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NOLA , Mardi Gras, Bootcamp, Tom and Ryan!. A Call to Trial : Justice by Combat, 2/20-2/22/2009 + FIELD REPORTS
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3/1/2009 - Fun in New Orleans, boyfriend doom. "I don't give a FUCK!" 

This song always manages to play in the Boot when I'm there. And I love it.

Saturday, I manage to associate massive guilt with my futile attempts to convince myself to stay in. I'll be damned if I shook hands with Ryan, and more importantly established a contract with myself, and not even meet my goal of 3 nights a week on the very first week. HAHA. The weather is all fucked up and the wind is blowing hard, it's dropped 30 degrees within the span of hours but FUCK IT.

Right before I'm about to leave, I get a message from an old friend in college who's still in the area, cool, so he's coming along too. In the span of the last 2 years I have changed massively, as recently as 2 years ago I couldn't even look people in the eye, say hi or smile, completely lost and without direction except for completing my college work and graduating. And now I'm this, successful at work, pushing and getting results in a gym routine, and a Ryan bootcamp graduate. The difference between night and day.

And immediately the difference is apparent. We get to the Boot and the ratio is DAMN favorable! Tons of hot girls, only a few guys. I remember Ryan's words on momentum and the instant I get in I veer left and approach the 2 cuties to my left. I go in and immediately hook but I feel like I'm running out of convo again (damn!), but just by standing there and literally saying nothing while looking around they start asking me my name and etc. Anyway, they leave after a bit, but this is the value of persistence. If only I had been able to keep talking. If anyone has tips on this, please let me know!!. Itis also worth mentioning that physicality didnt progress beyond a claw, but then again I felt that was about right since it was me and her and her friend.

Friend asks me how I knew this girls and I simply say I didn't, with a grin. He immediately knows whats up, and thats really rare among the dudes I've hung out with so far. This guy truly does not give a fuck and appreciates what's going on, he's a cool guy.

I go around talking to more girls. More conversation stall-outs, but at least I'm lasting a LOT longer compared to pre-bootcamp. And being positive and smiling as well, so it makes a huge difference. All of these girls hook, and are giggling and laughing (as opposed to weird looks pre-bootcamp). But I'm not really physically escalating or able to speak endlessly.

It's like I go in with the opener, which usually works, and for the next 20 or so seconds we fluff but there's still no return investment on her side yet. I should also mention that physicality is nearly non existent, sometimes a claw, sometimes not. I guess there's a major piece there. Sometimes I manage to find something to talk about for the better part of a minute or so, and just by standing there and not even being physical she begins to "invest", but not enough to hold, and they often leave. I know these girls love me, I just need to give them an opportunity to do so! See below for recommendations later.

More talking around, some of these girls are in high school LMAO. But they are 18, so don't get that look on your faces.

Highlights of the night include opening a birthday girl, who loved me so much that she wanted to take a picture with me just like that. Once again eject for lack of things to say or do! I'm so close to giving myself permission to go forward both physically and verbally, SOOO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT! These girls are smiling and giggling and loving it!

Also my most progressive set so far. I see this girl who absolutely turns me on in every way, unleash the beast! Instantly I give myself permission and I go up to her direct but smiling, whisper "you're sexy as fuck, i had to meet you" and my arms have a mind of their own, they are already around the waist of this girl and she literally melts in my arms, her arms on my chest and everything. LOVE that feeling! She loves it, again I feel the urge to eject! You've ran out of things to say! But I love her too much, I try to pursue a number close even through it (keep in mind, this is within a minute or so of meeting her). She says she has boyfriend, but from last night and this night, I'm getting tired of hearing that and I say "I didn't ask". She giggles and throws her head back, bwahahaha. It would have been so on, but the boyfriend was actually in the immediate vicinity. sad. So that's that.

All in all, I got at least 10-12 approaches this night, once again all of them I genuinely felt something for these girls and it wasn't just "running through the motions". I'm trying to build up that emotional stamina like Ryan.

Lessons learned.
My definite favorite set was with the hottie that I pulled in within seconds, that was an amazing feeling and I think that is how physical I should be getting. I want that feeling again.

I'm thinking claw, hug, kiss on cheek, pull her in close WITHIN MINUTES. I remember this is how the green vest girl interaction from bootcamp went too. I'm already declaring she's cute or sexy from the opener, and they love it, I think I shoudl probably be acting on it too. I remember Ryan's video he showed me on the last day of bootcamp, the girl and him were right on each other within 30 seconds. HAHAAAAA

- Say what I am thinking! This might help conversational game. If you think she is cute, say so! If I'm thinking about magic carpets on a windy night, talk about it BUT INCLUDE HER IN YOUR FANTASY Use it as an excuse to escalate (pull in, 'WHAT am I gonna do with you?") Neck bites + eskimo kisses.

Notes on future weeks.

This makes the first 3-night week, YAY!. I absolutely cannot wait to unleash myself again next weekend, knowing what to do this time from going out last weekend.

In order to clear the mental pipes, I'm gonna start trying to get out on Wednesday or Thursday so I'm not spreading myself too far apart. Of course Friday and Saturday are a given too. I'm also major psyched to have found another RSDer who contact me, who also lives in the New Orleans area. Here's to what could be an amazing partnership.

Ridiculous levels of physicality and speak your mind, but don't verbally vomit, incorporate her into your crazy thoughts!
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Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

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Events of 3/5/2009 to the early hours of 3/8/2009

Wow, mindblowing weekend that ran the full range of emotions. Bootcamp-level intensity, yo!

I'm also going to try to make these reports just a little shorter :)

3/5/2009 - Hornets game

Thursday night was a Hornets game which was organized as an event with coworkers. It's been a looong time since I've been to either a Hornets or Saints game, which is amazing considering I've lived in the city for 12 years! So I'm pretty excited to get a chance to attend again, because somehow watching these games live is simply an uncomparable experience to watching it on TV.

Since most of the time we're bouncing around in bars and clubs anyway, here's an awesome opportunity to get practice in just plain vibing and digging in for a  long time interaction with people. And a great time to implement some of the new, life changing concepts I learned in bootcamp....

Get in and greet everybody warmly, I'm already in a great mood because I'm genuinely excited for the experience. Be the "I'll have what he's having" guy! I'm fully into the game the whole time, standing up and cheering and dancing around while the 'resident alphas' just sit there. before I would have never done this - but it's very much a part of not pinging and being super positive, which are always right. And what do you know, the cute girl coworkers next to me get into it too, and suddenly I'm getting all this love and respect from the same 'alphas' that where looking down on it just minutes ago! ahahah.

#-close one of the cute coworkers, by just handing her the phone and not making it a big deal. I have no intention of pursuing it, I love my job and it is as much a part of me as the rest of this stuff is. But she can definitely hook me up with some cute friends! It was actually kind of funny, it went like Hey, you should hook me up with some of your cute single friends But I'm single! I just kind of look at her in amazement that she would be that direct and instantly she gets all embarassed like awkward....... HAHA, but we work together. I love you anyway *claw and kiss on the cheek*. The whole time all of us are just talking about random stuff and having a good time, excellent skills to build for conversation and just being cool with people without grabbing them by the waist and kissing their neck...

Other cool stuff...I also run up and approach this one very cute "Hornets girl" that runs around interviewing people for the big arena screen. We talk for a short time, cool interaction. And while walking outside the girls I'm with recognize an actor from a show called the "The Game". They and this other guy are too scared to approach but I just turn, recognize and walk straight over and say hi - no looking back, no pinging. THe actor is a very cool guy, we're just hanging out talking about random stuff and we're taking pictures and all of a sudden the same girls from the group piggyback my approach and want to get in on the picture too. HAHAH, very cool to see a celebrity just randomly outside the arena.

3/6/2009 - Reality broken night. Wing is awesome, FIRST MAKEOUT EVER!

Ahh very cool night. I meet up with a wing I found from my post on RSDN a long ways back searching for wings in New Orleans, and he's a very cool guy. His skills are SOLID! I can definitely see us lording New Orleans in a very short time. Very motivated guy and committed to going out and improving hardcore. This is the kind of stuff that's gonna make us known in a VERY SHORT TIME.

I suggest a local university party, and Brent (my wing) and I are very excited for our "big debut". We set down some ground rules

- Always do what your wing tells you to do
- No discussing game theory in field
- Always be positive

Hmm....I think there were more, but I forgot them. Either way, these are the most important.

Brent has some cool ideas he's been getting from the Blueprint, such as the "animal game", pretending to be an animal or whatever your wing tells you to be, good for unstifling. We do it a couple of times, but honestly, I don't even think we need it - our states and moods are always high even at baseline. The importance of positivity.

Get to near the venue for tonight and instantly I send Brent into action with 'GO!' to these group of girls. Set the tone of the night early and begin pushing that giant snowball down the hill. I greet all my old acquaintances from college warmly, hugs and kisses. One girl remarks - wow, you've really GROWN UP. YEP!.

Get in and the place is still very scarce but Brent goes immediately into a group of 3 girls seated and I'm off to the left to get some free food and chat up what I can see, a fatty? Fine, keep the momentum going. Brent, like I said, has very solid skills and he's handling all of this in stride, even with this being his first "official night out'.

Brent's chatting up a girl with short black hair and taking her around, spinning her on the dance floor and #closing her, etc. he was in there for a good 15 minutes or so. Meanwhile, the ambience of the venue has shifted and the music turns up and the lights go down, club time. I'm absolutely horrible at dancing, teeth, so I'm feeling very uncomfortable, and I managed to find a girl seated in the corner, open her, and just sit down next to her like nothing and she keeps re-initiating convo, haha cool we small talk a lot more and I'm clawing and pulling her in close but that's the limit of the kino, just being cool and chill while mainitning at least a light physical presence. She's a high 7 (can't really tell because it's so dark!) and after just hanging out with her for 5-10 min I kiss her on the cheek and go off the floor.

Meanwhile, Brent's still on with this short hair girl, but notices me choding out a little so he head motions me into the girl next to him, haha cool. I open her and instantly we're right next to each other up close, I'm spinning and pushing her away and her hair smells damn good!. So after about a minute or so I'm kissing her neck and she's giggling (BUT STAYING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME THE WHOLE TIME), but her friend sees this rapid escalation and pulls her off to the bathroom, AWWWW. OK, now i'm on the dancefloor again alone so that awkwardness is returning, gotta find the next!

I spy the high 7 in the corner again and tell her she needs to stop being all lonely and come dance. But I can't dance HAHA me too, you have no idea, let's go. Pulling her arm the whole time, I plow through her resistance in no time at all and we're on the dance floor getting super physical. - I don't know about you guys, but I get bored of us grinding quick, so I force her to grind at first face to face, then I turn her around, then face to face again. Already I feel myself getting bored and I say "Let's eskimo kiss"...haha, we do so and she says while giggling You're insane... Yeah, but you love it..... A couple of seconds pass and I simply say We should make out and before I even finish the sentence she jumps up and we're full on making out. My thought at this point is "Oh, this is what making out feels like. Hm." hahah, cool.

I grab her ass and she jumps a little and we keep making out for a little more, and all of a sudden she draws back - ooh wow, guess I got greedy and triggered ASD too fast. HAHA I couldn't help it though, I wanted to fully experience this for the first time. I pull her back and make her put her phone number in This is for me....and she finishes it, she's almost leaving and I pull her back and say And this is for you and pull her in for a quick makeout again. Ahh, greedy I know, but now I know what it's like and I'm eager to tone it down and control it so it leads to a lay.

Brent meanwhile has #-closed the short hair girl and is now flawlessly gaming this hot blonde, and almost gets to close before she gets pulled away by cockblock. Damn, that girl was hot

At this point, we're trying to keep out momentum but the environment is too scarce. We bounce to Bourbon, good training ground for quick street approaching and desensitization for Brent, who wants to try out a few self-amusing things on the unsuspecting girls there.

Gems such as
- Who would you rather date? Garfield or Spongebob. This one actually hooked 2 strippers on me, hands on chest and everything, but suddenly I ran out of things to say and they left.
- What's better, watermelons or eagles?

All in all we made more than 15 approaches each that night, and most actually stayed longer than usual so time was flying, the power of persistence and just being cool. We were having an awesome time, but there's only so much you can expect out of stopping girls on the street - i.e., it's not really often going out to pan out to anything more than a cool interaction and some physicality.

So we decide to go to Pat O'Briens, the environment is so much more chill now than during Mardi Gras! Everyone is seated, Brent spies this group of 5 girls and goes for it, and within seconds this one hot blonde has her arms all over him! She's fully all over him. I go and talk to her friends and try to set up a plot Hey, I like the way your friend and my friend look together...let's hook them up Umm yeah actually she's happily married so... WOW! UHHHH....yeah. But Brent is still persisting, he takes her over to the side bar to escalate and I go outside and do 1 or 2 approaches, then come back and try to occupy the friends from cockblocking. 

A whole lot of conspiratorial and spy work later, my wing manages to get the kiss and the #-close, awesome. Gotta love the social secret agent. We head back after a VERY awesome first night

3/7/2009 Day - First attempts at day-gaming

Brent also wanted to try day-gaming today, so we meet up and head down to the French Quarter. I'm amazed that this place is buzzing with people nonstop , even on this random Saturday afternoon. I'm also kinda nervous,come to think of it, never done day game before! So this is gonna be eye-opening.

Walking around and I'm instantly seeing how solid Brent's skills are - he's got no problem going up to girls and usually manages to have them eye-fucking him within seconds. hahah awesome, I'm feeling pretty stifled but remember the rules of the wings set in stone above! Do what your wing says - Brent manages to guilt me into approaching and it actually winds up going pretty well, but the conversation dies down often within a few minutes.

Even still, we're getting mad love from everybody. Highlights

- Seeing the same people over and over and getting eye-fucked relentlessly
- I played a game against a chess master and actually did pretty well (until I lost sad)
- A group of black ladies saying to both of us, (to Brent) "You are the whitest white boy ever, and (to me) You are the darkest, most handsome, uhhhhhhh....what are you?" Upon which they managed to deduce I was Indian. These ladies actually started gaming us and trying to bring us alone with them, HAHAHAH
- Brent gets called gorgeous by some gay dude and some other (cute!) girl says the same, CHEERS!
- Brent approaches and is literally walking with these 2 girls for what had to have been a quarter of a mile, and manages to #-close the very hot one. props dude, that was sick!

3/7/2009 Night - Learning night. Fury, and DST sucks!

After being thoroughly exhausted by earlier day game walking around, lack of sleep from the previous night. But we're troopers, and I've committed to 3 times a week at least! Brent's made a similar committment, I made sure of it, so this MUST happen.

We head out to Bourbon in very good moods because of how well the past 2 times have gone so far. The opener for tonight - Tim's "I'm sad", since we felt it was time to take the next step and start getting out of comfort zones.

WOW, what proceeded after this was definitely the exact opposite of the successful times of earlier that day and last night. Blowout After Blowout, comparision - we never got blown out within the first 15 seconds last night, here it happened multiple times! We're is going on, what are we doing differently. I can't tell anything different in Brent, Brent can't see anything different in me, we're all still positive and smiling.

But even so, "I'm sad" didnt work even once - amazing! I used it on a stripper and even after plowing and remaining unreactive (she actually started investing and building rapport a bit, lol), it was still going nowhere. Then later I tried it on this one girl, and the other one was like OH UH-UHHHH GIRL HE AIN"T NOTHING IGNORE HIM. I ignore it and keep plowing, my target is actually getting into it but after a bit I leave because it's getting ridiculous. More sets that don't even go past the hook later, we head to Razzoo's (HORRIBLE male-female ratio damn! hahah) and I chat up a girl who's watching over her friend's bachelorette party, but it's purely social times and no escalation, only kiss on the cheek.

We go after more, keep the momentum and postivity up! There's no such thing as a bad night, only a learning night. Brent's actual best set were these 2 girls who were getting approached no less than 15 times within a period of 30 minutes, hahah woooooow. But he manages to hook and stay in there for a good amount of time, awesome.

Later we meet up with 2 other guys, who came down from the northshore, Vernon and Jamie. They are cool guys, still inexperienced though but I see a good improvement in them since last time I say him. Vernon, keep smiling! We send them into a few sets which is good for them to desensitize, but being in a group of 4 guys is severly diminishing our ability to constantly be in set (there are just too few targets for 4 people to be continuously approaching!) So we split up and Vernon and Jamie head down one way, I give them the order to tell each other to approach and play the rock-paper-scissors game,  and Brent and I continue the other way. A couple of more sets later but still nothing's really hooking like it was just last night or even earlier today!

And thanks to DST, it's now 3:00 AM. We head down to Felipe's for some damn cheap and damn good tacos. Favorite eating place, for sure. That was some good food.

And as we're walking out ready to walk back to the car, this absolutely gorgeous girl in a black dress makes eye contact with me and I'm lovestruck. Only problem? The super butch lesbian girlfriend arm-in-arm with her, DAMN. I literally cannot resist going up and literally saying exactly what was on my mind, the girl is receptive but the butch gets all threatening HAHAHAHAH. Definitely fury because I would have pounded that girl into oblivion and yet did not know how to get rid of this interloping dyke.

And on that note, it was the end of Saturday night. For sure very different than our last 2 outings, but hey, we enjoy sunshine because we know what rain is. Always be positively reframing things. I still can't figure out what we were doing differently Sat night, if anything at all, but I have a feeling it was just luck of the draw that night. But we made the best of it, at least 15 or so approaches between us and attempting to plow through each and every one.


Here's to the newly founded "New Orleans crew". Can't wait for the free workshop in May!. From here on out, we're going to try to phase out Bourbon street and start hitting up specific venues, with the intention of long-lasting interactions and not short-lived street approaches. We did fantastic on Friday night and that was the same thing. So here's to what should be an even better next weekend! teeth
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Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

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Hey Karthik
Props to your new found commitment - glad you found some wings right away as you finished your glorious BC..
Congrats on the club makeout with a fully cold approach chick.. lol.. yeah. it's an awesome feeling!!

Love your positivity man.. I'm working on it myself whenever I'm out ...

Keep posted bro
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NICE!!!!!!!!! Like the whole thread is money. Haha I remember when you told me about the cutie begging for cock yesterday.

Turd Battalion Eigth Marine Regiment....

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Wowo - let this thread slide for just a bit and all of a sudden you're behind a whole month! I'm going to try and remember what happened then, it's going to be very vague but the the overall focus is to get this thread back on the rails.

3/13/2009 - 3/27/2009 - ???

Damn, already forgot what happened in this 3-week period. What I do know, is that in this 3-week period I don't remember going out very much at all (maybe 3 times total in 3 weeks!). This was mainly due to huge workload at work and getting sick (from pollen allergies... ugh!).

But highlights include
- Finally properly dismissing a chode crush. This bizarre mental obsession I had with one chick is finally gone!, I don't know how it happened in the first place but I actualy talked to her properly for once and all of a sudden, it clicked and my mind said "wait...why did I think this girl was so great anyway???"
- Completely handling and owning this project I had to do at work. First time speaking in front over 100 people, YEP. When the work you put into yourself is good, it shows in all other areas of life.
- Looking back on it, I remember this as still a time when we were attached to street-night-game approaching on Bourbon St. A lot of those interactions were much shorter than the interactions we have now - a lot more hooking and directness nowadays (I define hooking as the minute she starts to ask interview-type questions, usually starting with "What's your name")

Ack - that's really all I can remember. 

4/1/2009 - Happy hour~ish times

Finally had a chance to try this sucker out. Yep, on the Wednesday of April Fool's we went out to see what the weekday, after work stuff was like. More importantly, it helped to "break the work week brain flow". A good opportunity to break the work-brain cycle and get it into social-brain time right in the middle of the week.

Brent and I started out in the Magazine St area - I think it was Bulldog first. Bulldog, haha, full of sports chodes and old people. No mind! Each talk to whatever's there just for the sake for it. I find it amusing that these old women are always telling me "You know I'm married, right?" HAHA,
I haven't said anything yet, why are you jumping to conclusions?

Anyway, this gets kind of boring. Off to Balcony but there's no one there either - and it's getting close to the time I should head back and get to sleep, for work tomorrow. Brent discovers I have never played darts before so we walk over to another place nearby (is it Rendezvous?).

Yeah, no beginners luck for me with darts :) for SURE. But, I tell Brent to open these 2 girls sitting at the bar, I keep playing with the new shiny sharp toys that making satisfying thuds as I learn to hit the actual dart board instead of the walls more often. But what's Brent up to?

Walk over and he's still there, good man, and one of the girls is CUTE. During these introduction handshakes (these handshakes always seem silly as fuck to me, like a business deal or something in the middle of this random bar/club), I hold on to the cute one's hand. Here began the most plowing I had ever done
, ever. I tell her "Hey you're cute. Come play darts". The other girl didnt want to but I wasnt about to let the cute one go. For the next minute it was literally " Come on. Come on. Let's go. It'll be fun. Come on (etc)". All the while continually pulling her arm. It is like I could SEE the resistance crumbling and finally she got up and came with me to go play darts. Yep, constant pressure.

I get her up there and I'm goofing off "I have to warn you....I am the WORST dart player ever". She's giggling and within a minute has gone from crossed arms and standoffish to, well, NORMAL. Now here began the questions. Who are you, how old are you, what do you do etc. Where I am right now, I just answer them truthfully without playing any games because I figure the minute she starts asking these kinds of questions its the "get to know each other time". So I casually hand the phone to her and tell her to put her number in and I go off throwing more darts,albeit very badly. But she won't do it! Here begins round 2 of plowing, where for the next 5 minutes (AT LEAST) I'm commanding her to put the number in but she won't, she has a boychode. This plowing is getting boring to do it AGAIN and it seems this time walls of resistance are being strengthened this time rather than torn down. Whatever, I'm putting my heart into it.

It gets close to 10, so its time to GO (plus, I feel this strange sense of emotional/mental exhaustion for all this plowing!) I bring her back to Brent and the other girl, I make friends with the other girl super quick (she's much more receptive this time!...hmmm) These chicks actually turn out to be late 20s and early 40s, WOW talk about an age gap. Anyway it comes time to go and we leave, it is funny because the cute girl was all like "I'll definitely remember you! We'll see each other again on Frenchman St!

And I walk out fully feeling like I gave it my best like a man. These middle-of-the work week outings are good for ya, if you've got a full time job like me.

4/3/2009 - Frenchman St.

Frenchman St is this little street kind of the same area as Bourbon. It is the kind of place that locals go rather than Bourbon, which could be seen as where the tourists go. Brent had suggested it since we've been looking for different venues to try out instead of trying nightstreetgame on Bourbon which is very difficult to get anywhere with. He also plays music there a lot so he knows the area well.

Consequently however, there aren't too many girls (or people in general). SO we end up parking near Frenchman(MUCH easier parking! Why can't the rest of the city be this easy) but walk to Bourbon to warm up.

Here, if I remember correctly, there isnt too much to work with even on Bourbon. As with all warmups, we GO each other into girls, haha one that I approached voluntarily by mimicking her over-the-top stride and she all of a sudden throws her arm around me and starts pulling me down the street. Long story short, we keep walking and she starts to ask those weird interview questions, we get to the place she was going in such a hurry and she's all like "Oh, by the way, I have a husband and he's been following us." RIGHT. I look around and there is this guy who looks angry as fuck. Goodbye!

I find my way all the way back up Bourbon and meet up with Brent again, opening along the way a little bit. We decide to head back Frenchman and on the way there a lady decides to ask us for directions while we're crossing the street. She's all giggly and hyper and can't mentally process the simple instructions we're giving her "dBa is RIGHT THERE!..." And all of a sudden she says "OK whatever get in the car" Haha, so we
both climb into this random lady's car and I notice she is somewhat of a MILF. Brent's kryptonite is MILFs.

This lady starts talking about what she was doing here. Apparently she had just broke up with her boyfriend some hours ag0 (that explains the giddy rebound high!) and decided to meet someone on ahahahaha. So she was supposed to meet him tonight and thats where she was going.

When we get there, she's all jittery and nervous and wants to turn around. All "ohmygod what if he's the old guy in the blue shirt ewwwww" but I'll be damned if she doesn't meet him tonight after bringing it up to us. Brent takes this opportunity to get her number (or maybe it was her that asked for ours? either way, I felt it was Brent's) and all of a sudden blue shirt guy comes up, its the one!, and we're all like wowww we just set up a date. He seems like a nice enough guy, Brent and I decide to let this date happen for a bit and meanwhile we'll wander the streets and see what else we can find

We end up in front of this one place, Lazzizza's (sp?). There is some slightly ollder chick there that we're just hanging out with - but all in all it's a super chill time, we're just talking random stuff and getting up and going for girls that strike our fancy as the walk by. Also, it's latin dance night in this place. I've always wanted to learn how to latin dance so I get this one spanish chick to show me how - merengue huh? Not as hard as it seems!, but I'm told it's the easiest kind of dancing teeth. So I used my newfound skillzzz to drag a group of 4 girls from the street to inside this latin place. I manage to break the cute one away with promises of "horrible latin dancing" and indeed, neither of us knew wtf we were doing. But it was hilarious and both of us were having a good time. Suddenly the friends drag her away and they disappear into the night sad. Damn blockers. In all honesty, however, it's my fault because in a true bubble of love there is nothing but you and her, no friends or amogs or anything ridiculous like that. Next time, it's gotta be a true bubble of love.

4/4/2009. Return of Synyster

Tonight was the first time I got to see Synyster (RSDN) back from Marine bootcamp! This was the guy who was my primary wing when I first really started last year, so I'm psyched to see him again and see what is new. Brent isn't able to make it out tonight due to a gig, no worries.

I dont remember too much from tonight except walking back and forth from Frenchman to Bourbon many times over, dying feet times haha. Synyster is still a crazy mofo and even more so than usual. I think it is attributed to his 3-months away from society, hehe. Don't make a big deal out of it Seabass, you can't "lose game", it's who you are.

But there was a lot of random opening on Bourbon again, double-clawing and fun. I saw the "I'm sad" stripper again she now automaticallt knows who I am and exactly what to do haha but I still can't get to the stage 3 tonguedown in the middle of Bourbon. And one that stood out! Two gorgeous girls who I went up to walking on the very edge of Bourbon (near Canal), I immediately felt it was on and they told me they were going to their hotel. At this point I still kept talking but in retrospect this was silly. I should have just led them back to the hotel with me and I feel it would have had a very high chance of success - but I didn't and they walked off into the night. Closer mentality, it's 4th quarter and its time to win!

Anyway, more wandering back and forth. Haha, we finish off the night by going to Cat's Meow because Synyster finds out I've never done karaoke before and now I absolutely have to. Here I keep getting the "eye-fucked sensation", it is the strangest thing. And here was also my most daring approach - went straight up to this one cutie in a gray dress and pulled her in by the waist "Hi.....I like you" She is ridiculously giggly and immediately starts asking questions (is this instant jump to rapport that Ryan was talking about? covering steps 1-5 all in go?). HA, these girls are here for prom. Anyway I make this mistake of trying to pull her to the dancefloor too quickly and she goes off to her friends, not in a sort of backturn way but just she was talking to her friends and I wasn't patient enough to just stand there and vibe with the rest of the group. Sometimes you cn tell when you and the girl have matched rhythyms from the start itself, and this was one of those cases, I should have held a little longer. And when I walked away, they disappeared after a bit.

What ended tonight was a debatable quality karaoke performance of "Let it Rock". I thought I was doing awesome (except for dropping the mike, which apparently is a big NO) and being the worst air/fake guitar player in existence. But we had heart! Add to that we were performing for the 3 am Bourbon st slag which consisted of drunk chodes and fat girls. Though HEY - I know we had at least a couple of expressive fans out there, haha.

4/5/2009 - Lakeside Mall

Today I went out again because I wanted Synyster and Brent to meet up. And here we got to see Brent's "hella skillzzzzz !!!!11" at day game, he was pulling numbers left and right. All turned out to be flakes but it's all part of the process. Lots of cuties here and I'm still a little nervous about day gaming since it's such a different energy level than night time. Either way, I still managed to get a good couple of approaches in, and when I mean approaches, I mean not half-hearted kind of stuff but really putting myself on the line, you'll have to take my word for it. That means plowing (to some degree), persistence, and patience. A good experience to help make day-game more natural.

Synyster's leaving to infantryman bootcamp somewhere on the Eastern seaboard, so we part ways again. Best of luck mate, hope you had fun!

4/12/2009 - 4/13/2009 - Assorted "eh"

I decided to include these 2 days as one because I feel like they weren't really separate, it was more like a continuation.

Friday, Brent and I meet up again at Frenchman St. - And I'm dying from these crazy pollen allergies. It's getting ri-damn-diculous, with this wheezing cough and a LOT of congestion. What I wouldn't do for some rain to clear the air for just a bit! But I'm glad to be out even in spite of this renewd affliction (the same that's been plaguing me on and off since March. Tree cunts!)

We saw a lot of CREEPY stuff tonight. Two obviously preteen girls dancing with some 30 year old guy Bourbon, guys grinding on each other and small, pitch black alleyways
where we heard random voices and chants. WTF New Orleans, way to be a creeper. Not only that, but there seems to be NO hot girls or groups of hot girls around. Those that were, we approached but if I remember correctly it was this night-street-game stuff so it didn't really go anywhere. Wandered around on our quest to pat O' Brians, all over Frenchman, etc. and nothing, it just seemed to be a really slow night. We get some mexican food from a truck (haha) and just relax in the nighttime for a bit, and eventually decide to go to the Boot to see if anything was good there.

We get there around 2 am and it is DESERTED. Wow, what is going on? The only highlight is that some girl we started talking to on the sidewalk number closed the both of us, I thought this was pretty funny because Brent was doing 80% of the talking and I was just standing there smiling, interjecting stuff once in a while but her attention still came back to me all the time even in silence. Whats your name? , Here is my number, etc. and she would be talking directly to me. Is this was "shadowlording" is, haha?

, wow. If bad nights are learning nights, then this was the learningest night ever tounge. In retrospect, this one never really got off the ground properly. We're excited for today since we're exploring new venues, I'm still allergic as fuck sad. We start off going to Lucy's, but theres almost nothing here and brent and I each get an approach. We wander over to a wine bar and just hang around for a bit, more walking and just brightening people's days on the street (in spite of the fact it's night time, and it's dark). But there's nothing in the area so we get back in the car and head over to the Boot.

The Boot, is fucking DEAD. Even at 11-12ish, which is supposed to be a good time to go. We hang around for only just a bit but then get a tip off from some people to visit Maple St and try our luck there. Never been to Maple St. before, its a cool little random place but it's also dead. But we kinda make do, just social conversating with people but nothing that really goes anywhere. In between all the walking in deserted streets and long periods of silence, I, and probably Brent too, are fully in our heads. Because if you're not moving forwards, you're moving backwards, and we were definitely moving backwards. So even if there were hot girls sometimes we just werent even approaching! "woo" had never been a problem with us before but now it's just struggling to keep in a social state of mind.

We head back to the Boot and just talk to each other for a bit, alot more silence since the bar is dead. Literally just sitting there staring. A group of hot girls come in and it's all intimidating because we're fully in our minds.

Eventually though, we decide to just go for it and I go in HARD on this one hottie. Pull her in by the neck (credit Brad-) and tell her "I like you". She is initially very receptive "I like you too!" and even "Who are you?" but then energy quickly shifts as her friend gets bitchy and I go full into persisting and plowing but I get a backturn (Yikes!
probably the hardest blowout I've ever gotten!). But Brent credits me for going in fucking hard and direct. Sometimes, it just doesnt work, but I have complete confidence that I put my balls on the line here.

So that happens and ends and it's silence again. To Brent's credit, he's going in harder than he has been before too, we both have gone in much more direct than before. But all the silent sitting around has ruined our woo and conversational abilities. We end up going to the Palms nearby and here are a LOT more hot chicks - so this where at least SOME people are! And here are some of the harshest blowouts yet. Backturns, even a backturn before I could even start talking, wtf? This has literally never happened before. I do my best to keep going but I'm getting stuck in my head more and more. We leave around 3 am and I'm furious. The night has also been strange to Brent too, I've never seen him just get straight up ignored like what happened sporadically throughout the night.

But with all learning nights, there have got to be lessons learned

- Not moving forwards in the macro scale is BAD. Doing anything other than talking to other people is moving BACKWARDS. Same lesson I learnt on bootcamp.
- Try to find some good venues tthat arent going to take time out of the night driving back and forth or searching for parking. Getting in the car and going logical direction mode is a mega state killer
- Finding a good venue is a major part of making a good night. There have got to be hot girls in order to really get going!
- More stupid woo building activities teeth. Just to make sure we don't take it for granted and something like this won't happen again.

Overall, the parts I'm glad about is how direct we're going. I was furious that we were getting blown out so hard but the correct response is not to tone it down and get all tame, it's to keep going with it it'll probably auto-correct itself. Nature does that for ya :) . Our quest to find a good venue is going to come to a head soon as we continue to explore the city. I'm glad we put ourseleves on the line more so than ever last night, I guess sometimes it just doesnt work. I guarantee thatit would have been a lot better had we had our normal levels of "woo" though!

Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

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This blog is paused until May 17, 2009. Why? The more I go out, and the more I practice, the MORE serious questions are being raised about my current way of life. I've ended up questioning everything about my current habits and practices, and it's clearly evident that there is a lot of restructuring I have to do.

HAHA don't worry, I'm still going out, in one form or the other, more social than ever. The skills have truly set me (more) free.

Why May 17? On May 14 the RSD free workshop here in New Orleans takes place, and I'll make sure to write about what that was like along with the ensuing chaos on the weekend. And by that time, I should be finished if not very close to determining exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it.

See you May 17th!

Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

Pook. "As you think, you shall become...."
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Kmoney what happened?
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