January 21st, 2017
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Mad fun. Met up with Cat and some girls around 11 and had a few beers. It had probably been several months since I'd had more than one drink -- it's really great, sometimes you forget how much alchohol can facilitate things and why people drink in the first place.

Anyway, I get a buzz going (off of like 2 1/2 beers lol) and start hitting stuff up. Drinking makes me realize that the difference between hooking and not hook is so minor. It's just about tiny fluctuations in your eyes or whether you're able to just step up without hesitating. I hook 2 pretty hot girls walking by but they're both with big mixed groups and I can't hang onto it though.

Cat leaves with the girl he came with and I adopt his guy friend as a wing. Turns out the guy's not all that bad.

I open a hot two set sitting down and they quickly invite us to sit down with us. We chat with our respective girls, and then Cat's friend takes his over to the bar while I get some 1 on 1 time with mine.

She's super hot. Tall thin mexican girl with a beautiful face and good style. Strong eye contact, no wavering. Drinking makes things easier. We talk for a good 45 minutes and then they have to leave so we swap numbers. Turns out she's 31 (could have easily passed for 21, good genes). I lie and say I'm a year older than I am. We have an ongoing joke about her having more chemistry with my Dad, and that she'd probably be really into Cat too.


Me: get home safe :)
Her: thanks, I took a cab so I should be good
Me: I'll tell my dad you said hi :p
Her: Yeah, See what you can do about that. Also... put in a good word with Cat.
Me: Will do :)


It's about 1:30 so we go hit up the street. I lose Cat's friend pretty quickly and just go off solo.

I run into this girl who's been there when I've independently hooked up with 2 of her friends, who know each other. We stop and chat about that. She's there with another one of her friends who's pretty cute.

Me: (to the friend) well, you're cute, we could make it more awkward :)

This goes over terribly haha.

I go back on the street and run into this girl who's the friend of Adjunkie's new girl. Talk to her for a few. I'm buying into her frame too much. Sometimes I notice if I open through social circle stuff it's hard for me to re-adjust to the same "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you" vibe.

And that's pretty much it.


1. Drinking helps so much. I'm not gonna make it a habbit, but doing it every once in a while makes me feel like I have super powers.

2. So dumb for me to get frustrated about individual girls. I can literally meet a hot girl on any given night I go out. That being said, phone game still needs a lot more work.

3. On the same note as point #2, I can't even imagine anymore what it would be like to be a normal guy. I mean, to go out on a date and have that be the only girl you have a chance with for the next 6 months? Or to meet a girl at a bar, and if it doesn't end up going through, to wait months or years before you met another cute girl? What the fuck. How do guys accept this level of reality? Go learn this shit; it'll change your life.

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Awesome awesome night. Definitely expanding my reality of what's possible.

I go out and meet up with SexyMachine early. I'm bit in my head. Sexy opens some girls on the street and I go ahead and go solo. I open one or two girls and they quickly bail. Minor fluctuations in my eyes and voice makes all the difference.

Converse and his semi-community friend show up; we'll call him Rambo.

They start hitting stuff up hard. I do some of my own stuff and wing with them a bit.


Converse and Rambo get into a hot 5 set birthday party and motion me over. I walk into the middle of the big group and introduce myself to the birthday girl. Rambo tells her I'm gay. I play along with it and give her laser eyes at the same time and she gets a little flustered.

Her: you're not you? no you can't be

I hold the tension for another few seconds and then drop the gay thing.

Me: are you lesbian?
Her: no, but I'm really good at scissoring *I keep with the laser eyes, don't even flinch*
Me: how's that going for you?
Her: not well, sometimes you just need a dick
Me: I bet

It's good that me and Converse have completely different tastes. He swaps me for the girl I wanted to talk to in the first place: a fucking gorgeous little brunette in a long dress. Totally my type. 5'9'', slender and naturally beautiful. Uhhnn.

I hit on her for a minute and then Rambo and Converse decide this one sucks logistically (cause there's 5 of them) and bail.

We hit up other girls in the meantime and start to exhaust the place a bit. They want to go hit up the hill cause it's easier to pull from there. I tell them we have to try the 5 set again... just can't let that little brunette stunner go so easy!


This next part was mind blowing.

So the 5 girls are somewhat spread out all talking to guys. Rambo just says fuck it and posts up in their general vacinity and starts being really loud. Keep in mind that this one went well earlier, but it's by no means solid.

We just fucking get in there and start getting their attention again. There's still like 2 other groups of guys in with them. My girl gets distracted from her guy by Rambo for a second and I pull her back into me.

I hook her agian, then more crazy chaos. The birthday girl runs over to the dance floor and my girl follows. Rambo and I just run up there and we grab the birthday girl from both sides.

Us: We're going to the hill. Taxi. Come with us. Taxi. Now.

We pull the birthday girl off the dance floor and Rambo starts leading her by the hand. I grab onto the birthday girl's other hand, then grab my girl and start pulling her too. We take them back to the friends and tell them we're all getting taxis and going up to the hill. Birthday girl is gets distracted by this Persian guy and gives him her number.

We pull her away. Her: "he's so hot!" Me: "he's gay, come". Meanwhile the guy who was talking with my girl earlier is back on her. Rambo starts yanking the birthday girl away again and I just grab onto my girls hand and physically pull her away from the other guy.

Converse is mobilizing the other 3.

We get outside. Somehow in the midst of all this my civilian friend showed up and is will us, completely overwhelmed with what's going on.

One of the girls is still inside. My girl goes and gets her and the girls suggest we go to a bar nearby.

Fuck that. We drag them into 2 taxis and go up to the hill. It's Converse and 4 girls in the first cab, and my girl, me, Rambo and civilian friend in the other.

She's sitting in the middle between me and Rambo and I tell her we're taking her to a dark alley and that this is the end for her. Rambo starts ranting about Carly Rae Jepsen and singing Call me Maybe. Together we are charming this girls socks off. My civilian friend is completely overwhelmed still and has no idea what to do.

We get out a few blocks from the bar. This pretty much describes my girl's situation perfectly:

I walk with my girl on the street and the other two walk behind us. Gawd she's hot... and I'm on fire.

We get to the bar and I buy her a shot because she paid for the cab... and I want to get her more drunk :p

We run into Urban and his friend. Still a really nice guy, but sad what happens when you give up on this stuff. Hopefully me being with a stunner will motivate him?


Other girls get there. We try to split it up and isolate as much as we can. I throw my civilian friend in on one of them.

Unfortunately the birthday girl starts puking. The girls go outside and want to get a cab and go home.

I don't remember the context of this, but what's crazy is I distinctly remember one of them saying something to me like we could come home with them. Honestly, a little more calibrated drunken plowing and we probably could have all gone back with them, put the birthday girl to sleep and fucked the other 4. It's happening in some other dimension right now :P

Anyway, they all run across the street and get in a cab. I run my girl down and hand her my phone.

Her: what's this?
Me: what does it look like? be creative
Her: whoops, add a 0 on the end
Me: you're here for 3 days right?
Her: we're leaving tomorrow morning.
Me: what the fuck am I supposed to do with this then? *playfully motioning with my phone* fuck it, I'm gonna try anyway :)
Them: have a good night!!


They leave and me, Converse and Rambo run around like madmen trying to pull. Rambo opens a mixed set and the guys try to start shit with him. I come in "are we getting cockblocked?" Girl: "it seems that way". Converse and I have to pull Rambo away.

We hit up other bar before closing. I hook a cute redhead girl and my civilian friend tries to wing her blonde friend.

Converse and Rambo are hitting up other girls.

Converse comes back over and we go win another hot 2 set together. I hook my girl hard, but Converse says something a little too polarizing and his girl tells my girl, who procedes to throw up her shield again and starts fucking with Converse. We switch, so he can potentially diffuse it, but my girl is distracted by them and his girl (my original girl) isn't having it. We plow for another 10 minutes anyway.

Back in with the redhead and her friend.

There's like 2 other groups of guys trying to pull them. Me: "fuck that, Converse's place is way better". I grab onto my girl again.

This part was crazy to see in real time:

Converse's girl shit tests him hard and he just stares into her eyes and responds calmly. She keeps at it for a minute or two, and then just fucking melts -- and he's leading her by the hand.

We flag down a cab after much difficulty and pull them to Converse's place. Put some music on, pop some wine and isolate our girls. It seems to be going really well, but my girl won't make out with me when they're in the same room.

Converse seems to be killing it and they go into the kitchen. I start making out with my girl, but she's still a bit hesistant. This goes on for a while, and she's saying stuff like, "I shouldn't be doing this with someone else"... think she might have had a boyfriend or something.

Anyway, my girl basically just passes out and Converse can't close the deal with his either. Another sexless pull brought to you by Converse and Matt!!

But seriously, it was an awesome, mind blowing night.


1. The biggest lesson from last night was just how fucking far you can go by plowing shit. We went into a posh lounge, and pulled, in my opinion, the hottest girl there and her friends all out into a cab and left with them. All it was was leading really fucking hard. It's AMAZING that girls will just go along with this. As we get even better, I suspect this will happens more and more where we're pulling all the way to the bedroom just by plowing shit and holding the frame.

2. As much as I like being out with some of the newer guys, or being solo and really just pushing my comfort zone, it's fucking awesome being out with several solid guys. It's so much easier when you can just run the train and plow through bullshit. It's so much easier to have the dominant frame when there 3 or more of you just beasting it up.

3. Funny, I'm still always more excited about having a really solid set with a stunner than I am about pulling another cute girl. There's just something about beautiful girls man.

4. I've still got it :)

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 Bro it sounds like you had an amazing weekend, Im loving this! You're persistance, particularly on Saturday was great! 
Follow my field report!
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@villainous - yeah man, but beyond eye contact, it's just not being phased whatsoever by her bullshit.

@sunshine - definitely, missed ya this weekend tho. See ya tonight bud.
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I walk down to the pier around 5:00 and there's a big festival going on. I'm on my way in when I see a hot girl in sunglasses walking the other direction... wait, I know her! She's this girl: 

The bar is about to close. Sexy wants to do street game.

We start to walk out and I see this hot blonde girl (~ HB8) dancing with her friend by the DJ booth. Go in strong. I say a few things, get physical and start dancing with her from the front. She likes me. I accidentally bite her ear while trying to talk over the DJ. Sexy isolates the other girl.

They want to go outside to smoke. I lead my girl out by the hand. Sexy's girl has a boyfriend who is with them. Nevertheless he wings like a fucking pro while I makeout with my girl. I seed the pull. Blonde girl's friend is unbelievably awesome and invites me to come with them (she's driving). I've known them about 10 minutes at this point.

We pile into the car, two smashed guy friends in the back and me in the front with the HB8blonde on my lap. She lives close but the friend gets turned around. We hold the doors open while one of the guys pukes out the door while we drive. Other drunk guy (friend's boyfriend) starts flipping shit. Friend diffuses it. She is beyond awesome. I feel the blonde girl up a little as we drive.


Get to her place, no bullshit. Friend takes the guys home.

Over to the couch, clothes come off. To the bedroom. No LMR. I eat her out, she gives me head, I fuck her, condom breaks, pull out and come, she comes too.

Sex again in the morning. I'm so sore from friday's workout/sex that I feel like my arms are gonna give out. By the time we're done my shoulder feels dislocated and the rest of me feels like I got hit by a train.

She still looks hot after getting wrecked. Seems like a pretty cool girl too, I'll probably see her again.

I do a 2 mile walk of shame back to my car and head out.

I do an about face and catch up to her.

Me: xxxx?
Her: oh hi!

We walk together for a few minutes, then find out we're going opposite directions. I tell her we should swap numbers again. We do.


Me: well that was random lol -matt
Her: yeah totally
Me: we should catch up one of these days. are you free later this week?

No response. Oh well, it was worth a try.
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Head out to the normal Monday spot to meet Sunshine and Knoxville. I get in line behind 3 hot girls and the tall one says she knows me. I have no idea who they are. Turns out they're the girl Adjunkie and hit on a few months ago after he almost got kicked out of the bar. I had gotten the hotter one's number but it didn't go anywhere. Turns out the 3rd girl know me too, remembers me from school. Small world.

Anyway, I head in and sort of lose them.

I chode for a bit, then get eye contact from a fucking stunner and open her. Way too soft. It goes okay for a second, but I might as well have just given her a high five. Really wanted to go back in on this one but I didn't see her again.

Learning from my mistake, I see another hot girl and actually grab her this time. Hooks, but I ask her the one thing you never ask a girl you clawed and stopped: "where are you going"? Which of course results in "oh, I'm going to go find my friends, see ya!".

I think I do one or two more.


There's a pretty cute girl standing alone over to the side of a group.

I go in calm and icy. I stare into her eyes and talk slowly. She tests me hard. This one was awesome to do because I never could have pulled this off 6 months ago. I'm completely non-reactive.

It's interesting with concepts like not being reactive, because you don't really have any fucking idea what it means until you experience it in field, but then it's so obvious how important it is. When she tells you not to talk to a girl like that, you don't say "why not?". Or when she tells you she only likes dancing alone, you don't try to convince her. BECAUSE YOU REALIZE IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT SHE SAYS, BUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU'LL BUY INTO HER FRAME.

I stay right up in her face owning it for 5 or 10 minutes, but then she legit wants some space for a little bit. I plow a little harder, then turn to go, and she stops me and asks me for my name again. This one was awesome to do.


Sunshine and I bounce around to some other places. There's 2 girls dancing and I don't want to do it, but it's so easy once I just go. I hook mine hard, Sunshine does great winging. We dance and chat for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately mine goes to check on the drunk birthday girl and Sunshine wants to get out -- I should have got a number from this one.

We go back and I do maybe one more that I don't remember. I've bitched out on going back in with the strong-frame girl several times now because she's been with other guys.

I see her walking out and I grab her and follow her out of the bar. I can't pull it off this time though. Not quite icy enough. I try to pull her into me but she pushes me away. I try to get her to wait and manage to stop her for a sec, but she tells me she's going home in the most deadpan, "you're not coming with me" way possible.

On the street, I run into the girls from the line at the beginning of the night. I think 2 of them are getting pulled. Should have been us 3 pulling them :(


I walk into a group of 4 black girls. Sunshine follows.

Me: Hi, I'm going to shamelessly hit on you

The second hottest one pipes up quickly, really loud and confident. I'm chill though. It's not quite like she's testing me like she's throwing negative shit at me, but just a brief "I'm ultra confident, can you handle me?" sort of thing. Of course I can.

I can't remember if I pull her into me or she just comes over, but we're hugging as I meet her 3 friends. Kinda wanted the hottest one, haha, but there's no turning back at this point. My girl's still cute. 5'7'' or so, thin and well dressed. She tests me a little more and then tells me to take her phone number.

And that's pretty much it, other than seeing a guy spit in a girl's face and get maced and run away screaming. Getting laid is a lot more fun than drama.


1. I had some really awesome experiences tonight with holding the frame and being non-reactive. It's not something you can understand if you don't go out a lot, but what I did with the 2 confident girls tonight (especially the first one), was the same thing Converse did when we both pulled on Saturday. It's one of those things where early on you hear all these game concepts and either try to pretend to know them, or wonder if they're real -- then you find out just how fundamental they are. Almost any confident girl will test you hard, which is actually awesome, because if you're a boss, it's a whole lot easier. Shy girls, however, especially younger girls, will usually just feel too much pressure and look away. Those ones you just have to be relaxed, charming and funny. But yeah, being non-reactive is huge.

2. I really need to work on my phone game. I get tons of solid numbers every week (as in the girls telling me to take their numbers, really long sets or girls I make out with or pull) and almost all of them end up falling through. Even if I do manage to get them on a day 2, it'll go really well, and then it feels like I have to do it all over again to get them out a 2nd time. I honestly think I could be fuckin 3 times as many girls if my phone game was a lot better. Just something I have to work more on and try more things.

Not quite as good as Saturday, but still learning a lot and feeling like I'm on the edge of a breakthrough.

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I don't know why I stopped calling girls on the phone. I like it so much more than txting.

Just called one of the girls from this weekend tonight and we had a 20 minute conversation. It's infinitely more solid than even a funny txt convo.

Now that I think back to it, I think every girl I've pulled off a day 2 I've called. I've got a girl coming over in a few minutes who might have fallen through the cracks, but I CALLED her, and now we've been fucking for months.

My phone game still needs work, including my txt game, but for now I'm mostly gonna stick to just calling every girl who I get a number from. It takes less time, it's usually more solid, and it's way more polarizing. No girl is going to talk with you on the phone at length if she doesn't want to meet up, but girls will respond to funny txts till the cows come home, but not have any intention of meeting up with you.

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Pulled again.

I meet up with Sunshine on the hill at about 11. We grab some water and then I suggest opening these 2 girls sitting down.

We do. It hooks well for both of us. My girl is a relatively cute brunette with curly hair, his is a relatively cute brunette with straight hair. It only takes me a minute or so to get in the swing of things and it's solid. Turns out my girl is pretty boring. She's fun to flirt with, but she has no cool interests, stories or ambitions. I try to find something to qualify her on (tell her I like) but I can't, lol.

Anyway, we sit down with them and get somewhat physical. I suggest pulling to a dance place. The first one we try is closed, so we head to the main spot.

We dance for literally over an hour. I make sure to pull my girl around, sit her down, take her to the bar, take her to the hallway, and sit her down again to build compliance. I make out with her some but don't overdo it. Sunshine's girl really seems to like him but won't make out.

By 1:00 I start to get bored. Maybe should have tried to pull her earlier, but didn't know how to pull it off logistically. She lives close, friend lives far away and was apparently supposed to stay with her.


Anyway, lights come on around 1:30. I've pulled her around enough at this point that I can just lead it.

I go tell Sunshine and the girl's friend that we're going and they should come. Honestly one of the best things about having a wing is having 2 people who agree that we all should go home together.

I just grab her hand and start walking toward her house. The friend asks where we're going. My girl: "back to my house".

We get there and it's not at all "on" on Sunshine's end. They both leave us, which probably would have been better if they didn't, since we'd have plausible deniability for all going into her apartment. My girl seems hesitant. I try to ignore the issue and we go into the building, but then she stops me when we get to the door. I try to get her to let me in and she doesn't want to. I push her against the wall and makeout with her again, but she's not down tonight.

I go home with a number. Oh well, good experience getting more used to pulling.


1. Not really sure what to do about the disconnect between pulling and sex. I think Tyler said something about girls mostly being willing to fuck for either value or validation. Either way, something's gotta change. I think the issue is that these girls are just having a great night as it is, and don't really have a reason to have sex. Sure, they'd like to fuck, but they'd rather just have a fun night with a cool new guy and mabye fuck on day2 or day3. Not quite sure how to turn this around at the moment.

2. Also not really sure what to do about girls who I don't really like that much, but could probably have sex with. This girl was pretty boring, and only moderately hot. On one hand, I really don't want to self-sabatage, because I could have probably fucked like 5 other girls in the last few months if I'd have followed up stronger -- but on the other hand, it's kind of hard to care. I don't really like her, and she's not that hot. I honestly don't care that much whether we have sex or not, but I want to do everything possible to move forward in the game.

Anyway, pulling on the first approach is cool. Definitely feeling pretty solid playing at this level.
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Also, one big thing I'm noticing is that the better I get at this, the more fun interacting with girls is. When you really begin to learn to self-amuse, you can have fun with just about anyone.

Here's an exerpt from me with the girl above:

Me: well I told you I have an 8 year old son
Her: I thought you said he was 7?
Me: it's passed midnight, he just turned
Her: you're lying
Me: see that group of people over there who were just singing happy birthday? those are our friends. That was for my son.
Her: oh yeah? what's his name?
Me: Corneleus. He was a quintuplet, but the other 4 died, so I just have him.

This shit's just fun man.
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