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NOLA , Mardi Gras, Bootcamp, Tom and Ryan!. A Call to Trial : Justice by Combat, 2/20-2/22/2009 + FIELD REPORTS
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Mardi Gras Bootcamp with TOM AND RYAN, February 20-22nd in the glorious year of 2009.[/u]


My hair now goes forward.

I have finally had a chance to catch some sleep. Combined with narrating my story to some very excited friends of mine, I am finally piecing together the weekend in my mind. So, how did my bootcamp go?

Let's begin.

[u]Friday, February 20th. AKA "I don't give a FUCK Friday" or "Trial period Friday"

[/u]I leave Friday morning from my (parent's) home in Metairie (a suburb of New Orleans) to check into my hotel which is roughly 15 min away, next to a hospital. HAHA, but I think it's very important to have a place where I can be physically and emotionally free of any interference while I go through what is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend.

I arrive at the Omni Royal of New Orleans very early, maybe 2 hours or so early, so I could have some time to think a little and write out my chode letter. (FUCK, now that I mention it, I havent thrown it away yet - OK, it's now gone down the toilet. No remorse.) I want to say that during this entire period, from waking up Friday morning, to being in the hotel on Friday evening, completely calm. I wasn't excited for the bootcamp, part of me feared it was going to be a disappointment, a scam. On the other side, I wasn't scared or negative either, because I knew Ryan was a highly skilled guy from many competent sources (Alex~, Stefan, Tom!, etc...).

The state I was in was more like tempered curiousity, I knew there definitely existed a possibility that if I put the work in, I would massively improve from this detailed, 2 on 1 instruction. I even made a contract with my brother, who I love dearly, and I would die a million of the most painful deaths for, no doubt. So when he told me to go rock it, I was compelled to. There was no question about it. I even wrote his name on my hand to remind me of it. More than once throughout the weekend I had to glance at it and remind myself to give it my all, no really, GIVE IT MY ALL. If you have someone like that UNDENIABLY close to you, this is a very cool tip. Thanks George.

As I completed my inner chode letter, I call my good friend George. He is way excited for me, and I begin to get caught into it.

7:30 rolls around. Ryan calsand we finally meet up. Glorious. It is a strange feeling to see him in person, as here is the guy I have read about it and heard so much from, and now he is here in person. Numerous times during Day 1 and Day 2, during his lectures, I have to pinch myself (not literally, haha) and remind myself that this whole thing is for real. It is such a great feeling. Tom is there too, big lovable guy. Tom is what seems to me at least 7 feet tall and is probably the coolest guy I have met, no lie. More on that later...

Ryan and Tom I sit back and relax for a bit at the Omni Lobby while talking about some random stuff. Ryan begins describing the details of the program, what we will be doing, when we will be doing it, where, and what is expected of both of us. At one point, I don't remember in particular, I try to ask a question and he quickly shuts me up with "STOP INTERRUPTING". HAHA, this is important, because before when I was trying to imagine what bootcamp was going to be like, I wanted to see how Ryan would assert himself as the instructor, the commander, the general. I was taken completely by surprise, and I'm no pushover - with this, all the thoughts about bootcamp being a disappointment and a scam fly out the window. RYAN IS FOR REAL.

Cool. So Ryan is going through his lecture. I want to cover some of the important points here, for you, the reader's benefit.

Let me preface this by saying pre-bootcamp, I was VERY well read on all of this stuff. I hadn't seen the Blueprint or Flawless Natural or anything like that yet, but I was a long time, dedicated lurker on RSDnation. I read EVERYTHING. So when Ryan was lecturing me, often he wasn't telling me anything particularly new (except for a few, very cool cases)...Still, I held my tongue and JUST LISTENED. Ryan lecturing helps you get a MUCH better idea of all those concepts of game theory, he is an excellent speaker, and I guarantee even if you've heard it a million times over, you will still gain something new by listening.

OK, here's what we covered.
- Momentum (on the macro level, this was HUGE for me). Start building inertia the minute you go out. Every minute of non-social momentum works against you. What does this mean for you, the reader? Approach the first person you see, be it old young, attractive ugly, guy or girl. From there keep moving forward, so if you start off talking to a dude or an ugly girl, next go talk to a hot(ter) girl. Keep going and DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF ANY BREAK. Like I said, inertia. The gears of your mind are turn backwards when you start thinking to yourself and being non-social. You want to the gears to keep turning forwards, out of your mind and talking to the people. It is very difficult to switch gears from backwards to forwards, so do yourself a favor and never stop going forward. Consistently move forward, when you get rejected, throw yourself into the next ASAP, and make sure it's a step above or at least equal to what you were tlaking to (if it was a hot girl, dont go backwards and talk to some dude. That's moving backwards).

- Momentum (on the micro level. I was veyr familiar with this concept). Always be escalating, Continue escalating always. Ryan gave me an Ultimate Roadmap - it is slightly more detailed but practically the same as the one on his blog (

- Principles. (if you are familiar with Alex~'s blog, you will know these). 1. Golden Rule of Natural Game, what you feels she feels. 2. Self is always shining through. Girls are very socially intuitive. For example, even if you are feeling something kinda negative like nervous, SHOW IT, don't HIDE IT. HIDING IS LAME. Say something like, wow, you are making me nervous. God you're cute and pull her in. She senses you are nervous, and here you are accepting yourself and truly expressing the core of yourself. Very attractive behaviour.

- What is needed for an opener to work. Dominance, Undeniable Passion for her, Purpose (we all know why you're talking to the hot girl...), Presence (your full attention is on HER). Emotions are contagious. You want to be the "I'll have what he's having" kind of guy. That means super happy and high emotional state. Girls know that if they interact with you they will lift their state just from the interaction. BAM, she already loves you.

- What to say. Also from Ryan's blog. Do not set a "pole vault", that you can only say high quality material that can clear it. If you are, its signifying you think she is of higher value than you, and you have a "bar of quality" that every thing you are saying has to clear. Very lame. Speak your mind and say stupid stuff like you do naturally and with your cool friends - and hey, pleasant side effect, she'll love you for it.

A short respite and some music to set the tone for upcoming infield portion. Welcome to, "I don't give a FUCK Friday"


Day 1, infield

Ryan, Tom and I break after seminar. He tells me, when we go out, you have to be talking 100% of the time as we're walking. OK COOL, except I didnt hear the part about "WE". So I walk out of the hotel, alone, to go get some food, thinking that he meant I should be talking out loud, right now. HAHA, so I wind up talking out loud to myself all the way down the street till I reach a place and grab a chicken salad (DELICIOUS CHICKEN, CROUTONS, ETC. WOW). Meanwhile, talking out loud like a lunatic, thinking that that's what Ryan told me to do. I get back and Ryan and Tom meet up once again, I tell Ryan of my insanity and he's tickled. But it's I DONT GIVE A FUCK FRIDAY, no?

We walk outside the Omni and Bourbon (time is now 9:30 PM) is a stone's throw away. Instantly we begin, even on the street. Ryan and Tom would point out sets and say GO. I went without any question, remember my strong motivation to give it my all on this bootcamp. Here's a big piece...SMILE BIG. Take a look at any RSD instructor/staff picture and take a good look at their smile, big, wide toothy crocodile smile. Subtle point, but it makes a world of difference. It is a smile that almost feels weird, if you havent done it . Ryan tells me I have a beautiful smile and I needed to use it. Several times he woud remind me and criticize me for not holding up my smile. Quick, Easy FIX.

Ryan and Tom give me an opener that they want to see how i do with. "Hey I need a Valentine, will you be my Valentine?", while getting physical. It goes off without a hitch, one girl even instantly says Yes! (THIS IS HOW MUCH THE SMILE MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I WOULD HAVE NEVER EXPECTED SUCH A RESPONSE BEFORE). Sadly, she gets lost in the crowd.

More, More More approaches. Ryan says my goal tonight is 30. We walk down to Tropical Isle (not the 2 story one), that Ryan and Tom had previously scouted out. ATTN Ryan: how were you able to scout out places so quickly? This could really help me in finding a good venue, Tropical Isle is a crowded, people-packed-like cattle clusterfuck. Everyone is pushing to get through, and that makes people veyr angry with each other. No worries though.

I land on a very cute dirty-blonde girl who I hook solidly. Sadly, I wasnt very physical (in retrospect, it could have been SOOO much better), but even so, it was STILL ON. She notices my lack of beads and tries give me a flashy little trinket, lovely girl. It gets tangled and we spend the next 30 or 40 seconds trying to untangle the trinket and finally she gives up in frustration and rips it off and throws it on the floor...awwww. She begins to ask all kinds of rappport questions, what's your name, where do you live, blahblahblah. She fizzles out a couple min later and tells her friend "HELP ME". I take this as a sign to leave....

A note on Tom!
Tom is a very cool guy. Throughout the entire day 1 and day 2 infield kinda stuff he was almost always near me, and every time I got blown out or even after the end of ANY approch, regardless of the result, he would always pat me on the back, or maybe say "It's all good man, cool. Next!", or both. I thought it was silly at first, but thn i realized (only just now) he was doing something very important. He was making sure I stayed positive and as a result, I was able to last much longer and not emotionally break down. Also, it showed me the right frame of mind. Thanks so much man, you have no idea how important this was. This is the right attitude to have, and it is a good assumption that if you weren't there, I wouldn't have made quite the same amazing progress that you and Ryan praised me for. END NOTE

We stay in Tropical Isle for a good hour or so, but the crowdedness is beginning to get to all of us. We decide to bounce (I'm never going back there again!!!) and go to Razzoo's.

Razzoo's is a decent place that is a covered nightclub in the front, with a dance floor, and an outdoor, heated patio in the back. Thank goodness for the good weather we enjoyed all weekend, shoutouts to whoever's in charge up there yo! I hit up a lot more sets, Tom and I hook a chubby (but kinda cute?) blonde and her friend. Tom takes the friend to the bar and I isolate the blonde, we talk for a very good bit (5, 10 min?). Just having fun and talking about each other. I wasn't attracted, but she was cool to talk to. I bring her over the bar to get a drink and take her number, my phone's dead so I get a pen from the bartender and she writes it on a napkin. Cool, my first NIGHTGAME number close. I definitely wasn't planning to call back, but Tom and Ryan says that was excellent for me to go through it, so that when I do close the hottie, it's NOT A BIG DEAL because it's JUST SOMETHING I DO. This part is very important.

I go through running around and opening. Always stay moving. Ryan hooks a cutie in a red shirt and jeans, and Tom and I kind observe from a distance, EXCELLENT learning and seeing Ryan in action. He is extremely physical with her, and she is very into him. He stays with her for a very long time, but the friends pull her away at the end of the night. sad. Not before he gets the number though, and we go back into it. (SIDEBAR, ATTN : Ryan, I hope your tally went up to 8! I'll be damned if that Alex~ gets to pull ahead in the competition.)

SIDENOTE: The program's balance was excellent, while I was forced to push myself and keep approaching and going, I also got lots of opportunities to see Ryan and Tom in action. And also, sometimes they would wing me. Excellent balance.

[b]More running around. Here we get to an important part. I open this hipster girl in glasses, and all kinds of garbage suddenly rolls out of my mouth "Are you having fun? Where do you live? ' BLAH BLAH BLAH. I go back and tell Ryan and Tom. Ryan gets vicious for a minute and berates me, why would you say that crap. Do you really think that she is going to tell stories to her friends about a guy who came up saying "Are you having fun". Stop pretending to be an ignorant chode, and get more illogical and fun. Vicious Ryan turns off and Good Cop Ryan comes back, I'm fully feeling scared at the verbal lambasting but it's very short lived.

I go back and open another girl. Lecture fresh on my mind, I start "going dumb", i start talking about sultans and sheikhs, palm trees and harems, the arctic crocoduck. This feels MUCH better than that chodeversation.

More, more, more sets, as we stay at Razzoo's. Open here, open there, sometimes Ryan and Tom tell me GO and sometimes I just run around on my own to go do what I'm supposed to do. We head back to Tropical Isle for a bit but its still a clusterfuck, I'm trying to move through but feeling severly claustrophobic and I literally have to go outside to take a breather and stare at my hand. FUCK the tropical isle. I open some fatties and continue moving forward.

So there was a lot more of this. We went back on Bourbon and I opened 2 guys, 2 girls set. This was a very important set too. I walk in and Ryan and Tom are right behind me, but back to back, so they can listen. I open this girl in a yellow thing with a very nice body. Claw and all of that, her friends are very amused by what's going on (Kar-thik, Kar like what you drive and Thick like your ass), but my focus is mostly on her. She turns around and talks to her friends and I manage to keep myself there, but the spotlight is now away from me. Ryan tells me to yell, yell anything. Get the spotlight back! Exhilarating, I yell the irst word I see, famous! I'm famous! I have over 50 views on youtube and over 100 friends on facebook! I'm a celebrity! Eventually I leave, but it was a very good lesson.

Be able to get that spotlight back! When Tom and Ryan were winging me earlier in the night, I would often start getting silent and watching them. Although it was partly because I was very interested in seeing them in action, it was also in some part because I didn't know how to get that spotlight back. Cool.

Lessons learned, and it's now about 2:30 or 3:00 AM or so. I make some final approaches and that's it for the night. We walk back and get some burritos, and Ryan goes on a mini-debrief. He praised me for my awesome initiative (I always went when they said so, and I went off on my own to find sets sometimes too). However he sees a lot of things to work on. My emotional communication is below average, and my physicality is lacking. Lots to work on and remember for tomorrow, as we finish our food we get into a lot deeper conversation about each other, which I really enjoyed. Tom and Ryan graciously go out of their way to give me a ride home, thanks again guys.

I get back to hotel around 4:00 AM, tired and still on the fence about whether I can make this an awesome bootcamp or not. After all, at the time I felt I wasn't doing anything really radically different from al my nights pre-bootcamp. But OK, here are some definite things to work on. I get to sleep so I can meet Ryan and Tom tomorrow at the Omni at 4:00 PM>

WHEW, and that was only Day 1! I'm going to take a break and Day 2 and 3 will be up later.

Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

Pook. "As you think, you shall become...."
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Welcome to your new world Karthik....Rock ON....I can vouch that this bootcamp is not a Scam and every single thing said by the instructors is heavy and 100% real and authentic...
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Alright I've eaten something, I'm recharged and I'm eager to crank this out.
On to Day 2. Saturday, February 21. AKA "Sleepless Saturday" AKA "Mindblowing seminar Saturday" AKA "Seduction Saturday"

Day 2 started off wrongly. Due to taxi cab shortage from Mardi Gras, road blockages, etc, I ended up nearly an hour late to the Omni (supposed to meet at 4, ended up meeting at close to 5). What a fucking annoying way to start Day 2.
Finally I am relieved to meet Ryan and Tom again. Sleep was short, but sleep was the last thing on the minds of any of us - time to get to work. Seminar begins immediately, but shortly we are kicked out by the damn security agent smith on guard at the Omni whose job was to eliminate with prejudice, all non-guests of the Omni who were IN the Omni.

BAH, we end up going to the Westin. I actually thank the security chode for kicking us out of the Omni. The Westin is just great, beautiful overlook of the city, lovely environment, friendly staff. HAHA, now HERE is where a seminar should be conducted. The environment was beautiful.

Ryan begins to go into his long lecture. Here something curious happens.- Ryan becomes extremely passionate, even more so than usual. The emotions are contagious and I get swept away, amazed and starstruck at the passion with which he describes game theory, and more importantly, his epiphanies. I am nearly brought to tears, and I would have too, except I was somewhat dehydrated. That was a beautful lecture man. My mind is overflowing with emotion but my state is on high.

Stuff we covered
- Ryan went over a Punnet square-like illustration of qualities that make nonattractive, attractive guys, extremely attractive guys, and where each instructor was on the chart. And where I was, too. Lovely little simple illustration of the relation between on/off rhythym, and socially aware/unaware. I was already somewhat aware of my shortcomings, even before bootcamp. Ryan was telling me I am too socially aware, and instead of pressuring myself to try to become on rhythm, go from socially aware to socially unaware and there the possibilities are endless.
- Pinging. We went over what pinging was, and what does it mean. The one who pings the least, controls reality and inspires the most followers.
- Adopting leader qualifications. Two things to know here, certainty and a proven history of success.
- Value. Value in relation to people is determined by reactivity.
- Every situation has an infinite number of interpretations. Everyone has their own reality. Conflicting realities cannot coexist, tension grows between the conflicting realities. Whoever is more secure wins out (and the more tension, the bigger the payoff!!)
- THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I LEARNED ON BOOTCAMP. The importance and extent of "positivity and positive thinking". Ryan said I had a real talent for making things negative - however, he says, what all natrual attractive guys have in common is nearly self-delusional positivity. Say there is a long line, you and you friend go up to the back. A negative way to look at it is, "man, we should have left earlier, we'll never get in". A positive way to look at it is "oh man, can't wait, must be an awesome party inside". Both are technically right, but the positive way is a far superior place to be (see above, every situation has infinite interpretations). And I had personally seen Ryan get blown out more times than I could count on Friday. So when he told the following story, it really hit home. Ryan told a story about Alex~, it goes as follows. Alex~ had a drink poured on him by a girl, and later he said "man that girl was totally into me". Everyone else said "what, are you kidding, she just poured her drink on you". And Alex~ said "Yeah, becaus eshe wanted me to take off my shirt". Beautiful. This positive thinking ties into the below:
- The Ultimate Mindset. 1. YES! 2. It's ON!. 3. YES, IT'S ON!!!. Alex~ always believed it was on, no matter what. This was so different from my thoughts in the past, which were technically true but way negative. Time to think completely positive and that it's always ON. It was at this point that I was the closest tears, kind of a "dry heave" eyelids blinking rapidly. Ryan, you beauty.
- We covered what it means for a man to be on his path, and how girls played into that. Yin and Yang.

Then we covered the full debrief from last night. Ryan showed these as qualities of an attractive person.
- Animation and expression
- Volume - person who talks the loudest.
- Flow (ability to have conversation with yourself, when needed). Be prepared to have to talk to yourself for a bit.
- Internally centered versus externally reactive.

Here are the things he wanted me to work on a lot.
- Positivity
- And most importantly, EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION. Apparently, he was able to tell simply from the lecture periods that my emotional communication and ability to read other people was below average.
- Don't make it a BIG DEAL. Girls and anyone HATE big deals. So just BE and stop making things a BIG DEAL, like talking, opening, kissing, phone number, etc.

And finally, proactive emotional leadership. BE the emotion you want to inspire.

Right towards the end of the seminar, Tom beckons over a cute Westin employee with a toy plushy we found on the table. she comes over, she is Brazilian of some sort and very cute. Ryan begins talking to her. This part, was amazing. Since it was the hotel lobby, I could hear everything that was said, unlike the crowded outside where I was struggling to hear Ryan talk to his girls. Plus, it wasnt weird that Tom and I were just sitting there watching this go down, unlike in field if we were just staring at Ryan while he was with a girl.

And here, I see Ryan demonstrate everything he has been talking about. He leans way back in his chair, ALMOST ridiculously so, and he is relaxed. What does being relaxed communicate? That it is NOT a big deal. They keep talking and amazingly quickly, we are finding all about this girl. How she has been in this country for only a month or so. Where are some good places around, etc. The girl has the toy plushy and her hand and cannot stop fidgeting with it. Smiles all around, Tom and I are recognizing what's going on and Ryan and the girl are fully enjoying this little chat. Seeing this in action was great.


With that the seminar portion of Saturday was completed, and my mind was fully overflowing and blown. I broke off for food, and here again something curious happened. I suddenly became very angry and frustrated. Angry at Ryan and Tom, I don't know why. Angry at New Orleans, fucking annoying city. Angry at game theory, why did it have to come to this? Why did it require this much work, $2000 plus incidentals and countless hours, months and years of wracking my brain.

At this point, I remembered my motivation, and why I wrote my brother's name on my hand. Why I was here - I am willing to invest in myself. I went back up to the Westin and sat there, looking across the city scape. I called my very good friend George (he is on this forum as "plato"), and he offered me words of encouragement but I was having none of it. But I did recognize that I needed to get off the topic of game and game theory so we started a delightful conversation about game theory. I felt better, but during all this I missed the chance to go eat with Ryan and Tom. Oh well, better coordination next time mates.

THe time was getting close to 9:30 PM, time to go to the Omni and meet up for the 2nd infield day. And here I did something very bizarre - but if you have read Tolle's book, you will know exactly what kind of exercise this is. I sat down alone and stared at a plant for 10 minutes. Then I stared at a light for a bit, then I stared at a chair. Fully taking in everything about the plant, the light, and the chair. Realzing it was getting close to 9:30 , I walked outside to meet Ryan and Tom...

It was the slowest walk of my life, literally and figuratively. I walked extremely slowly, and nothing around me registered, I had a blank look on my face as I slowly stepped. As I was coming down the stairs, slowly and extremely deliberately, nothing was on my mind except the task at hand, almost like I as hypnotized. I walked outside and met Ryan and Tom, and "snapped out of my trance". Ryan told me that me comign down the stairs looks hilarious, like I was hypnotized. Back to normal again, and nothing on my mind but good emotions we walked off into the night to Bourbon.

Here goes day 2 infield. Here is some music to set the tone:

Ryan, Tom and I agreed that we weren't going back to Razzoo's again ($20 cover charge? fuck you) and that we were sure as fuck not going back to the Tropical Isle again. I honestly don't recommend either.

BUT, If you are going to Bourbon Street, you've GOT to go to Pat O' Briens. Genius. That was our destination tonight and where we ended up spending at least 5, 6 hours? It is a fantastic place and they play great music.

The line stretches long, already a good sign. We stand in line and without even telling me to, I go and approach a group of 3 girls or so, instant hook, her name is Mary and she's lost most of her voice. Haha, excellent reason to talk to her super close. It ends up that her friends go back into the line and she stays with me in the street. Her friends call to her and start talking to her, and I remember what Ryan was saying before. It's OK if she turns and talks to her friends, just be patient - she's still right in front of you - and DONT EJECT. I stay in and lo and behold, she turns and keeps talking to me. Eventually it ends and she walks back to her friends (even after an attempted #-close at the end, oh well). Tom and Ryan congratulate me on my persistence (I had NEVER to this point done anything or been anything persistent. COOL.).

I should also mention that the big smile, which felt weird last night, was more or less plastered on my face now. Second Nature.

We get inside and Pat O Brien's is definitely a cool place. It is a giant courtyard in the middle, with several sectioned off bars in the periphery. Very nice, and their music is awesome (Macarena, Will Smith, etc. CLASSICS!).

Immediately I go up to these 2 girls under an umbrella (it was only slightly drizzling at this point). Very cute girls, I am overcome with love for them. I am full focused on the brunette one, who was adorable. Surprise! Ryan comes in to wing me and talk to the blondie, and immediately he starts telling a story about how he lost his virginity last night ("YOU DID? how was it?" "ahh, it kind of hurt" giggles and laughter all around). Here I made a mistake, I thought Ryan was dragging attention away so I wanted to isolate my girl away from Ryan, so I pulled her away in an effort to physically move her. Sadly, she gets lost in the crowd after trying to hold on for a minute or so. Ryan later tells me I was doing just fine, and I didn't need to run away with her yet. Moving around woul dhave been necessary if it wa slike a 2 on 1 or something like that, but Ryan said he fully isolated his and I was on mine, so no need to panic and worry and run off. OK, Lesson LEARNED!.

Next, a little more bouncing around and finally, the main jewel of this night, a very hot girl in a green vest named Emily. I really loved this girl. Within 20-30 seconds I had fully clawed her in, hand around the waist/lower back firmly but gently holding her less than inches away from me. We're talking less than centimeters from each other, I am talking directly into her ears - we're in a little bubble of love. Conversation was delightful, we talked about all osrts of things, 30 second sex versus passionate nailing, willy wonka's indian chocolate palace, fucked up music. Everything is flowing freely. Ryan had earlier in the night recommended for me to go for the makeout with eskimo kisses, which is rubbing noses together side to side. awwwwww. I go for the makeout, denied and the love is redirected to her cheek, but all of a sudden she lights up and starts asking all sorts of questions. Where do you go to school, where do you live, etc. And I find out a lot from her too. I go for the eskimo kiss thing, still denied! but she is giggling and throwing her head back and loving it. During this whole time, 90% of the time she is right on me, and other 10% of the time, i playfully push her away because she said something weird or disagreeable. Her friend approves of me too, I love her as a cheerleader. I keep pushing for the number and she cannot give it, but it's all happy times even still. But eventually something happens and she has to go, and rightbefore she does, she finally kisses me. Ahh, I would love to see her again.

Let me take a step back here and reframe this past interaction. Everything I did with this girl in the green vest, I had never done before. Never been very physical with a girl. Never devoted my full attention to her. Never hooked her with light, solid but fun conversation. Never went for a makeout before, and especially never went after the makeout even after getting denied. Also, I had never kissed a girl on the lips before. Yes, if you've ever seen Bad Boys II before, "Shit just got real", while adjusting the sunglasses like David Caruso in CSI Miami while the camera zooms in and pans up slowly. 

I'm very happy, but its not like I'm jumping for joy and seeing raninbows and shooting stars. It's like a chill happy, the sense of deep happiness that you get when you have accomplished something major in life.

I find Tom and Ryan and tell them what happened. Tom tells me that he could find nothing wrong with that interaction (they were observing from a distance). Ryan is amazed. We are all amped, let's keep going! Funny story: while talking to the green vest girl, I ordered a hurricane. It was a huge drink, and I was sipping on it happily as I was talking to her and as I went back to Ryan and Tom. After the earlier congratulations, Ryan and Tom are like..."What the fuck are you doing with that hahahahah" I'm almost a complete newbie to drinking, and they were telling me that if I drank the whole thing, I would be passed out on the floor. I did NOT believe them and they were besides themselves with laughter at the sight of me, a complete beginner to alcohol, with this massive hurricane in my hand fully expecting to finish it. Tom confiscates it and I give it up a little reluctantly, how could it be THAT bad. They assure me that it is, still incredulous and very amused with my  choice of alcoholic foray and my belief that I would be able to drink it all with little effect. And I walk off , no time "fornicate arachnids", keep it moving.

More sets and more sets. We way overshot the 30 goal even as of last night, I cannot even count how many we did here in total on bootcamp (maybe 60, 70+?). Physicality is now natural - I find a girl whose hands are clasped at her chest who's apparently very worried that she can't find her friends. I completely pull her in again and she is loving it, especially how I am able to bring her up past that crappy worried, logical state she was in. Suddenly I feel like I'm falling in love with her too, as we get very close and I kiss her all over her face (see: Pepe Le Pew) I am able to make her completely forget about her crisis and we are locked in, sadly, I leave soon without going for a makeout. It would have been delicious sad

Meanwhile I find the fate of my almost full hurricane. Tom gave it to a guy (a guy who was surrounded by like 5 or 6 girls). Tom and Ryan and this guy and his girlfriend are all vibing when I find them, and here is something I liked a lot. His girlfriend (who was extremely cute), LOVED me from the minute I walked up, and I hadn't even spoke to her yet. Ahhh I loved this girl, and the guy was VERY cool too, he was incredibly grateful for the free hurricane, haha. This guy and the girl were also very amused at my exploit of an alcohol-related nature. Ryan and Tom keep reminding me DONT GAME THE GIRLFRIEND, have her introduce you to her friends but I was oblivious to it for the first minute or so, who wouldn't be? this girl was gorgeous. She loves me and she introduces me to her friends, i say hi and I hang with them for a quick bit. For the rest of the night this girl loved me every time I walked past. Ryan and Tom nearly had to pry me off her.

More talking and boucning around, I try out Ryan's body posture on a girl who's seated, I sit right next to her and just lean back, super relaxed. Although i was talking to her heavily in the beginning, at this point i was just sitting back relaxing and she kept opening me with different questions. Zero effort, the girl was now gaming me. Tom wingedme on her standing friend, but apparently the friend had some issues and wouldnt even let Tom touch her. Some girls just have issues like that. Tom advises me that although what I was doing was cool, this set was going nowhere, so he gave me an out by leaving, and I left later saying I had to find my friend.

Ryan and Tom are apparently very pleased with my progress, as I continue to bounce around, and here they start to loosen up their collars and have fun a little bit. Tom is a giant guy, and Ryan dares him to open this equally giant girl with "I fit". Ryan and I are besides ourselves with laughter. Tom does it and it is, hilarious. I keep up opening and approaching, once even with the "party captain" opener (See Junior Spesh). I go back to Ryan and Tom, and Ryan informs me that Tom had just remarked to him "He's getting good". I am very happy but I do not let it go to my head, there is still a lot of work to be done.

More fuckery - Ryan dares Tom to open a girl and some chode with a red shirt with the line from Jeffy "Who is this guy? He looks like a fucking faggot, get rid of him". Tom goes up and once again Ryan and I are almost rolling around in laughter, knee-slapping funny. Tom couldn't bring himself to say it, because he felt pity for this chode, but he did go with the almost equally devastating "How do you know him? Oh, are you fucking him?" The girl goes NOOOOOOO, and the chode with the red shirt is stunned, mind blown. I really enjoyed this messing around, goofy stuff, I feel Ryan and Tom were actually finally opening up and being themselves a little bit instead of being locked in the instructor mode. I was glad to see them having fun. But that doesn't mean I was off the hook, bootcamp is still on and it is my responsibility to keep going.

Tom and I open 2 girls at one of the periphery bars. These girls instantly love us, one is from Texas so Tom instantly has a connection there. Mine is Nicaraguaaaan, and I love her, sexy as fuck. They are both wearing these hilarious masks, my girl recognizes I am lacking beads and decides to bead me. I am impressed by her generosity, and I let her know it, she says, oh it's not for free, and she pulls my shirt open to get a look (if you have never been to mardi gras, typically girls flash for beads). HAHA, have i just been raped? giggles, I am very mcuh impressed with her and pull her in, she has this sexy spanish vibe about her. I turn her around and point out this absurd fitness commercial and she is right on me like we're grinding, love it. Unfortuately they have to go and they take off into the night, I am full of smiles. 

We catch up to Ryan and Ryan is being very funny, saying all kinds of emo things like "My heart is overcome in a dark storm" as all the girls he has been talking to are getting dragged away by the friends. Let's go Ryan! I'm eager to bring girls to him so he can beat "that Alex~" in the race of 2009. But once again, he reminds me that the focus is on me, not him. Fully professional and amazing instructor, no doubt. I'm completely won over. As we begin to overkill the venue (i'm seeing the same girls over and over again), I begin watching Ryan in action. One girl he opens with salsa dancing, it is very inspiring and also for some reason, strangely funny. The guy can MOVE. I keep bouncing around, Tom is on his own quest too. Ryan also opens one girl, it's fully on like Obama and Ms. Obama at the inauguration ball. Tom uses his great stature to take several pictures, it was funny how much of an angle Tom was getting over Ryan and his girl because he is so tall.

It's beginning to get close to 2:30 so we split from Pat O'Briens, good times. More opening and approching, Ryan tells me he is fully satisfied and now gives me some fun things to work on, like the double claw (which I deploy very well. Remember this fact). It's now "bonus stage", and Ryan, Tom and I are just letting loose. It's completely optional for me to open, and I still go for it, bootcamp is always on, baby. As it gets to around 4:00 AM, we get to leaving - but it's not over yet.

Two girls walking down a quiet street. Time to employ a new technique, the "Sprint Double Claw". Ryan said GO! and I take off like Usain Bolt, and this is how you do the "Sprint Double Claw". Run at full speed to close the distance, and as you are catching up to the girls slow down becaus eyou dont want to barrel them over. Double claw DEPLOY, aamazingly enough they are taken aback but not repulsed, I chat with them for a bit but my mind is fried a bit also, so nothing of consquence happens. Ryan and Tom are amazed at the execution of the "Sprint Double Claw".

It's the end of a very long night as we get to Tom's truck, once again thank goodness they helped me get a ride back to my hotel. I'm very happy, and I get to bed with a smile on my face. Tomorrow is the final day , meet at the Westin for 1:30 PM.

Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

Pook. "As you think, you shall become...."
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On to Day 3. Sunday, February 22. AKA "Sleepless Saturday part 2" AKA "Sadness Sunday"

Sadness Music

Day 3 started off nice. Once again, not much sleep, but it didnt even matter. I got there on time, relaxing and watching the view from the Westin. Met Ryan and Tom at the Westin we went to get a bite to eat at the beautiful mall, and we went over the final debrief and seminar.

How did the debrief go? Ryan offered a lot of praise, so much so that I was skeptical. In the beginning of Day 1, he told me bootcamp can't turn me into a mega-pimp over night, he can only bring me to the next level. But he was amazed by my progress especially on Day 2, and he told me I jumped up a lot higher "14 levels" than he expected, and that I was the "most improved student" he had, since I took everything that he told me to fix from Day 1 and fixed it all on Day 2. So I was still feeling a little skeptical, like Ryan would tell the same thing to every student, even up until after bootcamp was over.  After speaking to George, who had been very excited to hear from me, I gradually began to realize that in truth, I HAD made a massive leap. I did things I could never bring myself to do before (see that paragraph in day 2 after the green vest girl bit). I can either be negative, and think Ryan is sweet-talking me, or I can be positive and actually look at the facts, and realize myself that I had made a massive change. It is like when you are working out, you don't notice the change in your body but other people begin to notice it first. It took George and my other buddy Michael (badmamajama), to help me realize this.

Cool. I'm at peace with that then.

Seminar on Sunday consisted of Ryan telling stories and covering each component of the pick-up from start to finish. How to creatively set up lays, how to logistically plan - Ryan has some truly hilarious stories, by the way. And just a little bit on Day Game, but really on this he referred me to Saad's Mastermind on the subject. Eagerly awaiting that one (number 6 is it? i'm on number 13 now...).

We also developed a plan forward. I hereby commit to 3 nights a week to consolidate the gains I fought so hard to win this weekend. I may move out of my parent's house too, if it works out. The lifestyle balance has already changed, now who knows where it well come to rest smile

After that, Ryan recommended some good books to read. We took a group picture and it was understood that I would walk this way and he and Tom would walk that way. Like a "walk off into the sunset". And here is the meaning behind Sadness Sunday, especially that I knew that Ryan would be staying in the city for a little bit (hope you got to 8, mate!). It is definitely sad to see him walk away, because we had an awesome time together. However, it is like my friend George put it. "You are a baseball player who hired a batting coach. You did not hire a friend." Fine, you go your way, and I'll go mine, I don't need the crutches. Maybe our paths will cross again sometime, maybe not. But I have a feeling it's the former.

Thanks to

Ryan, for being a great instructor who was able to support me while I scaled new heights. The true mark of a good instructor is how well his students perform. I know at the very least you will have a sense of pride about you forever for the accomplishments of your work these past few days.
Tom, for being an excellent assistant instructor - like I said before, I wouldn't have done so well if you weren't reassuring me constantly. You're a cool guy, and I look forward to meeting you again, we're only a state away....
George (Plato) - kickass friend, and get this, I've never even seen him in person before. But we have communicated steadily over the past year, which is damn impressive.
Mike (badmamajama) - If you hadn't introduced me to the feeling of being pushed into set that couple of weeks before, it wouldn't have gone off so well. Mad props. You have done way more than you think, believe me, see you next weekend.
Sebastian (Synyster) - amazing guy, I cant wait for you to come back from army bootcamp. You actually formally introduced me into the field, as of June (or July?) of last year. CHEERS!
Finally, my brother - for being the undying and undiminishing source of motivation. You are my "rock bottom" motivation, and it has withstood the test of many years and even the worst of the "rock bottoms"

Attn: Ryan. WATCH THIS wink
Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

Pook. "As you think, you shall become...."
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Hell yea man, can't wait to meet up with you again.
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Karthik, you have done yourself a great service by doing the boot camp.

You have put an investment into yourself and everyone around you.

You are a good friend and a good man, and I'm super exicted to see you succeed.

I know you will do what it takes to get to where you want to go, and hopefully one day we can go out together and hit it up big.


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awesome stuff man! Good lucksmile!
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I've decided to take a cue from Kum@r! and use this thread as a vehicle for my future field reports, partly because I love the positivity that's already here! teeth

Cheers you repliers, I appreciate all of it. Love is contagious, keep it coming! So on to the first!

2/23/2009. Logistical fuckery, Ryan has unleashed a monster.

On the last day of bootcamp, I shook hands with Ryan. The hands-shaking was because an agreement, a contract was established. 3 nights a week, and I promised the soonest I would go out after bootcamp was Monday night. So, here I am - I'll be damned if I'm not at least a man of my word...

I get to my friend's apartment around 3:00 pm, just a little nervous because all of a sudden I'm alone again. But still, I recall the amazing events and learnings of the past 3 days, and I avoid falling into the oh-so-comfortable chode negativity and thought loops. Smiling wide, I'm amped to see what it's like alone.

My friend, we'll call him X from here. X is not a megachode but definitely ignorant, primary skills include getting drunk for liquid confidence and not being able to approach, lays just off social circle like a frat boy which is what he was. But still, I work AND workout with the guy so it's natural we're gonna hang out. Even better, his apartment, and more importantly his apartment's parking, is an excellent "base camp" into the nightlife of downtown New Orleans.

X has 2 friends over and they are of the same type, except they lack any game whatsoever. But that doesn't stop them from being cool peoples to hang out with.

So we're just chlling and I'm amping myself by playing cool music and chatting on facebook. The gears of the mind must begin to turn outward.

We head over to X's friends apartment and I offer to drive because I fucking like it and I feel its important to exercise transportational control, the intent is to meet up with those friends and X's ex would be coming there too, bringing her HOT sister and some other girl. X and his ex have some fucked on-off relationship, this detail will be important.

Get to X's friend's apartment and those other girls aren't here yet, but there are 2 semi-ugly ones there. Immediately I feel like ignoring them but I remember Ryan telling me - it's a skillset. The thinking behind, "completely ignore those ugly girls, and i'll become super pimp when i find a hot one" is flawed. By making the interaction with the hot girl then a big deal, you are guaranteed failure because people hate big deals.

Fine then, claw these less attractive girls and start getting physical, leading and pushing around. Talk nonsense and share the good emotions, and all of a sudden these girls love me and are willing to do anything for me. 

The other people are more interested in sitting around and doing nothing while there is a fucking PARADE going on less than a block away. Momentum is building within me and I'm not interested in wasting time here going nowhere.

So I say, "I'm going to see the parade" and just get up and walk off, without looking back. I get there and I love the lights and the excited people. Claw some old ladies who seem to be having an awesome time and give them beads, the love it, it's a skillset and I love good emotions. More getting amped and I'm very interested in continuing the forward momentum, but where are the hot girls? I'm not going backwards, but I'm certainly not going forwards either.

Predictably, the X's friends shows up 5 minutes after I left "Dude where did you go?". I'm on my own path. I spy a hottie suddenly who is running back and forth from the float in the front to her boyfriend in the back, yeah I'll take that. Small talk and complimenting her bead getting ability (which is a direct correlation with attractiveness), and claw. With her looks, I ask her to catch me something. The next float rolls by and I actually wind up catching more than her (she caught nothing), so I decide to give to the poor and bead her.

She is very glad and decides to get me back with a very nice light up trinket (the kind you need to have nice tits to get). It's our little secret and I thank her with a hug, spy the wary boyfriend and decide not to go further since I'd rather not do that kind of thing to someone else.

It gets scarce again and I go back to the 2 original semi-ugly girls and now hire them to get beads for me, they are glad to help but sadly their bead-getting abilities are horrendous sad.

Finally X's ex shows up. Cool! and I'm instantly taken with the hot sister. It's more or less a cold approach since X is in his own world now, I don't remember what I say but I say it very close to her with strong eye contact. This time, I've found an excellent bead-catcher.

Isolate by bringing her up to the floats from the back and I "run the train". I don't even know what that means, but I'm pretty sure thats what its called as we get super close, giggly and giddy, I claw her and kiss her on the cheek and I'm thinking, it's ON!. wink

Sadly she has to leave to go the bathroom with her sister and walk back to the apartment, and I stay at the parade thinking she'd be back soon but it wasn't so. More running around and opening what I see, and then the parade ends and I go back to the apartment.

See her again and immediately ask her to translate Spanish for me, things are heating up but AGAIN she leaves, this time with her sister and that other girl, with the plan that all of us would meet up at Republic later for a concert.

Here's the fucked up part. X wants to do nothing but stay and drink, and I really want to go to Republic but I drove X and can't ditch him. Logistical fuckery, X winds up pissing off his ex so all 3 of those girls end up staying home and I never see the hot sister again. SIGH.

Since I'm stuck at the apartment anyway, I might as well just relax and this kinda cute girl shows up. Apparently we have the same job, so that's reason enough to claw her into the couch I'm on, she's already all over me and I'm whispering into her ear and making little inside jokes that no one else can hear, how cute. The chodes have this look of bewilderment on their faces.

What occurs over the rest of the night is this girl relentlessly trying to game, as her attraction shoots up and mine is falling fast. Within 30 minutes I decide I don't want her, but I keep up the physicality just for it's sake. She demands I enter my number into her phone, fine whatever, later she demands I facebook her when we're near a computer. Either is a first for me, I've never had a girl try to game me before bootcamp...the novelty is cool.

We get to Republic where Trombone Shorty is playing, he's an awesome trombone player and musician. New Orleans music really is the best. While at Republic I'm saddened to see the male female ratio 5:1, and most of these girls have guys physically attached to them. I'm getting sad and start regressing back into chode "approach anxiety" mindstate, I try to imagine Ryan sternly criticizing me but it never happened so the imagination doesnt make any sense. In fact it was the "awesome intiative", it takes me a good 10-15 minutes to get the mental gears turning properly and I make a beeline for the nearest girl.

She apparently has a boyfriend and I persist and try to plow, but I get nothing. Another girl, another boyfriend. Blah blah blah, at least in these 4 or so approaches (this is how bad the male-female ratio was...) I stay in longer than pre-bootcamp trying to get past her objections. The best thing that happened here was 1. chatting up and getting physical quick on a very cute blonde girl waiting for her boyfriend to come out of the bathroom, and 2. I am one of the lucky few to get an AWESOME picture with Trombone Shorty who is, like I said, a very cool guy and a great musician. A local celebrity.

I still feel very disappointed with Republic and I want to keep the momentum going. Bourbon is walking distance away so time to go, it's me and X, his 2 wasted friends and the same job girl. Same job girl repeatedly tries to walk arm in arm with me, but I'm really not interested and oblige only to get physicality experience.

Nearing Bourbon, highlight of the night - claw a body paint girl into me (no top whatsover), we're very close and I want a picture. I yell at X to stop durrrrring and take the damn picture, this body paint girl is veyr hot and very amused at the whole situation. I direct her face to kiss me on the cheek and we share some good emotions (holding her super close and keeping physical is incredible!) , but she's got to go, and I'm still on my way to Bourbon. X and friends and same job girl's jaws have literally dropped in this time, the chodes try to get a picture too but it's not happening.

Get to Bourbon and the emotions from the past weekend come rushing back, I'm a nonstop approach machine again, and although nothing really hooks, I can see it in the cutie's eyes' (One I went up to with HEY you're gorgeous , I had to meet you, and she says THANKS, you're gorgeous too! This kind of thing NEVER happened before bootcamp). Since we're only wandering the streets, and we've walked rather far, it was time to begin walking back at this late of a time.

Same-job girl meanwhile is becoming very annoying, she refuses to go to her hotel and instead invites herself over to X's apartment to get a late night snack. This girl is clearly begging to be fucked, and I've lost all attraction, luckily X in his drunken stupor is beginning to have an effect on her, during HER drunken stupor. Meanwhile she is trying to rationalize to me how she doesnt do this with every guy, blah blah blah, we should hang out again blah.

Finally get to X's apartment and I just chill there, reading magazines and relaxing. I'm glad to see X in a some glorious alcohol-induced inspiration pick up same-job girl over his shoulder and throw her into the bedroom, cool move! And i'm relieved to not have to fend off the unwanted advances. I find out later that X did indeed manage to get the lay, props to him, but this girl still has my phone number and has even been trying facebook chat me. Oh well, it's good practice for the next girl at least.

Conclusion : This stuff definitely works! Ryan is definitely for REAL. The challenge is getting friend's buy-in and working out the logistics. I need some cooler and more capable wingmen, this kind of stuff is not going to cut it if I'm trying to develop good habits to capitalize on my bootcamp gains. Overall, very happy with the novel stuff in this outing and I went home feeling happy and fulfilled. I'd never felt that before, such is the importance of positive thinking.
Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

Pook. "As you think, you shall become...."
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Truly Awesome.

Nowhere to go but forward!

Rock on....
The inner chode is strong... So am I.
Resurrection Crew Austin, TEXAS
Nathan BC April 2009
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- Dude you are quite a writer
- I'm both a slow reader and writer...that's why my field reports are quite small and i generally end up not reading complete field report of others :)

- Everyone's been warning me about my conciously avoiding it lately

- A quick advice to you:

Immediately after bootcamp we are full of energy and enthusiasm.
However over time....enthusiasm sticks, but energy fades away

Before that stage comes try and form routine of things that you won't think twice about

For example immediately after my bootcamp....i didn't give fuck about anyone or anything....i had the entire world to conquer before me

That's why i started going out all by myself (I would never have imagined doing that pre-bootcamp)

I go to Red Room every thursday no matter what...

So even after couple of months when my energy level dwindled....i had absolutely no problems on:

1. Going out alone
2. Going to Red Room on thursdays

I am gaining momentum again lately, but my routines helped me quite a lot...

You really are doing amazing....Don't look back...
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2/28/2009 - A trip to Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana and a collection of country bumpkins. Lessons learned.

On Friday of last week I decided to go visit Mike in Baton Rouge, just to see what's up post-bootcamp. And, it's his birthday!. Baton Rouge, if you've never been, is kinda like the Baton Rouge as depicted in Adam Sandler's "Waterboy". There are people wearing cowboy hats in the bar, in a completely serious way, yep.

My intentions are to stay 2 nights and just tear up Baton Rouge for a bit. I pack up and am full excited to see what Baton Rouge is like, it's got the largest public university in Louisiana (LSU) and that means that a ton of hot chicks go to school here.

I meet up with Mike and regale stories of bootcamp and important lessons learned . Since it's birthday times, off to the nearest restaurant, Chimes, which is actually also a pretty cool and populated place. Here we have a lot of fun flirting with hostesses (highlight : Oi! C'mere as I call over the hot waitress (who isn't even serving us) and after goofing off with her for a bit manage to get her to sing at least a couple of lines of happy birthday. Then we get our assigned waitress to do the same. I nearly choke on some ketchup-laden fries and it's all good, a fantastic start to the night as we just hang with some of the cute female staff for a bit.

Now it's off to Reggie's, a bar, which is supposed to be the hottest place in Baton Rouge/LSU area. Also the same place where I found cowboy hat wearing guys there, which was absolutely hilarious to me. All they needed were the pitchforks and homemade torches.

Nevertheless, there are a ton of hot girls there. Immediately it's "bootcamp orders" again as I force Mike into sets and he does the same for me.

Here we keep bouncing off of sets, none particularly hook. One of my favorite interactions early on was opening a girl with "Hi, my cock hurts" under a dare, surprise! I actually manage to verbally hook her but her friends notice she's gone and quickly call her off.  Haha, 9 or 10 more approaches and I'm still feeling very good (positivity and a big smile work wonders!). That leads me to my favorite interaction of the night, this short blonde hottie who I keep physically persisting on, despite her "don't touch me" blahblahblah,  until her stupid cockblock friend pulls her away. Who knows where it would have gone if she hadn't!

That's really it for the night so far, Mike and I go to a local tavern and get one approach in here but it goes no where. This is a funny place because of all the hipsters here, I've never been to a hipster hangout before.

Oh! and the final fun times. It's getting very late at night and we decide to go get something to eat at a local restaurant. Lo and behold, opportunity arrives to those who are ready. 2 girls, walking down the street in the distance, the street was totally quiet. guessed it! I pick up a full sprint behind them and since the street is so quiet, one girl hears me coming a couple of seconds before I get to them but didnt have time to react, so her face had this sheer look of terror on it, it was hilarious. A second later it is double claw ON!

But they did not MACE me or call the cops, which was awesome. You can get away with murder if you're smiling. One of the girls, the cute one, is still shocked and breathless (more like amazed!) but we actually manage to talk for a bit and vibe, she gives me mad love for running up just like that and saying they were cute, but it was late and they were on their way to their car anyway, I had only interrupted them.

So that was the end of a damn fun night, maybe 12-14 approaches which I liked because I actually gave each one an effort instead of just doing it for the sake of it.

Still, there were a lot of things to improve here
- I manage to persist in set a lot longer than before, but when I run out of things to say, the end is definitely not far away. Definitely need to add some roleplaying, verbal escalation, etc.
- Physical escalation for the most part was not up to par, definitely need to work on getting ridiculously physical from the beginning itself. That might help the conversational problem too. Physicality isn't a "tool" that can be deployed only on "hot girls", I have to make this jsut a part of me and who I am.
- Remember the Ultimate Mindset in sets and remember to follow the Ultimate Roadmap. PUSH FOR CLOSES! 

Positive points
- Opener
- Initiative
- Managing to incorporate a lot more physicality (hug and kiss on the cheek is now fully natural for me. But I've gotta give myself permission to do alot more to get the more awesome results).
Ryan® Bootcamp Alumni. February 20-22, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Ground Zero.
Pre-bootcamp postings, for comparision:
Bootcamp and post-bootcamp!

Pook. "As you think, you shall become...."
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