completely unstifiled, your post had a surging positive energy to it.

I remember writing the FR for my first makeout, I was so happy just like this post. awesome man, you were the LORD.

flow, mothafucka, FLOW. LOL
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