January 17th, 2019
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Good song.


I go out with HB8tall from a few weeks ago and forget my wallet at work. Fuck.

Fortunately the bartended recognizes me from when I brought a girl here last saturday so I can get a beer.

It's kind of a strange Day 2 actually. This is a girl I almost didn't want to go out with cause she has a crazy ex in another state, so she's kind of needy and insecure. She's "not very good at this".

Strangely though, we have a lot in common and I actually enjoy myself. I don't "like" her, I definitely have a much better time than I expected to.

It's an odd feeling when a girl really likes me and I'm 100% chill, not nervous and non-outcome dependent. I'm trying to figure out how to replicate this when I'm really into a girl, but I find when they're kind of on the fence, they just kind of look around and wait for me to pick up the slack. I need to find some sort of medium where I can carry this carefree vibe, say whatever I want, but still carry the conversation until they're invested.

Anyway, we end up walking across the street to the park, drinking a little more in her car, walking down to the lake, making out a bunch, etc, etc. We end up hanging out till almost midnight since I couldn't meet up with Cat like I was supposed to after losing my wallet.

1. Not really sure how to play this. She's the needy type and really likes me, I want to fuck her but don't want to be a piece of shit and lead her on. Hmm.

2. Pissed I couldn't go out last night. Gotta make friday and saturday count.
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Out with Sunshine and Knoxville...been a while :)

I start off pretty slow like I have been. Still waiting for that perfect opportunity. It's frustrating because whenever I see a girl that's really hot, I have this mindset where I think "well if I just wait until she's not in the middle of that group or talking to that other guy or walking, I'll have a much better chance". So I end up waiting around too much.

Crazy that, after almost 3 years doing this (6 months going hard), the biggest issue is simply how much I approach. I do feel like my game is better than ever. I'm pretty smooth most of the time, but I've regressed a bit in my ability to really push myself to approach a lot.

I think I do one set early, two girls sitting with their back facing me at a large round table. One is a pretty cute brunnete, the other is a somewhat hideous girl with nice legs. I stay in there for about 5 minutes and vomit words, but I can't really get my girl to invest.

Me: haha I'm probably the weirdest guy you'll meet all night
HB8: Actually, some guy just came over and said "harry potter" a bunch of times
Me: haha who?
HB8: *points to Knoxville*
Me: haha omg
HB8: is that your friend?
Me: sigh, yeah, guilty by association I guess

We go to another bar and some blonde ~7 eye fucks me and I get her number in about 30 seconds. This puts me in a much better mood; funny how much your vibe influences everything so much.

I see a really hot brunette in a group of like 7 girls and keep bitching out. Funny, probably would have done just fine but I get so outcome dependent and wait for the perfect opportunity.


Back to the original bar. I finally get the ball rolling.

I approach this really cute blonde sitting down. It hooks well, and I banter with her for 15 minutes or so before she goes to the bathroom. I assume it's legit, so I talk to her friends until she gets back. When she comes back I'm really close up talking with her friend, and she assumes I'm into the friend or something. She sort of ignores me for a sec, so I stop her and ask her if that was a "I hope he goes away" bathroom break. She says no, she just though I was talking to her friend.

They all want to go dance so I walk her over there. She's hotter than I thought. 5'5'', really petite with a tight little outfight and tall heels. I start to dance with her -- absolutely amazing body.

I try to drag some guys onto her friends because I've found that girls won't let you escalate if their friends are all dancing there guy-less and watching them. I start to wonder what to do. I can't tell if she's just a little bit reserved but really likes me (sure seemed that way when we were talking) or if she's getting bored. Still feel like I can't do shit in front of her friends.

Finally some guy starts grinding with one of her friends and I escalate a little bit. Slow though, she seems much less wild than her friend.

A minute or two later they pull the bathroom card and I don't see them again...

I really don't know what happened or what I should have done differently. She seemed really into it at the start.

It was a great interaction though. For the past few weeks I've been really consistent with meeting girls, going on a lot of dates etc, but I just wasn't excited about it. Feels awesome having a girl you're really into, even if it doesn't work out.


After this, my approaching gets a lot better (although I feel like absolute shit, like I have all night due to food poisoning).

Some girl hands me a camera, I take a picture of them and then go in hard on her. Isolated instantly etc. Can't remember exactly what happened here, but I should have escalated harder. She was right in my face trying to tell me something and I thought of kissing her but didn't. Really should have.

At this point I'm still looking around for the blonde girl hoping she didn't actually leave.

I open another relatively hot blonde girl (~8 or so) and do pretty well. She talks for a minute, tries to get me to buy her a drink, tells me I'm done and pushes me away when I don't, but I plow through it and I'm in again.

I go dance with her and another guy dances with her friend. She's not that into it though, and/or she's a bad dancer so I just leaver her there.

Meanwhile, Knoxville is making out with the ugly girl who he just said "harry potter" to a bunch of times earlier in the night. If only it was so easy with hot girls haha. He's just trying to get more reference experiences, but I've seen him make out with some really cute girls. He can do better :(

Think I do one or two more, and chode out on one or two I really wanted to do. Fucking hot brunette outside at the end with red highlights that I bitched out on.

1. Tough when you don't know exactly what happened with a set that you thought was going well. I think I just need to communicate as a man to a woman more.

One thing about my game is that I calibrate really quickly to the girl. If she's really hesitant, I really take a step back and if she's really into it (like the girl who handed me the camera or the girl who eye fucked me early on) I can get a number or makeout in 30 seconds. It's similar to how on dates, if the girl is really into me, I can be completely cool and chill, but if she's on the fence I feel like I can't act the same way. It's just hard to know if I need to change that, or if something else is the problem, or if it's just part of the numbers game.

2. First and foremost though, I have to approach more. If I do 15 or 20 a night, my game doesn't even need to be much better for me to killing it.

3. Also, I just need to fucking pull the trigger more and not be worried about the consequences. I remember asking BonoboTimes in his thread what really differentiates him from other cool guys who are going out and having good interactions, and he said exactly that. Can't be afraid to risk ruining a nice interaction to make shit happen.

4. Actually feel better about last night than I have in a while, despite the limited success. For me this game is all about those amazing, stunningly attractive girls, and I enjoy those interactions more than anything regardless of what happens.

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Food-poisoned game round 2.

Really good night. Still need to approach more, but I'm doing well.

I head out with Knoxville about 9:30. He gets going early and I wait around a little bit being a pussy. I have outcome dependence because I'm sort of subconciously feeding this ego validation machine by approaching easy sets and getting good reactions from hot girls, but not really pushing my comfort zone.

Knoxville sees this and tells me to approach 2 russian girls sitting by the bar. One is very hot. I hesitate for a sec and go.

They're really confident and comfortable, and start testing me like crazy. Really forward from the get go.

I remain icy and get in the blonde (hot) one's face so we're almost touching lips.

Brunnete: no no you can't just go straight to kissing someone! you gotta play by the rules! you meet, then you talk then you fuck, then kiss!
Me: you fuck before you kiss? interesting...
Blonde: no no no kiss first, then fuck

I don't let their shit phase me, but it's hard to tell when they're fucking around and when they're more serious. Blonde one likes me, so it's not like they're just fucking with me, but everything that comes out of her mouth is a test.

I'm all up in the blonde's face again and her friend is like "no no do you just go around kissing every girl you meet!!?!" Me: "only the really cute ones" and I go to surprise kiss the blonde but she pulls away, but still stays right in my face.

Blonde: I will give you 3 kisses, but you have to dance with a girl. You have to prove you're good

I argue with them for a minute about not having to prove shit, but they convince me to go approach this hot blonde girl in the middle of a group of at least half a dozen people.

I go in, turns out her fiance is standing right next to her.

I chat up the other 4 girls in the group, one of whom actually seems to like me. But I go back to the russian girls.

Me: not fair, her fiance was right next to her

They say some shit about no excuses, and the blonde one jokes that she would have given me the best BJ ever if I had danced with the girl.

I still don't let any of this shit phase me and I get in her face again. The camera guy getting promotional photos is all over us. She is fucking hot.

They say they're going to a club which is a few miles away. I tell them I don't know where it is cause I don't live around here.

Blonde: how will I see you again?

I tell her I'm around every weekend. Her friend takes the phone and apparently punches in her number. I tell her I'll see her later, turn around, walk a few paces away and realize I don't have the number.

Go back in and get it from her. She makes she I have her name spelled right, etc, etc. We kiss and they leave.

Not bad for the first set ^^


We head out to the other lounge and I get a txt from HB9mexican, the stunner who I fingered behind the diner and haven't talked to in a month. She wants to meet up soon.

Funny, she's randomly txt'd me out of the blue a few times, and it's always right after I absolutely kill it with some other hot girl.

Anyway, we get to the next bar and somehow I get in this state where I feel like it's already a great night, and I kind of subconciously try to validate my ego rather than beast. This is a big issue for me. I don't want to fuck with the reality that hot girls like me, so I'm much too careful.

I open one or two I don't remember and wing two sets with Knoxville.

I walk circles around the bar and chode out a lot, then open probably the hottest girl there (and there are a lot of very hot girls out tonight), stopping her and telling her she's gorgeous. She's walking the other way though, so rather than pushing it I just get validated by her telling me I'm cute too and telling her I'll find her, which I never do.

Absolutely ridiculous that I'd throw away a small chance to fuck a girl like this to avoid challenging my "hot girls like me" belief system. This has to change.

I open another russian stunner who turns out to be 30 and married with 2 children. I can't believe how hot she is considering.

I talk to a couple other really hot girls that I can't remember, chode out a lot, and leave really early cause Knoxville has to go home early.


Wake up this morning and the 8/10 blonde who tried to get me to buy her a drink on friday, has somehow found me on facebook.

Her: hello random guy from ____. Ultimate facebook stalkage :)

lol. She's pretty hot.

1. Really need to get past this ego validation/staying in comfort zone bullshit. I feel like my game is really good now, but I just need to push myself a lot more. I get this sense of security through the fact that I'm getting much better results than anyone I go out with, which gives me an excuse not to approach enough and not to pull the trigger when it comes time to.

2. Anyone have some advice on how to play it with the hot russian girl from the first set? She's obviously down, but I just don't know how to play it logistically. I don't have anywhere to pull to, and I feel like a "date" would be superflulous, but it wasn't so "on" that I could just be straight up, go meet her and fuck her. Any ideas?

3. Life is good. Game is fucking awesome. First time in the last few weeks where I've really been excited about this shit again. It's really so much better having the great nights and the bad nights, rather than having consistent success in your comfort zone.

Cheers guys. Enjoy life :)
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dave7 wrote:
 All of that sounds awesome, I'm just imagining a ton of hot babes everywhere. 

Sounds like you need to lower the bar.  Hahahah and yeah I can see how that shit is tough when your first approach is a uber hottie and it goes well :)

But yeah --> momentum is an insane force of nature to be seriously respected --> muahshashhahahhaha
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All these girls you're making out with, well the majority would be dtf, imo, if you just had a place to take them. Or maybe you need to start working on "alley game" :)
Max is the Christ child that was conceived from the love Tyler and Julien both shared. A bond so deep and true, it could only fabricate the saviour of our cause. Together they made this marvelous modern miracle Max, and finally after enough time he has grown to realise his destiny - Messiah of RSD - saving us from scandal and attack.
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Praise Tyler, Amen.
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Yeah man I feel like my closing game sucks now because I haven't got much practice. Getting crazy results in terms of attraction and shit, but logistics are the hard part. I guess I figured I'd just get this handled, then start killing it as soon as I moved up to the city, but I really need to work on my leading, post-makeout escalation and pulling.
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 Logistics are so so so so so key
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A lot has happened in the last 24 hours.

For the past year or so I've had this attitude (which is certainly an improvement from how I used to think) that yeah, I want to accomplish certain things, but I'm looking for the minimun effort I can put in and still reach my goals.

I've lacked motivation because I keep telling myself shit is going to be fine anyway. I rationalize that I put enough effort into game, and that I'm attractive enough by conventional standards that I'll be fine. I don't have to push myself every night. I don't have to give it 100% at work. I don't have to put in time on internet marketing every day. I don't really have to work out that hard, since I'm already in good enough shape that it's not really going to affect me much. I can slack off and everything will be fine.

But if I know I'll be happier if I take risks and really put my heart and soul into it, why would I not? Why would I not do that?

Especially with pickup, I want this SO FUCKING BAD it's unreal. But everything else too. I truly believe you get out of life what you put in, and I need to start living in accordance with that.


Today my boss took me out for lunch and we talked about future work, my career and so on (I do performance training with athletes).

Me: *some shit about corrective exercise and biomechanics*
Him: you think what we do is a physical business. It's not. The best thing you can do for people is show them they're capable of more than they thought they were. Whether it's sports or anything else, it's all about how much you want it and how much you're going to push yourself. If you can't go into the gym at midnight, by yourself, and work out until you pass out, you're not there yet.

For the rest of the day he was on my ass making me work harder, and pushing me to go harder than I ever have working out. I did a plank where I was literally convulsing. Shit really makes you realize the discrepency between what you're capable of and where you choose to quit.

Also read some inspiring stuff by Tyler today.

I don't give a fuck. Irrelevant, all these people can suck my dick I AM THE MAN. I will fuck your girls, I will do better in business, I will travel more, learn more, have cooler friends and have more fun. I love life and care about the world. Nothing will hold me back. No excuses no nothing. You have never, ever seen me on an internet forum, even in my darkest days, trying to convince others to help me rationalize my limiting beliefs.

If you have an impediment, shut the fuck up and outwork the competition. End of story. No excuses, go suck a dick with your excuses. Produce results of shut the fuck up. This has always been my attitude. Anything other than this is utter garbage.

If I'm going to be happier and live a better life as a result, why the fuck would I not go all in?

So here's the deal. I'm going balls deep with everything. That means:

-Going 100% at work
-Putting in way more effort into my internet marketing stuff
-Going super hard in the game, aiming for fucking elite results
-No more video games or wasting time on the internet
-More reading
-Pushing as hard as possible in my workouts

Not because I need to, but because it's for the best.

I mean, I'm happy without doing all this stuff and my life will be ok, but every time I read about Tyler pulling stunners, or see those amazing lifestyles that come with financial freedom, I want THAT. And that's all that matters. 

Going balls deep. No more half ass-ing shit.

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I’m getting way more hands off with this stuff. When you’re new people tell you shit like “act indifferent” or “text her when you have time” and you think, “what the fuck, how could you NOT have time to text a hot girl? How could you NOT care that much?”. That’s what I’m starting to feel like though…just isn’t a big deal because I’m seeing a few girls and I can go out the next night and meet someone else.


So at like 4:00 yesterday I get back to the cute blonde girl I met at Knoxville’s party. I say I can hang out later tonight cause that’s literally the only night this week I’ve got open, she says she can make it after 7:30, so we meet up for hot chocolate at 9:00 (so fucking cold here).

We sit down and chat for a while. I notice myself just going in to friend to friend conversation and I’m not sure what to do about it.

We haven’t gotten a drink yet so I suggest we get up to do that, then when we sit back down I get really close to her and start physically escalating a little. Still nothing going to happen in a coffee shop.

I suggest we go walk around cause I had a long day and need to “wake up”.

We walk around the college campus for a bit, find a spot and start making out.

She gets really into it, and I move her around a bit to get her used to me leading. I pick her up and put her on a curb so she’s closer to my height, then people keep walking by so I pull her around the corner behind this brick wall.

I press her up against the wall and we start making out hardcore again.

I’m kind of hesitant to escalate more, but I slowly test the waters, pulling her hair, feeling her ass and finally moving towards her pussy.

I start fingering her through her tights and get no resistance, get her more turned on, then reach down her pants and start playing with her clit. She’s really wet.

I put her hand on my dick, still no resistance. This is all kind of surprising to me, since I know she had no intention of doing any of this.


Most of the time I’m just in the moment, but I keep thinking of game shit.

“Can I pull her?”
“Why am I so risk averse?”
“I could probably fuck her right here”


Some poor student walks out of what I thought was a closed building behind us and sees all of this. We decide to continue our walk.

I have to go to the bathroom so we go in under the library, then walk around a little more outside. Everything kind of de-escalates. I pull her into a dark alley and make out with her again.

Walk around a little more but don’t close the deal, even though I probably could have.

1. Main thing is I’m still playing it safe, being reluctant to pull the trigger. It kind of threw me that she had no intention of doing anything, and here I am escalating to having fingers inside of her. It’s something I’ve got to work on.

I’m trying to be more positive in these reports though. No reason to get down on myself for fingering a cute girl. It was a good night and we both had fun. I’ll close her next time.

In the future I’ll have to learn to push the envelope more.

Cheers, guys. Go get some :)
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I meant to comment the last few times that you seemd to be playing it safe. Like when I'm making out with a chick, I just auto-assume she's dtf and try to pull. Just one of those stages you gotta go through. 

btw I'm obviously not perfect either and fuck up constantly. ;) i liked your post about motivation.. i have the same issues. What are you doing for the IM? I ask because I'm also working on it ;)
Max is the Christ child that was conceived from the love Tyler and Julien both shared. A bond so deep and true, it could only fabricate the saviour of our cause. Together they made this marvelous modern miracle Max, and finally after enough time he has grown to realise his destiny - Messiah of RSD - saving us from scandal and attack.
He is paying for our sins by taking jabs to the face by angry feminists -- and so it was,  so it shall be.
Praise Tyler, Amen.
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