November 20th, 2018
B0's Action Journal / Self Improvement Log
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23 May 2009

Tonight I really had to push myself to go out. I was tired as hell but made myself go anyway. One “5 hour energy shot – extra strength” and I was good to go.

I head out to this bar/club called Seville Quarter.

1. I start it off by talking to a bachelorette set. I come up and ask if they called the male dancers in. Immediately the bride one starts dancing one me. Then she starts talking about how this is her second marriage and she hopes it works out, etc. Her other two friends are fat. I leave.

2. I see a Brazilian girl from my acting class. She’s married but will cheat on her husband. We’re doing small talk after she hugs me. She intros me to her hot blonde friend. Now looking back on it, I ahould have pursued the blonde friend. I did a small “hello” and handshake bullshit. This girl was hot and only in town from Orlando until tomorrow.

3. I open a hot blonde girl in a red top who’s sitting on a rail near the dance floor. I say “Hey! You causin’ trouble!?” Her: “Ohh, noo I’m just sitting here and my husband is watching me” (points to husband)

4. I see a girl against the bar with her friend. I do the tap and open her “hey, you’re a cute asian girl, my name is Bo”  Her: “Ohh well thank you, but I’m not asian”  Me: “what are you?”  Her: “I’m native American”  Me: “well I wouldn’t have guessed that, I am guessing you’re not from here”  Her: “Yea, I’m from South Dakota”…I realize that she’s only ok. Conversation turns normal because of not intent and I leave.

5. I find another bachelorette party except this one has about 40 girls in it and they all have red dresses/shirts with name tags. Many of them have penis straws. I open two that are dancing. Both those two were married. I see them all outside the club loading up into this party bus that they’ve rented. It crossed my mind to attempt to be a male dancer to get on the bus. This is the type of shit I need to be doing.

6. I see a beautiful blonde girl dancing and walking towards the dance floor. I grab her hand and spin. Me: “Wow you are sexy as fuck”. She keeps walking after the spin, pointing at her friend, as to say “I can’t leave my friend” without saying "I can't leave my friend". A stronger intent would keep her there – like not letting go of her hand.

7. I walk up to a brunette in the hallway who’s texting on one of these Qwerty phones. I pull mine out too and pretend to start texting. Me: “hey, you copying me?”  Her: “ahaha no! We do have almost the same phone! My phone is an HTC. I’m a lifetime ATT customer. I work for ATT. This is the tilt phone. Blah blah incoherent rambling…”  Me: “Look, I don’t care about your phone, I just came over her because I think you’re cute”  Her: “Oh wow thank you, you’re cute too….” I get a role play going on about how it wont work out because of our brand differences in phone may reflect that we have different personalities. Then I put my arm around her and pull her in. Now a friend comes in between us and puts an arm between me and her. She says something to the girl I’m talking to.  Me: “hey, you can’t steal my girlfriend”  Friend: “yes I can she has a few rings on her left hand” I look at the left hand and sure enough, there are not one but three rings on it?  Girl: Yea, It’s my birthday and my friends are in charge of me. But enjoy your phone!” Me: Alright have fun

Positives: I went out and did approaches. Much better than Friday night.
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25 May 2009

Vassup everyone! I am inspired today. I sat up until 0230 this morning reading Tom!'s FRs. I am impressed with his delusional positivity. I went about today in a whole different mindset.

There’s this blonde girl who works in my gym. She is supermodel hot. Perfect tan, straight teeth, blonde layer dyed hair, perfect body, about 5’7. We have been talking off and on for the last few weeks. I’ve just been shooting the shit, normal BS conversation. Usually I would run out of things to say and walk off. Today that changed. I smiled at her as I was walking in the gym. She smiles back. No hello or anything from either party. Next I go in the locker room and take all of my creatine and summer-o-ripped abz supplements. I walk back out and I said hey to her as she was moving a towel cart. We talked about a wide range of topics. I was just letting my mind be free and saying whatever I wanted. We got on the topic of this gay lifeguard who works at the gym. I was making fun of gay weekend, which is notoriously every Memorial Day weekend at Pensacola beach. I said that the gay lifeguard probably called in sick today to attend gay weekend at the beach. I get her laughing on that. She has a very polarized view on gay people. She said she could never she friends with someone like that. She thinks people choose to be gay. I disagreed and said I thought they were born that way. She’s a very religious type. She is graduating from a Christian High School. That’s right – High School. I’m thinking she can only be either 17 or 18. And shit, if she’s 17 she will turn 18 soon.

At first in our conversation, I could sense that she really liked me but was extremely nervous. She was clasping her hands and holding them up at her chest. Then she would twist her hands together in a stretching motion – as in “there’s too much tension in my body right now and I need to release it”. As our conversation continued, she relaxed more and got used to me. I came back to the gym counter a few times to visit her. Once, my delt machine made a loud crashing sound and I heard her laughing at me. I looked at her and said “hey! Quiet down over there!” A few minutes later I came to visit her and accused her of laughing at my equipment failure. I threw some gum wrappers on the ground and told her she’s doing a horrible job of gym upkeep. I told her that she’s dazing off up here at the counter and dreaming about a tropical island with cute guys (point to self). Lolz at anchoring. We chat for a few more minutes and then I go do abs. I come back and she’s ready to talk again. We talk about a wide range of topics. Some topics I throw out and change the subject. We somehow get on the topic of how much the gym cost to build. It said something like 16.5 million on a sign out front (military gym). Then as she was talking about it, I realized that this conversation topic is bland. So I say “hey, we really don’t care how much it cost, let’s switch subjects to Publix (grocery store) because that’s exactly where I’m going in a minute”. Long story short, I invited her Jet-skiing with me. But I add a caveat to jet-skiing:
I say  “hey, let’s go jet-skiing, but only after you turn of a certain age”
Her: “oh, and what age is that?”
Me: "18 of course."
Her: “oh, I have a little less than a month.”

Boom, now I know the age is in fact 17.

Me: "Well here, put your number in here, do you know how to use one of these phones?”

She looks at my phone and doesn’t understand how to use it. I called her phone with mine.

Me: “This way we know each other’s numbers and we don’t have to worry about creepy numbers that may be stalkers. I have stalkers.”

Her: “I do too!”

Me: "Alright, you can just text me on your birthday.... but enough flirting, I'm going to get some groceries."

I go get my damn groceries. Then to Wal-Mart. On the way home I hear tingles-and- jingles from my phone. What do ya know, I get a text from the hot 17 yr old.

Hb17: “Is this Mr (my name) AKA Bo? (Misspells my real name on purpose)
Bo: “Yes dearest it’s (my name) ;)” (I spell my name correctly)
Hb17: Oh, my bad…It’s not my fault you have a strange name. Lol”
Bo: If by strange you mean very intellectual sounding then thank you, I am flattered (:”
Hb17: Umm… You’re welcome? lol
Bo: Turn 18 and come help me wash my truck (bring bikini) it needs a bath
Hb17: Yah… Ok
Bo: Just had my one unhealthy meal for the week: La hacienda
Hb17: Sweet. I love La Ha! Did you go by yourself?
Bo: I met mi amigos Brian and Trent there. What I love even more than the cheese dip is the birthday song
Hb17: Oh I totally agree. Lol

So If you look at these texts, you’ll see that she shut down when I mentioned washing my truck with a bikini on. I just wanted to test the waters on this. I was hoping for a “that’s sounds awesome! Where do you live?!” So then I could respond with “You have to wait a few weeks”. However, when she shut down, I came back with Mexican food and it appears things are back on track. I’m not responding to her last text tonight. I’ll see her in the gym and deal with her ass then. All I have to do is keep the attraction up for a few weeks and then she turns 18. A HOT 18 year old piece of ass man I am stoked. BUT, with her Christian school upbringing, who knows what can happen.
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28 May 2009

Tonight begins. Once again, a wingmanless night of glory. I used to be attached to the wingman concept. Now I actually enjoy the no-wingman concept from time-to-time because I have no excuses. I have no one to chode around with. I have no one to flex an ego in front of.

Thursday night is notoriously “teen-night” at Seville Quarter. All 18 year olds and up are admitted. Most of the teens will “pre-drink” and arrive drunk. I know I did when I was that age.

I show up at almost midnight. In process of going to grab a drink, I see my friend JP. We go into some small talk for about 20 minutes. Some other friends came up and I lost track of time. I bid them farewell and went to meet girls.

Non of this report will be linear so I’ll desribe it as it arises in my mind.

I see a hot brunette walking in the hall. Then I shout “Roxanne!”. She turns around and leaps on me for a hug. This girl works as a nurse with my cousin. She is also about to get married and the fiancé is here. So it's a no go. Two of her hot friends are there too. I went to high school with all these girls. –Back when I was a super-chode. I came back later for the blonde one that hugged me, Heather. I sat down by her and talked to her, telling her that I have to hang out here, an ex-girlfriend of mine is stalking me in the dancefloor room. She says:"OMG my ex-husband is here!" I tell her some shit about how we are now dating. She really doesn’t pay attention to this role play. I get ADD and walk off to “meet someone in the hall”. Not really, but that’s what I said.

I walk into the karaoke room and see a smokin’ blonde hottie in a black dress. The kind of dress that hugs her body. I walk by and don’t open – even leaving the room. Then I think, fuck that, and go back in.

I say something like “hey guys! This room sucks! The party is over here come with me!” 
She says: “no, I’m about to sing!”
Me: “wait, what are you going to sing?”  
Her: (some random song)
Me: “That’s cool but you should sing Britney Spears
Her: “no! I hate her!”
Me: “Ok, well do you like country? I want to hear you sing Reba MacEntire”
Her: “Noo way!”

That’s about it! I run out of things to say here and leave. I should have walked straight up with my interest and cut through all the bullshit. I see her again by the bathroom and claw. I tried to get her to come with me to meet my friends but she wouldn’t budge. Next I see her another time near the dance floor and she’s even less responsive to my claw. And finally, I see her on the dance floor with a black dude. The end.

So I had a fuck buddy a week or more ago. This is the same girl and only successful pull I’ve done since BC. I had deleted the number last week. She said she was coming over one night and then never called or came over. Then I told her I wanted to see her 5 days later and she agreed to 8 o'clock when she got off work. Well she never called when she got off work. So I deleted the number. I don’t have time for that shit. So I get a text from her today like nothing happened “Hey u!”. She wanted to meet up at Seville. I entertained the thought. She said she may or may not show up. Sure enough I see her dancing and she makes a weird face at me. I kept walking. I saw her maybe 30 minutes later and she made another disinterested face. I’m at the water cooler getting water, chatting with two 18 yr olds, when FB’s friend comes up.

She says “FB wants to know why you aren’t talking to her” 
Me: “she made a weird face at me. I guess she’s got a boyfriend now of something” 
Friend: “well she wants you to talk to her”.

So I ditch the two 18 years olds to go talk to this girl who’s been making mean faces. She dances on me some. However, I don’t feel the super high interest levels like last time we were out. She became more and more disinterested acting as the night wore on. I tried to lead her and she wouldn’t follow. I’m thinking, fuck, if she’s not interested then I’m going to talk to other girls.

I open a blonde and a brunette maybe 10 feet from her with the “tap tap” at the bar. Blonde turns around. They immediately tell me that they’re lesbians. I say, “why aren't you guys at Emerald City (the gay bar)?" They say that this place is awesome. They go on to say that I’m the nicest guy that’s talked to them all night. Every other guy has been so rude. The brunette wanders off and I’m still talking to the blonde. I starting naming all of these local lesbians that I know to see if she knows any of them. They run in packs so I figured she would know one. She didn’t. I told her that she’s fucking hot. Then I ask “are you bi?”  Her response: “yes, and you better get away from me or I’ll take advantage of you!”  She runs away giggling.

I go back to FB now and she’s pissed. I grab her shoulder to turn her towards me twice but she won’t budge. I walk off.

At the end of the night I get a text from her “So did you go home with those two blonde girls?! I hope you have fun!!!!” I called her a five minutes later because I was driving home and near her house. No answer.

Backing up two steps to the two girls at the water cooler. I walk up and interrupt their girl talk to introduce myself. Girls get really sweaty here in FL from dancing. I tell the sweaty brunette one that her pheromones probably attracted me. I feel attraction from both BUT I don’t pick a target. I’m not into either enough and there’s so many hotter girls here.

I see a fucking HOT blonde in the hallway. Guys have been approaching her all night. She’s with this huge bachelorette party. All the girls are wearing white. 

I grab her hand and said “walk with me, I’m looking for my friends”  We go into the next room and the she gets a text on her blackberry.
Her: “ohh, I just left and my friends already want me to come back, the limo is here.”
Me- (takes a second glance up and down her body) “wow, I didn’t even notice how sexy you were at first, you are fucking sexy”
Her: “thank you, I just turned 21 yesterday”
Me: “alright, we’re going to hang out, put your number in here”
Her: “how about you just give me your number”
Me: “ok” I make her call my phone. Then “give me a kiss on the cheek”. Done. I text her on the way home “nice to meet you sexy, get home safe (:Bo”. No response.

I see yet blonde another girl from the same bachelorette party. I open with the “Herd” opener. Hey, you’re a herd!  Her: What?  Me: a herd, it means a hot nerd! She immediately pinches my nipple. I respond by clawing her back. I told her she likes it rough. She agrees. I grab her hair from behind and pulled it hard. She likes that too. She does a fake little walk off when I try to lead her. She says she has to stay here with her friends. I claw and turn her around to get then number. She says she is in town for the weekend from Tallahassee. I say: “it’s ok, I’m single. I’m being a tonight because I’m single. In fact, I just got a number from anther one of the girls in your group.” Small talk happens, mostly about sex, then we part ways. I get a call from her when I get home. After debate, I decide to answer. She wants me to call her tomorrow so we can get “fucking nasty” – her words. I am in not-give-a-shit-mode (NGASM) so I take things kinda far, telling her that my penis is already half hard, yet it’s asking me why it hasn’t got any vagina tonight. I told her that I had no answers for it. She gets another call and tells me to call her tomorrow again.

The lesbians come walking by and I claw them in. I said “hey, hot lesbians!” They laugh and acted confused. Boom, they aren’t lesbians. I asked them to make out and them complied. Then I asked them to go down on each other on the pool table. They laughed about this and said “we’re going to go smoke!” and hauled ass. Shit! I should’ve led them. That’s threesome material right there.

I see a very tan brunette in the hallway with really white teeth and a curvy (hot) body. I’ve tried to talked to this girl 3 or 4 times before but she’s always so stuck up and also into only black dudes I think. Shit, I tried it again anyway. I went in and talked to them but for some reason, most likely ego protection, I kept the conversation strictly to clubs and bars. I didn’t reveal my intentions like I should have. That and lead. I did neither.

Positives: I went out, had fun, and learned a great deal.
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29 May 2009

Tonight was another solo night. Wingmanless nights o’ glory mate. I get out to the beach at about midnight. I go straight into Flounder’s and get a diesel fuel. In the line ahead of me I spot a girl from my failed threesome a few months back. We don’t talk.

Warm-up times. I open a blonde girl with the claw.

Bo: “hey, I’m Bo, I was just walking by and I couldn’t pass you up, you’re so sexy.”
Her: “thank you, I’m Sarah” backturns and dances with friend.

I open another girl. This time it’s a bachelorette. I said something to do with their bachelorette checklist, which they did not even have. This is my standard protocol with these sets. The bachelorette wants to bring me to her table and with some resistance, I decide to go. I get to this booth in the sand. It’s 100 yards away from the band, so it’s nice and quiet(er). We can hear each other. There are 5 girls at the table. Two are doable. Three are Not. The three who are not are sitting on one side of the table and the two who are are on my side. I’m sitting next to the bachelorette and the hotter girl is on the other side of her. Keep in mind that one of the fatties has decided to film me the entire night on her iphone. Very weird. Much small talk occurred. I did a straight-up Daniel Tosh comedy script relating to Marijuana and they thought I was just expanding on our conversation topic.

The whole time, from the get-go, I told them I wouldn’t do any male stripping because I was off tonight. Then out of nowhere, I jump into the bachelorette’s lap and start grinding up and down her body. I’m breathing heavy into her ear and saying bad things. I lick all the way up her neck.

One fattie says “so what can you bring to this party? What can we get from you?” I had no response for them except “friendly conversation, but not my penis, because it’s one inch long - on hard.” Bachelorette girls says: “but what’s your girth?” I decide to unzip my pants and look inside to see. She looks too. Then I zip back up and tell her that girth doesn’t matter, I have an extremely small penis, also known as micropenis.

The hot one is now talking to a random navy chode who walked up. I leave to go make a round, acting like I got a cell call.

I come back maybe ten minutes later and chode is gone. I sit beside the hottie. I get a hot lap dance going on them again. First I get the bachelorette even more steamy, more boob grabbing, biting, etc. Then I switch the hottie and get even more physical. I pull her hair and tell her exactly what I want to do to her in her ear. I told her “you like when I pull her hair don’t you?” She laughs uncontrollably and then I tell her to shut the fuck up and take it. I told her I want to lick her all over her body, I want to taste her in my mouth, I want to fuck then hell out of her and cum inside her, etc. She agrees to all of it. She just squirms in her seats and laughs while I’m saying all of these things. No other girls can hear but they are damn sure trying to stop it. Bachelorette puts and end to it finally.

After more bullshitting, I decide to lead the hottie. I tell her, “come on, I’m going to get a drink.” Then bachelorette tries to negotiate the amount of time we will be gone. I say ten minutes. She say’s that’s too long. I told her that it will be fine, we’ll just be at that bar right over there. Then bachelorette takes it open herself to invite herself along on our drink expedition. Shit, it was supposed to be an excuse to make-out. So now I’m leading two girls to the bar. All I’m ordering is a water. They order two kamakazees, whatever the hell that is, but it costs twelve bucks. Somehow I had agreed to pay for it from the get-go by saying “hey, you guys want anything?” Somehow that was my contract written in blood to pay for it. All I had on me was 8 dollars. I like to bring and ID and 20 bucks with me to a bar and leave everything else in my truck as I have had wallet losing experiences in the past. I walk the girls back to the table to get the hottie's purse. She pays the remaining $3 on her debit card and we head back to the table.

Somewhere in the mix, I am about to kiss the hottie and the bachelorette stops us. Then I try to get hottie to grab make cock once and she wont do it. The second time she does it on her own, but very briefly.

At the table, I decide that I need to be leading this thing more. The hottie has already told me that her engagement ring doesn’t matter – implying that she’ll fuck me regardless. They are from Walla Walla, Washington and down for the wedding. The logistical problem here is that they are staying with the fattie friends who are not getting any dick tonight.

I lead the girls to the dance floor and dance with both bachelorette and hottie. I’m dancing with hottie more-so, and just dancing with bachelorette to appease her. Then bachelorette and hottie get on stage because the band said “anyone getting married!? Any bachelorettes in the house!?” So I walk off for a bit and open some more sets.

I wait till they get done on stage and then I walk out the same time they do. I am leading them to their car now. They stop and talk to this skinny-white rasta-man with glasses. I know who this dude is. He’s the bass player for my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s band. He was riding around a bicycle at 0230am and high-as-fcuk. Hmmm. The hottie starts massaging his shoulders. I play it cool and talk to bachelorette. Finally, she gets done and hugs me. They leave almost immediately. Fattie is a catalyst to their leaving speed. Boom, they phantoms, gone in the night. When I came home, I found a business card in my jeans pocket with the hottie’s number. I’m going to text tomorrow.

Backing up to flounder's - I talked to two girls out on the volleyball court - two girls and a dude. The girls were friendly yet I didn’t really get attraction. Or maybe I had attraction and that girl shows it in a weird way. I tried to lead her and she would even take one step. The leading needs to be MORE powerful.

Now I’m cruising the place for last minute ass. I try to get into two different clubs but they wont let me in due to closing time. I was very upfront with the doormen: '

Bo:hey bro! I'm just trying to get last minute ass, you know how it is man!"
Doorman: "Nope!" 
Bo: "dude, dude but I wore my white shoes tonight mate!"
Doorman: "nope!"

Then I see three blondes walking towards me! I open with “hey you guys called for a male stripper?” The hottest one tells me “yes, let’s see it!” I grab her and start grinding down her body. I pull her hair hard from the back and clawed my nails down her back. Then I slapped her ass about as hard as I’ve ever slapped an ass. Her reaction was “OMG! That was hot!!” The two friends are pulling her away. “Come on! Let’s go!” I should've got the number here at the very least.

Now I’m standing in front of Flounder’s, pretending that I’m wating for a friend to get out. I open two girls and two guys quickly rush over to grab them from me. I open another girl who’s really interested. Then the guy that she was talking to before snags her to make-out. Then two girls open me. These are two that I had previously opened @ Fish House. One is flirty and receptive but I just don’t feel that spark. I had her number at one point, before my phone died, yet I never called it to get up with her. We part ways.

Walking to my truck now, I see a blonde girl talking to a group of guys ahead of her that are breaking rapport with her. She’s attracted and keeps asking them questions. This girl spots me and says “hey! I know you!” I’m like “allright, who am I?” Her: “you’re Bo ____, you went to ______ highschool, you know my brother Cody!”  I was thinking, holy shit, this girl really knows me, I knew who she was by name but could not pick her out of a crowd. I try to make-out with her almost immediately. She pulls back and laughs. I tried one more time in the parking lot, after carrying her for about 20 yards. Still no makeout. I shouted out, “hey! Add me on facebook!”… burned it to the ground.

Very last set. I was sitting in my truck for about an hour sobering up. I saw two girls giggling and running towards their SUV. I hopped out of truck and said “hey girls, I’m giving lap dances right now!” Them: “no thanks!” and hauls ass out of there.

I had texted the girl from my previous field report who wanted to have sex tonight. Text as follows:

Bo:(12:43am)     In flounders, come sey hey
Sarah: (12:54am)     Would love to but I'm passing out:)
Bo: (3:03am)       I wanna do naughty things to you

No response.

All in all, I think I did great. One regret I have is that I drank too much. Those bachelorette girls kept giving me their drinks and I didn't say no to free drinks.

Positives: I went out, I had a great time, I learned more about myself and women.
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Holy report... :)

Very cool man, getting out n taking action r key. Though I still sense a lack of leading, which ties into waiting on their response for u to act. U open like a leader but the follow-through is only good if she responds positively, instead of not giving a shit and leading her towards joy.

Like the last txts. U well stated ur intent but waited on her response. I was once in a similar situation and all I said to her when she said she was tired was: what's ur address? I'm coming over.
Unapologetic. They respond to this. Though the interaction must be congruent w the leadership u display. 8)

Keep it up broseph...

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Hey, thanks for the feedback broham!

It's always good have a second set of eyes to see what I'm doing right and wrong and this feedback really helps.

You nailed it spot on..And it's something I wasn't really seeing acutely. I'm waiting for the girl's responses until I make my next move. I'm still waiting for permission. Instead I should be leading "towards joy" regardless, and not giving a shit about the outcome.

Update:  I texted the hottie from the bachelorette party: "I found this card in my jeans this morning.. very clever of u   -Bo"

No response, but not a big deal. 
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03 June 2009

Today was the first night I’ve been out in five days. I arrive at the Fish House at 10:30 and barely get a parking spot. The place is packed even though they are no longer letting in anyone under 21. There has been too much underage drinking going on.

I start it off with my two Asian friends Patrick and Eddie. Both are cool guys but they hardly approach girls, even when threatened by me with acts of physical violence. Eddie buys us a round of drinks at the bar. I see a birthday group behind us. I open the birthday girl with the claw “wow this one is really hot”. She says thank you and I introduce myself to the friends. Lap dances came into the conversation and I told them that I’m not working tonight but I’ll give a free sample. I danced on her grinding up and down. We stop after 10 seconds and I ask how much she’s had to drink. She say’s that she hasn’t had enough to drink yet. I offered some of my whiskey sour. Her friends say “no, no! that might have a roofie in it!” I took a big sip of it and said “It does, look; I’m trying to drug myself where I can take advantage of myself later”. I get laughs from this and then her group starts asking Eddie to buy them drinks. We leave that set.

I talk to a smoking hot brunette. Claw  “wow, this one is hot! Hey, I’m Bo, you are?”  Her: (name that I didn’t hear but still acknowledged). She’s with about 5 friends and she is the leader, leading them to the dance floor. I noticed her eyes were slightly slanted so I said  “hey dude, are you Asian?” Her: “half-Asian!”  If you know anything about me, you know I love half-Asian girls. Another girl in the group shouts out “I’m Japanese, I’m Japanese!” She was clearly white. Their group picks up momentum towards the dance floor. My half-Asian girl is still standing here looking at me, waiting for me to seize the moment I’m sure. I let her go though, promising to meet back up with her. I should’ve got a number here and then released her but nope. The unconscious ‘let-go for ego’ took place.

I open another brunette in a very similar situation, with a group of friends and in a bee-line for the dance floor. I open the same exact way and end up with the same fate of letting her go.

I see a hot brunette near the dance floor. We make eye contact and I say “I know that girl” while staring in her eyes. She walks towards me and says “I know you too!” Then she tries to remember where she knows me from. I told her we went to Kindergarten together. She disagreed. The truth was I met her out at a bar called Seville a few months ago. A black pua dude stole her off me. She didn’t remember any of that though. She only remembers that I’m military. I interrupted her thinking to say  “hey, it doesn’t matter where we know each other from, not now, what matters is that we’re here”  Her: “ohh you’re sooo totally right”  Me: “hey, let’s move over her, we’re in this guy’s way.” I move her about 10 feet and then have my arms around her. She asks me some more questions and I comply to answer them I move her a few more feet and go for the kiss. She won’t kiss and says  “Ohh, that’s not me, I don’t do those kinds of things” I held her eye contact and just agreed with her “No, you’re right, we won’t do things kinds of things later tonight.”  Her: (pull out her phone) “shouldn’t we?”  Me: “exchange numbers? Yes of course” I go through the standard number exchange with me calling her phone. She then says  “do you want to meet me back here, or…?”  I laughed and said sure. I never saw her again though. This deal was sealed. I just needed to fucking lead. Shitfuckballs!

I open two other girls who look bored out of their minds. They are iphone texting and talking to each other. I open them with something about iphones. One says “I don’t have an iphone!”   Me: “but she does!  This is a club! Not texty time!”  I was having trouble determining a target, so I just went with the skinner one. Not usually my thing but whatever. She was half-Spanish so I think the Euro look got me. I got her number fairly quickly and then told them I was having extreme ADD and would be back. I came back 10 minutes later and they are still in the same spot looking bored. I led them to a new spot on the other side of the bar. I get married to the half-Spanish girl. I ordained her friend the minister. She uses her cell phone as a bible. No kiss though. I didn’t try. Although I had touching going on, I think there wasn’t enough tension being built. These girls had very little to contribute to the conversation. The conversation was more than 80% me. No wonder they were so bored. I tried to lead them again and the girl wouldn’t move. So I bailed. I think she lost attraction somewhere. Probably from me trying too hard to keep things interesting, I showed a trying for rapport frame.

I try to open another girl on the dance floor. She looks like she’s by herself. She’s standing very frigid with a drink in one hand up to her chest and a cell phone in another hand to her chest. I told her “hey! I think you’re cute, I’m Bo”  Her: I’m a chodette  Bo: you look like you’re not trying to get in anyone’s personal space bubble, he’re let me show you the cyclone of glory” I try to spin her by grabbing her frigid left hand with the cell phone clenched in it. Her arm will not move. She doesn’t want to do any cyclones. Just to make sure, I try again with more enthusiasm. Her arm won’t move and she looks mad. I eject.

I see a hot blonde in a short red mini dress. This is one of my leftover Australian sets from last year. I used to be an Australian for a few months. I’m still dealing with damages to my reputation for this. She is one of the last who still believes I’m Australian. I have told all of the other girls who previously believed I was Australian the truth and they’ve hated me for it. Some have moved away so I never got to tell them. This girl jumps up and down and hugs me “My favorite Aussie!” I used a couple terms such as “walkabout, shrimp on the barbie, and wallaby” and then I got her number. I would only have sex with her if it was an ONS in my truck. I would hate to lay in bed with this girl and have pillow talk about shit that’s not real. Nor would I want to tell her the truth immediately after sex and have her file charges. In fact, this one’s best off left untapped.

I feel a slap on my ass. Luckily, it’s not a man. It’s a cutie who I’ve met here before. We chat it up for a bit and I get all go signs from her. I depart and meet her maybe 20-30 minutes later. I employ the chair stealing maneuver. Boom - my chair now fool! She sits on the same chair beside me and we talk. He and her friend are awesome and full of energy. This is a strong departure from the chodette set I had recently left. These girls were making up wild dance moves and had a good sense of humor. The girl, we’ll call her Monica, says “so why haven’t you been calling me and texting me and sending me sweet love letters?” I told her that I lost her number due to my previous phone’s death. She punches in her number and calls her phone with it. We talk some more and then depart. Somewhere in here I mentioned that we should have sushi together.

On my way driving out of the parking lot, I see her friend’s car going the opposite direction of me. I rolled down the window and wave. I get an instantaneous text message from Monica:

Monica: (12:52am) Adios amigo. We cannot hop the curb like your cool truck. If we were in my jeep we could though =)
Bo: (12:58am) Trying to be tough in your jeep huh, I think I can take u ;)
Monica: (1:08am) I can take you any day! Haha. Not really, my jeep is kind of weak.
Monica: (1:22am) So when are you taking me out for sushi?!
Bo: (2:43am) I meant take u at mud wrestling. Loser buys us sushi. Beunos noches senorita.
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05 June 2009

I just home from a long night of practice. Tonight was successful because I got out and practiced. My ears are killing me. Does anyone who games wear some type of earplug? I don’t want to lose my hearing over girls. I saw an extremely small set one time a few years back on another forum and have yet to see them again. You can’t even tell that they’re in.

Tonight I met FrenchAfricanDude at the beach. I was already up in Flounders before he got there. I met some of my other friends and we went up to the stage where the band was playing. I see a wandering blonde girl so I clawed her in. I asked her if she was going to be in the wet t-shirt contest. She said “I don’t know, I think they are going to have some kind of bikini contest?”  With this statement, I could tell that’s she’s never been here. I asked where she’s from to which she replied  “Nebraska”. Then I find out that she’s had 3 diesel fuels. One diesel fuel is equivalent to 3 to 4 shots. Do the math. Then I find out that she’s with a friend but doesn’t know where she’s at nor does she care. I led her a few feet and then make out. I pull back within maybe 5 seconds. More conversation occurs and then I move her about 5 feet and she immediately shoves a tongue down my throat. I try hard to pry her off by pulling her hair but she has a grip on the back of my head. I finally pull out and breathe up and down her neck. I tell her in her ear that I want to do naughty things to her. Then I slap the hell out her ass. She has to go to the bathroom and asks where it’s at. I give her directions and then hang with my friends. It turns out my friend Chris’ girlfriend has gotten on stage and entering a beer chugging competition. I was taking pictures and cheering her on. I see the blonde about 10 minutes later again dancing with a random dude. I gave her the “come here” sign. She comes and stands facing me at first and then ass towards me. I didn’t really do anything for about five seconds because the band was so fucking loud. She cuts back through the crowd and dances with the guy again. Whatever, my fault for not leading. I text her at the end of the night “hey sexy ;)” but get no response. I figured she’s hooked up with another d00d and/or passed out.

Somewhere in the previous set enters Desire (FrenchAfricanDude). I greet him and then he goes on his way. After the set I go meet him at the back bar. There’s two guys talking to one brunette in a hoodie. Desire says “hey dude, those guys are running a routine on this girl”. So I open her right when they’re talking to her. “hey! You’re cute! I’m Bo!”  Her: (pissed off tonality) “Oh thank you”.  Me: “So that’s it huh? Our relationship over so soon?”  Her: “Yep, that’s it.”  Bo: (to the whole group) “hey, how long have you fuckers been standing here?”   Girl: “he just called us fuckers”  Bo: “yes I used it in a colloquial form”   Her: “about 20 minutes”  Bo “aight that’s cool as shit” – eject3d.

Just to go over a few of my fuck ups in this previous set, 1. Probably not enough smiling  2. claw use?  3. Need to use statements, no questions  4. Use good role plays, I used a bad one here about our relationship ending. I used that because that’s what I was projecting from my core.

Desire and I leave Flounders to explore the boardwalk. I spot two girls sitting on the bleachers near the big seashell. I went and sat down in front of them and told them the party’s not out here. I hear an accent so I ask where they’re from. They are from Denmark. And wow they are bitches too. I stay in and try to lead them to another club. They won’t go. I call Desire over to interpret a French word which she just said. Then we talk some more and we bail on them. About 30 minutes later, we spot them inside Captain Fun’s beach club. They are at the bar. Desire and I go in. He takes the blonde to the dance floor and I stay wing the brunette “comfort fattie”. She’s doable but there’s better out there. Especially with their bitchy attitudes. I kept making fun of Swedish guys. They like to rag on them too. I saw somewhere on RSD that Swedish dudes are chodes. I asked them “What the hell is wrong with Sveedish dudes? Why are they so scared to approach girls?”  The girls would not stop laughing about this. I’m trying to wing here and realize that we need to move the girls to another spot in the club to show leadership, gain compliance and all that shit. They will not budge. I’m trying to move them to another table about 15 feet away and saying “Look, we are the party! The party is moving this way!” It doesn’t work and we leave…. at the end of the night I go back inside Captain Fun’s. By now Desire has gone home. I conveniently see the Denmark girls and try to pull them to my truck. I remembered that they rode here in a cab and figured I could just lead them to my truck using the “adventure time” excuse. Nope, they stop me before I can even tell them. They say  “we’re going to Flounders to say hey to the bartenders, have a good night!” and walked away. I yelled at them “Hey!” but they keep walking.

I open another blonde inside Flounders with “hey! You’re cute! I’m Bo”. As I kept talking in ear, my words were tripping over each other - Probably alcohol’s fault. I only had one drink but that drink was a diesel fuel. She loses interest. I also needed to square up and not let go of her hand.

I feel a hand on my chest and look down, boom a hand hits me under the chin. It’s an old kindergarten trick but also a good opener. A hot girl used it on me and keeps walking I clawed her and slapped her ass hard. She runs off to the bathroom. I should not have let go of my claw here. That was a gift, yo.

Desire and I open two girls and other dudes swarm the set. Whatever.

I talk to a girl who’s texting on the boardwalk by comparing phones with her. I kept our conversation here limited to phones. Wtf. I should say in this situation “you know what? fuck phones, I just talked to you because I think you’re sexy”.

I sent out a few texts at the end of the night for last minute secks. One to the girl who thinks I'm Aussie. Another one to the brunette girl I met Wednesday night at Fish house. That girl was texting me all day yesterday so I figured she'd bite. I will start experimenting with sending these type of texts earlier in the night. Maybe that will yield better results.

Staying on the path I’m on, success will come. I just have to be persistent and positive.
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06 June 2009

Tonight was a solo beach night. I arrive at Flounders around 11. No diesel fuels for me tonight. That’s too much alcohol. I chat up two marine girls in the line to get a beer. We were comparing the air force fitness test to the marine fitness tests. These girls were pretty rough so I did not show any interest.

I see a thin, tan brunette in a sundress so I clawed her in. Things were going great until I let her go. She had already turned me down in my mind so I wanted to leave first. I tell her: “Hey, I have to go find my friends, see ya later”. I had a feeling the whole time I was talking to her like “I’m wasting your time, please go talk to other guys if you want”.

I open another hot blonde, a bit older, maybe 27. She was talking to her friend and they are facing each other maybe a foot apart. I came in directly and told her she’s cute, My name is Bo. She answered me kind of annoyed. I talked to her for a minute and then tried to lead her to the other side of the bar. She would not follow and said that she had to go find her boyfriend. She pointed at some guy being the "boyfriend". I saw her talking to other dudes later so I think this was a lie.

I see a black hair, Italian looking girl sitting down with an asian friend and another dude who I’ve seen before. I asked her if she was Caitlyn. She says “No, I’m Tarra!” I sat down beside her and introduced myself. She had a genuine interest in me and we knew some of the same people. There was an asian dude hovering in front of her. I asked “are you guys together-together?” She replied like this, not verbatim: “Oh no, he’s just a friend, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you know how guys get jealous” I got her number and then called her phone so she has mine. I see her again one last time later that night but don’t approach as there are a few dudes hovering. I was in a shitty mental state.

One blonde girl almost jumps out of her booth to say hi to me. She says: “hey! Aren’t you friends with that African guy Desire? I know his sister! I work at the college! I bet you don’t remember me, do you? We went to high school together! I am a year older than you!” I answered her questions and then I told her “Listen, I am sorry but I have really bad ADD, I am getting confused and I need to find my friends.” She was NOT doable.

I see these two Denmark girls from my previous field report. I do a bar approach and tap them on the backs. They hug me and they said it’s the brunette one’s last night here. She’s flying home tomorrow, back to Euro land. I tried to spin her with “Last night here?! it’s time to party!” Then I grab her hand and attempt a spin. She pulled it back in a defensive way. Then the blonde one hugged her and said “she belongs to me!”  So I bid them fucking ado.

I grabbed together my balls and opened one of the hottest girls in the bar. She had black hair, a thin but hard body, and a blank mini dress that was form fitting. She was talking to her friend and I walked up almost from behind her. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around to greet me. Then I said I think she’s cute and introduced myself. She said thank you and pretty much back turned me. I stayed there and said a couple more things and she wouldn’t turn back around so I left. A claw would've changed the dynamic here.

I walked around of the sides of the dance floor near the volleyball court when I came to a picnic table of 4 girls. I complemented one’s dress. It looked strange, like she was from another country or something. Me: “nice dress, are you from the UK?” I don’t even remember what her response was. She was extremely sarcastic. Her sense of humor was the very sly and covert. I love that but I thought that she wasn’t hot enough for me. I decided that the only one in the group I liked based on looks was the blonde. She was married though. I entertained their asses for about 5 minutes and then they all went to the bathroom. I saw them again at the bar about 20 minutes later. They said “the party has arrived!” I had told them earlier that I AM the party.  A brunette 6.9 nerd in the group showed interest in me and tried to take me to the dance floor. I got ADD about halfway there and told her I’d meet her in a minute. I just wanted to keep my options open and find a hotter piece of ass.

I ran into a brunette cougar type that pulled me over to the side. Straight teeth, decent-at-best body. She kept giving these eyes. I knew what they meant. She tried to take me to another part of the dance floor. I resisted and then we exchanged numbers. I left to another club to check out my options there. At the other club, Captain Funs, it’s a completely different environment. That club is more similar to a night club. I return to Flounders, and long story short, I fucked the cougar. 36 years old. I broke a few rules of my own to sleep with this one. I don’t kiss smokers. I broke that rule :/ I was not thinking rationally when I did this. Yet, I was almost sober. I started having second and third thoughts about my decision as I was following her home. Like part of me wanted to take an exit ramp. At places where there we no exit ramps I wanted to drive into the woods. Part of me was saying “Bo, you’re going to fuck the shit out this girl and then haul ass, 1 hour tops, it will be a learning experience”. In the mean time while following her in my truck, I wrote a song about fucking cougars. I am actually more proud of the song than the lay.

I would now like to make some positive recommendations from this report:

1.)  I will now only sleep with girls that I can be proud of banging.

2.)  I will make leading, and touching a focal point in order to improve.

3.)  I will become more enthusiastic during the initial approach to hook the hotter girls where “hey, you’re cute, I’m Bo” hasn’t been sticking. Stealing this from Tom, I will substitute something like “Hey I’m Bo! Who the Fuck are you?!”

4.)  I will readopt a "blow me or blow me out" metality. 
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08 June 2009

I lined up a day 2 with a girl that I met at the Fish House last Wednesday. We have been texting off and on ever since last Thursday morning. I would transcribe the texts but there’s more than 100 of them. Most of it was her asking questions and me making statements. Mostly humor. I had us lined up for a day 2 last night but I cancelled on her for being too tired. (To Frenchafricandude, it's the girl from Seville that the black PUA stole from me, but she doesn't remember this.)

I got to Target at 9:00. I told her to be there at 9:02. She texts me at about 9:05 that she’s on her way and sorry that she’s late. She pulled up at about 9:18. She looked hot, wearing a short jean skirt exactly as I had instructed her to do over text. She has red hair. When I met her originally I thought she was a brunette but it’s actually a dark brunette/red. She has a great body, great teeth, and definitely works out. I grabbed her hand and led her into Target. I made her my shopping assistant to help me pick out some things. We proceeded to buy some axe deodorant, toothpaste, and some kashi cereal. I try for the make out in the cereal aisle but it’s a no-go. Then I led her around to the housewares department like we we're newlyweds. I told her we’re picking out things for our new house. Then we go to electronics to look at cameras and iPods. We made our way to the check-out counter and then departed to our next stop.

I wanted to go to Pet Smart to look at puppies. We walked down there but it was closed. I go for the make-out again and she says it’s too early. I just smiled and laughed, then led her back to my truck. I started driving with my end goal of the beach in mind. She never asked where we were going. Our conversation continued the entire time of the 30 minute drive. We get to the boardwalk to a place called “Bamboo Willies.” It’s kind of like a Fat Tuesday’s with all of the same exact drink machines. We ordered two 190 octane’s. Then I led her to watch the band play for about 20 minutes. The crowd at Bamboo’s was very peculiar with many hippies, rastas, regular blacks, and redneck whites. That was a very diverse mixture that we hadn’t seen before. We talked about a good variety of topics, I can’t even remember the things I talk about now, it just flows. One subject I do remember is the subject of Oprah and how she’s into new-age garbage. This girl was very religious. She’s been raised in a home where her dad is some type of pastor. She has been on mission trips all over the place. She was also adopted.

I was watching her drink level. As soon as it got to almost ¾ empty, I dumped some of mine into it.  Then we took the long route down the boardwalk down past captain funs and all my stomping grounds. I led her to my truck and we drove a few miles down the beach. Once we arrived to a spot where you can park on the side, I decided this is a good as spot as any to get laid.

I had conveniently snagged a white large bed sheet from my house. We walked a hundred yards of so down the beach and staked out a spot. As soon as we laid down together, make-outs occurred. I put her on top of me but she was not very aggressive. I felt that she was holding back. I made her lay on her stomach and gave her a massage. Bra strap undone. She loved the massage, so I continued downward and massaged the backs of her thighs. Then calves. By this time I had she skirt pulled up around her stomach so her bare ass was uncovered. I spread apart her legs and licked slowly the insides of her thighs almost near the vagina. I would lick on the vagina through the panties, and then back off. She was moaning and making sounds. I’m thinking that I’m going to fuck her and I need to relocated her down the beach about 1 mile. It was my bad for choosing this location. We had developed an audience of onlookers who we cheering us on from their hotel rooms. Even though the hotels were more than 100 yards away, they could see us well because we contrasted against the moonlit snow-white sand.

I grabbed our blanket and said we’re going to get lotion from her purse that will make her massage better, and we’re relocating.  She said “Oh, what time is it?”  It was about 11:40. She has to be home at midnight because she still lives with mom and dad. I thought Fuck! I should’ve just put my penis inside her straight from behind. It would have worked. Too late now. So we start driving home. After a few miles I told her to sit in the middle of the truck the close up the gap in our relationship. She sat in the middle and leaned her back against me with her legs in the passenger seat. Soon enough, I had spread open her legs and was full-out finger banging her g-spot. Alternating between that and the clit was getting her really turned on. I made her take off the panties and put them in her purse. She complained for a second and then complied. I got the legs spread open more wide after this and was able to get better access. It’s hard to drive and give an orgasm but I was damn sure trying. She said she was about to come right as we were at the redlight at Target. I got her even closer as we pulled up to her car. By the way, the whole time she’s frustrated because she has to meet her curfew, which she is already late for by 28 minutes. She said “Ok, I have to go!” as soon as I pulled up to her car. Not so fast. I turned her around in the seat and went down on her for maybe 5 minutes; she was almost there and then said one more time “I have to go!” At this request I halted. She jumped out of the truck and we both headed home.

When I get home I receive this text:

Julie: (1:06am) I feel like such a lose girl. Ever sense I come out of a relationship its so hard to not give in. Im a Christian and im weak in wanting to have sex all the time. I try not to but my hormones are crazy after bein sexually active to not being.i was goin to wate till I was married and i lost it when I was engaged at 21

Bo: (1:12am) My hormones are through the roof so I understand (:

Positves: Tonight was great practice. And I will now carry this mindset:  "when in doubt, whip the penis out."
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